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11.3.91:szle5pm“We“t ‘°’
n W“ company, was a busi
n‘ W m Kennewick Monday.
Pl!“ 0: and Mrs. Wax-nook were in
K , ck mam old acquaint
“Wu" and”. They were on their
I” w Pull!!!” and stopped 01! in
”W" .since they moved to Ev
“an!!! pen or‘ a (lower: years ago.
II!!- m away went to San
Way to .attend a
"will“ convention. .
”um, chambers and Miss Alta
I! use of Arlington were visit
“ u m R. E. Hatch home Sat-
“racyw and Bob McCoy went
to WIN Walla Friday. After a
good giver and Bob to 'rygh Valley.
m “.1" will be located for the
”in; chambers of Bickleton is
“gang at the R. E. Hatch home.
The Library Guild will (hold its
mm] picnic on the McKain lawn
“day, June 20. ,
my Verdella Mueller, office girl
“ the courier-Reporter office has
m confined to her home the past
m weeks with an attack of siatica.
m, and Mrs. O. Luddington and
om Bond were Sunday dinner
M at the George Armstrong
bane. '
Glenn Felton, W. J. Skinner and
3. 3, Reed were in Walla Walla .on
W evening, where they at
uuhd the big sales rally being put
an by the commercial organizations
of that section.
Mrs. E. A. Silliman left the first
of the week for Spokane, where she
was in attendance at the meeting of
as Washington State Grange.
allege students home to spend
the summer vacations with home
folk include Lee Holcomb, Lowell
my, Jack Swayze, Frank Mueller
auxin Giard from the University;
m Fyfe, Bob Skuse. Max
mu, Wilson Talbott and Barbara
mum from W. S. c. and Roger
mend Jim Green from the El
m normal.
'ma 3; Scoby of Berkely and L.
n. Bpeulding were in Kennewick
the lint of the week conducting an
investigation as to the durability of
treated wood staVe pipe as used in
may places on the local irrigation
system. Some of the largest wood
stove time in the world are on the
Columbia project and the samples
taken from flumes in use twenty
years or more show not the slight
ut traces of decay. Samples taken
km the Burbank project, 28 years
old. were shown to be perfectly
sound yet.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Foraker and
family surprised Mrs. Floyd Wood
mff with a birthday party Sunday
M. serving ice cream and cake.
It. and Mrs. Charles Frans of
Olkhnd, California visited at the
Harvey M. White home Monday.
Ir. and Mrs. B. J. Campbell, Mi:
Ind Mrs. Floyd Woodruff, Mrs.
Dove Oliver, Mr. and Mrs. McClure,
It. and Mrs. Bam Foraker and
Milieu picnicked at. Sacajawea
m stingy.
Fuel Economy
And Get Much More
'lt people know that the “Cet-
W Diesel n-z operates on
.17 1V; nllons of cheap diesel
M n hour. They buy It tor its
ful nvinp. They are doubly
m _when they put it to
“blind“ it hasso many
“In: other than fuel savinxs
Lute it an outstanding pro-
1 0
:‘ Winn PUT
”I? ll! Med “I Pin:
h." h k. emu need
«In mg” “‘
e 1’; most
“Mm OWNER says:
Ms toot loom tor u; feet
‘3‘“! “we (or long legs
:98 «libel: are so conven-
‘l‘. lon humming and lost
h “In I work the cross-rows
% ”‘2 rides right. over them.”
in 13-2 has taken to its
”at"? jzbisllke none other
- saving—earning
M 8 everyone. .
Ridnnond Bros.
Implement Co.
in ”'6' “(kW
Mrs. Allen spent the week-end at
the home of Mrs. Ed Rankin. ~‘
Mr. and Mrs. George Gray and
granddaughter were visitors of the
Elmer Olson home over the week
end. ‘ '
Mr. and Mrs. R W. Sprague and
daughter, Mercedes, visited here on
Friday with triends. They were on
their w'ay to Salt ' Lake, Boulder
Dam and the Mexican border. Mr.
Sprague was formerly manager of
the Kennewick branch of. the J. c.
Penney store and now holds a sim
ilar position at centralia.
Neil ,Paden or Harrah was in
town Sunday visiting friends and
Mrs. Laura Amon attended a
family reunion Sunday at the park
in Walla Walla. More than 200 rel
atives were present at the picnic.
George Hardin. who formerly liv
ed in Kennewick and Richland.
where he attended school, was ser
iously injured near his present home
at Cottonwood, Idaho Thursday,
when he got tangled up in a run
away. He is in a hospital with se
vere injuries. Mrs. L. M. Good
night and Mrs. Roy Johnson have
just returned from visiting the in
jured man and report that he is im
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Copeland went
to Pullman last week to bring their
daughter, Pearl Mary, home for the
summer vacation.
