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New Library Books
This being International Book
Week with the slogan “Books
Around the World." we have a
number of outstanding books of in
ternational interest and theme on
display. These are not rentals
and are only a sample of the worth
while material available.
On the rental shelf is the much
talked of “Wind. Sand and Stars"
by Antoine De Saint Exupery. It is
the book of a poet; the kind of a
grave poetry that can exist only in
prose. To read 'it is to be born into
a new element; to know and feel
the airplane in a way known only
to uncomunicative pilots themselves.
Chisler’s Dances
Every Friday Night for High
School Boys and Girls
Hall’s Photo Studio
Commercial Hotel Bldg.
Special Prices on Foods
For "the Thanksgiving Holidays
Our cash and carry policy enables .us to give
lower prices on foods—and now we make still
further reductions just before Thanksgiving.
Buy your meat and groceries here. A
Are You Too Fat?
It is found by mortality rates that thin
people outlive fat people by many years.
It is found that thin people are not sub
ject to many diseases such as diabetes,
kidney disease, pneumonia, *high blood
pressure and heart disease.
It is better to be underweight after for
ty years of age, than to be overweight.
In the treatment of many diseases, re
duction of weight is of prime import
Can you reduce? The answer is yes, it
can be done, under the direction of a
qualified physician, who plans your
diet, keeping the necessary vitamins
and minerals in your diet and also cer
tain glandular products if indicated.
Ask your family physician about obes
ity and how to reduce.
See Our Big List of
Your m’md heels and tilts over;
time and space are calibrated dif—
ferently until we think of this
world in a new sense. This is a book
that deserves the best kind of
readers a book can have. .
‘ Also new this week is “Fashion is
Spinach" in which Elizabeth Hawes
1 gives a revealing inside story of the
world of fashion. She knows a great
deal about the very seamy inside of
this industry. and tells what she
knows, factually and convincingly.
She has been through it all, from
the houses of the grandes coutur
ieres in Paris. thru the frantic at
tempts of American big-business
clothes - manufacturers to steal
fashion ideas, thru the way in which
our department stores succeed in
selling us the clothes we docilely
buy from them. It is a book which
will inform, horrify, and disillusion‘
women no matter what kind ofi
clothes they wear.
Why not have usfrecord those
Adorable Exposures
Incidentally a portrait
makes a
"Swell" Christmas Present
Library Announces New
Books At White Bluffs
WHITE BLUFFS—This being Na
tional Book Week the White Bluffs
Public Library calls your special at
tention to the good books you will
find on its shelves. The eight now
books listed below have been re
ceived this week and others will at
rive soon.
\ “Jamaica Inn,” Daphne Du Maur
ier, a story of high adventure in the
harsh Cornish Moors of England;
“The Rains Game,” Louis Brom
field, a magnificient portrayal of
India told with all the color, skill
and power for which Mr. Bromfield
is noted. “Grapes of Wrath." John
Steinbeck, a new book being widely
discussed at present; “Out of the
Storm,” Grace Livingstone Hill.
Children’s Books—“ Heidi Grows
Up,” Spyri; “Under the Lilacs,” Al
cott; “Mr. Stubbs’ Brother,” Otis;
“The Wizard of Oz," Baum.
The following books have recently
been donated by local people. The
library greatly appreciates these
contributions: “Matador,” Marguer
ite Steen; “Years Are So Long,”
Josephine Lawrence; “The Van
guard,” Arnold Bennett; “We or
They,” Hamilton Fish Armstrong. 1
There was a fine turnout at the
Legion Dance on Armistice night,
and everyone reported a bang-up
time. The Legion wishes to take
this means of thanking all those who
did so much toward making it a
success. Out of towners from
Grandview, Sunnyside, Yakima and
several other neighboring towns
were in attendance, besides a goodly
number of valley folks.
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Keeton, their
daughter, Darleen, and son, Glenn,
and his bride, all of Raymond. were
guests Saturday and Sunday of Mrs.
Keeton’s sister, Mrs. E. W. Heard, in ‘
the In-Between district. ‘
Earl L. Pravi-tz, Depot Agent and
Leland Harriman spent .the Armis
tice holiday with friends on the
Fourth Friday Club
To Meet Next Week
Fourth Friday club will meet on
Thursday, Nov. 30 at the home of
Mrs. J. S. Kennett in town.
Newlnggls iGngsts
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Altrogge were
Sunda dinner guests at the G. A.
Rupp game, also Mr. and Mrs. Robt.
REED 0! Yuma: - _ __ ._
The fourth division of the Metho
dist aid met Wednesday at me
home of Mrs. Ben Van Patten.
Guests from Coast
‘ Mr. and Mrs. Witt Elliott of Port
Orchard spent last week visiting
at the home of his uncle, W. T.
Elliott and other relatives here.
A. J. Shaw-suffered a heart at
tack Tuesday morningwand was
taken to the hospital at Pasco.
