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“My, March 7. 1940
33.53..“ per word per insertion—minimum, 850. I: prepaid. five times (or the price of (our.
Wale mum"
n. Schun'. Route 1. Kennewick,
Wu. 51p
m “may—Horses and mules; good
m farm machinery. Kenne
wick Implement Co. 3tf
103 W-room house on First
Avenue. close in. Good garage,
hm mes. L. C. Gardner, phone
um. 4________i°_p
f 7
IfiATs AND CAPS—Hats cleaned
”d blocked 60c: caps cleaned 25c.
W“ Dye Works, phone one-
Lt'O-W' Pasco, 32tf
r: .
’O3 snag—Stock trauer, also
uelotte cream separator. Paul
household pumping plant. A. 8.
ma, N. P. Height House. 46
Wobbler and White
3089 seed potatoes: also one
m m, weight 1350 pounds. R.
hm, South Highlands. 47-49 p
“ hay, corn, grain and other
m p roduce for sale in season. See
W. G. Muldrow. secy. Sunnyside Ir-
W District, Benton City,
WW, 18tfc.
108 SALE—Rome and Winesap ap-
Pl”. either packer or loose, price
wattle. Some in cold storage,
«35; at ranch. John Erickson,
phone 2703, Richland. 41-sptt
MORE YOU furnish your home
”‘3 our spring-filled makessw.
moan sets, dining sets and living
mom who. Everything for your
:33. Dmdher's Bargain Store.
10!! SALE—Ten head work horses,
yoke and unbroken, young. gen
fie. Guaranteed to satisfy. Wanted
—mn to work, must be able to
Im horses. J. Svantonsky, phone
moo 46-50 p
.CBOBSLEY 1940 refrigerators,
Wand better than ever. Six
toot box as low as $99.50. fully
guaranteed. Beautiful Norge Elec
utterances; Electric sweepers, 1.13.8.
Imps, etc., etc. Durocher’s Bar
pln Store. 46tfc.
m SALE—Hay. $7.00 per ton. C.
_R. MoKeeman, Route 2, South
Highlands. 48-9 P
ma. SALE-No, 1 Mary Washing
ton Asparagus plants, $2.00 per
mm. ‘Also Fairfax strawberry
phat: $3.00 per 1000. Will trade 1935
Chev. sedan for pick-up. N. L. For-
Iker, West Highlands, Kennewick,
Washington. 49-51 p
and pullets, Hanson strain, B.W.D.
W.Chk straight run 100 each;
at! pallets 22c; all cockerels 2c ea.
mm 4-weeks old, 30c; White Leg
ha'n masters 4-weeks old 15¢ each.
wute or phone 2467. Twin City
Poultry Farm, Kennewick, Wash
inctnn. 48-529
ma SALE—mm acres, situated 1
mile west Franklin County Court
Home. some improvements, all un
derwready far seeding. J. W.
cm Route 1, Pasco. 50ptf
.POR BALE—Black Walnut trees, 1
Mr old 10¢ each in lots of 10.
Geo. E. Thompson, Benton City,
IWlIh. 50-51 p
"bumybe rented at $3 per
mm with rent paid to apply on
Purchase price, $69.50. This piano
m be Placed at once If interested.
M Elfin, Wimt obligation,
911110 Forwarding Dept, Hollenback
Pine 00.. Spokane, Washington. 50c
I'oß SALE—FuII blood Buff Or
mnetm (Eastern strain) year-old
Waters ‘for breeding. $1.50 each. C.
*1 Hem. phone 2394. 49-50::
I'm SALE—A 14-inch Oliver two
“? Ploy. horse drawn, Priced for
nick sale. Geo. E. Eellick, phone
3302. 48“
m SALE—3 extra good weaner
m 8" Vern Snyder, last house on
4mm H. 49p
mu “IE-cobbler seed potatoes
mm from certified seed. See
Woo Growers or J. B. BoieS. 48-4913
NR BALE—Fresh dug. full of life
mac bushes. 20 beautiful varieties,
'fll bloom this summer. only 25c
”611 Oregon Giant Pansies. big
“? 811 d hem:- than ever. 50c Der
glint. Harold Willmsen, Richland,
Lula. 48-49 c
M aALE—_Fmbbau'd strain New
3"!!th eggs for setting from
M'Wsted stock. 50c for 15. v. 0.
