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Mrs. Triesch‘ Honored ‘-
, Guest at Lawn Party
BENTON ClTY—Several of thel
Highland ladies acted as hostessesl
Friday afternoon at a shower hon-w
orlng am. Joe Triach. The party‘
was held on the lawn at the A. 1..;
Henson home. Mrs. Robert John
aonwasincharge ofaprogramaJp-j
propriate to the occasion. Mrs. Joel
'l‘rimch received many lovely giftsl
presented. to her in awdeconated
Mrs. H. W. Hague returned Sat
urday from a two weeks’ visit with
triends in Bremerton. Little Judy
Hague stayed with her grandpar
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Culp dur-
Ing her mother's absence.
George Perkins of Spokane main
tenance man‘ for the Potlatch Yds.,
Inc, is here this week repairing the
scales at the local yard.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hartman
left'Monrhy for a ten-day trip to
San Francisco to attend the fair.
Enroute they visited at the home
of Mrs. C. A. Hartman in The Dal
las and with the Dean Hartmans at
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Williams and
friends or Ramon spent the wee];-
end' with Williams brother. Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wilder, Freda
and Rolland Wilder, Frank Gro
ver; sum-Prank jr., and Wayne Ross
returned Saturday from Kamlah,
Idaho where they attended the con
temce of the Pilgrim Holiness
Mr. and Mrs. '- Lawrenoe Palmer
and Lawrence ::r. were week-end
visitors in- Yakima. Mrs. Palmer's
sister, Miss Ardlce Hill returned
with-them ta‘Vlsit here this week.
Mr. and Mrs. George Morton and
Mr. and Mrs.’ mules Abrams left
Wednesdayjor a. few days outlng at
“dint Adams. The}! will return on
Kenneth When spent the week
end on the coast.
While helping repair the scales
at the Potlatch yard Wednesday.
Loren Base fell into the pit and
uncured a badly, bruised schoulder.
State him minimal: 1.. M.
Remedy and ‘lnryy Grimes of Pasco
were “the Ognnnunity hall nurs
dey giving di‘lversflicense examina
flohs‘ and issuing new licenses to
those having the blue cards. .
Local lecturer 119qu
m. Erwin .Knowlee, Kiona-Ben
ton grange lecturer, received word
lhe rated second high lecturer in
Benton county and was offered her
trawling expenses paid to the state
grunge convention at Vancouver this
week, but was unable to attend. "
Attending Pomona grange Satur
day at Rattlesnake were Mr. and
Mrs. C. E. Morgan.Mrs.l.M.Hu-t
--man and Mrs. Edward Jacobson.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace 0,: Bony-1
wood are visiting at the homes of
Mrs." Wallace's , mother. Mrs. Otto'
tuchrs and her brother, Archie
Inn-and. mm Johnson and
lamily and ,Mrs. Johnson's rather.
?. M. Edmonson of Oroi'ino, Idaho
were Sunday evening guests at the
Kenneth Robbins home in Grand
view. Edmomon remained for a‘
visit with his daughter. 1
and Mrs. Walter Culp. ;
Ed Green returned-Sunday from
a month’s vacation trip to Garrett,
Kansas, where he' visited relatives
Fred Batrum worked in his place
with the Union Pacific during Co.‘
during his absence.
The Associated Grocers Co. of
Yakima have leased one of the ware
houses belonging to the Union Pa
cific to use during the 'harvest of
the early spud crop. Wednesday they
were installing the spud washer.
The. Rev. Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Gender will leave Saturday for
a two weeks vacation trip to Seat
tle to visit at the home of Geiszler’s
son, 0. R. Geisaler.
Dr."P. 0. Stone
on. in King Bldg. Phone 1331
Rié‘than! Poor Man!
Fire and Wind
Play. No Favorites!
\ When Will Fire Destroy Your Prop
‘ erty? , ‘ .
.Devasting fires and Windstorms
are equally disastrous tomillion
aire’s mansion and poor man’s
cottage—they play no favorites.
So, be Wise and insure. Even if
you have never been menaced by
fire and Wind before, your turn
may be next. And remember—
only one such experience in a
lifetime will pr obably cost you
more than a lifetime’s insurance
remiums. Phone Gascoigne &
g‘yfe today for rates on low-cost
fire and Windstorm insurance.
Gascoigne 81 Fyfe, Inc.
Former Residents Visit
Relatives and Friends
BENTON CITY Mr. and Mrs.
Clifford Hedger of Spokane came
Friday to spend the week-end with
Hedger’s mother, Mrs. F. S. Hedger
and his aunt, Mrs. Anna Proweli.
Hedger left Monday morning for
Goldendale. where he is this week
attending business matters. Mrs.
Hedger remained here for a. longer
Mr. and Mrs. Jester Brown and
family of San Jose, California, came
Tuesday evening to visit Brown’s
mother. Mrs. Belinda Brown and
at the homes of his sister, Mrs.
