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Addressing‘a mass meeting which
filled to capacity the Community
Hall at Benton City Friday night,
Frank Miller, Republican nominee
for Congress, speaking against a
third term for the present adminis
tration and answering the speech at
Spokane of Wallace. the candidate
for vice-president, said:
“Rotation among its citizens or
the important administrative of
fices is the very essence of a free
republic—its only safe-guard. Even
if Roosevelt had done a good job,
the people would revolt at the at
tempt to get him a third term.
“Bragging about a slight improve
ment in farm prices as compared
with those of 1932, a distinctly sub
normal year throughout the entire
world, the New Dealers skip the fact
that the purchasing power of a bu
shel of wheat or a pound of pork is
the lowest of any normal year since
the days of Napoleon.
“At Spokane, Wallace, the New
Deal hand-picked candidate for
vice president, asks for support from
wheat growers because, as he says,
his party made possible parity pay
ments on wheat, very adroitly avoids
mentioning that Roosevelt sliced
the parity payments out of the bud
get and New Deal congressman
Woodrum, leading the so-called
“Economy Block” in the House with
the aid of many of his colleagues,
fought bitterly to prevent their be
ing put back.
“Our present congressman wants
a third term for himself and Roose
velt on their record of having spent
sixty-six thousand millions in eight
years in what they call “a war on
depression,” in which they never
Won a battle.
“Let us elect men who believe in
a free republic system and who
haVe confidence in its people; men
who won’t ask us to view a moun
tain of public debt, lack of employ
ment necessitating the greatest dole
system in the world’s history, gov
ernment foreclosure on thirty thous
and farrms and a hundred thousand
homes, a neglected and obsolete de
fense system while war rages to
the east and west of us, and expect
praise and reelection because of
'social gains.” ” y
Sportsmen Leave for
Various Hunting Spots
Benton City—Several local sports
men left the latter part of the
week on deer hunting trips. Those
going Friday were Walter Hartnwn
and Ted Kendall to Republic and
“W. E. Fillmore to Lommis. Satur
day Barney Lewis, Barney jr. and
Bill Lund left for the mountains
above Ellensbm'g. Al Rhoades,
Aaron Snyder, Glen Snyder and Roy
Clark went to Bald mountain, Pard
Marlin and Don Brooks of Plymouth
to the Blue mountains.
Miss Regina Moede of Elgin, 111.
national secretary of the W. C. T. U.
_spoke Sunday morning at the Meth
odist church on the work of the
temperance union. While here she
was a house guest of Mrs. Frank
Mrs. Horace Dimmick accompan
ied Mrs. Zatique Perrault and Mrs.
Dennis Henson of Horse Heaven to
Kennewick Thursday, where they
joined a group on a Housing and
Home Improvement tour of the east
end or the county.
The first degree was conferred on
a candidate at the Masonic lodge
meeting Thmsday evening. Lodge
members from Kennewick, Prosser
and Han-ford attended. After the
degree work lunch was served.
Walter Lund, of Retsil came Fri
day fora three weeks’ visit with
his brother, H. P. Lund to take in
the opening of the pheasant hunt-’
ing season. He is enroute' home
from a trip to Minnesota.
The Kiona-Benton Women’s Im
provement club had their meeting
Thursday afternoon at the commun
ity hall and approved the, year’s
program as presented by Mrs. W. E.
Fillmore, program leader. The
meeting October 17 will be at the
Community hall with Mrs. John
Burliss as hostess and Mrs. F. S.
Hedger in charge of the program on
parliamentary laws.
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Clayton and
family of Wallula, former Benton
City residents, are here while Clay
ton is relief section foreman for
W. A. Culp. They will be here a
month and are staying with Clay
ton’s father. Leonard Clayton.
—a straight-thinking, cour
ageous, hard-hitting, ex
perienced man in the nation’s
capitol—a man who thinks
FIRST of America’s welfare
in this war-mod world.
Stephen F, Chadwick
"measures up”,
Independent ‘
Thinker ‘
3 " “STEPHEN“ r 3 1* 94%
Repfibh’can Carjdidéte {0; A
. . v.