Emmy, South Highlands. 48-9 p

’O3 EXCHANGE—Good in-
Wine WWI, Seattle, for ex
“hnce 40 acres with buildings.
m“ SALE—Three good resi
dance limpet-ties, well located.
’O3 SALE—2O acres heavy
”11. bldss. Will accept stock as
M Dannent.
Phone 1231
'QUAIJTY" in seeds most import
-1):}. Beware of “Bargain Seed.”
tbuy it without first having it
3:,” by your State Seed Labora
~ Compare purity, germination.
25d content and origin with tag-
Bu “ed from your dealer. Be Safe!
ӎNON-Mand Brand seed! Consult
Us fNOYthx-up, King dealer or write
‘ 01‘ name or dealer near yiou-
I se’
11'“! "Hun. King 8.: Company. 3350 c
. ‘ \
V x
38 Ford 2-Door
36 Ford Coupe
36 Chev. Town Sedan
38 Chev. %-ton Pick-Up
36 Chev. Pick-Up
37 International Pick-Up
37 GM.C. Pick-Up
36 Dodge Pick-Up
Many Others Not Listed
Best Used Car Bargains In Town
aififsw¢ ‘..
W: m Save 10“ um '
on “and“: costs 93;;
Ask About SEEM-“0m
\usmmfl iN“
Keimewick Auto Co.
Sales Phone 100 Service
POWER for the smalr farm in the
new Flex-Tred garden tractor.
Will do anything a team of horses
will do at a fraction of the cost and
effort. It's a modern track-type
tractor for modern farming. Easy to
handle, compact and powerful. Low
first cost, lower operating cost. A
general purpose tractor for suc
cessful small scale farming. See
one in action at the J. W. Carter
ranch, 1 mile west of Franklin Co.
Court house. J. O. Mallac'e, agent,
27 A Street, Pasco. 49p
plants, $2.00 per 1000. For further
information see F. L. Davis, South
Highlands. *
FOR SALE—Good cow hay (in the
barn); 1 family cow, Jersey-
Guernsey, 3 years old, milking; 1
Jersey heifer calf, 8 months old;
Power cream seperator. Harold
Schaffuer, Rt. 1, Kennewick. 49-50 c
gater ranch at Hover, Wash. Car
rie I. Dimick, 49tfc
FOR SALE—Baby and starter chicks
--Rhode Island Reds, Puff Or
pingmns, genuine New Hampshire
and pullet or straight run Leghorn
chicks. Immediate delivery. R. G.
Chalcraft. Sunnyacm Hatchery,
Richland, phone 2851. 49tfc
FOR WWmmg .pigs, 7-weeks
old. Just right for fall and win
ter meat at M. Schuster ranch. Geo.
Schuster, phone 38x4. *
urating a. complete lawn and
landscape service. Mr. John Nolda,
as manager of this department, will
carry a full line of omamentals,
roses and the like. See him at the
nursery, or he will call on you on
requeset and give you sketch and
estimate free. Home Nursery, Rich
land. 49c
SPEND A MINUTE and safe a life.
Have your car tested on the Wee
ver Safety Lane at E. C. Smith Mo
tor Co. 141::
WE ARE holding an auction sale in
front of Farmers Exchange Satur
day, March 9. We are figuring on
having some horses and milk cows
at this sale. The following Saturday
we are selling the entire basment
stock of the Riley Second Hand
Store in Pasco. Ash Auction Co. 49p
FOR SALE—I 929 Model A Truck.
motor in good shape just the thing
to build a tractor priced right.
Pratt’s Garage. 49p
FOR SALE—Cobbler seed potatoes.
Frank Lam-pson Highlands Rt. 2.
491) '
[MA LIE ayaLumnn
S’MATTER POP— Whoa, Pop!
NICE, well furnished, steam heated
apartments, spring filled mat
tresses, hot and cold water—prices
right. Commercial Hotel. Phone
2561. 431;:
FOR RENT—House. in good con
dition, close in and best location.
Rent reasonable, Lane K. Larson,
116 Benton St., phone 491. *
lljllllll Miscellaneous 1111111 l
LEAVE YOUR HOSE with runs and
pulls to be mended at J. C. Penney
store for Mrs. Louis Eiclmer. 49p
wants your live or dead horses
and cows. Our truck will call every
day except Sunday, at Benton City,
Richland, Pasco and Kennewick.
