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:-'-‘ Judge Quits Under Fire
‘ New York City—Martin T. Man
' ton, Tammanyite Senior Judge of
~the United States Circuit Court of
Aweals, resigned his post after
om Attorney Dewey, New York’s
“gangbustei” sent to the House of
Representative: Judiciary Commit
tee a series of charges that involved
i'anton in mulcting litigants in his
mm of nearly $500,000 in so-called
“.oens." Dewey offered the commit-l
tee his evidence in support of im
peachment proceedings, revealing
. that Manton had been the object of
bTm criminal and income tax in
vestigation; {or the past year. In
ssniorlty he ranked next after the
associate- justices of the Supreme
Court of the U. s.
' Vat Armament Increase
Geneva, Switzerland—The League
of Nations Armament yearbook re
veals that. military expenditures :11
1938 increased 31.500.000.000 over
the same outlay in 1937.- Seven ma
jor powers were responsible for mm-
My expenditures” of 37.400.000.000
during the year, nearly 80 percent of
the world's total.
_m “loyalists” Crumble
Burceiona, Spain—Anarchists and
Reds who have formed the back
»bone of the Spanish ‘onalist" cause
Ire in retreat before the Insurgent
forces of General Franco. Only a
narrow strip of seacoast remains to
'them, end the capture of this is
predicted within a few days.
l'mwo’s army entered this “Loyal-‘
ht" capital without firing a shot]
Indwasreceivedbyahungry pop
ulace who welcomed the invader:
witnfldcetdemonatrationp of joy.-
nine Appeals Injunction
Jersey City, N. J.—Mayor Frank
Hague has appealed to the U. 8. Su
preme Court for a review or them-
Junction obtained by the CIO and
other “liberal” bodies against his re
fuse! to permit Communist speeches
within his Jurisdiction. The case
will reach the high court next week
{or a final decision on the question
or incendiary speeches against es
tablished local government.
81] Short Wave Radio
Paio Alto, Cal.—Btanford Univer
sity scientists have perfected a new
ultra-shortwave radio which may
revolutionize radio transmission and
hasten the general adoption or tele-
Vlsion. It permits short waves to
he directed toward a definite ob
._ fictive like a beam of light, and
Mvtdes airplane pilots with an
exact measurement of their distance
Iran the earth.
little-ram Annlvcrnry‘
Berlin, Germany—ln a‘, speech
before the Reichstag marking the
main; of V the seventh year of
his Chancellorship, Adolph Hitler
W described the achieve
ments or his reign; the absorption
of Austria and much of Czechoslo
vakia: an increase in national in
e'oome irom 45 billion marks to 76
billion in six years, and the realize-1
tion of practically every objective in
his program except the return of
Gel-nan colonies seized under' the
My of Versailles. He reverted to
““8 topic in his address but with
_ of the vehemenoe which char-
Ema his previous speeches on
Them Week
‘ 3.":iitenerany favorable atmosphere
- in all lines of hm
,’ M the Senate's We of
themue'ssisopomooo slash in the
“dent‘s relief program; 1113:!”
m the admmistratianhas pout-ed,
tooling persists in industry that the
“Garden- ol independence .on the
hurt of omm win gradually re
ducethlsvastdrainon theTreas
a: . . . A new monthly bulletin of
Treasury Department provides
Makers and staticians with data
“carding money movements that
1133 Previously been available only
t 0 I"Bderal authorities. It is espec
ially valuable in showing the flow
of money internationally . . . T 0
east condition in the cotton mar-
Reta the government plans the re
leaSe of 4,000,000 bales. now heed
0!! loans . . . Finance Minister Ray
naud. in reporting better fiscal con
ditions in Frances, declared that the
ngtion has “gold enough for 4,000
Bob Campbell drove to Seattle on
Sunday. He brought back his bro
ther, Jerry_ who is recuperating from
8 recent illness.
