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The Kennewick courier-reporter. [volume] (Kennewick, Wash.) 1939-1949, August 03, 1939, Image 5

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. st 3, 1939
7”,! Am;
fingers returned Sunday
”1“: M “,9 visit at the home
(I! W near Portland. His
fl, nelen. accompanied him and
. ”a. 3 longer visit with her
Bestes E Grocery
Mials for Friday and Saturday
SUGAR, pure cane, 10 lb.’ cloth 53c
FfGBARS’ “Loose Wiles” 2 pounds 23c
666% IGA, rich flavor, 2 'poundsl9c
I,st FEET, Carstens, Pint 23.. c
CRACKERS 2 “Sunshine,” 2 pounds ----------------27(3
bEPPER, 2 oz. S & W;_c_an~ . . 5c
BEYDOL, regular size, package 20c
GORN FLAKES, Kellogg’s, 2 packages ........19c
LUX TOILET SOAP, 3 bars for 19¢
SALT: Ipdized or plain, 2 for: . 15c
Memo JUICE, 45 oz. can 15c
COFFEE, Blue G, pound 21c
GATSUP, Alameda, 14-02., 2 for 23c
, mm: and Chocolate Creggpn‘mned f ‘_ '
, COOKIES pound .- - 19¢
WP, dry pack, 2'foll- 25c
mngALLows, cello 1252. .2. Ib., ........25c.
CLEAN SER, IGA, 4 cans u..,~:fi%5€y«,.19c
PEAS A'ND CORN, Seaport} c5fi3".’..'.'...,-..;-.'-25c
HOURS, snows ' ' x ,
BACQNS Pound .~. ‘-. ~22_c.
P 2- .y -- ' - ‘ ii“ I ‘IZ;-=...,'_;j..'é".if my: .4<~ 2
TURE-LARD, 4-pound package, 4 pounds -...33c
LUNCH MEAT, except ,haqk pounq‘. ....x....29c
COTTAGE- CHEESE, pint ”15¢
TOMATOES, local, 3 pounds 10c
LEMONS, 360’s, Sunkist, dozen ............25c
CORN, no worms, Dozen 25c
y ~-.x
1.1. V
E ...?
“thze in and See
: *hefiew 1940 model '
;---featuring the new, built-in Super
3erial (ho wires, nb unsightly out:
§side" contrivafiCeS) juSt plug ~ in , any
iplaciei‘n" smurf-home! , ’r- ' I '- »_-
NO advancein-prices‘! _
MOdeIS in _stdck range from $32.50 to. $99.50
cf’nlllletely portable ---- éverything self con»
tamed, no wires, aerials-éutake it anywhere --
ca" boat, home, yard--anywhere.
pI.C. H. Yedica Motor Co. ~
on!“ ' KcnnMck, Wash.
now" on display
as low as $23.95 ' ~ .
Mrs. G. A. Goa-ls of Ins Angela,
sister-1nd“? of Leo Gorrls, spent
Wednesday visiting here enroute
to the New York Fair. She ialso
called at the home or Mrs. Ethel
Mr. and Mrs. Prank Maupin en
tertained fourteen guests with an
informal party at their home Tues
day evening honoring their house
guests, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Sieg
fried of Portland. The Siegfriedsv
returned home Wednesday morning.
Mrs. c. EL,';Ridley was brought
home Friday from the Pasco hos
pital, where she is recovering from
a recent major operation. .
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Williams and
daughter, Arlene, left today on an
extended trip to Seattle, where they
will visit at the Ralph Amon home.
Mrs. Homer Siegfried of Portland
spent the first of the week. as house
guest at the homes of .Mr. and Mrs.
Maupin .
Attorney and Mrs. Clayton Dickey
of leoti, Kansas were the week-end
guests of Mr. and Mrs A. E. Hinck
ley. They are very close friends of
Mrs. Hinckley, having lived in Col
orado Springs; Colorado at one time.
They have been touring Canada and
are enroute to Seattle, Portland and
San Francisco before returning
Lieutenant Thomas Brown flew
over from Tacoma last Saturday to
make a short visit with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Brown. He re
turned Saturday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. F. 1". Beste return
ed this morning from a two weeks’
vacation trip in California. They
visited with the H. A. Howe fam
ily at Oceanside and their son Jim
at San Francisco.
. Mrs. P. 0. stone and daughter.
Nancy, returned home from Port
land today and .report that Dr.
Stone is recovering as well as can
be expectedfrom: hisarnajor- opera
tion- which he underwent laSt Wed
ne‘sday. .‘ . _ . .