Phone 2161, at Grange Supply, Inc..
at once during hot weather before
9 am. American'Products Company,
Yakima. stfc
SPECIAL‘ PRICES, cash or terms,
for commercial planting, grape
vines . American and European,
peach, cherries and other fruit
trees, peppermint roots. New ever
bearing strawberry. Home Nursery,
Richland, Wash. - 46tfc
1940 CHICKS from breeders 100%
inspected supervised and blood
tested (tgaboratory tube method),
by Sta Dept. of Agriculture.
Hatchery state supervised, and reg
ularly inspected for infectious di
seases. This expensive and elabor
ate sanitation program is for your
protection, at no advance in chick
prices. Custom hatching of chick
en eggs discontinued. Chicks now
available. Leghorn cockerels Thurs
days. Casey & Sons, phone 281, Pas
co, Wash. (at the bridge.) 47tfc
FOR A BEI'I'ER LAWN, spread one
/ sack shell Marl on 50x40 ft. square
now. No odor, no weeds, no mess on
lawn all winter. Also fine for pot
ted house plants and flowers. Marl
will not burn your plants nor lawn.
Use it also on your roses, shrubs,
bulbs and your garden early next
spring. You will be delighted. Price
one dollar per sack delivered with
in the city. Order from H. Krack,
14 Third Ave East, or leave orders
at this office if more convenient. ti
lllllllll] mama mmnli
WANTED—Your dairy products.
Honest, dependable service. Swift
& Co. station Kennewick. utrc
WANTED—Any work along lines of
general construction, built-ins or
repairing. All work guaranteed and
estimates free. C. E. Johnston at
Bremmer Cabins. 48-51 c
WANTED CHEAP: 200 feet of 4-I’t.
hog wire. See John Vibber at the
Vibber-Gifford Drug Co. 49p
WANTED—GirI or woman 35-45 for
housekeeping gentleman’s home in
town,»no children, good wages. Write
Box F, care this office. 499
WANTED TO RENT—train 3 to 5
acres with house, close in. Inquire
this office. 49p
WANTED—About 7 tin? 6: spring
Rye. Write E. s. Beightol, Prosser
Wash. 49c
State of Washington, County or
Bgntqn, as.
Notice is hereby given, that in ac
cordance with an order heretofore
entered on the 26th day of Febru
ary, 1940, by the Board of County
Commissioners of said County, di
recting the sale of the real property
hereinafter described, acquired by
said County for delinquent taxes
under tax foreclosure suit and sale.
I, the undersigned County Treasurer
of said County, will, on the 23rd day
of March. 1940, commencing at the
hour of 10 o’clock a.m., and contin
uing until the hour of 4 o’clock p.
m. of said day unless the property
hereinafer described shall sooner
be sold, at the front door of the
County Court House, in Prosser in
said County and State sell to the
highest bidder for cash or on legal
contract, the following described
property, situated in said County.
and described as follows. to-wit:
Tract 26. White Bluffs City and
Orchard Tracts, minimum sale‘
price, $135.00. ‘
NWIA, South of canal. 81,5 Nag
SE, 81,9 SE Section 14, Township 9,
Range 26.
All less N 39 Nyé Nag and 81,5 SW
and less highway rtw.. W 35 W9l.
SW SW and SE SW SW Section 15,
Township 9, Range 26.
SE SE, less highway rtw. Section 17,
Township 9, Range 26.
All townsite of Yakitat according
to the recorded plat thereof on file in
the office of the Auditor of Benton
County, except highway rtw. and
Lass lgshe following described lots and
0c :
Lots 36, 37 and 38, Block 3: Lots
5 and 6, Block 21; Lots 16 to 21, in
clusive, Block 25; Lots 17 and 18,
Block 51; Lots 1 to 32. inclusive.
Block 87; Lots 1,2, 3, 31 and 32,
Block 89; Lots 8, 9 and 10, Block
155; All of Block 16; Lots 3 and 4,
Block 21: Lots 15 and 16, Block 21;
1.0611, Block 22; Lots 1 and 2, Block
23; Lot 4, Block 27; Lot 2, Block 31;
Lots 19 and 20, Block 33; Lots 12, 13
and 14, Block 37; Lots 17 and 18,
Block 43; Lots 1 and 2, Block 45;
Lot 6. Block 47; Lot 28. Block 48;
Lots 17 and 18, Block 52; Lots 17. 18,
and 19, Block 62; Lots 20 and 21,
Block 62: Lots 17, 18, 19. 20 and 21,
Block 64; Lot 26, Block 67; Lots 3
and 4, Block 73; Lot 16, Block 84;
Lots 12, 13, 14. 15 and 16. Block 107;
Lots 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25. Block 108:
Lot B', Block 144, Lots 22 and 23,
Block 146. ;
W 99 of East 240 acres, West 400
acres Section 21, Township 9, Range
All Section 23, Township 9, Range
NI/J lessNWNWNEandNyg N 55
NW and ry. rtw., SW34 and SES4
Section 25, Township 9, Range 25.
