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Items from Up River
f- History in the Making From Whi-te Bluffs and
Hanford Communities
inoculations Made
' for Whooping Cough
" Several mild cases of whooping
cough have been found in the grade
school. At first, it was thought the
children had only a hard cold, but
Mrs. C. 1. Wright took m. C. H.
ninderer and two children and Mrs.
Leroy Vining and one child to Ken
newick, Where, upon examination
the cases were diagnosed as whoop
is: cough. Arrangements have
been for Dr. deßit to come to White
Bluffs this week and inoculate the
ehildren» who have not yet shown
any symptoms of the disease.
' Dr.‘ P. 0. Stone
j ' Dentist
.011. mm Bldg. Phone, 1031
' K. ESL-Rum
In White Bluffs
Every My
Whatever: became of "the
v with the. same skin, fond st'yle sense that has dis
tinguished Arrow since 1861. . .V
. ' Come in today and‘ look at our collection of new.
ArrowShirtiarefizandup—ondwogdaevetyoent. , .
. The. CLOTHIER ' - -.=
1'" WC“. WASH.‘ ,
. \ ’ . .. \.. _... -
1' JRROW' .
I , ' Safety for Your Funds J ‘l‘
'"Thruugh Federal Deposit Insurance I ‘ .
. . ~. O {No question of safety need ever arise in your
mind when you deposit money in. an account in this
‘ bank. Every dollar up 'to $5,000 is insured by the
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as extra
protection in addition to the strength of the bank .
itself, and its sound management.
_ ,0 There are very few investments in the world to
day which can compare for safety with an IN
{i 0 Make this Your Banking Home. _
‘ I _ THE
j * First National Bank . -
McClains Leave For ~
Mesa After Year Here
Elmer McClain, who for the paSt
year have been caring for the
peach Orchard on the State Land
Settlement Tract belonging to R. J.
Roberts, left Monday for Mesa,
where Mr. McClain has secured em
ployment. Madison McClain will
stay here with the Leo V. Johnson
family until school is out, when he
will join his parents. Everett Grif
fith, who has been employed by s.
V. Fanning, will take charge of the
Roberts orchard.
Announcements have been receiv
ed here of the birth of a son, Eric
John, to Mr. and Mrs. Herbert
Solibakke (Louise Paschen) in Bos
ton, February 20th. Mrs. Bodi
bakke is the younger daughter of;
H. F. Paschen of White Bluffs. 1
Rev. and Mrs. M, L. Anderson
returned Friday to their home at
White Bluffs, after spending the
winter at Santa Clara. California.
They were accompanied by their
son, Alvin, who will mend the sum
mer here.
Mrs. E. H. McDonald took her
young son to Kennewick Saturday
for a check-up, and he was pro
nounced well enough to return to
school. He had been suffering
from an abcessed lung.
The famous Arrow Collar Man
doesn’t appear in the ads shy
more—but he’s still yery much
ali've in spirit. , .
g: For there’s a perfectly smart,
perfectly tailored Arrow colhr
on every Arrow Shirt—made
Local Masbhs Attend
Meeting at Grandview
WHITE BLUES—B. 8. Reierson,
E. J. O'Larey. Alex Parke and Fred
Gilhuly of White Bluffs. J. A. Gil
huly of Winnipeg. Manitoba, Ralph
Naas. Paul Piper, Paul 00: and
George MoOonnachie of Hanford
made up a party Monday night to
attend a dinner at Grandview given
by the Masonic lodge in honor of
W. Gale Matthews of Ephrata,
Grand Master, who is paying this
district 3. visit. The dinner will be
given in Grandview at 6:30 and a
lodge meeting later at Mabton.
Rev. and Mrs. L. C. Krug left Sun
day night, Mr. Krug for Portland
and Mrs. Krug to visit their daugh
ter, Mrs. Al Zamdt in Kennewick
until Mr. Krug’s return.
Mrs. Maynard Galbreath is
spending the week with her mother.
Mrs. D. A. Scott in Ritz'ville.
Murray Olds spent the week-end
at his home in Wenatchee and
Walter Jantz in mtzvme.
Mrs. Orville Dunham was a shop
per in Yakima. on Monday.
s. V. Fanning has a large crew
cutting seed potatoes this .week,
and has the land ready for plant
First Hanford Girl Is
Married to Lumberman
HANFORD—Ax a simple cere
mony, Miss Nan De Regio became
the bride of Mr. .William Rulunann
on February 22 at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Marshall Hubbardan Gist
Avenue. The Rev. Oswald W. Tay
lor read.the service.
