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\ Giant
;uckart’s Washington Digest
Congress Takes Bit in Teeth to :
Restore N ational Confidence
gt Resources om Made Av i] b]
V Again For All People 3 Old-Line Democrat: in: {
sponsible for Determm ation for Leadership
WWNwmflm- mag. Washington. no. ‘
WASHING’I‘ON.—The dictionary
We, the word, “confidence." as
mills “trust in. or reliance
won. another: a belief in a person
or . thinß-" 'me dictionary might
we“ have added that confidence is
W quite intangible but yet
It is a condition of national or
55,“ thought about its governmen
[3l ”was as well as a condition
of individual thought. It might
“v, added. further that conn
dance can be destroyed more easily
than it can be maintained or re
amed when it once has been des
In any event the thing about
v did; we have heard most in Wash
ir ton lately is the necessity for
c ablishing a feeling of confidence
throughout the country. The neces
s’ 7 exists it is explained freely,
1: cause the depression continues
a-zd millions of persons. who would
1% to work, are not working. In
srne places, where political face
mmg is important, the movement
is called "business appeasement,”
ht that is a difference between
tveedle-dee and tweedle-dum. It
r:mains as an effort to recreate
national confidence so that all of
the vast resources of the nation
can be made available again for
all of thepeople. _ ‘
All of this is only a prelude to
the declaration that:
Congress has taken the bit in its
teeth with a determination that in
dicetee rather a unified effort to
More the country's confidence. It
epparently is going to guide the po
licies and work out solutions for the
minus problems that are viewed
Is destructive of a feeling of as
surance among the bulk of the peo
ple. In other words, congress seems
to have assumed a leadership in
recent years, and is moving sin
ecei! to bring back pmsperity. .
mien: mom's runs '
W by Stock Market
'lhe course of events that has led
up to the latest development (a de
velopment that has both political
and economic significance) has
been rather a wandering trail. It
had in headwaters hack in 1930
and 1931, when Herbert Hoover.
then President, sought to stem the
tide of rushing waters or depression
by inviting dozens of business lead
ers to Washington for consulta
tiai. He was seeking to room
Influence, to encourage the coun
try to feel safe. Those were days,
it will be recalled when “prosperi
ty was just around the corner." Mr.
noverwantedtobringit out where
it. could be of some use.
_Well, Mr. Hoover filled because
the Mel: market crash had de
stroyed the confidence of the coun
try in him and in his policies of‘
”ernment that there was no poo-w
lbility of recreating it. The folks
simply would not believe in him,‘
gemanyorhlsmrksat that
Along came the elections of 1932
and Mr. Roosevelt took over the
M in 1933. Those days need not be
reviewed, except to point out that
mm are on the way 0‘" ‘W’
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no man ever had the complete con- '
fidence of a. people as the new:
President held it. Congres did as 1
it was told, thereafter. 01‘ course. .
there were ups and downs but the 4
scene was dominated by the per- :
sonality of Mr. Roosevelt, a condi- ;
tion that continued through about ;
six years. ‘
politics which Mr. Roosevelt made '
in was—reorganizationbf the gov
ernment proposed expanding of the ‘
Supreme court by appointment of 3
six justices of his own choosing, ‘
charges that business leaders were I
attempting to submarine the New 1
Deal policy and destroy the Roose- ‘
velt administration. This was the .‘
beginnilig. In quick succession, ‘
there came important gains for the “
Republicans in the 1938 elections, .
fear among many old line Demo- ‘
crats that 'their seats in congress '
were being jeopardized by mis- ‘
takes of various New Deal agen- A
cies and laws, and in general a I
doubt that their party should be 9.1- .
lowed to remain under New Deal
leadership. .
Old-Line Democrats Dgclde
To Assume Worship
And I believe it is the later con
dition of belief among the old line
Democrats that is chiefly responsi
ble for the sudden blossoming of
congressional determination to take
leadership. Some observers hold
the conviction that many mem
bers of the house and senate feel
they should protect their own hides
and that. to accompliiih this, they
must assume national leadership in
stead of leaving the policies to be
theorized and blue-printed by such
as Jerome Frank, Thurmund Arn
old, Tommy Corcoran, Secretary
lckes, and others of that type. That
is only saying numerous house and
senate members believe the country
has lost confidence in that sort of
leadership. _ ._ __ _
Only recently, it may be recalled,
Mr. Roosevelt voiced an asmrance
that business would have no new
taxes to burden it. He spoke eon
fidently about the future. Others,
reflecting the President’s position,
including Secretary Hopkins and
Secretary Ickes spoke pieces‘of an
r assuring nature. This is the same
‘ of relief spending.