@ll2 Kmmmirk anurivr- @pnrtrr
Legislation Given
Consideration at
. POlllOl3 Session
Dr. Spaulding to Talk on
Hospitalization Plans at
Finley Meet
I A special legislative meeting of the
Benton County Pomona grunge was
held at Buena Vista grange Friday,
January 27th. All officers were
present except Hera. State Chap
lain Sister Lillian Swayze, State
Deputy at Large K. 'r. Knutson and
‘State Deputy Carl Williams were
the honored guests present.
Mr. Frisbe, euperlntendent of the
Presser schools gave a talk on “Un
iform Textbooks." The grunge very
much appreciated this instructive
discourse. '
' Sister Nora Witt of Wapato, dis
trict H. E. chairman, met with the
chairmen of the county and dis
cussed plans for the work as out
Resolution A, dealing with the pa
role system in Wisconsin, which is
more efficient than that of any oth
er state, was sent to the executive
committee of the state grange with
a request that they make a thoro
investigation of the system with a
view to securing similar legislation
in the State of Washington.
A resolution asking congress to
pass an act giving the PRC. auth
ority to interfere where great
amounts of money are being spent
in campaigns against public owner
ship a‘specially in excess or what is
a reasonable amount and where
timidate voters was'approved by the
resolutions committee and the re
'port wasadopted. ‘ ‘ a -
H. H. No. 15 against the destruc
amended to exempt the producer,
was approved and adapted. .
n. B. No. 27 appropriating money
last biennial for indemnities for the
{eradication of tubercuhlll '_ . sail
Bangs’ disease among dairy sitti
and continuing during the next bi
ennisi,.wn&spntovéd. - _>_ t
8. ’B.‘ o; 7! ‘requirhigjersons
hunting on enclosed property tozget
permission from the owner was ap
proved. "
H. B. No. 98 providing for the
appointment of two farmers on the
game commission—one east of the
mountains and one west. was ap
At the next meeting of the Wo
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Junior Hi Plays
With Prosser for
Championship Fri.
I 'lihe Junior-Senior high school
,basketball team has made a very
good recordso fat-this year. This
Friday afternoon the boys will play
Prosser on the local gym floor at
2 o'clock to determine which team
will be the Yakima Valley victors in
the league. The boys lost their first
game of the season to W
last Friday by a score of 24 tom. By
with Presser for first place In the
league. The boys have played 31::
league games, winning five and lo:-
ing one. ' ~_ ‘
r The ninth graders came out vlc
torlous in the game with Grandvlew
gby a score of 19 to 9 with Brawnell
as high man, making elght'points.
The eighth graders were also victor
ious in the Grandview game by a
score,“ 17 to 12 and won Imm
Toppenlshr'rlday‘with a 8 to 7
score. This team also hasloct only;
one game during the season. M‘
will be one more gamewlth Sun
nyside then on rem-nary 11,- M
this is not a scheduled Mom
crippled due to-the M Rut no»!!!
not able in m ,jtt-the mute.
Benet'ii Bail] iNéts, 3307““
- "to Tuberculosis .Funa
The benefit bail given {or the In
fantile Paralysis fund recently re.
salted in the net proceeds of $30.00
which will be given toward the fund
from the Kennewick community.
Specialty vocal numbers were pro
vided by Miss Marian Reynolds of
Walla. Walla and tap dancing by the
Miss Betty and Jerry Shanghnessy.
Mrs. Otter Brue, county chairman,
wishes to extend her thanks to all
of the individuals, organizations
and business houses taking part in
the donations to the fund.
