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Bargains in
washing Machines
m [gems Called From Our
H 6 of Ten, Twenty and Thirty
Years ABO.
Hattie Driscoll of Yakima. visited
friends in Kennewick.
um Ray Johnson and daughter
visited with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Gus Pearson on the River
M .
Mrs. E C. Durdle gaye a tea hon
orinz her daughvuer-m-law, Mrs.
Chet Durdle.
The Woman's club planted a. tree
in each of the school yards in par-
Mpgting in the nation-wide move
ment to honor the 200th anniversary
of Washington’s birth.
Mrs. Burdette Boise, Mrs. Louis
W and Mrs. Orin Smith were
hostesses at the Highlands Wo
man's club meeting when Mrs. Davis
demonstrated a modern kitchen.
ur. and Mrs. Arthur Glasow en
tertained (the Rummy club. Honors
were held by Mrs. Nadtg and Mr.
“India” was the topic under dis
cussion at the meeting of the Epis
copal Guild. Mrs. H. P. Cranmer
was the hostess.
Mrs. C. A. Crawford and son, Her- .
bert, visited in Tacoma.
Mrs. 'l'. C. Browne, state presi
dent of the PllO. and Mrs. Cullen,
Benton county nurse, were the
speakers at a business and protes
aioual Woman’s club meeting held
at Plowmans.
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Browne return- ‘
ed from a three week's vacation in
Mrs. E. C. Smith entertained the
Kennewick Bridge club.
adney and Stanley Cochran
finished grading the Horse Heaven
Im. 1". E. Bands and granddaugh
ter. Patty Anne Van Patten, visited
in Portland.
fir. and Mrs. Ray Boldt and son,
James, spent the week-end visiting
in Bimnnlde.
The Congregational Aid held an
all-day meeting at the J. R. Ayers
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Pasco Auto Company Kennewick Auto Co.
Pasco, Wash.
ranch at Hover. There were to pres
Mr. and Mrs. J. 1. Hill visited their
son, Ross and Leonard Kinkaid in
Tacoma, where the boys are attend
ing school.
Rev. Father Arthur Joda arrived
from Waterville and took up his
duties as pastor of the St. Joseph’s
parish of Kennewick and St. Mary’s
parish at White Bluffs.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Zamdt. Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Otte and son Walter
and Francis Zamdt visited in Han
The bill authorizing $5.000,000
loan passed making it possible for
the construction of the plant for
the rehabilitation of _.the Kennewick
Adjutant Harvey White of the
local Legion Post announced that
about $19,000 would be received
here when the local boys received
their bonus loans.
Sam Weiggands erected a large
poultry house on the old Cresswell
Mr. and Mrs. Kinkald of Horse
Heaven spent Sunday in Kenne
Mrs. Graham entertained the
presiden'. of the State Federation of
Woman’s club of Washington.
Mrs. Button visited her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. D. Bennett. ‘
Frank Emigh of Spokane was a
Kennewick visitor.
The Baptish Aid Society met at
the home of Mrs. L. C. Gardner.
Mrs. Seward McAulay and small
son went to Yakima, where they ex
pected to join Mr. McAuley, who
was worming there.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles
E. Lum, twin girls. -
The librarian reported 1140 books
loaned by the library during the
month of February.
Mrs. C. F. Winkenwerder was
hostess to a one o’clock luncheon
in honor of her sister, Mrs. S. H.
Rehberg of Kamiah, Idaho. -
Irene Henke was ill with bron
The Episcopal Guild met with
Mrs. W. L .Craver.
S. T. Parkwood. Wm. P. Lawrence,
Bargains in
Refrigerators l
with. a
‘W. H. Mather, A. V. Mcßeynolds
and Charles Roper organized a de
velopment company.
Eight rigs were operating in the
Rattlesnake field. Much interest is
being shown as two gas wells have
already been finished off.