Mr. and mm Watson of Pat
terson are the ,parents of a daugh
ter born Saturday afternoon at the
Pasco hospital. .
. Miss Dorothea Born-of Washing
ton is’spending the next three-weeks
ijnmfif ‘ ', '
1 m. and Mrs. .c. L. 110 ch are
beii'ig congratulated on the birth of
their .’flrst grandchild Mr and Mrs.
Vance Holcomb are the proud par
:tfih'omiéwvhm bomthhmm
his iii.¥fldms.-.m>mnd rem
ar'e doubly proud due to the fact
that the youngster arrived on Mrs.
Holcomb’s birthday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. w. Knapp of Pas
adena. California stopped here the
first of the week and called on their
old friend, Phil Bier. They were on
a tour of the northwestern states.
Mr. Knapp is a brother of Ben
Knapp, former hennewick resident.
Miss Ruby Hardin of Seattle is
making an extended 'visit at the
home _of her aunt. Mrs. Luella Good
night. " " " . ‘ __
1m: maxim}: (Wasn) oOunmmmomm
g: first division of the M. E. sid
will meet at the church Wednesday.
August 9
Miss Frieda Me is employed
at the C. s. Knowles residence.
Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Ludlow and
two sons returned Sunday from two
weeks' vacation trip spent in Cali
fornia, where they spent two days
at the San Francisco exposition.
Miss Irene Henke returned the
first of the week from her two weeks
vacation' spent on the coast.
The regular meeting of the Ken
newick Lodge of Perfection has been
postponed until the second Tues
day in September when the Feast of
'rishri will be celebrated. The
ladies of the Eastern Star will serve
the banquet.
Mr. and Mrs. Waldro Richmond
are leaving today for the coast to
spend a few days’ vacation.
George Austin of Pasco has begun
the excavation for his new home on
the River Road. The home will be
of the finest in this section of the
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip C. Roehm of
Schenectady, N. Y. arrived Tuesday
evening to make an extended visit
at the home of their son and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Whitbeck.
Mr. and Mrs. George Ketchum
are the parents of a son born Tues
day evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Records sc
oompenied by Miss Jeanette camp
bell, motored to Tongate Sunday.
Mrs. Ferris Burke and son Bill
plan to leave the first of the week
for their home in Tacoma after
spending the past few weeks visit
ing at the home of Mrs. Burke's
aunt, Mrs. J. B. Thomas. Mrs. Burke
will be remembered as the former
was Nellora Thomas.
Mrs. H. E. Cochran underwent an
operation in the ' Pasco hospital
Wednesday. She is recovering nice
ly 'from last reports. . ,
' Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Moulton‘ieft
Tuesday for a shart _husiness trip to
the coast. - ’ '
C. L. Powell and {amily are leav
ing this evening for a couple weeks‘
vacation on the coast.
WM m m
ident of“ ' wujn town
Saturday calling on ‘old friends. He
lives in Yakima now.
Ohet McGee of Odd Creek, for
mer resident of_Kenfl'ewick, was in
town last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. 3th Williams came
home Sunday evening after vaca
tioning along the Oregon beaches
and visiting relatives in Oregon.
mas Edna Goodnight returned to
her work in Seattle after spending
a three weeks vaqfdtion with her mo
ther, Mrs. Luella? Goodnight. She
is bookkeeper for the Pioneer Oe-.
that and Shakes company in Se
ms. Hurry Blake left Tuesday for
her home in Yakima, after spending
the past week visiting at the home
of her parents, Mg'and Mrs. H. E.
3mm. . . "'
Mrs. H. c”. 110 me of Spokane
spent Wednesday‘ visiting at the
home of her sister, Mrs. ’ll B. Haus
child. ' ' "
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Gilbert and
family have returned from a week’s
vacation spent-near Portland.
Rev. and Mrs. .J. Edgar Purdy
stopped here last Week-end to visit
a short time at the home of his
brother. G. A. Purdv. They were
enroute to his new church at Salem,
Oregon, after a vacation trip to the
cities. :-
Mrs. P. N. Morton has been ill the
past week with an_ attack of sum
mer flu. " '
Mr. and Mrs. P. 13.. Samphere re
turned Tuesday from a. vacation
”WPthhiwa-‘i‘tj ‘ i -,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert. Farnswo‘rth
and two children left Wednesday 'tor
their home in Okanogan. Mn.
