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I- @ll2 iKmnvmirk anurivr- iKvpnrtvr
vo' BEL-‘1
finder-Reporter Invites Local
Women to See NewlMovie
“Star in My Kitchen”
Cooking School in MO
- Picture Form Will
1) to vi d e Instruction
and Entertainment
w numeric}: Courier-Reporter
”M m!
'i‘Nl newspaper has Just been
M in securing the new MO
- mm Cooking School, “Star
{I in Kitchen," which will be pre-
M at the Liberty theatre on
up ”41-22.
.m the days on your calendar
W every woman. and man. in
I! community is hereby extended
~ ”an invitation to see, abso
miy tree. this fascinating picture
. m mm helpful. intelligent
W on cooking and home-mak
u into a humorous and romantic
who Motion Picture Cooking
moi is a brand new idea. First
weaved inst'year. it has met with
' m from women throughout the
m. who like the happy combin
m of sparkling entertainment
and clue-up cooking instruction.
m in the back row are as good
am in the front row—the mo
” floture permits everyone to
Mr mi see every trick in frosting
em. making a pie, or cooking
W! in My Kitchen" was pro
m'in Hollywood, and the nud
“will recognize many of the ris
hm actors and actresses who
mum in it. Women, young and
“hill opprecin‘te the humnnness
dihemantic story. in which the
mm are approached from
u m new angle.
.119 notion Picture Cooking
Him! in! graduated beyond the
mtion course in the wide
W! of hometh equipment as
wm 0161' view of the and-
has, All of the practical equip-
~nt h-aeen in active use, and be
than ‘neins In behaving,” the and
‘hlevmsoonleamthat pies and
"at. end salads can make them
'lm in their kitchens."
7 wood homekeepers will
Italic the adventures of the younz
“ Me Abot, who suddenly finds
hitwithalarge home to man
' he and several mouths to feed—
sl well as a handsome young movie
at! to impress.
. ~Wlnt happens when she tries to
his a nutty lemon meringue pie
C a marshmallow chocolate cake?
'hst happens when the "man of
the hour” drops in for dinner?
To unravel the mystery in ad
mire would be to rob this clever
tale of its novel approach. How
‘flu’. the audience is due to share
h s rollicking good story and to
him much about home making at
Mme time.
3'67 listener will find a harvest
W Fractical ideas among the sug
utimv. for more efficient home-
Imns. covering such daily prob
hns as laundry. refrigeration, up-
Nate entertaining, beauty se-
Gets, news of modernized home
“ment and tips on making
. Me mechanical servants yield the
W degree of usefulness.
It Will be a real cooking class. just
” though the model kitchens were
“ht on the stage. and all of the
Malai- natures of the old-type
Wllß school are retained; free
MM sheet!» the atmosphere of
New inlol'mality, the wise
m the hints on clever short
‘W. and the distribution or daily
mind real surprises.
been: the invitation of the Cour-
Rena-ta and plan to join your
W in the Liberty on June
‘ 31 Ind 22.
F. F. A. Officérs
' all: I'. l". A. boys held an elec-
W Officers at their last regu
"* Mn; ot the season Wednes
.’ "mine. h'rose elected were:
Mt. Earl Johns; vice presi
hfi. 30b Blegle; secretary, Ronald
hm; twang-er. Clarmce Son
‘mn: reporter, Lester Liebel; and
M dos. George Motekl. Follow
" the Election Glen Utz showed
"‘9 50!: several reels of his mov
h! Mum The boys plan to hold
Ct 13% two meetings during the
Met. bade: several field trips.
"a“!!! and other social affairs.
Hitch Hiker
‘ hitch-hikers story or his trip
W the world was the program
It "”3 Kiwanis club Tuesday noon.
“Wet: time the wives of half a
.3311 Of the members were Special
M The club will meet with the
“”0 club next Tuesday noon, with
“‘9 "Sums furnishing the program.
