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Mrs. A. C. Giluland. who has been
a guest at the home of her daugh
ter Mrs. E. J. Brand, left this week
to be a guest at the home of an
other daughter, Mrs. M. 0. Thomas
at zmah.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Wortehburger
and Miss Maude Hasbrook of Port
land, Oregon were week-end gum
or Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tweet.
Highland Woman’s Club met last
Friday at the Highland Clubhouse
with a dozen ladies present. Roll call
was responded to with farm news. A
very interesting program was given.
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Bishop and
family were guests Sunday at the A.
A. Durkee home. ‘
Mrs. N. E. Robbins was a visitor‘
in Yakima last Tuesday. '
J. R. Smith ,age 89 years, a long
time resident of the South High
lands, passed away in his sleep at
his home last Thursday night. He
had been in ill health for some
time. Funeral services were held
Saturday morning at 10 o’clock at l
the Lee-Perry funeral home in
Pasco after which the body was
taken to Ritzville and buried by the
side of his wife, who preceded him
in death several years ago.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Peterson left
laJst week-end for Yakima to work
during the fruit harvest. Miss Lulu
and Ruth and Master Billy Peter
son are staying at the A. O. Durkee
home dining their absence.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Guernsey were
Sunday visitors at the A. A. Dur
kee ho‘me.
George Smith of Toppenish was
here over the week-end for the fun
eral of his father, J. R. Smith.
Mrs. Woodruii, who has been suf
iering with neuritis the past week,
is somewhat improved at this writ
Dan Smith returned to Toppenish
Sunday where he has employment.
Mrs. Eva Chaiiee is still confined
to her bed at her home on the
Highlands but is reported as im
proving slowly.
Don’t forget the Highland grange
meets next Thursday evening Oct
ober 14th. -
Mrs. H. W. Withers attended the
Kennewick Needle Club nt the home
last Friday. ‘ .1
Miss Grace Dorton a former nigh
dent nurse at the Pasco hospitali
the past couple years will leave on
Friday i'or Seattle where she will
spend a year Bmm at the Provi
dence hospital.
Caviar; Mu Product
Caviar has long been a Russian
.product, made with the toes of the
"sturgeon. a river fish. While the
isturgeons attain lengths of between
430 and 25 feet and are the largest
100:! fish, tunny—or as we know it.
tuna—runs them a close second.
‘Catching it is one of the world’s
greatest sports. With a fragile-look
.ing bamboo pole about eight feet
long. fishermen go after tuna meas
uring ten feet. When they hook one
it is a battle of skill and stamina.
It may last a lew minutes. but there
are' records of giant tunas pulling
boats for a day or more.
Kit buried by Napoleon
The kit carried by Napoleon dur
ing his military campaigns, which
he presented to Czar Alexander of
Russia just before the ill-fated Mos
cow advance, is made of precious
woods, lined with gold-embossed
leather. It contains 160 articles. in
cluding six razors. tooth brushes.
compasses, telescopes. field glasses.
etc.. all bearing the crest of the
"Little Corporal.”
A Genet-“ion
A generation is the interim] of time
between the.birth of 'a father and
the birth of a son—the umber of
years people are. on an average.
younger than their parents. Centu
ries ago this was estimated at thir
ty-three years and four months. or
three generations to a century. This
method of calculation is still in use.
—-London Answers Magazine.
When-e Sunk-tel: Live,
In general. gray squirrrels pre—
dominate in the south and south
east. and to: squirrels elsewhere.
In limited areas the situation is dif
terent. for the gray squirrel is a
denizen of the bottom lands and
heavy timber. while the fox squirrel
occupies more open woods and is
the commoner species on the up
lands and farms.
First Woman at Johns Hopkins
The Columbia Encyclopedia says
that Christine Ladd was the first
woman student to enter Johns Hop
kins university (1874). her special
studies being directed toward logic
and the theory or color. She was
married in 1882 to Fabian Franklin.
mathematician and editor.
Largest Known Flower
The largest known flower in the
world is found only in the jungles of
the Island of Sumatra 1n the Dutch
East Indies. It is the “Kruvi.” but
it is known to botanists as the
“Amorphophallus Titanum."
Easy to [mm-cps the ngle
“It is easy to impress the peo
ple." said Hi Ho. the sage of China
town. "but they are often like chil
dren who love the promise of sweets
and become fretful if there are not
sufficient to satisfy all."
_Settled Bayes-Tilda: Dispute
Four of the fifteen members of
the special electoral commission
created to settle the Hayes-Tilden
election dispute of 1876 were Ohio
ans. Ohio's Rutherford B. Hayes re
ceived 330,698 votes as against 323,-
182 for Samuel J. Tilden, and the
final vote for the commission. taken
on March 2, just three days before
the inauguration, was 8 to 7 for
Honored Criminal “Heroes"
After the World war. France hon
ored its criminals who had died on
the battlefields by destroying their
prison records and immortalizing
their names—with those of their
fellow countrymen—on memorials
and in historical documents.-Col
lier's Weekly.
