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The Kennewick courier-reporter. [volume] (Kennewick, Wash.) 1914-1938, November 25, 1937, Image 8

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Companions Take Practical
Joker Far Too Seriously
Jock Kinkold and a couple of you'll do me a favor."
‘friends, Milt Comm. a garage man, “Sure,” Jack agreed. “What Is it?"
tram Ellensburg, and ALL. Stein. “Got an old white horse down in
Firestone salesman. went. pheaant the lower ‘fleld. Had him for 18
ahootlnglastweek. 7 'years and he'stoooldtobeany
Alter halt a day's tnfltless'search,
they espied e field in which they
new several birds. but the fences
were posted too thick to ignore. Jack
said he’d ask the owner if they
could hunt there.
The farmer refuel! at first, but
when Jack told him who his com
panions were the farmer said:
“Well, you fellows look respectable
enough, but I don't like hunters on
my place. But 11! let you hunt 11
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good; but I can’t bear to kill him.
When you get down to the lower end
of the field, you shoot him for me,”
the farmer proposed.
Jnck didn’t tell his companions
anything about'the favor the farm-
through the field and by the time
they reached the lower end they all
had their limit of birds.
Jack asked his companions: "Did
you ever kill a. horse? Neither did I
—wonder. what it's, be like? Let's
km the old nag—just for fun.”
“Great Scott no!" the other: chat
used. “Isn’t it enough the farmer
horse, too?"
Anyway Jack tooled around, took
aim and let the old has have it.
“Now.” he said, “We’ve plenty of
birds, yesterday we killed a coyote.
today we got a horse, now let's get‘
a couple of hunters." - -J
Turning around he gued hit two}
companions hot-footing itncroal th'o‘ ‘
fields in the opposite-,'dlrectionJYfll
ing after them only nivedto make
them run the faster, shedding guns.
coats and 'impedlmentia. enroute.
Jack whistled in the dog and sat
on therunning boarder thecar for
about half an hour waiting for the‘
other fellows to show up. Finally he‘
heard the shrill blare of a police
siren. The state patrolman’s car
drove up and the officer. whom Jack
knew, got out and asked to see his
Jack handed it over peaceably
enough, the officer removed the
shells with “Better come along with
me, teller." ‘
“Why," Jack querier, “where are
you going?" ‘
“Going to take you in,” the offi
cer replied.
“What for?" protested Jack.
“Plenty," the cop replied. “Hunt
ing on a posted field, killing a. far
mer’s horse and then threatening
the lives of your friends.” I
“Holy smoke!” Jack what-the
helled. “How come all that?”
“Well, your friends here called
the office and said that you'd sud
denly gone nuts.”
F.F.A. Team Rates
High in Potato
Judging Contest
The F. F. A. team composed of
three members with two alternates,
competed in the potato judging con
test which was held last Saturday
in the YMCA. building in Spo
kane. There were 24 schools and
nearly 100 boys participating. The
local team was composed of George
‘Howland. Bergman Giles and Bus
sel Reymore with Pat O'Neil and
Verne Soper as alternates The
highest number of points rated 1648
which was received by the Moscow,
Idaho team. Kennewick rated 1326
points. Points were received on
scoring, oral reasons, and grading
of four classes, two of Netted Gems.
one of Irish Cobblers and one of
Bliss Triumph.
The Kennewick team placed sec
ond in the Judging of Irish Cobbler
potatoes with a. total of 128 points
out of a. possible 150. F
This is the first time the Ken
newick team has competed in po
tato judging since four years ago.
On their return triy Saturday the
boys with their instructor. Victor
Rogers, went to Medical lake, where
they were shown through the state‘
Custodial School by Arthur Rogers.‘
principal of the school and a for
mer Kennewick teacher. I
Most of the past week was spent
in practice work on potato Judging
in the agriculture classes. Practice
work was done on Irish Cobblers,
Netted Gem, Bliss Triumph and
White Roses.