All business houses in Kenne
wick. with the exception of the
restaurants and service sta
tions, will be closed all day next
Monday. Memorial Day. .'l‘he
special services will be in charge
he held at the cemetery at 10 o’-
clock. A firing squad of ex-serv
ice men will fire a salute at the
grave of a soldier, Orlin Fisher
will play ‘taps” and .there will he
a short address by Supt. E. _S.
Black. The public is invited to
attend the services.
Strawberry Crop
Best in Years
Strawberry harvest is at its peak
this week, with the finest crop go
ing on the markets that the district
has perhaps ever seen. The berries
are unusually large, the cool wea
ther up to now having been ideal
for berries. The warmer days are
making them ripen perfectly and
the yields are much heavier than
has been the average for the past
few years. Many patches are com
ing into bearing this year, too.
which adds to the total tonnage.
Prices dropped rapidly after- the
first day or two, but still shipments
are rolling in carload lots from the
several agencies handling the crop.
It is expected that a sharp drop
will be felt in the price over the
holiday, and arrangements are be
ing made to ship to freezing plants
next week.
Asparagus shipments. after a
month of light cutting, are begin
ing to strengthen. Daily receipts are
running around thirty tons, most of
which is being shipped to process
ing plants, although several car
loads have rolled on the fresh mar
kets; .
Children To Start ,
Play Activities Soon
Mr. Von Talge, head of the play
gron department of Wakima met
Wednesday night with a local com
mittee, composed of Mrs. J. C. Pratt,
Vane Wilder, Crawford Donahue
and E. 8. Black. They made plans
for the summer playground activi
ties which will open Tuesday after
noon, May 31, at 1:30 at the local
grade school building. The kinder
garten rooms will be used for the
indoor activities and there will be
outdoor sports as well for all groups.
Ella Mae Liebel will be the in
structor for the small children up
to eight years. Virginia Carpenter
will have charge of the girls from
nine years and older and within a
short time a young man, who is
qualified, will be appointed to take
the boys over nine years of age.
include softball, crochet, socket ball,
volley ball, checker board and Miss
Carpenter will also have charge of
swimming for the older children.
Highlander Arrested
on Water Charge
Guy Story, a prominent Highlands
rancher and former member of the
board of directors for the Kenne
wick Irigation district, was arrest
tend this week to tampering with
the water delivery boxes at his
ranch. He plead not guilty at the
hearing in Judge Winkenwerder’s
next Wednesday evening.
The Kennewick order of Dellolay
met for their regular meetinb Wed
nesday evening. The officers elected
for the next term are: Master,
Wayne Garber; Senior, Word
nye; Junior, Elmer Youhino: nem
bers 0! Yakima and Grandview or
ders were visitors during the eve
ning, when they put on the DeMolay
degree to the six local candidates
and one from Yakima. Refresh
ments were served by the losing
team of the candidate drive. The
local boys taken in were: Gerald
Britton, Truman Selph, Glen Ba
ker of aPsco, Walter Keene and
Lindley Ilewellyn.
Place Third
Six of Kennewick's vglunteer fire
department attended a. district con
vention at Roslyn last Sunday and
came back with third place in the
water squirting contest.
hCief Carol Pratt, Clarence Ol
brich, Emil Wineman, Roy Safford.
and Gilbert Edwards attended the
session, at which there were more
than a hundred other firemen.
AAA Officials
Outline Problem
Ahead in Wheat
Benton County wheat farmers will
face a serious adjustment problem
for 1939 of the prospective wheat
crop materializes. Wheat farmers
now have the prospct of a large
1938 crop, a carryover d ouble that
of a year ago, and doubled again a
year from now, and prices and in
come lower than a year ago. To
meet this situation the provisions
of the New Farm Act are ready for
the use of farmers, says Fred Wil
son, chairman of the county agri
cultural conservation committee.
This is the outline of the wheat
situation that was presented 'to
Washington wheat farmers this
week by AAA officiak. The Wash
ington meetings at Spokane and
Lewiston were part of a series being
held in the important wheat areas
to acquaint farmers with the cur
rent situation and to outline pos
sible action under the new Farm
Act during the next few months
and year.