Minimum sale price. $2,900.00.
The above property is sold subject
to the lien of all drainage or diking
or sewerage district assessments or
installments thereof not yet due at
time of sale.
\ The above property shall not be
sold for less than the amount set
forth in column headed “Minimum
Sale Price” opposite each descrip
tion of property. :If sold for cash a
Treasurer’s Deed will be executed.
If sold on contract, the terms there
of shall be 20% cash and balance in
ten equal annual installments com
mencing November lst next. with
interest at six percent on deferred
payments, payable annually. All
subsequent taxes and assessments
must be paid prior to delinquency.
Failure to make payments or to per
form any of the covenants of the
contract forfeits same at the elec
tion of the vendor. This contract
may be paid in full at any time plus‘
accrued interest, in which case aw
Treasurer’s Deed will be executed.%
Property sold for the sum of $50.00‘
or less must be paid for in cash at I
the time of the sale. ‘
yAnd Notice is Hereby Further
Given, that. if necessary, I will ad
journ said sale to the same hours‘
from day to day by announcement
made at the time and place of said
sale, or at the time and place to
which said sale may be adjourned.
Dated at Promr, Washington,
this 28th day of February. 1940.
County Treasurer of Benton
County, Washington.
By Ellen Berndt. Deputy County‘
Treamrer. 2:29-3:14
NOTICE 015' SALE or suii
Notice is hereby given, that on
Tuesday, the 2nd day of April, 1940,
commencing at ten o'clock in the
forenoon of said day, in front of the
main entrance door to the County
Court House in the City of Prosser,
County of Benton. State of Wash
ington, by the County Auditor of
said county, the following described
state lands, together with the im
provements situated thereon. will be
sold at public auction to the highest
bidder therefor. to-wit: \
NOTE—No one except citizens ofi
the United States, or persons who‘
have declared their intention to be
come welt semeumflasegtate lauds-l
Ap’plicatlon Nd 1559'" __-
Tract 96 of the White Bluffs and
Hanford Soldier Settlement Pro
ject being the WI); of SWI; of
SW34 of Section 24. Township N
North. Range 26 East. W. M., con
taining 20.00 acres. more or less. ap
praised at ”00.00. Improvements
appraised at $48.00.
Said lands will be sold for not less
than the appraised value above
stated and upon the terms and con
ditions following:
Not less than one-tenth of the
purchase price must be paid at. the
time of sale. The purchaser. it he
be not the owner of the improve
ments, must forthwith pay to the
officer making the sale the full
‘amount of the appraised value of
the improvements. as above stated.
One-tenth of the purchase pricel
must be paid annually thereafter:
with interest on all deferred pay
ments at the rate of six per centum
per annum: Provided. That any pur
chaser may make full payment of
principal. interest and statutory fees
at any time and obtain deed. The
purchaser of land containing timber
or other valuable materials is pro
hibited by law from cutting or re
moving any such timber or mater
ials without first obtaining consent
of the Commissioner of Public
Lands, until the full amount of the
purchase price has been paid and
deed issued.
All sales of state lands are made
subject to the reservations of oils.
gases. coal. ores. minerals and fos
sils of every name, kind and descrip
tion. and to the additional terms
and conditions prescribed in section
3 of chapter 256 of the Laws of 1907.
Said land will be sold subject to
the terms. conditions and resem
tions of chapter 312 of the Session
Laws of 1927. relating to easements
for fights-of-way and the carrying
of timber. stone. minerals and other
products over the same.
Commissioner of Public lands.
In the Superior Court of the State
of Washington in and for Ben
ton County.
In the matter of the Guardian
ship of W. H. Amon, a mentally tn
competent‘ person.
Notice is hereby given that in
compliance with the order of Court
heretofore entered in the above en
titled cause. the guardian will of
fer for sale at public auction. at the
front door of the First National
Bank, Kennewick. Benton Cmmty.
Washington. at the hour of 10 o'-
clock m.. of Saturday, March 23.
