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Elbe Krmwmirk Gnurivr- ifiwnrtvr
50L xxv
I NEW sl
'fi IPA Strlke Blow: Up
‘.‘ you City—Threat o! a. tie
,fl‘ M workers on WPA pro
” W of the new Federal
mutton- eelling for 130 hours of
M per month ended when thous
lid! of workers flocked to their
pg nther than take a chance of
mind at the end of 5 days ab
pee. In conjunction with the
non-Md strike of relief workers.
g it! announced by expert invest
. ’00:: that the $45,000,000 North
Nigel: Airport, built by WPA labor,
W metapayers $20,000,000 more
in it would have cost if erected by
W builders.
We: finally Aon_’l‘rhl
sin Francisco. Cal—Despite all
iron: or the who: Department to
in: his deportation. Harry Bridges
£40390 Pacific Coast 010 agitator——
fine water-front‘strlkes have cost
W ship operators millions of
’mrs. went on trial this week in
mm challenging his right
it remain in this country. New
m: Jm M. Landls, dean of
Md law School, and formerly
m Commissioner, is presiding at
w from which the public is
‘ .. N“! Plans Rushed
‘ Julilncton. D. C.—Keels will be
1 fl during the next week for four
I". wet-ships under the Navy De
. <_§ghent’s 31.300.000.000 building
‘ m. Actually on the ways or in
1 h final stages of construction'are
, 3 men, and by the end or the
1, firthiswillbelncreased toninety.
1' Moment is daily expected
w the White House of the sue
“to the late-Claude A, Swan
.u.B¢cretary.of the Navy, yho whs
thud with National honors in his
um Virginia. Prominentiy men
"tlned for the Cabinet post are:
Chas. Mimhssistant Secretary of
the Navy. son of the great inventor.
and Paul V. McNutt, retiring High
‘Gunmiuloner to the Philippines,
.180 haunt announced his candi
hey {orthe 1940 Presidential nom.
Motion-on the Democratic ticket.
unassu- Wsnts Tues
k In 'Angelee, California —-‘Latest
11 a eontently growing list of Holly
mod stars charged with “overlook
lu'ftheir tax responsibilities to the
Ideal government are Marlene
Dietrich and her husband, Rudolph
ouch against whom a Joint lien
.ofmwo has been filed by the 10-
a! Income Tax collector. Asmcuri
}! mum the claims. New York
tuthorlties are holding a big box
0‘ Jewelry which the actress had to
lave behind her when she recently
filled for Europe.
Ban'Prancisco, Cal—ln a speech
him the Junior Bar conference.
"adding the annual convention of
the America Bar Association. Rob
xert E. Jackson Solocltor General of
the U. 8., sent a chill through his
'tudienoe by suggesting that unless
'hyers rediced their present scale
~11 fees the government may have to
intervene to insure citizens proper
law services within their means.
. Nickel Mystery Unsolved \
' Washington. D. C.—Have you seen
tJetferson nickel? Although 66.469,-
.' SI? of time elusive coins have been
“into circulation since last aut
mfin, hundreds of communities, hun-
N of thouands of citizens have
”'43 seen one. The treasury de
' flint they are being withdrawn
f of faulty design; in fact.
i as to mint them. yet I: ey
ghWeu-ed as fast as they reached
- fit him.
A'W's Enhy —Grea.t Esme
‘ New York City _- A 100-rOOm
Web chateau, with 440 acres and
' White golf course, Long Island
I"wince of the late Otto H. Kahn.
Mtlonal banker, have been ac-
W by the New York City'De
”hem of Sanitation as a, recrea
“Mal spot for department mnplqyes
“‘1 their families. Over the week
” 15.000 of the new owners in
‘Nfled their new "country home"
o'l its official opening.
“fightifi, Stop Air Service
Tulsa, okla.-—Three sisters who
“In 8 tea room adjoining the local
“Wort have halted all night mail
"id passenger service via American
A“fines by erecting two radio masts
‘1 their Property which the Civil
mantles Authority has described
““Y'h'ave hazard to operation.”
