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ion xxv
f “gunman. D. C.—Smarting from
dead" congressional defeats on
L; m major pieces of White House
S wt" legislation, the Neutrality
:..—“t and the Hatch Bill (taking re
,- lief out of politics) all New Deal
‘ W are centered this week on
" ”nuns what is left of the highly
‘ ’mmverslal “Lend-Spend" Bill. Or
{W proposed as a self-liquidat
”scheme to disburse more than
4 m billion and a half dollars on a
_‘m variety of projects, Congress
, 'mgkeldy whittled it down to $2,-
: MM and has practically drop
,“ the subterfuge that it will be
“self-liquidating" Its progress has
mmspeeded in Congress by the
mission on the part of Jesse,
.m Reconstruction Finance Cor
”man chairman, that the gov
'.ment laces enormous losses on
" the unions 'of dollars of “loans"
hubby the RFC. Asked 11 losses
~ light be 20 percent, Mr. Jones said,
-'m ashamed to utimate the
gun." Both Houses are trying, by
Wins action on the Wages
aim Bill and other labor leg
mto adjourn by the first week
’ august; ‘
‘T Imam l’nlnler Undertake
' . Imam. England—Mysterious ru
:’: m regarding a huge “peace loan”
1 to Gemany,.launched without ap
ér mt authority by the Secretary
E ' 0! arm Trade. precipitated an
.‘~ ' m series of Parliamentary at
’ ' . w on the Chamberlain Ministry,
gj. '~ rumpled with the handling of Brit
f‘? '3”! mm in the Far East. Mr.
if Chamberlain disavowed any under
‘ L‘mwiflihpantogivehera
" an mu in dealing mm mm
_ Wm prejudicial to Britain’s in—
- ‘ - "“5”“ t »_z
.- t: “Park, N. Y.-tht was ex
, 71mm be only a week-end dis
‘ 31m over the third-term pros
erm between the President and
4 ‘ Master General Farley, general
,l , Hoop! the Democratic forces, ex
-9 Wave: into this week. It is _be
! glued that Mr. Farley’s resolute op:
. ,jémontoatmrdterm may prompt
if”; ..er announcement from. the
m Emanouse within the next iew
.~ lab. .It is known that many Diem-i
.. acetic leaders, including Vice Pres
ihnt Gamer, are strongly opposed
Shathird term. A poll takenflin
I lulu, carried by Mr. Roosevelt
x the lust two elections, shows senti
: IMlt'Gs percent against a third
Inn, with Thomas E. Dewey, New
York City's aggressive District At
m! ter in the lead for the Re
amu nomination for President.
World’s Fair Beam Rates
' New York City~—To stimulate lag
”In: mid-summer crowds, the
World's Fair announces a apeclgl
33.75 ticket, covering $7.00 worth of
‘Wm and concession entrance
100‘. The first week-end of re
mlmms practically doubled the
"trace attendance.
The 8m Week
l'bfldwlng the shelving of the Neu
__hllty Act by Congress the Stock
“thet staged a. boom which car-‘
» Had shares, in a large volume or
Imm. to the highest levels since
.3“ April . . . Steel production ad
'lnoedepointsln the week, to a.
whim of 565 percent of capac
_V t 3! . .. . Industrial lndices allowed
3* “‘5 sharpest weekly upswing, in
- he: Mrs, recovering all of the
-, ll"flmofclarly July . . . In astudy
; “ “Shaman costs, the Twentieth
, -- Fund points out that the
‘:‘ 5.1: 01 the “returned goods” priv
’ fhhcustomers costsU. S. de
ment stores the equivalent of
“'9 “Y’s sales out of every eight.
‘ New Wag Problem
New York City—The z-cents-per
“3B9 tax imposed by New York
:a‘“ 0n all cigarettes (it's 3 cents
*in Nev York City) produced 32243.6
ammmue in the first 25 days of
1" operation, but it also produced
ht lines of roadside peddlers over
the river in New Jersey offering
emom; as low as $1.15 as against
“55 In New York. Local retailers
”9°“ 8 drop in sales of nearly 25
C. " .
mail?!“ quf‘ms ”'B' D“?
