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Kathleen Norris Says:
Some Women Need a, Charm
School’s Course
The tragedy of many marriages is that the wife loses her charm.
She becomes a little cold and calculating, . )0 much
preoccupied with household cares.
HATEVER else you lose in
your married life. try to
hold on to charm. Or if you
never had any particular charm, try
tocultivate it. Charm isn't entirely
a natural thing, although it comes
much more naturally to some wom
en than to others.
Schoolgirls often have charm, es
pecially if they happen to be first
in the class. good dancers. promi
nent in theatricals. Brides almost
always have charm, although it may
last only for a few weeks or days.
or even hours.
But this sort of charm doesn’t
count. To be charming in times of
success, flattery or importance.
means very‘little. A really charm
ing woman is always charming,
whatever the circumstances. and
whether she be 18 or 76.
The tragedy of many marriages
is that the wife loses her charm.
She becomes a little hard. a little
cold and calculating, a little too
much preoccupied with her house
hold cares and the family finances.
She can’t relax. If invited to take
things a trifle more easily she says
nervously that with two children to
manage and the house and the meals
she’d like to see anyone relax! She
is capable; she is just; she is
anxious that the family shall be com
fortable and well fed; she keeps her
hair dressed and her stockings free
01 runs. '
But graciousness. easiness, laugh
ter, 'sympathy know her no more.
If her husband comes home in an
amiably conversational mood she
has small time or interest to spare
for him.
“If you're going to sit out here,
Jack, I'll bring out an ashtray."
she says dispiritedly. “Please don't
put your feet up there. Doctor says
Jean's teeth will take three years to
straighten: dear knows what his bill
will be! I’m going to let my fill
ing go; it means I can't chew on
that side of my face. but that doesn’t
matter. Ma had one of her bilious
headaches today and I was sitting
with her. so I’ve just got a pickup
She then sits staring vaguely into
space. the expression on her face
not so much sad as dissatisfied
and bored.
This is the sort of wife who loses
her husband.
Wives write me pages and pages
about the situation. They tell me all
that they do. They are models of
faithfulness and industry; they
“never look at another man." That
they can be subjected to the humili.
ation of having their husbands’ a!-
tections waver amazes as much as
it angers them.
“What are men made of?" de
mands one such wife. a certain
Isabel Baker, who lives in a luxu
rious suburban district outside of
Chicago. “Dick and I have been mar—
ried 10 years. without a quarrel.
We have a boy and a girl of eight
and five. He makes good money;
we own our home and car and be
long to a nice little social group.
Now, quite suddenly, he has fallen
in love with a woman seven years
older than he is. a divorced woman
who worked in his office years ago
and has now come back. She has
broken up two homes already and
now is after mine. She puts flattery
on with a spade. is always laugh
ing. and Dick has gotten the habit
of dropping in to see her late in the
afternoon. to have a cocktail and a
chat. Sometimes he gets home late
for dinner. chuckling over something
Eve has told him. I'm not afraid
of his wanting a divorce or any
thing serious; it just makes me
and to have a woman of 40. ten
(Bel) Syndicate—WNU Servicen
years older than I am. wrecking my
. There are thousands of cases like
this. The wife has been too sure
of herself and her husband. Life
has been going on the way she likes
to have it. and so she feels that it
ought to satisfy him, too. Why
make herself pretty when he gets
home, why be amused, laughing. en
thusiastic about what she is doing.
or interested in what he is? Why
give him an unexpected kiss. or pick
him up at the office and take him to
lunch. or ask him to tell again. for
the benefit of friends. the story that
amused her?
He's her husband. isn’t he? He
owes her fidelity and devotion.
doesn't he. without any silly senti
'mental fuss? Hasn't she borne him
two children and given him the best
years of her life? Let him walk a
cha_lk line now, or he’ll be sorry!
(I Laughter is a natural thing
to associate with charm.
(L Men do not leave laughing
(I The “other women” always
have one characteristic in com
mon. They are good natured.
(I A man sometimes gets tired
of the impersonal efiiciency
of the cold little woman at
home, and is flattered by in
terested eyes. even though he
knows he is fooling himself.
