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The Leavenworth echo. (Leavenworth, Wash.) 1904-current, August 11, 1916, Image 2

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Gbe Xeavemrc-rtb Ecfeo ;
Eanend m 'Jzt Pt*ts£re of Leaaemnßta. •v»si. ■ ttamt Casss Jisr.es
LI £ 1 H, M I I IP. TiMUba aod Proprietor
lessee erery TridzT. Stil«K.i3|iiiiia 1150 per year is asrsace.
/-.ddresi ell caasESsucstJoxa to Tac Lrett-tsvrarts "Lj'.'S.
. —
ypT^-jtl NOTICE ~* . " IMlllliTtnril Uf UUI^auiOILCW. f9hrO» oj ttttXtf fc ftBS*O«» «i
«tiM>ruuuiv£M »i»*r* cl K.:ri i 5» v riiuntvc tut! *v* nt'jert t» it raiht moi«-r.
vr uutn*» uf mr jauS ict«iO«c Ms i>rtim«* uu»!w*t vf. bit tint »ueit-t«», musi v*
vu '. lor til r^^Uit? fcCTt—^ifc'ilj# r»V» Vli*-L pnii^C 1L TlJ* i- : ■'■
Vti»-i situ J*X" i« »st«! Vt' Jjnnt Kniii »cu»-mt- ■•Irt-w tji*. otjjtn It 1* ew- tuunrr
•rotii :.li* jiuolic iufi. ttit u» w! n« t-yu 1* niiK i* j»ic lor.
jri"»«"L iti*- irsjt v**- uf itt tniiunujt.
Jtfc CcnKiloi- »1U ** nurtS* litraj ttil* nut.
-.I.' 1 iiutuu«"i- «? Tu* Eciki tnin-r tiiiit '.liost a! ".lit mrrvti*. mudii »11! Of Su.-uif-tn'i;
Xt I OW. OT * l*-li".t M.CU.
Mlllll itCl'tT 13. 1*1«
Wbon *'« Ye tto«* U fen* Vun
The Weiißtchee tfofld a' 1 recent
date trf Kr- £• -*- 3rTsn'i Bpp*ar
ssce is thst ivwe. '■■■■! west ■ to
hear Ml '■■-.: That wiT be ■/-'
■rMB*l erperi«ce wherrrer he e?
pwrs betee the raters to ask Jar sup
port i-x hit seaEtoril candidacy. He
is sot is the race. In a Kiknu sesit
he h»« t candidate la '. S. Kxaeoa.
He is rsir-g his casdiincy as a stepping
stoae to soae ptbo place, as app^ist
ire or>e to sotse ■ aaaadai potiti'-JS, sost
L'ke;y. rbCM cc fad two caadidttet
belore the republics raters 5 Waib
isr-os for this i=?W.a=t place. Sesator
Poisdexter. who is askisg lor re-elec
tios aad bbmwb Humphrey of
Seattle, a*« niki avWecad bi pofia
-.; teal* Ther e«d mi ■ -V f-r
li'ica] principle, lir- Poisderter is s
republican but belier« duty to the
great MM 'A the BCMMI outweizhs
duty to pactf. He bat bees guSty ri
rotisg with the desocr*ts a lew j&aei
in the tesste when he thought they
were os the right rt«d. Kr- Hus
phrey bcaCfO is beisg politically
ttraight. He votes lor ere.-rthisg J»p
poted by a republican sersbei and
■eva aikt asy queries*. II it it
cometMiis proposed by a deiaocnt,
that is bbmbl He rotes agsirrt it.
He is poliiieaHT -.:.■'. E.epub
liews »nd laaoea i ■• far. pattirg
this class d cfSce seekers is the dis
card. They ■-■.■■- of the
country should be i-.: ■•■<■: "■■
is one of be political rlgss of the
times. So BM ■ '•'• Huaprey karps
en the political cord he I '-•■•'- I '■'• '-
tntfL Ii he can thow Ibat Senator
Poinderter ever voted for something
crocked, scsethisg agaisst the isteresi
ol the great mail of the people, ba will
have a rseswge that will command
attention. '• this good year of ot:r
Lord the o£ce seeker who has nothing
bt:t party regularity to cOEsend him
to the voter is disced to defeat. The
■m who believes in party regularity,
"The party, right cr wrorg," will find
hit idesu in CosgMaM Hsaphrey.
