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The Kennewick courier-reporter. [volume] (Kennewick, Wash.) 1914-1938, June 23, 1938, Image 6

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Picked Up Around Town SVJP
According to Herman Schmlde.
the dollar-down plan works every
where except in a total and there
it's usually three-'dollars-up.
L. E. Johnson wants to know if
hugging changed because the girls
changed or because there were too
many pins sticking out in the old
A third party in 1:011th 13 be
lieved by most people to be as non
essential as a third party in a ham
“What I've never been able to un
derstand." says Frank Beste “is why
a dog is so much more affectionate
when he is shedding than he is at
any other time." _
According to Jay Bliss only a few
people buy autos on the installment
plan. The others borrow the money
and pay cash.
Nature has made some mistakes,
and one of them was when she did
n't make a. rose as hardy as an
“Marriage Is sure to teach one
thing,” asserts John Neuman. “It
teaches that it is a darned sight
easier to follow a woman than it is
to lead her)?
A woman's best test of her hus
band's devotion is to ask him to go
to the store and match a piece of
ribbon fox-“her.
Fast, Clean, Low-cost
FIST-Bam“ burners glow will: lieu! a! (be
mp of a switch. The even days a! the exact
temperature you want. No work. Ho worry.
COOL—[lo matter how much ooohbg you do
with on electric range. your kitchen stays 8 to
10 degrees cooler during oven honest weather.
HUI/w inL
Sherwood Electric Range
only 3 I 7990
. Low-cost Pacific Power & Light electricity is ready
and waiting in your home now to do all your cooking
quickly, cleanly and cheaply. Electric cookery is in
expensive because electric rates in this community are
among the lowest in the United States! The average
Pacific Power & Light customer pays only about 8c
a day to cook electrically—less than the cost of a loaf
of bread! Let a sparkling new electric range put this
cheap electricity to work in your kitchen. Buy now!
Get the immediate cleanliness, convenience and leisure
that only electric cookery ofi'ers.
Courier- Reporter’s
Cooking School
I Deedee Abot, the young lady in
the Courier- Reporter's cooking
school, put down the recipes shown
in the picture in a little black book.
[While the directions were given in
detail, it was impossible for the
ladies who attended the school to
take them down, and so we are go
ing to reprinbeach one of the re
cipes in this column.
I All who attended the school will
be glad to have the recipes, for they
‘were all excellent ones. so we ad
vised that you clip them from week
to week as they appear here. The
first item. I ‘
\ Danish Coffee Bread
‘ (Recipe makes 3 cakes, 7xll in.)
Temperature: 400 degrees 1“.
Time: About 30 minutes
1 cake compressed yeast
2 tablespoons lukewarm water
1% cups milk, scolded and cooled
54 cup melted Spry
1/3 cup sugar
1% teaspoons salt
18 to 2o—cardamom seeds, crush
ed (1%. teaspoons)
Grated rind of 1 lemon (1 table
2 eggs, well beaten
6 cups Pillsbury's Best Flour I
1,43 cup butter l
1. Soften yeast in lukewarm water. ,
2. Add remaining ingredients in
order given, except the last 1,5 cup
butter reserved for steps 4 and 5.
Mix well.
t 3. Place in greased bowl; cover
and let rise in warm place (80 to 85
degrees F.) until double in bulk
(about 2 hours).
4. Turn out dough on floured
board; knead until dough is smooth
and elastic. Roll out $4, inch thick;
Ulla/4y: at Your Service
0 Has two lii-Speed Caltod units. the now Soloct-A-Spond
Unit that given 5 different tompontuxu. and Thrift Cook“.
Buy on Convenient Tenn:
PACIFIC rows: 1. new COMPANY
CLEAN—Electric cooling is dug I! olinu'nam
cool that black”: pans and greasy smudge thin? - ' '
soils Iva/li. lit electric range cleans like dishes.