(I The danger point in the
relations of man and wife is
when they begin taking each
other for granted. When they
no longer sense a need or a
wish to interest each other,
that’s when the “other woman”
finds easy sailing.
Loses Charm In Rigidity.
Deposits Insured up to
€5.000 for Each Deposit“.
And so, in self-righteousness and
rigidity. she loses all charm. not
only as a wife. but as a woman.
There is no more gaiety in his house.
Just cleanliness and meals and civ
ility, and a woman opposite him who
will do her duty by him. and yield
not an inch more.
Laughter is a natural thing to as
sociate with charm. and I see that
I have used the word more than
once in describing it. Perhaps a
wise question for certain wives to
ask themselves is whether there is
enough laughter in the house.
Laughter over the small pleasures
and the small upsets of every day.
Laughter out at the garage when
dad is cleaning the car on Sunday
morning. and laughter at the tele
phone when he asks if he may bring
home a man for dinner. Men do
not leave laughing wives.
And when good husbands and
fathers begin those office flirtatious
that often end so disastrously. the
other women involved almost al.
ways have one characteristic in
common. They are good-natured.
Mrs. Brooks at the office may be
40 or more. She may have had all
her teeth replaced. Her domestic
'history may be unfortunate. to say
the least. The wreckage of several
marriages may clutter her past.
But she's learned to be sweet. To
flatter with her interested eyes; to
be terribly sorry for Dick: even to
find kindly. understanding things to
say of Dick's wife. It may be all on
the surface, but it is charm. and
Dick. tired of the impersonal et
flciency of the cold little woman at
home. reaches hungrily for it, even
though he knows he is fooling him
To out-charm a charmer is a
game worth any woman‘s mettle.
The Board of County Commission
ers met January 2, 1940 at 11 am.,
all members being present. .
Claims against the Benton Coun
ty Road Fund were approved and
index-ed paid from that fund as fol
County Road Fund. warrants 6246
to 6522, inc., $11,064.88.
The bond of C. B. Quillen for the
construction of County Road Pro
ject No. 29 “A" was received and
Certain properties acquired by the
county through tax foreclosure were
ordered advertised to be sold, the
notice of sale thereof to be given by
the county treasurer.
Pursuant to notice regularly given.
the hearing on the resolution to de
clare an emergency in the 1939
sheriff’s budget in the sum of
$118.50 and an emergency appropria
tion of $69.00 for the purpose of hir
ing special legal counsel was held
at this time. No persons appeared
to object so the emergency in both
funds was declared.
A resolution for the construction
of Benton County Road project No.
30 was passed.
Cash in the County Treasury was
counted and the following found to
be the amount on hand.
Old National Bank a:
Union Trust Co. (Pros- ___ _ ---
st National Bank of
Kmawick ....--.-.-..8 34,475.36
t National Bank of .
Kennewick (School Dist.
No. 6 Building Fun'd) .._. 206.70
Total Bank Balance “$176,666.30
Cash Items ...... 38,932.20
. On motion the Board adjourned
to meet January 8. 1940 at 11:00 am.
The Board of County Commis
sioners met at their office January
8, 1940 at 11:00 am.. all members be
ing present.
A resolution was passed declaring
an emergency in the Public Assist
ance budget for the year 1939 in the
sum of $205.00 in addition to the
sums heretofore appropriated.
Claims against Benton County
were approved and ordered paid
from the proper funds as follows:
Current Expense Fund. warrants
39426 to 39661. inc., $5983.43.
Public Assistance Fund warrants
1700 to 1768 inc. $2,441.33.
The bonds of Howard Ash, G. H.
for Your Money
You demand it when you buy ordin
ary merchandise...and you are entitled ‘
to it when you pay for service! First
National Bank is, at all times, prepar
ed to rende: the service that has made
it Kennewick’s leading Bank for 37
Saturday Banking Hours Will Be From
10 am. to .12 pm.
Korsvik and O. M. Spencer as
drainage district supervisors were
A resolution for the construction
of Benton County road Project No.
31 was approved end passed._
A notice to bidders for the pur
chase of a motor grader for Road
District No. 3 was ordered published.
bids for said grader to be opened on
February 3, 1940 at 10.00 am. in the
Commissioner's office, Prosser,
On motion the Board adjourned
to meet February 1, 1940 at 11:00
H. E. Chapman, Clerk of the
Board of County Commissioners.
