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Spring is here when fields of golden daffodils bloom like this in the Puyallup
Valley. Here within a ten-mile area are grown more than half the nation’s
daffodils. There are 300 varieties. These attractive girls herald the annual
Puyallup Valley Daffodil Festival. This picture released through cooperation
of Washington State Progress Commission and Washington Newspaper Pub
lishers’ Association, of which this newspaper is a sustaining member.
Written for Women of the Pacific Northwest
A Washington Press Association Department
Safe Reducing I
Many persons who are interested ‘
in keeping their weight down have a
an erroneous idea of the caloric
value of certain foods. For instance.
manythinkthatrye crackersorso-‘
da- crackers are less fattening than
bread. The fact of the matter is.
that three rye crackers equal a 30- i
gram slice of bread in food value. i
[but plain crackers are equal to 11
gram slice of bread. so if not butter ‘
accomplished there. ‘ ‘ f
Food Tables I}
Some other values equivalent to
one so-gram slice of bread (a ra
ther thick slice) are:
2-3 c. dry cereal. ‘
1,9 cup cooked cereal.
10 cheese crackers minus 5 grams
butter (56 square)
2 graham crackers
7 butter crackers minus 5 grams
2 medium biscuits.
1 muffin (about 2 inches in di
1 waffle of 3-in. diameter minus
ya square butter.
Pie crust, 4-in. shell minus one
square butter.
Pup com (popped) 1 cup.
Some foods equivalent to 10
grams (1 square) of butter are:
" Bacon fat, 2 tsp.
Commercial cream, 3 tbsp.
Whipping cream, 2 tbsp.
Z‘Prench dressing, 1 tbsp.
Mayonnaise, 2 tbsp.
Salad oil, 2 tsp. , _
Olives, 8 or 9. medium.
Avocados, 3 tbsp.
Your Reducing Menus
‘ By selecting the foods which give'
the greatest amount with the least
calories, a generous diet can be ar
ranged which will satisfy the de
mands of one's appetite. at the same
time keeping down the calories.
Vegetables, fruit lean meat in small
quantities, whole milk, skim milk
and buttermilk, cottage cheese, can
all be taken in sufficient amounts
to satisfy the appetite.
This is also a most healthful diet.
and will result in a good complexion
and an alert mind and bow.
Another important factor is in
dividing the food into 3 meals of.
nearly equal amount. I often hear
women who are trying to reduce
say proudly that they have eaten no
breakfast and only a bit of lunch.
This is very foolish, because they.
are bound to eat more than they;
should at dinner, unless they starve]
themselves. If the body is consid
ered as a stove or a machine which
we want to keep running smooth
ly, we should realize that it must
receive a certain amount of food at
regular intervals to keep it in good
condition, and it is the opinion of
nutrition experts that three times
t a day is best for most people. I
A Meaty Delicacy li
Sweet breads are considered a
great delicacy with those who are
familiar with them. They are the
thymus gland of the calf, and
along with other organic parts of
animals such as the kidney, liver,
brains, etc., are very high in vita
min content. They are rather
scarce. as only two are found in a
calf. Not all calves have them as
they begin to disappear when the
calf is taken from liquid food. They
are especially good for convalescent
diets and can be prepared in many
appetizing ways.
To Parboil Sweetbreads
They should be removed from!
paper as soon as brought from the
market and plunged into cold wa-\
ter and allowed to stand for an
hour. They may then be skinned
partially and the undesirable parts
moved. They then are placed in
boiling salted water to which is
added a little lemon juice or vine
gar which makes them firm. Cookl
them for 15 or 20 minutes, remove
than to cold water again. saving
flieliquorinwhich theywereboil
ed. which makes delicious Braw
me, are now ready to prepare in
many diiierent ways.
P They may be split crosswise and
'broiled and served with lemon but
‘ter. or they may be creamed and
’served on toast. I
‘A Splendid Dish I
My favorite method is as follows:
. After sweetbread is parboiled and
allowed to cool, separate sections
and remove all skin. Roll 3: flour
and season with salt, pepper and
paprika. Brown lightly in butter
and add 1 cup of the water in which .
they were cooked. Let cook gently
several minutes. Add 34 cup cream
and thicken with flour, if necessary. ‘
Place in casserole, sprinkle With
bread crumbs, dot with butter and
heat through in oven until the
crumbs are nicely browned. Hard
boiled eggs, peas or mushrooms may
of baking, it may be served on toast
at once, or it is an excellent filling
for a spinach or vegetable ring.
