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I. ?~, WKmmmitk flouriér- iflepnrtvr
Highlanders to
Push f 01: Action
on _lllgh Line
' ‘ to Be Started
”$9332; Adds 30,000 -
i ‘ Acres ‘
I ’An active campaign to secure the
any construction of the Kennewick
. of the Yakima Valley irriga-
-4 ‘ of the mass meeting held Mon
evening. Approximately 200
W rs on the Highlands were
‘ tat the meeting where all the
ml: data concerning the pro
” were explained. At the con
auian of the meeting, by unani
'3o“ vote the above action was de
- mined upon.
The Kennewick unit, known 10-
any as the “high line," has men
under consideration for many years.
Mal approval of the wit has
m given the Bureau of Recalma
m in the past and many of the
guns concerning its construction
hm already been worked out. Only
. 19' years ago it was nip and tuck
u to whether the Kennewick or
mum-g canals were to be put
a first. Now the Kennewick unit
t the last uncompleted one in the
Yakima project, which has been cit
ed as the most successful irrigation
foject in the country.
The former plans included taking
pater trom the Yakima river near
paler, bringing it down in an open
goal to the vicinity of “Brown's
lock" above eßnton City, there‘
.- gphoning it across the river, utiliz
-11l some of the drop for the gener-‘
~gotten or power to lift the remaind
ieof the flow to' a still higher level.
E .'lhe pmoess would add about 30,-!
acres of irrigable land to the
‘ p reject, including some of the
' ' had in the county. It is that
E under modern construction
;“_ ' a considerable reduction
1 " 'be made in initial costs. _and
-. . under the new laws longerre
.: ‘ periods would be arrang
‘% reducing the annual chm-guru.
“the explanation, it was de
.- --er.cW-mv
“it “elm-the: investigation
3 cc. and _pushmthe matter ._as.
$1: Browne. ._ _ ... _
I Memes ms =‘- I
In. H. E. Copeland of Pasco-and
’II. B. A. Unnentertained with
EMsm-swhe Imm. mm; ..botn:
“4 . end. Saturday, afternoon,-
Mutable; otbridce were in play
he]: day followed by the 4 o'clock.
h. The house was cleverly decor-g
III! with cbrysanthemums of some
varieties. The tea table was very
directive with a beautiful center
leee composed of a combination of
mum with prisms and bronze
filmed chrysanthemums. Friday
din-noon Mrs. Paul Engbretson of
Pasco and Mrs; P. 1'". Beste presided
It the tea table, with Mrs. Charles
Powell and Mrs. G. A. Purdy win
lhz bridge honors. Mrs. Byran Ar
nold of Pasco and Mrs. Norma Rob
bins presided at the table on Satur
day. Mrs. Arnold and Mrs. W. s.
Washburn received honors in bridge.
Dr. Schilling Attends
Yakima Meeting Wed.
m Rev. Dr. Frederick A. Schill
hs. vicar of St. Paul’s Church, at-
W the annual meeting of the
Ylkima Deanery on Wednesday,
W 25th in Grace church El
- With him went four rep
fllentatlves of his church in Pros
‘l The Diocese of Spokane has
in churches grouped in convenient.
"913 and comprising deaneries for
efficient coordination of
Thus the Episcopal churches
ewick and Pasco belong to
We River deanery which ill-3
_, 1180 the churches in Walla
'~ Dayton Waitsburg and Star-4
- Jane chm in Pruner be
- tojhe Yakima density which
“lib the churches in Mabton.
“Queen Sunnyside, Yakima, El
m“! Cle mum, Roslyn. This.
“It the Rev. Mr. Alvin Patter or
a? Church, Ellensburg. is the
Kainewick People -
Attend Annual Meet
he Benton county Tuberculosis
“We held its annual all day seal
.19 Inceting at Benton City Wed-
W- Mrs. B. B. Buchanan state
"Ruthie secretary, was the main
We: of th day.
Thpse attcn-zzmg from 111:; com-
Minty included Mrs. W. Bean, Mrs.
g"! McCarthy 0! Finley, Mrs. J.
-Praat, Mrs. Ida Bums, Mrs. F.
