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Richl’and Women Win I
Ist Place In Contest
RICHLAND—Members of the
Richland Woman's club attended
the 1939 Achievement meeting of the
Benton County Homemakers in Ben
ton City Saturday. The Richland
club received first rating and Mrs.
John Erickson's tea table was given
special mention.
Mrs, Sam McMahon. Mrs. J. B.
Clements and Mrs. George Grass at
tended a card party qt the Kennedy
home in Pasco Saturday evening.
Ben Van FJssen, Ernie and Alfred
Perkins, Clarence Vandine and Mrs.
Floyd Perkins returned from
Naches, where they have been work
ing in the apples. ;
Mrs. John Dam, Mrs. Bert Gian-1
inger and Harold Wilimsen spent
the week-end at home. 1
Anton Norling's cousins, Mr. and?
Mrs. H. Roberg of Rainier National
Park, and Mr. and Mrs. H. Pember—
ton of 050, Washington visited at
the Norling home. i
Henry Peterson from Seattle is
here visiting at the home of his
mother, Mrs. Emil Berch.
Mr. and Mrs. George Grass and
Elizabeth visited in White Bluffs
Raymond Eby of Idaho Visited
over the week-end at the home of
his mother, Mrs. John George.
Mr. and Ml 3. V. Nelson drove to
Yakima Tuesday.
High School Play
The Richland high school will glve
a three-act comedy. “Here Comes
Charlie,” October 27th, in the Rich
land auditorium at 8 pm. The stu
dents have been working very hard
on the play.
Louis Sloan and Frank Oapehart
returned from a hunting trip in the
northern part of the state.
Mrs. Earle Jones and Mrs. Syd
ney Relton attended a bridge tea
given by Mrs. Harry Linn and Mrs.
Copeland at the Linn home in Ken
newick Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wallis, Mr. and
Mrs. La Mare Oldrldge or Walla
Walla and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin
Sheen were entertained at the Fran
cis Wetherell home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. R. Supplee and
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Wetherell
drove to Wenatchee Thursday to
spend a few days’ visiting at the Wm.
Rader home.
Mrs. A: 8. Murray returned from
Wenatchee Saturday after spend
ing a. week at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. Don West.
Mr. and Mrs. Lam and daugh
ter, and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Draper,
all of Kennewick. visited at the Al
fred Draper home Sunday. .
Mrs. Menu-tin and Mrs. Shaw
of Umatina. Cream are visiting at
Fletcher. .
Mr. and ms. Oscar Hammer of
Weston, Oregon and Mr. and Mrs.
Gland Win of antenna visited Mrs.
P. B. Lewis Sunday. ‘
01: Elk Hunting Trip
Hugh Vandine and 'A. 8: Emmy
left early Wednesday morning to
hunt elk at Nachu.
Dr. E. 3. West and Dr. A. 0. Camp
bell, both of Yakima. Dr. Bryan
King and Dr. Nughent of Seattle,
- spent the week and hunting on
the H. J. shively ranch.
Mr. and Mrs. George Snow ac
companied Mr. and Mrs. A. Pur
schwitz st. to Pendleton Monday to
visit at the A. Pursehwitz Jr. home.
Sol! Meeting
A soil conservation meeting was
held in the Richland Woman's club
rooms Wednesday. The farmers and
their wives met there for the meet
ing an ddinner. Mr. Skuse had
charge of the program.
The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. N.
Vandine, who has been 111 is report
ed better.
T. B. Program Will be
Given at Women’s Club
meANDS—The Highland Wo
men’s Club will meet November 3.
promptly at 2 pm. with Mrs. Harry
Fleming in chum of the Tubercu-
Stdp'us if this
isn’t: LOGICAL
affordtogivauhittnde-in appraisalandlfwemshsve pm
herebeuhu'nln. BIS!
you every apparent swings—then surely we’re worthy of your con
sideration when there's a. car servicing job in the offing!
fig: KENNEWICK 1 §:«\————_____:
W 39: .PASCO '
’losis program. The club is sponsor
ing a membership contest with Mrs.
Joe Watkins and Mrs. Virgil Den
nett as captains. Points are given
on attendance. visitors and paid-up
memberships. The losing side will
entertain at the December meet
ing. A large attendance is expected.
Hostmes for the day are Mrs. Frank
Davis, Mrs. Guy Morrison, Mrs. W.
L. Foraker. Mrs. Nelson Lewis and
Mrs. S. R. Woodruff.
Les Amies Pinochle club will meet
Wednesday. November 1 at the home
of Mrs. Neva Watkins.
l Bergman Giles and Gervas Leber
came home Saturday from apple
Mrs. R. W. Woods entertained the
La Amia Pinochle club last Wed
nesday. Miss Jennie Linden won
the traveling prize, Mrs. Frank
Lampson first and Mrs. Neva Wat
kins second.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Reymore and
family were dinner guests Tuesday
night at the C. E. Ridley home in‘
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Bell visited at
the Earl Reymore home Sunday aft
Mr. and Mrs. V. o. Humhrey
were dinner guests at the C. E.
