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Connell Defeated By Lions In . .
Opening Game On Local Field
Lions I'o Participate in
Colorful Jamboree at
Yakima Friday
Last Friday under a boiling sun
the Kennewick Lions dropped Con
nell 19-7 before a good-sized enthus
issue crowd.
Resetting to only power plays
and using little deception the Lions
rolled up 230 yards against Con
nell’s 60 from scrimmage plays.
First Quarter
The Lions stanted out nicely mak
ing first downs over tackle and‘
around end only to receive costly
holding penalties each time when
well on their goalwnrd march. Con
nell failed to threaten after an ex
change of punts and another hold
ing penalty inflicted upon Kenne-l
Al“, I . m Sum
Millak started the second quarter
off in going off tackle from the
Lions' 45 yard to the eleven behind
nice down "field blocking. On the
second play Millak went over center
to score. The try for the point was
wide of the goal posts. The Lions
kicked off to Donnell and captain
Carl Fast taking the ball on the 25-
yard line romped clean up to the
mid-field stripe, where Connell lost
the ball on successive downs as the
half ended.
_ h ThirdQnal-ter
Broadbook, Oonnell quarterback.
received Mfllak's kick on his own
20-yard line. From the combination
or .Fast and Broadbooks. Connell
began to click. but after .two suc
cessive first downs the Lions stiff
ened and took the ball away on
dam on their'own 35-yard stripe.
After an. W. ._ ‘9l:. 9.lng Bah”
side tipped and twisted his way
from Kennewick's 37 to Connell’s
47 yard line. On the next may Mll
- makes another first down on
Connell’s 35 and from there Helm
H. H. Ciub Makes Plans
For Achievement Day
'Iihe 3-H Economics club met last
Wedneseday at the some of Mrs. W.
0. Travis. Committees were ap
pointed for arrangements for the
Achievement Day to he held soon
in Benton City. A report on wash
ing clothes was given by Mrs. El
- Bell. The next meeting. which
L. Henson home. with Mrs. Bonnie
Henson as co-hostess. Roll call will
be current events.
Olive Jean Jammer of Prosser
visited last week at the Mcßee
Mrs. Truell. John and Fritz Young
of Vancouver were at the I. T.
Pouch home Tuesday and were over
night guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. L.
Mr. and Mrs. z. Perralt..aceom
panied by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Per
rault of Toppenish attended the
Goldendale Jubilee last week and
plcnicked with Mr. and Mrs. J.
Daviee and friends from The Dulles.
There was a tamily reunion on
'l‘necdov of last week at the E. H.
Renee borne with all the children
at home. Mine Mine Mcßee was
here fromeesttleo‘ver States Day.
but left-,il'umynfiorthe fair in
Califomm. ' "r":- ‘
Frank Green-cm. in 601de
two days last week.‘ '
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Henson.
left last week for a vacation trip to
Wallowa Lake. Oregon and plan to
stay about ten days. .
Adler PeHauit came down from
Toppenish for States Day ahd visit
ed at the z. Parraults. He formerly
lived here and this is his first visit
In twenty two years.
Mrs. Catherine Belan went to
Anacor-tes Thursday to visit her
husband, who is on a fishing boat
Here’s a tally-big um value! A
thighalownnpthugim uniform
heat day and night. Neat in design.
see it today. You wfllbeamdniu
economic-l price. You will be de
lightedniuoupetioc petformnce.
Approval- by the Nab-ml Board of
aymon s
KennGWJCk. Waslungton
goes to the 20-yard on an end
around play as coach Coates sent in
a fresh line-up ending the third
I w“, F 9“! er
Starting the fourth quarter the
Lions immediately went to work
with Wade going off tackle to the
one-yard line and scoring on the‘
two following plays. A pass failed
into the Qnd zone for the extra
point. making the score 12-0. After
Hoppy’s interception of a forward
pass. Pulliam made first down from
‘Kennewick’s 42 to Connell’s 36. On
the next play a well executed double
reverse, Pullium ran unaided and
shaking off a half dozen tacklers,
to score. The pass from Wade to
Pullium was good making the count ,
19-0. A
Connell received the kick-off and
after a series of short forward
, passes (six in succession, five of
;which were completed, penetrated
deep into the Lions’ territory. Again
Carl Fast flipped a bullet pass to
left end, Thompson, who stepped
across to score Connell’s only touch
down. Broadbook plunged over
center, making good the extra point.
f} _ . I.;an hum cko'wi'" "ml.
‘ During the closing seconds of the
‘ fourth quarter the boys in the
‘ orange and black pulled a tower
play which almost had the referees
going in circles. The play consist
ed of a forward pass and double
lateral, which was good for' 60
yards and a touchdown only to bei
called back because of an illegal
lateral. This play ended the game,
making the final score of 19-7.
Tomorrow (Friday) the Lions will
participate in an eight-team battle
royal at Yakima. Each team will
play another drawn by lot for a
fifteen minute period, giving valley
gridiron fans a close up of all the
teams in the district with the
speediest and most effective plays.