The Nissaki Camp Fire girls met
at the hall for their regular business
meeting and elected the following
officers: president, Dorothy Ann
Reed; vice-president, Joan Skin
ner; secretary-treasurer, Maxine
Whittemore; scribe, Lou Keene;
song leader, Norma Alexander and
social chairman, Gertrude Keene. -
She's inGood Hands
Extensive. Repairs
‘ on Kiona Ditth to
i Be Done by WPA
Job Requires 17 Men to
Work 8 Months; Build
New Headgates
Extensive repairs to flame end
ditch o! the mom Irrigation Dis
trict‘wm be made beginning Thurs
day, February 2, by a. crew of 17
WA workers, 11; is reported by Don
G. Abel, state WPA administrwtor.
Total cost of the project will be, :10.-
264.00 of which the government will
furnish $7,559.00.
‘ Themain flume for the district
has deteriorated to such an extent
that routine maintenance will not
keep it in repair, directors report.
The flume will be rebuilt with con
crete footings which will make it
more permanent, according to the
plans. In addition 20 headmates will
be constructed and approximately 6
acres of land will be grubhed and
'cleared along. the right-of-way.
Alfred Johnson will supervise the
work for the weMent and Ray
Wilder. ditch' rider (or the district,
will act as superintendent. Govern
ment engineers estimate it will re
quire eight months to complete the;
program. The district is oomprosed‘
of approxhnstely 1100 acres. 1
Casaba Flingers Take
Extra Time for Game
Two of the 'three basketball games
last Monday night at' the high
school gym were too one-aided, to
‘he interesting, but the third one.
between, the Faculty and the A team
went into extra time for the decision
in favor'of the latter 22-24. Wash
ington Hardware took the 3 team,
22-5, while the English Lutherans
cleaned the Future Farmers 28-5.
[ Nextwgek theflrstgamehetWem
‘the English Lumeran'and the Foo
ulty. should be a “dimer.”- while on
the following Monday all the team
will be evenly matched 9nd three
mm is dowly_ mum at
‘m m menu: to are
nun W_ wquam .
Mmr 2mm
~ ".5... '- 1:13;??? . 1
tion has _been'uold today to Line!
00:, manager of the m up.
tion in Pasco; Mr. Col-pian- to
keep the same stock. including a
line of groceries and fruits and wall
also keep the same service as before.
nae former owners were in the
business for the past two years and
they are planning to remain in
Kennewick, but their plans as to
future business are indefinite at the
present time. .
Improve System
j The WPA project of renewing
ithe domestic pipe lines in the Olm
‘sted addition was started this week.
The work will take all spring, but
will give the west end of the city
much better water service, with no
dead end pipe lines. The work will
include enlarging the mains and ad
ditional fire hydrants will be instal
Beet Information
application bunks by the Smu-
Conumtlon Association. Rm
1“, hm.thutthereueother
mmmmmmton that
tenuous. .
1938 Has Largest
Cir c u lation in
Library History
At a recent board meeting u re
port was submitted for the your
from January 17. 1838 to January
18, 1939. The llbrarians reported tlnt
they have had 3 very meccaml
year with the largest drauatlon in
the hlstory of the library.
'l'herewere 20,1mhoohand mac
azlnes checked-.mrtplflfl being to
adults and 3,827 to juveniles. or
these there were 490 non-action. 65‘
scout, 1,537 payshelt meme mec
Varlous organism and .funds
have applied the may with 172
new books. were Ire‘tlet of N!-
tlonal Encyclopedln. Bartlett books:
64; Library Guild. 78: two reference
boon-“My Amulet.” and" The
River or No Return? Women's
Club, 21; Legion Autumn, 9; end
the Needlework Club. 2. one . big-'.-
‘tory ofthemle. Therenredonew
magazine: on the ahelm bought by
the library. -
. Besides a number of need nua
zlnee there has been I. number. or
sub-captions given to magazines
and newspapers dusted by indi
viduals and aluminum. . Theee'
Fire. four magazines.» the Luther
an churches, "The 001 mm,? by
the Catholics; the Elem-lea: Welc‘
“Hygiene,” by“: 3.4. canon:-
‘The' Man; The Won: Th!
Gander-m: mum-nova!
m amine-hem
. flue mammalian;
[out ”manta; 30-
;al Md. 1410!,“ hunt
vmumwmr. - ,«..-.-...--.