BEAUTlflll—le smart sly/thy of an electric
range will make your kitchen the any] ofyour
friends. 60 modern with electric cookery.
dot center with small bits of butter,
using 1,4 cup.
5. Fold over one-third of dough to
cover butter; dot top of this told
with remaining butter; fold unbut
tered dough over this. pressing the
edges together firmly.
6. Roll out 1,4 inch thick; told
each end to center; fold again mak
ing 4 layers of dough.
7. Pat and roll out about 34 in.
thick. Spread center of dough with
cooled Fruit Filling.
Fruit Filling
1 cup sliced dates
1,9 cup cumnts
1,5 cup raisins
$5 cup water
ye cup sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
3 Few grains salt
‘ Put all ingredients together in
saucepan; stir and cook until thick
‘ 8. Fold one end of dough to cen
ter to cover filling; fold over re
!maining end of dough to center with
edges meeting. but not overlapping.
9. Pat or roll out 1,5 inch thick;
cut into 3 sections. Place each in
greased pan, or place side by side in
large pan with melted butter brush
ed between the sections. ‘ ;
1 egg white
1 tablespoon water
1,4 cup sugar
1,9 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup chopped or sliced almonds
10. Stir egg white and water to
gether. Use to brush over top of
each cake.
11. Combine sugar and cinnamon;
sprinkle over dough. Sprinkle al
monds on top.
3 12. Cover and let rise about 45
minutes. Bake in moderate oven.
When cool, cut crosswise Into 1,5 in.
strips to serve. '
THE max (WABE) comm
I At the Churches I
msr 3?:ng mm
Rev; Carl B. 1.. Lucky. m
>Secpnd Sunny After Trinity
Sunday school at 10:15.
Divine services at 11:15.
Special service at 7:30 pm.
All members and friends of the
congregation will please note that
a picnic will be held in the city park
immediately after the morning ser
vice. Bring your lunch.
Your attention is called to the
special evening service at which the
pastor will report on the general
convention which was just held at
Minneapolis. Our people or the en
tire parish are invited to hear this
report. The Luther League meeting
‘has been postponed one week and
will be held on July 3rd. You are al
ways welcome at English Lutheran.
Unified morning service.
10:30 worship service.
11:00 pastor's message. “Depend
ence on Christ." Special music.
11:30 Bible study in clam.
7:00 B. Y. P. U.
‘ 8:00 evening Gospel service “Won
derful Power."
Wednesday evening at 7:30, pray
er and Bible study.
Choir at 8:30.
A welcome awaits you. A time of
h 81'. PAUL’S cannon
Friday, June 24—730 pm. choir
rehearsal. '
| Sunday. June 26—9:00 am. the
‘church school; 10:00 am. morning
prayer and sermon, topnc. “Jesus
Christ, Our Lord;" offertory solo by
Miss Gertrude Nicholaus.
‘ Monday, June 27—8200 pm. Holy
communion, Dean Settle of St.
Paul's, Walla Walla. officiating.
Wednesday. June 29—7:15 pm
Bishop’s Committee meeting.
cause! or m mum
amu- w. cm _
Sunday school. 10 am; Billy Mills
is superintendent.
Morning worship, 11 o'clock.
Young people's meeting and Jun
iors, 7:15 pm.
Evening service. 8 o'clock.
Mid-week; prayer meeting. Wed
nesday evening, 8 o'clock.
There will be no worship servim
in the church on Sundays. July 3
and July 10. on ‘account of the
church’s Northwest District Camp
Meeting in Walla Walla. Sunday
Ischool will continue as usual on
|those two Sundays.
Rev. 3. AW m.
Sunday school at 9:50 Im.
Morning worship :1; 11 um.
Epworth league 0.: 7 pm.
No evening service during ann
Regulu- lneetlnu at the Unity
Class will be held etch m
“tel-noon at 2:80 lighthou
theaceptlon of the fourth Ila:-
daylnthemonth whenthemeetlm
ls called for 8 o'clock.- All Inter
’ Still another thlng to be thank
‘tul for is that the fellows who write
our popular music haven't yet taken
up the “farm relief blues." _
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“' -' :- .i‘:v:::;.§:;.;;_:§:-: -‘ s " : ’ .-: -: -' ‘- : . 7/6
n. a. 3615; 3335:
PHONE 100 .
