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MICKIE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL ~ ,'y.; »?<*>** **■« " Is This All Right, Landlord?
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Classified Ads.
TOR SALE—a large, prray, reed baby
buggy, just recently cleaned and
rr-enamnled. Phone 72.—Mrs. Bei-
tha Swain. (lltf)
FOR SALE— 9-acre bearing orchard,
good 5-room modern house, with
full basement; barn, garage,
smokehouse and packing shed; ap
ply at Echo office.
FOR SALE—Baby chicks, S. C.Whlte
Leghorn. They're worth investi
gating. Phone 2445, Leavenworth,
Wn., Box 98. (12)
FOR SALE—a Reed & Son's piano, a
buffet and a library table.—l 27
Commercial St. (14-tf)
FOR SALE—a good 6-year-old horse,
dark bay, weight about 1100, or
will trade for stock.—J. H. Hess.
phone 97. (16-ltpd)
FOR SALE—6-room house with bath
in best residence district; all mod
ern except heat; nice lawn and
flowers; two sleeping porches;
reason for selling, owner moving
on orchard April Ist. Price .SISOO.
$1000 down and balance like rent.
Prospective buyer could rent this
house for .$65 per month until ready
to occupy. Phone 1302 or 675
White, Wenatchee; or write T. F.
Lewis, Wenatchee. (15-3t-np)
FOR SALE—one good Estey piano,
cheap; inquire of F. Wettstein,
1116 Commercial; phone 266. (16tf
FOR RENT—a furnished 4-room
house in good location, reasonable.
Phone 678. (It-np)
WANTED —a second hand range and
some chicken fence wire.— Mrs. C.
E. Brown, phone 600. (17-tf)
FOR SALE—saddle horse with sad
dle and bridle for $66.00, Horse is
used to harness. Call at hospital.
FOR SALE—a leather baby buggy.
Phone 366; call mornings, (ltpd)
FOR SALE—seven-room, modern
house, wood shed and good chicken
house, large garden plot. For p:ir
ticulars and terms inquire of own
er, 369 Whitman St. (I71f)
LOST a Waterman fountain pen on
the tourist camp groundi Tuesday
afternoon. Return to Kcho office if
FOR SALE- -•; head hone* and
mares, weighing from 1860 to lfiOO
lbs. Some fine matched teams,
2800 lbs. to 8100 lbs. per team.
Nothing over 7 year* old. These
horses are all Porcheron and Bel
gian stock. All in fine condition,
ready to work. Xo culls or plu^s.
Raving been forced to quit farm
lag', will sell at very low prices for
cash, fan be seen and tried to suit
buyer at G. X. stockyards, Wenat
chee, Wash. (16-.'it-np)
FOB SALE—Fancy Everbearing
strawberry plants.—C. 1,. Rollins.
Mr. and Mrs. ChriatotMOn and fam
ily, who live up the Chumstick, were
Op OUT way Sunday.
Miss Ruth l.arsen is spending a few
days with her aunt, Mrs. Bjork.
Mrs. Mathews of Olympia came
Wednesday to spend a month or more
with her daughter, Mrs. Otto M. An
Mr. Elliott and family have moved
on their ranch and expect to live
there the coming season.
Mrs. R. M. Sand? and Mrs. H. A.
Anderson returned home from Wen
utchee Sunday, having spent the
past week visiting relatives anil
friends and also the dentist and eye
Mr. Heath and Mrs. Bjork sprayed
their orchards this week and others
are planning on ipraying the coming
Mrs. Sands, Miss Uuth Larson and
Mrs. H. A. Anderson attended the I),
of H. in Leavenworth Tuesday eve- !
Mal)rl Lowd and Varnard Guy,
who are attending high school in
Leavenworth, spent the week end at j
Miss Kriechel, our teacher, mad a
trip to Monroe Saturday morning and
spent Sunday with her parents, re
taining to her school work MondfJ
April 11 ,1922.
Present, Mayor Blomeke and Conn
oilmen Stelzig, Nelson, Ball, Potter,
Walker, Eekhart and Tpmplin.
Minutes approved.
Bills allowed:
0. A. Weile, inspecting side
walk $ 27.40
Paul Corbaley, hauling cin
ders 80.00
Leav. Public Library, salary
and expenses 71.26
Echo Pub. Co., publishing. 6.10
T. L. & W. Co., street lights,
etc 125.20
Leav. Co-Op. Society, coal for
city 20.09
Ed. Nicholson, labor on
streets 10.00
K. &V. B. Hdw. Co., supplies.. 26.06
do do d 0.... 38.25
Ed. Nicholson, labor, water
system 8.00
T. L. &W. Co., thawing pipes 25.10
Cascade Oarage, auto supplies 8.37
K. & V. B. Hdw. Co., powder,
fuse and caps 83.60
H. P. Cooper, labor, water ex
tension t.OO
Sam Crowfoot, labor wat. ex. 4.00
Phil Boudin, d 0... 4.00
L. Luke, do.. 5.00
James Webster, do 8.00
Walt McCollum, do 8.00
J. I. Brownlow, do 16.00
1. J. Pentz, do 16.00
Lyle Cowing, do 16.00
C. L. Fisher, do 16.01)
John Ingils, do 16.00
Lawrence O'Brien, d 0.... 16.00
I. Inlow, do :!0.00
H. T. Hansen, do.. 20.00
H. E. Morgan, >lo 24.00
W. J. Moon, repairs on foot
bridge „... 108.28
A motion was carried amending
proposed Ordinance No. 218.