' " ‘ “U'e5553:2-.., ,
~ 2 :2;Z-2‘*f"' ‘2 I
€j.-' ',':33';-.- ' ,
2. - ‘-1 b
:. ' ' _‘- {fir-J I
-' .. 2 : ' f
- » ‘o'
... a} . Imm.
g 2.2 ' '3l. ‘1’?!
\- J "2).".25 .
'~--‘-:. 1: -, . -, ‘
3:51}. .35' . 2 ‘
2.42... a.“ ‘ 1
-:»\ . -'.‘-'.» . -> ‘ V -'
‘1" -:‘.\"“‘l’.,§., ~
I - L ,- '-:.-.»:i.-;~':1:"':
: . :»;-. 'l.~ -:-
- . »' .-'--.‘ -::»‘ '-.:4‘,-.-1-1‘:-’.2.
4 ,3 _2 ":;s§§%s~:-;-24<¥
_._:3.g-,',-g.g~ -.,3 _ :22; ._.;;;,’:5-:-¥‘*::.-. ~-’:".‘-.~:.
.-..':":f;i~'\'.::i‘:.. ~.2..12-:'2l'-5 ‘:=:=21:"21:?.\
2755321“? Sigfifijigé ‘ I 2%? 3:“ 29:32:
-;:':::.-.-~:t~- ”1:22:25. :'.~: '::;'~-‘rz::-2 ..f » A":-
:.;;>:‘:;;A*‘.' 'ivtt 235.1”"2. '
Highland Ladies to
Serve Baoster Dinner
HIGHLAND—~The Highland Wo
man’s club will serve a dinner. next
Thursday even)"; October 17th at
the Highland c‘ub house, when the
Chamber of C‘rnmerce and High
land Improvement club are spon
soring a “bocsfer” program, furth
ering the devel:.pment of the High
land irrigation project. A program
will be given with E. F. Blaine of
Grandview, as the main speaker of
the evening. Dancing will follow.
The kitchen committee will be in
charge of Mrs. C. H. Meyer and
Mrs. Ted Watkins. will act as chair
man of the table committee.
' Mr and Mrs. Glen Humphreys and
daughters Barbara and Adelle will
\arrive the last of the week to visit
at the home of his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. V. 0. Humphries. .
The Lee Bontelle family is thour
oughly enjoying the advantages of
electricity, which they have been de
prived of so long, as the P.P.&L. ex
tended the South Highland line to
their home this week.
The Highland Les Amies Pinochle
club will meet next Wednesday, Oc
tober 16th at the home of Mrs. Carl
Bennett. '
The Highland Girl Scout troop
met last Friday evening at the
home of their lieutenant, MiSs Ella.
Mae Liebel.
Mrs. N. E. Robbins attended a
district Woman’s club board meet
ing at Wapato, last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley and fam
ily, who have been making their
home on the Williams Cherry Or
chard, have moved to Pasco.
Booster Night Well
Attended Thursday
FlNLEY—Booster night was held
at the Finley grange hall Thursday,
‘October 3rd with about 150 grange
imembers and friends present. As
there was no business meeting held,
the program consisted of the offi
cers marching to their chairs and
the song of “America the Beautiful.”
The high school orchestra was led
by Miss Sarah McCurdy.
Reading, from state grange, read
by Mrs. Irene Hughes.
Address by M. M. Moulton.
Skit by Mrs. Schwenk, Mrs. Wes
ley Street and Lawrence Gerber. Re
freshments were served at the close,
and dancing was enjoyed. Grange
will meet Thursday night, October
17th at 8:00 pm. .
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Myers and
daughter Maryin of Vancouver,
came Thursday for a weeks visit
with Mrs. Myers parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Piert, and her brother
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Mrs. Carl Walk and son Claude
visited Tuesday with Mrs. Walk’s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sch
1 Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Davis of the
Highlands have purchased the place
formerly occupied by Frank Bens,
and are moving in their new home.
Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Mullins who
have been at Roxby the past several
months, have moved to KennewicE,
and at .present are at the home of
Mrs. Mullins parents, Mr. and Mrs.
L. Lanning. -
Mr. and'Mrs. Harry Benson were
Saturday dinner guasts at the E.
Sherry home.