4 Locust Clubbers
Attend State Camp
’wards. Neil Simmelink. William
Kramer and Ruth Simmelink re
[turned Saturday evening from a.
week's trip to the State 4-H Club
Camp at Pullman. Mrs. M. Simme
‘link. who accompanied them was
forced to return to her liome Wed
nesday on account-of illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Simmeiink are
the parents of a baby daughter. born
.Monday. June 20. at the Pasco hos
‘pital. The young lady has been
named Mary Ellen and weighed
eight‘pounds and two ounces.
The Smith. Heberlein and R. K.
Safford families returned Sunday
from Spokane. where they attended
the state grange convention.
Locust Grove Grange will meet
Saturday. June 25 at the hall for
the last meeting of the summer.
which was postponed last Saturday.
There will be no potluck dinner as
was formerly planned. i
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Edwards and;
Mr. and Mrs. R. K. Safford will
leave Friday for Wenatchee. where
they will attend the state conven
.tion of Odd Fellows and Rebekahs.
. John Satrord returned from Pull
man Sunday, where he has been a
‘student at the state college.
I M. Simmelink and Robert and
Fred Simmelink were Bickleton ro
deo visitors Tuesday.
I Mrs. Herberiein. Mrs. R. E. Lar
‘kin. Mrs. A. A. Edwards and Mrs.
'R. K. Sati'ord attended the Pink
and Green meeting at the Odd Eel
iows hall Thursday.
‘ Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dickinson 01
’Plaza. Mrs. W. S. Dickinson" 0. C.
*Peebies. Mrs. John Dickinson and
daughter. Fern. were Friday visitors
at the M. Simmelink home.
Vice Men“ to WI:
The following vice presidents
reached the presidency: John Ad
ams, Thomas Jefferson. Martin Van
Buren. John Tyler. Andrew John
son. Chester A. Arthur. Theodore
Roosevelt and Calvin Coolidge. The
last film succeeded to that office
through the deaths of Presidents.
Lake Erie's Width
; Due north the distance nuns:
northwest, at tight angles with the
miles. is in the vicinity of Cleve
\Sfi/E vTL‘vASAFETY 01
De Soto Ice Cream
Made in Kennewick
all flavors
Ice Cream Bars—sc
Vibbet - Gifford
Drug Company
Kennewick, Wash.
treat ple-am: in mm mamm
his mum. In to Island In the
-3m Alpshemmult in 1878
damn gt Vet-dues. sud even
Womdthe furnishings!
{ "meow-um“ girlwhouled
to hint any.” say. Rube Gent. “can
now run the may unto into the
ditchteudownnmerodso! fence
and still hush et e, the hanging
from the cross-am of o. telephone
Invites You to
Attend the 3-Day
Fourth of July I
JULY 2-3-4
The people of this community are expending
every effort to provide a holiday of piecemeal
entertainment on this occasion. The Penney
store with its friendly force of employees, is con
tinually striving to make Kennewick a complde
shopping center, not only on holidays but thru
out the year. Quslity merchandise at lowut
possible prices is our consistent aim.
The Most Complete Line of
' C. O L
'.r IV
1x - -
s: :fizlfar:x:,2::‘it.?:°a‘ $1262
Mus napol
- ‘ Hopi Kmeglot "“
Thursdny, Jun. ‘.. ‘
' Early Mule PM .
i A family or music mm.“
Ballard enjoyed a vii-cm N
of music printing in “bi.
tween 1550 and 1750.
2 Associated Gasoline & W
faucet-nuns Mme.
' huh Stance & omm“
cannws g, ”“001!
l we CREAM a so" ”I.
on Seven I)". . u
Mun Highway 1; WM‘

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