Entertaiins Class
Miss Theo Lampson entertained
her Sunday school class at her home
Wednesday evening. Mrs. R. L. La-
Mott is the teacher. '
Mrs. C. M. Christie of Mabton,
who visited this weeek with her
granddaughter, Miss Maude Lamp
son called on Mrs. Lee Lampson on
Sunday as did Miss Lampson also.
Mrs. J. R. Alexanader received a
message Tuesday of the death of her
brother in California.
Mrs. Cormac Thompson of Pros
ser spent the week-end at the home
of ‘her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. T.
Paul Wagner of Freewater, Ore
gon was an overnight guest. Sunday
at the G. A. Rupp home.
Daughter at Lawrencps
Born Sufiday November 12 to Mr.
and Mrs. Sam Lawrence jr., 9. daugh
teg ‘at .the_P§.§co 110§pital_. _ _
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lum and
small son of Ellensburg. are visit
ing at the C. E. Lum home. Edward
had his tonsils removed at the Pas
co hospi-tal Tuesday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester Long were
Spokane visitors last week.
Who in Kennewick hasn’t a lot
of sympathy for the youngster who
ran away from home rather than
go to the dentist?
A rail car in Germany recently
attained a. speed of 135 miles an
61w“!5 “‘9‘
\ 3M
. A
‘lou'Ve pxobobw seen \“s
5393 bovq'mq on 0o: bow}.
‘mq. h“ "C4o\et9'\\\6l" Deck“
a'xsphq \\ as a «saw at me
\m'skoufiw qo°a sewice mu!
wt \o dvze men coaognets.
\N e \ook upon \\ us a 98:39 «a
$615. "New owoqs :ecbq '4
1c» oeeé pans «a same."
fin 3\ 10¢ ask out "Gouda
\ot" ovmets. 109'“ Bad m
Ri h sevflce \9 «\6o‘o oceaea.
I [m 1 Br h
0“ DE!!! emen 0t ers
River View to Compete
In Richland Jamboree
FINLEY—The first “B" League
Jamboree will take place Monday
night at Richland. The Jamboree
will take the form of a tournament
with eight teams entered, including
Richland lst and 2nd teams. Ben
ton City lst and 2nd teams River
view lst and 2nd teams, Hanford 15!;
and White Bluffs lst.
A total of 10 games will be play
ed, each game consisting of one
s-minute quarter. There will be a
small admission charge.
Riverview first home game of the
season will be Tuesday night. No
vember 21 at the Hover high school.
The championship Columbia teams
of Two Rivers will furnish the op
position. Two close games are ex
pected. The game will start at 7:30.
Mrs. Ernest Johnson will leave
Thursday evening for an extended
visit with her son Fred and two
sisters at Salem.
Mr. and Mrs. Bo Dunstan and
son, Billie, of Walla Walla were din
ner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs.
Harold Witham.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Pederson of Wal
la Walla visited Tuesday at the
Biggest s_l}erry/home.
Miss Olga 'Wefigéia accompanied
Mrs. Glenna Nelson and daughter,
Shirley Ann to Kennewick over the
week-end to visit Mrs. Nelson’s mo
ther, Mrs. Kinkaid.
Students Celebrate
Book Week in Costume
Honoring Book Week the high
school library is sponsoring the an
nual costume parade Fri, Novem
ber 17. On this day all students of
both schools are invited to portray
the part of any literary character
whether it be poetical, historical or
fictional, Two book priza will be
awarded one for the boy and one
for the girl judged as the best
costume for their part.
This year’s theme of “Books
Around the World" Is carried out in
high school library by means of
books jackets and the world map. a
ribbon connecting each book jacket
to the country it represents.
With the “de-Anglicing or golfing
expressions” golfers of Germany are
asking whether they _should change
“Fore” to “Hell."
To Asparagus Growers: -
I firmly believe you will receive benefit by
applying MARL on your asparagus acreage
now. Others who have tried it out a few years
ago are using it on additional acreage each year
and it pays them or they would not repeat.
' . It Will Pay You to Try Marl
, on Alfalfa
- You’ll Get Results!
Don’t let 'any one tell you MARL is lime
and that you don’t need it. Try it and learn for
yourself as others have. a
' For further information, costs, etc., write
. a card to .
. ~ H. KRACK. -
813 Willow St. Walla Walla, Wash?
“$3521., R O X Y—é‘iZZ’EZYEZ
bfinoumon sms _
.__counur u mean
. ’ mhiufni'nu u'iiunnn
_ 6 ' \' v 5.1...
r {Slfigil 1 60191071" flaunts
1H" :53? ' “:99?”
a ‘ attains: mm 382! Mm Han.
~ _4. 1 my; :3 many 9:: 10? Bam“
$39)??? “ “ TIL
V) I
8 E N '8 L U E
’ On page 37 of the 1937 edition of
Washington. See. 20, appears as
hollows—“ During the hours of dark
ness every bicycle shall be equipped
with one lamp on the front exhibit
‘ing a white light visible for a dis
fiance of at least five hundred (500)
Lfeet to the front and with a lamp
on the rear exhibiting a red light
visible for a distance of five hun
dred (500) feet to the rear; except
-ling that a red reflector meeting the
requirements of this act may be used
in lieu of a red light.”