The bride wore a princess style
dress or white marquisette and
lace and carried a colonial bouquet
of roses, fresias and lily of the val
ley. Miss Edith Deßegio, the only
attendant, wore a. dress of pink
taffeta and carried a bouquet of
traits and roses. Mr. Alfred Hild
man of Seattle was best man.
Eollowlnz the reception the couple
left for a. short trip to the Oregon
Mr. Ruhmann is the son of Max
Ruhmann of Vernon. 13. 0. He 3 a
graduate of Oregon State College
and a number of Pl Kappa. Phi
fraternity. The couple will make
their home at Mt. -Washln¢-
ton, where‘Mr. mlhmann ls em
ployed by the Nelle Lumber Com
The former Miss Deßeglo was
a. resident of the community ‘for
many years. _
School Director an (1
Library Board Elected
-EANFORD—At the school elec
tion held lug Saturday. Joe De-
Reglo was reelected school board
director for the coming tem. m
omm Evett and Mrs. Ed Wavy
were elected to serve on then
brary board. ~
Mrs. P. acumen Mrs. m 1:
Gflgaby. daughter Hazel. and Ruby
Hoover. were Kennewick and Pasco
visitors sum-day.
Mr. and Mrs; W. Gun-y, Mrs.
Needhun and son, George. were in
Kennewick Wednesday.
Prank Chi-k 31:th the com
miseioners' meeting at Yakima on
Tuesday. - , .
Tom Nicholas, who has made his
home with the Leo Bell family _einee
his return from Walla. Walla, has
moved to the Grant Heinlein town.
The A. G. Curry family has moved
to the Blekely ranch neu- White
. 3111 Bird has retmmd from We
natchee; where he hurbeen under
medical care for the put two
anlel, Bermud- and 'Edward
Wax-by were Yakima vim Sot
George Needham has been con
fined to his homethlsfweekwith
aseverecold. ' ' '
m W' Gum) 0003 mm
Professor Peter Knpitu, retained
by the Soviet government. in: per
iected a new method of iiquetying
genes, only a. few detain of which
are known. Bis discovery will hove
greet scientific and industrini im
Eastern Stars Elect
New Officers for 1939
HANFORD—The following offi
cers of Mt. Gable chapter No. 200
of the O. E. 8. have been elected
for the ensuing year: Worthy Ma
tron, Mrs. H. Evett; Worthy Patron,
George McConnachie; Assistant
Matron. Genevieve Rhinhart; As
sistant Patron, Frederick A. Eng
lish; secretary. Harriet Joyce;
treasurer, H. H. Boie; conductress,
18eth Beyer; assistant conductress,
iMrs. F. A. EngliSh. The officers
win be installed at a special in
stallation March 23. following a
potluck supper for all Eastern Star
members and visiting members. ‘
The a Studer Brothers. native
Swiss Yodelers, appeared Wednes
day evening at the comrmmity hall.
The senior class of the high.
school will present its annual sen
ior ball Friday‘EVening, March 10
at 9 o’clock. Music will be furnish
ed by Hessler's Orchestra of Ken
newick. Refreshments are to be
served. '
Raymond Clark and Bill Mans
field visited at the Frank Clark
home Sunday.
.Frank Meek, D. 0. Walker. Gil
Walker and Paul Co: were in Yak
ima on busineuTuesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Clint Graft of We
natchee were guests at the Rank
O’dell home‘ the first of the week.
ifornia.’ ' _
,The sixth, men th and eighth
grades attended. the' basketball
tournament at Richland Saturday.
Thr‘boys‘lfl ‘thelr'gnly game
theyplayedto, .. “tawn-
Mr. and I&B.ng Liésy were:
in Yakima Tuesday. ' ’ 1
The Girls’ Club of the high
school are planning a St. Patrick’s
afternoon of March 17.
Traffic on the state ferry was
halted Tueschy afternoon when
the rudder wnebroken. Closings
were resumed (allowing day.
The Woman’s Club met Thursday
afternoon at the Manse. Luncheon
was served by Mrs. Prank Clark
and. Mrs. Gus Bin-ford.