What happened? The stock mar
..ket that ruined Mr. Hoover's ad
ministration showed its confidence
in the new statements of 1939 with
‘ in the years when prosperity was
,» just armmd the corner."l'he market
dipped down only a few days, but if
, as an answer for any question, the
stock market must have said.
r «mm.»
. Anyway. there arose immediately
i the new and very potent movement
'. ness appeasement." One of the first
things to happen was a declara
: tion by Senator Harrison, m
r ippi Democrat and one of the really
r powerful men in the senate, for a
'. cessation of spending. Or specif
Rugged side walls more in non-skid safety dependable
service and economical “per mile” cost. Definite Time
Guarantee, and service at any “Western Auto” 'store all
over the west. More than a million Western Giants used.
wally. Senator Harrison demanded
a curtailment of spending. a start
toward a balancing of the national
budget. in the belief that the whole
country is fearful of the glganttc
n_a_tlonal debt.
SEE-s Days of Rubber
822-» 9°28“ A" G“? . .
l The foreign policies of the ad
ministration were dragged out onto
the floor of the senate for examin
ation under a magnifying glass. Of
course, the senate did not force
any real change in the internation
al relations which Mr. Roosevelt
has established. From long obser
vation in Washington I doubt that
the senate's criticism of these
policies was any too sound, but it
had to engage in debate on the sub-
Ject to let the country know it was
watching everything that was be
ing done. It obviously had the ef
fect of demonstrating to the coun
try that the mys of the rubber
stamp' congress are gone, and it
constitutes another hit or evidence
or the new Washington leadership.
The real demonstration of con
gressional vitality. however, came
the other day when Senator Harri.-
son. as chairman of the senate fi
nance committee, and Representa
tive Doughton of North Carolina,
as chairman of the house commit
tee on ways and means, joined in a
letter to Secretary Morgenthau. re
questing a treasury statement on a
tax program. The two congression
al leaders urged a new and sound
tax program and an administra
tion reassurance against further
heckling of business to the end that
business would try to go ahead.
What they were asking, therefore,
"smii‘rit man:
than yOu promised”
‘~ _ ScytstJlm
' & "Since I took
. delivery on my
'Caterpillar’ D 2
Tractor last June, I have
checked your statements on
fuel economy and power that
you claimed for this tractor.
Naturally, I didn’t figure it
would cost much to run but
I had no idea how much work
it would do on 10 gallons of
fuel. ‘ ,
“I .just finished weeding 80
acres of summer fallow and
85c worth of fuel did the job
in 10 hours.”
I 0' VIII"! 0W! HRH
Richmond Bros.
Implement Co.
m m (VASE) 900 mm
were some signs which could give
”has, great or small, a. feeling
of confidence that the government
at Washington would quit pulling
treasury. The treasury always has
provided the fundamentals of every
Mr. Roosevelt’s pronouncement con
cerning “no new taxes" as mean
ing there would be no dinnges in
the tax structure. however. and
there were a good many legislators
who felt revision of some. and
abolition of other taxes were ad
Com wm Go Slow on I
Incl-using National Debt
‘--.--v_—... “m— _"-'
i There are numerous signs that
lcongress is not going to be in any
ihurryatalltopassalaw thatwill
:allow an increase in the total na
tional debt. Present law provides
lt-hat the treasury may issue notes
iand bonds up to “5000000000. The
‘current total is not so far below
What figure and Secretary Morgen
.thau has asked congress to boost
the limit to ssoflooooooooo. Congress
apparently is not so sure that there
should be an increase in the debt
limit. It is a type of confidence—
rather a lack of confidence—that
is plainly visible. I believe the debt
total win have to be increased be
cause there is no provision made
'for enough taxes to offset the vast
1 spending program for relief and na
itional defense upon which Mr.
Roosevelt has launched. There is
:no .place to get that money there
fore, except by borrowing. So about
the only good that can come from
congressional barking on this score
is to awaken-the country as to the
dangers of its great national debt.
From all of these things. one is
pretty likely to get the hebeejee
bees One can hardly help wonder
ing where we are headed. But it
seems to me that there probably is
need for a confidence that thus far
has not been mentioned in this dis
cussion. This is a confidence in
fundamental Americanian. The
voters of the country can compel
sound government on the part of
those who make the policies and, on
the surface. it appears now that
the voters are telling cmgress
what to do.
Tractor Is Purchased
For Spring Farming
Edward Tyacke purchased a new
tractor, one of the umber-tired
Oliver Rowcrop type. He pur
chaSed it from the local Oliver
dealer. Roy Baker of Pruner. The
operation of these new implements
are being watched: with interest.
Irvin Pouch is now working on
the fields of Paul Hamilton, when
he is seeding.
Mrs. Raymond Anderson has
been assisting at the Hence home
during the illness of ure." 3. 3.
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your Money!