‘ The
Week’s Best Recipe
Cook 114 cup macaroni broken into
small pieces in boiling salted wa
ter until tender. Drain and rinse
in cold water. Melt 2 tablespoons
butter, and 2 tablespoons flour, 1
tablespoons curry powder, $4 tea
spoon salt and cook until frothy.
Add gradually 1 cup milk, stir in
while boiling, 1,9 cup grated cheese
and when thoroughly cold. shape
into balls or flat cakes. Roll in sift
ed crumbs, dip in a beaten egg di
lute with 2 tablespoons water and
rollagainincrumbs. Fryinabu
ket in deep fat, drain on paper and
serVHnd you have the choicest of
Macaroni Croquettes
7 The _Funily Pooh! _ I
In cases where acid or lime gets
into the eye try allowing 1 teaspoon
of vinegar or lemon juice to a glass
of water to flow into and over the
eye. One tablespoon of baking so
used for relief in the same manner
when the eye has been affected by
acid. Follow by irrigating the eye
with a tablespoon, or even a tea
spoonful of sweet oil to soothe it.
It the burn appears to be on the
pupil, consult a physician at once.
9mm”??? , l
A chamols wrung dut of clear wa
ter makes an excellent dust cloth. A
cloth wrung from very hot water
to which a tablespoon ful of kero- I
sene has been added also makes a
very good duster. 811 k dusters soat- u
ter no line. Wash dust cloths in a '
rich naptha suds and dry without
rinsing, and they will scatter no
7 'Kltchenm , ‘_l
1 Hang a bag of whole mustard in
the vinegar and it will soon clear.
. . . A piece of adhesive placed on
the thumb when peeling vegetables
will save the finger from cuts . . .
A small spoon of peanut butter im
proves the flavor of stews. If you
place a little sugar in the teapot
before making tea, the tablecloth
will not become stained should any
spill on it. ;
! 0n Ironing [by I
‘ Rub scorched places with by
|drogen peroxide and allow to dry
before again ironing. If the scorch
is light merely moisten with water
and put in the sun. Scorch may
sometimes be removed by rubbing
with bread crust.
Grains of Wisdom |
“The trouble with most people is
that they think with their hopes
or fears or wishes rather than‘ with
their hands."
RiflutlsedlnClvlqu _ I
A great variety of arm: were in
use during the Civil war. The per-7
cuaston principle was appned ‘0
many of the nintlocka in the poa
aession o! the government. and the
musket: and rifles made in the SOV'
ernment armories were adopted to
that style of ignition. Breechload
in; rifles. carbinea, several types at
repeating arms and foreign weap
on were also used.
Conference and
Dinner Will Be _
Held Sufly
ROVER—The last quarterly con
ference of the Methodist church
here will be held Sunday, March 27.
Rev. Adams from Walla Walla will
speak. After services a pot-luck
dinner will be served at the Hover
school house. Every' one cordially
invited to atend services and din
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Schubertl
were week-end guests at the Alvin
Dye home. Mrs. Schubert. who has!
been at Kahlotus the past fewl
months, started working at the Bill
Blair home in Horse Heaven.
Mrs. A. E. Smith and family were
dinner guests at the Howard Smith
home Sunday.
Mrs. Ivan Evans from Walla
Walla was an overnight guest of
Mrs. Carl Evans Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Evans from
Walla Walla was an overnight guest
of Mrs. Carl Evans Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Ashby and
Mrs. Eudora Johnson and Mrs.
Smith of Finley attended church
services in Richland Sunday. They ‘
were dinner guests at the Charles
Billington home in Richland. |
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Blair of
Kennewick were guests at the Alvin
Dye home Sunday.
The ladies of the Hover Pinochle
Club entertained their husbands
with a pinochle party at the H. N.
Hampton home Saturday evening.
Guy Nelson won high and Carl
Evans low.
Mrs. Everett Moss and infant son
returned home from the Williams
home at Hedges last week.
Valley Schools to |
give Three Skits 1
FINLEY—On Friday, March 25. 1
at 8 o'clock at the River View high 1
school there will be three one-ect;
plays, “In May With June," given ‘
by the freshman class, “Nice Bossy.”
by the sophomore class and “The
Dummy” given by ». the juniors.
Everybody is invited to attend.