Wms Cinlntsfiiya“ i‘”
-“ The: Kennewtck Want: can
has selected next WM eve
ning, mm 8 as the date It!
the benefit can! parties this year.
Thereiwm he parties at ten differ
ent heme: which will Include the
homw or Mesdames r. l". Beste. H.
E. Copeland. W. J. Sknmer. Ralph
Matthews, J. c. Pratt, Herbert ms
ner, Frank Green, Lottie lampson,
Dr. P. 0. Stone and H. G. Gall.
These parties are given as a ben
efit for the city park and llbrary.
Prizes will be given at each house
pinochb and bridge being played.
Anyone wishing to give donations
other than attending the parties
Mr. and Mrs. Warfle Meyer of
Pendleton were week-end visitors
with relatives here.
Power Rate Cut
Will ”Save Users
$200,000 Yearly
Third Reduction in Three
Years, 14 to 37 Percent
Down From 1936
Pacific Powers: Light Company
system. {
cent below those in effect three
malevel. ‘
rate reductions was announced at
Olympia Tuwday by Ferd J. Schaft.
‘dMorottheMdepu-unent of
pubic service. Filing of the new
rates followed an informal investi
gation by the department. In which
Minimum Oregon by the P.
.Reddenflnl rates here underthe
neq'schedulewmbe: mum
pagmmslm; nutmkwhus
cents. next 125 m It 3% cents;
andevcmntaeenu. Them-1
antanmusyg centsundl
l'br antennae nee:- heating set
we the w..nt§ of 8/10..01 .n
‘cegt per kwh M 1: in effect.
Comm ottyplul residential
bin at manila euect three
yen-s ago, at present-am and at
' 25‘ WIN 150 ‘
f, kwh kWh kwh ‘
’1936 $2.13 was “.15
,Preéent 1.08 4.10 5.56
Rev 1.00 38 5.28
~ '11» new command“: nte will
cart with 13 m per month for
31:00; mmmuscenu; next
Ethe yummy-m
min 45mn¢nmm
magnujm ‘ '
' mammmm
lowing : ,
r: “3‘ .50. ...xoo I'ls
-..-,; m m m
13‘ 8425 83.50 $18.15 ‘
Pro-ent 3.0! 5.70 us
New 235 535 9.10
m.ceneru pom, scuba nte
will be modified to benefiting“
user-301m. Rummm
this are: win mauve & mm
The reduction to sq Into effect
March 1 will be the am: whim
Pacific Power a cht Company in
thisfleldtnlslo. ‘
idential use has been slashed two
thirds since the company began op
The Misses Evelyn Hoem. Kathryn
Brown and Margaret Dim were
Sunday visitors at Tongue.
I ymmmm
mam man-lon. mae-
Wt: us. tony-u: your:
m It Capitol Wu between
‘mdtheflmuruuonu leg-
WW” In 1850. M
you the Wt.” first America.
vet-cl mm in mm Bound
called Ind loaded auto for Bar;
Rand-co. ‘
McDonald’s Store
Joins N ation-Wide
Food Cooperative
Featuring Shurfine Brand
22,000 Retailers Serve
41 States
In. Shortlynowummwm
Whitlphce reading Ho-
utouotAmu-lu. Thiamin
tlonfeutmuthaflhurnno hand,
eating more than 23.000 ‘
mmumm ‘
quantity m and mum.
‘thmuzhout the country. two of
whichu'elocatedlntmmw «ati
nerlnthenearfuture. amuse:
whichwinbecivenhter. ‘
Sons Show Fathers
of Year at Feed
«me: then by the local WA chap
mm of mm John, a splendid
m-mwflodout tollowlnc
ave [couple 0! numbers on a
the emulation wen given by
cur-lament. Ran-m mum.
'm mum than by an.
