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60L xxv
fourth Parade Is
Best Ever Seen in
This Community
More People Than Ever
See Beautiful And
Varied Entries
m l'burth of July parade this
i .9 the best one Kennewick
ever had. A larger number or
m I water variety, and a
In” class of exhibits pleased the
w crowd ever assembled to wit
“. 3 parade here. The parade
-..methan a mile long and
$3., at of it proved interesting to
mod! who lined the walks of
the area through which the pa
, m irom outside communities
.and no little to the colorfulness
“in. parade and that the prizes
vent to some of these exhibitors for
and: efforts received only praise.
m‘bugle carps from Walla Walla
end Pasco added a welcome touch of
con- end music, while the mount
ed Wagon Wheelers also helped lend
a We air tothe line.
In .ddition to the numerous bea
utifully decorated floats, two or
time entries created a lot of in
tent. The string of fifteen year
m mules. halter-broke and fast
enedtoonelinecreatedalot of in
tent. The entry was made by 0.
am and the mules were but
a‘pjartoftbelotheisraising onhis
use Heaven ranch. The 1906‘
nth-wheeled auto entered by the
mined from Council. who acted as
clean. képt the spectatOrs thrilled
arm as he was in sight.
Among the beautiful and artistic
floats us one entered . e P. P.
aneo. which took film in
«a commercial divisi . The float
nun Prosser, entered by the Yakip
an Valley Wool Growers Associa
flu. a beautiful affair. graced by
little tots in Scottish Kiltios took
M place in the community divis
m ‘ 14:17:15
no Kennewick Rainbow
“first Woe in the Irate g
fin-n. with Vale grange {gem m.
all Mn: second. The latter was
madam, Liberty and Justice ap
. my dressed, and the car was
filled by 48 members representing
the m. i ‘lt was a novel idea and
.m most unique entries were
nude by the Strickler Motors and
'l'linOity Creamery in -a ~eardrum.-
in “fair which was awarded first
W the string or baby mules.
mm by Niooson took second
In the decorated bicycles Clara
llello Johns took first money in the
”Anion. Maxine Whittemore.
m and Joan Skinner, third.
m Pomker' took first in the
MN division.
little Barbara. Owens took the
W prize. Bill Boutelle c lawn
NI tnd Mrs. Arthur Nicoson bat
Muted ear. ,
Dozen New Books;
on Library Shelves
The following new books have
been donated to the local library
Wt]! by the Women's club:
'chkford Point.” John Marquand:
"the Tree of Liberty," Elizabeth
flee; “The Patriot," Pearl Buck;
Alan." R. E. Byard; “Growth of
I“It." DeLaßoche; “Our promised
“.31” R. Neuberger; “Thrice a
“finger." Vera Brittan; “The Day
"“1 Come." Elizabeth Blrlam. The
Newark Club has donated “the
“Wine books to the library: “The
Grapes oi Wrath," John Steinbeck;
'How to Think Straight,” Robert
Thomas. The author has presented
.'The Old Shel-lit," Larayette Han-
A! PM: Wuhmzum sun.- rmn- Commission mwmm um mun-rm
thOllgh not generally recognized as one of Washington’s Products.
finality cement Is manufactured in several parts of the state. Her. 1'
"‘3 Olympic Portland Cement Co. plant at Bellingham, which produce.
900.000 barrels of cement annually, employs about 125 men. “3 prin
cipal market is Alaska and western Washington. the product belns
mil: 111 l tYpes of construction. including dams, Mid!“ and road
g. .
@ll2 leanitk Glnuripr- ifiwnrtvr
Firecracker God. In
Ernie lambreoht, who lives in the
Corral community. was the victim
of an accident late Thursday eve
ning at his home when I. lute
lighted firecracker which he had
thrown on the ground near an ir
rigation ditch. exploded throwing
particles of dirt and pebbles into
his face, with such force that they
penetrated, the eye ball. Nolan
Chapman who was with him at the
time of the accident. rushed him to
Dr. Milihome at Prosser. Upon ex
amination it was found umbreeht
had lost the sight 01* one eye. Upon
the doctor’s advice he was taken
that night to an eye specialist in
Spokane by his brother, on. who
resides at Granddew. Word from
Spokane states the sight in the
other eye was not injured.
Delegate to Townsend
Convention Returns
EAST MGR—F. 8. 1(0-
Clnre returned Tuesday 'mommg
from attending the Townsend eon
'vention held at Indianapolis. In
Mr. and Mrs. E. Berg and Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Davis spent from
Sunday til Tuesday fishing on the
coast. Their daughters, mane:
Yvonne Davis and Norma Berg,
were house guests or Miss Theo
Lampson while their parents m
Mrs. W. B. Elliott, Mr. and Mrs.
