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y' July 27. 1939.
W [._.’—_—
aster has been undergo
“w treatment. for his feetl
09 p‘ week- ~ i
If- ‘.'-1d Mrs. Clarence Yedica are t
W this week at some lakes
m ”mm |
”a Gilhuly. Ford dealer at l
m mung, was a business ViSit-‘
“m Kennewick todaY- ‘
m utar society will hold a ‘
”d food sale at McDonald’s gro- ;
at! on gum-day, July 29. i
”'3 E. Morain and children.
I“ “5,. Seattle Monday to visit
W find friends.
We L- o“szde is expected to
m marrow after spendinz'the
’33 "‘9 week-8 in Portland.
p M may Mueller is suffering
W ”infected foot caused by a
w m in SWimming sundßY-
A! Euler is spending his two
“at, "cation at his home in
MI and the neighboring vicinity.
m Thompson of Walla Walla
w in _xennewick Friday, having
waded the funeral of Mrs. Ralph
m E. E. Kirkpatrick, Arthur
”poll and Vane Wilder families
do!" a picnic at Sacajawea park
It. and Mrs. P. H. Durham and
mm of Pasco were Sunday
W guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
m, and Mrs. Clarence Schuster
“a gamer, Maudine of Portland
no mum: at the M. Schuster home
til-vect- .
me Christian aid will meet Wed
mum! with Mrs. J. A.
m withznrs: John; Smith as as
” hate“.
0. G. Williams returned . yesterday
mg two day trip to Moscow and
am, where he was guest at
u m of his son. Robert.
' Inandllrs. John H. Lohuis and
{any of Seattle were week-end
m at the home of Mrs. Lohius’
alter. In. Harvey White.
mlgyal inen and women’s class
[sarcasm church will meet
.t the 3.,E'Deflaven home with
2 :rinley as the assisting host-
Hr; and Mrs. Roy Silliman of
We stopped here Friday en
mtuo California, where they are
.m to take in-the San Framwlsoo
Special? Fob" Friday}? Sa'l‘hrdaé‘y; ' M 0063? ”and Tuisda?
Miracle Whip
For Salads Supreme
Quart . . . . . . 33c
TUNA FISH, No. 1/2’B, 2 for ......25c
DRY SHRIMP, 5 oz., 2 for .......-25c
CRACKERS, Cascade, 2 lb. ........19c
MATCHES, 6 boxes .....'....-...18c
SLICED BEETS, Seaport ..........-.loc
LIMA BEANS, Cooked, can ......--.loc
Grapefruit Juice $33? “$2.11“ .150
Pork 8: Beans fitmeflgg Lge, Size 100
Vinegar figufgw C'de’ .gal. 15c
filo-Coat, J ohnsons, pt. 53¢ Grapenut Flakes, 2 for 25¢
Marchino Cherries, BOt- 56‘ Gel‘etine Dessert, 4 for 15¢
Fresh Fruits, Vegetables
‘fTOMATOEs, 3 pounds . . . ~ .gloc
C(mNuiozen ...............25c
LEMONS, dozen ............25c
ORANGES, dozen .;. .. . . .19:
‘LE'l'l‘UCE,each ..............5c
CELERY HEARTS, bunch . .lsc
PEACHES, pound ............5c
LARD fimgs °‘ 4-lbs. 33c
BACON ifiggsgg £512“ lb. 22c
BACON SQUARES Swifts lb 12c
RIB ROAST KRmEtfi'Esm 111.180
the Store with the' Ice Water Fountain
Elmer McAulay went to Yakima
to visit his mother.
The Frank Clark of Hanford and
the Joe' Stradling family picnicked
at Sacajawea park, the occasion be
ing in honor of Mr. Clark and Mr.
Stradling’s birthdays.
Mrs. Luella Goodnightaccompan
ied by her daughters, Mrs. Roger
Records and Miss Edna returned on
Thursday from a vacation trip spent
in California, where they attended
The infant daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Al Zarndt was taken to a baby
specialist in Spokane today for con
sultation. The baby has not been
well since a recent attack of mea
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Boyer of Han
ford, California, Mr. and Mrs. 3111
Smith of Spokane,' Mr. and Mrs.
