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“may, January 25. 194°
Pul: On
_- ._ ,
Murphy and Jackson Are Rab
ble Rousers Unfit for Their
Jobs and Jim Cromwell
Couldn‘t Even Sell Peanuts.
WASHINGTON. - Mr. Murphy
moves up to the Supreme court
and Mr. Robert Jackson becomes
attorney general. There isn‘t any
use saying anything about it‘except
that it could have been worse. There
a little to distinguish these gentle
men for such positions except that
my are radical New Dealers and
Third Termites. .
It might be supposed that an ex
perienced jurist, or at least a law
’aofpassable distinction, would be
better qualified for a place on the
highest court in. Christendom than
. zealot and lame-duck politician
without presumption to either pro.
teasional qualification. But Mr.
welt does not think so and here
in particular it might have been
worse. Indeed, it has been worse,
as witness the appointment of Hugo
The new attorney general is a
brilliant young man distinguished
most in ofllcial position by business
miting utterances and demagogic
Mr. Roosevelt may .now in words
condemn such tactics in a plea for
mity as ranging “class against
class." but this appointment of
about the most efiective oratorical
rabble rouser in his official family
is sure to send a chill down the
spines of the “economic royalists.”
Tolerant as Wild Cats.
It actions speak louder than
words. these two appointments just
about cancel out the heart of the
President’s speech opening congress
and asking the country to balance
the budget by increased national in
come through united etfort. “calm
ness. tolerance and co-operative
These radicals have about as
much tolerance as a cage full of
lurpentined wild cats plus a couple
(1 Ickes.
The appointment of Mr. Edison as
lecretary of the navy was a recent
decision. Mr. Edison has not of
late been the' apple of the Presi
dent's eye. He. with Assistant Sec
rem-y Louis Johnson, are sup
posed to have been in the dog-house
lim Cromwell is that to General John-
Wl: Don's Duke does not agree.
for what has been called “prema
ture" appointment of the dolorous
Stettinius preparedness committee.
Naval preparedness and construc
tion. in spite of millions appropriat
ed, had not moved with the zip,
lpeed and smoothness that might
have been expected.
Perhaps Mr. Edison has been put
under a pulmotor. He starts by
This takes
wink this through . . . any silvery tongue .can spout promises
me 80 farther—we back up Used Car claims with honest per-
I'mance. The sooner you talk terms with us the sooner you’ll
"“0! dflflng.
:2? anyone can trim down pri ms to low figures: But it “*6
h “3 ‘0 give first-class mines in spite of low paces! We’d like
prove that we do just that . . . Why not give us a chance?
¥ ,’__
ELSIIII I H. "I” I flflm
“a"? '9 > W Jag/69' 0
Tire Chains
proposing the- power of comman
deering and compulsory orders. not
merely in war but in “emergency."
Emergency could mean anything. It
the secretary of the navy can’t get
his supplies with millions to spend.
he is little more likely to get them by
taking over industrial plants by
commandeering. The proposal may
show a new galvanic crackdown vig
or in Mr. Edison—but it doesn’t
show much sense.
Could Peddle Peanuts.
But I have saved the prize for the
last. Mr. Cromwell—Doris Duke's
husband—is to be our diplomatic
representative in Canada. I
wouldn't say a thing against Mr.
Cromwell except that, if he were a
little better equipped. he could ac
ceptably peddle peanuts.
He has no qualifications whatever
as our minister to one of the war
ring nations in this world crisis ex
cept the contribution he and his wife
have made. or may make. out of
her tobacco fortune to the New Deal
campaign chest.
0! the other appointments, I have
said they might be worse. This
might also be on the theory of the
doctor who advised a victim of hali
tosis to eat strong cheese and garlic
to improve his breath.
Shooting Hull’s Pants
The tariff is the prickliest subject
in politics. Watch the drum-fire bar
rage being prepared to shoot the
pants off Secretary Hull’s reciprocal
trade agreements.
A Welcher's Squawk.
Lord Beaverbrook, British lord of
the press, says that President Wil
son. General Pershing and eight
congressmen. “encouraged Britain
to think that the war debts would
be canceled and that the money was
in lieu of immediate manpower."
It is a poor time to revive this
Uncle Shylock British alibi. The al
lies never asked us for anything
in that war that we did not give with
out a single selfish reservation.