W. F. Schuster, daughter Betty and
Miss Joyce Elliott, are spending the
week with 'relatives here.
Miss Jeanne Boutelle spent the
holiday with home folk.
Mrs. W. H. Witt returned home
after several days’ visit at Walla
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Rider and
small son spent the holiday at the
C. E. Lum home.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hillary
stopped off Sunday on their, way
to their ‘ame at Portland. Oregon
and visited at the Mrs. Lee 11mp
son home. They had been Visiting
in the East mg were mm home
a new M car. 1
Mr. ind Mrs. Arthur Muster
visited his parents over the holiday
July 4th Celebrated con '
’ Banks of Columbia
Mrs. Remunggr’, Agent
WHITE ‘BLU’EFB—fieyeral hun
dred people tool: advantage of the.
invitation broadcast by the White
_Bluflfs grange. and joined in the
community picnic held in the new
park at. the ferry landing on July 4.
All sorts of sports and games took:
up the time after dinner. the most
exciting (barring the “plump”
ladies’ race) being an exhibition of
surfboard riding by Glenn Grisham.
James Kelly and our own Tommy
Last. We could not learn Just how
experienced Glen and Jimmie were,
but it was Tommie’s first attempt,
and the only time” he was dunked
was when a cross wave took him and
the surfboard under. but he came
up standing as he went down. A
large and happy crowd attended the
dance in the evening at the grange
hall. ' '
Nowadays, we see many cartoons
depicting the varied ‘articles to. be
obtained at a Drug Store. ' Mr. Eng
lish, our local druggist. is going
them one better by taking over- the
agency for Frigidaire. ,
Mrs. O. E. Westling was taken to
Kennewick Wednesday to consult a.
physician, who ordered her to bed
for two weeks.
Mrs. Jewell Houser and daughter,
Lois. have returned from a. vaca
tion spent at Seaside, Oregon.
George Foster, who was operated
on last week at the Pasco hospital.
is getting along nicely.
New Improvements
Listed for the 1940
Fourth Celebration
Fireworks, Rides, Happy
Canyon and Band Listed
as Additions
Q: ex}. year's celebration is really
.. __toP‘eaomemng, aoootdincto
repofig’made this noon at,the cham-
her‘of commerce luncheon. Already
seva noticeable improvement: are
in gamma for next year's shew.
with three civic organizetions back
ins them . _ ' .
'flfhe 9W], or come , ence in go
ing ito's'upport a locd’band,’ music
'being one of the items this W 8
show was short an, apparently. av
erelof the older banupiayers have
volunteered to revive the old town
band and. manure to have the or
ganise-tion in shape tor next year’s
a For entertainment in the evenings
several projects are in preparation
for next year’s show. The Kiwanis
club has tentatively agreed to ar
range and operate a Happy Canyon
or some sucfirnt' for all three
nights next . In addition. a
definite promise of a substantial dis
play of fireworks has been made by
the Shell Oil people. through the
local distributor. ~ the Kennewick
Auto 00. This has long been a fea
ture which the celebration commit
tee has wanted to have. but the cost
has been prohibitive.
A revival of the old booster or
ganization called the Coyote Club
is being talked of with enthusiasm.
A feminine auxiliary has also been
promised if the group gets under
way. It is planned to have it made
up of local boosters who will have
charge of the outside advertising
—the Kangaroo Kourt and such
features of the entertainment.
The fire department is also nego
tiating for the purchase of a merry
go-round which has been in storage
for a couple of years. With repaint
ing and repair work the apparatus
should prove a valuable addition to
the entertainment feature of the
Thae features, with a more varied
program in the arena should make
next year’s mtertainmeut the best
one this dish-lee has everattempted.
The Weather
An "Oddity in the News" can be
noted in this week's weather re
port for this district. On July third
—-both this year and imthe max
imum and minimum peratures
were exactly the same. But the
weatherman served up too much of
a variety to suit most of us, starting
with 102 last Thursday and then
dropping to eighty a couple of days
—-especially on the third. And while
it seemed like a cloudburst to those
who were in charge of the pioneer
parade, the official figure for the
precipitation for the entire week was
.11 ofaninch. Thereoords wereas
1938 1939
June 29-97-64 lin-65
June 30—88-65 8940
July I—Bl-m - 91-58
July 2—79-53 90.54
July 3—Bo-57- 80-57
July 4—82-57 .. .. 85-66
July H 44 80-58
The Oldtimer
Movie Star Here
“Step’n Betchlt.” the lazy-bones.
good-for-nothiqg, colored comedian
day. He stopped here on his way
from Yakima. to. Walla. Walla, were
he is making pageant! appearances.
to do a little long distance telephon
ing. Laziness syn-l, must pay. for
the movie actor hed e his ear with
a chauffer and everything.