Washington. D. C.— In prepara
um 101' nex: year's national census.
.3 trial Will be made in two Indian
.mthfi beginning next month. The
.n“! blanks carry 28 questions and
' 9° Into details never before sought
in 3 U. S. census. especially in mat.-
‘221'3 affmtinz employment and 50-
‘~"“ problems.
@ll2 lemmirk Q‘LnufiFL Eppnrtvr
‘ ‘l'
Indians on War
Path Because the
Whites Rob Graves
Relic Hunters Open Mod
ern Graves in Search
for Artifacts
What is it about collecting Indian
artifacts that makes ghouls of peo
ple who are ordinarily fine and
kindly? A few nights ago, several
Indians came over to Priest Rani”
from Yakima, much excited after
hearing. that saneone was again
digging into their tribal graves and
stealing the few pitiful belongings
that the Indian burn: with his dead
in order that they may be more
comfortable in their upward jour
Several of them. accompanied by
Chief John Buck and Bam Joe, drove
and rode up to their cemetery and
found that many of the new graves
had been desecrated. On Monday.
some friends of the Priest Rapids
Indians traveled over the ground
and found that the Stories were all
too true. Many of the graves had
woman's grave, and evidently all
they found were her dishes and bed
ding. Whoever did the work didn’t
have the decency to put the things
back into the grave and cover them
up again, but left them scattered.
Several hundred years ago, the
Indiana supplied their dead with
hows, arrows and spea'rs, wrapped
gave them food for their onward
journey and covered them with dirt
and rocks, but those who have died
in the past thirty to fifty years,
have no such treasures. All they
have is their clothes, diam and
bedding. Surely the people who do
this cannot want these things. In'
one of the cemeteries, nearly all of
the graves are reported as having
been rifled. A few days ago, two
cz’iildren who had been wandering
oer thehiliscame homeandtold
their parents that they had found
an open grave up on the hill and
that fthere were bones and a skull
piledyound it,
no dig-st White ‘8 grave. White
Mandiguplndians.” .. .; .v .i
We" when that the party who
tries itagain will be very ill-adviled.
The Indians are thoroughly aroused
over the matter. and Justly so, and
from appearances, it looks as though
the ghouls might. ’run into trouble.
One Indian'claims'to know who, it
is, and where he .ljves. However,- It
is not just one man’s work. It would.
take two men to ”move some of, the
stones by which “the Indiana 611-.
~deavor to protect their dead. .- -.
Have Fine Trip
Mr. and. Mrs. Ray Boldt and the
sons returned Saturday from a-"4o
'weeks ..tripi to the Middlewestern'
states. They. went by way of Yellow
stone national park and visited :91-
ativs in ‘Wisconsin, North Dakota
and Missouri. Ray says that he had
a chance to see a league game in
Chicago when the Detroit Tigers
played the White 80:. This was his
first trip back in the past 22 years.
He also states that he drove 5400
miles and did not even have a flat
tire. .
P.-T. A. Mud-Up
The P.-'r. A. is sponsoring a
summer round-up with Mrs; M.
Hille as chairman of the committee
and parents are being contacted
now for the round-up of pie-sch”!
youngsters from 3 to 64 years of age.
An announcement will be made at a.
later date as tothe date of the ex-.
amination. . _ . - ,
,_ The Kiwanis club held, their Tues.
day.~ meeting in the evening at Sac
ajawea. park with a picnic lunch. A
soft ball game between the mom
was a feature of the entertainment.-
.4 Hart in Crash;- '
_Ca'i and Truck amide;
» Injuries Serious .
A car driven by Mrs. Anna Wh
derwood of Benton City crashed‘in
to a wheat hauling truck driven by
Burke Buchanan of Kennewick at
the Hess and McPheeters corner on
the Highlands Monday afternocm.
Mrs. Vanderwood was reported as
seriously injured with a brain con
cussion and back injuries. Her 16-
months-old son was cut quite badly,
but both are reported as recovering
satisfactorily in the Pasco hospital.