1538. Miss Lois Shumake, Mrs. J. R.
"f 5 or Hove;- and Dr. R. L. La
:Ott. Mrs. E. Y. Hawley of Walla
311 a and Mrs. Chase of Seattle
“’9 guests.
AHen Lee is quite 111 this week
Im. an abcess'on his throat.
Car Catches Fire But
Driver Escapes Injury
_ _ ‘
Dale Pierce, rural carrier lot We
Spokesman-Review escaped serious
injury this morning, but his car was
completely demolished save for two
tires. It is reported that while on
the morning route Mr. Pierce start
ed to light a cigarette, then hit
some soft shoulders in the road. He
lost control of the car going down
hill and jumped out. Upon reaching
the bottom of the hill the car burst
into flames, but the dam Was not
injured. The accident occurred on
the Highlands.
Willamette Club Has
Semi-Annual Meet Hen
The Yakima Valley Willamette‘
club, composed of former students
and alumni of the university gather
ed at the M. E. church Sunday for
the regular semi-annual meeting. A
dinner was served at 1:30, after
which the group enjoyed singing
Willamette songs. A businas meet
ing took place with Mrs. Kosten
vbader of Sunnyside, president of the
club, in charge. Miss Eva Ledbetter
of Yakima is vice president and
Mrs. Vane Wilder, Kennewick, sec
retary. Each one present told of va
cation trips made during the past
year. The next meeting will be held
in Yakima April 14. ‘
Those present included Rev. and
Mrs. Earle McAbee of Grandview,
Rev. and Mrs. P. M. Hammond of
Sunnyside, Mr. and Mrs. George
Oliver and two daughters. Miss Eye
Ledbetter, Miss Betcher, Mrs. B; M.
Berg and children, of Yakima, Mr.
and Mrs. Kostenbader and children
of Sunnyside, Mr. and Mrs. V. B.
Wilder and family, Dr. R. L. W
and family, Miss Hazel Burdette
land Verdella Mueller. '
;B. & P. W. Club Takes m
1 Three New Members
{ The local Business and- Protestan
al Women’s Club held a m
meeting at 'the home of Hague
Donald Monday (mine. The, _h
mum to join theezptemahanfl‘gg' b
for the coming yea}. Verna Gm
Wm Imam mama ;
rare the thy-ea, new members who gill
be men 111” me Club We " 1; _‘ '
‘ _ ——————fi—— w , '.
xcm chv
’- :' Into: ‘Néwfflall
+ ' ‘ ‘ '.'—.__" - . -: ..‘. ...r"
r Th Camp Fire Gingham pm
when headquamrs; from; the Km
building to apnaller mom mam
Washington Hat-awake, mm;
room'will .be; used fanciful!!!
meetings of the two mung.“ aloe
as ,a place to store their Wank
The girls would. ”pm. home.
tions of straight back chairs. “Some
members of the .Hopitn group am
planning to meet Saturday tool”!!-
up the room. ~ _ - .
The Nissan group held a busi
ness meeting in the Methodist
church Tuesday after schol. They
planned to have a Halloween mas
querade party Friday night at the
home of Janet Mason at 7:30.
Visits Poland ’
Tony‘ Schultz, the village black
smith, returned this morning from;
a trip to his native Poland, where
he went to settle an estate. He ar
rived in the stricken country Just
the time the big battles started, al
though he was not Involved. 818
property was uninjured and none of
his folks were wounded, being some
what out of the active battle fields.
His journey included trips to Paris,
Berlin, Brussels and London. He
said that his American passport was
respected in all the countriesnnd
he was treated With respect where
ever he went. ‘
H. H. fiouVséWUmiiefirgoes {
Complete Remodelingl
:Mrs. Rose‘lWellel' of Wand Wall.
is hav’ln'é‘the house on her proper
ty rcpalxed. She is having a con
crete tomxdatlon built, putting calo
tex on‘ Walls, adding new floor: and
"other" needed nnpmvements. Mr.
and Mrs. Chester Henson will be
the tenanm and it is planned that
the house will be reaztv for occu
pancy about November 1. The work
is being done by Barber and Ches
ley at Presser. 1
Mrs. Harley Neel narrowly acapc
ed death yesterday from electrocu
tion at, the cannery. A short in the
wiring $1001: a temporary line down.
which fell upon her, resulting in
sericus shock. She is still in serious
ccndition although not hospitalized.
! Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Curry and Mrs.
|Cora Mch‘n returned Saturday
{evening from Soap Lake, where they
had been taking treatments for the
[past week. The Dr. plans to be
pezmanently located at home here.
’l ' Apple Week
1 *
Schubert Club to
Present Variety
Musieale N (N. 1
Well-Known Harpist 'to
Be AHded Attraction
at Concert
Kennewich‘a music lovers are
again due to a treat ofchoral m
- toiimn flue «tainted-" Wednesday.
‘ Nmmzmmm-w Ed M
me concert=»wilishe"~uven'.xor~zfin
' Mame starch!) Motion. uni-I
"to mJMW anthem
1m Bug-- 1", :3 t. ' - *1..“;.'.~§
_"_ .mnuthnltfl thei‘couoert' m
_ibe-‘straight choral worn-bi inter
national themgflith ‘I W
number—niomwm‘of seven-differ;
ent nations. Outstanding in this
part ot-MWWMW
‘iamen’s .‘Wi’ul-wsavior,” made
famous by the St, Olaf Choir, and
the 3115313 me number "Dark
Eyes.” made equally famous by the
Don Cossacks, who are “now tuning
the Pacificcoast. - - . .
The second portion of the pro
be costumed.’ Portraying an evenirm
around the campfire, the music will
be the spirited, liveb, carefree type
so typical of the real gypsy in actual
life. Opening with the vigorous
“Vagabond Song,” this group will
include “Gypsy Moon,” Gypsy
Sweetheart, and other similar num
'bers interspersed with short solo
‘parts and violin interludes.
An outstanding musical attraction
for this year has been secured tori
intermis‘sion number, in the person
\of Mrs. Myrtle Elizabeth Cook, harp
ist, recently moved 'to Pasco from
Seattle, where she has played sev
eral seasons with the Seattle Sym
phony Orchestra. The Schubert
Club members are extremely pleased
to mt such an artist with their
concert. -- - -
Schubert Club is directed can
this season by Chules um, nub
ic instructor of m'msh 8M
and Mrs. Ed Nenman win Cecil-F,-i
pangth§ singing. mme m:
the coshune committu is my:
andez‘m-nm can!»
tee I'by Jean maid, 'and “publicity
by Vane Wilder; 1‘ '- ‘- *-' -'
Beekeneers taHOld; ‘.' .
Convention Nov. 2-3
The Oregon-Washington state
beekeepex-s association will hold
their convention in Walla Walla.
November 2 and 3 at the Marcus
Whitman .'hotel. This is the first
‘time the convention has been held
in the eastern part or the ' state,
according to Mrs- Eva. Wlxom of
‘Wapato. who is secretary» of the
Washington State Beekeepers as
sociation. She states that there will
be several speakers from the east
ern states present including H. L
Clay of Washingon, D. 0., who com
piles market reports and E. P... Root
of Medina, Ohio, who is publisher
of a magazine of that trade.
Mr. Wixom, who is a. state bee
inspector accompanied his wife to
Kennawick Wednesday.
I The Weather
objection to the brand of mther
we’ve haddklmdoutthe M-M
On the whole. no kick a: the-Job
Al Morgan has been m..nunc
ords are as follow:
Oct. 12—10-63 f 'l7-"
'Oct. 13—68-43 78-87”
Oct. 1345-36 77-39
Oct. 1m . “~53
oars—aim .’9 0541 .
; “own—um- {d‘ u
>_:teotmr -; _ new .-
, Oct. H4l .‘ “fl-N. sat-13;.-
.; cum-31 f mix-no
' Octal—“4l ‘. ~ u-n
‘ ;.Oct H-aa ‘.~ .144: u;
'_f oa. m ;.- cot-u m
"P Co.E pm.- 4-
, Hemhers at both the Min
Kennewlek m a! the J. O: Pew
ney-omnpeny m ntthe‘leeal
atom (a a Joint mam
evening. 3. R. (lapel-I. menace!
of the-Pumice. pl. are: In
teresting talk on Wm,"
the same subject~d.m-spuke
at the ‘dlstrlct meetlncrot managers
which was held in Yum recently.
