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(the Kennrmtrk Gunner-Ewart”
... Issued Thursdays by The Kennewick Printing 00., 217 Kennewick Avenue, Kennewick, Washington
Member of National Editorial Association and Washington Newspaper Publishers Association, Inc. a
a Subscription $2.00 per year R. E. REED, Editor and Publisher
a The Courier. est. March 27. 1902 The Reporter, est. January 24, 1908 - Consolidated April 1. 1914 a
... Entered as Second Class matter, April 2. 1914 at P. 0. at Kennewick, Wash., under act or March 3, 1879 Q
times believe they can save money
ordering from mail-order catalogues.
Others buy from the canvasser who
goes from door to door, representing ‘
outside interests. We are not con-1‘
demning your patronage for our
citizens know what they want, curl
town shoppers give their local bus
inessmen the first chance to do
fair trade with them. Spend your
money where you can see it work
for you.
God Bless America
Robert E. Gay,
Prosser Record-Bulletin
One of the greatest dangers facing
America today is that an extended
depression should cause men to lose
faith in the blessings of Democracy.
There needs to be a definite reali
zation that our troubles are not due
to our democratic forms but to ques
tions of economics.
A surgeon who will operate on the
heart of his patient to cure a foot
ailment is no more foolish than a
people who will lose faith in self
government when the trouble lies
elsewhere. Dentists have been known
to pull the wrong tooth; doctors
have made wrong diagnoses and the
American people are in danger of
making a similar mistake.-
What is American Democracy and
is anything wrong .with it?
Our Democracy is founded on the
theory that “governments are insti
tuted among men deriving their just
powers from the consent of the gov- \
emed.” In America we have implem
mented that theory with a repre
sentative form of government where
we both nominate and elect our pub
lic servants through a free and se
cret ballot system and are guided in
course by a Constitution which guar
antees trial by jury, freedom of
speech, of press, of assembly; free
dom from unwarranted search or ar
rest and from cruel and unusual
But this is not all. American life
is characterized by a spirit of equal
ity and a respect for the individual.
We have no castes here and every
American mother, as she rocks her
infant son, knows full well she lives
in a country where he may become
Is there anything in our Democ
racy that any sane man would sur
render or have fundamentally dif
No, American Democracy is our
national heritage and we should love
and cherish it.
Let us stake our all on America. ‘
{Let om‘ lips proclaim and our
hearts swell with the measured ca- ?
denoe of an unswerving loyalty to
these ideals which represent the ‘
realization of the dream of millions 4
through unnumbered centuries. <
God Bless America. .;
Each year some Scrooge says the
universal Christmas spirit is dead,
that man has come so tar from the
shadow of Bethlehem manager that
he ceases to reflect in its symbolic
tidings. That is not true. Man thinks
himself as great, is proud of his pos
sessions, of his daring, courage and
capabilities. He boasts of worldly
gains, of his advantages, of his phy
sical and mental attainments. Man‘
believes himself unbeatable and in- E
vulnerable, until along comes Christ- ‘
mas to revive the spirit of goodness,
tolerance, faith and love. However
base our desires, however cruel our
intentions, however comfortless our
natures, each year holds an event of
such spiritual power that we forget
01me and turn to God. The
spell at Christmas, the symbol of
star and stable; touch the human.
universal heart, bring remembrance
and awakens within man those vir
Build Valuable Bank Credit
When financing that
1941 Car
Make both sides of that dollar work when
you buy that new car—make your money .
not only pay for the car, but also build local
bank credit with one of the ,first one hun
dred banks in point of size in this country.
‘ 0 Check our more favorable rates!
0 Check our more favorable terms!
0 Check the privileges we offer, includ
ing that of arranging the financing
through your automobile dealer.
0 Check the convenience and satisfac
tlon of dealing financially with local
people Whom you know.
Automobile financing is becoming more lo
calized every day. Before buying that 1941
car, talk over its financing with one of our
officers. ,
m M m m We:
tues that make him akin to his
We have come many Christmas
tides from that birthday of over
1900 years ago. We have lived a
thousand years in endeavoring to
justify ourselves in the eyes of our
fellows. We have used wisdom and
kindness, sympathy and gentleness,
for in each is the capacity to be
these sometime during a lifetime.
But perhaps we have permitted the
false gods of power and wealth to
over-ride our gentle traits and dim
the true nature with a false face
of personal greed.
Would we be where we are today
if we had heeded the cry for peace
and good-will?‘ Though nations
fight nation, their people oppress
ed and suffering, there still remains
the universal spirit for Christmas.
No matter what effort a country
makes to keep Christmas from the
boundary-line, regardless of laws
against religion, the heart hangs up
its stars and wreaths, the spirit
sings of the light of the star, there
is the odor of sweet hay and the
vision of the Mother holding aloft
the Christ child. You cannot blind
man to the creed with which he was
born or erase from his soul the in- ;
heritance from that holy baby.
