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<Sbe Xeavenwortb Echo
Entered at the Postoffice of Learesworth, Wash., as Second Class Blatter
DEED H. M A YAR, Editor and Proprietor
Issued every Friday. Subscription $1.50 per year in advance.
. Address all communications to The Leavenworth Echo.
Scraps from the Intellectual Junk Heap. Some Newspapers call it Editorial
SPECIAL NOTICE— All resolutions of condolence, cards of thanks, notices of
antertalnments where an admission fee U charred and the object U to raise money,
or notice* of any kind intended to promote business of any kind whatever, Blast be
paid for at regular advertising rates when printed in The Ecbo.
When this paper is asked to posh some scheme where the object Is to s»t money
from the public then the me of Its space most be paid for.
Free entertainment of a moral or beneficial nature, or any movement with the
bleet of promoting toe welfare and prosperity of the community as a whole will be
given the free use of Its columns.
No deviation will be made from this role.
rum, niiciiv S4. I*ll
Room for Another Newspaper? Son!
A friend of The Echo received a
letter the past week which he turned
over to the editor for answer. The
writer wanted to know if The Echo
was the only newspaper in Leaven
worth and as the town seemed to be
prosperous with a promise of consider
able growth, if there was not room for
another. Answering the gentleman's
inquiry we have to say, The Echo is
the only newspaper here. There is a
small children's paper, gotten out by
children, tor children, circulated for
the most part gratuitously, and sub
sisting on the bounty of a generous
public, receiving such advertising pa
tronage as papers of that character
usually get, taking any price the ad
vertiser is willing to pay, to fill space
that would otherwise have to be filled
with big display ads of itself. We are
all trying to keep it alive because we
do not want the news to go abroad
that Leavenworth ever lets anything
die for want of a little help.
Yes, there is room here for another
GOOD newspaper, tho we suggest
hat anyone intending to come here
b*M his venture on his own judgment.
For yean this town has had a monthly
r -y roll of forty to fifty thousand dollars.
This will be almost doubled the com
ing summer. We have a steel mill
located here, now under construction
Gigantic Clearance Sale!
Continued until Saturday Night, February Ist
In order to give a chance to those who have not been able to partake of the feast of bargains that has been going on at the
PALACE STORE, the manager of the store has decided to extend the Gigantic Clearance Sale until February Ist, in the mean
time adding more to the numerous bargains—all new goods. This is really a rare chance to buy good, seasonable merchandise at
such low figures as were never heard of before in this section of the state. Remember, there is no reserve. Every article in the
store has marked down. Some of the goods are going at less than half cost of making, others at half price.
Cast Your Eyes Over This Feast of Bargains:
Ladies' Long Kimonas " HS™ L~~~ ■ut" itlJ fX A r> /A Blankets! Blankets
$1.25 Kimonas at 68c Ijß /ft IV AD U Con Blankets on sale at 65c pair
mPKI ije=r-rj?ia $12.50 Blankets on sale at $7 65 pair
$6.00 Kimonas at.- $4.28 I^W^^^^Mif r^Hcpf $2.50 and $3.00 Blankets on sale at $1.85 pair
Outing flannels on sale at _4#c yard , Egg^t ffljjp^ir^f WUi:*^L Laces and Embroidery, 2to 7 inches, on sale at 4c yd
American Wash Goods on sale at .-4,'jc yard r^—^^\^^^m Just think, you can buy Hair Pins at lc doz
Large Turkish Towels on sale at 9c \ jwj^* JkN>T^i^g^^B a KABO on sale for just Pearl Buttons at 3c doz
9-4 Sheeting on sale at .............23c yard 9^^g9| 88 CtS N°W ' *■"*• Saving °' money mean anything to
Ladies'and Children's Underwear 3B§^/1 [ri^M^^^S you? Don't you think you ought to buy your goods
Ladies' Ribbed Vests and Pants on sale at 18c wLW / //JH^^B We are going to make °m Place where y°U Can get the Same for less money ?
Ladies' Wool Vests and Pants on sale at-1 75c 'fffl / //Jfj^H^^H the Price so low that ever >' Y °U kn°W there is no friend in business. We won't ask
All Wool Children's Underwear on sale at -18c iH / //|nv?^raSl lady can afford tO buy a y°U t0 buy if We d°n>t save you from 25c to sOc on
All Wool Ladies'and Children's Hose at 15c ' / /ill/ CTVTT kTARO dollar, whether you are a friend or not. Try us and see.
Cotton Hose on sale at -'- -8c : \L/m *Jl|ii \ V IADU Here is the best line of Ladies' and Children's Ready-to
40c and 50c Hose on sale at ir/l;i.-v;.C"..- 28c -JIT WL—sSS— The Live Model Corset Wear and Furnishing Goods.
The PALACE welcomes your money back if your purchase fails to please. : The PALACE finds that nice goods: and low
' *" "™" * 1 1 | j-J MMI |« V* MAM
prices make big bundles and smiling faces.