The Benton County Farm Bur
eau met and fixed the following
wage scale of farm labor—3oc per
hour for a man and 20c per hour
for a team.
A more friendly feeling between
Prosser and Kennewick was en
couraged by a group of business men
from Prosser, who visited the Ken
newick Commercial club.
Clarence Duffy, former sheriff of
Benton County, expected to make
Kennewick his «home in the near
_ Mr. and Mrs. Frank Green and
small son, who had been the guests
of Mrs. Green’s parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. B. Slaugenhaupt left for
their home in Litchfield, N. D.
Mrs. A. F. ‘Brown' was hostess
to a. silver tea «for the benefit of
the library.
{Kennewick was officially named
as the junction point of the two
great east to west state highways by
the state highway department.
There was some talk of a bridge be
tween Pasco and Kennewick.
M. M. Moulton was appointed to
take Rev. Marriott’s place on the
Library board.
Mrs. Charles Conway entertained
the congregational church aid.
K. C. Bowers and Gouey Wil
liams made a business trip to Ply
Mrs. H. A. Howe was initiated
into the Rebekah lodge.
Mrs. Dr. Crosby entertained the
Women of Woodcraft lodge.
A farewell party was held at the
Harold Oliver home in Section Sev
en for Ralph Crutchi’ield, who was
leaving for his new home in Repub
lic. Althea Stuart and Effie Oliver
served lunch.
Mrs. M. 0. Klitten was enjoying
a trip through the east.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Haydon enter
«tamed guests from Oregon.
Mrs. A. B. Ely read “Wanted
. . . because it’s a '
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in the biggest-selling low-price group!
. . . because
ance on land, sea, and in the air!
I . . . because its
SIX CYIINIERS save you money on gas, oil
and upkeep!
. . . because it’s thoroughly
MOVED—thoroughly DEPENDABIE—asmiI- .
lions upon millions of owners will testify! _
Kennewick, Wash.
a Matchmaker" at the regular meet
ing of the Nile club.
A. F. Brown of the telephone com
pany purchased a car to be used as
a. “trouble wagon.”
An item thirty years ago says—
“Beauttful Weather."
B. F. Knapp. cashier of the bank
of Richland, was in Spokane on a
business trip.
Miss Helen McElvam of Rich
land visited her sister, Mrs. Travis
in Finley.
Friends and neighbors of Frank
Lyons of Finley surprised him by
coming in a body for an evening's
Williams and Walker Dixie Ju
bilee singers comprising ten of the
most versatile sons of the sunny
south appeared at the Kennewick
opera house.
The ladies of the Library Asso
ciation sponsored a show at the
local theatre.
Mrs. Staser entertained the La
dies Literary club. The birds of
Washington was the topic under
Edna Dim-mick completed cata
loguing all the books in the library.
George D. Peters, G. H. Taylor
and Cpt. Lindsay returned from
Pullman, where they took a two
weeks horticulture course.
Former Richland Matrons
Passes Away in Spokane
RICHLAND—News came Wednes
day morning of the death of Mrs.
O. K. Purdy who died in Spokane
following a lingering illness. Mrs.
Purdy, a pioneer in the Inland Em
pire, was born near Mchnneville,
Ore., in August, 1864. Her parents
.thet old Oregon trail several years
came to Oregon from lowa across
'before. Mr. and Mrs. Purdy were
married at Prescott on December
10, 1890 where they lived contin
uously-until 1930 when they moved
to Richland.
Mr. and Mrs. Purdy have been
making their home with their sons
in Spokane this winter and just
recently celebrated their 50th wed
ding anniversary. Their life story
appeared in the Progress edition or
the Spokesman Review in January
or this year.
The funeral services were held in
Spokane Thursday afternoon. Mrs.
Purdey is survived b yher husband,
two sons Guy and Homer of Spo
kane, and Lloyd of Snohomish. two
daughters, Mrs. C. A. Berneman of
Klamath Falls and Mrs. C. C.