Lord Beaverbrook's is a welsher's
The girl in Kennewick with the
face that is her fortune, often has a
tongue that is her misfortune.
Notice is hereby given, that byl
resolution of the Board of County
Commissioners of Benton County,
Washington, and approved by the
Director of Highways, Benton
County Road Project No. 28, County
Well Road, Light Bituminous Treat
ment Oiling. Was completed in
September 1939. '
Following is the estimate of
quantities. ,
Prep. Finish 8; Cover Road
way, 6.0 mils at $125.00 9 750.00
Bit. Gem. in Place MC-2, 110
tons at $22.00 _.n 2,420.00
Ld. Haul & Sprd. Min. Ass”
420 cu. yds. at $1.25 “.--; 525.00
Maintaining Traffic mm... 50.00
Engineering “mum“.-w 180.00
Total --.--_.-_-_....-._“-n-.53,925.00
Fbllowing is the Final Cost Rec
Prep. Finish 8:. Cover Road
’ way, 6.0 miles at $66.43 ..8 398.58
Bit. om. in Place Lac-2 1
161.26 tons at 917.323 ._.._ 2,793.53
Ld. Haul Bt. Sprd. Min. Agg., J
420 cu. yds. at $13816 580.30'
Engineering -..------..-.,.._...... 99.42
Total -33337133
Dated this 19th day of January,
County Auditor and Ex-officio
Clerk of the Board of County Com
missioners of Benton County, Wash
ington. 1:25
Merry-Go- Round
'White House Expense Up $6.000
. . . Frank Knox, Republican,
Could Have Had Navy Post in
By Drew Pearson and Robert Allen
WASHINGTON—The new bud
get reveals that Roosevelt pruned
almost every agency in the govern
mgt—except his own.
The White House budget actually
has been increased by $6.000 rather
that decreased, and now calls for
$152,750 to run the Executive Man
son and grounds during the next
fiscal year.
The increase, however, is for a
new coat of paint. In July and Au
gust of this year, the White House
will be painted to keep it up to its
traditional name, and that paint
job will cost $6,000.
Aside from this, the White
House budget has not been pruned a
penny, although other government
agencies were. The amount for
“Travel and Entertainment” re
‘mains as $30,000, as against $25,000
;two years ago.
1 Roosevelt is the most traveled
3President since Taft, and the cost
or going to Hyde Park and back,
Iplus Warm Springs and other trips
garnount allowed in the budget—de
ispite the fact that the budget was
increased by $5.000 two years ago.
' The Roosevelts also entertain
imuch more than their predecessors.
and exceed their budget on this. In
’both cases—travel and entertain
ment—the President and his wife
‘dip into their own pockets to make
up the deficit.
Wages of the White House staff
total about SIOO,OOO. The housekeep
‘er gets $3.300, the gardener $2,500,
Ithe first cook $1,620, plus a wide as
-Isortmen-t of other cooks, butlers,
‘kitchen helpers, housemen and
The bill for heat, light, and elec
tric power .(to drive the elevator,
mechanical appliances in the kit
chen, etc.) is $11,200. The laundry
bill is $4.800.
Knox Turns Cabinet Job Down
Here is the inside story of Roose
velt’s secret offer of the navy sec
retaryship to Col. Frank Knox:
The Chicago Publisher and G. O.
P. candidate for vice president was
asked to come to Washington for a
private talk with the President at
4 pm. Saturday, December 10.
The President lost no time in set--
ting down to brass tacks. He re.
minded Knox or the editorial he had
printed in his paper shortly after
the start of the European war, urg
ing a “coalition” cabinet with sev
eral Republican members, in order
to meet the emergency in a “na
tional" rather than a partisan man
“I think that was good advice
then. and I think it is equally sound
now," Roosevelt said in effect. “As
you know, the navy secretaryship
is open and I’d like very much to
have you take it. It's a very im
portant job and I think you’re Just
the man, Frank. to fill the bill.”
“Thank you, Mr. President," re
plied Knox. “! appreciate deeply
the honor you pay me. And if there
‘were a real emergency I would be
entirely at your service. But I don’t
,think emergency conditions exist
‘any longer, and under the circum-
Let's Look at the Figures and See
What You Get in the FARMALL—B
What do you get when you
buy a McCormick - Deering
Farmall-B Tractor?
Here are the specifications.
Look them over and see if this
new power partner measures
up to what you want for
your work:
ENGINE: 4cylinderl.3-inch bore.