Dale Winemann is spending his
vacation with his grandparents in
Lewiston, Idaho.
Mrs. L. C. Stinson will leave the
last of the week for Los Anseles to
attend the Townsend convention.
Mr. and Mrs. Setterland and
daughter Mildred were week-end
visitors at the C. F. Winkenwerder
Mrs. A. V. Mcßeynolds took her
son, Arthur, to Portland to go thru
a clinic, following his recent attack
01 the flu. '
The Seamstress Sisters 4—H club
will hold its next meeting in the
park, June 20. Mrs. H. D. Klmn
is the new leader.
E. P. Dodd of Hermiston. Oregon,
was in Kennewick Tuesday on bus
iness connected with the pushing
of the Umatilla Dam project.
The Willing Workers 4-H club
will meet at Shirley Elder’s home
next Tuesday at 2 o’clock, June 21.
All members please come.
Dean Nagley will be the driver of
the car taking the Rainbow Girls to
Wenatchee next Sunday for the
Grand Assembly. Those going are:
Ellen Wysong, Worthy Advisor;
Almadean Wysong, grand repre
sentative of Alaska; Vivian Higley,
member of the grand chair; Anna
Marie Mueller, Faith, and Martha
Chellis, past worthy ' advisor. Mar
garet Reed, who is visiting in Seat
tle. associate advisor, will also at
tend the assembly.
Mrs. A. F. Phillippay of Kahlo
tus visited with her brother, Tom
Hauuchild Sunday and Monday.
Dorothy Ann Reed is entertain
ing a few friends with a swimming
party in the park this evening to
celebrate her 12th birthday.
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Bird and
Francis attended a family picnic at
Walla Walla last Sunday.
_Mr. and Mrs. Bob Mackeyu of
Walla Walla visited Sunday at the
Strickler home on Kennewick Ave
Young ‘ Bobby stayed over for a
day, returning home Tuesday eve-
Dick Merrill
‘Malees Ocean-
Fh‘ght H istoU
O The Ace of Ace flyers is Dick Merrill.
the onlv man in history to ever complete
two ronnd.trip flights across the Atlantic
ocean. And he holds the record for the
fastest two-way journey ever cornpleted
over the Atlantic.
Merrill returned to America from his
Coronation flight to England in less than
five days after he had first taken 06 at
Floyd Bennett Field in New York. His
3,600 mile eastward trip had been cov.
ered in 21 hours and 2 minutes with an‘
average speed of 170 miles per hour, and
his average speed for the return flight
home was 144 miles per hour. His flight
covered a total distance of approximately
7,000 miles in less than five days.
It was Merrill’s second round-trip
ocean crossing in less than a year, and
was the first commercial flight ever made
across the Atlantic. As representative 0!
a newspaper syndicate, he procured and
returned to America pictures of the col
orful Coronation.
It is interesting to note that Pilot Dicl
Merrill chooses breakfast of Great Amer
icans, Quaker Oats. Active people who
need great reserves choose vitamin foods.
Quaker Oats, which is rich in Vitamin B,
is splendid for combating nervousness,
indigestion and poor appetite.
Mrs. Gretta Campbell and daugh
ter Jeanette are moving into the
Mcßeynolds house on Kennewick
avenue. . _
Barbara Hauschiid is working at
the M a; 0‘ Sweet Shoppe during
the summer vacation.
Al Kissier has returned from a
visit at Odessa.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. MoClemans
are here from Pomeroy harvesting
their cherry crop. Mrs. McClemans
is a sister of Mrs. Elmer Olson.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Phillips of
Yakima will be week-end visitors at
the home of Mrs. Philips' sister, Mrs.
A. 'r. Belair. .
Mrs. John Neuman pleasantly
surprised Mrs. Gus Neuman with a
birthday party Tuesday. The aft
ernoon was spent visiting after
which refreshments were served by.
the hostess.
Mist. Ella Neuman of Spokane 'ls
visiting for three weeks in Kenne
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Swayze and
three children passed through Ken
newick today on their way to the
(amt, where he is comptroller of
the city of Tacoma. While here
they visited relatives and Tom met
many of his old-time friends who
are still in the business houses
along the main street. Tom left
here shortly after the war and has
been connected with city affairs
in Tacoma almost ‘continuously
since. ‘
Dr. Warde Meyer is carrying on
the veudnary work during the m
noss of Dr. 'l'. B. Hauschlld.