Calvert of San Francisco.
Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. Er
nest Johnson delightfuny enter
tained twenty-four friends and
neighbors at their home. The
guests spent the evening playing
five hundred. Mrs. McLaughlin,
Bery Gray and Mr. and Mrs. Earle
Jones won honors for the eve
Robert Fletcher, who is a student
at the Eastern Washington College
of Education, spent the week end
ents. -
The Social Hour club met Wed
visi-ting at the home of his par
nesday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. Aivin George with Mrs. c. A.
Kinney and Mrs. Hugh Vandine as
assisting hostesses.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Finkle. who
have had charge of the Richland
Cash Store for the past four years.
left Sunday for Milton, Ore., where
ohey will make thier home. Mr.
and Mrs. Kaullts from South Da
kota will have charge of the store
now. They took possession Mon
Mrs. Alfred Draper entertained
Wednesday evening with a pin
ochle party honoring her son
Paul who was cvelebrating his birth
day. There were twenty guests
present. Delicious refreshments.
including a. huge birthday cake, were
served by .the hostess.
a clean sport for ladies
and men.
Bowling Alleys
in Radios
Specials '
Former Highlander
Passes Away Suddenly
HIGIEANDS—Friends were sad
dened Saturday morning. when the
news reached them of the passing
of an old time Highland resident.
Mira. Jacob Kleinknecht at the
Pasco hospital. Having underwent
major surgery the week previous.
her condition was considered good
when she was suddenly stricken
with a heart attack. She is survived
by her husband, Jacob. three daugh
ters and three sons. Burial services
were held Monday.
Burke Buchanan. who has been
a guest at the Ernest Estes home
the past week. has left for his home
in Yakima.
Mr. nad Mrs. C. R. Jungstrum of
Touchet spent the weke-end at the
E. J. Brand home.
Mrs. Gladys Kelso is confined to
her bed with a case of flu this
Mrs. Ted Watkins was a Sunday
af-ternoon visitor at the home of
her parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
M. N. Hudnall, a patient in the
Pasco hospital. is reported as stead
ily improving.
Harry Higley is confined to his
home with mumps this week.
Mrs. Aaron Pbraker has returned
to her home. following ten days
spent in the Pasco hospital. where
she underwent major surgery. She
will leave the last of the week to
spend a few weeks convalesclng at
the home of her parents at White
The Highland Woman's Club is
sponsoring a book review and Silver
Tea Friday, March 7. The business
meetingwlllbeat izaomms
Hill Williams of Pasco giving the
book review.
Little Don Nagley returned to
school Monday after three weeks
spegt at_ pome Am cplckenpox. _
Miss Mary Soper has ne'tumed
to the home of her parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Hubert Boner from the Pasco
and :0 wil/you"; I
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An all electric home hum!!! com little co
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Western Auto Supply
OLAV I. OTHEIM, Authorized Deélei'
hospital. where she was taken last
week suffering from an appendicitis
Miss Patty ngley was an over
night guest of mm Opal and Rose
mary Watkins Friday nlght.
The Highland Bridge club met
last Thursday for a 1:30 dessert
luncheon at the home of Mrs. Ells
worth Campbell. ngh score was
held by Mrs. Wallace Preston. sec
ond high by Mrs. E. G. Lape Ind
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low to Mrs. Blanch Foraker. Guest
prize was given to Mrs. Esther
Ted Watkins was a business visit
or in Yakima Monday. ,
Bergman Giles drove to Yakimu
Friday. taking his mother. Mrs. Fred
Giles and Mrs. Bertha Bimsen up to
attend [the funeral of Mrs. Gus
Dochow. Mrs. Dochow is the mother
or Mrs. Guy France and a very dear
friend of Mrs. Giles.
1R Man pmducuoa by on. o! the mld'c
1m! and old-u Dakota of Lon. laundry
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