After Appointment Ui foreign Mission
Enoch A. Bryan, snti! recently pres
ident of the Pollaaa agricultural col
lege, is out after the tecatorship. Every
body kr.-,ir-. that Mr. Iryan doet not
expect to get dbi endorse meet of the
voters cf Washingtoa for U. S. senator.
He hat never taken any interest in pol
itical afiairt. He it an old man, past
sixty, and has an ambition to go to
tome foreign mission as representative
of the American government and it
cting hit candidacy to get before the
public. Mr. Bryan it a very nice old
gentleman bat he ■« lid be utterly out
of place in the United Statet senate.
He doet not hope to get the nomina
tion, bat he doet hope to get prorni
neotly before the public and then ap
ply for a foreign mitsion, a place for
which be is very well fitted. His can
didacy is not taken teriously by any
one, tho he may get a few thousand
votes in the final cotjat. Getting into
the nolitical eye puts him in line lor
appoint me to some foreign mission.
full Democratic County Ikfcrt
At this time not one democrat has
filed for county office. The Wenetchee
World attertt, tho, that before the tun
tett tomorrow night a full ticket will
be on record.
It is not likely that more than one
will file for each place for the reason
that the republicans are known to be
in the malority, so that filing lor office
it more in the nature of "labor for love"
and devotion to the old party, which is
perfectly right and proper. In the last
inalytit the voter should have the
choice of two candids'-ei. This not
osSy helps 15 keep up party integritr
but iusrs political pnritr. y. JM skepti
cal ts&ri&a^M tszy cerj these it art
....... o='. »Ib bis. There
it nc Each thisg at Esirersal depravity.
Law reigns and the God o! -;-■*•..
serer depart !ro:s tit race of swtn-
KesqneretTffis is liver) ef Bsva
I Seattle preacher, ■ y: bb rrr.httige. j
has Eed to Uasied .States SeaaUa or
the repnl cm icki hi hi ■l( pur
pose of helpesg elect hit i£end :u>der
tie second choice provision cf our pri
mary law which provides that is the
crest of fora candidates is: one c£ce
the rot« isusi record his sscrad
efcoiei bat preacher has zrissed hii
calling. Ke tbouM hare joined the
gasg id ccsSdesce nxadkn. He has
i satura! best lar that occßprtiaa tad
wj-.r. b( ■-:■'. like'y to succeed st
that thxs leading erring souls to the
heaves;y light.
Whoever it retpentabfe ior istkisg
Sassy Perkins oaticcal ■ ■ •-. Leemau ■
for this iv ought to hasg hit head
b i baa i Al i nea asetisg of
scae republicans is Chehaiis he used
such ESisgtgate as -.---.-.■- £sb
■Mm m . - use, is talkisg about Se*
ator Poisdezter. who four Tears ago re
ceived the : gg» vote erer given a
republican is this state. S»^«".r Fom
iexta'i sole oSesse consists cf refusing
to bow to Perkiss. Hyperkra •-..'-.
to yield to Tbertite*. A gknt refused
to boa to a p:gay. Bm jm eta
tees ar heard the little xsesta] --"
phyrlcd dwarl? If 70? have the Eitaile
cassot help but appeal to y.z.
A legal ciacotspoop who rlgas hia
*e'J 1. B. Southard and issiet a pre
carious BreJihood 60iaewhere in the
tagebruih coustry between here asd
Spckase it fllisg the correiposdeoce
cclusct d the Eastern Wathiagton
prew with —.-.'.-■- ndlisgs at
Senator Poisderter because he orer
looked hia in the appointment no
a crosuoadt post mastership to help eke
n as existence.
It is now 10 to that irrepressible
coagrettiotal dry joker, CoapcaM
H'jccpfariei. i! he MBjai to break into
the teaate froa Washington, to read
Senator Lodge, cf MaaaaehMtti ont cf
the republican party. Last week when
a democratic BMaaan was voted on
every democrat voted fcr the measure.
Alcng with the democrats Senator
Lodee voted "Yes.", All the other
republican tenatort voted "No."
In the straggle for the tupericr eowt
judgship The Echo adheres to iti pre
viously expressed .-.inion that the best
interettt of Chelan count? wil' be serv
ed by reelectiag Wm. A. Grimthaw.
At this time it has only to say in rsgard
to *ome of the objections urged againtt
Mr. Grimshaw that they are minor, and
when weighed in tbfl balance againtt
capability, integrity and fairoeu, will
never prevail with the voters.