Mrs. I. N. Mueller, Miss Ruth
Mueller and Herbert McClelland
spent the week-end in Seattle.
Frank Mueller returned with them
Sunday after completing his studies
at the University.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Grove return
ed Wednesday evening from Port!
land, where Mr. Grove has been
Spending the week attending a
Chevrolet meeting. . 1
Donnie Beste underwent a ton
sillectomy Wednesday morning. ‘
Miss Betty Maher of Walla Walla
home of her brother, Mike .Maher.
Alvin Kissler returned Sunday
evening from a two weeks’ vacation
spent at his home in Odessa and in
Miss Ruth Mueller left Tuesday
for Cheney, where she will take a
summer course at the normal. .
Mrs. E. A. Silliman left Tuesday
for Spokane, where she is attend
ing the state grange convention as a
delegate from the Rattlesnake
Rev. H. Attenborough and family
are attending the annual confer
ence of the M. E. church which is
being held in Spokane this week.
Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Carithers from]
Seattle, Mrs. Charlie Wallers and
daughter Janet from Spokane and‘
H. J. Walter from Teniam. Wash.
are visitors of Mrs. W. S. Walters
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Scott and
small daughter were visitors at the
Cecil Hudlow home in Grandview
P.E.O. Convention
Mrs. Walter Knowles and Mrs.
Lawrence Scott are leaving Sun
day for Spokane as the delegates to
represent the local chapter at the
state P. E. O. convention. Mrs. T. C.
Browne, who is a former state pres
ident, will leave Monday and will
also take in the convention. which
convenes Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday at the Davenport hotel:
One of the features of a special
refrigerator showing now being held
by local l'rigidaire ealers is a spec
‘smmtmz 3°“ Wages:
s proo ow opera .
“Automatic réflemtors have been
showing constant improvement in
operating cost through the last sev
egaltyears." stated one representative,
“ u this year Frigidaire engineers
ior economical operating cost. _ ,
“80 enthusiastic are we about new
low _cost for current consumption.and
so nearly unbelievable is it. that we
will not.ask anyone to accept our
Malone- _ _o_u
“In this special showing,Prigldairea
’3" mt... mwgflml;
c me rs, w
the amount of current used day by
day. These Frigidaires contain a reg.
ular storage load of food and ice. Just
asisthecaseina home,and the doom
are opened even more Jrecgiently. ‘
“The meters havetfibgetnl ugt glut;
a large e dial 00
like a saggimeter on some of the‘
raw automobiles and is Just as easy
"The small amount of current usedl
has been the source of a surprise tm
the magrity of ple who have at-‘
fifi’i‘v mug? ”$3; ”’..?"
we ve‘
called the mechanical unit the
"Imgitfntl, too. is the fact that :1:
remar y ow operating cost '
been made possible without any 'sac
rince of temperature or ice [reeds-fl
abilitg. As has been the case with j
Frigi s of the past, temperatures
are maintained well within the food
safety _zone at _all_ times. 7
“And even this fact ls proved, for a'
food safety indicator shows that food
Legreratm'es are In the safety acne.
w e an accurate thenno - gauge
proves to the eye that freeaer tem
geratures are except! cold.
wamw m an.
re 10 thla}.
m WC! (WM) comma-3mm
Kennewick on The Columbia
Dear Editor:
As I have nothing to do this
morning I will write you a short
letter. But as I have nothing in
particular to say I am afraid I
will find it difficult to make it
worth the two cents the postman
requires to take it to you. I re
ceived your notice of how much i
owe you and my pleasure of hearing
\irom you again is offset by my sor-
Yrowtothinkthatyou wouldwaste
a pain effort. Owing to circum
stances over which I have no im-‘
mediate control it is impossible at:
this time for me tb meet your ”:1
quest with anything more substan-.
tial than many good wishes for yourl
future well being. .
“The Good Book”; says to “be all
things to all men.” So to you bloat
ed plutocrats, who make your living
by the sweat of your brain and
pile up your wealth where the far
seeking income tax man cannot
find it, I am a staunch Democrat,
who believes in deficits, broken
promises and unpaid debts. l
To those who have more than I
an immediate division of all wealth
but towards those poor unfortunate
devils who have less worldly goods
than I happen to possess I am a
rock-ribbed Republican and stem
.iy believe in unshaken liberty and
rugged individualism. Now, just a
word about what is the matter with
this country. Some one asks me
that question every day, so by this
Itime I know all the questions, but
have not been able to learn quite
alltheanswers. Buthillsay
without any fear of honest contra
diction that the “F'iasko” and fail
Fm indictment to higher edu
lcation and modern civilization than
;any thing that ever happened in
3the world. A
While our smart people were busy
getting themselves an education, the
ignorant ones were busy taking po
session of all the natural resources
oi the country, so when the time
comes to experiment in giving the
world the benefit of a broader life,
there was nothing left to give. In
other words while they were getting
good they got too good. If you
know what I mean. In a govern
elect the kind of men we would
ingtheirdishwashing habits. Instead
ofscrapingand scrubbing disha, pots
duttimethelively Rinsosudssoak
than draindry, ifyou wish.