‘The local manager. A. I". Cheney.
‘spoke on the “Lay Away Plan." The
assistant manages-s at the two stores,
(Dick Hardy and A 1 Khaler,also ave
talks on the subjects of “Shoes.” and
“Courtuy' to Customers.” ,
The sixteen members present on
joyed refreshments served by Mrs.
Cheney at the close 0: the meeting.
Hi Y Boys Attend Rally
at Sunnyside Monday
I The following boys. Wlms Tenor,
Truman Selph. Junior Belch. Jun
ior Gifford and Mr. Rogers went to
Sunnyslde Mondty evening to st
tend the Rb? Rally. Over 100 boys
from schools in the Yakima Valley
were present at the any. Dlnnet
was served' at 6:30 followed by
stunts tram m nouns and a
showing of mu. u an. my
ment! can m not and!"
the-nib was hell! h Yul- a:
the; MA. '11:: hint “on
onm'mmm B It to
be,” at ”an '1“ e
All High'School Cast- ‘
Appears in Play Soon
The all high school 1*! ."Rama
mug wua,~- um be planted m
humor-mm. m- "Emlyn Iw
‘feldt, the direct!!! o! the ploy has
{annmmoed the following fourteen
istudents who will mpoee the cast
of characters, Dnvld Wooden. nat
old Foraker, Douglas Jones. Joyce
Mulkey, Lorene launcher. Donna
Larkin, Bill Ember. Phillip Tal
bott, Lois Campbell and Ralph Bow
land, Donald Sltton Marjorie Oole.
Irene Olson am} Pearl Dague.
This play was written by Glenn
Hughes, who also wrote “Spring
Fever," the play which was present
ed by high school students here last
Mrs. Clarence Welsh was brought
home from the Pasco hospital today.
She is recuperating nicely from her
recent operation.
City Investigates
.1 Purchase of Water
5 Distri_b_u_t_ion Line
' Councilman h’bby to Find
Out If men In Word:
Following! Out
All"hm-d*~ib W
. armor-um nev
. M‘My:m new
; film.“- the-avm~ -- .
-. h'e'hm u‘lell authent
met“ an mandati
-93m will he handled by
' anthem-IW.“
”In. W—wmmu-m
‘ ' Them m m is
'the only one ”which the Pacific
‘ Pm grunt comm now oper
steum’d it-is linden-meg diet. the
compendium object toluene
to the-city. The investigation will
take several months. mommy. and
after all phases hue been smiled.
the infatuation will be given to the
pubncniiiamhle, winnkelybe
submitted to the citizen: 3: tn elec
' Purebred Sires ‘l3
Need of Dairymen‘
Benton county durymen with!
smallherdsarrm flnmtuteen‘
cows cmoccurepm'ebredsimcn
a cooperative basis for has than
as! grade sire. through the com
much. any: J. A. Bmflnghun.
aroma-ed by firm Security hor
A um’mmm
. rdm'mhlhilb
on! Joint me W
lyegreethnt there isoeriomnood
‘shu to also both the quelity o!
hen-donut! buteflotmducthn."ex
‘plnined mum “Patented
vidualmndntrymen. but an be
erateinoettins optimum.”
PSA boa-oversaw dairymenin
terested in securing purebred sires
through the community and cooper
ative service program. one asked to
get in touchwith the county office
of Farm Security Administration at
Pasco, or County Agent Skuse at
Mr. and 1113. Vance Holcomb and
infant daughter. Sally Joanne of
Yakima stopped at the C. 1.. Ho!-
comb mime. enroute to The Dulles
for a few days business trip.
l Micro.» I
end. mundoubledomthepm
mamnut. Muck
may (minimum
moat-3mm. Becausemr
hunotbeenmm. mm.