Dayle Davis, brother of Mrs. Van
derwood and Walter Vanderwood
both received injuries. the later
having several broken ribs.
Ed Crooks assisted by taking the
injured people to a doctor immed
iately following the accident. The
Vandorwood car was completely de
molished while the truck was only
slightly damaged.
Kennewick Couples
in Double Wedding
Officiating Pastor Class
mate of Groom
A double wedding ceremony was
witnessed by twenty members of
the immediate families WedneSday
evening in the Christian church at
Pasco. The Rev. Ernest A. Ohm-t
read the marriage. vows which unit
ed in marriage Miss Margaret Dun
lap. daugnter of Ir. anduu. ner-3
man Dunlap.-~and~Del-Borgcn, son
of Mr; and Ml 3. 0191 Bergen of this
city. The‘otherceremany was the
uniting in marriage of Miss Ger
aldine Cole. daughter of Mr. and
Mira. Floyd Gole in Clayton O’Neil,
son of‘Mrs. W. J. O’Neil. . '
Mrs; Bergen wbre a blue gebrgette
and‘silk ensemblewith white acces
porl'es and Mrs.” O'Neil wore a pink
zlace drm' with white awe-cones.
Both coublu are popular among
the younger set, both here and in
Pasco, Del Bergen, having graduat
ed-with the loom class of ’36 and Mr.
the Pasco high School, the same
class of which‘Re'v. Obert is a.
graduate. ~ ' ‘
Mr. and Mrs. Borgen will make
their home in Sunhyside. where he
is engaged in business. The O’Neils
will live at the home of his mother
for the pnesent time. .
Bakery to Move
to New Location
Retail Store to be Next to
Post Office
A. T. Belair, Kennewick’s baker.
will move his retail store from the
theatre building to the room next
door to the post office in the Hover
block Sunday. The room has been
newly decorated. new linoleum laid
new show windows and lights in
stalled and further improvements
will be added. '
The room in" the theatre building
just vacated by the bakery will be
feed by the theatre company. Just
what type or magic to be ap
erated there is. not yet been made
public, but it will become. according
ta'lhnagerJJon‘Visger, one of the
bright spot; in Kennewick. The
(unto: the place willie altered ani;
aad: of flashy neon lighting will be
installed, he says. The'businees will
be the first of a series at similar
places thruout the Mercy theatre
chain. ‘
F. S. McClure Attends _
Colorado Reunion
A family reunion was held in
Stratton Park, Colorado Springs.
Colorado. July 2. when three sons
and daughters of the late A. 1!. Mc-
Clure of Gallatin. Mo. met with their
families to celebrate their first such
gathering in twenty-seven years.
The sons included J. A. McClure of
Denver, E. H. McClure of Colorado
Springs and F. S. McClure of Ken
newick and the daughter. Mrs. Lora
Goodbar of Colorado Springs. A
picnic dinner was served after which
motion pictures and many games
were played by old and young.
Mr. CcClure has just returned
from his trip to Colorado. where he
visited with relatives.
Dog - Days
Miss Genevieve Baker became the
bride of Harrii—Walters in Yakima
on July 20. 'rfie‘hnde is a former
"Kennewick realism. having gradu
ated withtheflmot'sstmmthe
localhighschool.‘ 'l'hemomlsthe
me. tormerly of Kennewick. The
young couple will" make their home
in Spokane, wpeme the groom is in
wanes. ':‘
Kennefiick Woman
Takes 6m Life by
Cyani d e, Rois o n.
111 Health Following Acci
dent Given .as‘Cause ~
for Act _ ‘ _>
1 Mrs. Agnes Boyer was found dead
In bed about 5 o'dock-B'idayeveo
ning as the result «welt-inflicted
‘poison. Authoritia meant the
‘ crystals in the bottgn of the drink.
ing glass near hermved to be
‘sodium cyanide. ner pet‘dog was
found dead also in ht bed in the
same room appuentw from the
same came..-Neinbors. not seeing
the dog and upon investigation
‘found the house locked and immed
iately called ofieers. A poison notice
was pinned on the door.- Dr. Stevens
stated he believed her to have been
‘dead four hours. Mrs. Boyer had
’cident several years ago. Her son
‘in-law and daughter. Mr. and Mrs.
