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The Cut-Out Peat thinks thai Noise
means Power and be likes to Go Roar-
Ing down the Qulei Streets after Mid
night with the 01' Cat-Out wide open,
He Is also Fond of Racing the Engine
earlj Sunday Horning, tuning up the
Old Boat while Everybody Ei se |g
Trying to SHeep.
• Stf&jouir
The Strong Pipe smells like a Hair
Mattress Warehouse and a Ruhber
Boot Factory both Ilurning Down to
gether. The Smoker doesn't Notice
the Odor because his Sense of Smell
was Killed lone ago. and he's Liable
to he Himself if he doesn't Buy a New
Pipe pretty soon.

The Cureless Knnana Peel, when
Troii "ti Unpremeditatedly, (rives one
Such il. Keeling of Insecurity! Kids,
If you Must do your Grazing on our
Public Streets, have a ("tire where
you Throw the Banana's Union Suit
and the Orange's Overcoat, or you
may make an orphan outa Tonntlf 1
Sea Monsters' Duel to the Death Wit
nessed by Fishermen Off South
Carolina Coast.
A combat between sharks is a rare
Bight, but a battle to the finish was
witnessed In the sea off the South
Carolina coast by MOM fishermen. A
commotion in the water first attract
ed attention to the >]•■■'■ The two
monster fish were attacking each oth
er with the utmost fury ; and as the
struggle took place at the surface of
the water, the anglers had an excel
lent view of it. The sharks fought,
not with their teeth, but with their
long, powerful tails. They dashed fu
riously at each other, darting this way
and that, each lashing at the other
with his tall. At no time did the spec
tators we blood in the water, but the
blows that were struck were evidently
hard enough to do fatal damage, for
after a while one of the combatants
began to show signs of distress. It
gradually weakened and presently
turned sideways on the surface and
then over on Its back. In which po
sition it floated, apparently dead.
The men In the boat were about to
attach a rape to the carcass when
suddenly there was a mighty swirl
In the water, and the other shark
came swiftly to the surface, seized
the defeated fee In his Jaws and
carried him down out of sight.
Animals Displayed Remarkable Cool
ness Even When Subjected to the
Enemy's Heaviest Barrage.
Tlie noble horse Is ii very calm ani
mal under stormy or dangerous cir
cumstances. A 'remarkable example
of the coolness displayed by horses
amid the din of war was shown at
the front in Frame, and the soldiers
who had the opportunity to personally
observe the attitude of the faithful
horse while under shell-fire can realise
what an Indispensable role was played
In the World war by our Rood old do
mestic friends, Joseph R. Schadel
writes in Our Dumb Animals.
While serving on the front In France
I was more than once astonished and
Impressed by the actions of horse*
when the shell- begau to burst iinil the
deadly gns spread Its fatal wings over
the field of battle. One Dlghi near
Chateau-Thierry, a heavy barrage be
pan to fall in our vicinity, and the
horses, which were also open to the
danger, did not scatter or run. In
stead, three of them, following the
example of the soldiers, lay down
promptly and waited until the shelling
was over. Only one of them was killed.
and that poor fellow had remained
Another time, while moving along
a road that was under enemy observa
tion, the shells started to burst on
both sides of our column. Hut the
good old horses plodded on; the great
est bravery was shown, and. fortun
ately, none was lost. In time, I hope,
there will be more space allotted in
history to the excellent part which
horses played in the late war. Only
the highest praise would be their just
Sociologist Says the Newspapers Make
Life Hard for Criminals of
Every Description.
"Blame the newspapers for mnkine
the role of the criminal harder today :
than it was twenty or thirty years
ago," said M. C. Elmer of the sociolo
gy department, University of Minneso
ta, according to the Minneapolis News.
"The swindler of h few years lack
had a downy feather bed to li<' on
compared to followers of his footsteps
today," he continued. "In those days,
the same (rang would work a Ikln tame
In one town a week, and then move
to the next stop and do the Bane thing
the following week. Not now, how
ever. The newspaper is the barrier.
If a clever swindle is worked In Mex
ico or Honolulu the news i* on the
wires at once, and the whole world
knows it in a couple of boors, and the
little game is killed."
Contrary to general opinion, crime
is not any greater in proportion to
population today than twenty years
ago, according to Mr. Elmer. It is
1 Just that the number of criminal! hii^
increased with the growth of popula
tion, he said.
Mr. Elmer exploded another popular
fancy when he said that he believe!)
that criminals are not any holder
today than in years past.
