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(She Xeavenwortb Ecbo
Entered at the Postoffice of Leavenworth, Wash., as Second Class Matter
DEED H. MAYAR, Editor and Proprietor
Issued every Friday. Subscription 81.50 per year in advance.
Address all communications to The Leavenworth Echo.
Scraps from the Intellectual Junk Heap. Some Newspapers call it Editorial
SPECIAL NOTICE-- All resolutions of condolence, curds of thanks, notices of
■Mitertnlnini'iits whore nn admission fee Is charged and the object is to raise money,
or notices of any kind Intended to promote business of any kind whatever, must be
paid for at regular advertising rates when printed In The Keho.
When tills paper Is asked to push some scheme where the object Is to get money
from Mm public then the use of its space must be paid for.
PIM entertainment of a moral or beneficial nature, or any movement with the
i i 't of promoting the. welfare and prosperity of the community as a whole will be
(riven the free use of its columns.
No deviation will be made from this rule.
A lost occupation: Hunting the
poles. __^__^____
Two mouldy relics of the dark ages:
The King and the Judge can do no
wrong. _ — _^__ - _ —
Great Jove, hit that Lycurgan ass
who last week introduced a bill in our
legislature to prevent school teachers
and college professors from discussing
socialism with their pupils, with one of
your twelve-inch thunderbolts.
Do the progressive members favor a
law coming before the Washington
legislature? Then it is the duty of
republicans to oppose it. Whether it
is a good or bad measure is not so
important as the fact that the progres
sives favor it. No good can come out
of Nazareth.
The latest addition to the Washing
ton family of country newspapers is the
Snohomish Advance, which made its
appearance last week and bids fair to
wax strong and great as country news
papers go. It is handsomely gotten
up, ably edited and its advertising
columns look "phat."
Under the caption of the Pacific
Building & Loan Co., speaking about
banks and trust companies that had
failed, the failure of a bank in Skagit
county the past summer was men
tioned, and it was stated that it was a
Mt. Vernon bank, when it should have
read a bank located at La Conner.
Legislator Craig must be related to
the old lady who tried to keep the
ocean within its bounds by the aid of a
broom. He would prevent the spread
of socialism with a law forbidding re
ference to it in our schools. The sim
ple mind of Mr. Craig would expect
result from a man made law declaring
that all men must be virtuous and hon
One of the really sensible and meri
torious things that the Washington legis
lature has undertaken is to give state
aid to the Quincy valley irrigation pro
ject. This project might be put
squarely on its feet without costing the
state one penny. There is neither
speculation or risk about the state
guaranteeing the interest on the hun
dred dollars it will require to make each
acre of fertile land perpetually produc-
; ve by putting water on it. It is as if
the state had one dollar in gold for
every dollar it guaranteed the payment
The Seattle Sun, Seattle's new daily,
found its way to The Echo office this
week. For a truth The Sun starts out
well if one may judge from advertising
patronage bestowed. There was not
only room, there was an insistent de
mand for a good, clean, fair and fear
less newspaper in Seattle, one that
would simply print the news. The
dollar mark was on every news story
printed in the Times and lust after
office warped the policy of the only
morning paper. Well, the people of
Seattle now have the solar and stellar
luminaries to make clear the path of
duty by day, but what of the night ?
Why not change the name of the
night-made paper to "The Moon," it
at least has the merit of brevity, which
is the other name for wit.
When the matter of putting the
judiciary of the state under the recall
came before the house last week the
representatives from Chelan county
voted against making the judiciary
subject to recall. All those who voted
against the proposition in the legisla
ture are headed for a fall. It is ex
ceedingly doubtful if one of those who
voted against the proposition can be
returned to the legislature. The more
the voters study and understand the
recall the more they favor it. The
people can not understand why mak
ing a man a judge changes his nature
and disposition. If he's all right be
fore being made a judge he's all right
afterwards, and the recall won't touch
him.' If he had dog hair in his nature
that never showed up until after he
was appointed judge the people ought
to have some way to get rid of him.