Meyer home Monday evening.
Returns from Portland
Mrs. s. R. Woodruff 'rtumed last
Thursday from Portland. where she
has been visiting her brother whose
condition shows little improvement.
. Mrs. T. C. Browne retm'ned on
Wednesday morning from Houston,
Texas, where she attended the PE.
0. convention. On her return she
visited in Arizona and California. ‘
flu thm week. I
Locust Grove Grange
Elects Officers Nov. 4
’ LOCUST GROVE—On account of
Ithe fact that Benton County Po
mona. grange meets on the second
regular meeting of Locust Grove
grange next month. the local grange
will have its election of officers on
the first meeting in November, the
fourth. For this meeting each
family is asked to bring a. pump-‘
kin pie and a. few sandwiches. !
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Edwards spent
the' week-end 1n Pullman, where
their son, Walter, is attending col
Visits Wives
'l'. Thomson, a brother-11149.17 of
Ray and Budd Larkln, who lives in
California, and operates the race
track in Spokane, stopped over a
home and was entertained by rela
tives here. .
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Smith spent
Sunday at the Arthur Niooson home.
Installs Water
under his house, where he will in
stall a water system and move his
Delco plant.
Phone 1241 for
Perfect _
Your daintiest gar
ments made fresh—
Itleal Cleaners
Will Bert Hall (Lenoir McMurry)
of Seattle. together with Mrs. R. B.
McMurry and her centenarian fath
er, W. H. DeVaull, and her son, Don
ald McMurry of Yakima. spent Sun
’day in White Bluffs as guests of
.Mrs. R. R. Woods. Mr. DeVaull,
‘who recently passed his 100th birth
day. seemed brisk and happy and is
carrying his cycle of years well. The
McMun-ys were former residents of
White Bluffs. J
I Miss Inez Garter left Saturday for
Male, Oregon, where she had been
called by the serious illness of her
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Youmans of
Pasco spent Sunday in White
Bluffs. as guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Don Hazelwood. The afternoon was
devoted to Whitefish fishing.
Around thirty cars from Adams.
Franklin, Spokane. Yakima and
Grant counties were parked Sunday
near the Alex Wade ranch, while
their owners took advantage of the
Whitefish run. Many fishermen
took their limit of whltefish and
some reported catching trout.
Friends of W. J. Jenkins celebrat
ed his sixteenth, er eumpin'. birth
day Saturday night by a real old
fashioned surprbe party. Plnochle
was played. honors going to Mrs.
Edw. Ponsat and Jos. Mykol. after
which a delicious lunch was served.
’ The usual crowd came in Sunday
for pheasant and duck shooting, but
from all reports, few ducks were brot
down. Many, however, got their
limit of pheasants. '
Duck Stamps
‘ Hunters. quention! _Before you
shoot your duck, go to the post of
flee and get your duck stamp.
Grangers Observe Fire
Prevention at Meeting
BENTON CITY—At the grange
meeting Wednesday evening a part
of the program was devoted to fire
prevention, the roll call being “Fire
Hazards in the Home." There was
lone reinstatement and M. W. Roop
Ygave a report on the use of air
'plants in modern large scale farm
ing. Preliminary plans were made
'tor entertaining Pomona grange on
November 18. when the annual elec
‘tion of officers is held. The next
meeting of the local grange is No
vember 1. The election of officers
willbeatthismeeting. Mmmd‘
Jacobson and Mrs. I. M. Hartman
will be the hostesses. J
‘ m. and Mrs. 301 Anilerson re
turned Thursday from the coast
,where they spent a week with rel:-
Put ibis
on your 6122'ch is
study table.
95: down . . . 90: a mouth for
4 month:
PAclrlc Powm &
Former Resident Visits
After 100th Birthday
gum-ad Wedding
. . . and watch his
homework improve!
This table model study and
reading lamp supplies shun
dlflf. glarefree light mat;
subs" needed. It comes
equippedwith 100-mm
Your choice of bronze or
ivory and gold standard.
Lovely two-tone kidskin
parchment shade to match.
only $4 45
Always a 13m- Semi-c
tives and attended the wedding of
Anderson's niece Miss Gretchen
Kunigk of Tacoma and Donald Fra
zier of Omaha, Nebraska.
Mrs. Forrest Overman and son.
Dale. left Friday for their home at
Wenatchee after a week's visit with
‘Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Muldrow. They
'were taken home by the Muldrows.‘
‘who returned to Benton City that
evening. ‘
I MrS. Harry Fleming and Superin
tendent M. W. Roop were in Rich
land Thursday evening to attend
the Parent-‘lleacher association
’meeting. Mrs. Fleming showed a
ITubercu~losis educational film and
Roop spoke.