The grandest land products show ever
held in the northwest will be held in
Seattle Oct. 4 to 1,4. Every prodact
of the nortnwett, including Alaska, will
be on exhibition. If you have friends
in' the east, wouth or middle west write
and tell them to take advantage of the
low ratet, pay you a visit and at the
i same time tee what the great north
west landt will produce.
Sold at 64 cents per barrel the out
put of crude petroleunh for 1915, 281
I million barrels, told (or 179 million
' dollart. Auto owners are paying 30
cents per gallon for gasoline. It rnuit
,be the Kraft in petroleum that makes
, gasoline stink to outrgeously.
Che Xcavenworth £cbo.
Pros Kotinsf U S'jl'.t'K'.H'-f1 is
.... ii t byproduct a! the coke
OVC2E- Par KKat twtxty tsste a:
eltet irsi saie tc save it. I: was s> '
'~B*~i lo go ts ites:» Wri the trat- ;
, bresk ol fee -rar cad the iaabilirj is :
ge*. eye s:n& it' BaaQea.'r i»sp- istt!
: prosuiiKioe. It ■■.:'.: the "i-f .i. : [
: ased is elt.ij the Gera^sx cy« ire
' now so asacis seed. Telao! it ejs:
' aisde irsat t^saaol cad is worth S2.^f !
p«r aaoa aaalaaai Beasol is csed j
is asiirg explosives es well as cyet. j
Protc pcactiosl'T nothiaj: the ixlse af,
i bersol two years tf o aSored to po to j
■ waste, ai this year sold ior thirty!
j sdHios doTss. Dads the Bti-scisat!
of car prises eye ir.f.rr c hiss cade j
rspid Btridet the -.*s*. yesr aad ia i j
lew yean. w» tho^id be &elixgisthe|
worid insiMßi of bsyiag dye itpfft,
Tae ►::■.?• o» Tee Echo if t r-pab
j licaa because he believe* is prxectioa j
| for Asoericaa iadastries aad Aaaericßa |
I workiagateß. But he dots aot belisre j
is the protertioa of certala saasiai
! ..... the erpease of the great =ess
iof ...... With the a^aanfactarer
lit h ■at what caa I pej the laborsr.
bet how sach otr the labors: iorc«
lat ■.'. psy. He is ■:r: lr i repablicEr j
besaase he b*ii?v»< ia the priatiales of j
prepardaess as adrooated by the reprb
liiaa part^; aarrersal rdlitary avri: C .
b:t sot zdlitEriKs.. Be -:•:■'■.-■.■*.
... taiaei that are ,_.....
poliuoa! strzightaest.
Something of Interest 4bout Our
Natiooal forests
The Florida Natioaa fxest is oae oJ
the stli-Espportiag lorests, dse to the
system which the goveraseat ---.'- ba
rn rarated there ia the leasiag of the;
tarpeatiairg ia saca i way that ''
perpetnitT of the Jorest is assured.
Aboat £ye aad a half raillioa poaads
of artiScial silk aiade directly --.- wood
p;lp are ased aaa-sally is the Uai'.ed;
States. It is saaaiactared into saih
ar.ic'-« as liaisgs, tapestries, aecktes,,
ribboas aad sweaters.
I plan of cocperatioa betweea fc-rett
ofScers aad postoSce employees has I
bees pet into ='. ■:--. whereby all raral;
■ai carriers aad postatasters ia or sen
Naticaal forests are to report the dis
coTery of li-rest fires to the nearest
lorest ofScei.
Pifiy per eeat of the pails aad tabs
aiade .l the State of Washiagtoa are
seat '.-. the Middle West for coasaso
Churdi Services
Methodist Church
Saaday School ■• 10 a. n:
Preachiag at 11.
Epworth Lea(M at I p. ra.
Preachiag a*. 8.
; Prayerrseeticg at 3 p. ra., Thursday.
We will be pleased to Mccl fM tl
asy and all of these services.
F. L. M&ore. Pastor.
St. Joseph's Church
Until farther notice services will be ■
held here every Sunday taoraiag a!
eight o'clock.
When You Have a Cold
Give it attention, avoid exposure,
be regular aad careful o( yo'jr diet,
also commence takiag Dr. King's New
Discovery. It contain* Pine-Tar,
, Antiseptic Oils aad Balsams. It is
slightly laxative. Dr. King's New
Discovery eases your cosgh. soothes
your throat and bronchia! tabes, checks
your cold, suits to clear ycur head.
In a short time you know your cold is
better. Its the standard family co':gb
symp in nse over 40 years. Get a
bottle at once. Keep it in the honse
as a cold insurance. Sold at yocr
More Men Than Women Have
Sargeons state men are slightly more
subject to appendicitis than women.