Juneau-Immune! Kenne
Vomumwm w. m;
#190699 of: We you hold in
mwm~m we hold;
Free Show
auditorium next annuity. m
ulnc until thine In the “tel-non.
The show II being staged by the
consist of n aorta of demonstra
tions. moving ptctuzu. 1 bill hilly
orchestra. tan and display. includ
lnga. free lunch at noon.
and Mummeyormm
umywm unnumbered u w
'LO.O.F. Hops Back
’ Into First Place
in SSS Contest
N 0 Count Is Given This
Week, But Standings
Are Erect
but week’s nouns In the Conr
ter-Reporter enm- Bolee sup cem-
Pflcnshowed theu.l:.ludmnrst
oboe. malty club second sad the
1.0.0. F. In third M with the
otheu mung somewhat. this
week another chsnce hss tskeu
place with the three lesders. latest
flames show that the count puta—
I. o. o. I". ......__.......»1Mr5t Pleas
M the mac In getting" '7" WW"
land many more people are work
‘no doubt but what there to a con-
Ilderoble amount belnz held back
for the flnal count. m m
moorda put
3:. E. Ald ...-..-._...Becond Place
Each of the organlutlcne needs
the bl: nut calh pulse or 075 and
could uee It to excellent advantage.
Andwhlle theothertwocuhprleee
one not eo lem. nevertheleu any
treasury could use the 016 whlch lo
the eecond prlee. This week's count
shows that the otandlnz puu
Poculty Club ...-..wflhlrd Plccc
Between the fourth ond mu:
placea there to but a ecant march
In the count. One customer could
u'cbobly bunt In mm mm
to choose the pooltlonc. but accolad
lnc to the count loot nltht the po
tion dam
Town-end Club ”hut-tn Place
One am grocery blll could
hove managed the above etandnq.
but the count ohm ,
We Woman'a Club ‘
....-emwmd'lrth Place _
Only one mon week to co. Ten
don none to save the voluoble soles
ollpo. The contest wlll come to o
clue on Seturdoy. musty 11. end
unallocated mtdoy wlllbeeo
oepted up to noon on the Monday
lug. nut wlll clve tune for
all My pm to be ool
1 The Ohm..- Endeavor of the
m chumh. whlle ohm
some um lo on. count. W to
hang In enough to chme the
mom. IO that ornnlntlon In
C. E. __~Blxth Place
be three checks. one for 878 to
for sls to the winner of eeoond
many ave for putting 1n the names.
Remember, that all there is to it
cooperating stores. bring them In to
thleomoetortehulouon. merel
noooetoonnectedwtth the dentin:
my my. no effort save to ask for
end save the melee eup- from the
wannamuo; '
0.1!“!!ch '
laurel-nee!” '
munch-flee ‘
Km Vemmm
hemlock-nee ‘ _
Local Masons Confer -'
P.M. Degree Upon 18
lonic lodges in the district with the
m at ”nude mm
condemn; or the out We de
” .... “m
no m
lcud M at the and 19¢.
“a. '
h. I”. who '- m d
as but an In no.“
the was. Geo. W
a Nonesuch“ this we
ih'm’ W-m au
-IR‘waa lodge in M
v". I. Oven. P 1313011. 0! Ken
mm while the rollov
inlvottieenm in the conferring at
the dense: Cari Bergman. Pasco;
{Oscar Ben-on, Benton City: 1!. A.
Linn and I. J. Brand. Kennewick.
Fred Giihuiy and Norman Anglin.
Hartford: E. O. Keene and H. u.
Net-on. 013.031.. Presser and A. K.
Warner. anu. of Grandview.
Alec Parke and Ted Watkins were
the active candidates. Mrs. E. J.
Brand. Mrs. Ted Watkins and Mrs.
W. 8. Green served refreshment:
following the sessions.
Maury 7th at 8 pm. mm
Wm will be given.
“nation Night will the be ob
md. All W m Ban
are cordially Invited to attend 3n
meetings. A
NO.” 44

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