“‘9 sisters claim that roaring
”31195 drive away their customers
"“1 demand $2.500 for their prop
any including the masts.
Prosser Station
Celebrates 20th
Annual Field Day
The 19th Annual Field Day at the
Irrigation Branch Experiment sta
tion, near Prosser. on Thursday.
July 27th marks twenty years of
progress in the experimental pro
gram of that station, according to
H. P. Singleton, superintendent.
Twenty years ago, after the funds
for the establishment of an Inwa
tion Experiment station were an
thorized, the first gathering of far
mers, business and professional men.
at the station, took place. At that
time the entire station was in sage
brush and on a chosen day all turn
ed out to grub and burn agebrush
and otherwise assist in clearing the
land so that the experimental pro
gram could go ahead as rapidly as
possible. ‘
Now twenty years lam visitors
will have the opportunity 'of spend
ing the entire day at the station, in
seeing and discussing the val-lam
projects relative to the many prob
liems of irrigation agriculture that
are under investigation.
U. S. Department Help.
The program of the station has
not been carried by state funds
alone. The United States Depart
ment of Agriculture through sever
al agenciw that are cooperating with
the Irrigation Branch Experiment
station has made it possible to great
ly broaden the field of service for
the station.
A number of the projects that can
be seen on field day or will be dis
cussed are: forage crops, grain
crops, soils and fertilizers, varieties
of trees and small fruits, verieties of
and fertilizers for truck crops, crop
rotations, salinity of soils‘ and irri
gation water, soil and water, conser
vation, wireworm control Sundial.
canning and freezing of fruits and
vegetables, alfalfa diseases, corn
earworm and tomato fruit worm
control experiments and weed con
trol studies. Field trips will start
at 9:30 and will continue Eggh
out the day. L... '- '
-_. .. ._.. _ a
mm mm”
tié’n grounds can be minad to Me
advantage for ' picnic. lunches It
noon, thus \making it possible for
all to spend the entire day at the
station. V _ . ; .. -
' Bakery to Move
Belair’s retail bakery will occupy
the room next to the priming office
about the first of the month. Alter
ation are now being made; New
fixtures and lighting arrangements
will be installed and the store will
be up to date in every respect.
The room in the theatre building
now acoupied by the bakery will
be used by the theatre; according to
Manager Don Visger, who; however,
states that" he is not at liberty to
state just-what kind 01-11 business
will be operated there. Mr. Visger
hints that an announcement con
cerning the theatre will be made
Grass Fire Burns
30,000 A. Range
Mrs. Haulinger. Agent
WHITE BLUF'FS - A grass fire
across the Columbia River from
White Bluffs, which started Tues
day noon and at this writing (Wed
nesday noon) is still going strong,
has burned off over thirty thousand
acres of the- Berg Sheep company's
range and is traveling toward the.
A. D. Olson range. It. is thought
to have been started by some mo
torists who went through that dis
trict about a half hour before the
fire was noticed. Oecil Borden, Matt
Wiehl, Henry Young and I". H.
Wotton. the latter being caretaker
for the Berg Sheep Co. camp. work
ed several hours, and were finally
reinforced .by the arrival of Jay‘
O'Keefe and a helper, who came up
from Pasco to try and save the pow~~
er line to Tau-ton. Fast work with
a spring-tooth harrow hitched to
the back of a truck, kept the fire
from spreading to the camp itself
and the power lines, but some old
shacks in the path _of the flames
and many of the Reclamation survey
stakes were destroyed.
The average motorist who is not
acquainted with the possibilities of
this range land, would see no harm
in throwing out a match or lighted
cigarette, but in this case. it has
cost range owners several thousand
dollars, and anyone who would
carelessly or intentionally start such
a conflagration. should be punished
to the full extent of the law.