As we busily bedeck the Christ
‘mas .trees of Kennewick, as we pur
chase. and as we receive, being fa
tigued by the material part of the
holiday, let us remember the spirit
ual Christmas that is reverant and
profound in its true meaning. Our
faith promises throuhh peace “good
will among men.” To deny it 'we
reap that which is about us, war
and hate and greed. So let us
throw off the burden of man-made
misery, hearken to the angel of
peace, the star of God’s guidance,
the wreath of glory and the carol
that sings of our great blessings
through love and peace within us.
'We choose greeting cards with
out wondering just how long folks
have been following this custom at
Christmas. The average citizen to
day receives at least 12 cards at
Christmas and New Years and the
total number mailed is in the bil
lion. '
Charles Dickens gave the noentive
with his “Christmas Carol,” and an
amateur artist; using some of Dick
en’s characters as subjects, made
personal greeting cars around 1850.
This started the vogue. The early
cards were all signed by hand and
then, as today, many folks had
writer’s cramps during the holidays.
Today there are many who prefer to
have their name printed or engraved
upon their Christmas cards, which
saves in strength though perhaps
lacks in the personal touch. With
the sentimental wording changing
so drastically on the greeting cards‘
from year to year, you never can be ‘
sure what the envelope will contain ‘
until you open it. ‘
There is much time and money
spent in the purchasing or gifts. .The
sales at this time of year exceed any ‘
other. The country sees a lot of
buying and Kennewlck shoppers add
their bit to make the total a. large}
amount. A few local buyers feelJ
that their hometown shops cannot‘
ofifer them as complete a stock as
the large city stores. Others some-
Somehow we can’t help but get a
great kick out of the manner in
which the Greeks are polishing off
Mussolini. Eventually Hitler will
have to send his army to help out
his axis partner, but we can enjoy
the situation as long as it lasts.
j The most wholesome philosophy
yet advanced is that one should work
and save twhile young to provide for
his old age security. The unfortunate
thing in this country is that many
thousands who could do so never
lay by a dollar for their old age.
They spend as they go.
The Dies committee may make
some mistakes and may pull some
boners. It would be a miracle if it
did not, but even so we are in favor
of its continuance. The insiduous
infiltration of foreign isms and for
eign propaganda designed to under
mine this nation as the nations of
Europe were undermined is a threat
’serious enough and real enough to
iwarrant some energetic agency be
ing on the job constantly to guard
against it. The United States should
become known at one spot on the
earth that this sort of practice is not
healthy. True, it may cost some
money, but liberty and freedom are
things that should not be measured
in mere dollars and cents. {
In Kansas at the recent election
the residents of Kansas elected a
Democratic governor by 1800 major
ity, but the out of state voters, some
of whom have been absent from the
state continuously for fifteen to
twenty years, reversed the mandate
of the residents of the state and gaVe
the Republican candidate the office
by 427 votes. Kansas is one of
those states which permits former
residents of the state to vote on
state and county offices by means
of an absentee ballot, regardless of
the length of time they have been
absent from the state.
Emil Ludwig, German-born his
torian and biographer, predicts that
the European war will end in a
series of social revolutions, the first
of them in Italy. According to Lud
wig, the Italians are all against the
.war and against the Germans.
Rumblings of these revolutions are
already in evidence in Norway,
France and Holland. -
- ON —-
There may be men who have
quit smoking, but never one who
would quit talking about hav
ing quit.
Hubby went out with the boys
one evening, and before he realized
it, the morning or the next day had
dawned. I
He hesitated to call home and tell
Don’t be like those wonderful
Who baked at home in the
' middle ’Bo’s '
And became so tired they felt
like dropping
After a hard day of Christ
mas shopping.
Christmas shopping at its best
is a hectic and tiresome chore.
But thank Heaven you won't
have to go home and pre
pare the family dessert after
fighting jostling crowds all
day. Our bakers will relieve
you of that. And when you
stop in,,let us show you our
economical combination baked
food gift packages.
his wife.»—Flnally he hit upon an
idea. He [phoned and when his
wife answered he shouted. “Don’t
pay the ransom—l’m back.
It has gotten so. says Dad Gum
mfit. that when a man actually finds
a parking place he hurries around
and buys a car.
Young Whiffletree writes In that
books have been a great help to
him. He means his mother's cook
book and his dad’s check book.
Foreman: “How is it that altho
you and Mike work together and
started your work at the same time,
he has a .bigger pile of dirt than you
Jim Reed: “He’s digging a bigger
hole than I am.”
Kadia, the lisplng Eskimo, was
sitting on a. cake of ice, telling
a story. He finished and got up.
“My tale is told,” said he. '
The food experts have made
it easy to buy liver. -We no
longer have to tell the butcher
it is for the cat.
There is nothing a man likes
more than having a woman make
over him, and nothing he likes less
than having her make him over.
‘ “Deacon White,” asked the minis
ter softly, “will you lead us in
prayer?” There was no answer.
“Deacon White" (this time a little
louder), “will you lead?”
..Still no response. .Evldently the
deacon was slumbering. The pas
tor made a. third appeal and rais
succeeded in arousing the drowsy
man. “Deacon White, will you lead?"