N^toL^Furn- THE PALACE STORE Leaw e. nrui
S. A. MURRAY, Manager and Proprietor
and almost finished. Expect to be
making sttei inside of the nut three
months. We have a laige taw mill,
box factory and planing mill employing
250 men, the capacity of which will
almost be doubled the coming sum
mer, giving employment to many more
men in the future. We have a new
saw mill and box factory under con
struction, that will give employment to
a large number of men.
The inquirer after information was
correctly advised when he surmised
that Leavenworth was a prosperous,
growing town, with an outlook for fu
ture development as a manufacturing
center as well as a fruit growing dis
trict no: surpassed by any town in the
Oar fruit industry, still in its infancy,
capable of supporting a town the size
of Cashmere when fully developed. It
is iast beginning to add its share to
the general prosperity- Leavenworth
should easily double in population in
a very short time. For this reason
we say there is room for another
GOOD newspaper in Leavenworth, if
not present, at least very near prospec
tive room. Of course there is not
room for another children's paper.
The one already established is fully
capable of lupplying the present as
well as all future demands for pabulum
gauged for the mental stomach of
Cbc Icavcnwortb j£cbo*
- A liltie Talk on Adverts*!
If placing of toot advertising is
gorerned by circulation and results we
modestly suggest that you follow the
plan of one of our largest merchants.
The matter of circulation being un
der discussion with him we suggested
that the most convincing and satisfac
tory way to settle that matter was for
him to make it a point to ask every
man or woman who came into his
store foe one week the simple ques
tion, "What paper do you prefer?" or
"Which paper do you read?" A
week later we made bold to ask him
the result, when he smiled and said,
"There was nothing to it." He is one
of our largest advertisers and most suc
cessful business men.
A professional man phoned this of
fice to send a representative around,
that he wanted to place some adver- j
tising. He had had a six-inch double I
column ad in the children's paper for i
a month, "without results," and
wanted to try the Echo. When told
the price of advertising in the Echo
he said it was more than double what
he had paid. We suggested that chil
dren's shoes and children's clothing
costs less than that intended for grown
up people. He saw the point and said
he would give The Echo a trial. He
placed a six-inch double column ad in
The Echo for six weeks and then had
it discontinued. Asked by the wiiter
of these lines if the ad had produced
results, he laughed and said, "Well, I
got the business I was after and have
no kick to make." We can furnish
the names of the persons above re-j
ferred to.
U you can afford it, by all means ad
vertise in the children's paper. Make ,
it a point to help every Leavenworth j
enterprise. It is such loyalty as this i
that makes cities of towns, and right
here is the place to remind you that j
advertising in The Echo is busiDsss,
pure and simple. There is no charity,
no sympathy, no sentiment, no good
or ill feeling about it. Just good,
straight business. If you advertise inj
The Echo you can better afford to keep j
your ad in the children's paper. Be-j
sides, it needs your support.
The Echo is a business proposition.
Every one who takes it pays $1.50 per
year for it. Over four hundred Leav
enworth people take it and pay for it
cheerfully, because they want it and
consider it is worth the price. Over
twelve hundred read it every week.
Come in and we'll show you their
names, and if you can find one who is
mot paving for it we will forfeit $25.00
for every such.
How to Bankrupt the Doctor*.
A prominent New York physician a«Ti:
•If it were not for the thin stockings and
thin soled shoe» worn by women the doctors
would probabl/ be bankrupt." hen you
eon«»ct * cold do not wait for it to develop
into pneumonia but treat it at once. Cnain
kxwiain's Cough KemedT is intended especi
ally for coughs and colds, and has won a
wide reputation by its cures of these disease*.
It is moet effectual and is pleasant and safe
to take. For sale by all dealers.—Adrer
Let the Echo print your next job.
Make this
jour New\fear
fl am going to
cut down my expenses and put
some money in the bank. I can
live on a lot less if I try. I will
start a bank account today."
"MONEY is a good thing
— to have if you lose
your occupation — with
money in the bank you are
always independent. Step
into this bank and let us
talk it over.
State Bank
Capital $25,000 -Surplus $1,000
ROBT. B. FIELD, Cashier
ftidav January 24 1913
Here's a Way to Save
Order your Heating Stove now and
we will furnish FREE all pipe, as well as
set the stove up ready for use. We only
have a few good heaters left and in case
you have an old stove we will buy it at a
fair price. This is your chance to get a
good heating stove and all the pipe for
the price of the stove.
This Offer is Good Only Till
February Ist
Leavenworth Furniture
& Hardware Co.
Two Big Stores Two Big Stores
To make a proper impression you must be
well dressed. Not showily, but correctly. Thats
the sort of clothes I tailor, using the best fabrics
and fashioning them after the latest models.
Come in and let me show you samples of
Suits and Overcoats for ladies and gentlemen
at $20 and up.
J. E. GRANT, Leading Tailor
For Ladies and Gentlemen

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