While the attention of most of
the townpeople was turned on the
fire across the river. the old house
belonging to the farm of the late
Hagebert Eilerton, now the proper-1
ty of M. F. O'Brien. was destroyed
by fire of undetermined origin.
Mr. and Mrs. Grand Duncan have
recently moved into the Hume house
on Second avenue. .
Sunnyside Area‘
Harvests 2726
Tons of Grass
Sunnyside and. vicinity harvested
2726 tons of asparagus this season.
which was over half otnll the grass
sold mm the valley. This distrlet
sent'nl tom to cannerlee, 955 tons
to freezing establishments and mo
ltons to the fresh vegetable markets.
“slit-unmet and mum db
jtriots sent @tohg tomerles, 819
tons to (reeling plants'uid’soo tons
tn the fresh vegetable’markets.
According to figures "released by
the ,hehdtersfruesday. the entire
Valley. ...raised about five thoust'nd
topsyhleh brought'a’n aggregate of
$367,120; ’ The tonnage newt year-will
prohably be considerable larger as
there _is‘ quite an acreage not -yet
in full hearing. The deuiand for
protesting and freezing is upected
to grow eonsiderably as ‘this is the
firityea‘r that freezing has been at
tempted On'a large scale. The local
product has demonstrated its super
iority over the California grass and
handlers say that there will be little
of the southern article used by pro
cessors .or freezers. -.- Sunnyaide
Bride-To-Be Honored
at Shower Wednesday
Mrs, Loyd Adams of Prosser and
Mrs. William Worthy of Pasco en
tertained twelve guests at the home
of their mother at 604 Everett St. in
honor of their sister. Miss Willetta
Weagant, who is to become the bride
of Ralph Eaton of Chehalis on July
The table was beautifully decorat
ed with an arch of flowers under
which a miniature bride and groom
stood. The honored guest received
many beautiful and useful gifts in
cluding 'a quilt. 'Rippling‘ Water}?
which was named. designed and
pieced by' her mother. Three tables
of Chinese checkers were in play
with Mrs. E. A. Silliman receiving
high and Mrs. W. B. Worthy low
score. Following the serving of the
dainty' refreshnient's an amusing
telegram was written to Miss Wee
gant. ‘
The mile-to-bejeft Thursday Tor
Chehalis, where she will make h'ér
home attef’a short honeymoon trip.
to Victoria, 8. C.
Kennewick Lodges to
Be Guests of Pasco
'Members and families of thel
Kennewick Masonic and Eastern:
Star lodges are invited to the an
nual picnic given by the —Pasco Ma
sonic and Eastern Star lodges at?
Volunteer park July 18th. at 8 p.m.
Each family is asked to bringl
their own table service. dish to pass
and sandwiches. Drink and des
sert will be furnished. 1
Equalization Board Meets
The Benton County Commission
ers will meet as a board of equali
zation at the court house at Prosser
on July 19. This is the last date to
meet this year. Those having any
claims are asked to meet with the
board at this time.
Julius Jac'ot is 'a businw visitor
in Spokane today.
Day Dreams
Betlnnlng wlth this tune all
“(tel-Leblanc: nndetty publicl
tionswnl be printed hi The Conr
ieg-Beporter, the loenl penet- hav
lnx been awarded the eennty eon
tnet recently. m owners
end other: Intended In the elf!-
cinl proceedings 0! the county win
he tnrnhhed mole of la- eun
plete lntetnntlen‘heneel'erth (nu
this wee.
Tax Rollsfihow ,
‘ Increase M 1939
Assumed valuetions of mi and
personal property in Beam cumu—
jumped 810.390 this year over the,
figures for 1988. Ben Km. county
assessor. said Thursday. The In
total is $4,878,420. be all. ' . .
The bulk of moment pins ml
accumulated in Bone m1!!!-
gation district lands whieitm sold
last year. md added to the ml
Knox said. - _
Comparative mo and 19” u
sessed city valuations with 1939 to
tals listed first are: M‘ “15.-
680 and $637,770, Km m
-880 .and $740,120, W m
and $47,210. .' -
Increases were mottled. in road
district valuations. With. 19’ to
tals listed first the totals m for
district No. 1. 8947.300 and “1.090.