\ Mrs. Carl Bennett is able to be
out after being ill at her home last
int. and Mrs. John Williams left
Monday for their home at Benton
‘after visiting since Friday at the
home of William’s brother. Henry
Pumell and taking In a few days
pheasant hunting.
Faculty W
‘ Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Roop enter
tained members of the faculty and
other guests Friday evening at o
bridge party with five tables in
play. The Halloween motif was
carried out in the decorations. Mrs.
Columbia Roller Skating Rink
Grand Opening
SAT., OCT. 28, 9 p.mL
Over Wash. Hdw. Store
Carnival Features
Open Every Night But Monday '
and second and Earth Tuesdays
Mai"! your More on £513 amusing
...Tiy rtanyourfi‘zends.’
and Better Sight. Select the one you
correct answer. No prize if you win—
I. Sleeping on your face.
1. Enoughlighthfiofigitpkmfumm
and cosy outing.
3. Shaking clov- your IM
Light conditioning gimyou Bette: Light f 0:
BetterSight...mkayourhoneupl-oe for
lighting advisonwillallwidl alight Meter
I. Tmfihmm
1. Sela-W lam-Sigh”
I. ”Mm-dam
to every soon. Every student
should Inn one. Set the displays
a: delta 0: P.P.&L 0503 today.
No. 3 I: :5: come: m.
See any dealer In lighting oqulpnianf or ‘
Argus Hughes and Harry Fleming
held high honors and Henry Pur
nell received the traveling prize.
Members of the Kwatcm plnochle
club met Saturday evening with
Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Knowles High
scores were held by Mr. and Mrs.‘
Ralf Anderson, low by Mrs. Joe:
r'rriesch and Grady Wilson with the‘
Ltravellng prize going to Mrs. Gladys
‘Wilson. Mr. and Mrs. Oral Mont
gomery will be hosts at the Novem
ber meeting.
Mrs. Carl Montgomery returned
Friday from Pomeroy. where she at
tended the state W.C.T.U. maven-I
Benton City folks employed in the
upper valley apple harvest. who
spent the week-end here. wen Mr.
and Mrs. Raymond Peterson. Harry
Kendall. Lawrence Kendall. Archie
Ross and Jack Welch.
Mr. and Mrs H. I". m
daughter. Phyllis. of Seattle. spent
the week-end here.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Morgan and
daughter. Gall. of Spokane were
week-end guests at the home of
Morgan’s father, 0. E. Morgan.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson
and daughter. Joan, were Yakima
visitors Wednesday.
Apple Workers Visit Ilene
r... ‘ .
{Sight is;p_riceless; .
light“. is. Cheap with"
Always at Your Service
l. mmumwm ‘3
2. ludnochorhuh,dlfillw.
3. Emitting ...-tin. h m‘m
I. Mmduuliflloamvl‘.
2. Amid-OWflMOc-ufi.
3. “remain-awful”.
Mr. and In. George Snyder m
WM for their home st St.
John atta- vismng here since Pll
‘dner.nu.fiany'noupe. ‘
Ladies’ Aid Hostess
to Halloween Party
\mm—m Finley W'Md
Finley mace hall meld” eve
’ The evening will be spent with
Why Vaccination?
Vaccination is used for protection
against smallpox, whooping cough
and diphtheria.
Vaccination has practically eliminat
ed smallpox, which was the scourge of
the earth for centuries.
Have you seen a case of smallpox
lately? If not, it is because of vac
In; you: home why.
I Everyone ls Invited to m I
3113:: the evening. There will a
in . charge with tree 1m“...
Ilr. md Mrs. 'l'. H. Kerr m N
Mell'ord. and Mrs, J, w, M
had n very enjoyablv visit 'flh N
suves nnd old friends at 0111
’Orem neutral days lug M
Bmm: m Robert
m Chu'ue Outpemer spam...“
day ma Sunday In the mu. m
[tuna «or hunting, but the "IN
no luck.
finch of the Mo “MM
equipment In Inuit was M.
FACTS about
Pacific Powers.
fight Company
Average and m of da-
Iridtybylbc Coupaftud
dentin! custom an: 1,550
Elam-boars, «83% m
that the national orange.
Pacific Power 5 Light cou
pon; (at year disbursed
$4300.00!) for we“. -
un’d: and supplies and -
m, Wl4! 0] aflc‘
cut up“ I" (be lorri
3.”! .8c: cf Padfic PM
60:8 Cow-JIM“!!!
electricity to can 3M
“M m b Dug"
at 70:30:30..
Gum; W of the
Coup} but 4 MW
1'!» Cum provide: on-
I‘OW I" 73’ PM”
all support: a ton! and
payroll of approximately
Thursdny, October a. m

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