Notice is hereby given that the
tax rolls, Real and Personal for the
year 1940. levied in 1939, have been
delivered into my hands‘ for the
collection of taxes thereon. on and
after the 15th day of February.
Dated at Prosser, Washington,
this 22nd day of January. 1940.
1:25-2:8 County Treasurer.
Notice is hereby given that the
assessment rolls of Roza. Columbia.
Grandview, Kennewick. Kiona,
Priest Rapids, Presser. Sunnyside.
Sunnyside Valley and Richland Irri
gation Districts. of Benton County.
Washington, for the year 1940. lev
ied in 1939. have been delivered to
the undersigned Treasurer of said
districts. That all assessments to be
received by said districts are due and
payable at the office of the under
signed County Treasurer at Pros
ser. Benton County. Washington.
on and after the 15th day of Feb
ruary: (Except the Toll and charge
portions of such assessments which
become payable at the office of the
district secretary. Payment sched
ule of such TOll and Charge may be
ascertained at the office of the
secretary of the district in which
the land is located? One-half of
each and all of sa d assessments
shall become delinquent on June 1,
1940. unless said one-half is paid
on or before May 31. 1940. The re
maining one-half of each and all of
said assessments shall become de
linquent on December Ist, 1940. un
less said one-half is paid on or be
fore November 30. 1940. Interest at
the rate of 10 percent per annum
from the date of delinquency is
charged on all delinquent assess
Dated at Presser. Washington, this
22nd day of January, 1940.
County Treasurer and Ex-oftielo
Treasurer of the above named Irri
gation Districts. 1:25-2:15
No. 1875
In the Superior Court of the State
or Washington in and for Benton
In the matter of the estate of c.
A. Bateman deceased.
Notice is hereby given that Wal
lace Bateman executor of the above
entitled estate has filed his Final
Account and Petition for Distribu
tion in the office of the Clerk of
the above entitled Court and that
the Court is asked to settle said
final account. to distribute the prop
erty of said estate to the heirs or
persons entitled to the same and to
discharge; the executor. _ , ~ 7
Said Final Account and Petition
for Distribution will be heard by the
Court at the Court House in Pros
ser. Benton County. Washington, on
the 23rd day of hbruary 1940 at
the hour 01,10 o'clock. am.
- , Executor.
By Moulton & Powell. his attor
ney; b _ _ __ _
Moulton 8: Powell, Attorneys for
Executor, Kennewlck. Wash. 1:25-2:8
Notice is hereby given. that by
resolution of the Board of County
Commissioners of Benton County.
Washington. and approved by the
Director of Highways. Benton Coun
ty Road Project No. 26. Hanford-
White' Bluffs Road and Fanning
Road & Platted Road was complet
ed in September. 1939.
Following is the Final Cost Rec
Bit. Gem. in Place tic-4.
130.94 tons at 820.1731 32.641 47
Min. Ag. in Place. 1764 cu.
yds. at 809041!) . . 159‘”
Engineering [(7.43
Total . . 84.38388
Dated this 19th day of January.
County Auditor and Ex-otfldo
Clerk of the Board of County Com
missioners of Benton County.
Washington. 1:25
Notice is hereby given. that by
resolution of the Board of County
Commissioners of Benton County.
Washington. and approved by the
Director of Highways. Benton Coun
ty Road iject No. 30, Burkhart
Road. Perrault Road and Smith
Road. Grading and Surfacing. Es
timated date of commencing work
January 8. 1940. Estimated date of
completion. May 1. 1940.
Following is the estimate of cost:
Section 1: Burkhart Bond.
Clearing a: Grubbing. lump
sum 8 40.00
Binding 5; Shaping Road
way, 2.0 miles at 8150.00 300.00
Surfacing in Place. 600 cu.
yds. at $1.35 * 810.00
Station 2; Pen-um Bond.