Amateur Smoker
Brings Out Talent
. Fight fans got their -.'.xnoney's
worth out of the www
ed during the celebration. tive
fairly good bouts beingput a: each
of the two evenings. .m-cnrtnin
raiser on the night at tip mun.-
staged by a couple of saw-old
identical twins brought down the
house as well as a shower of coins
for their game exhibition;
The main event an Maids! night
betweenk' Ted Robinson and Bob
Boies was an interestingevent. with
the letter getting them. This
ceptionaliy good lett which caused
his opponent all ports 0! inconven
While there were no knockouts in
any of the events. they were fast
and interesting right up to the last
half of the third round in the main
go between Jimmie O’Neill, a local
scrapper and an Indian opponent.
The local lad was repeatedly warn
ed about baclr of the head blows
which he failed to heed.
Two Girls’ Teams
There are two teams now in the
soft hall league. One is called the
Flying A Flappers and is sponsor
ed by the Glard Bros. Ibr. Co. The
girls playing are Dorothy Mills. Lola
Giard, Alice Pasche. Winnlfred
Hawn, Ellamae Liebel. Arlene Aman.
Lela Lou Wade, Margaret Smith.
Freda Pasche, Caroline Kauth and
Irene Olson. They played in Pasco
last Wednesday night.
The schedule of the summer play
ground has been changed. It is be
ing held from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.
andtromZtoipm. Theaverage
attendance for the morning classes
afternoon. This week the boys are
making articles out of willows and
the girls are soap carving. For oth
er interests we have croquet. Chin
ese Checkers. horse shoe. coloring.
checkers._reading and soft hall.
Mrs. Rimell Lawson and son of
Spokane.) Mrs. John Floyd from
Lind. Mr. and Mrs. John Md
and three. children. Robert. Roberta
and Ellice from Enterprise. Mr. and
Mrs. Mann from the gas wells. Mr.
and Mrs. L. L. Krataer and son.
8111, Mrs. M. S. Kinnld. Mrs.
Glenna Nelson and daughter. Shir
ley Ann. were dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. George Bradshaw Sun
day and aga‘m Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. George 8. 1110 mm
of Benton City were Kennewick bus
iness visitors today. They were out
to the church vineyards as they are
lntemted in this atop as well as
stocktaismg which they speclauae
in. They have sold their grapes to
the Church plant for the put I"-
eraL years.
First Settler Rides
Horse in Local
Pioneer Parade
Weather Puts Crimp in
Entriw and Attendance
—Pictures Increase
onthenumber 01mm
evennnuy gnaw-mumm
Notumotormlnthenne. All
m mm o! old-W. A m
style Mon-tam mus. __ >
themdncethttm manta:
homesteadedinthllm A
sunlsinsly large number of mu
Dr. Spaulding. himself e pioneer
here. was of the opinion that the
"Native Son" section of the parade
mately. of at lent a thong-minors
who should have been in the line.
However. this {entire show: promise
of considenbie. development and
might. be worked into a. (loaded
Allin 311. the parade. and the
as. andespeciai credit inane to
alieaminchuge. Everyonere
thet. where the old time mean-es
Ice exhibited. This tenure is
alsogrowinsinintereet endmmy
new pictures were on display this
At the home of her brother, MO!!!
81319:. Pauline McConnell this eve
ning became the bride of Wernen
P. Sundine. Rev. Holden performed
the ceremony 1n the presence of a
few friends and xelatives.
Don meley.bmtherot thebride
ed as maid of honor. Joyce nul
key played the wedding march and
tionmheld torthonewlywedsat
The bride is a (Richter of Mr.
andnrs. l". A. m. whospent
her childhood in this community.
m as is her husband. who
“mama-y there. They
Gives Report
A report of his trip to the x:-
given Wednesday man by J. K.
district. .
Hugh comma. who resigned as
Wt because ofhbchmeor
m. Mm the gave! to
m m vice mutant. In
mmnuumwant'amw Mr.