Bert Quigley of Walla Walla was
a dinner guest Thursday night of
Mr. and Mrs. E. Sherry. Other vis
itors were Jens Lande and son Earl
of Kennewick. . .
Mrs. Harry‘ Benson attended a
bridge party at the home of Mrs.
Cora Whitbeck Wednesday.
Carl Walk, who is employed in
Walla Walla, spent the week end at
his home here. He returned to Walla
Walla Sunday evening.
Back Injury Caused
by Fall While Working
HIGHLANDS—Mr. and Mrs. Ter
rance Taylor accompanied .by Bob
Taylor and Miss Ruth Sloan of
Richland, motored to Yakima Sat
urday, returning with their house
hold effects to Kennewick, where
they will make their home. Ter
rance, while working at the Ray
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. ZSAE’“
‘ I
BUY / E"
Text of Initiative Measure No. 139
To Be Voted On November sth
Section 1. The approval of the vot
-1 ers of any public utility district or
ganized under the laws of this state
shall be required, as hereinafter pro
vided, in addition to the require
ments of any other act or law, for
the authorization of any bonds, se
curities. or other financial obliga
tions to be issued, assumed, or in
curred by such district for the pur
pose of financing the acquisition of
property for use in supplying pub
lic utility service, and for the auth
orization of the proposed plan or
system pursuant to which such propw
erty is to be acquired and used; pro
vided, however, that such approval
shall not be required for the auth
orization of any obligations to be in
curred for repairs or replacements
of utility property owned by the dis
trict or of any plan therefor, or for
the issuance of any. warrants or or
ders for the payment of money for
any lawful purpose drawn either
upon any funds accumulated fro
the district’s operations, or upon
any fund or funds created by the
district pursuant to the issuance.
assumption, or incurring of finan
cial obligations theretofore approved
by the voters as in this act provided.
Sec. 2 Whenever the commission
of any public utility district shall
deem it advisable for the district to
acquire any property for use in sup
plying public utility service. and to
issue or assume any bonds or securi
ties or to incur any other financial
obligations to finance the acquisition
0f 511011 DrapertY. the commission
shall submit to the qualified voters
of.the district, for their approval or
reiection at a general or special elec
tion, a resolution specifying the ‘
Maling Canning 00., in Yakima, fell
and hurt his back and will be un
able to work for several months.
George Lape left last Thursday
with a friend, Glenn Baker of
Prosser, on a deer hunting trip to
- Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rankin were call
ers at the W. S. Green home on
More Than 500 Given
T. B. Tests in 1940
The new 1940 Tuberculosis Christ
mas Seals :have already arrived and
plans for their sale were discussed
at the regular fall Seal Sale meet
ing of the Benton County Tubercu
losis League, held at Hanford, Wed
nesday, October 2. Mrs. J. R. Ayers,
Seal Sale Chairman for Benton
County, reported that local chair
men were appointed and supplies
and seals will go out to them soon.
In planning for the sale of seals
:this fall, the accomplishments of
the past year were brought to mind.
The tuberculin test was given by
Dr. Cox, Diagnostician of the
Washington Tuberculosis Associa
tion to over 500 students and teach
ers at Kennewick and Finley-Hover.
All expense of this, including the
cost of the tuberculin, was paid for
from funds derived from last year’s ‘
seal sale. Dr. Cox gave chest exam- .
inations to all those reacting pos
itively to the test. Chest clinics
were held in Prosser and Kennewick
by Dr. Cox later in the summer.
This expense was paid for from
the seal sale money. Numerous X
rays were given those in need of
them who coulo not afford to pay
for them themselves. Hundreds of I
pamphlets were distributed thruout {
the country. Educational programs,
through the use of the new soundi
machine, were given and will con
tinue to be given throughout the‘
fall, including work in the schools
in conjunction with the essay con
tests sponsored by the state asso
ciation and the county league.
All these and many other serv
ices are paid for through the sale
of the attractive little Tuberculosis
Christmas Seals, which will" soon
again be offered to the public. The
sale opens November 25.