F'arnsworbh and children have been
making an extended visit at the
home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
H. E. Huntington.
Mrs. Floyd Higley underwent a
tonsillectomy at the,Pasco hospital
Mrs. A. C. Brown and daughter
Dekna of Mawer. Saskatchewan,
Canada. arrived Sundny after a two
weeks’ visit on the coast. They are
Mrs. Brown’s sister. Mrs. 'l'. B.
Hduschild and her brother-inflow,
I‘A' F, Brown and sunny. They are
former Kennewick “dents.
-~ Wilson Tam underwent a ton»
snlectomy Thursday morning. 1
c~mcno~ umb- -lUuIOL Mcuc v
_' C-0-0.-L_ c-o-‘o-L |
. Sunday - - Monday .
Tuesday ‘
W DAY - FRIDAY, AUG' UST—lo and 11‘
- 3m; 5.»? _]
noun: 000 mm
_ —ln—
“Millionvlgpllar Legs” .
Mr..:xdllmxennem Durhun
Mrs. Arthur money has return
mummy of lone. Oncon.
Manhood. Bhenpomthlnshe
Mr. and. Hrs. O'Neil o! Paco
home of Ila. C. G. Dammhour.
Mrs. Ray Not-mile manpower!
Mr. and has. Howard ninetiey
home from Seattle. when they were
her house guests. The moneys
spent their vacation visiting with
relatives and friends on the coast.
rennin: home last week-end.
The Royal Neighbor club met .8
the home of Mrs. Joe Olbrloh Pri
day evenlng. The occasion or the
evening was a work shower uven
in honor of two of the club mem
bers. Mrs. Kenneth Dmtnm and
Mrs. Keesler Campbell.
The Altar society will meet Bun
Joe Olbrlch.
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Campbell
and two children. accompanied by
Mast-Janna daughter Mary.
returned home Sunday after a, week
of visiting at the home of Frank
Harrie at Shine, which is located
cloaetoHoodsCanal. Ontheirrve
turn trip they visited with relatives
Dr. and Mrs. R. L. um and
evening. Paul LaMott. who had
parents. returnedwiththemtore
Mrs. Arthur Burrelhech decom
ing home for an extended visit.»
theSpauldinchome. .- _
Wyoming arrived Sunday and is
E. Bidiey, mid Ramon is en
mss‘Ollve Bme’lén may for her
work at Olympia utter spending the
past few days visiting at. the home
of her intents.'-Mr. and m Ole
Brue. shehasspentfllepast two
weeks visiting relatives near Spo-
Mr. u_nd Mn. Jack June: 3nd
children, Shirley 91m and Paul of
Elizabethtown. Kentucky. axe quand
ing the week-end W ut the
Odes Sloan home. - -
Mr. and Ml 5. Clifford Tuna re
turned home an: week from u u
cation trip to Canada.
Van Pattens Return
From 2-Months Trip
Mrs;~ Ben Van Patten and mush
ters.. Patty Ann and Jerry Lou. re
turned Monday after a two month:
visit, in the middle west and rel
low‘stone National Park.
o. 'r. Halon was a Passer busi
ness visitor Wednesday.
At the regular meeting of the Val
ley Grange Friday, August 4, the
girls'. 41-11 club is planning a good
program and will ,fumbh refresh
ments at a small cost.
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Gerard have
bought the place where Vinson's
dairy formerly operated and are
moving in this week. -
Mrs. Lee Lampson accompanied
Mr. and Mrs. Markham of Rich
landto Walla Walla Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. 1;. Lind are driving
a new Studebaker car.
Mrs. Gordon Leger and small
daughter of Hillshoro. Oregon. are
guests at the home of Mrs. laser‘s
parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. 'l‘ Elliott.
The Fourth Friday club met last
Friday at the home of Mrs. C. E.
Lum. Mrs. John Marsh and Mrs.
lend W Electlon of offl
eers was postponed till next meet
ing. The club planned a picnic for
members and thelr tamflla at the
park on” Sunday. AW 18.