Leavenworth people should know that
a few doses of simple buckthorn bark,
glycerine, etc., as mixed in Adler-i-ka,
often relieve or prevent appendicitis.
This mixture removes such surprising
foul rratter that ONE SPOONFUL re
lieves almost ANY CASE constipation,
sour stomach or gas. The INSTANT,!
easy action of Adler-ika is surprising.
Wheeler's Drug Store. ''
Butter Wrappers at the Echo Office. |
Business Paragraphs,
lnuafi uny fc-:ici* or Xym nffi w insr ■ f-U
■ rein, luaivt. or pel iijs>-in«reit'i_ w~ii* vr
\ cbL tn xnit ottoe uiic jilunt Bt He IE our
1 *°ISUSUI«« J-UThCTfcM. OulUmii-* TOC Wit
' g-l CUICE rWBJM.. SISVX Jl WITS* » 11U* lv*
irrr: m»>—tiot ttid X dkih* kliW n-ifntwot. ,
! .^' : n . ti cxifcT* — ewuJ*.
t «^ ——
Por SaJ! — Ky brat cow, ."ersey.
' EBphk :t register. f-Jsz pood youaf.
store aad H-Jsteia-rsrser bull- Set
Csat. Elircer AT ONC2L P-easot.- _
; able pares. 32
|— — :
r» Zrcasr£t —Good milk crw Is::
i separator. For iaioraiatlos iaraire C
1 £oh* c£cc S2- 3

WiH ibt persea -rbc itcad the sDrer
' parse wi:h P. 0. in err S; 11 kiad.:y .
i costsiEaisEte with J£te. Ed^er CL
| Sooth- 32
j — j
AUTO TULE5 —T-std. rood at aew.
iwith laser tsbet, Sr^iSOi ior wie, ■
11: £.a:air» Era:- 3D
For sale —A 7-rsic oid "ers-j- cow.
I p^£f *ire gzit. znijc isy. Bsrjrsdx :
\trj mA ;. H. HtHr^ET, Biatkeij
! __ j
Sv ■: ■ tad C=r'iE =Eds ir?a to" I
CKrbirEs. Mrs. LesEe, E. FnwJ St.
-.--.:. "_ —': ■ roos hoste. err j
vi- ■ sad Ic'-tE. torsihe: nfb bi3 ex. :
• a™* rf t>e£T~§r frr.it Jrea. lact:ire S. |
E. Sl=»?2E. G. N. Deort. 2W
7"_? E'.LZ —>: b=Hdire lots 5a j
good biEtiri., SDx!55. Per. rash, I
btkace ca fiiaf. Imjirirt el Echo!
cSce. ITT
_ - j
FOB. SfiiE —i - ■ ■ • boste. «l-j
msK ... bt 50i19S trhi brat trees.
Deny brshes. etc Three =da. vti j
frcra stbDo! h«s*. Pet: cash tad j
tciaa. laqmre si Etho oSce. 1"
Bids Wasted f«r o*l
Bids nsted i=r a jeers' srrjrjl-j cf]
co^ 5x tie padii; school buudir.gs of i
Lhrm ■ school district No. -'--■
the school terra o! 1916-17. Coal '.:
be deSwred ia tie btdiiiscs os the
grouad. A3 bids to be i= the htadt j
of the seaeUrj of lie bosrd act tea j
than Arg. 15, -:•: For fartte per-j
Ikakn see the seertttrj cf the bearf.]
si the Mstoal Mfytatntflt Cc. f ■:•«
R Patterscr,
lagii'l Secrttarr of Botrd.
40 Acres of Fine Land
lies r-es: Wi-tca. Afl ierel id food
'«nd. Very reaaoaablc pdet Cssh!
or terms. See D. H Maya Learer-1
worth. 17tf
Ssy yea are a reader cf this paper :
sad -sr* will scad joa ca spprcril the;
nzadwrae rohuae entitled:
. j
Mount Vernon, the Home of
The cover =-- Uk ned ia port ag are )
eoiomt] blae, aad the tule ii .' gold I
leaf. The p2pei is Preach veLua
tad the "-'.-" eoiaMi bz2. The Ota*- J
tratioas were made by oar cwa artists,;
by special perraissica cf the authorities j
of Mo^at Veraon. This is the stcry cf j
reisiens left bT a trip to Washiaj- j
toa's hoiae, asd za eaiiaeat authority
! says: "Breathes omr cf the real]
I spirit of the place thaa anythiag else j
ever writtea." P.egalar priec SI. If]
ca receipt yoa fad it satisfactory •=■.-::. j
75c. otherwise return wi'.bia m week. ]
U. S. Press Associaticc, Bood BoDd- J
sag. Washiagtca, D. C. 14tf
The Echo is prepared to do prlntiße|
of every description. Con* aad get
our figures before ycu let the next }ob.