There are 10,672 weekly newspa
pers in the United States.
property to be acquired. the pro
posed plan or system pursuant to
which such property is to be ac
quired. and used, the proposed meth
od of acquisition, whether by pur
chase, condemnation and purchase,
new construction, or otherwise, the
total estimated cost of the property
to be acquired, including expenses
0: acquisition, and the nature, prin
cipal amount, and maximum rate of 1
interest of each class of bonds, se-‘
curities or other financial obligaw
tions proposed to be issued, as-‘
sumed, or incurred in connection
therewith. Such resolution may also
include provision by general descrip
tion for anticipated future additions
or extensions to or betterments of
the utility prbperty embraced in the
proposed plan or system, and for
the obligations to be incurred on ac
count of such additions, extensions
or betterments. The identifying
number and the substance of such
resolution shall be clearly stated in
the notice of election. The ballot
shall provide for expressing the vot
ers' approval or rejection of such
resolution substantially as follows:
Shall Resolution N0...................-...0f
Public Utility District No
0f...........-......i......-County be approved.
and said district be authorized to
issue, assume or incur the bonds,
securities or other financial obliga
tions proposed in said resolution in
the maximum principal amount of
3-m W.....--?
- NO [I
Such elections shall be called and
conducted in all other respects in
the manner provided by law for the
holding of general or special elec
tions. as the case may be, in public
utility districts.
Ladies Aid Keep Busy
Novw Tying Comforts
HOVER The Hover ladies aid is
tying comforters at the River View
high school on Thursday of this
week. Mrs. Minnie Ashby was a
dinner guest at the J. E. Cochran
home Sunday. Mrs. Leslie Gilbert
and family of Pasco visited at the
E. E. Toothaker home on Thursday.
Mrs. Gillie Moss and daughter.
Marlen, spent several days with
her mother, Mr. Leonard, at Two
Rivers this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Larrick are driv
ing a new Bantam car. They re
port an average of a fraction more
{than forty-six miles per gallon on
their return from Portland, Oregon.
‘ Mrs. Irene Hughes, daughter Iris
and Mrs. Minnie Ashby attended
a Republican Rally in Benton City
Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Nunn were
guests at the Roy Bartholomew
home Sunday.
The P. P. 8:. L. have put in a line
to the Roy Bartholomew home.
Mrs. John Franklin, who visited
at the Carl Evans home several days
left Thursday for her home at Post
Falls, Idaho. |
Former Highland Lady
Passes at Vancouver
ers received word last week from
Merle Muncey at Medford, Oregon,
that his mother, Mrs. Sam Muncey
a former South 3113th resident”.
had passed away August 25th at
Vancouver. Washington. Burialwas
made at Bend, Oregon. Mr. Mun
cey preceded Mrs. Muncey in death
about six years ago.
Clark Taylor was a Sunday din
ner guest at the Clarence Sander
man home.
Mrs. Hummel, who has been ill
at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
around again at this writing.
M. N. Hudnall, Mrs. Gladys Kelso
and daughter Margaret, will motor
to Walla Walla this week-end to
. Round-Tr-p to
“ IN coA c H
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1.11“}; , .
Ip'4 V .4 an
y'W'LL‘Vfi‘ 'r-I
POR \ ’ 6:135: .
0:51:66: {lvy/'éw/Qazx 0.”! rfir (Ac/I’m,
Sec. 3. Such resolution shall be ef
fective only after it shall have been
approved by the qualified voters of
the district by a majority vote of
those voting on the proposition. or
by such greater percentage vote as
may be required by the constitution,
at an election at which the total
vote cast on such proposition shall
exceed fifty per cent of the total
number of votes cast within such
district at the last preceding bien
nial general election at which state
and county othcers were elected; and
upon 'such approval of such resolu
tion, but not otherwise. the commis
sion may proceed to acquire such
property and to issue. assume or in
cur the bonds, securities or other
financial obligations specified in
such resolution.