State and federal AAA officials
at the meetings included:
George E. Farrell, western AAA
regional director; 1". E. Balmer,
state extension director; Howard
Mann, executive secretary. state
agricultural conservation commit
tee: Archie M. Camp. state crop in
surance supervisor and R. M. Turn
er, extension economist.
Three principal features of the
new Farm Act—acreage allotments,
wheat loans, and crop insurance—
will be up for consideration by;
wheat farmers within a few weeks}
Mr. Wilson said. Marketing quotas
-a fourth feature of the wheat pro- ;
gram possible under the new Act—fl
will come up in just about a year!
from now, May 15, 1939, as the de-;
ciding date. Operation of the pro-1
gram as outlined is based on thel
present wheat situation. AAA offi-1
cials emphasized that he quantity‘
of wheat to be harvested this year‘
is still uncertain. ‘ l
Camp Fire Girls Hold
Council Fire ‘ °
The Hopitu and Nissan maps of
Camp Fire Girls took part in a.
council fire in their headquarters
Saturday evening. Girls receiving
honor beads for their work durint
the past few months were: me
Whittemore, Gertrude Keene, Non-J
ma. Alexander and Irene Pace. Dor
othy” Ann Reed and Joan Skinner
receivedbeedotorrenk. Annem
rie Mueller who has the honor of
she earned this rank. She weanl
so presented with a Firemaker's
bracelet and a Torchbeerer’s em
blem. 'l'hethemeotthecouneilnre‘
was“Beekßeeuty." ]
Strawberry Feed
A big bowl of luscious' Wray Red
strawberriesm the dessertatthe
noon. The berries were grown by
Guy J. Story on the Highlands.
The Baptist Circle met at the
home of Mrs. A. H. Wagner last
Thursday. The next meeting will
be held at the home or Mrs. J. 8.
Kennett on Thursday. June 2. -
Official Paper for Benton County
So Near and Yet 50 For!
Any girl wishing to enter the
Rodeo Queen coated for the
Fourth of July celebration is
asked to sign up at the Courier-
Reporter office within the next
week. The girls in the contest
will sell buttons the same as last
year and the contest will be
sponsored by the local Business
Girls club as in years previous.
Seniors to Present
Clock to Library
The senior class of 1938 will pre
sent an electric clock to the school
library which will p robably be in
stalled some time during the sum
The school year closes tomorrow
and will reopen on August 29. Ac
cording to Superintendent E. S.
Black. all project work has been
closed during the summer. With
the completion or the rear grading
and track, the weeding. rolling and
seeding of the front lawn, the
grounds qre in good condition dur
ing the summer. The sunken gar
den which was left in the fore
ground between the two buildings.
adds much-to the appearanace of
the school property.
Saturday is Day
to Buy Poppies
Saturday, May 29. has been des-1
ignated as “Poppy” Day when pop-e
pies will be sold by the local Amer
ican Legion Auxiliary. The flow
ers are replicas of the wild pop
pies of France and Belgium. which.
grew in such profusion on the bat-!
tlefieids, and provided the only
touch of beauty amidst the deso
lation and death of the front. 5
The Legion crepe paper poppies.
are made by disabled veterans.
working under the direction or the
Legion Auxiliary in government
hospitals, those for Washington and
Alaska being manufactured at the
Walla Walla Veteran hospital. More
than 200 of the patients have made
the thousands of poppies that will
be sold all over the state during
this week, whichhas been designat
ed by Governor Martin as “poppy
habmumon fund and is spent {a
inn-lbuteottheWol-ld Wtr'sdnd.
week. The last two games phyed
mummmhm 16 m'DeMohy
15:Groeer320vs.P.P.A.7. 'nle
woni, lost 0: Mabel-muons. lost
The Deuolay boys are making
ule whichwlllprobablybeglnnext
the league the same schedule wlll
berun. hTeteamwlnnlnglnthe
of the first or the Grocers. The
winner then will receive title only
,Teachnrs Plan
Nacations and
.Continue Studies
Some of the local teachers have
expressed their plans for vacations
and what not during the summer
months while otheh are still un
Miss Hazel Belle Poynter has ac
cepted a new position as Physical
Education and music instructor in
the grade _achools at Kent. Wash.