Clyde Higley and C. A. Boyer are
vacationing at Boulder Cave this
week. '
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Russel enter
tained j several friends Thursday
evening-in honor of Mrs. Joe Strad
ling and Joe Russel’s birthdays.
Pinochle was the diversion of the
evening, . '
Mrs. Ethel Zirkle of the local P.
'P. & L. company has recently been
transferred to be home service ad
visor in the Yakima office. She win
spend the next two weeks vacation
ing on the cOast. *
Michael. Francis Roche, 81, died
at the Pasco hospital Wednesday
following a two 'weeks illness at the
home of Mrs. Cottman here. He had
been a resident of Whitevßlui’fs for
the past thirty years. _ ~
Mr. and Mrs. P. "E. Masters plan
.to leave“the first of the M3O!
California, where they will -~ make
an extended stay “due to Mr. Mas
ter’s health. Mr.’ and" Mrs. Alvin
Cheney will move into the Masters
house Tuesday;’_" 5 ‘ '1 "‘ ‘
' Mrs.‘Mike Mahe'r' and son Jimmy
who are visiting with her’mother
there were Saturday visitors in Ken:
newick. "The; Mailers“ are planning
to leave’forl-Spokane Within the next
week; where Mi". Mane:- hassec'ured
a new position. .' ' ~
‘ Mr. and Mrs. Harley White 'orl
nSalem and Mrs. Anna Moran of
‘ Oakland, California spent the week
:end at the F. H. White home. Mrs.
Moran is a sister of Mr.L_Whi’te’_s
thom he had notseeu for they'pa'st
thirty-five years. ' _
FIG BARS, Wh. wht., 2 lb, 19c
Paper Napkins, white, 2, 19¢
Paper Plates, finied, doz .9c
i MARSHMALLOWS, cello, 2 lb. 25c
: VIENNA SAUSAGE, 2 cans ..,,.,19¢g
: CORN FLAKES, any kind, pkg. 10c‘
: SOAP, Bob White, 4 bars ..............10c
: Mayonnaise, Best Foods, ,Quart‘fifl'a
: CocorCola, buy a carton, 6 for ....25c
Blue G COFFEE, pound ......-........21c
PINEAPPLE, Ripe n Ragged, ea. 22c
CATSUP, Al¢neda, 14-02., 2 for 23¢
DO'G FOOD, Flash, 4 cans .25c
COOKIES, Cream Sandwich, lb. 19c
CORN, Seaport, 303,3 cans -.-..-.-.-.25c
GRAPEFRUIT, Emporium, 2 cns 23c
DATES, Pited, 2 pounds ..............-.25c
Just Phone 251, Free Delivery
Dr. and Mrs. C. Brunn returned
Saturday from a- ten days’ vacation
spent on the coast. While there the
doctor spent three days m
graduate work. The remainder 5{
their time was spent at St. Martin's
Hot Springs at Carson. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Vess Gum and
daughter Geneva and John Pratt of
Gymon, Oklahoma arrived Wednes
day for a few days’ visit at the home
of their cousin and nephew, Carrol
Pratt and family. The party is en
route to Ellensburg. _
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Mahmey
and family of -Grandview visited
with Miss Mae Mahoney in Walla
Walla Wednesday. On their return
trip they picked up Mrs. J. C. Ho
gan, who returned to their home
with them for a short visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maupin and
son Dicky returned home Sunday
from a two 'ween’ vacatlon spent at
Long Beach and at the Homer Sleg
fried home inPortland. Mrs. B. 8.
Miller of Walla. Walla accompanied
them home for a“ few days’ visit.
