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Association Is
Organized to Aid
Camp Fire Girls
A Camp Fire Guardians and
Mothers association was organized
Wednesday evening at the home of
Mrs. A. R. Chase. The purpose of
this association is to promote a
closer relationsmp between Camp
Fire girls and their home, com
munity and country. and to give the
guardians and mothers an oppor
tunity for training toward the bet
terment of the Camp Fire program
in the community. It also gives the
sponsors a better opportunity to co
operate with the organization.
The new officers of the associa
tion are: chairman. Mrs. A. R.
Chase: vice chairman, Mrs. P. 0.
Stone- acretary. Mrs. L. Newsome
and treasurer, Mrs. Bert Wilson.
This cvganizaition chose as its meet
ing nigh: the second Monday of each
month and plans were discussed for
a Christmas Council Fire.
Follcxhg the business session the
ladies pzrricipated in a symbolism
contest. wh.‘ 3h resulted in Mrs. Emil
'31“: .V X :1:.. ‘ :‘l': 33‘3. 5.. \RF
'3‘ 1 3 a ‘522 ’n
Kenneth Gt“"on Sebern
Kenneth Seberr passed away at
the Pasco hospit‘l Sunday at the
result of ruptured appendix. '
He was born March 30, 1926 at
Walla Vfi‘la and has made his home
in Kemrw‘ick during the past five
years. » '
Surviv": him are his mother,
Mrs. Gr = Sebem, three sisters and
four br“ ’lers. Mrs. G. L. Webber,
Vancou' - Rudolph, Walla Walla:
Viola ar ‘ Alice and George Elmer,
Kennew;.'2<; Roy _E. Juneau, Alaska
and J": F‘lynn,‘spokane.
Fur ** 3.1 services were held from
the Nelle: Funeral chapel Tues
day 1r “-nlng With the Rev. John
Nolt ‘fflclatlng. Interment Was"
made i“. the Walla~Walla cemetery.
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The association membership in
cludes guardians of both Kennewlck
and Richland, Ca‘np Fire mothers,
Legion Auxiliary m embers and any-.
one else interests.l in the organiza
tion. The nex: meeting will be
held on January 13. Mrs. Lilly Peter
son and Miss An 1a Holmes, Rich
land guardians. were the out-of
town members present.
Sister-Brother Win
Ist in County Contest
BENTON ClTY—Cliff Warner
won first place in the senior division
and his sister, Mary placed first in
the junior division in the county
essay contest sponsored by the State
Tuberculosis Association. Their
essays together with the second and
third place papers have been sent
to Seattle to compete for state hon
ors. Five schools participated Mrs.
Harry Fleming and Mrs. W. A. De
Good of Benton City, Mrs. Gordon
Rolph and Mrs. George Bastien of
Prosser and Miss Lois Shumake of
:Kennewick were judges.
| Mr. and Mrs. Buster Crozier of
‘Moxee came this week to live in «the
‘Everett Engelhart place, while the
Engleharts are at Davenport. Cro
zier is a brother of Mrs. Englehart.
Vivian Rayhill came Wednesday
to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.
F. 'Rayhill. Vivian attends school in
IKennewick and will remain here
Lwhile the schools there are closed
because of an influenza epidemic.
Mrs. W. E Fillmore had as her
Wednesday luncheon guests, Mrs. J.
H. Mann, Mrs. Wesley Rider and
Mrs. Howard Rile of the Rattle
snake gas field.
W. D. Crawford and Oscar Han
son attended the dinner and meet
ing of the Masonic lodge Wednes
day evening in Kennewick.,
Frank Grover left Tuesday night
for Portland to have a physical
check-up at St. Vincent’s hospital.
He will return Sunday morning.
Art Dimmick of Oregon is visit-‘
ing this week at the home of his
brother, Horace Dimmick. ‘ l
W. B. Uland was brought home!
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hospital, where he was a patient
ten days. '
Bobby Johanson, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Johanson is ill at his
home with pneumonia. Dr. M. W.
Stevens of Kennewick was called on
Tuesday to attend him.