Wayne Ross and brdther Jim
Brown. " ’
Miss Esther Hartman returned on}
Thursday from a few days’ visit at
leavenworth accompanied by Miss
Eida Folden, who will visit two
weeks at the I. M. Hartman home.
Mrs. Fairie Maynard or Ellensburg,
former Benton City resident, re
turned with them and visited at the
Hartman home and with other
friends until Saturday, when she
left for Yakima to spend Sunday
before returning to Ellensburg. _
I At the grange meeting Wednesday
€evening Mrs. c W. Geiszler was ob
iligated in the third and fom'th de
}grees 'and the charter was draped
{for A Johnson. Mrs. Erwin Knowles
{put on a novel program and r -
}freshments were served.
Yakima~ Teacher Home
for Summer Vacation
meANDS—MIss Louise sun
sen who has taught school in the
Yakima school the past year, has
returned to the home of her moth
er, Mrs. Bertha Simsen.
Mr. and Mrstlm Bell and family
returned home Monday after
spending the week-end with rela
tives 1n Cheney.
Miss Polly mrsh returned with
them for a. week’s vacation before
returning to her home in Cheney.
' myd Parker of Finley is staying
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Guy
Mrs. Pearl Perkins and daugh
ter, Babe, left for their home in
Selah Monday - ’al'ter Spending a.
week at the Bert Perkins home. -
‘ Mrs wm. Bennett, 'Mrs. Wm.
Knight and Mrs. Prank Lampson
entertained at pinochle Wednes
day at the Frank umpson home,
honoring Mrs. Fred Rasmussen.
who left Wednesday evening for
therhome _ln California. Mrs. 81;.
fLaurents won high score for the
iafternoon. Mrs. Rasmussen was
Lpresented a. lovely gift by the
*W: _ _ .
Ed Lape and son, Duane, motor
ed to Bickieton Wednesday to at-'
tend the Pioneer Days Celebra
tion. . '
Bob Simmelink of Horse Heaven,
was a Tuesday evening dinner guest
‘at the Ed Lupe home. . . .
The Highland Girl Scouts will
meet next Wednesday. June zlst at
4 o'clock in the "Kennewick park.
All mothers are invited to attend.
Mrs. V. W. Bird and Mrs. H. E.
Oliver of Kennewick visited Miss
Madine Shields at the home or her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bud Shields
Tuesday evening.
Patient Convalescing
Miss Madine Shields was brought
from the Pasco hospital to her
home Monday, where she is con
valescing nicely at this writing.
Highland Grangers Serve
Delicious Strawberries
HIGHLANDS—About 125 people
gathered at the Highland clubhwse
last Thursday evening to help the
Highland grangers and the guest
‘grangers of Rattlesnake and Locust
{Grove enjoy a strawberry feed. A
guest from Spokane grange was also
‘present. '
Mrs. Gladys Kelso, who has been
confined to her home with illness
the past week, is able to be up and
[around at this writing.
A Recent Bride I
-..;; " ‘ ‘ ‘ Phomandnngnvmgbymm {
Mrs; Edwin Neuman, who recurned this week from he: honeymoon 1
trip; The newlyweds will occupy their new home on Kenneimk Ave; in l
the‘Olmsbed- AdditiOn as aooo as they can arrange their furnishings. ‘
Joe Buchanan, Jr. left this week
to visit his father. Joe Buchanan in
Youngsters Enjoy Pool
A group of neigmnrhood friends
were entertained at a picnic lunch
eon Wednesday at the N. E. Rob
bins home. The children enjoyed
simian; in the beautiful home
pooland .other sports during the
atterndohfi L”
Roger-'and -’Glorla. 6! Yakima ar
rived Tuesday to spend a vacation
at the home of Mrs. 'Estes"mother,
Mrs. .G. Buchanan. .
A family dinner was enjoyed Sun
day at the home 0! mm
Owens at which time allvthe child'-
ren, Harry. Pat, John and Herb and
families. were presentma daughter,
Mrs. Ruby Abram of California was
also able to be present. - ,
Birthday Dinner Given
Mranarry Higley'wasguest of
honor at a dinner at the'home of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
Meyer "Sunday, the'oecasion' being
her birthday anniversary. Covers
were laid for Mr. .and Mrs. Harry
tHigley and children, Mr. and Mrs.
‘O. E. Meyer and J. C. Walker.