next year. '
Miss Mary Womack recently ac
schools in Yakima. She plans to
at Farmvlue, Virginia. where she
state teacherseollege
Miss Ethel Mcßeynolds plans to
take the excurslon trip with the
Cheney Normal School students to
the Hawaiian Islands
Miss Thence Thole will spend
her vacation with relatlves in Los
Angeles. California.
BeVex-al of the teachers plan to
attend school this manner.
The Misses Hazel Burdett will at
tend U.C.L.A.atLosAngeles; Miss
Betty Howard will attend WED;
Miss Viola Sykes will attend the U.
E. S. Black; Miss Lena Mains will
attend Ellensburg normal and Miss
Ruth Mueller plans to attend Che
ney normal.
Principal T.A.Brlmstatesthat
summer in Kennewick. Victor A.
Rogers will also spend the summer
here helping look after the I". 1". A.
farm projects.
District Falls Down
on Red Cross Quota
But little mponse was received
to the special plea for Red Cross
relief for the Idaho flood sufferers.
according to a report made at the
chamber of commerce luncheon this
noon. The community chest con
trlbuted $5.0 to the fund in addition
to the regular allotment of 8100
made to the Yakima chapter. Km
newlck’s special quota for the flood
relief was less than half made up.
Old Timers Coming
min-mm of July. 0!
tendons of amending this yer:
gathering. Speclnlcommlweum
working onthe arrangements for
the day. The taxman will tube
mnernardSloctmhe at Finley.
Wednesday evening, he died sudden
ly. the cause of death not ban:
known. Rev.Bloeumbemlnhh
40th year of ministerial service.
theintenuontoneure. Funeral"-
Courier-Reporter Offers $lO
Cash Prize in Big Subscrip
tion Drive Now Under Way
Construction of the Umatilla
ban will be authorised by this
canton of congress In the opin
{on of (hole who have been keep
ing In touch with the situation.
Recalt won! from Washington
indicates that the matter has I'll!-
ally leached all but the final
stage and mponente are con
fident that the $00.00...” river
Immunent authorhatlon will
he made shortly. largely from the
angle of giving employinent to
thousands of idle ment in the
Penty of Baseball
For Coming Week
This Sunday the Pasco-Kenne
—-the that tune these teams will
have tangled thls season. The
matumostlnsecond pleeeln
the league. with Cescade Lumber on
Those baseball fans who wish
their entertainment nearer to home
Sunday will be treated to a food
game between Finley-Hover and the
Moxee Pill-throwers on the Palm
playtleld. The Finley-Hover nine
in said to be reinvenatod. and the
Mlle-Mn: Home team will
prove their calibre as such.
0n Mend-Iy. Munoz-m Day. It
2:30. Finley-Hover tackles the int
Pasco-Kennewick Eagles on the
some field. The Eagles are saving
Eddie Monroe to pitch this some.
and Finley-Hover is importing the
northwest champion battery from
Whitman College. with either Pete
Jones or “Chuck” Greer as pitcher
and “Scotty” Cummings catcher.
This battery has been undefeated
this year. and the Eagles ere de
termined to mar this record Mon
Jail Inmate
Appreciate; Favor
Stanley Mitchell. a transient. who
was arrestedlutweekformunc
localjcutodny.3ewusent up for
dnyonuccountofhlshealth. The
man was well planed with local
aocomodauom. Helentwox'dom
wrecipmute. Holman“;
Business Girs Elect
The local Business and Profes
sional Women's Club held their last
meeting of the season in the form
Monday evening. The girls present
orous track contests. An election of
officers was also held for next yeer’s
activities. Those elected were: pres
ident. Mot-gent Hawkins; vice
president, Therese Thole: secretary.