‘ Paul Cox, Gilbert Walker and
S. Bowers were in Kennewick on
'mesday morning. _
Wilbur Spenser, who is suffering
the Pasco hospital Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Sparks of
Seattle arrived late Saturday eve
ning to visit with Mrs. Sparb'
sister. Miss Ruby mer. Mr. Sparks
returned to Seattle Sunday. but
Mrs. Sparks remained for the rest
of the week. __
Melvin sWare returned home m
the Pasco. hospital Sunday. Mb.
Ware and Mrs. Greene returned
Pr°=-M¢§i¢a Members . ' 'f
Imw‘sprm M"n
tea club ”emit-Tulm‘flemnz
on Monday. limit} M-fifflie home
or Mm: ml- anhi filfleflflm
.‘lhe‘ioubfiné: pm ‘7” 91‘”
Lsentedbyfiirmaua ‘
'uworweaaupanoe.‘ ones. m
L. r. msuiiyw-wuu in Ipm.";
Chopin, Mrs. R. 8. Bela-son: “sleepy
Hallow Tune," Koontz. Mrs. C. 8.
IMcGee; “Garland of Roses." Stre
‘borg, Mrs. W. J. Jenkins; “Study,"
Czerny, Mrs. J. B. Trananhauser;
”Out of the Dusk,” Zamecnlk, “Syl
via." Oley Speaks, Mrs P. A. Eng
lish; “Shadow Dance.” McDowell,
Mrs. Alex Parke; “Old Tunes,” Mrs.
E. J. O’Larey; "Largo. New World
Symphony." Dvorak, Mrs. J. I. Mil
ler; Two Irish Songs, Mrs. Thomas
Sigurdson; “Flower Song," Lange,
“'l‘raumerei," Schumann, violin and
piano duet, Mrs. Glenn Stover, vlO.
lin, Mrs. Earle Knaub, piano;
“Heimeh.” Jungmann, Mrs. Earle
The club will meet next with Mrs.
Lan J. Burch on April 3.
Vaudeville and dancing will be
the order of - the evening at the
grange hall on Saturday night,
March 11th. There will be several
special features and prices will be
reasonable. A large attendance is
hoped for and a good Show and
good time promiSed.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Clarke and
Mrs. J. M. Clarke were business
visitors in Kennewick Monday.
Mrs. W. W. Barrett is visiting
with relatives in Portland this
Injures Jaw
with We: mum at the
grade school last 'rhursdey. young
(maria Kern received a. dislocated
nw. He was taken to Kennewick
Mrs. Fred Stretch (Margie Hole
eek) ofOutlookisspendingatort
night visiting with her parents. Mr.
and Mrs. Holeoek. and other rela
Uncle Hiram. he see, “Whenever
you feel like kicking about the
weather. just turn on your radio
and find out how much worse wen.-
ther they're having all around us.
the Priest Rapids valley.”
Manley B. Haynes and A. T.
Anderson of Seattle were business
visitors in the valley over the week
end. ‘
C. C. McCormick. asricuituml
agent or the Milwaukee named,
with headquarters at Spokane. was
a‘ business visitor in White mum
and Hanford from Monday until
‘ Earl Soden. a former resident of
White Bluffs. and now of Rainier.
Washington, drove over Thursday
to spend a few days. looking after
his interests here. He reports Mrs.
Soden'e health as much improved.
New foundations save been plac
ed under the Mission Service sta
tion, Cat! and Arthur Heldemann
doing the work.
'rn'e White Bluffs postomee has
a supply of 3c Golden Gate Inter
national Exposition stamps for
sale. .
Earl Wade of wokane spent last
week visiting his father. A. C. Wade.
Fred Prensa drove to Walla Wal
la Friday. He was noompanled by
L. A. Codding, who will spend sev
eral days there. having dental work
Miss Amelia Young is recuperat
ing at. the home of Mrs. Mary
Thumm, from a. recent opention.
Prosecutor K. E. Better was in the
valley Tuesday in conference with
the directors of the Priest Rapids
Irrigation District.
Mrs. Mary Bond and daughter.