Visiting Odd Fellows
Enjoy Turkey Dinner
About fifty local Odd Fellows
along with visitors from Bickleton,
Mabton and Pasco enjoyed a turkey
dinner at the hall Monday evening.
The entertainment feature of the
evening was a fancy drill put on' by
the Rebekah Degree Team, after
which bridge, pinochle and my
was enjoyed by all present.
Tuesday evening several mem
bers joined Pasco lodge in confer
ring the first degree at Connell.
Monday, December 9, the lodge
will confer the initiatory degree for
three local candidates.
An election of officers was held
recently at which time Kermit
Liebel was elected Noble Grand;
Archie Bishop, vice grand and E.
A. Silliman, secretary.
The Weather
The thermometer twins, Max and
Min, cut up no didoes this week, re
maining comparatively dormant
throughout the entire seven days.
They remained just a little below
their records of last year for the
corresponding week. '
Below are the temperatures for
the past seven days compared with
the corresponding week a year ago.
1939 ' 1940
Nov. 28—40-20 37-29
Nov. 29—45-25 58-30
Nov. 30—55-30 46-29
Dec. 1—55-30 47-29
Dec. 2—50-40 40-32
Dec. 3—48-33 ‘ 45-38
Dec. 4—56-34 43-33
An Ordinance Adopting the Budget
for the Year 1941. The City Coun
cil of the City of Kennewick Does
Ordain as Follows: -
Section 1. The budget contain-
ing the totals set forth for each
class and department for the year
1941 is hereby adopted as follows:
General Government
City Clerk, salaries, $780.00, expenses
City Treasurer. salaries $780.00; ex
penses $25.00.
City Attorney, salaries $600.00; ex
penses $50.00.
City Hall, expenses $350.00.
Postage and Printing, expenses
Janitor, salaries $120.00.
Fuel, expenses $275.00.
Insurance, expenses $60.00.
State Audit, salaries $175.00.
Registration, expenses $25.00.
City Officer's bonds, expenses
$140.00. ~
Membership, Assoc. of Wash. Cities.
expenses $75.00.
Totals, salaries $2455.00, expenses
$1125.00, total $3580.00.
Protection to Personal Property
Chied’ of police, salaries $1440.00.
Night Patrolman. salaries $1380.00.
Extra Police, salaries $185.00.
Maintenance, expenses $500.00.
Jail, expenses, $40.00.
Police Judge, salaries $20.00.
Industrial Insurance, expenses
Car Insurance, expenses $40.00.
Firemen, salaries $500.00.
Fire Hose, Capital Outlay, $350.00.
Fire Chief Inspection salaries
Miscellaneous expense, $271.00.
Insurance of men, expense $50.00.
Fire College, expenses SBO.OO.
Street Lights, expense $2800.00.
Hydrant rent, expense $2000.00.
Sewer Maintenance, expense $75.00.
Irrigation Tax, expense $25.00.
Insurance on neon sign, expense
Emergency warrants, sewer cons.,
Totals. salaries, $3645.00; expense.
$8234.79; capital outlay, $350.00; to
tal, $12,229.79. ,
Health Conservation
Health Officer, salaries, $180.00;
expense $60.00.
Vital statistics, salaries. $12.00. -
Totals. salaries $192.00; expense
$60.00; total $252.00.
Miscellaneous i
Park, . salaries $500.00, expense
$517.50.. '
Library, expense $445.00.
Totals, salaries $500.00; expenses
$962.50, total $1,462.50.
TOTAL of current expense $17,524.29
Estimated Receipts
1 From Liquor Control Board $4,097.00
ime W License, $1,500.00.
From Business License, $178.00. -
‘ From, Rentals, $319.00.
From Fines. $95.00.
,From Miscellaneous sources, $44.00.
Total, $8,233.00. .
: Amount to be raised by general
taxation for C. E., $11,291.29.
._ Bond Redemption and Interest
Bonds, $4,250: interest $818.75, to
tal, $5.0m.75.
. City Street Fund
Street Department, salaries, $2715.00,
expenses 9500.00.
Truck and grader, expenses $550.00.
Industrial 7. Insurance, expenses
$150.00. j, _
{Postage and ,Printing, expenses
‘25.”. . ‘Ji. .