The recall is not intended for good
judges and never touches them, and
it ought to hit the bad ones, and hit
'em hard.
The Commercial Club Revival
Our Commercial club waked up last
Monday evening from a twelve months
nap, yawned, stretched itself, and pro
ceeded to elect a new set of officers.
If only it will remain awake to the op
portunities for good, effective work in
the interest of Leavenworth during
this year no one will regret or com
plain at its Rip Van Winkle nap.
If ever in the history of the town
there was need for work this is the
year. If ever since its birth there was
a year when active, intelligent work
meant much to the town, this is the
year. 1913 marks the turning point
in the history of the town. It will
either be a thriving, prosperous hive of
industry or it will be a "Deserted Vil
lage." Towns are much like peisons.
It is within their power to make or marr
their future.
If we work together for the common
good all will benefit from the growth,
development and prosperity of the
town and country. If each locks him
self in a shell of selfishness and says,
■'Look out for yourself and the Devil
catch the hindmost," we will probably
make no headway, and to stand still is
to go backward. Good reader, would
you stop in a community where every
man had a grouch and his hand raised
against every other man. No, and
neither would I. The world is too
wide. There are too many good towns
where one can stop and shake the out
stretched hand of welcome.
That's not all. We should let our
light shine. We should let the world
know about the advantages and oppor
tunities that abound here —the Mecca
for homeseekers and investors.
The Echo stands ready to take its
full share in any movement that has
for its object the upbuilding and growth
of Leavenworth and the country sur
rounding and tributary to it.
Church Services
Methodist Church
We are now holding revival services
every evening. Interest is good, and
with a live song service and pure gos
pel preaching we are expecting great
results for the Kingdom. Attendance
at one service this week will convince
you that these services are more than
ordinary ones. Every man, woman
and child in town and country may get
enjoyment and help from them and
will be welcome any time. Sunday
school and Epworth League at usual
hours Sunday, followed in each case
by a good preaching service.
Max A. Jeffords, Pastor.
Congregational Church
Regular services next Sabbath morn
ing and evening at the Congregational
Lutheran Church
Next Sunday forenoon regular ser
vices will be held. L. J. AveLallemant,
An ad in the Echo brings results.
Cbe leavenworth j£cbo*
Apples Now Selling at Eastern Points at
Prices that Will Not Meet the Cost
of Production
From $2.75 to $3.50 a barrel,
which is equivalent to three boxes are
the prices being received for apples
thruout the east writes John A. Gel
latly from New York to Warren O.
Dow, secretary of the Wenatchee Com
mercial Club.
Thousands of boxes of Fancy and C
grade apples from Oregon and Wash
ington, says Mr. Gellatly, are being
sold now in New York at prices that
will not meet the cost of picking,
packing and shipping the fruit. The
quality of apples shipped from this
section must be maintained if success
is hoped for against the cheaper east
ern fruit. Apple and pack will win
says Mr. Gellatly, but he urges the
most unremitting care in both features
and says that the eastern market de
sires from the Northwest large and
well colored apples. Only in this way
can the reputation of the Wenatchee
valley for growing the best fruit in the
world be maintained, by keeping in
ferior fruit off the market.
Mr. Gel'atly points out that many
varieties which local growers are rais
ing are grown by eastern fruit sections
and they come into competition, not
with our C grade, but with our fancy
apples. Among these he enumerates
New York's Greenings, Baldwins and
Kings; Delaware's Stayman Winesap
and Spies; Virginia's Winesaps and
Senators, and the Ben Davis and Jona
thans of Missouri and Ohio.
Drive* Oil a Terror
The chief executioner of death in
the winter and spring months is
pneumonia. Its advance agents are
colds and grip. In any attack by one
of these maladies no time should be
lost in taking the best medicine ob
tainable to drive it off. Countless
thousands have found this to be Dr.