No; 2. $1,178,485 and SIM, No.
3. $1,121,815 and 81.093390;
Visitor Praises
.Keewaydin Park
W. H. Campbell. who is vhiting
relatives here. states that he does
not believe the Kennewick eitiaens
realize what an unusually tine city
park we have. Mr. Campbell is from
David City. Nebraska and helped
lay plans and arrange the park in
that city as well as helping with
many others. He states that he
has-also seen many pat-u inlarueif
cities, but he has never seen any
part arranged as well as the loeal
one. ; a ._
fir. Oampbell can that the ar
rangement ol' the picnic 01w
makes it very useful and convenient
and that the tre. being planted
along the southwest sun It!“
theneeded shade and with the oth-I
ex trees there is plenty of shade to
(be found throughout the entire day.
He says that the combination of
equipment and playground in an
oblong shape makes it we of the
most usemlofanyparkhehasseen
The Kiwanis club is making ar
rangements to complete the en
trmice of the newly christened
“_P’eewaydin" park within two weeks.
Eanford-WB. Minister
Attends Annual Meet
The Synod of Washington of the
Presbyterian church is having its
annual meeting in the First Presby
terian church of Bellingham this
week. The meeting began on Tues
day evening and closes Friday aft
ernoon. The Rev. R. M. Broad
books. pastor of the Hartford and
White Bluffs Presbyterian churches,
Prank Larson-rl3 resuming work
with the state welfare department
here after completing his year's work
at the University of Washington.
Engineers Draw
Plan for Dam
‘ atUmatilla
drawing preliminary pm forthe
umbh Hmmmdytomte
in'every 'lwath or
Hutu-ated 1n pacer-Vin: tho ms.
nonsnerbofl 0. Wed. m
Eastern Trip Halted
By Dr. Stone’s Illness
companied by Miss Mary Womeck.
whostnrted out an; motor trip to
the East a. few weeks ago. had to
discontinue their trip at Billings.
Montuna. Dr. Stone become ser
iouslyjli I few miles from Billings
and remained a patient in the hos
pital them. for fifteen days. Dr.
Stone was hble to return home by
train Sunday morning and the int
est report is that he. is still can
fined to his home, but is improving
rapidly. Mrs. Stone. daughter
Nancy and was Womnck returned
home last week-end by our.
Fair Visitors Should
Register. at Pavilion
If you're going to the San Pun
cisoo or New_York World's mt. don't
fall to register at the Wuhlnctm
awe Pm Commission who
Among those who mm nt the
San Mneisco exhibit and at the
Evergreen Stews mauve-mot
display during the period of June
26-July. 1 were:
Anita M. fisher. Mr. and Mn. 0.
A. fisher. L. V. Masher. Alma. Lent.
J. H. Blended.
Water Turn-Out
A twenty-tour hour turncout will
take pace Tuesday. July 18. accord
ing to a statement nude tacky by
Rank Mzson. manager of the Col
umbia Irrigation District. This
turnout is {or the purpose of clar
Mr. and Mrs. E. 8. Black. locum
panied by Mrs. H. 8. Whitbeck and
Mrs. Eche! Van Syckle of Prosser.
returned Sunday from San finn
cieco after a very pleasant visit to
the San may» expodtjon. no.
mack and Mrs. Van Bycklo Ibo
attended the Notion-J Education
Association convention held there.
The but! made the trio, In nine
days. . . n
Secret Marriage Is
Disclosed Recently
Nelson Manning the many.
In the m cm
Improve 1940
Crop Insurance
Plan for Wheat
wmumumpmu and Im
w.Bkme.oountye¢ent. mm
cmp humane program has just
been announced by the m
MA m. will mike It outer
for growers to insure their crop.