I I have wondered for some time
why there hasn't been something
done about so many bicycles out on
the highways at night with no
lights or reflectors. From my own
observation I would estimate that
less than 10 percent of the riders
I see at night are properly lighted.
and less than 50 percent are equip
ped with a red reflector.
From my own experience in driv
ing a car I can easily imagine con
ditions that would make a fatal ac
cident for an unlighted bicycle rider
unavoidable. Quite often when I
dim for the oncoming car I am
blinded by a light that shoots cross
wise right into my eyes. For some
reason a few cars do this when
changed to dim as if they had two
sets of lights and the dim were out
of alignment; but I presume the
real reason is that only one light
dims. thus making it appear that
the other light shoots crosswise. Ati
any rate this is more blinding than
before they were dimmed and now
add to this rain on the. windshield,
speed of 35 m.p.h., plus the natural
tendency of pulling to the right
‘when facing a blinding light—and
1a bicycle with no lights just ahead.
‘ When a driver is facing blinding
lights his interest is absorbed by the
dangerous light and taken from
the edge of the road just ahead
where a bicycle would be. If drivers
of cars would stop and think they
can remember many times that they
drove blind in so far as bicycles were i
concerned under these blinding con- -
ditions; whereas. if bicycles were all‘
equipped with at least good redi
Chisler’s Dance
‘s‘- 3
‘‘ ' ‘
6 ' ! HIS PAIR or
'.‘-‘.‘ Q;.: ‘ "SIX CL NS' Sp: »n“
{“1”} m rvd hot 16 .‘rl m.l
£3: :I;._.'_-..;}; if?“ ‘l. (my vm H.H J‘nn n" '
‘2 A 01 L 3» JLH‘HUK ”W
,~r 1} L .‘ w w . K K ‘
fifivwg“ RE gq‘ THE
. E'- 41%;" i. .
52! W» 512‘; ' r
x r- 33?" l
\- cameo
.7 [if-“E3
\"' ‘ }
I - 5' u '
'reiiectors cars behind them would
notice them before the driver was
blinded and be watching when he
got close up. I sincerely hope none
of we ctr driven overtake any move
bicycle riders out at night without
Radiator Service
Let Us Repair Your Radiator For Winter
Rebuilding. Repairing, Cleaning
Associated Gas and Oil
Associated Station
L. A. Cox
227 Washington St., Kennewick, Wash.
N OW—Ends Saturday
0‘ «tor-0;}...
Q“. \n
mm“ _—
aunt. ._ " '
‘ y ”9%
. ‘3‘ up : ”Q-
E .s:‘ ~ll’ ' ~‘ . 0‘ '
ij..-.(..u.\\\§\\\\ wxmm
_7AQ‘QSW “33:2,”
‘1“ “mm 9
= w“ Wm ‘
‘ “Nu QM“
‘ \uu Nfifi‘t
(W «86% t
(91/ Jar/OAS, ;
\‘r AFighting .
",.. _ picture of
i times!
- ~€£ 4” M i
Atowa'lmc' 3
: . aluafi- £47: m,
; mmmmnnnn
dfi'uméh ~ towns - tnnfifinnms
Soon—Deanne Durbin in “FIRST LOVE”
Mickey Rooney in “BABES IN ARMS"
1'~..,.}.,.»:i-uzou--i-”’:“'3l33';‘:'::"‘Vivi; é g ‘l‘ i i.
wa ~ ,_E._:=i3::;...-- nM»Mfi‘maw§fimf
' I [omm
\. ' CO-FEATUBE. . A
Heaven With A Barbed Wire Fence
. Matinee
Starting ‘ g
3 RM. ,
Thursday a,
”..’:{Q’A I
Tuesday Wednesday
Thursday. November 16. 1939
'1 10“! _I not! red reflector w
tee: them from cars behind.” 91:.
a.” amply been lUCky so 1.3-. Ql.
Ind accident and everyboay w:
(eel terrible.
sum u 3 p.m. Both Day-
fr. ""1" fro-"lulu u lad-m
4‘4"” ‘,' --- ’ /;~.l‘
. . L " cu ‘
< ,~ . .- . Q” g
’ ¥ g, E. W ‘
D,, I 1' ’7 2" \
'9 I'm
_n-I: oar:
Thanksgiving Day
Thursday, November 23
3mm vs. sAIL...
rt” IN “I! scams
a“ (mum! nom- [3
F *gfifiv “?fl§**w
‘.' FR’X'::U.}‘L’OYDS I
o r nu 5 EA
uhunLAs FAiRBANKS; n.
. ;..,f.T.‘f.'.,“f...'?73.151313,..."?!1i‘éifi1f,
Popular Science
In Color
—-Horaoe w“,
Phone 1421

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