Sec. 4. Nothing in this act con~
tained shall interfere with the prose
cution of any condemnation action
or proceeding for the acquisition of
any property by a public utility dis
trict, which may be pending at the
time this act becomes effective; but
no property shall be acquired pur
suant to any such condemnation ac
‘tion or proceeding, nor shall any
bonds, securities. or other financial
obligations be issued. assumed or
incurred by any district for the pur
pose of financing the acquisition of
any such property, unless and until
the proposition for acquiring such
property and authorizing such bonds,
securities, or other financial obliga
tions shall have been approved by
the voters of the district. as in this
act provided. at the next general
election held within the district
after this act shall become efiective.
or at a special election called and
held for that purpose within one
year after such eflective date.
attend a. birthday dinner at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kelso.
the occasion being Mr. Hudnall’s
Mr. and Mrs. Everett. who have
been visiting their nephew. Ken
neth Whan in Benton City. arrived
Tuesday to spend a few days at the
E. J. Brand home. '
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Knight left
Sunday for Selah, where they will
spend the next two months working
in the apples.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Camp
rbell have left Kennewick and are
working in the apples at Gleed.
‘ Washington.
Mrs. Fred Giles returned home
last Wednesday evening from Spo
kane, where she spent a few days
with her daughter. Miss Lorraine.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. .Meyer ac
companied by Mrs. Carl Slaybaugh
motored to Walla Walla and Day
ton Sunday, where they visited Mr.
and Mrs. Claude Taylor and fam
ily and Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Slay
baugh and family.
The Highland Bridge Club is
meeting today. Thursday. for a 1:30
dessert luncheon at the home or
Mrs. Blanche Forster.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hardy as week
end guests, Mr. and Mrs. A. McLel
lan of Spokane. Mrs. McLellan and
Mrs. Hardy being sisters.
Delbert Hessler of Kennewick
spent Saturday and Sunday as a
house guest of Harold Foraker at
the W. L. Foraker home.
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. In All Male: Dimensions
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With Balanced Swinging
Front and Rent, and Inn
proved Shockproot Steering
rowm sum " 'l:ng
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Plw many more outstand-
Ing canton, safety and
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mIT.. . eO.
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n ‘W ’1 o
Government Men Test
A Cattle for Disease
Two of the government men were
in the community Monday testing
cattle for Bangs disease. -
Fred Richman of Benton City
was a visitor Sunday at the Guy
Travis and Edward Tyacke homes.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis 'l‘yacke and
daugher of Yakima were also guests
of the Travis and Tyacke families.
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Travis and
son Rodney are visiting for several
days in Coeur d'Alene, where they
attended the wedding of Mrs.
Travis’ sister, Miss Emma Jean
Foster. which was 'an event of the
Highland Folk Hear
Son’s Voice over Radio
HIGHLANDS—Mr. and Mrs. V.
O. Humphreys were much pleased
recently, when they tuned in on
Station KPO. San Francisco. and
had the pleasure of listening to their
son. Albert, who was being inter
viewed and who gave a 15 minute
talk, the program being dedicated
to him. Mr. Humphrey is employ
ed by the Graham Automobile 00.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Paulsen and
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Paulsen were
Tuesday evening dinner guests at
the Henry Paulsen home.
Mrs. Glenn Plelton has been visit
ingkrelatives in Yakima the past
wee .
Mrs. A. P. Russell of Toppenish ls
a guest this week at the Harley
Peter home. Mrs. Russell and Mrs.
Peter are sisters.
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Lampson and
son, Jim of Toppenish. were Sun
day guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Frank tampon and “mu.
Mrs. Zindel left Tuesday for
Kelso. where she expects to make
her home this winter.
Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Shattuck and
family returned home last Satur
day from Idaho. where they spent
a lew days visiting muttves and
The Booster club dance. which
‘was given under the auspices of the
Highland Impmvement club. was
held last Wednesday evening. Boo
ster pins and dance tickets were
sold in advance by Highland girls
with Miss Opal Watkins selling the
most—thirty one. with Miss Rose
Mary. second. and Miss Verdine
Forster, third.
~ “18 I-Ilghland Improvement club
met for its regular meeting 1.31; m
day evening at the Richland club
house. Plans were made for 3 din
ner and reclamation meeting to be
held on October 17th.
Mr. and Mrs- Bull Shields enter
tained at’ dinner Tuesdny evening.
Notice t_o_ Hunters
COl;I—E T 0
For Early Breakfast
W 49». ; .:._“,.‘_;__,g..’~_ .