The Highland Bells G-H club gtrls
are sponsoring a mum and lunch
at the Valley gauge on Nday eve
ning, August 4. m prom-am will he}
demonstratlons and entatelnmentu
Ice dream. akeand punch are onl
the menu.
scum mm
mm rown
, 111 I
‘ umws
'\i;- ». V: ' qfliUha‘ ,
[JR/{ONS g» z“ BARF "
Former Rims-Benton
Superintendent Dies
m CITY—Mrs. Ila-y Scott
received won! may or the dentin
othLAndrhnon-luly unm
dena. mum otter on extended
tune“. Andi-lan us supeflntcndent
o: the Stan-Benton school about
25 yea: no. He was much later
ested in Coll Club work. being the
rectum and contagious M o!
animus tor the United sme- Bur
eau o! Aninul Industry. was here
Wednesday Mauve to the epidemic
of sleeping dunes man; the
311'. and flu. Rudolph Jen-on and
two dunno of Coulee Dun ame
Friday evening for a m ot the
home of In. Jen-en's parents. at.
and us. 'l'. 0. Combo. lem”
madatthemlecmwy and w.
w. Combs homes at W. Jen
men meaning tor a two weeks’
visit. .
um Han-y Fleming was beaten
Tuesday afternoon to members 0!
the bridge club. mm boom we
and by nu. mm. Guam 0!
the club wen nu. W. 1:. more
and Mrs. Walter Banman.l'he next
meeting willbeAusustswlm nu.
‘ In. and In. Ross Bmm: and
daughter. Elaine. of Yakima. for
mer Kim widen“. m Sunday
guests 0! Smith‘s bmtber, Allen
‘Bmttbandtamflydnana. """“"."“
Dave Ohms or Balem. Oman
came Wyhrllmwmoand
daughter. m who have been
umatherm. maul-an.
‘Slmdaytortbeb-h‘ane. - .
wanna Ham-on 01m
was a Sunday as: at the c. I.
Rowleybolneatm. . . ‘
fruit . ‘
Mr. and ms. humane m
memmrmum ‘
Shurfine Salad Dressings are manufac
g tm'ed according to formulas designated
by the National Retailer-Owned Gro
' cars and it’s .
; , Always Fresh
‘ , Hat ‘
. I' o
McDonald 5 Shurfine
“A ‘ . . I
mar- ‘ ' ~
‘A. ' } @fi ROXY
WT. 134’ a A
4’” % f Saturday
W‘ “ m I PM.
ser ““3“; -- - Sunday
S“ V I'm 3 r. M.
L\\ ”Ear ,\ , WA,
r? E ' - . ya
:I ‘ \l&__ V ' I 53*
15c . with v“ «a
mum nu 2' ,
20c mm: now: (I
nu noun WOODS P
N 9322910 PICTURE )
ICOOL . 000i} . 600 L 7 COOL - COOLI
Iti- lurjorie l'lnley returned on
“My from n ten-day villi with
friends in Wenawhee.
It. nnd It“. Herman 1". Smith
we Mm buflneu visitors on
Alva. oqu come mar-day to
mend the week-end at his home
here. Sunday In and an. Wnlmr
Only. an. and Ma. 11. w. Home
ond douchier. Judy. took him to Beg,
ottle. where he reported for duty on
the U. s. 8. minimum. which let:
Monday morning for Don; Bench.
In. and Mn. Francis Edmonnn
of Omaha. Idaho. who have spent
thne weeks with Edmonton’s oin
ter. flu. Robert Johan-on. left Bot.-
urday evening (or anndview. what
m will he embyod. ‘ ,‘
'l‘oo hue to Classify
5m Ilodem Room In Konno- fi
wick. Insole wood floors. built-in "
homes. pen basement with good'“
living room. top floor with five
moms. many good piece of prop- '
em. one of the but. Price ”000.00. '
pm cash. balance terms. Inquire
et Cinnamon Investment Co., Inc.,
Paco. up
Woe take your armed
mama‘s-mom. We
and non tor mm. mm
Campbell. up
Siam-Imm “fluted tract.
broom hum. sauce. made and
lawn. chicken home (or 500 chick
ens. mun endtruck garden und—
aeout ‘6 mile south of Kennewick.
Washington. Price 33850. pert oath.
telnet-arm. Inquire Chum
lave-Inca: 90.. Inc., m. up
{MT—Bunch or keys on keyrlnc.
~ auburn: to Alma Chapter Balt
en: star. finder ploaae return to
lira. L. umpaon. phone '6‘. 180
108 SALE—Bartlett pearl. brlnc
* in. .cuualnon. 1.. 11. Raymond.
phonwml baton alx: a“. 11.
a“. 13.1»
ma lam-room modem homo.
..llha M. part filament. Mule-a
.hmuoe. hot water heater lnatallod.
,m M manual clam-let on Kon
nevlek man... can be bought for ~
mm. ' part cash. balance 327.00
per month. Ohurohman Invaatmcm
Do. an. nu».- 189

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