only lots easia', but according toen
thusiastic reports. the New Rinso is
A careful and thorough check-up
we are giving the new
' “Artistique”
. Permanent.
3 for $2.95 ‘ -
1 With the Services of an Additional, Experienced
‘ " Operator for Your Convenience
‘ New air-conditioned operating room .. .
cool and comfortable. -
The Evelyn
Beauty Shoppe '
A mamas
ple who could and should elect such
Hum fulledtoproduoe the voters.
long as the moral law. And since
I have Joined the great army of
“Ihadit made once andthinss
looked may for me and my family.
tried to raise chickens. First it
waslackof feed and water-and
thencoyotesand other varmints.
until it was nip and tuck betweai
that threatened their existence. But
at last by rugged determination and
ier breeds, I developed a flock that
and catch jack rabbits. live on
“When the government built a
service station and tourist camp and
one noticed my chickens and of
course every tourist would feed
themsomethingthatwasleft over
from their lunch. Well the out
foraging around for bugs, worms
and hoppers and began trailing au
forty or titty miles an hour.
run arty miles an hour for ten
attention. Soitwasnotlongun
takethirpictures. Verysoonmy
chickens began to attract world
wide attention andlbegantore
them. Not on your life. So much
attention made those hens so proud
they would not lay an egg for love
or money. so the most noble breed
of chickens in the world soon be
came extinct."
toremam, .
Yours truly.
is as kind as ever to bands. “Rimo
doem't make hands red or rough."
Now that they are dimming this
realized. '
WE WANT to till this page with good new” Item:
every week. You can help us. When yap know an
Item of Ilium-t. all us about it personally. or by phone—-
we'll ' ecme It. Phone No. One-Douhle-One.
Mr. Editor:
alum o! Inltlctlve Petition No.
corpontlon lawyer! back. It a a
sunbedetl'ort.‘ Th'llbulprovldes
thatmdnyamustpuenfter der
tivltles whatever. but does nothlnc‘
tostoptheemployer (mundane
inn-employ. ne'mny Import:
head 'Ol caramel-record strike
bneeken, nmed with-Althea.
peuod my easily extend to It:
months by even one employee. and
henstoose. Itthencnustcrnn
election among the men molly
encasedbyemployer—u certlrlcd
manyreclunlonmen wouldthere
be left by thnt tune? The “election"
to be supervlsed by the county audl
tor. who my have no experlence of
such m.nndotcource,un
toe-WWW. Andeven
theaeedoeenotstop with the
auditor. The employer can take the
ad infinitum. Here we heve the
most scientific means of delay ever
conceived and all this time the
doanyacthededreeiodo. Who
unimaguneanyphn more un

JUN E' 2| -
The biggest dance
feature of the year
If You Can RENT a Home
. You Can OWN'one.
The Federal Housing Act was enacted to help
the little fellow to own his own home. Whether
house American Families. Take full advantage
of its liberal terms. Now, most any renter may
own a beautiful new home of his own. We furn
ish all information, plans and materials for
FHA Approved homes. If you can’t come in
—telephone . . . it’s important.
W. J. SKINNER, Manager
tune the New üb'or Reletlom
dew h In full tome. unaflected by
(mmMeM-yrupect. Try
to picture the confluton and dis
order that would prev.“ 1! both
Common lenee molt: nun-t it.
Myopmtonthetdnce the Wagner
mom.me whole scheme
met therewith II unocnstltuttonnl.
manlyemetthelntemgent vot
er can give to this wtutlve petition
- v
Savmgs .
Initiative 129
Keep the 40-Mill
Tex Unit Law
in fine
réenacu the existing
40-Mill Tax Limit
Law which bu cut
your tax bill 40 to
50 per cent—saved
home and (gimm
ers 38 million dol
lars each year.
tum“ of any
Washington prop
? For Your
7 Prategtion
. ' ‘I_..S-'gn
Inmau' " ’ 've 129
ml III". TAX umrr
. m

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