A» large crowd of local fans is plan- I
ning to attend. The game will start ;
at seven-thirty.
Frank Smith and sons, Ralph and
Clarence, went to Pullman Satur
day, where Clarence is planning to
enter college.
Mr. and Mrs. McCullen ~of St.
Paul, Minn, called at the Z. Per:
raults last week to look over their‘
property interests.
Mrs. Frank Green has been ill
‘ the past week.
| Mr. and Mrs. Louis 'l‘yacke and
daughter Leilani, Mrs. Guy Travis,
Bernard Cable and ,Virgil Tyacke
were Yakima visitors Saturday and
spent the afternoon at the chas.
Tyacke home. Mr. and Mrs. Louis
Tyacke plan to move to Yakima the
last or this week to spend the win
Jerry Gorski, who has been em
ployed for some time at. the Ches
ter Anderson ranch, left Sunday to
work for Claude Richman in West
ern Horse Heaven.
Several of the local farmers at
tended a wheat growers meeting
held in Prosser Wednesday.
Roy Baker of Fraser spent
Thursday evening with the Guy
Travis family. |
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Anderson
left Wednefiay for Pendleton to
have their horses and outfits in
readiness for the Round-up this
week. Several of the local ,riders‘
plan to enter the contests at thel
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Meabonnnd
daughter, Sharon and Fred tßich
man 01' Benton City visited Mon
day in the community and were
dhmer guests of the Edward Ty
acke family.
Barney Schmidt and son Billy
called Sunday at the Guy Morgan
Geneva Travis spent the week
end as a guest of Effie Moore in
Prosser and also attended the Har
vest Festival in Grandview Satur
NO]: I Adjustment
in this Tractor’s _
The only attention the
fuel system of the “Cater
pillar” Diesel Trlactor
needs is good, clean fuel.
No operating adjust
ments to worry about—no
spark plugs, distributors
or carburetors to fuss
That’s Why ‘Caterpillar’
Diesels are ready to go
When you are—for thous
ands of trouble - f re‘e
Richmond Brothers ~
Implement Co.
JOHN n-u um
' TEN YEARS Ad 0—1929
I A representative of the Weld:
Grape Juice company of the East
was in Kennewick making Inquiries
j' concerning the grape acreage and
' general information about the com
" munity which was given by the
‘ commercial club.
Kennewick’s second neon sign was
installed by the Kennewick Club.
With the addition of night fly
ing on the Pasco-Salt Lake line,
Kennewick people were brought 12
hours closer with the cities, just 26
hours away from Chicago and 34
hours from New York.
’A community gathering and pic
nic was to be held in the city park.
The band was to play and mayor
Crawford was to give an address.
All organizations in Kennewick
were asked to take some part in the
program. '
A group of friends 'held a surprise
party for Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Tweedt
in honor of their twentieth wed
ding anniversary. ~
John Smith brought into the
Courier-Reporter office a box of
peaches, which were so large that
’one layer of fifteen filled the crate.
‘One weighed one pound, 2 ounces.
Miss Bonnie Brown was leaving
or Portland to attend the Behnke-
Walker business college.
George Albrecht had returned
from a trip to Canada with some
friends from Spokane.
I A large delegation of Spokane
business men was expected to visit
TKennewick and would leave three
hours later on their way to the
state Fair. 171113 was the fourteenth
annual excursion of the Spokane
merchants association.
I, President Wilson was to pass thru
Kennewick on his way to the coast.
~Hls train was to pass through about
(9 o’clock and due to the lateness of
the hour he would not speak from
the platform.
L. M. Keene was busy renovating,
lining with building paper and
’warehouse at Beavers Spa?!
Lieutenant L. G Bpaulding had
written that Uncle Sam no longer
needed his services and that he
was headed west. ‘
i Mr. and Mrs. Ole Em and fam
ily were located on the Highlands,
where Mr. Brue was employed with
the Highlands Fruit company and
expected to remain during the ap
ple season.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Hunt left for a.
three months’ Visit with relatives in
Randolph, Nebraska and Kansas
:bed. as the malt of an accident sev
eral weeks pram.
The Kennewick Cigar factory of
which V. M. Decker was proprietor
had been in operation during the
month of August and placed the
first of its products on the market
the Saturday previous.
‘ The Kennewick Relief road was
being improved for one mile west
of town. The Job would cost be
tween SBOO and 8700. %
Miss Gretta. Book was honored
with a. bridal shower given by was]
Mildred Holmes.
Mrs. Caroline Klittm had 19mm
ed from a trip toYellawstone park
an“ a stay In GpOkane on business
Miss Anna Beste of apatite was
here keeping house for her broth
er, F. F. Bate, while Mrs. Bate was
in Seattle taking in the fair.
Louis .A. Tweedt and Miss In
genia Smith were united in mar
riage thirty years ago. Fred 'l‘weedt,
brother of the groom and Mabell
Smith, sister of the bride were the‘
attendants. The newlyweds left on]
a honeymoon trip to the coast.
m Wax (Wan) mum-mam
Roland Young and Constance Bennett. who have the leading
roles in “Topper Takes a Trip." playing at 'the Roxy Tuesday. Wed
nesday and Thursday.