1940. the following described real
progeny. tocwit:
West half of northeast quarter.
and northwest quarter of Sec
tion 30 Township 8 North,
Range 29 E.W.M.. Benton Coun
ty. Washington:
That the property will be sold to
the highest and best bidder for cash
and the guardian will convey title
to the premises clear of all taxes.
Dated at Kennewick. Washington,
this 27th day of February. 1940.
2:29-3:14 ELMER AMON. Guardian
SUMMONS BY runuca'nox
In the Superior Court of the State
of Washington for Benton County.
W. F. Neel and Mabel Neel. his
wife; 'l'. A. Neel and, Margaret R.
Neel, his wife. plaintiffs. vs.
Benton County. Washington. a
municipal corporation: Hartman
Abstract Company. a corporation:
unknown heirs of James Spaw. de
;ceased; unknown helm of John 8.
JSpaw. deceased: unknown heirs ofi
189mb A. Lacy. deceased: Avls‘
Vincent: Bill Wilson and Anna R.
Wilson. his wife: 8. L. Burk and
Florence M. Burk his wife: A. Zen-. 1
grell and JaneDerengrell.hiswiie;
Edward B.PerrinandmloMPeu-in.
his wife; Jonathan R. Porter and
Jane Doe Porter. his wife; Margaret
Doyle: Josephine Doyle; Harris P.
Hastings: Eva B. Keesling and John
Doe Keesling. her husband: Sarah
Bonner: H. P. Oates and Jane Doe
Oates, his wife: the unknown heirs.l
it any. of the above named defend
other persons or parties unknown
claiming any right. title. estate. lien
described in the Gompaint herein.
State of Washington 1!): Benton
County. Wadflngton. a municipal
corporation; Hartman Abstract
Company. a mention: unknown
heirs of James Spaw. deceased; un
known heirs of Sarah A. Lacey. de
ceased: unknown helm of John B.
Spaw. deceased; Avis Vincent; 8111]
Wilson and Anna 3; Wilson. his
wife; 3. L. Burk and Florence M.
Btu-k. his wife; A. Zengrell and Jane
Doe Zengnell. his wife; Edward B.
Pen-1n and Lilo u. Perrin. his wife;
Margaux-t Doyle; Josephine Doyle;
Jonothan R. Porter and Jane Doe
Porter. his wife; Harris P. Hastings;
Eva B. Keesling and John Doe
Keesling. her husband: Sarah Ron
ner; n. P. Oates and Jane Doe
Oates. his wife; the unknown heirs.
it any, of the above named defend
ants. and etch or them: use 111
other pemons or mrttes unknown
chiming any film. title. estate. lien
or Interest in and to the ma estate
described in the Complaint. defend
You. and each of you. we hereby
summoned to appear within sixty
days after the date 0! the first pub
lteation of this summons. «Mm:
Within sixty days after the 22nd
day of Maury. mo. and defend
the above entitled notion in the
above entitled Court and met the
Comphint of the plaintm and serve
a copy or your Anne:- upon the un
dersigned attorneys for plaintii'u at
their office below stated. and in
case o! 391;:- faiimje so to do. Judg-
ment wlll be rendered unmet you
weanling to the demmd of the
Complaint which has been filed
with the Clerk of the We entltled
The object of this action is to ob
tain a decree of court adjudging the
plaintiffs. W. l". Neel and Mabel
‘ Neel. his wife. to be the owners in
‘ fee simple of the following describ
ed property in Benton County.
Washington. to-wit:
The Southeast quarter: the south
half of the northeast quarter and
Northeast quarter of the Northeast
quarter of Section 15. Township 8
North. Range 30 E.W.M.; also the
Southeast quarter of the southeast
quarter of Section 10. Township 6
N., Range 30 ILWMJ also the south
east quarter of Section 14. Town
ship 6 N., Range 30 EWJI.
free and clear of all claims of the
defendants and each of them and
to debar the defendants and each
of them from asserting any claim
adverse to said plaintiffs. ‘
The further object of this action.
istodecxeetheplaintifts W. I". Neel‘
and Mabel Neel. his wife: T. W. Neel‘
and Margaret R. Neel. his wife. to‘
he the owners in fee simple at the‘
following described property in Sen
ton County. Washington. to-wit:
North 95. North $5 of Southwest
3‘. Southwest 3; of Southwest 3‘
and Northwest u of Southeast %
ofSection i:theSoutheast I,‘ of
Section 2; the North 35 of North
east 1,6, of Section 10; the North
west 1,; otSection 14; Southwest I“.