"It is the newspapers again," he said
"'The big jobs are given wide publicity
and seem larger in the public mind
than those of the past. But it isn't
so. The James boys, the Youngers,
and the Paltons had just its much
i nerve and put over jobs In their days
just as Iti^r as anything you read about
in the papers toda; "
She Bunched Them.
Qrudmother wai pleased that Ma
: tllda should have attentions, and wan
| very gracious to the manly beaux and
! admirers thai came by turn; bui when
j in the crowd ot summer visitor! then
appeared in succession Willihin Little !
john, Miirtln Pettljohn and Ted Upjohn, j
she was fcwrildered over the young
1 woman's predicament.
"Oh. Matilda !" she ezclaim«d. "How
i do you muage non than one 7ohn
nie jit a time? I never sIimII be able
to tell which is Little, which is Pet
ty, and which la Dp, Hut." after some
' reflection, "I'll bunch 'em; I'll fix 'em."
Ever afterward, when one of the
Johnnie triplets appeared, grandma
i was beard to exclaim most cordially.
i "How do you do, Mr. Little-Petty-Up-
I john, which?"
Saving Screw Shavings.
E Two thousand years seems a long
f time to wult for an Improvement, but
this has been tin- case with the screw.
Metal screws have been made since
1 236 B. C. The shank of the screw has
j been turned from a bar of metal hav
ing the diameter <»f the screw heed.
thus wasting a large proportion of the
metal by reducing it to shavings.
A certain screw manufacturer has
decided to alter this. A metal bar, of
the diameter of the shank. is put Into
i a matrix and subjected to enormous
pressure. The head of the screw is j
thus expanded in the confined com-
pertinent, which gives It the desired
shap*\ The only waste occur* in
threading the screw and finishing the
A Parachute Record.
To Lieutenant Arthur Hamilton, of
the United States army, pries the
record for parachute Jumps, for lie
recently left an airplane at i lielpln
of 24,400 feet am! drifted tig))! miles
before teaching the ground. He Is
said to have fallen aMeep from cold
during part of his descent.
-What'i in a Name?"
Mr. NUkelplnih—Haven't I given
you my uame? What more do yon
Ills wife—l want the pririleee of
slgulnc It to check* that will be
iiv»ii . • fit the ......
© i-^ VJAV4! §Pp
, '\./ v -MEN /MUT VIO
' /2\ * v "HARD T.w\t?"
ff> —2^ BpKKIC
tin/..- on O. R ■. ■ ' the Cheer-
I'll Chap. Ii stead of Going Around
with a Face as Long as a Horsi g,
he Is Full of Pep an'] never Worries.
And he Gets Bj just a* Well as us
Gloomy Guys and has L"-s mure Fun.
-Tjgpn ■ a r.t'iPt£s-
Here's where we Heave b Brick at
the Cheap Guy who is Always Trying
to get Free Tuffs in the Paper. We
like to he a Good Fellow and try to
Roost Everybody in these Columns,
hut the Cheap Guy i- Too Tight to
Do Anything In Return and -.*}'. the
Favorable Mention he pets here will
Be Durn Little.
The Hizzy Guy rushes Around Town
like a Runaway Freight Train, with
Head down and his Feet traveling In
High, recognizing no Friends nor
Speed Laws. lie is Kidding himself
that he is a Blzzj BlzDessman, forget
ting that the Real Ones do their Fast
Work with their Heads Instead of
their Feet.
% (
lMiold the Firs', and Only rartdon
of an Editor overcome by Kindness.
The Last-Minute Advertiser anaouncen
tils Intention to Brine In his Copy
Early and ye i. has Collapsed, office
chair and all. In the PHI the Last-
Minute Advertiser -ain't Done Itijrht
hi Our Editor 1
One of Ocean's Biggest Fishes.
The turbot is one of the lsircest of
the flat fishes, aTid one of the species
that l« of most value commercially.
It Is seldom over two feet long, and
weighs about IS pounds, nlthough Bf>
pound turbot have been caught Its
body is very flat and wide, with a
long fin -i, the top and bottom rldires.
I Its upper surface la brown, and cov
ered with hard, round knob*.
The turbot Is a sea fish, and Its
| egm—five or 10,000.000 to a fish—float
I on the ocean surface, but the full
prown turbot prefers .'i sea bank.
| where It lies on its lighter side. Both
the v- are on the upper side of the
body. The turbot abounds oft thp
western coast of Europe, where It Is
caught for ■ ■■ port.
Mazarin's Great Library.
