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Valley Fooled on
Strength Shown
by HS Hoopsters
Sports writer says to not
blame mentors for poor
showing of teams in the
lower valley
(Continued From Page I)
that Normile will not be subjected
to this sort of thing by the Kenne
wick fans. According to the stand
ings both Toppenish and Kenne
wick should still be in the tourney,
but the standing didn’t count much.
Bad the compotitton been tougher
the Lions would. like the other clubs
in the league, been a lot tougher in
the meet. '
Ray Fries started the scoring off
lay in shot as is possible to make. A
fieethrowmadeitfilto-l forthe
Lions and this score stood most of
the first quarter. However. Moxee
tied it up 3-3 to end that period.
Half time tally read 11 to 5 for
Moxee, while the third period end
ed with the Kennewick club still
trailing by six points. 18-12.
When Normile spoke of excuses
he wasn’t all wrong. Bob Smith and
files, after the lust minute flare.
were not able to keep the ball in the
1100 p and plenty of shots hit the
bucket an rolled off. It might be
mentioned that the baskets at Wap
etc are a new type that spring when
isn’t right on the nose. it flys out.
Moxee was plenty hot that night
from out in the middle of the gym.
Also they were playing the kind of
ball that was not seen in the south
ern division this season.
High scoring honors for the Lions
and Edward Gamer each bucketed
Commercial Bowlers "
Still Tops in ,Tourney
won - lost
Commercial Inn 44 20
Shoemakers Gale 3? 27
Legion 36 28
Lefties 34 3o
Clothiers 32 3B
Lam Grove 32 32
Club ' 31 33
J. c. Penney 29 35
Kennewick Alleys 29 %
:‘Plre Department 14 34
baht Schedule
March .14—Pln Mixers vs. Ethel’s
Team; Beckles vs. J. C. Penney Co.
01:18; Kennewick. Alley Girls 75.
Horse Heaven. ‘
Men's Schedule
March lo—Cluli vs. Shoemaker-'3
Cafe; Clothiers vB. Legion.
March ll—Lauies vs. Fire Dept.;
Commercial Inn vs. Locust Grove.
March IH. 0. Penney vs. Ken
newick Alleys.
W League SW
won lost
House [Heaven 22 6
Pin Miasers 16 12
Keane Alley Girls 15 13
J. C. Penney Girls 11 Ml
Ethel’s Team 10 14
Beckies 5 19
Harry Sagsvold was born in Ar
lington, South Dakota April 15,
11886 and came to Kennewick from
Woodburn, Oregon in 1903. He pass
ed away at the Pasco hospital on
March 4, 1941. Surviving are his
widow, Mrs. Cora Sagsvold. nephew.
Chet Washburn. and four step
children; Mrs. Elsie Ashby. Coun
cil. Idaho; Harvey Carlson. Rich
land; Mrs. Gladys Pollooh and Ken
neth Carlton, Kennewick and one
half sister. Mrs. Lena Darrington,
Minnesota. Services were held this
afternoon in the funeral parlors and
interment in the River View ceme
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22.22:.fizwfig. ;. 225;: _. _z, .35.: 2:1. $352:3:5-24-‘e:-:i§3s,>-:1:1:fizz::1;$:::€:‘.~13:;‘.{:;;2-’:-:-:':+33;:-:-:-511:2:!:::2:§::::;:;35;:;1;:;:.:-:-:-:5:-:v:-:!:-:-:-:-:-:._’.;23:35:15; 1
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«A 9* v< - Wm...- A... '-'-"-'="=~#1""1’4:"-'-=-=-=:=:'-:=:='=5-=:=-*=:::$=‘=E:E£=E=2332132?
Sen§ational low Price!
Packed with Features!
OSupet-flize Twin Unit
0 High Speed Broiler
.3 Lugs Storage
} W mus-I Sm". "Iv—u.- ‘
l——-—-————————-—1 1941 MODEL 345
Anolhr Amazing; New 1941 Value
Frigidaire Electric $114.15
Range 8-1 0. Only
Washington Hardware
and Furniture Company
(By Al Henry, Rep.)
In a joint session of the House
and Senate last Thursday Governor
Langlie asked for a 3% sales tax to
offset the demands of Initiative 41.
His plan, if adopted, will exclude the
token and start with 1c tax on
sales of 15c. It is setimated that
this plan could 'be deferred until
November and stil lmake up all defi
cits for the Biennium.
Governor and Mrs. Langlie were
most gracious hosts at a reception
given Friday night in their mansion
honoring the members of the Leg
islateure and their wives. I am cer
tain every person who attended left
there with the feeling htat they had
been made to feel practically one
of the family.