Clearing a: Grabbing, lump
Blading 8: Shaping Road
- way, 1.0 mile at $150.00 . 150.00
Surfacing in Place. 000 cu.
yd. at $1.20 720 m
3 890.00
Section 3. Smith Raul
Clearing at. Gmbbing. lump
Binding a: Shaping Road
way. 3.0 miles at $l5O 450.00
Surfacing in Place. 1200 cu.
yds. at 81.10 * 1,320.00
Engineering w.» 230.00
, Totals of Sections 1. 2
and 3 -.u.100n0
~ Dated this 19th day of January.
1940. '
County Auditor and ex-otacio
Clerk of the Board of County Com
missioners- of Benton County.
Washington. 1:25
Notice is hereby given. that by
resolution of the Board of County
Commissioneh of Benton County.
Washington. and approved by the
Director of Highways. Benton Coun
ty Road Project No. 31. Mcßee Road
Tyacke Road and Swanson Road.
Grading and Surfacing. Estimated
date of commencing work January
15. 1940. Estimated date of com
pletion May 1. 1940.
Following is the estimate of cost:
Section 1; Hence Road.
Clearing at. Grubblng, lump
sum _..”--- 8 8000‘
Binding 8; Shaping Road- 1
way. 4.0 miles at 875.00 300.001
Surfacing in Place. 1200 cu. l
yds. at 81.15 “_mwuu- 1.380.00‘
1559 Auto Drivers
Have Lost Right
To Drive Cars
.State Director of Licenses Reports 1559 Drivers Have Lost Auto Driven
and Car Licenses since June 7th. whc n the Automobile Safety Responsi
bility Act Went into Effect. ONLY 168 Have Been Able to REDEEM!
Insure Now So Your License Will
Be Secure In 1940
How do establish Financial Res
ponsibility and Prevent Loss of
By establishing flnnuchl mponflbfluy before
you have an accident by purchasing AUTO
Why Have 1559 Auto Drivers Lost
Their Licenses?
to pose. bodily Injury and automobile
Mydsmue. Wheaten-Mustang
ems aid a: mutation certificate.
You Can’t Afford to Lose the Right to Drive Your Car!
Section 2. Tywke Bond.
Clearing a: (Rubbing. lump
sum 7 . 40.00
Binding 5: Shaping Bond
wny. 4.0 miles nt 8150.00 000.00
Surfndng in Place. 000 cu.
yds. at $1.20 .. 720.00
Seeuon 3: Swansea W.
Clearing 8.: (Rubbing. lump
sum . . .. . 8 2000
Binding 8: Shaping Rond
way. [.O mile at $150.00 . 150.00
Surfacing in Place. 000 cu.
yds. at 81.35 810.00
8 080.00
Engineering . . .-. 300.00
‘l’otni of Section 1. 2
and 3 i 04,400.00
”gated this 19th day of January.
County auditor and ex-otflcio
Clerk of the Board of County Com
misioners of Benton County. Wash
ington. 1:25
Notice is hereby given. that by
Resolution of the Board of County
Commissioners of Benton County;
Party Line Limit...
In fairness to other phone pa
trons, conversations originating
at party line stations will be lim
ited to
Please be considerate of your
neighbors and do not violate
this ruling.
Kennewick Valley Telephone Co.
What Kind of Protectioh Should
I Buy? .
N o Exemptions Under this Law!
Thur-“1113* January 25, 1M
Washington. and approved by:
Director of Highways, '9'“!
County Road Projvct No. 25, "it
luke Ferry Road. Roadmix ml“
was comle in September 1.“
Following is the Final cog in
Preparation of Roadway. 3.4
miles at 380.7735 3 3'!“
Load a; Haul Min. Aug, 2450
cu. yds. at $0.283“ ,“I
Bit. Oem. in Place 310.2.
195.68 ions at $18.35"! 3m
Mixing 6: Finishing. 3!
miles at ”$2.011 , “I.
Engineering . . . . 2::
Dated this 19th day of “M 7
1940. H E c '
County Auditor and um
Clerk of the Board of Comma.
missioners of Benton County. 'o‘.
mm. 1.
_,.. . .A '\

Following a ruling that m h“.
sible to relief. clients in a.“
county. Michigan. must sum
the license plates on their um
biles. titty families chose the Min
preference to reliei. and um um
their names be stricken (mm the n.
lief rolls.

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