King's New Discovery. "My husband
believes it has kept him from having
pneumonia three or four times," writes
Mrs. George W. Place, Rawsonville,
Vt., "and for coughs, colds and croup
we have never found its equal."
Guaranteed for all bronchial affections.
Price SO cts. and $1.00. Trial bottle
free at all druggists.
Report of the Financial Condition
The Leavenworth State Bank
located at Leavenworth, State of Washing
ton, at the close of business on the 4th day
of February, 1(112.
Loans and discounts 1110,850.86
Overdrafts 62.71
Bonds, warrants and other securi
ties 15,804.48
Banking house, furniture and fix
tures 15,106.0fi
Due from Imnks ■ - 18,708.114
Exchange for cloarlng house 4N.50
Cash on hand 8.0H7.38
Total 5168.642.ip7
Capital stock paid In $ 25,(100.00
Surplus Fund 2,600.011
Undivided profits 14U.91
11,.posits 184,706.51
Certified Checks- 106.0H
Cashiers'checks 1,181.65
Total $168,642.07
State of Washington, i sg
County of Clielan, S
I, Clarence A. Campbell, Assist. Cashier
of the ;il»mi' named bank, do solemnly
swear that the foregoing statement l.s true
to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Assistant Cashier.
Correct. Attest:
Subscribed mid sworn to before me this
loth day of February. IMS.
LEWIS .1. NELSON, Notary Public.
You are Wanted
at Koerner's Drug and Variety Store. We have
the goods and want your trade. Our stock is
complete, service good and prices right.
You Can Get Most Anything
either in our Drug Store or our Variety Store:
Drugs, Patent Medicines, Stationery, Blank
Books, Popular Copyrights, Drug Sundries of
all kinds, and the finest line of Candies in town
are on sale in the Drug Store.
In the Variety Store we have most anything:
Glass, China, Crockery, Wooden and Hardware,
Roger Bros. Silverware, Notions, Underwear,
Men's Furnishings, Hosiery, Toys, and a thou
sand and one other things. No matter what you
want we may have it. Come to us first. It will
save you time and money.
Koerner's Drug and Variety Store
"On the Corner," where you can get most anything
To the public service commission
Henry L. Gray, engineer of that body,
has tendered his resignation and it has
been accepted. L. F. Burroughs has
been appointed to succeed Gray as en
gineer of the commission.
Bowels clogged, sick headache, sour
stomach, no fun is it ? A happy face,
red cheeks come with good digestion.
Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea makes
the bowels work regular, natural, makes
you feel like new. Take it to-night.
City Drug Store.
Notice is hereby Riven that sealed pro
posals will be received by the Olty Clerk at
his office In the City ol Leavenworth.Ohe
lan County, Washington, up to five o'clock,
p. m. on March 11, 1913, for the receiving of
bids and propositions to do such printing
and publishing as will be required by the
Oity of Leavenworth, for the year ending
March 15,1914.
Olty Council reserves the right to reject
any and all bids.
Dated this nth ««^f •i^a l fflSoK,
City Clerk.
Leavenworth, Olielnn Co., Washington.
Notice Is hereby given that the assess
ment roll of Local Improvement District
No. 1, created by Ordinance No. 92, entitled
"An Ordinance providing for the Improve
ment, by grading, paving and draining
the same, of the following streets In the
City of Leavenworth, Washington; provid
ing for an assessment to pay the cost of the
same; establishing a Local Assessment Dis
trict, and providing for the issuance of
bonds to the contractor for such cost," him
been certified to the City Treasurer for col
The streets named In said Ordinance were
as follows: "'Front Street from the west
line of lot eleven (11) of block one (1) of
Ralston Addition to Leavenworth, extended
In a straight line to the Great Northern
Railway Company's right of way to the east
Jijie of lot nine (!»)of block two (2) of Leav
enworth extended In a straight line to the
Great Northern Railway Company's right
of way; Ninth Street from the south line of
Front street to the North line of Commer
cial Street: Eight Street from the south
line of Front Street to the north line of
Commercial Street." Bald improvement
consisted of grading said streets to the
proper sub-grade and laying thereon a
standard Bltulithtc pavement, putting in
curbs and sidewalks.