Ethel, have moved into the Edmund
Anderson cottage on the west side
or town. They were tomerly of
Colorado. ‘ -
Thehall belonzlnxtothe White
proved by the laying of maple
flooring. This will make the place
much more desirable for parties and
Mr. and Mrs. George Armanith.
formerly owners of a ranch across
the river from Vermin. but now of
Portland. drove into town on
Tuesday. Mrs. Armwsznith to visit
friends and Mr. Arnowsmith on
business connected with the not»;
neville pm with which he is}
connected in an engineering ce
pecity. ~. ‘ i
Demonstration Given
on Apple Dumplings
onmaklncotapple dumplings by
Eldon. attheclaeofflumeet
melanchm servedby Barbara
Perkinsandmryuentor. The;
The election for sehool director
nlnc.Wecleyßtreetweselected. 1
Walter Johnson of Pasco mn‘
week-end visitor at Bmok omm:
ry Sherry were m «Inna
mroldWitham. ".
Cleo O'Halr lem .aamrdw t'o
m ma m-inwm wa
h.’ ' ”i ~.‘ '5 - j ‘
foil-r 301“ WSWVMW
an: M 4“: luxury
' “five-numb]!
' Madam.
‘ minus-3...“...
% fill-idling;
§ “mm-flew
‘ “Musician-a
Literary Club Adds
New Books to Library
mun—um met on
ney Baton within-s. mule Jones
autumn-flan lunacy unsung.
A null collection is taken up at
mouth. Lutmonththenewbooh
and Haven. Too," and “Rebeca."
Them Hom- club met Wed
nmday afternoon at the home of
has. A. Weir with In. N. mee
tut week honoring nu. Ernst
manna” “Luann.“-
lonuuncey andhthleenandm.
mamr.nw.m 'lhe din
mummy that day.
111-hath Oren unturned—to
hum-. 17 wen We“ mum
Schools Participate in
Richland Tournament
810 mm” the Rich
land grade school was host to 0.
node school tournament. The
same was at 6:00. Walnut Grove
took first place, Benton City sec
ond. Prosser third and Richland
fourth. Other teunsottendmc were
Kama-wick. Whitman. Mord,
Finley-Hover. and Rivervww train
Planer. Hot dogs and cocoa. were
served for lunch tho toe mun,
candy and popcorn was sold.
urn. Ed’Robex-u and Infant
daughter returned Sunday from
Twelve members at the Women's
John Erickson on Thursday for a.
demonsttauon on hm mung.
Mrs. Earle Jones and Mrs. Sidney
Relton nttended Tuadny bridge
K. c. Gifford In Kennewick.
_~ Imm
the master. to tmpmu on his
Inc-king. told them to count so
berm am within: Important.
Suddenly the whole class shouted:
“Ninety-eight. ninety-nine. s bun
dljed. Your can’t on are, It.”
' mmmum
mm .
; mum—mm“
_ mammm
manuals-i 612. -
mm mm—
i ”Media-Md“.
' “mmdfl
: m.
78“! My
Thursday, M .o ‘
Famous Filmo H '
Movie Equipmenm"
on Display gt V «GI.
lfln‘l llollywooa M fl
Movies of You o'-
Home; of your 2
your “canons mwégm
spam ma hobbies. are m. "'
able to you through the M
a Howell lane or mm H
motion picture oqulpmm w
cently by Vlbbcr - am“ .'
Bell a; Howell Comp“,
01 Puma equipment. hure'mwn
professional movie “MI: ~
”Went to 8011wa “I! ~
leading movie cities of "I. ~
to:- mom than 30 m M
you: no Bell a; noun h
from their proteulonu “111 ~
created the first uneventful m
cameras and projectors. (‘l‘! g,
narrower 16 millimeter fun) g
Imm use. me pelican m
idea took hold immedintely an,“
grown by leaps and haunt fl
each sucoeedlns year. Wt
this cut emu. equipment fi
the otill narrower end lea m.
tive mm was evolved.
'rodny both the 16mm. Indian.
Withuatul cameraman..-
um: movies in either m
tnyaeuonoftheyw. am
«men is so small and“
that fit flu-MIMI! In q
uptongxotoetlndle. ;
Wilmer-Gifford invite an un
newick picture-making tens to ‘
1n and see_'the new the d h
person-. 1 movie camera. M
and necessary equipment a"!
may. Demonstration no“
1y (Wen, they lam—and ad '
tion W ”WP-«ADV. 6" ‘
Highland Club .
House ' ‘
ms (or flan-L.”
Wan .' w.
“undul- 0:8,“. “I":
. w.”'l*
. “mom“.
Mud-m, ,
anon mutual-E“

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