Spring wheat pmduoen were :ble
befo'utheclodngdlte {cranking
‘out insurance next you. but u!
gmwmuoutopny m.
Hum withuhmoeaonAMpuy
tmentsnextyear. V
} Another improvement in the amp
insurance pm is the extension
Foi' the period on which yield end
*ioesdeteu'ebued. Detehunthe
‘cmp years mu. m and use will
WWW”. Thieve
mum!” .
‘ 'mepmoedureforhendiingiuur
entionntthetimethe application
isfiled. “maintenance:-
aimed hint-wed m meth
aflon. mwm in
risks involved. a. special pnctioe
mm ' ‘
Except for the. immentu
inmunoephn. ,_ ;
Big Y to Freeze
Beans, Peaches
BEN'ION 0117—0. 8. atm
ghsnotYuunn. field mt:-
tiVe alumna-mamm-
Duration of Seattle. took deuvery
their rm punt in Bnohomhh.
mummy plan to
‘or tour W women from
comet-nix the m m.
holding their decision until e fim'
and quality of the lime bum
posits to Seattle for inmhtion tests
Poggie Club Entertains
Thnee W from Bonne-
mum! nut-West Ming puny
tie. mmwmum
the mutated acumen for tho h
my wilt m by am: at an.
nude. ‘
Zone Ordinance
Halts Alteration
Work at Grange
Alteration work on the 0m
city ameni- bounce of Man to
”cure I permit. menu-coi the nu
merous man which the cation
Wham of m
woe underwriters. A m an
To keep oontrolof mound
my new common would In par
mlmd. Flam Mammalian.
er the bulldlnc would contorm to tho
theplun putonmo. A m
zoning regulations. flu cum (in!
Puttexplunedtothoclub m
protection or property min» fire.
thut certain precumom had to he
mam. appointed out
dust the at: m m m
_reslgenou mm becoming top“
" U- nwed the lemok :nd Wither:
than as examples. There was a
would an. to reduce the luau
mute-mum outside flu
A speck! meeting of the cup.
coincutdnw um to mat than
vault tor the lmmvement. subs
10¢: to the ”pl-on) or the state In»
men baud. ' .
Luckys Return From
- Trip to California
new. and Ma. Luck, and femur
motored to autumn in June. or
rinnc at Sen Joe on the 16th. Rev.
bitty then wooded by train to
no: Angela. when he “tended the.
convention «I the Pacific mu.
ofthelynod-onJune WthtolOth.‘
fie mm the convention on the
subject of he Mn; function
of the Church.” Be nice method
for the convention ot the Interne
tionel Young Peoples hither been
also in Loo Ancelee. from June 31
to as. He m «thet the“.
union of this convention m ner
ticulnrly inspiring with the mud
thorns o! moo voices aiming to on
audience of 10.000 in the Hollywood
Bowl under the direction of Dr. 1!.
Menus Ohrletieneen. After n m
vocation at the ooeen and e that
visit at the Mr in Ben mnoieco
the Lucky: returned to Kennewiek.
arriving home on the evening}!
July 0. _
Sales Manager Gets
c. a. Hodu.’ mm mm
Schmuck ‘ Auto 00.. is mthjor
mmnhcoheoutim ouc
tric clock which was oval-d him
Ilium o! outstanding also por-
Munoz” tor the month at lay.
the company's history. Mr. Roda.
Kennewick and Pasco solos tones.
myhuoetoquou 0130 new cor.
Take Eleven Days
to Cross Continent
Mr. nnd In. J. A. www.md
Taught". tamer residents 0! Ken
rewlck. return“ yesterday after c
nine-you- stu In Bultlmore. Mn.
Winemlllcr la a ulented mm ma
plenum hung In tho mtlonnl ex
blz. The mum-s elm out.
using tumuch twelve states 'lth
heir trailer home. It new I!
Joyed my a: or the the. Mn.
:ble to no rm put. the
'3‘th am. an! Ind had: In North
’ a‘mu and my other mm
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