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79...; i 1.'53:;:E;L:E::::f':§::':3.5.15: .':SEZSSW W"""“'I$.;~’"x 4”“ " mm/ '-->l.vf"---'~-‘ L; A
" 'w-w -‘. :6 f‘.. ‘ v * ;;:;:f;j:§:-:,;L:f_’.;l .3:5:"?;5:5:3.i.~."', a ”ma-:5: ,1.-;-- :~;-:5;i'1'-':-:-‘- -‘ ;..'._. '-:-:‘.-‘-*;~. ..ww- ;._ .01“. '
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”Hr // 5761-31 ‘1 E' ". - .323'3§‘5i:7;.113:2. 75:23}:1153:1331? .-,:I3T:"" . . “‘2 1:3. ' .15. '1 ‘p:
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Vii-SE: ' I :1' " ' ' “ . 5"", ' fl: ,;' . ‘5:- W .
‘2: . .. -. mama
~ -' . ~ . - _v 7 1L; . . :r ' I
l @W—ft . I,“ng w ;
[I am oftfie Wimp mm I
...witll 3"morewhoelbcu and "fine-couple nomniumsfllflll'h
leading My Madam onlyondavrolet and ”gnaw-i
Parade 1110118 the avenue in this a rkl beauty, and you’ll at!!!“ M
eye . . . for the new 1941 Chemist I:2lam tmartest car that cm W"
radiator ornament . . . the Style Car of the United States! thl
Performance P—even more powerful and even more economlal ’_
Ehemleth found-breaking road action of last year! Riding comfdl‘f‘
“the smoothest. ateadleot ride of all," with De
Luxe Knee-Action and balanced springing front
and tear on all models! I
Buneome.youhethe]ud¢eofthe newlfll 1
Chevrolet! Eye It—Try lt—Buy It! See how finely
andfalthfully It la designed to hefintanin in
popular favor and popular demand!
I Two-tone color: on all Special De Luu much—”llene! at nun—ll em 0“-
I Wefl‘fllasr BECAUSE [T’s Imm]
Kennewick, Washington
'l'nursday, October 10, 1...
The gumm “’(‘X‘e her ‘
and Mrs. thw' Leuis B.IIM fi.
ence and Jnnmy, the WM
the Leurs' thirtyqourmomon M
niversary, W‘
[Scoutmaster Talk;
i __- 30"5i3xcuni.
men took six of his mom. 53:3,:
man Friday. where they Were M
lfor the day at Washingm M
? College. Saturdiy meg-mu. It
‘Willman look the boys on Into“:
‘ kane' where they Were the M '
his father and his mm. m-
Spokane the boys visited “Q N
KGA broadcasting studiog, an M
enport Hotpi. the Natatoum M
and several oiher places 01%
in Spokane. They returned to“
home in Richland Sunday.
Mrs. Sydney Relmn m h.
Earle Jones attended g M ~
sert luncheon at the hm. “h
WhitbeL-k in Kennewick M
Mrs. L. Beamer was “WW“
ess. Mrs. Reimn received M“
for the afternoon.
The Richland Woman's at”
their first meeting of the M.
Thursday afternoon and M H
their program for the u
Mr. and Mrs. John Fem
Dave Mann have gone MM“
Mr. and Mrs. Sydney W
to Spokane Thursday. Md."
3»;quth I'3; a few days a an:
rs. 0011’
son. a brother. in u.
Mr. and Mrs. Anton
Seattle visitors 1m w "'
Richland friends mum in
this week that Mrs. 1". L. w“
who has been seriously m in ~_
kane for the past rom- Mi
slowly improving. ..
Vote FOR
No. 139
[l] It gives you the a“
to vote on PUD 101 l
Issues over which“
now have no control.
[2] ltpteventsPUDCag.
missionen from In
cumn comma
or pubfic debt um
you must pay, uh.
o majority am
[3] It is the good old
American way of do
ing public m
[4] It makes no other
change in tho HID
Act ond still pot-l:
tullexpomioo otm
licly mod at“ .
to the limit of tho
pooplo's lain.
[S] Rood tIIo lait‘otlh
For cm lntotmotbo mum
in 97. “flaw-flun-

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