Insurance on truck, expenses $30.00.
Totals, salaries $2715.00, expenses,
$1255.00: total, $3,970.00. ,
Total amount to be. raked by gen
eral taxatiOh. $20,330.04.
Section 2.This ordinance shall be
in full force five days after its pas
sage. approval and publication in
the official newspaper of the City of
Passed December 4, 1940.
Approved December 4, 1940.
Atte t By. C. A, Crawforgélrayor.
' s:‘ ‘Wlnitred .Camp ,Ci
Clerk. , i ‘ ty
. Approved. as to form, Charles L.
Powell,City Attorney. 12-5.
‘ ..An Ordinance adopting tax levies
, for the year 1941.
~ Fl‘he City Council of the City of
Kennewick Does Ordain as Follows:
Section 1. That the taxes for the
year 1941 of the City of Kenne'wlck.
hued upon an assessed valuation of
$1,022,272 are hereby levied in the
sum of $20,330.04. which levy in mill
age on each dollar of assessed valu
ation in the City or Kennewick is as
Current expense ._...-11 mills
Bond and interest
redemption ......__.._ 5 mills
City street Fund “A..- 4 mills
Total _._---”--_---._m__-.20 mills
Section 2. This ordinance shall be
in full force and effect five days
after its passage, approval and pub
lication in the official newspaper of
the City of Kennewick.
Passed December 4, 1940.
Approved December 4, 1940.
City of Kennewick,
By C. A. Crawford, Mayor
Attest: Winifred Campbell, ‘
_ City Clerk.
Approved: Charles L. Powell,
[2-5 City Attorney
Sealed bids will be received by
the Secretary of the Priest Rapids
irrigation District. at White Bluffs.
Benton County, Washington, up to
2 P. M. of the 12th day of December,
1940, for excavation of a short canal
and furnishing at rental rates one
or two bulldozers and one air com
1 The approximate quantity of ex
be 300 hours total, bulldozer or
\cavation is 20,000 Cu. Yd. unclassi
fied. The rentals of equipment will
bulldozers, and 400 hrs. two hammer
At the time and date above men
tioned, the Directors of said District
will meet at their office at White
Bluffs, Washington, and the bids
will be publicly opened and read
aloud. All bids are to be sub
mitted on the form included as a
part of the specifications on file
with the Secretary.
A deposit of moo required to ob
tain the specifications will be re
funded upon the return of the spec
ifications in good condition or the
submission of a bona fide bid.
The District reserves the right to
reject any or all bids and to waive
minor informalities.
V Secretary.
STAR PENNEY’S (Kennewick)O A. M
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‘ -.-.r3”
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' Ladies’
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” ‘Dmtic Redncflon!'\§
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I, ‘ nova-. 1! ‘\
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Drastic Reduction!
Dress and Work
Reduction {mm 3‘ to x or
«mum ml
’s’!“ “‘s§
’ \
I" Spechl! \‘\
Man's Winter -
{g - Union $35?" “|
‘\\ 55c l'
\\ “mm“ "
\\ ’s’
‘19... .3!’
for 12-Year-old Boys
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only 37 c
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3 Boy’s Shirts
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s‘ I
- .f
Prices Slashed: I
Oxfords and
Straps _
50c pr. . '
Fraction of mm. pm
15” ~15
’l’ ”W M‘\ ‘
I, x ‘
I. 132%. ..:-u
l‘ . Mon Bth '
“ 37c 3") ‘
“ Agog-time will!
\‘ the W.
Just Two Big an t
Table ‘
Tennis '
‘ $1.25 .
If: '
175’ ' fi ‘
I, : N
'1 WM: a nu:
“ sac-mm ,
\\ w
\‘ use an aa I l
\s 4,
Drastic Reduction
Winter Wei!“ ‘
, Shirts and . 6
I Drawers ‘
m can
17c ’
A real give-Mn! M
seduced: ‘
4 ms -
snowman! :
a Pajama
‘. 88c - w
\ Our best uncut!—
fast color
10c Bargain
2 Baby Pillows
2—5-Piece Brill!e 5"
All 1332:: Cull

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