’Clyde Higley, ,with whom she was
imaking her home, were vacationing
‘in Oregon at the time.
Agnes Mary Boyer was born July
-9. 1886 at Patton. South Dakota.
She had lived for the past eighteen
years in Kenneyick, and had a
great number of friends. She is
survived by her husband. Charles A.
Boyer: three children, Thelma Hig
ley of Kennewick. Cecil Boyer ,of
Hanford. California and Violet
Smith of Spokane; tour grandchildo‘
ten. tour sisters and four brothers,
one being George Regnier at Kenneo‘
wick. ‘
_ Funeral services were held from
moiety mice. Interment 111
made in the Rim Hm
Imam.~ V
National Capital Adds Much
Interest To Vacation Trip
Before telling of my visit to
Washington D. C.. I will have to tell
of another thrilling incident which
happened the first day of my visit
to the New York Pair. My girl friend
had stated that the first buildim
we should visit was the Telephone
building. We registered and while
waiting for the results we listened in
with close to 400 other people to
many amusing conversations which
took place. We had not been in the
building 20 minutes when my girl
friend had received a lucky number
and as sthe had registered for the
call to my mother also. she was able
to transfer the call to me. It was
quite thrilling to talk practically
across the continent for three min
utes without having to worry about
the cost. The most remarkable fea
ture of these telephone calls is the
Suggest Road to
Mountain Top
5 Peaks, 3 States 11 Coun
ties Visible from Peak
Kennewick's.mncipal point of
‘ureearriedout. mssuuestlonm
iJumthJoe. ~, --
j... from this m «Nut Powell
um peaks an be seen. 3m
Laney: the valley with: autintion.
'near the reteflstoreeto take cue
inight-..' The memo. to the com
munity 9! the virtually unlimited
parking privilege iogrtrweu was
also brought out in the discussion.
referred back to the chamber for
furtheraeuon. '
Drivers’ Licenses
Expire August 1
Officers Here Saturday
Until Nine P. M.
I Saturdaywillbethelastdnyze
newals of drivers’ licenses can be
received in Kennewick. according
afternoon. All licenses expire Mon
day evening, July 313 i, unless re
newed. For the convenience of Ken
newick drivers. the potaolmen will
city hallenntil nine o'clock.
After the first of the month it will
highways without 1 llcenn. Petal-V
for fluent-Sol liability beta. 3 n
:iewal of license can be m. I!
you maintain-tum.”-
o'clock Monday evening. i
most Instantlyvand the huge 11-
Statesman theeallsutheyue
amazing. In another part of the
quite surprised to hear myself
laugh when listening to my vocal
The beautiful landscaped grounds
of the nation's capital. left quite an
impression with me otter seeing the
skyscrapers. narrow mm. sub
nys, etc, of New York.
very well planned. being symmetri
cal witn‘the Gopwol and the Whne
House being the two centers from
(Continued-on has It”)
Heater: Dunlsp Grove over room
nosoow. whene he had been sttend
ing s summer school susion ot the
University. His mother. urs. l". A.
Dunlap oi Vsncouver osme to Ken
newick nloo end they spent the
pest week-end visiting wlth old
friends here and were house guests
of flu. 12w. Payne. A picnic was
church in their honor st which time
there were sixteen friends present.
Following the dinner at. Dunlsp
entertained the mug with several
voosl selections. Re is instructor oi
music in Junior college sod hid:
school at Sun Luis (hi-90. Osliior
Three Injured in
Car and Truck Collide at
Cobb’s Comer
mmlynmted My .1-
mum... Wanton-code
by lan Lyle of Y“. confided
The delivery truck no antenna
the state highway 2m Benton
City. The W our. traveling
west, m badly W on the
occupants. Ed Round at Peace.
hther-m-hw of About. In. eo
vevely unused end suffered from
shock. Mr. and Mn. Amount cut
A doctor and em from
‘x-mys sud walnut. Dr. Wood.
at the 11mm: bane In none.