Mrs. R. W. Woods and house
tguest, Mrs. Fred Rasmussen, were
callers at the M. N. Hudnall home-
Friday evening. -
Everett Terril of Yakima was a
Wednesday afternoon caller at the
W. 8. Green home. i
Mrs Tim 111816! 811 d WWI
children visited Tuesday evening
at the Pete Hacker home. 7 __V -
Miss Irene Pace accbmpanled her
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Westung to Spoken. where she
will spend a part of her summer
vacation. .
cannon sonoon mam
WHITE BLUFF‘s—There will be‘
a Community vacation Church
school. at the White Bluffs My
terian church beginning next Mon
day morning. June 19th. at 9 a.m..
The 'sbhbol 'will last for five days;
‘from Monday until Friday. 'nie" Ses
-IMons will be from 91m; to 11:30
tam. each (19!. The program will.
consist of Bible 'swries and study.
hymn study, ~Missi’onary stories;
hand work; habit talks and a play
periog,3:fl‘hej'aun will hej to teach
for Christian living'a'nd for was!
citizenship. All boys ond. girls in
3the community? from beginners to
and Winding ‘lngennediateo ‘ué
welcome. Seniors will not be ex
cluded. .We welcome all, to come
for a week’s good timo.
Dordbélle Morgan Home
AfterXeapat Pullman
Gene Bell was a guest 88th °f
Louise and Meme. M 8? 3W3”
while Errand him. any Mama
went to Pullman after their dauzh'
Per, Dorabelle. who 13 coming home
from he: collége year. '
caller Friday at the Herman we!“
and mud Tyncke hm em“
to Benton City.
Mrs. Doris Perrault and family
Saturday evening with Mr. and Mrs.
z. Per-mutt. Genevieve 'Perrault was
12.150 present from Ellenwm‘s- Fred
wen-amt accompanied his {my
home to Mew-sh to spend a “’9“
Gene Ben. Wt Unit-8 and
Mrs. Gum Travis left my “”"'
day trip to Pullman to attend the
.state 4-3 cam. ' '
.- “.‘» ~~.-.¥s‘-‘.
-... m 'W’ 7“ (wasn imam-3mm
Swimming Pool=open 1
FrOm'l’to‘ 5 Daily
|~ WAN!) "—-’j"mie' ma}
‘swh'nmmg' pool _whieh'ls located-pt
the edge ofAmoii' path i_s _agdn‘
>opeu'to the' swimmers‘pr‘ the 9”“
son. It is opened 'from one unfit
"five each day _ with Earle White
head‘in‘ charge, Whitehead is the?
{physiooi instructor tori the mom-inc}
'hlgh 'sch'ool. The Boga Hour club"
and the Pioneei'eluhs of Richhnd}
Must 'r'ecently sponsored the build-i
‘mg o'f‘an outdoOr'flr‘Eplace in the
\park and also pl'abe‘ivla dozen newt
‘ben'cha and tébfes fix the wk.
llt was also gimp"; general cleans
lingrwmi theswmiggng poolinow
!M'm snouid‘bé’ 'vcry ehjoy;
iable park to take the loamy for I.
Sunday'ptcnici‘ --:~ ‘- .
Mm Joe Millard x drove to Spo
kane Thursday.- ner dnuzhter, Hel
en Millard, who is In training ot
the Deaconess 'hoqiital, returned
with Mrs. Millard: and will spend
two weeks visiting at the home at
her parents. - ‘
Mrs. C. A. Lamb, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Draper, who
has beenvisiflng hemlfor the put
two weeks. returned Wednesday to
{her home in Florida. 4 -
Mr. and Mrs. Prank lamb, of
Mesa, were visitors -'mesday at the
Alfred Draper home. .
- John Erickson and-daughter. Hel
‘en, were White Bluffs visitors Bun
} The Misses Hazelsnd Marne
Draper. of Moscow. Idaho, visited
this week at the home of their uncle
imd_ aunt, Mr. and Ml 3. Alfred
Draper. _ _
Mrs. John Sewell of Kennewick
visited Tuesday at the home of ms:
Helen Erickson. ~
‘ C. J. Barnett drove to Chelan
Falls Friday for his daughter.
Myrtle Grace. who taught school
there this year. ._
Mr. and. Mrs. Antone Norlins
lei-t Monday to attend .the ma
Far-ance session at Vamver. Wuh.
liar. and Mrs. Nornng m delegates
[from Vale Grange. ._ .. _
' Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Hackney
and son and Mr. and Mrs. E. O.
Peddicord and daughters panicked
1n mermopuk 3mm.
Mrpfindnm Thu! Gm
:dmve ._te--;8.¢1.1tt.1e., My. tom
‘11:“. It» home for the, W
vacation... .lfle is 9 m at the
University mum .
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wetheral
and son who have been mm It
the home at? .Wemem'nuem m;
Thursday for their home in Jef
ferson. Ore. "" .
_Pred White lett 'nmraday ‘0
spend 9. mt at the bane of hiß
parents in" Bonnets my. Imo
before entering summer school It
Cheney June 15. -- ,
Former Reéiden‘t Calls
on Old Friends Sunday
HIGHLANDS—4m. Ross Wills!
and son and home guests mB
- Thomas and nephew of mm.