Today, Sunday, March 2nd, Dr.
Backman, Mr. Stinson and myself
met at the Portland Hotel as a
joint committee with three members
of the Oregon legislature in regards
to the Columbia Gorge Area. It was
a very interesting meeting at which
much valuable information was
gathered trom the various repre
sentatives of industry, army engin
eers. the Bonneville Administration,
the National Park board and var
ious chamber of commerce who also
Of special interest to my four
counties is the fact that House Bill
No. 416, a bill for reallocation for
gas tax funds which practically
made paupers of the Sixteenth Dis
trict, seems to be as dead as the
proverbial dodo bird. Of special in
terest to Skamania county is the
fact that both the Governor and
the highway department have ex
pressed hteir' desire to se the con
struction of the Wind River bridge
White Bluffs Pro-
Musical Entertained
Mrs. O. H. Luddington enter
tained the Pm Musics Club of
White Bluffs at a buffet luncheon
at her home in East Kennewick on
the afternoon of Monday, March
3. After .the luncheon and social
hour the following interesting pro
sreg was; «men: 7
“The Dying Nun," Gobtsdlalk,
Mrs. J. B. Tromanhauser: “Medl
tatlon,” Morrison, Mrs. Aerial Raw
‘llns; “Alpine Serenade,” Ducelle,
Mrs. Earl Knaub: “Wodland Waltz,"
Metcalf, Mrs. W. J. Jenkins; “Hie
Swan," Saint-Saws, Mrs. Alex
Parke; “Star of the East," Kenne-‘
dy. Mrs. James Nelson; “Falling
Waters,” Trmx, Mrs. Gerald Hyer;
“Review of the Life of Richard
Wagner, Mrs. W. H. Keal: “Mo
ment Musical," Schubert, Mrs. T.
Sigurdson; “The Jolly Copper
smlth,” “under the Double Eagle,"
piano duets, Mrs. D. J. Burch, Mrs.
E. J. O’Larey. Planologue," Mrs.
D. J. Burch: “Dancing Doll," Pol
dinl, Mrs. O. H. Luddington.
Marie Kleinknecht was born in
Russia Jan. 16, 1879, and passed
away March 1, 1941. She came to
America in 1898 and was married
to Jacob Kleinkecht in 1899 in
Ritzville, Wash. In 1924 they
moved to Kennewick. Surviving are
her husband, Jacob, six children:
Mrs. I. T. Bennet, Oaksdale: Mrs.
J. S. Helms, Spokane; Mrs. Laverne
Eichner, Emmanuel, Ted and Wil
liam Eichner all of Keenewick, and
nine grandchildren.
The East Kennewick Womans club
will meet with Mrs. George Schu
ster with Mrs. Frank Wright as
assisting hostess next Tuesday, the
11th. Roll call will be answered
with exchange of salad recipes.
o Cooking Top Lamp
o Thu-mint Well
Cooker with Baking
’ “Cook-Mute!” Oven
Control illustrated, op
tions! at alight extra cost.
Now, hcloslvo W
Cooking “all: oocll within
poetic-l cooking spools.
Miss Chellis Initiated
Into O.E.S. Chapter
Alma Chapter OES. met Monday
evening for its regular stated com
munication with Pearl Green, W.
M. and Ed Frauen, W. P. in charge.
Mrs. Edith Reed, a past matron
from Washtucua was elected into
the chapter.
Initiatory degrees were conferred
upon Miss Martha Chellis, with
her mother. Mrs. Jenie Chellis, pre
siding. Pearl Green. the Worthy
Matron presented her with a beaut
iful Eastern Star pin, a gifit from
her mother. Following the initia
tion, election of officers was held
with Clara Belle Safford elected
as worthy matron; Robert A. Mac
mahon, worthy patron; Gladys Kel
so, associate matron and Ed Frauen,
associate patron; Cora Reed. con
ductress; Ellen Lape. secretary. and
Jennie Chellis, treasurer.
Mrs. Charles Smith and Mrs.
Vincent Small of Pasco were mts.
At the close the the meeting re
freshments were served by Mrs.
Rilda Owens and Mrs. Ellen Lape.