-81mm riding with him ”ceived no
the truck was belly “and.
WmckeutmmYm were called
most the “entice! upgt when m
edema: them. tum
N. Y. Lawyer Visits
‘ Scenes of. Childhood
tofividt “attentive-. 111” were
men. who grow W in Eugene.
Ol'egon. Remwdhnoldhomeln
ance: while in this vicinity. Mr.
yenwhohevethetromcs 10cm
in Well Bmm. New York City. He
and his funny we vacuuming 1n
ween visiting with his peren'te ct
Eugene and et Rochmy Bend).
They left Westley morning we
Judge Driscoll Speaker
at Spolune Convention
‘ Hand”. July 17. Judge mm L.
tion d:y:t?uoo.md st Ritzvme
he went on to the Judcu' Conven
mittee. Redundant-I:l3pm
llquortnvtohtflonotthehw. 0n!
Wedneodny. he hen-d numerous
court for m Paul in Walla
wax-Lacuna”. -
soatlzzlo. mumuyuuhedto
follow. The Rev. 11.0. Bentley of
Meter 1: the speaker for the
zttemoon. The public a use in
In. tad lin. Dunk-y Get: Me
spendingtbeweek vmthnlncthe
Weather Records
Shattered by 115
Degree Set Today
All Time High Believed
Set by 6th Consecutive
Mark of 100 Degrees
An records for heat Ln recent
yet“ In Kennewick went by the
bond teddy when the omen) tem
penture we: chalked up a; m.
Weeehermen A! Mom has been
keeping the mm for this action
since we end and: thet the next
neon-t hurt to that net today we
on the tut of July tut nu- when
n we. W M meat was
even beaten yesterday. when 113
was the official wooed.
mutton-thud“ Inma
m In. Roma's mu.
honest day-01th:: ymhnvebun
101: Mmmthe 2m. mo.
he whole not duos “turd”
flcure column. 3nd the correspond-
. Decatur thing about this your.
Merituduemadlfhmoe tn'
humidity or to the now puma:
tion locally. although in m In
The week's records. together with
mule of Int mt. are as follows:
July 20. 108—1004) 1930 87-“
July 21. INS—I&4: 1089— 85-48
July 22. 1938—107* 1980—10140
July 28. 108— 99-65 was—lm
July 3‘. 1988—- 95-50 lOU—lol4‘
Jul! 25. 1M- 02-08 1080—1134?
July 8. moo-co RIO-41240
And to“ it m not
Firemen Take Fourth
_ - Mt Convention
Nine Kennewick Firemen attend
,lnc the state convention m we:
held in Spokane {Our We! lest
week; ‘Plre'cmef Putt me thet
theta” thouzht the echoelvery m
tare-ting end received, ”In! very
beneficial instruction. The‘ night
mow seemed perticuierly interest
inc to we the afferent tire exhibi
tions. The tom-eon toot m
piece in the competitive drills. Thule
liking pert included homey Keel
ber. Roy Geffen! end Irvin'ueton.
nonext oonventionletobeheidin
Port Angels next year.
Safeway Installs
New Equipment
New Reefer and Cabinets
-New Arrangements
‘ mxm 8.39“ th
Want-coon of complete
mm of walnut-lot this
week. When completed the «on
will feature new calf-union equip
ment with an fixtures being county
new. Inthlsnewmnodenupro
mkamdoutanew soc-up
have what prices ever: any 4n
mm» which was the.m-up
manual by W und Some!
the “We! mount-em.
manner & Sons we doing an
an only .modpha m
min: Add much to the many
Postmaster Geis
Permanent Joh
Position Now Under Civil
Service Regulations
W I". a. Lincoln's perm
nent Wt u postmaster st
Kennewick cu weaved lat um:-
dsy. The appointment in MM
by Panda-It 800-even 3nd June:
A. Farley. pomnuwr men] and
was dated 1n a month previously.
on June and.
new urn service not which m
from the congressman on. at the
most sought um mum and
Sunny Imm st the M
NO. 17

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