“bombanhdduflhu MumwhwuhrhmfiekoflMrFomnufieWhhwuuy
side I am of aerial warfare. Hero is a detach-ent of tailor! “loam. I WM “m I "M 0
‘.'-attack. by s‘ ".13 street: with water to remove the In: vestiges of poison-nu.
lWoman Club to
'fell of Hobbies
; Highlands—Don’t forget the High
land Woman's Club meets Friday.
Decembers. Rolleallwilibere
sponded to with “My Hobby.” Mrs.
.Ted Watkins will give the book
review on “Twenty Million Guinea
Pigs" and Mrs. C. H. Meyer will
have charge of the musical program.
Hostesses for the day will be Mrs.
M. G. Clark, Mrs. A. Dehnoti’. Mrs.
Frank Davis and Mrs. Jones. All
Highland ladies are invited to at
tend this meeting. .
Bergman Giles, Vern Soper and
Russell Reymore were Highland
boys who accompanied Mr. Rosa's.
high school agricultural teacher. to
Spokane over the week-end to Judge
Ed Lupe was a Walla Walla. vis
itor Tuesday.
1.1. l
l 2
I m
1.1. l
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Crooks attendem
a dinner at the E. A. Miller homei
Monday evening. honoring Glee onl
her birthday anniversary. 1
The infant baby of Mr. and Mrs.
Falgren was quite in at their home
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. 8. Green, Mary
and Billy, left Wednesday for Spo
kane to spend Thanksgiving with
Mr.aners.PerrySothand family
and Mrs. L. V. Cortman.
Mrs. c. R. Jungstrum has left for
her home in 'rouchet after sperm
parents. Mr and Mrs. E. J. Brand.
F. W. Hampton and daughter left
Monday evening for Portland and
other coast points to spend the
Thanksgiving holiday with rela
Dan Smith, who has spent the
fallin Yakimaand'l‘oppenhhhas
returned to his home on the South
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Burris and
family left Monday for their home in
Grants Pass. Oregon after being
here to attend the funeral of his
father, 0. L. Burris.
The Highland Bridge Club will
meet for 1 1:30 dessert luncheon
of Mrs.Artßlmsen.
The Highland community was
saddened last Saturday by the pass
ing of one of its members, Charles
Lemon Bun-ms.
Geo. Smith has returned to Top
penish, after spending a few days
here with relatives, recuperating
from an injured back.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burris; re
turned to their home in Wallace.
Idaho Tuesday after spending the
week-end at the Henry Leibel home.
Mrs. N. E. Robbins was in Yaki
ma Friday to attend a club meet
ing at which Mrs. Julia Todd Hold
en of Tacoma. reviewed some of the
latest. books.
Harold Himmelsbach of Yakima
was a. caller at the W. 8. Green
home Friday.
This Gil-ponder, with his neck
already in n halter,‘ awaits the
Thanksgiving an, knowing well
that he won‘t be haul!
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Another “undeclared war” moves into its final stages. with the ovenhrow
of Spanish Loyalists as the objective of Facist Italian air forces operating
from a base in the Balearic Islands. It is said to he the strategy of Marshal
Badoglio. Italian conqueror of Ethiopia. for which he was created Duke
The Highland Impmvemazt club
will. meet Friday evening December
3rd. . ;
Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Robbms’snd
son Norman left Wednesday for the
coast to spend Thanksgiving with
Mrs. Robbln’s mother and father.
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of Addisrabalu.
Walla Walla Wednesday of last
week. UnandMlcroyM
honieon a ranch owned byMr.‘
Craig'aparents. ‘
Thursday, NM ‘ J
Ponnsns um um
Repeated aflrontl by 3“
against English anthem, h“
chime attention of Brit“ M
Minute: Anthony I“ '
Dr. Jean Broadhlmt. W
of Teachm‘ College, Com
vanity. first to period udd‘
detecting measles.
J. c. Walkerretmeamqt
Is visiting at the beneath“-
ter. Mrs. C. E. Meyer one“
some time In Hedda, Md
six weeks In Nunpe. mm.
Mr and Mrs A. A. man
Wednesday for Oolvlne. m‘
ton to visit relatives mm;
m; holidays. ;

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