dudeu. Rent-plenum”
anduseotltutm. “vesicula-
Chance to Get in
Motion Picture Is
0f f cred _L_ocal Folk
iTownspeople Sponsor Pic
ture of Kenneyick’s
I Institution‘s
Kennewick people. institutions
and business houses are to break
into the reguhr movies in the neu'
future. Amusements m oom
pleied this week with W. it. Our
gile, advtnoe agent for the Blache'
Screen Service and the his stand
ard picture machines will be done
totaketh‘eactual picturesinebwt
“Kennewiok on Penile” and wiii‘
u-iet.suehuthe mummuy‘
mu. fine clement. schools. you}
come. crepe Juice factory. print-e
mathemmu. Many
be included in the minus icon
menu. '
m at the Mn. 01¢. with
wrong-mm a
cum new.“
4-" W'fio-Mlflfl-I
«blue ‘ .....rg- J
Em 1; ML"
m the MW in which
helives mduiflmflmfltomp
them Amplehofloewflibe
weer es the‘piemres can be
screen st the heel theatre. The
tilmswinremsin thepmpertyar
years to come, although experienom
inothertownshasheen'thst local
people never tire of seeing them
selves on the silver screen, s sim
ilar picture hsvinzbeen shown num
erous timesinPendlewnthepsst
80—11 you want to get in the
here. Sponsorsotthesmntuesn
ticipsthcsuhdayon that oc
Ask Spud Averages - ' i
For Allotments‘
11» County Committee of the
flonunttempunctoobmn Iron:
Mama!“ m
IMusic-Lane mum‘
Imm Mindless-11”“
entitled. A question-41‘ will he
min I: asked to now: the m
muck. '
Open Wednesdays
mauve; of the Washing
ton State Employment Service and
the Unemployment Compensation
Division will be gt the Court Home
in Pasco on Wednesday. November
1 end every‘ Wednesday thereuu-r
between the hours of 8 am. nod 4
pm. Moons actively leeidng em
ployment or filing chime for Un
employment compenmtton we not.
ed to contact the office nt this tune.
NO. 30
Experiments iii”
Freezing Products
Are S tiff e s s f u l
Packouts tT-Be Greatly
Increased for Next
muman in the
Benton City district am year. but
no moon-mu has the openuon
ban. next season. and another
on the markets. too. he and ma
upon-ible. 'rhehundred-oddtons
W next you. be ”ported.
“manulmheaid. no
Kennewick Wins
Another Ga m e
F r ofl_Prosser
Big Crowd Sees Good
Game Under New
Field Lights
One of the but m of the
m was Wll 00W
Putnam-V. mmemm
me_w,up munch"
iorm.-_~_'..- ,A
. 1'... '- m M i 4 1.
their me the enter-telmnm‘j
memmmm heck-1:0I
for u yerde. end then Kennewtoh '
mention a much in the cod'
line. thue‘urot do}: being nude
before Sunnis ' t' the bell.
After. couple mooeuml line
phase. Pioneer punted e high one
end the “one took the hell. They
hit the line 0. couple or times end
Helm wt or! e ”ant-d punt. Pm
puns Which were unmcoeutul end
Kennewiek onlntot'me hell.
On the very first play. Hillel: got
any mund riyht end and gained
to yerdo before he was brought
down. The Lions then mode their
m on three pleye. A beautiful
ly executed pus from the 22-ynrd
une into the end zone was dropped
on the next play and the ball was
celled beck. Eech o: the next two
plays netted first downs placing the
hell on the s-yerd stripe with cool
taco. AMM;muuktoße
nix-made the nut scone. with aw.
mucungthoexmpotnt. -
MW awn: beautiful
bootvmohmrunhck 30m
mun Mound-M
‘llnephu. Whammy-:0:
,on the three mes. Quest heaved e
pretty pen to Helm tn the end
m offside and the attempt m
M min. A Donut! five at.
Pause:- ren the kick-on beck 8
Me. backed the line for e couple
a 13W mne bucks min
made the linemen move, but follow
iilc 0. ice: on the next play. the
Lion min tried e pea which the
Pro-er led: subbed.
The county seat boy: then tried
the eerie: route. mining about tive
yards on the first .but none on the
\eeoonc. A high kick gave the Liane
the hell on the 31-yard stripe. tron
where they again made tint 4mm.
"15-yard line with the score 18-0.
‘ (W on Pete t.) I

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