4-inch stroke. Engine ”.31..
under governor control. 900 to
1400. Replaceable cylinders.
IHC magneto with automatic im
pulee coupling. Oil-type air
cleaner. Oil filter with replace
able element. Fuel iilter. 16-
inch fan.
SEAT: Offset. featuring "Culti-
Virion." You can aee your work
iron where you sit—in comfort.
”Kennewick Implement Co;
L Phone “I _ Kennewiclt, Wash.
stances I feel I'll have to decline
your very kind offer."
Pennsylvania Republicans are re
ported to have held a secret con
.clave and turned thumbs down on
ex-Sen. David Reed as the man to
run against Joe Guffey in 1940. Their
candidate will be Gilbert Mason
Owlett. Republican national com
mitteeman from Wellsbom, Pa. . .
Shortly after Secretary Ickes issued
his blast against Paul McNutt, the
two men bumped into each other at
a cocktail party given in honor of
John and Anna Roosevelt Boetti
ger. They shook hands cordially.
There were no icy glances.
Grover Whalen dropped in at the
state department the other day to
claim his passport. It was lifted by
immigration officials when Whalen
landed in New York recently, in
accordance with neutrality regula
tions. Having crossed 30 frontiers.
Whalen prim the passport as a
One of the few speeches Rep. Joe
Martin, astute Republican floor
leader, will make this winter will be
ka, home of Alf Landon. January
29. Martin is definitely a dark-horse
presidential possibility.
Mrs. Neal Tourtellotte. elected
Washington State President or Pro
America. Women's National Repub
lican Organization. at the annual
joint meeting of the state and
county in Seattle, January 12, is
well known throughout Washing
ton. Chosen to fill out the unex
pired term or Mrs. Paul Henry fol
lowing the announcement ot Mrs.
Henry’s appointment as assistant to
Miss Marion Martin, Chairman of
the Women’s Division of the Re-
pixßffé'fiT'fiitiOnhl commfmé
13:10 serve in that capacity during
Since the founding of Pro Amer
ica in Seattle, September 1?. 1934.
Mrs. 'l‘ourteliotte has devoted her
entire time and energy to the work
of this organization. From a small
nucleus of twelve women Pro Am
erica has now grown to a National
organization established in thirteen
states with a membership in Wash
ington o! 5000. Its purpose has
been to support the Republican par.
ty, to further good government.
both local, state and national and
increase women's knowledge in poli
mass: 74 inches: 734-”.
turning radius (with whoa!- not
to 68-inch toad).
4%. and 10 3.9.1:. on 8-24-ia.
CLUTCH: 9 inch“: brains ox
druns. podal-uoponhd.
Doesn't that sound like a lot
of tractor? We think it does.
Better start thinking about a
new Farmall-B for the coming
year’s work. Certainly wouldn't
do any harm to come in and
talk things over. You'll be
surprised when you hear about
the low price on the F armall-B.
6.00x1b extra Emergency Units
Qua1ity....‘3.98 From 37: and up
Mrs. Tourtellottee has held many}
positions on the county. state and;
national boards of Pro America and ,
is well qualified to lead the women f
voters of Washington to victory in s
1940. 1
Mrs. Tourtellotte has edited the,
Pm America Reporter. Washington 1
State paper issued monthly since;
March. 1939. Owing to her incrcas- :
ed duties as State president thef
paper will from now on be edited:
by Mrs. Clark Collarino. who has:’
Educational Chairman on the state 3
and county boards. I
\ Pro America looks forward to a;
very active year in 1940. The.
Speakers Bureau plans to obtain‘
speakers of National importance
who will visit Pro America units
throuhgout the state.
The Youth of the state will be
canvassed for their votes by the
Young Voters Group which will be
organized in every county. Mrs.
William G. Reed is the state chair
man of this project and Mrs. Rich
ard Hawes. King County chairman.
In March a tour will be made
by Mrs. 'rourtellotte and several
members of the board contactim
all units now established and ad
vising them of the work to be done
for the new year.
Catherine B. McLean.
Publicity Chairman.
I At the Churches I
m service: every m
hall. mmmm
Finley-Hover Com. mm
Elmer Schwenk, Waistc- ..
Sunday School 10:00 am.
Worship Service and Pastoral
message 11:00 am.
Epworth League 7:30 pm.