I If rust stains from screens appear
on your curtains, even after they
are washed. they may be removed
by rinsing curtains in a solution of
2 tbsps. of oxalic acid crystals in
one pint warm water. It can be ap
plied to spots with an eye, dropper.
Use until stain is gone. Rinse cur-l
tain well and add 1 tbsp ammonia ‘
to last rinse water.
Italy will issue Fascist Index of
all books banned in the country.
I xii!»
From 7:00 pm. Week n."
' 1:00 pm. sunny
I 3:00 m Sand” 1
’l Sunday - Monday
7%) Puma-(MM M
I; a KW - 8w“
“ —.'—_m' S
\ “Imm 1
$1 “I mull” a
oquCY'Cfl fim’fifuaon MCRC v
i 2 will be admitted for
the price of one to see
Mr. Moto Takes
A Vacatlon
scogcwne ugmucs ‘
\ _ on
v . ‘ nun-n
/ m
4n.“ g "‘ ~
Rust Stains
E a \
_‘ '
E ..,"
21c ;
s“. .‘
u‘ 1“”.
I at“
I ~ .....‘M m...
} In PM a new sat-meat. test
the material from which the article
is made. This is especially true of;
modern synthetic materials. You‘
3‘1““ “7 Wins a sample of“
dress material 80 that yo“ mu
the cement.
The Dominimn Republic expects
to gather 500.000 bunches of ban
anus this year.
“day - Saturday
g, mm#m...mu
2,, « ”dub”! «liq-E
I‘M E f 's‘4 " ‘l’:
PJulme MOORf
' PLUS ‘
m I
Q: \ovmovts
2% = .
n. 5,: in M 836“ . r
‘“ “EA [
Tues. - Wed. - Thurs.
\F’ i ) fl /.'
" , h S'FF'NC T‘F‘AVA tI/
' ‘1 MT“ :3? for
aim: :' gr;
NC "va: '
I ' :i:;i~.£ 3mm
' _ [HI
mums an
“g "_ . u. m cowom
i Plus
i 2nd ‘
I Feature
: hi”!
i lull!“
W3§a¢ul ll
I SunflW-Monday !
”01H f f
M” “Tu-M
/ "no: can.“
£lB4 “Junta
1 l (7.. ".’
I Thursday-Friday r 7
‘ “@353? i
Hiflfimfixflgyw 1
Charlie Chan At
Treasure Island
1 Buy A FOWLER ‘
, .. ' LlB
°" $733k“
.‘u—‘__- ,4. A
7 r“
0 Title bi¢.aturdy Fowler automatic.
electric water heater will end the
hot water problem in your home. It
keep: 40 gallons of water heated to
just the temperature you desire,
ready for use at all times. Comes
equipped with economy temperature
control. Finished beautifully in dur
able white baked euamel. Operating
coat for average family less than
10¢ a day. (Galvanized steel tank.)
u U
Alwd : at Your Service
The next canton
you need is
An electric water heat
er needs no attention. It
opetatea automatically
.. . heepa a tanking! of
PiPifll hot water ready
for use at all time. Ab
solutely quiet .. . fin
iahed in gleaming en
‘ amel . . can be installed
anywhere, in Meat.
kitchen oraervica roan.
4.55342::25;;-:;:554.;-;;2y2-z..-.-:-.-.-...-.-:-.-.-'.--.--. a.» ,
~ (4.;;._5V;.-.;.g.;.5;.;.;.;.;,2.g.;4:;:;;g;:;r;:v;:;.-',>:-:-V-:-'--'-$A:-'~' '-;-.-I’>:-':?:3;?->.i- --‘
g?;g:f‘§t:;-'l:§'§ j.’_'f3s73:{3:3ss}:f:;;§:;‘:§:§‘.’;:§:s':fzfiiifif'fgfiififi-'::‘33~5?:i§51§§%§7773W535:
' ;:‘51::A,vt;:~:;:,;;;:->;;:;:;-:_:;:-:"2~:-:»:-;v"t-:‘z-z‘:-'<1:‘:~;='.?$§?:-.’r:5'7:3:1'321'3:1'1111"2':T:-:' "‘- "
fia.¢.-.-.; _ , = ;:;;;:;;;.’;:;. :; 5531225.; ,';:;;g:-:;:;.-:-2§;-:;;;;<3.:?:-'. -: :j:':;;j"
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heating ien't e newfen
filed idee. Thoueende of
ecific Power & Light ‘
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Install an automatic electric water heater. _
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see an own ll metric mm: awn: 0' .
PACIFIC Powea a. Llcm Comm‘
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PlElflflll II" I
At least 9 out of every 10
l. - time you turn a faucet. yell
‘~‘ turn the faucet marked
“HOT”. Think of the W
waya you uae hot water ...
'_, for cooking, bathing. Ihlv
in, laundering, cleaning.
j‘ etc. End the hot water short
age in your home the mod-
I era electric way.
5 ' 5.15.35? "é‘c’t
Thursday. What 11. 1.

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