While on his way across Main
street to the Courier-Reporter of
fice J. Winemiller was knocked down
‘by a car driven by J. Atterberry on
Wednesday. The car went over one
of his legs, but did not injure him
581-18137. He also received a few
scratches. -
Miss Ethel Freeburg or Lacrosse
and Miss Ruth Mueller motored to
Prosser Friday bringing back Miss-
Doris Bardwell. The young ladies
Were overnight guests Friday at the‘
I. N. Mueller home. They left Snt- 1
urday morning for in, week’s Vacation '1
trip' to Wallqwa' mire... ' ‘, ‘
Mr. and Mrs. R2“W.‘"Maupin of}
Kansas City are visiting n'few days
this- week at the horne ‘oi'Mr's. mu- ‘
pin’sr sister, Mrs. Charles Spears.
They are enroute to their home via‘
Yellowstone after visiting in Cal
v-ifornia; '..Mr; Maupin was the Kan
as City; delegateito the internationm
a] sterotype‘ and 'elecu'otype con
vention which was-.'heldvin San
Francisco. They also attended the
Golden Gate Exposition.
Dr. P. 0. Stone, who was taken to
Portland a couple of weeks ago to
enter a. hospital, was operated on
yesterday there. Reports tonight
indiegte'that help doings wel-ns
canbeexpected. ' " ? _‘z
Victor Rogers was 8. Walla Walla.
visitor Sunday where he visited with
relatives. ‘
‘3O:. R. R. Woods of White Bluffs
underwent an operation at the Pasco
hospital Tuesday.
Little Yvonne Hille underwent a
tonsillectomy at Dr. Stevens office
Monday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gleason of
Coulee City were Saturday and Sun
day guests at the C. C. Williams
Mrs. Gus Neuman left Friday for
the com where she is spending the
week vacationing with relatives and
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ratjean of}
Yakima were overnight guests at the;
home of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Thurs-‘
ton Saturday. ‘
_Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Bunson and
son Terry of 8 pokane were over
night guests at the Joe Stradnng
home Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. 8. Coleman of Yaki
ma spent the week-end with Mrs.
Coleman’s parents. Mr. and Mrs.
W. A. Morain. -
Steve and Jack Clark of Hanford.
who have been visiting at the home
of their uncle, Joe Stradling. return
ed home Wednesday.
The Commercial Inn has had
some neon tubing strung around the
front of the place. adding very
greatly to the appearance.
Gene Whittemore and Junior Be
lalr motored to, Spokane Monday
and will spend the week visiting
there and in Sandpolnt, Idaho. .
I. Berle:- brought his granddaugh
ter, Joan Ferguson back home Wed
nesday. ”from. Portland, where she
_ Prank Morain came uh from
Walla Walla. Sunday tempt! the
day with his. family pndgetngned to
the Veterans’ 1105111119141}1 the eve
-I'l‘he Kennewick Vglley grunge will
picnic in Keewaydln pal-k Sunday.
July 30.- ..Each funny legsked to
brings mnchandlceereemwlllbe
served- . .
Mrs. Joe 3mm; and mana
ren sperrt a_ few days the first of
the week visiting at thepomo of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Sutton
in Prosser. ‘ .. . _
Billy Rotten, Jim, Dorothy Ann
and Magnet Reed returned Tues
day from their vacation trip to the
coast, where they visited with the
Reed kid’s aunt. Mtg. G. H. Shan
Rev. and Mrs. Charles Croft and
daughter Ruthie are attending a
camp meeting of tluvnorth Pacific
district of the Nazarene church
this week and will spend next week
vacationing on the beech.
'Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Curry and Mrs.
Cora McKain returned Wednesday
from a three weeks' Vacation spent
at Rochaway Beach. Dr. Curry will
conduct his office. at the home of
Mrs. Mcxain for the present.
Little Lorraine Modwa accom
panied her aunt, Mrs. Frank Ho
vanic to Porgand the first of the
week. where e will also visit with
her mother, Mrs. Harry Coon. Lor
raine lives at the Clyde Moore home
Mr. and Mrs. R. E; Reed returned
Tuesday evening from the coast.
filere they were inattendance at
the semi-annual meeting of the
Washington Newspaper Publishers
which took place at Sunrise Park.