‘were Sunday afternoon all!!! 6
’the W. S. Green home. Mrs. W
'ls Miss Alta. mm, a former Ken
newick resident.
, mmmemmmdww
workinYakima samdaym
after_spendlng a we“ 'l‘” me
tom ’ .
Unnamw. W m
Daughters Entertained
with Birthday Party
; ROVER—alts Sellers entertain
ed Sunday afternoon with a birth
}agy party honoring her W~
vagina and son Russel. About. ti!-
>teen W 5 were 3““
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Blalr motored
to Walla. Walla Month!-
1 Elaine and Earl Taylor of “Och“
\vxmed their comm Audrey and
‘Adelle Slaybsush seven! “”3 ““‘
} Miss Norma maker. who
graduated from w. 8. c. this it”.
left. My for Pendleton. Ore
gon. where she is employed.
cm necoy. who is W 0”
the railroad had one of his (Intel's
crushed last m-
Kr. and Mrs. Mutton of Kenne
lwlck were dinner guests at the Run
sell Blair home m'norse Heaven on
Mrs. Landell Leaves tn
Attend Summer Session
‘ ,novm—um may nude“ 1m
‘Sunday to attend summer school
at 311 mm" normal. Her daugh
ters, Louise and W 8113 stay
mg with their grand mm!“- M’-
and Mrs. B. 3. Stewart.
Mr. and fits. Lester Not-man and
family were dinner guests at the
Jewell 81315811811 home in Yelleplt
Sunday. ~
Mr. ‘and Mrs. Russell Blair called
at the Austln Schubert home Bam:-
day. -
Mrs. William Thomas was a
Walla Walla visitor may.
Mrs. Shorty Erlckaon of P'lnley :-
picking cherrles for Carl Evans. , .
um um Dye of Pasco was a
week-end guest at the Austin Schu
bert home. . '. _ .
Boy Scouts Camp Out
Wed° Above Richland
unplug-trip WM,¢MW
’ mandmwmaoefiewmgnfi
[song Billy and Junior. visited with;
mmwnpwmsnmm. ..
mum and home m Mr. and'
Mn. maleyvgnd daughter‘s. Don».
pulled by W and mun-ed
nonsta- of Buford. 1131113.“!!!
andxumeth Poorenfxennewlmk.
mowredtoOquleeDumm. .
_mstoanxdloor Wulh‘wuh
wmmm "u
We know what kind ‘of a fellow dad is . . - doesn’t my mum
aboqt what he needs . . . Just goes along, gets things done for h.
fannly... And you can count on us knowing what he likes. - ‘
Dad knows June 18 is Fathers Day and can‘t help 100%
forward “a httle." Let’s make it a grand, happy time with 3
from our store. .
If He’s Putin! . . . .
. Handkedchiefs
Sunday, June I 8 is Fathers Day‘.
Give Him Wearables!
Fall from Cherry Tree
Caused Serious Inilll'y
W CITY—Mu. A 1 Moron}
0‘ omm)... some: Benton City?
tree at the home or! Moran's father
mmmmmmt where
x-nys n-veoled 3 double fracture of
thepeivishone. alumnus-ain
jumdhipoudbodyhmioeo. Iti-
mmmmcheney ”-
edbytheirmother'smeriom condi
tion. net condition was reported
improved loudly by the Moreno.
eryhoine. annotated”:
ornrs.omnont¢omery and Joe
Alva Cuip. who eniioied in the
humanismcwm tor
'l'fllllflllllll's Slllllfl!
A home is more than an invest-d
in dhy-byday happiness. ple-u.
.and comfort The home you H
in future security for your (1*;
We will be glad to explain them
FHA Plan of home omen-Ilium
donvenient monthly . . f
planned to suit your home,
Lounging Robe!
Fancy Belts
Sport Shirts
Bathing Trunk!
Bush Coats.
Thursday, June u. N
mss Iw'ru "'W‘
xenxewucu “111.
In" 0‘
Miss Ruth Mitchou. . MI
vmlty. has accepted ‘ m
Mtxwell and man. , Q
Miss Mitchell w“ .
the Eta Sorority, m. «75.3“!
tional Honor m, m. “‘.
and active in the Mn. é“
women's Key cm, m N
K3O. "N
She is the dauchm o, “I ~
K. Mitchell 0! Gem, M‘-
ada. and is 3 Much um.
newick. Wasmnm. M N
New students um he u..
KBU this 00th M. “
‘for a copy 0! a hoe NU“
,«punmnc Your Mm.» ’.‘
dress J. 1. Km 0.!“ ~
Pent. It We.
The Human Bum. "It |
refunds any unwed m.“
the “Meat 18 not new “‘.

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