The Wéather
Weatherman Al Morgan finally
got the Kennewick brand straight
ened out. Shipping orders have
been switched, apparently and the
coast has been getting the real
Kennewick brand. Temperatures for
the past week, compared with those
of the corresponding week a year
ago, were: A
1940 1041
Feb. 27—50-38 64-62
Feb. 28—55-40 5042
-Mar. 1—63-40 58-39
Mar. 2—61-40 60-40
Mar. 3—60-32 61-46
Mar. 4—56-38 60-33
Mar. 5—60-35 65-39
All local campfire girls are look
ing forward to the visit of Miss
Jane Argo, Campfire executive tram
Walla Walla March 10th in the
Methodist church. Miss Argo will
meet with the Mother guardian
association at 2:30 and he went
at the local council fire at 4:00
pm. Honor heads will be awarded
at this tune, but ranks and the
birthday honor will be received at
the Grand Council Fire at Walla
Walla March 22.
To secure the campfire birthday
honor the girls must have com
pleted their ml‘reasure Books" and
completed one of the requirements
under division lav—“Creating." They
may create any form of art. Miss
Maude Lampson will meet the
campfire girls at the Public library
Saturday afternoon, March .8 and
assist them in finding the necessary
information for their treasure books.
The books must contain data on
at least five artists, composers,
poets, authors, etc. Each girl's list
of honor must be handed to her
lizii’ilfmian before Saturday, March
The Yokowish Camp Fire Girls
met at the home of their guardian,
Mrs. Chase, who read two letters to
them; one Imm Verdeila Mueller
and one from Jane Argo. the head of
Camp Fire in 'Walla Walla. Two
‘new girls, Shirley Gilbert and Betty
Sanis were initiated into the group.
After the meeting was adjourned
the girls practiced the Council Fire
to be given Monday with the Nissan
Lease-Lend Bill, 14ng
Washington - The Amninistration
leaders in Congress, who expected
the Aid-to-Britain Bill to be pmd
by March 1, are charging the iso
lationists with unfair filibustering
tactics in delaying its passage.
Whereas it was widely believed that
the measure would pass with a com
fortable margin, it is now thought
that its approval will be by a close
vote. Hundreds of thousands of
messages have reached members of
Congress, both tor and against the
proposed legislation.
Vast U. S. Sections
Are Lacking Title
Parts of Five States Make
A No Man’s Land.
WASHINGTON—Dusty files in the
general land office disclose the
strange fact that five states contain
whole areas which, as far as the
country's title goes, are not a part
of the United States.
Only one of the states. Colorado,
has taken the trouble to do anythinz
about the situation. hoisting a flag
several years ago and claiming the
area in the name of the federal
The land office relates the story
L: the paradox which has existed
for 137 years:
When Napoleon peddled that large
subdivision known as the Louisiana
Purchase to America he could have
used a better surveyor, to say the
Broadly, the territory included the
western drainage basin of the Mis
sissippi river. The negotiators
made mistakes, though.
They believed certain sections
drained into the Mississippi when
actually they drained into the Great
Lakes. 80. under terms of the
treaty. parts of what became Min
nesota. North and South Dakota. are
not properly parts of the Purchase.
The same thing happened in Lou
A portion of this state—thought to
drain into the Mississippi—turned
out to drain into the Sabine river.
A part of Colorado was a little
more involved.
A small part near Estes Park was
discovered not to drain into the Mis
sissippi. and hence was not a part
of the Louisiana Purchase. On the
other hand, it was east of the Con
tin-ta! Divide and not a part of
what Mexico ceded to the United
States in 1848. '
Colorado State Hospital
Help: to Pay Own Way
PUEBLO. COLO.—Colorado tax.
payers consider the state hospital
here one of the best money-makers
they have expended their money to
A report of the financial board tor
the last fiscal year shows that the
hospital not only lopped $14,810 on
the tax expenses of the institutlon.
but had provided constructive labor
for many patients and has provided
the 5.500 inmates and employees
with vegetables.
Last year the gardens at the hos
pital produced $20,319 worth of prod
uce at a cost of scam—a saving of
$14,160 to the state. Included were
$10,083 worth of vegetables in sea
son, $5,889 stared in pits for winter
use. $2.881 canned for winter con
sumption and $1,485 surplus sold.
'lhe canning factory turned out
62,896 cans of tomatoes, 45.!!!) 0!
string beans. 34.558 of peas and 2.000
of carrots.
Omaha Girl Organizes
Club for Tall People
OMAHA, NEE—Organization of a
social club for tall men and women
in Omaha is announced by Marie
Trca. 19. who is three-murals of an
inch over six feet.
Qualifications for the club: men
must be at least six feet four inches
tall and not over seven feet: wom
six feet to six feet tour. Age limits
are 18 to 35 and any member marry
ing a person under the height re
quirements will be dropped auto
matically. -
Circulars distributed by Miss Trca
promised "picnics. hikes. dances.