Bald Ordinance created Local Improve
ment District No. 1, consisting of the prop
erty adjacent to said Improved streets;
provided for the assessment thereof for
the cost of said Improvement.
The assessment has been certified to the
Olty Treasurer for collection and any as
sessments mentioned in said assessment
roll may be paid at the City Treasurer's of
fice on the corner of Front and Ninth
Streets, Leavenworth, Washington on any
date prior to the 4th day of March. 1913,
without penalty, interest, or costs.
Any assessments not paid on or before
said date may be paid In ten (10) equal an
nual Installments together with Interest
on all unpaid Installments at the rate of
six per cent per annum payable annually,
provided the owner of any lot or parcel of
land so assessed may redeem the same from
all liability for such assessment at any time
after March 4, 1918, by paying the entire
assessment or all of the Installments re
maining unpaid and charged against any
lot or parcel of land with Interest thereon
at the rate aforesaid to the date of maturity
of the installment next falling due.
Dated this 81st day of January, 1018.
City Treasurer.
Published in the Leavenworth Echo, the
official newspaper of the City of Leaven
worth, January till, 1918; February 7, 1918;
February 14, 1918; February '21, 1913; and
February 28, 1913. . -
General Engineering and Construction
Civil Engineer and Surveyor
Land Plats Leavenworth
Railroad Surveys Wash.
We Do Not Make the Man
We Make His Clothes
and the clothes indicate the
man of good taste, good judg
ment and good ability. That's
the man who succeeds, and
its also the man everybody
wants to do business with.
Nolan & Jones
Progressive Tailors
Clothing Cleaned, Pressed, Repaired
Next to City Prug Store, Front Ht.
jfrfdav Jfcbruarv 14 1913
Paul. A Foul Plot
When a shameful plot exists be
tween liver and bowels to cause dis
tress by refusing to act, take Dr.
King's New Life Pills, and end such
Lifetime Spent
In Buying!
You needn't wonder that we are sell
ing goods cheaper than other stores in the
large cities. Yes we are. We do our
buying direct from the manufacturers, and
we have done that for many years. We
manage our business economically. We
believe in selling merchandise that will in
duce you to come back.
Saturday Extra Special
We will sell between the hours of 10
and 11:30 a.m. the Best Grade of Outing
Flannel at 5 1-2 cts. yard, limit 10 yards.
Also, will sell $1.25 and $1.50 Serge,
45 in. up to 54 in. wide, at 79 cts. yard.
Saturday only.
Watch Our Window Every Saturday
For Extra Specials
The Palace Store
S. A. MURRAY, Proprietor.
Next to Leav. Furniture Co. Leavenworth, Washington
In Planning
For Spring
don't fail to see what we are show-
ing in the way of
We sold more rugs last year than any two
years before and this year we plan on selling
double the number and have bought many more
than ever before. Our selections have been made
after a careful study of your wants. We have
many different sizes, patterns and makes, and
want you to feel free to come in and look them
over so you can make the selection when you de
cide to replace the old rug with a new one.
Come now, don't wait till others make their
Leavenworth Furniture
& Hardware Co.
Two Big Stores Two Big Stores
You can Reduce the Cost
of Living
If you do your shopping at this store. Others are
doing it, and once they get the habit of coming
here they never go elsewhere. Why, you ask ?
Because we carry the very best goods obtainable
and sell at the most reasonable prices. If you need
anything telephone in your order —it will receive
prompt attention. You can always find something
good to eat and wear here.
MASSIE'S East Commercial St.
abuse of your system. They gently
compel right action of stomach, liver
and bowels, and resrore your health
and all good feelings, 25c at all drug

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