Famed Pearls Are Recalled
La Peregrina was a celebrated
early American pearl which came
to Spain about 1574 and was owned
by the Spanish royal family. La
Pelligrina, the other famous pearl.
has been in Russia for over a cen
tury. and weighs 111% grains.
First Woman Minister
Olympia Brown (1835-1926) was
the first woman in AmeriCa to be
ordained for the ministry. She was
a graduate of Antioch college and
studied at the theological seminary
at St. Lawrence university.
Hand of Fatima.
The hand 01a Fatima charm is
made in simulation of a hand and
worn or suspended in the dwellings
or some Mohammedans to ward
of! the Evil Eye. despite the laws of
the Koran. .
Piccumly Named for Tailor
Piccadilly street got its name
tram a cockney tailor back in the
days at James I. Pickadills were
the high ruined collars which the
dude: of Elizabeth’s days wore.
Ancient Roman Gste Used
The only Roman town gate ln use
in England is the Newport Are at
Lincoln. Archeologists find that lt
was built between 50 B. C. and 50
A. D.
Lose A lightning p Electricity
'At 452 degrees below zero, some
metals. such as silver and copper.
lose their resistance to electricity.
becoming super-conductors.
Chlmpmee. Orangutan Intelligent
Among wild animals. the chim
panzee and orangutan are rated
tops in intelligence. with the Asiatic
elephant in No. 2 place.
Kings Bmed Bowling
Lawn bowling was long a bitter
political question in England. Kings
banned it because it interterred with
their archery practice.
Big, black, easily-read . . .
@ll2 iKmnpmirk Qlnurirr—Evpnmr
Zoroutflans’ [deg of Heaven
The Zoroastrian has perfect con
fldence in the love and justice of
Ahura Mazda and the ultimate tri
umph of the forces of good over
those of evil. He believes in right
eousness for its own sake, that the
concept of heaven or hell is essen
tially mental and spiritual and that
his severest critic and final judge is
his own conscience. However. there
are frequent but vague references in
the Zend Avesta to the Zoroastrian
heaven as a “Land of Endless Light.
Fragrant Breezes and Eternal
Song." -
' Kites for Military Signaling
[ Kites were first a means of mili
itary signaling. A Chinese general
invented them more than 2,000
years ago. Kite flying then remained
a sport . until Benjamin Franklin
used one to draw lightning from a
cloud. From that time science has
used kites to test wind and weather
conditions. An Englishman once
traveled 85 miles in a kiteodrawn
carriage. and “Buffalo Bill” Cody
crossed the English channel in a
boat towed by kites.
The Mm in the Moon
The irregular markings on the
disc of the moon which to the naked
eye often suggest a human face are
produced by what astronomers call
"albedo." that is, the difference in
the reflective powers of various lo
cations. This difference is due part- ;
1y to elevations and depressions. ‘
and partly to the various materials
of which the surface of the moon.
is composed.
Fluke“! Lake in Montana
Flathead lake in western Mon
tana is about thirty miles long;
area. 189 square miles. and depth.
289 feet.
Blue Heron: Use 011! Nests
The thrifty blue herons repair and
use the old nest year after year. al
though it is a rickety affair at best.
Nuns “Hershey.” German
The family name Hershey is of
German origin meaning either a
“stag." or “of the army." .
sumo]: Are Tania-red
Quinnat salmon were introduced
into New Zealand tram the West
Coast of North America.
Spruce Kip; ol' Pnlpwoods
Sprfice has been considered king
of American pulpwoods tor nearly a
hundred years.
Bone In Whalebonc Wilde's lead
A whalebone whale may have as
much as 3,000 pounds of whalebone
in its head.
Muse cl ”tummy 3 Woman
Urania. the muse of astronomy.
was a woman.
If you’re not going to allow
shooting on your property
this year, you’ll need to have
you: fences properly posted
Get them now---at
i William Powell, Jean Harlow, Spencer Tracy in “Liebeled Lady"
which plays at the Liberty Tuesday and Wednesday. October 12 and 13.
Carbon monoxide gas in itself is
not harmful nor toxic. It is dan
gerous due to the fact that it pro
duces oxygen starvation. Gradual
starvation is more dangerous than
sudden saturations by much larger
quantities. Carbon monoxide poi
soning is a serious matter at sea
level. The medical profession claims
that thousands of persons are daily
affected to some degree by this gas.
Serious. even fatal. poisoning is
Puebla. the capital city of the
State of Puebla. has often been
referred to as the "Rome of Mex
ico” because of its many magnifi
cent churches. In the city are many
churches exhibiting elaborate artist
ic decorations from the early centu
ries. Most conspicuous is the beauti
ful cathedral ,in severe classical
style. with other edifices of note.