Wiener roasts and parties to make
the members the envy of all small
try." \ ,
Golden Fleece Is Found!
No Myth for Bulgarian:
BUCHAREST.-This is a modern
story of the golden fleece.
Rumanian customs officials he
came suspicious of blood on a flock
of sheep some Bulgarian peasants
were taking out of Rumania into
Dobruja, now part of Bulgaria.
Investigation showed hides had
been cut, gold inserted under the
skin and the cuts sewed up. Some
sheep wore gold bells around their
necks, others had gold pieces hidden
by long wool.
The Bulgarians were arrested.
Conservation Fanning
Swell: Supply of Milk
AMHERST. MASS. - With 1940
teed supplies and pastures improved
by conservation taming. dairymen
could provide every person in the
United States with 45 quarts more
milk and cream this year than in
1939, according to the Agricultural
Adjustment administration. It is
also reported that they could furnish
81 pounds more cheese, butter and
ice cream than last year. “...:
Boy’s Note Ask: Care
For Abandoned Puppy
have hurt!
A shivering. whimpering pup
py was found on a doorstep with
this note, in boyish scrawl:
“Her name is Dixie Spider. She
was 9 months old Nov. 25. Things
she can do. Sit up and shake
hands—also walks on two feet—
Please take care of her.”
They tell of a borrower who ap
plied for SSO at one of the personal
loan companies. Sitting down with
one of the officials. the visitor filled
out several pages of questions.
Finally they came to the routine
question about what he proposed to
do with the money. "I sup
pose you need it to pay small bills?"
the clerk suggested. “No." said the
borrower. “Possibly to pay your in‘
surance?” “No." "For doctor or
dentist bills. is it?" "No." said
the borrower. “It's more impor
tant than that. I need it to take
Squirt-ell Get Tough
The squirrels in Caroadelet park.
in St. Louis. are getting tough. Care
taker James Williams. wanting to
sit down. tried to chase one on a
bench. lt attacked him. biting his
neck. Ray Shelton, 12. saw a luscious.
ripe mulberry on a low limb. He tried
to beat a squirrel to it and got hit
ten. Charlotte nanzcewski said she
was attacked for no reason at all.
She was walking along. minding he
own business. when a sqmrrel
dashed out from behind a lamp
post and grabbed her leg.
Life Insurance
The total amount of lite insurance
in legal reserve insurance com.
panic: in the United States in 1939
was estimated at “ an
increase of 3 per cent over 1938. ac
cording to the 1940 Encyclopedia
Britannica Book of the Year. Dur
ing the year these companies paid
out $2,850,000.11!!! to policy holder:
and beneficiaries.
Couldn’t Build mm
Famous sentinel guarding the out
er Diamond shoals of Cape Hatteras
is the Diamond lightship. Two at
tempts. one in 1891 and another in
1804. were made to build a perma
nent lighthouse on the outer red.
but both failed. Since that time no
further attempt has been made to
replace the toning. lightahip.
Some But!
Materials used in making glass
for spectacles are fused at a tem
perature of 3.000 degrees. Because
this heat would melt an ordinary
thermometer. an instrument which
measures the light given oil by the
glowing mass is used to determine
the temperame.
New [ln], fipleu Raye!
Visitor: praise the new Italy tor
many things. not least the abolition
of tipping. Warnings are severe:
“Attendants receiving (realities will
be instantly dimmed. Visibn ot
terinc gratuities will be requested
to leave the premises.”
Electric Slew-Ileana Gamer.
An all-electric slow-motion cam
era capable at taking 00.000 pictures
per second has been developed by
a European electrical firm. accord
ing to the department of commerce.
'nie machiné is designed for tech
nical work.
British baking specialists have
found that dough subject to ultra
violet radiation during mixing not
also caused a definite improvement
in (emanation.
Slip covers made of patterned
materials soil and show wrinkles
they may add to the cost. because
more material is sometimes needed
for the cover.
Women Slim In Chile
Chile’s climate. according to Her
minia Davina. keeps women slim.
They eat ave-course lunches and
seven-course dinners, both with des
sert, yet they seldom need to reduce.
‘Pgor flap? _st Mod
Since its establishment nine years
ago. Duke university's legal clinic.
called “poor man's law oflice." has
handled 2.500 legal matters toi- im
pecunious clients.
Fingers Came First
Forks were used as weapons In
ancient times. and were not intro
duced into England from Italy for
table use until early in the Seven
teenth century.
mud. n lungflsh m recently
brought from Africa to Chicago, a
distance of 10,000 miles. and it lived.