Reed was inaugurated ‘as president
of the association.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Gilbert andi
family returned last week frome
Cheney, where Mr. Gilbert com-1
pleted a summer course’at the East
ern Washington College of Educa
tion. TheG’iibert family left Mon
day. for. Portland and Newherg.,
where] they will make an extended
visit with relatives. _ .
Friends “and relatives here havej
received announcements of the mar
rinse of Miss May Vincent to Maur
ice Powers at Sunnyside -on Sun- l
day, July 23. ‘The'hride is'a niece
of C. E. Hillier of this city and the
groom was connected with the Wel
fare department in; Pane a num
ber of years ago.
Word has been received here of:
the'recent death from heart ailment '
of Mrs, M. M.‘Cooper in Seattle.
‘Mrs. Cooperwasxknown to pkmeer.
settlersin Kenneflujs Mia-Lulu
lunapmurmm: of the prom-l
‘inent citizens. She is survived by!
Iner, husband, mother—and two sh- i
ters. Mrs. _W. W. Price of the val
ley is her aunt. -
Rev. and Mrs. J. P.. Knudsen and
two children. David and Louise of!
Hoouia’m,‘ washington were over
night guests Tuesday at the Rev.‘
Carl Lucky home. They were en
route to their home after spending
ents in Texas. The two ministers
were former classmates at Luther
college in Decorah, lowa.
Miss Mary Pulliam of Adrian, Mo.,
is spending the week visiting at the
home of her sister, Mrs. Bryson
Brown. It has been twenty-five
years since the two sisters have seen
each other. Miss Pulliam is en
route to the San Francisco exposi
D. L. Taylor, a Kennewick resi
dent for the past thirty-odd years.
left this week for the Masonic home
at Zenith. He writes friends that
he is delighted with the institution
and with the sunoundings there on
the sound.
The Kennewick Kuhn we vic
torious over the Pasco All Stu: by
\the lighted field in Pasco Thursday.
Aged W. B. Woman Dies
At Nieoe’s Ranch Home
WHITE mum—um May A.
Calkins. 79. died Tuesday night at
the home of her niece. Mrs. A. 'l'.
Peterson on the Ballygreen ranch.
Mrs. Calkms was the last living
member of her generation. all 0! her
brothers and sisters having preceded
her in death. The body is being
taken to Seattle and interment will
be at Volunteer Park cemetery on
Friday morning.
Miss Hazel nudism: end has. Deva
Baker of West Allis. Mn. ar
rived ‘l‘lmrsdzy for a short visit with
Mrs. Baker's aunt. Mrs. L. N. Pry.
Mrs. Wm. Bheiiedy and mil (““th
N. Pry home. ‘
J. C. 8 cott of Seattle. atone time‘
project manager for the defunct
Land Settlement, was in White
Bluffs for a short stay Pnuny ist.
Mr. Scott is now agricuitlml agent
rtor the Pom Sound Power a Light
company with headquarters ot acet
’tle. andcanoftenbeheu-ddiswss
ling farm problems over the radio.
ms Juno. Rousseau returned to
Seattle Sunday . after a fortnight
with her brother. Oliver. making the
"first part or the trip with her fother.
C. 0. Rousseau. who came over
from Yakima to get her.
Mary Kathryn Windsor was hornl
in Kennewick April s. was and at-‘
tended school here graduating with‘
the class-oi '27 and attending thel
Central Washington college of Ecl-1
ueation at Ellensburs. On October‘
6. 1929 she was united in marriage
to Ralph Windsor and has made“
her home inPaseolsince that time;
She pmd away Wednesday night
following several years illness. .
Besides her husband, she leaves
her sixyear old son Richard. her
father. H. N. Anderson of game
wick: two sisters. Miss Lmiee And
Ruth of Redmond, Oregon: three
brothers, Earl of Portland; Joe and
Neal of Kennewick.
Funeral services were held from
the Lee-Perry chapel Friday alto
emoon with interment being made
in the local cemetery beside her mo
ther, who preceded her in death a
number of years ago.
Mrs. Josephine Smith was born
March 23. 1939 in lowa. Pbr the past
thirty years she had lived in this
community. mostly in the Finley
district. She passed away at the
home of her daughter. Mrs. midora
Johnson Friday, July 21.