A family reunion in honor of the
40th wedding anniversary of Mr.
and Mrs. Joe Gerard was held Sun
day at the Gerard home. All their
children were present for the oc
casion except one boy in the east.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
Ralph Gerard and Henry Gerard
of La Grande, Marie Gerard oi
Walla Walla, Mr. and Mrs. Harold
Gerard, Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Gerard
small son or Finley. i
The Finley grange met Thursday
night with 51 membersand onevls-Ii
1 o o
I . .
F Adolph Van Hollebeke
u o o
; Next Door to Oasis on
‘ Lewis St., Pasco
’ o .
TFarm Employment
a Specialty
No Charge to Employers
' . 0
Phone 553
O . »
l BIESCAL IKE ”autumn."
l S’MATTER POP— Ever Think of This?
itor present. There were three ap
plications for membership and two
for reinstatement. After the busi
ness meeting a program and re
freshments were enjoyed.
The Finley 4-H club met at the
home of their leader. Mrs. Harry
Beathe Thursday. The president,
Barbara Perkins. gave a demon
stration on hemstitching and Carol
Jacobs on hemming a hand towel.
After the meeting, games were play
ed. and a lunch was served by the
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Sherry, Betty
and Donald visited in Walla Walla
Sunday. Midge Sherry, who visited
over the week-end with her par
lents. returned to Walla Walla with
Ellsworth O'Hair had the misfor
tune to break his arm Saturday
while cranking a car.
1“. W. Eggors of Salem, Ore
gon, left Saturday for his home,
after spending the past week at the
home of her sister, Mrs. Wesley
Street. She came to be with her
The KennewiclémCourier-Report
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a“ . ion!
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mother. Mrs. Waters. who has been
seriously ill in the Walla Walla
Miss Irma Huppman of Kenne
wick was an overnight guest of
Mrs. E. Latham.
Mrs. Stanley Stillwell entertain
ed the Finley pinochle club at a one
o'clock dessert luncheon Tuesday.
High score was won by Mrs. Charles
McFadden. low by Mrs. H. Teade.
Mr. and Mrs. Ole Johnson 0! Pas
co visited at the Harold O'Hair
home Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. A 1 Hedstrom of
Walla Walla and Mr. and Mrs. Har
ry Benson and Miss Lena Repp
were Saturday dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Harold Witham of the
state game farm. Sunday Mr. and
Mrs. H. Benson and Mr. and Mrs.
Harold Witham and W 0 children,
accompanied the Hedstroms to their
home in Walla Walla.
Miss Esther Lanning. Bud Vol
land and Roy Gull of Spokane vis
ited relatives and friends in Fin
ley over the week—end.
You Want)
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BMW 0000:?!-
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Name ..........-................................................u00:u'+‘1‘
R.F.D., or Street ...—«7
Postoffice State ..:.MJ
Mr. and nut. Albert Plert. md
son Rodney of Fancy. Mrs. Wal
lace Preston and Mrs. Tom Estes
of the chhumds were vlsltors at
the Ernest Sherry home Tuesday.
mum TWA“; I
W Ave. and lona Bt.
Sunday school. 9:45 a.m. .
Jone Grimm“). superintendent.
Morning worship. 11 a.m.
Young people‘s meeting. 6:30 p.m.
Evangelistic service. 7:30 pm.
Prayer meeting Wednesday ever
ning. 7:30 p.m. 1
Come end enjoy these services
with us and you will come again. ‘
w ‘
cmcnormxm ‘
GhquW.Crort {
1 Sunday school 10 a.m. i
’ Morning worship. 11; “Third
‘Words of Christ on the Cross."
) Young people's meeting 6:45 p.m.
1 Evening service; Juniors. under
’du'ectlon or m. Croft, will give
an African black-(ace play in tour‘
Itera£w Tflmnogédo Int M- V: ;‘flldl
acts. They invite the m I.
community. An ”fir
elg'n missions wm be ‘
Mid-Week prayer :-"
nesday evetnlng, 7:80?“-
The pastor will “up
View Friday eVemn‘ It ~,
meeting of the YUM].
Nazarent churches, ~
. Townsend m f
, Sunday school at 0:“.
Preaching at 11.
, Evening service. 7:80.
Mid-week services WIN
I ning at 7:30.
| WPM' ‘ I
Regular meeting. d In
Class will be held a“.
aftemoon at 2:30 pm. Ilifi
l quet room of the Am“
the exception of the m
. day in the month M 11.
.~ ested in the mom II
- invited to attend.
A Heck of; a
By C. M. P“

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