The growing of citrus trait has
expanded more than any other agri
cultural commodity in the United
States in the last 20 years.
Farmers Have Good Diets
‘ A recent study shows that persons
good diet: than persons in cities or
Arthur Palmer. Marble. N. C..‘
owns a collection of 20.000 arrow
heads. spears and tomahawks.
Dictionary Banned
Because It contained a definition
0! "evolution,” Webster's dictionary
was once banned in Arkansas.
$11,700 (or Book
For a first folio of Audubon's
“Birds of America." $11,700 was
paid last year.
the human eyeball is approxi
mately three inches in circumfer
Air Warriors
Are Mixed Lot
British Gunners Come
From Vuiom Occupa
tions in Civil Life.
IDNDON. -- Yesterday he may
day in the blue-gray of the royal
air fierce he la {he nemesis at Nazi
blackotipped bombers.
It didn't take place overnight. this
cannon-mam at a peaceful cm
mm and clear em. but
the change is going on now in a
W ex-clerh. ex-ulesmen.
and other;
A typical m following the
twodwhichhldmmvius ex
lot. One was a eomty cricketer.
don-m natal-cabana».
mammalocnlmmt o!-
shame. lthtmpouibhtodo
exists. Amtdeuumnydo
omm Mhdunmth
a. however. hem are later
sperud. vim possum. with
mum Weapon.
anathema: airmen-Mild
A: the omen-lam o! the
ask questions that tho work In
hand. the mu m not con
lculfluwhlchnrbo. ‘
um: finance: manna-to
' Girl, 21, Wins Deputy's
Gold Star From Shel-i 6
SHARON. PA—‘l‘wenwone-mr
oldsuly Detach“ n amnion
”In. and“ her majority June
28. W she want to the
cunt, emulsions-3' one: and
administered the out and placed
Will Spend 33,000,”
To Advance Television
mom nun 33,000,000 on much
PM Communications comm»
that m by the two-coon in
authorized hat. by tho commis
siontoenuu In experiment-lop
erluon'to B.omm.
Dime Shop Wedding Rings
To Soul Unions in Reno
cape the Cantu-nu “gin marriage"
storeweddingrinp. Thelocdslz
who come here.
Death Notice Reunite.
Pair Apart for 46 Years
BRISTOL. CONN-A brother and
sister were reunited recently after
a separation of 46 years.
Mrs. Mabel Rich. 85 years old.
hadn't seen her brother. Edward L.
Minor. 68. Bristol. in nearly a half
:entury. when the read about the
team of his wife.
She contacted him. and now lira.
.iich. a widow. is living here with
Thursday. “Itch .'! l
Benton City Student.
Meriting Hm
ewhth grade student. on the
roll are: eighth M.
Renting. Marguerite KIM
Jacobson and Ron. 3%,
seventh grade. Harold '
Robert Chapman and Vim
Honor mu student; in he
schol ore Joyce J”)...
Thompson. Anna Mae 3“,“.
m Rayhm. Allene am
Werner. Vivian Chum
heard. Ramona Johan,
Fillmore. Marjorie omm,
Inn-on end ileumlce w“
are. 8. E. Baker mam.
cut bond Sunday “an
“tempting to cunt a. u.
bond slipped. striking a.
pm. She m taken g.
for medical (new a,
Mr. and Mrs. GMy w
hosts Saturduy evening”
Emma: 9111th club. mg
wt to Mn. Joe m m
oqu and the unsung 3..
Mn. On! Montgomery. 11.
Antler-ans «n m
group Dutch 15. ,
as ‘8! WWW...“
. on .
my for Butte to my“
home; Pt] will be M
u a momma. w. and In
m moved to the
much. Pu actuated M
second Ion! at how
3."? W“ “M "r
The high school boy's cm.
Insomnia-many “
whom. 11mm
momma autumnal;
Hummus. mambo“
none MotYm
My. ,
Run-en ama- lon
a melt M m
caption of m.“
theta-the mo
Now At PE , ‘
Sprung Coat!
Come In '
To See
the C
Spring ‘
Coats I
59.90 4
new~ fitted.
ban a W
around out“!
apart! M:
m tweed;
Dally "“15
w. use.
__ --‘ any ,
For Dn- or I”
Unusually good loom cl
”Wéié'sfl I
Spa-tiny Duly
Milhngry ‘
Head [men
man In 010"
ay in new spun:
Dunn: of new
wool tunnels and
«we: in many
“is and colors.
93‘ .
“not“ -
suing“ .
'9‘ a

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