Carlyle said many things about
poetry and action. for his was the
type of mind that could not under
stand persons being at the trouble
of inventing characters and situa
tions when history was full of men
and women; when streets were
crowded. and continents were being
peopled under their very noses.
Ivory Carving Delicate Work
The carving of some small pieces
of ivory, is such delicate work that
it can be ailected by the vibration
of traffic. Hence. says Collier’s
Weekly. men engaged in this art
on or near busy thoroughfares in
many large cities are obliged to do
much at their work between mid
night and dawn.
Cit-hon Monoxide
“Dome of Mexico"
Carlyle on Fiction
Six Richlanders
Heed Apple
Harvest Call
.Richland—Mrs. Krohllng Mrs.
‘Cheyne, A. N. Kron. Mrs. Markham.
Frank Markham and Hilbert Mow
ery left Sunday to work in the ap
ples at Tieton. j
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Long and Mr;
and Mrs. L. A. Johnson were bus
iness visitors in Yakima Sunday.
Ben Dighton is visiting at the R.
B. Dighton and the Mrs. Brelthaupt
home. Mr. Dlghton llves in Bonnets
Ferry. Inho. l
I Johhnammabusmessvm
? m.GehresxsvmunginYauma
a Mrs. McClendon visited at the Mr.
I MissDox-casswnttndherneloa
lend. '
visitors attheGeorge Durkheim
humans-ammu- I'm-nette
Forrest's m. was May Eberh
burc. m.endnrs.l'brestwmon
Oman, after hsvlng visited with
friends and natives here for the
I! At the Churches I
CHURCH 0!" m Hum
Charles W. Croft
Sunday school. 10 am.
Morning worship. ll am.
Young people's meeting. 6:45 pm.
Evening service. 7:30 pm.
Mid-week pmyet meeting. Wed
nesedny evening, 7:30.
Miss Kitty nee sompson evange
list, left Monday for Yakima where
she will visit until her next meet
ing opens in Pomeroy next week.
MOD”? -
Sunday. October to. flie promo
tion exercises last Sunday were well
attended. New classes. new teachers
and new Mon series begin next
Sunday. Be on time for the opening
exercises in each department at 9:50.
cm for all ages.
11 am. The Sunday school of
ficers and teachers will have u spec
nl insulation service and the fell
mental service with specie!
music 1). our large choir W by
Prof. McDowell.
6:30 pm'ronpworthmcues
willmeet. 'l‘heoemeetinumtor
thepdmaryroom. 1
7:45 pm.Evenln¢eervtoe. The
In! Inspirational service everyone
willenjoy. ;
‘ The service of Holy Communion
‘will be held at St. Peul’o church.
Kennewick, on Thursday. Octohet
14. at 7:45 pm. The Venerable Alex-a
under Coffin of Spokane will offi
‘ducted every Sunday morning It
‘ mm human! 1
Divine ammunlnn sawtoo- Bunp‘
day .1: 11:!» um. ‘
haw anth- tools ht homo planning Mll
nocfionwith anydthohonuphnningnr
M. N. HUDNALL, Manager
Confessional service; “ Mm
Sunday school at 10 In. M.
The Walther League gm“
Bible class Instead of bum. h
in; at a p.m. it
Yo uare welcome at “I”
Ices. -
“Lord I have loved the h.“
of Thy house. and the pha~
Thine honor dwelleth." pl . .
J. C. Pine. Mint“
Bible school. 10 o’clock. '
Supt. Mrs. John Smith.
Junior Supt.. Mrs. P, am u
Sermon. 11 o’clock. ‘
Subject. "Winning Church
Worship." M
Chas. E. Behold. p.“
Felix J. Schrag, Am
Pasco, Washington
Rev. Felix J. Schm, “N
pastor of the First omm
church, wlll bring the Sunny“
in: message at the 11 you“.
of worship. He will preaehu‘
quoting the World," um . ,
tat Christ's words before M._
rest. "I have conquered the 'II‘
This will be the first film v
ed by Rev. Bchm since hilt”.
in; the position of Am ’5
tor of the Command
We invite you to hear this
the Woman’s Chorus mag-u.
action or Mrs. H. J. mm.
Lincoln Wynnn, m
Virgina ance. Supply M
Bunny school. 9:“ um.
Morning worship, 11 cm. ‘
Young people's mm. Czilu.
Evangelistic service. 8 pa.
Wednesdny pram-and”;
vices pm.
Anthea-e whodonotmnlln
ions ehewhere we invited to“
I A World of
8 00 $
25 to 37“
Discover for your” ‘
1 of smart style, coflfd
F and quality are N“
E into one suit.
Thursday, m 7. bl

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