Don't scad it away cntil foa have
given us a chance. 33tl
I —
la Nations! Forest. >*oti<-* Is hereby
ffi^frn that the land^ d*-»crib«i hwrlow, t-m
--i,neitix l.f) iurre», witliln tbt \*>natch**
National Kor*»t. Washington, will be sab
J«rt to *ett!«nent and *otrr under tne
[rrort«iou» <A tbt honi<rsi««l laws of the
Unlt«3 f«tat«M>fcn(i the at-t of June 11, IsOS
*?A »t«t.. SJW.at tbe Vriited »-iat*-s land of
fice at Wat-errlile. Washington, on October
14, lvlG. Auy Mitter wbo w&« actuallj and
In good fjittb clalmln«r any of Mild lands
for agricultural purposes prior to Jan
uary ),»iii:/i ba« uot ahandooed same has
a preference right to make bome^te&d en
try for the Laud; actually occupied. Said
..••..'.'l- were lltted upon the appilcatlon» of
tbe perwjn* mentloced tjelo*. «rbo hare
a prefererjc? r:*:,*. subject to tbe prior
I right of any mcb settler, provided tucb I
»ett!er or applicant Is qualified to make
houie»te.Bd entry and tbe preference rlsht
i« exercised prior v* C»ct. l'S. WJ4. on which
•iat« tbe !!»!)•!- will tie t,n\ij«c\ to wttle- ;
ment and entry Ijy any qualified person.)
Two ftrix** of land eacbSO link» wide, wltbln '
Ke<-. U. T. » N_ X IT X . exempted from orlgl- i
fial ll»l 9-KSS heretofore restored described ,
ai follow«: <!<. r^srlnnin?al a point where I
the «a^eon road .-.-<.. --<-- tbe couth line of -.
i«ec.*l. T. 5» N,H. 17 V... 4.75 ehf^£fu\ of the !
toutbwetit corner of the section: extending!
tbence 25 llnk§ on each side of a line run-'
ning north detr. SO mm. W.. t eh».: thence j
N s»Jde»r.W..»chs.: thence N Jdeft.W 4cht.:
tbence N. .V •!•«.*' uilr;. K-. 7 eh*.: tbence
N.Wideg. arimln. X., US eh».: to the place]
where the end of the strip clo»e» on tbe]
north line of \a>\ 10, embracing 1.10 acre«.
<2) lieKlnnlng at a point in I^ot 2. wbere tbe I
road cro»»e» tbe «r«sf line of tbe tract.]
whence roomer No. 3. oears H. 4- T> de«. w. !
1 eh ; extending tbence north M dey. X-,!
* eh».: thence N. Wdeg. X- i .>'<■!.-.: thence j
N. 7Sdeir. E.. SJii chs., to the place wbere j
the end of tbe -trip doan on line A to 7of
the tract, ernljracln/ 7 of an fu.*re. the net
area hereby limed belne !-■»■ Bera. applica
tion .' Francis A. Varo. !>-avenworth.
Wa-iiinzton: Kuppli-mental Mf.t'rli>3. July
£„ 1»1"S. O. M. Niece, \--i-tai.l i'uhiiiii^
»ioner (General I^ind Office. M tl ;
f ridap Bugust 11 1916
Dental Service of Quality
Phone 26 Examination Free
The Mutual
Mercantile Co.
Is Headquarters for
Dry Goods .
Hardware and
Men's Furnishings
at reasonable prices
Mutual Mercantile Co.
Price Makers § Price Makers
ess wt*jA ■> w£r& <l^''Jßtf3BfcJi-WmBBsE- **<€*'•• ■'^SsBBS&L
New Phone No. -41
K. & V. B. Hardware Co.
Get Butter Wrappers at Echo Office
liiplli^ MOTEL
jfef^^S^Jigl? 7th Aye. and Pike. Seattle
fcC^KJlj'WgSb^^^ E- R- DOUGLAS
An ideal stopping place for out of town
visitors to Seattle
ROOMS:--Per Day $1.00. With private bath,
$1.50 and Upwards
Quicl< Results Follow a Want Ad In The Echo

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