Smith of Columbus. Nebraska: and
two daughters. Mrs. T. -J. Thomp
son. San Juan. Texas and Mrs. Eu
dora Johnson of Kennewick ' 1
Funeral services were held from i
the Mueller Funeral Home Tuesday}
morning with-the Rev. 8. E. norm-j
brook of Sunnyside, former Finley
pastor." officiating.
The funeral procession then jour
neyed to Pullman. where burial was:
made in the AO.U.W. cemetery. 1
Ends FRIDAY, July 28
“Wutheriitng‘ Heights”
193,9”: rum—«on the Movies”
Pal Day Agam!
2 For The Price of I
plus extna tax
JANE mms
; Am wmm
-1 Amour FRIEND”
Tuesday - Wednesday
Starts THURS” Aug 3
'59: 43 _
gfimmu ( Pym
/ mand mm ‘
WE WANT to :m this page with good new-w Home
every week. You can help us, When you know an
Item at totem-t. tell us about it Wlfly. or by phone
we’ll ° echte It. Phone No. One-Bauble-Oue.
Disease Takes Only
Non- Vaccinated Horses
thiscommuntty not vaccinated tor
sleeping sickness are m with the
disease. but moon-ted recovering.
P. Sutton. J. 0. Wallaceandnon
the disuse. The majority of the
houeahenehave been vaccinated
‘11» Kim-Benton m not
Wednudnyevenmcwim name. I}.
mamm.mry B.Bmm
w. and In. Game Manon n
turned Thain-seven!“ from: two
week’s {mmmmmm
but. ‘
nn. mm mutt-um of Palm
left Manny tor Touchet to m at
the home of her eon. Rtehnd Jung
strum. after spending thnee weeks
here with her son and daughter-In
law. Mr. and‘nn. wum wudmn.
Attending a (may picnic Bun-
Announcement . . .
I wish to announce to our policyholders and
auto owners that I have been assigned to the
Pasco-Kennewick territory to represent—
The State Farm Mutual Auto In. Co.
The State Farm Life Co. '
The State Farm Fire 00. (stock)
. of Bloomington, Illinois
All three companies are. Legal Reserve, A-Plus
Rated campanies and issue National Standard,
N on-assessable policies. ,
Over 500,000 Auto Owners Now Enjoy State
Farm Mutual Protection at 3 Savings of up to
' 319 N. Third, PASCO, WASH.
cool ROXY cool
from lfl‘ ’ Pan!) 3P. 1!.
“53 X“- ‘““\\W‘ '
. . .lnsidethethundering stagecoach
e sit two women and seven strange "
. men . . tense with the sense of
‘ ' danger On every side. Each with 3*
a hidden secret that will W
} f you when it is revealed! ‘ ~._. -
“A” x “‘ , "
\ l "» ,e \‘ a .'"3
' laire Trevor, Andy Devine, John Wayne,
wlth C George Bancroft
' ALSO: Color Cartoon 3 Stooges Comedy
STUDENTS—I6c, tax inc.
day oi the Jim new home of.
Yakima in W of m. and
Mrs. Jim Morton’s silver wedding
anniversary. were an. end “rs. Geo.
norm. Mr. and Hrs. Don Morton.
Mrs. wry E. Brooks. Mrs. Annie
Brooks. ur. and Mrs. Preston
Brooks and ismily sud Douche
Ilouummery. About so attended the
mm. The Preston Brooks “may
mined in Yskims until Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Johnson left.
My for cam 00 visit Hrs.
Johnson's mother. Mrs. Promos
Demise: and her sister. Mrs. C. 8.
undrus. They viii return home on
Montreal. Canada—mm hun
dred opectoton uoelveo medlool
treotment for heat prostntlon end
rolntlnc opens mm the mus mer
rlue ceremony“: 1Q french-oon
ullon couples mm by the
Young Com Workers' move
ment on o inflation mlnlt
dlvome. Hove a. hundred
when M under the lead of
Mmhbllhop Gunner. before 26.-
loco mentors In the local mu

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