Experiment Station
Expects Big Crowd
mate for the 10th Annual
mumyumenrmuon Branch
W Station. near PM.
has bonnet tor Thur-an. July 37.
mum: to-o. meant announce
ment by n. P. Shalom. amoun
last you": uttcndmoe was well
Department of mm am
walnut“. ‘
Act-tannin! mm. United
“coma. men-outcom
Cousins Meet for First
Time in 46 Years
mm. mummwumdur
mm with one exception
Wthehomepieoe duringthe
dermen. with a friend. Steve Kron
ovich. otßhefiMWnc.were
Shel-men Whiting end animator.
Jeanne, Partisan; Mr. and fire.
and son Dickie. were down from
The mm were loud in their
Joyedthepnndabothdul. m
lytmpreued without-tine cumue
ll! of Moscow. Idaho visited over
the holiday: with Ohv Otheim and
his mm, Mill Ina Otheim. he
Bom- very nutty enioyod the u
ndo: end lodeo exhibitions and were
favorably Implanted with the coun
try. Mr. Borg is on old friend of
the Otheims. hem been mounted
in o undue“ my with Othetm's
brothers in North Dakota. He now
opentes a. Western Auto Supply
store in km.
nit-.and m.m mulch were
unwound”. Heath-“hund-
mmwmmmdimmwm ,
mmmmmnm m mmnumdhot
mammals-mm __ }
Big Crowd Sees
' Good Show in
Rodeo Arena
Frank Wood Champ Cow
boy; Day Sees N o
While the eelebretion thie yeer
ettrected the lergeet crowd eve:
eeen in Kennewick. the totel et
tendenoe et the erene wee elightly
below the peek reeched leet you.
The two cold. rew deye. Bundey end
Mondey. cut down on the ettend
enee on thoee deye. end while 'ruee
dey eew the etende elmoet com
pletely tilled. there were not edmie
eione enough to leech the peek of
leet yeer in totel.
Hundreds of people theonged the
perk. the etneete end privete homee
during the dey .end ell in ell it wee
the beet oelaretion ever eteaed
here. Theme were no ceeueltiee
other then minor injuriee et the
erene end e young led getting hit
ineteed of am with e wild pitch
with e rolling pin.
Amer the tiret two deye of peeoe
end quiet the etende ceme to llte
‘meedey end dtd e ruehing milieu.
All the m did well end the
genee end reoee ettrected e lot of
m m ant-doc the championship
of the Inland Empire at but 3!!-
wound cowboy. receiving the high
est number of points during the
three-any content. Gene Pruett of
thime and Buck ‘l‘ittin of mm
went into the find: in the brono
rim tied for pain". Imm drew
Ohsiiencer in the tineie end earned
more points then Pruett with his
ride on White Penna.
C. C. Ooe of Hooper took third
plsoe with his ride in the finals on
Tollcste. Verde Loreen drew
Freckles in the fine/ls. Lyle Simme
link. out of the money beeeuee he
111 dumped. “tempted to ride Con
clusion. as he was the only horse
M in the finels. The horse mun-
W his loan! unbroken record
and Lyle. after e beeutiful begin
ning. didn't msnsce to stsy the ten
seconds. Fens cot e thrill out o!
the performunee. however. end the
local rider cot e his hand. .
"For the tinsl der money. the
Judas split the tund four M
Pmtt. Ooe end Serb end Pet Owens
getting first money. followed by n.-
‘lfials Bersevin 0! Well: Welleend
m ,WOod. luck lunell. fin
son end Joe autumn finish ‘.in
thet order in the an bulldouins.
honors with e motion of s seemed
better time then m. Inton
sky (hushed third in this event.
“the eel! roping contest am
last Hon-:1; Heeven eslves develop
med en linea- slmoet “we
thet or the mounted “m. in may
my. They -soon burn the was ss
it were. The longhorn. on.“
imported for the rodeo events. W
ed speedy on the soft field tee. and
the horses hed‘i’fii'r’d’ ”WW
their riders close enouch to techie
The wild cow milking race mint
mm. and o. few minor in-
Jurics to the putticlpuntl, m' I)!
the contestants mode“ M work
of it. uneasily the W anti-tin
high heeled shoes hack to the m
The exhibition was good throat:-
out the three dcys under the mun
ucment 0! "Rock" Richmond. and
the finch were real exciting mu.
the best horse: end riders hem
been notched for thin future.
nu. button ileum-my or Tom.
Oman valued over the week-end u
the home of w. end In. A. I.
W. She left this week for an
outing to Ahab. m In.”-
ckley as her guest.
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