Ordinance No. 218 was given its fi
nal reading and passed by unanimous
A motion was made and carried
amending Sees. 2 and 3 of proposed
Ordinance 21!).
Ordinance 210 was (riven its final
reading and passed by unanimous
A motion was carried extending
the time of cleaning up one week.
A motion was curried granting per
mission to enlarge a bootblack viand
on Front St. to 10 feet.
A committee was appointed by I' c
mayor to purchase material and in
stall fire siren.
The decree team of the I.i-avor
worth lodge of Pythian Sisters ha '
been invited to Wenatchee to put on
the work Ultra and on Wednesday ai'
ternoon the team, accompanied by
about twenty-live other members,
went down for that purpose. The
(helan lodge had also been invited to
attend the meeting of the Wenatctue
lodge and a considerable number
were present.
The Wenatchee lodge provided a
splendid dinner at 1:80 and following
the dinner work was begun. The
I.eavenworth team was in form and
the degrees were conferred in a man
ner to bring forth much praise. Sev
en candidates were initiated.
Dancing was the feature after the
work was completed and at a late
hour luncheon was served.
— __
The Commercial Street bridge is to ■
be taken out and replaced by culveit.
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Simons were at j
Wenatchee Wednesday and Thursday, i
Orville Ducll. Fred Traynor and
Charles Cockbnrn Climb Cascades
In July, 1921.
Devils Lake (N. D.) Journal: A
number of enlargements in colors
which were made by Charles (I. Cock
burn from kodak pictures taken bj
him in thr Cascade Mountains, near
the famous Cascade Tunnel on the
Great Northern Railway, are being
displayed this week in the Ramsey
Drupf store.
Orville Pucll and Fred J. Traynor
are the men In these pictures which
were taken probably 6000 feet above
the Cascade Tunnel. Tn July, 1 Uli!.
Chralea Cockburn, Orville Duell and
Fred Traynor wont on a five day hike.
starting from Spokane. They slept
out of doors on the hard ground] car
ried their grub, blankets and cooking
utensils on their backs and climbed
to an elevation of more than 8000 \
feet above the sea level, where there
is snow the year around. Mountain
trout constituted their chief food on
the hike.
They were, perhaps, the first white
men to spend a ni^ht on the top of I
the mountain and only a very few
men had ever even climbed to those
A SCORE OF YEARS £fij& jMpV'ik A NATION-WIDE . /**£[
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first .1. C. Penney Company I ■ r, ( i^llpli^PuJM^--
store •...,,■ thrown ,>,„„ ... I«mJ.| •~- ''— —^" " /..cor/>o,vr, <
The moment si,nai ize ,,. I#^W^S7 312 DEPARTMENT STORES
a march of progression thai
has had no equal in the an- LEAVENWORTH, WASHINGTON
nals of departmental store
From that one store has ■ v _^^^ rf"~~"N
SS«?th*flS?JUrofiS hASTFP *• NT TXfOTW
proximately $29,000 has ex " «*" 3LK—^ _■. -LrXTk. K^J \^J J_ I —T^. J.
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the utmost value at least F J>K men .!• me quahty felt ; full '"'T-' military , heel. Ut
cost in our men's dress shoes '&fe?t*/ V v C*'" v / banA T*\ '" St>'le a"d qUality at
at _ yMk / /N- W pnnß shades- the leaßt Possible cost.
$2.98 $5.90 -$§LJL $398 $M 9
There li;is been no change in the
open season for bear —but the change
recently announced will he effective
next year.
heights, there being absolutely no
trail the lasi 3000 feet of the trip.
They discovered a number of lakes
on their trips which are shown on no
government maps, and Enchantment
Lake was christened by Charles
I Cockburn. The waterfall in on" of
i the. pictures shows Snow Creek at its
source as it tumbles over the rocky
cliff which holds enchained the wat
ers of enchantment Lake.
A great many residents of the ci'y
j have had their fruit trees sprayed
this week.
We now have a complete assort
ment of apron ginghams and per-
I cales.—.7. C. Vennev Co.
Anyone desiring to study vocal cul
ture with Mr. Rearick should call
either 147 or sii for appointment.
80,-"t of recommendations. (!7tf)
Qeorge Severly was down from
Lake Wenatchee Tuesday and looked
after business matters here and at
Wenatchee, returning home Wednes
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