.The effect of Pacific Power & Light
Company’s progressive rate reducrion
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allowance till the
end of'this month
‘ W.B.Wflkazflwlnneteucher
ofthePrmet-mgh achoolalled
daughter. Mrs. Guy Travis and
daughter. Geneva. were m
Sunday of the Hugh Bell funny.
Portland Man Visits I
Daughter at Hoveri
Walter Murawski twin Portland.
Oregon has been visiting his
daughter. Mrs. Everett Moss and
family the past week.
Mr. Dow and son from Lewiston.
Idaho visited at the J. E. Cochran
home .Sundsy.
L. Sellers left Pridsy for Mon
tana. where he is employed.
Carl Slayhaugh resumed his work
, on the railroad as watchman last
Bud McGuire. Monte Allard.
Walter, Bob and Gordon Hughes
called on Allen Deflenhauh Bun
day afternoon.
dinner guests at the V. 1. Tucker
home in Pasco Saturday evening.
Miss Thelma Ashby. who is em
ployed at the Pasco hospital spent
Saturday at her home here. ‘
Mrs. Toothaker Is Now I
Patient at Hospitall
ROVER—Mrs. E. Toothaker who
underwent an operation at Pasco
hospital last week, is progressing
nicely. Her daughter. Mrs. John
McDonalq and Mrs. Melvin Bean
0! Seattle, came to he with her.
Miss Arielle Slaybaugh of Yellepit
was -an overnight guest of her
grandmother Blayhaugh Wednes
Charles Evans and Mr. and Mrs.
C. B. Ashby were dinner guests at
the Carl Evans home Sunday.
Mrs. W. P. Ashby had as din
ner guests Sunday. Mrs. Lulu
Hampton. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Coch
ran and Clark McCoy.
Mrs. Ivan Evans from Walla
Walla was an overnight guest of
Mrs. Carl Evans Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Blaybaugh
and Everett Moss motored to Cou
lee Dam 'mnrsday. returning the
same day
If you see a few veterans limping
in the Armistice Day parade. they
probably are victims of those lumpy
so: you knitted ta- them back
in 1917.
mm ”..':SJ?
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emu» mm
“S!” can;
as \‘ ,'l —"I
.~ . Ill”
)«f ‘6" ' .'
I ’\
Abken Baby Recuperates
After Serious Accident
Little Glenda Rae Abken. small
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mary
Abken. who has been a patlent tn
the Pasco hospital wlth slx broken
run. a broken collar bone and
shoulder blade. the result or helm
backed over by a car last Wed
present. betore returnlug to her
home In Home Heaven. She ls
m qulte well but must be
stopped to a board (or at least a
month yet.
Hrs. Ed Crooks was a Yaklma
vlsltor Tuesday.
Ilrs. latnt and daughter, Elle
abeth Mn. were callers at the
Wallace am home last Thurs
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Preston
and son Bobby of Riverside. Call
fornla. are vlsltlnz at the home of
wuson's patents. Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Boston and other relatlves.
um Dorothy Glasow was a
Walla Walla vlsltor Tuesday.
Dean and Glen Nagley were week
end visitors at the home or thelr
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Nacley.
J. A. McLean was a Yaknna bus
lness vlsltor Tuesday.
lYou’“ \ove \o cook on \‘ne
new HO‘pOh‘“ W\N/D—§3R
‘ $12930
51 (‘l’)l'. In .:urllul
"Gut COMPANY ”rm ~ (mLHI
. Mdfwhfi
Plump Forehea- mde 3 business
trip to the wheat country on Mon
1 nu. end an. smy non-gen o:
‘Sulem. Oregon. called on trlend;
and relatives here the first. or the
week. “they were enroute to Beet.-
tle. Mn. Bergen wlll be mem
bered a mu Wllme Melon.
Horticulturist Is
Horse Heaven Visitor
no special meetinc held asturday
at the Zotique Pemult home in
charge of Dr. John Snyder 0! Pull
man and an. Helen Steiner was
not as well attended as desired (or
it was a very interesting after-rm.
The trees and shrubs planted a
year ago as an experiment hsd
made very good progress in growth
and were owned by Dr. Snyder
during the artemoon.
Mr. fiolbrook or Granger was a.
lmsiness visitor in the vicinity on
w. G. Travis last week purchased
four of the new center drive run
ning in oil type or Cheney weeders
from the Richmond Bros. Imple
ment Co. 0! Kennewick.
W Anderson returned to
school this week after being absent
with the flu.
. .Don'tmhlongumenjoythetpeed.
dualism: and convenience of dead:
even lea than before. Since P.P.&L.°o
but no cut, the average am
dos his making on the 2%: and 2:
pa kwh snaps of the nee. Decide to
PAcmc Pom-tn. '

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