At the beginning of the Fronde in
| tr'L' — In Paris In Iti4*\ when Aunt
of Austria, mother of Louis XIV, was
queen regent of France, Cardinal Mar
nrin's library held 40,000 books, and
was ili' ,ii"st important collection c>f
i books then existing. Mazarln was
compelled to retire from court, mid
the French parliament voted the con-
I fiscal ■ : nd sale of his library. Louis
sew Fouquet with unlimited power to
bid it iii. "i' the parliament, compre
hending that it would in this way be
. returned •■ Miizurin, ordered its com-
I plete dispersion, by Belling It in small
I lots. Tin 1 librarian WRB so affected
that lie died of a broken heart. The
sail- of Maznrln's paintings was to
have followed, but they were saved.
"f?he refused you."
"What do you mean by ten
tatively?' "
"She said she would marry me
I when my solan got to be $lO,ihhj a
| year."
"Thai wasn't a tentative refusal."
; Birmingham Age-Herald,
' ,5* 3 t' i; 2Z?7 X* 11 TUMI
The Town Dog, he barks at Callers
j and makes Friends with Tramps,
| chases Cats, scares Li'l Girls, digs
I Boles In* the Flower Bed, starts rowdy
| Street Fights, Tracks up the Kitchen
■ Floor, tills the Yard with Junk and
Bones, and wakes Folks up at Night
howling at the Moon.
Announcement is made of the ap
pointmeni of P.. A. McKeller as po t
master at Cashmere.
The local post of the American Le
gion met in the K. P. hall Wednes
day evening, an<l after the regular j
business had been disposed of a so- ■
cial evening was enjoyed. A hounti- ;
ful lunc-b was served. The next
meeting will be held at the City hall
on Tuea lay evening.
T "
Taste is a matter of v -^j^^fcu.
tobacco quality \ V dfr'"*^K^s^.
VV c state it as our honest V \ £. "^C^^^
belief that the tobaccos used <r: —' *- I™ ? . '^M^
in Chesterfield are of finer S)*') ' *; 4^
quality (and hence of better /C/X3J /^^ l^^HfiLjiJ^r
taste) than in any other l-'Mji^Cs ' '9^&tr
cigarette at the price. I Jf *fT ''■' '^If
Liggett & Myiri Tthacct C: I* V^ >*^ Jr^ -^.
■In E/h
o/ TuHbiWi omf Domeftic ro6ooa>»— bUrtdti
/.ower Prices 0
20 now 18c r Ljjkrf
10 now 9c ■ , ji^ 1^
(Two 10»-18c) # Jj^
"Better Product! from Bettor Fac
tories" is the rallying cry of the man
ufacturers of this state who will meet
in their Second Annual Convention,
together with the Twenty-second An
nual meetinp of the Manufacturers'
Association of Washigton on April
15th for an all-day session. Manu
facturers from all parts of the state,
representing every variety of pro
duct from Chocolate to Agricultural
Machinery will assemble to discus
extension of markets, improvement of
products, and betterment of industrial
These are the payroll maintaineri
who have had the courage to weather
adverse conditions and (five employ
ment to wage-earn' rs when they
needed it most, benefiting not "nlv
the communities in which thfir re
spective factories may be locate- I, but
the state at large. The membership
is also actively cooperating in pro
moting Northwest product! because
\ an augmented use of Washington pro
-1 ducts means increased payrolls an
I adHitional employment.
Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Bryan were
Wenatchee visitors Wednesday.
Mrs. Sam Daly, of Omak, visited
I with Mrs. Robert Smith several days
I last week.
R. E. Nickels, forest ranger at
| Lake Wenatchee. returned home Sat
| urday after a few day.- down here.
i The ice was still on the lake when he
left home early last week and there
j was considerable .-now in the forests.
Lire and internal parasites of hops
are known to cause jrreat losses t<>
pork producers, but little is kn^wn
■ about the period of the animal's life
when the losses from these causes
I are jrreatest. To clear up this ques
tion the Zoolop-ical Division and tvc
Animal Husbandry Division of the
United State.-" Department of Act -
Franklin Lumber Co.
Everything to Build Anything.
culture are cooperating on a test that
will be carried on through this spring
and summer. They expect to deter
mine the comparative damage done
before weaning, during growth, and
while the hogs are being finished for
the market. In order that condition?
may be comparable to those on the
farm 20 hogs will be used in each lot.
Vtry efficacious lor =ore throats
an J head colds—leaves such a
cnol, clean feeling. Use it to pre
vent the Flu' Throats sprayed with
Klenzo resist all disease germs.
Take home a bottle today.
Wheeler's Drug Store
LeaTenworth's Leading Pharmacy

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