The Deacon in bewilderment
rubbed his heavy eyes and announc
ed: “It isn’t my lead—l Just dealt.”
l The Associated Oil company of
{Seattle was putting in a new plant
‘in Kennewick.
The new foot bridge across the
canal at the Washington street
school was just completed. This
would add much to the safety of the
At the scout court of honor the
following scouts took tests and
were awarded badges, Rober Jones,
Oliver Tyler, Lowell ' Higley. Don
Duffy, Lee Holcomb, John Tweet
and Athol Jones. Lane K. Larson
presided at the court.
Miss Dorothy Morford of White
controlling mm: on In. 1 mild
questinmfighttothat view—impbbeanc
whttheyrepcrt. '
I. Yummopflmufiolnu-dfio
m to"!!! h ill 1... in. or
Mm Which menu. dunno. an: M
'Bluffs spent the week-end with m
Odile Shepard.
| Miss Lulu Hughes returned from
lChlcago. where she had been on the
{4-H club tour.
. The Valley grangers were staging
a new outdoor affair, “The Farm
Auction.” The articles for sale were
donated and the proceeds would go
towards lmprbving the building and
L. N. Foralner and J. N. Turman
had returned from Stockman. Mo.,‘
where they took several car loads of
apples and reported a good market
for them. ‘
Harold Willmsen and Maurice
Compton left for W. S. C. to re-;
sume their studies |
The sale of stock in the Benton-
Franklin inter-county bridge com
pany had begun during the week
with $20,000 being raised within two
days’ time.
Two dozen partridges were to be
received by the Benton county game
commission. These birds were to be
shipped from Old Mexico.
L. A. Tweedt had announced his
candidacy for the office of director
of the Columbia Irrigation District
to succeed L. E. Johnson.
‘ E. O. Keene was elected president
101? the Highland Improvement club;
‘W. F. Sonderman. vice-president; L.
H. Burgess, treasurer and C. L. Bur
ris and F. N. Giles. trustees.
Little Jack Swayze celebrated his
third birthday Sunday. His guests
were Ruth. Ethel, Johnny and Grace
A crowd of Horse Heaven peOple
enjoyed aghasquerade dance at Ply
mouth. Costume prizes were receiv- 1
ed by Mrs. Wilmot Gravenslund and
Mrs. Lewis of Horse Heaven. Mr. \
Mottinger and Joseph Doyle.
The First National Bank was put
ting on a special campaign to teach
- 4 "“g Boys!
Build Your 6%
Model Planes and
was“... 6*
You have a perfect tight to your
mopiniononwmbjectthlt af—
childmn of the community how to
The Highland watemsers board
met and eflected the following or
ganlnuon with I". J. Arnold. pres
ident: R. W. Briggs. vice-president;
W. P. Bonderman. secretary. treas
urer and manager.
Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Klitten were
making inquiries as to the possibil
ities of opening a fruit cannery here.
Over 200 acres of the Highlands
[were being improved and prepared
for cultivation and many new or
,chards were to be planted in the
Members of the Freshman class
Tmet at the home at Miss Lura
‘Shanafeit for a farewell party hon
oring Warren heard. The group was
entertained by Marvin Carnahan's
One of the nicest social functions
ottheyearoccurredin the Co
mmercial club rooms when one-half
of the membership of the Women's
club entertained the other half and
their husbands with an elaborate‘
tea and program. Russian tea and‘
Scotch cake was served. Some oil
those appearing on the program in
cluded Elmer Crosby, Mrs. Emest
Don’t Delay!
Check up today on your fire insur
ance. Don’t wait until you have a
loss to learn that your protection
is not adequate . . . that 'someining
has been overlooked . . . that your'
policy does not fit because of an
addition to your property ora new
mortgage. C all us now.
Gascoigne & Pyle r
215% Kennewick Ave. Phone I!
Gena-nit W or Russia‘s wouldn‘t. help
Read. for instance. these few sentences from
”db-RH ‘
m WM“ -
“Mb-madman. Lookatdn
tapes-dd my the may“! m
My tom hating you like an animal. to In
mun-" 2
hzfiuu Ryan and w
hunk. And {fullbac- m M R's
* * *
mm d“ w.-
uuuu .. “an...”
ctr-n.- w mu.
“W ”M:- n. n
, "
Auerswald and Mn. K. o I
Frank White M m ‘N‘
homo m Bristol, Ten“. h.
the holidays. ~~
Mr. and Mrs. Hem-3M
Richland were M (I h. I
Mrs. L. H. Raymond u a...
home In the Beach blot, *0
C. L. IMlcomb Wu M
dedication of the m 4‘
Rbtzville. going from M ‘
kane on business. ~~
Owing to the fact
land schools had ‘2’”
account of dimmer]... “h Q
Williams was spend!“ ‘ h:
with her parents In
wick. N -
Christmas The:
PLACE 01mm "0':
”“t'uffi‘fiflfng gyms,

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