Every one Is cordially Invited to
all services. Keep your Sundays
for the Immortal values of the
Special meetings are being con
ducted each evening this week. A
good interest in evidence unless you:
mponsibiluties ave elsewhere you
are requested to shame here in the
building of a christian community.
The Church School meets st 9:30
am. Mrs. L. L. Whltwer. supt.
There willhenochureheervioe
be mmmma the
parish. Servicemlnslmday.fleb.
Chumh School at 10:15 am. Btu:-
Tremendous public accept
once of the 1940 Chevrolet r
has brought in the finest stock a e
of used cars in all history. The e .5
’ : Sales
' car 6,647,437
;“ Wonders-M
1L - . New . ’6..me
' u w. :r: mezzmm
"if N mom alum
. H. l “‘0“ our moist eeler ere
2,33, .wwzwfig 1..°‘...:«-«
I—LPWE’Lr‘ w" flog" 2 macawahmmz:
‘” 98‘ wwzwfi :1: traits-...... ....
‘fl 1 ”4%.? 3 [on the best recondition
. "0‘ w“. 0‘ run methods.
Your SE!“ 332,3; 4 mt'énwmmu‘im
9"" ‘ be." our emiet eelerecen
("mom omm 93‘ féffis 5 335:.“ .3.» ...... 3
Is now FEATURING me 98‘ °%Z:L.;3aa “r W W...
GREATEST USED CAR st“ °" .3 .. . .
‘ - Look for your Chevrolet
AND TRUCK VALUES dealer‘s used car listings in the
OF THE YEAR! classified pages of this Apaper!
Phone 'OO Kennewick, Wash.
Western Auto Supply
OLAV l. OTHEIM, Authorized Dealer
hey A. Remberton. supt.
{ Theme will not be any church ser
ivice this Sunday. Service again
ilk-bunny m: at 11:20 am.
ms'r mama Lamina:
M. cm In. 1.. Lucky. mm
Semestma Sunday:
Divine Services at 11:15 am.
Sunday School gt 10:15 am.
Chorus rebut-n! Honda}; at 8:00
Plan now to enroll in the Worker's .
Training Class which will beam I
on mummy. Feb. Bth and oontlnue :
for 51:: meetings. endlnc the lithl
of Mex-ch. a week before Bon Thurs- ‘
day. his course 15 belnc offend
throughout our synodlcnl body In;
connection with “Faith ln Action"!
You are 1130 invited to our evc- E
um; services In Pcsco every Bun-g
day. I‘m-sermons an tunes of:
meditation. on prayer. I
__~_ 3:. _-_- -_.-_-_
10:30 am. Combined morning ser
vice. Worship message by the pn
tor end Biole study in chases.
“Cleansing the Temple.”
7:30 pm. Evening Gospel Service.
Out sin.” God's provision.
Tunney evening, 7:80 service at
wwuh church.
Wednudny evening. 7:80 pan.
“‘2"?! W”. 1" 9km 2'30“-
the-om. Outttumemdm
A Welcome units you In this
cm“ w. ““7 hi 7W7 77 7 v v
Sunny School 10:00 3.1 m. Billy
mus. «mam.
Homing Woman 11:00 3.111..
“Potable of the flower."
Young Peoples’ meeting and Ju
niors 6:“ pm.
Evening service 7:80 pm. “1b
[five a to Owe.”
The Annual President’s Ball
Proceeds to go to help fight infantile paralysis
Saturday, January 27
Vale Grange Hall
Admission: 40c and 10c.
“id-week Prayer meeting. Wed
nesday evening 7:30 p.m.. cottages.
RB friends had a birthday surprise
hour on George Grmlm Wedneadny
evening after the church's reculu
mld-week meeunc. Mrs. ommn
served renemmencs.
that the difference between
a stake and a {leg 13 that a
make crawls on Its own
stomach while I fle- tm't so
The Old Timer any: that o
miracle is some thing that
goes contrary to known (och.
such as o Republicon getting
0. political Job under a dem
ocratic odmlnlotrotion.
Never do the guy today
who mny have the money
0O O 0
Which reminds us of the my
”to nut-ted at the bottom
and worlned every one on the
my up. _
O O ' 0
Next time you're up town
stop 1:: and let I. chow you
the New Spring line of
Cromwell humanity nu
md mm and topooets.
ltleal Cleaners

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