South 35 of Northwen u of Section
lathe-Southygoi’Southeast % of
Section 3: the Northwest 3‘
of Northeast u. South 1,5 of
Northeast u and the Northwest 1,4
of Southeast 1,5 of Section as; the
North 35 of Northeast 'l6 and
Northeaszt. 2411 at Northwest 8‘ of
Section : wanship 6 North.
Range so E.WJ(.. also the West 1,;
or West s 4. (bots 65-6-7). Section
6. Township 0 N. Range 81 EWJI.
the Southwest ‘:‘ of Section 2: the
South 59 of Southwest 5‘ of Sec
tion“); theWestlAofNortheast u
North 55 ofNorthwest ':‘ ofSec
tion 15: the North 55 and South
west I“ at Section 22. all in Thwa
the East 55 or Section 37. Town
ship 7 North. Rome so EWJI.
free and clear of all claims of the
defusdants and each of them and to
them from man: an claims
“M m adverse to {has plain
-891810“ &”?OBRm-AN.
ml Mum.
Pa 0. Address: Pasco. Pranum
County. Washington. mil-8:8
Residence Phone us:
“. End of . page; D;—
..'. Mun-wan COM”
NO. 6891
[ In the Superior Court of the State
of Washington in and for the
County of Benton.
The Federal Land Bank of Spo
kane. a corporation. plaintiff. vs.
Mex-nil E. mm and Jane Doe
Denow. husband and wife: Invest
mcnt 8: Securities Company. a cor
poration; John Bottomiey and Ida.
Bottomiey. husband and wire; and
Benton County National Farm Loan
Association. : corporation. detenti
The State of Washington To:
Ilerrell E. Deßow and Jane Doe De
Bow. husband and wife. defendants:
You and each of you. are hereby
summoned to appear within sixty
deys cfter the date of the first pub
lication of this summons. to-wit:
within sixty days after the 25th day
of January. 1940. and defend the
above entitled action in the above
entitled court and answer the com
plaint of plaintiff and serve a copy
of your answer upon the undersigned
‘nttorneys for plaintifl at their 0!-
‘flce hereinbelow stated: and in case
of your failure so to do. Judgment
will he entered minst you accord
ing to the complaint. which has
been filed with the Clerk or sold
The obJect or laid action is to
foreclooe a mortgage (or the sum
or “200.00. dated December 5. 1917.
made. executed and delivered by
Clerk 11:. mm and Lillie A. De
Bow. hunhend Ind wife. to The Fed
eral Land Bonk of Spokane. which
mortgage is recorded in the office
of the Auditor of Benton County.
Washington. in Book 28 of Mort
m. paces «is-6.
The further object oi said action
is to secure a sale of the property
described in said mortgage and here
inartcr described in satisfaction of
the amounts due on said mortgage.
together with taxes and abstracting
charges paid by plaintm.
The further object or said action
istoi'omcioseand bartherightsot
the detendants. and each or them.
and all persons claiming by. thru
erty ducribed in plaintm's mort
{gage or any part thereof.
The rea property described in
.id mortgage and to be cold in
{satisfaction or any deciee entered
in this cause is as follows. to-n'it:
The mm Quarter o! the
Southwest Quarter of Section Thir
ty-thnee. Township Nine North.
Range Twenty-tour. East of the
Williamette ueridian.
Together with all water and wa
ter rights ma upon or appurten
ant to ssid lands and however evi
denced. and
1 Together with any and .1! tone
menu. hmdxtunonta and appur
tenances theneunto helm; or
and In connection therewith.
“:3. WW” m"-
mat a um.
mm. a. m.
Attorneys for mum.
Post office mm: m Imm
3 w fair“
Business and
Abstract & Title Co.
mon RIG"
blooms unions
Office st Residence
in: Ave. A Pbona m:
NOT“! me
omoe Am. seem-m swung
W Animal
Eye Examination
01. um I. OLSEN. 0!... D.
m nu. moo
Office In Bank Bunch;
312. Phone am a... :02
Moniton & Powell
mace am mm mm nun:
"can“ Um
_ Phones m— m
'D .
‘ Otfloe‘l’elephonenuudm
immune”?! nae-. 2022
In. W - Gin-u rim-d
now. Km
mom '1!

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