Lucy Helm; W. Goldie And
erson. The hostesses tor the pic
nic included. Katherine Ponti. Hel
ene Evett. Lucy Helm and Floyee
Smith. h'lle guests included the
Miss Gertrude Nlcholsus and Vems
Entertain Senior Girls
The Bushes Ill! Pluto-tun!
table m mm W
andwhlte. Themwln
B.omm newsman"-
mitteelnchu-ueot refreshments
tire tact In: been natty wen
built. MMMmun
Candidates Who Bring
in Most New Subscrip.
tions Will Earn Extra
1 Now one of the candidues who is:
active in the Courier-Reporter sub
scription campaign will be more for
tunate thou ever—by the time the
upon-ts for Wednesdey. June 1. an
in; one of the active mam win
be $lO richer. in addition to being
a winner June 11. of one of the 11
cash commissions or 5 bicycle prises.
For the Courier-Reporter today
announces a new subscription and
obteining the most points on new
subscriptions just between Satur
day morning. May 38. and Wednes
dnynight.Junel. Hereisenop
portunity for an ambitious condi
dete to earn a. welcome cosh owned.
in addition to one of the origins]
awards, in just (our days of pleu
‘ent competition.
A New Campaign
pawn. Itumutromthem
Hammond an othmwluwlncudx
commissions. Goethetullmfi
mnemontmmnmtor oom
Miles. Friends Should Help
mica (Mouluiynow with the
new no cub prise for Just in
deys' work for new subscriptions)
entire (unlimmmdm
the end tint their own lemme
mam .
phat-work. mmmywun.
68 Junior High
St udents Graduate
The Kennewlck Junlor High
School held its graduatlon excrclses
In the school auditorlum Wednes
the largest clauses graduating from
the grades. hem! sixty-cunt In
senlor hlgh school.
The Commencement program was
as follows: Processlonal. Irma Wag
goner; Invocatlon. Rev. B. B. Hol
zden; Presentation of Awards; Ken
inewlcl: Woman's Club Cltlzenshlp
Award. Mrs. J. C. Pratt; DAR.
.Unlted States History Award, Mrs.
Fred Glard: Commencement Ad
urer; Rev. Carl E. Lucky: Presen
tation of Dlplomas. Mrs. Jennie B.
Chellls; Benediction, Rev. B. B.
Holden; Recessional. Irma Wag
Members 01: the class of ’3B Junlor
High graduates are: Margaret Ab
ken, Junlor Belalr. Mae Bentleld.
Anna Marie Blenhart, Mlldred Blll
lngsley. Ronald Blslmp. Robert
Bole. Ed Curtlss. Jean Dahl. Roy
Davls. Russel Day. Margaret Denny.
Leßoy Desgranges. Coral Doyle.
Frank Dunlap, Rodney Easterwood.
Leo Elder. Harold Forster. Naoml
m. Raymond files. Ella Gar
rett. Warren Giles. Robert Gram
Juanlta Gumshaw. Albert Gull.
Raymond Banratt'y, Delbert Healer.
Betty mm. W Eldon-and.
Dougss Jones. Walter lame. Ar
lene w. lull-e m Lulu
tuna-on. Don harm. Harold
um hOarles Lewis. dean mu.
m Mason. Elwood mum.
Quentin Miser. (learn noun.
Joyoe Mulkey, Alvln loOamllh.
Norm Itclnturm Iva Neel. Neva
Neel. James O’Neil. m Osbome.
Glenn mu. Helen mund.
Elsie Sandbox-g. Wallace Boott.
Beryl welds. Ruth W
Robert Bmlth. mldrul men. Lu
cllle Bt. lament. Robert Taylor.
Bill Teramoto. Gian-lee Tramel.
Clifton! Tymll. Donald ymll. Gene
Wade. Ruth Waggoner. Betty Watts.
Que Whiter-ore and house Yo
Schubert Club
magnum”: Tue-63y evening
tnoegmup. mummno
No. 8‘

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