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Being Items Called From Our
Film of Ten, Twenty and Thirty
Years Ago.
The Senoritas met. at the home of
Lucile Heberlein. ,
The opening of the new grange
ha]. of Finley was celebrated.
The Misses Thelma Amon, Eunice
Foraker. Elsie and Marion Gleason
took part in the Easter program
held a: the Methodist church.
Because of the cool weather the
asparagus was a little late.
Three dogs belonging to Ralph
Crutchfield were enlisted in the Dog
Show at Spokane.
Mr. and Mrs. Odin Staley enter
tained with bridge. Honors were
held by Mrs. M. G. Helm. -
Mayor A. C. Amon announced a
clean-up day for Kennewick.
The annual high school operetta
was given by the glee club.
Mrs. F. F. Beste entertained in
honor of her husband's birthday.
Dr. and Mrs. M. 0. Barnes of El
lensburg were guests of Mrs. Bames'
parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Byrd.
Mrs. L. V. Corfman and Mrs.
. Kennewick Branch
umber Fedenl Deposit Insurance Corporation
”55%me #
In a drop of crude oil, scientists at the "Uni
versity of Petroleum” (Shell’s $3,500,000 re
search laboratories) see a universe of possi
bilities—wonders already realized and greater
miracles yet to come.
They discovered how to produce 100-octane,
Synthetic rubber glycerine plastics
fertilizers - germicides even T. N.T.
are among the many achievements of the
821 research scientists and assistants at the
‘University of Petroleum."
Now they’ve advanced the Road Per
formance Rating of Shell Gasoline to an
all-time high:
‘0 It Is refined with the Solutizer Process
(Patent No. 2,149,379). This steps up per
formance by removing the "pro-knock mer
captans" which have always been a drag
on performance.
2. Thermal conversion makes it extra rich
In Ira-compounds similar to than In avian.
"I '""'lllrv-Il-- "-m'— I- u
lon goulino
Like medicine or law, bank
ing is a confidential rela
tionship. ‘
Youraffairs , as a customer of
this bank are held in strict
confidence by our person
You can feel free to discuss
any personal or business fi
nancial matters with us, safe
in the knowledge that your
confidence will be fully re
Perry Soth and children spent Eas
ter with Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Green.
Mrs. Homer Johnson and Mrs. R.
Gowing gave a kitchen shower in
honor of Helen Gowing, who was
soon to become the bride of Virgil
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey White en
tertained at dinner in honor of Mrs.
White’s parents. who celebrated
their 36th wedding anniversary.
Miss Glenna Kinkaid visited at
the Frank Mills home on the River
Miss Margaret Moulton was a
member of the sextet from the Uni
versity at Moscow, who sang in
The relatives of Mr. and Mrs. F.
Mills met at the home of J. H. Smith
to celebrate their 10th wedding an
Mrs. J. O’Hearn took the position
in Mrs. C. S. Knowles office vacat
°'l hv Dora Williams. Dora left for
Seattle, where she entered the uni
Mr. and Mrs. Russel Coult and
daughter of Sequim visited at the
Hudnall and Nels Coult homes.
Mr. and‘Mrs. Howard Withers and
Lucile Withers visited in Walla Wal-
on a commercial scale, from a waste petroleum
gas. This was the key to 100-octane fuel for
aviation which led to an increase up to 30%
in the speed and flying range of planes!
Because Shell sdonflm sow cm miles In a
”demand wmobbbgonlunom.
Those two factors save on your costliest
driving - Stop-and-Go. And they add I
new thrill to mogogng! Your Shell dealer
has new Solutized Shell
(at regular price) and
Shell Premium try it
la at the home of Mrs. C. B. Foster.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Winkenwerder,
resumed from their wedding trip to
Seattle. _
Dr. A. G. Tullar was host to the
Inquiry club. J. H. Siegfried gave
a paper on “Water."
Ross Willsey left to be a student
at Whitman college.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Door moved
to the Highlands .to make their
A. R. Gardner was present at the
meeting in Tacoma when the plans
for financing the Kennewick-Pasco
bridge were discussed.
The Kennewick chapter of the D.
A. R. entertained with a card party
at the home of Mrs. J. H. Siegfried.
The 'Kennewick baseball club put
on a vaudeville show. Mlle. Giffon
lovitz, who knows all and :tells all,
was one of the most interesting en
Miss Mabel Smith and Fred Mills
were married at the home of the
bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ing
wall Smith.
The vgrange held a _l9ca_l fair.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Amon, who
had been living at Kays Creek.
Oregon. returned to Kennewick to
make their home.
Miss Luci e Withers gave a’ very
interesting talk on China at the
grunge meeting.
George Finley put in 40 acres of
alfalfa at Finley. _
Tuesday, April 4, was decided
upon as annual clean up day by the
city council.
'Ex-president Theodore Roosevelt
was a guest of the city over Sunday.
The Courier office took over the
weather station.
The postoffioe at Hover was
broken into and about S7OO taken.
EH. Day was the postmaster at the
t e. .
Mrs. A. C. Amon and little son
visited with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. P. C. Book.
Miss Mae ‘Sercombe visited with
Miss Mary Brown and other friends
in Walla Walla.
L. H. Raymond was a visitor in
The local H. S. 'put on the play
“Charlie’s A-unt.” Merril Rawson,
Rodney Soth, George Williams,
Earl Larkin, Parker Adrian, 'Fern
Leisure, Rosella Hamilton, Ruby
Slaugenhaupt, Lyndell Lunday and
George Richardson were the stu
dents taking part.
The water was turned into the
ditch a week early.
The Kennewick baseball team won
the game played with Connell.
Notice of Hearing on Final Account
and Petition for Distribution
In the Superior Court of the
State of Washington in and for
Benton County.
In the matter of the estate of
Susan Tweedt, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that L. A.
Tweedt, administrator of the above
entitled estate, has filed his Final
Account and Petition for Distribu
tion in the office of the Clerk of
the above entitled Court, and that
the Court is asked to settle said
Final Account, to distribute the
property to said estate to the heirs
or persons entitled to the same and
to discharge the Admmistrgtot,_
Said Final Account and Petition
for Distribution will be heard by
the Com at the Court House in
Prosser, Benton County, Washing
ton, on the 17th day of April, 1941,
at the hours of 10 o'clock am.
L. A. TW'EEDT, Administrator
By 'Moulton & Powell, his attor
Moulton 8; Powell. Attorneys for
Administrator, Kennewick, Wash
ington. 3:20-4:10
No. 63
(Tract Nos. HSS-l. ass-2, MH-59.
NEH-593 and MH-Bo.)
In the District Court of the United
States for the Eastern District of
Washington, Southern Division
United States of America.
Chicago. Milwaukee. St. Paul and
Pacific Railroad Company. a cor
Henry A. Scandrett, Walter J.
Cummings and George I. Haight, as
Trustees in the matter of Chicago,
Milwaukee. St. Paul and Pacific
Railroad Company, Debtor;
Guaranty Trust Company of New
York, a corporation, and Merrel P.
Callaway. as Trustees;
The National City Bank of New
York, a National Banking Associa
tion, and William W. Hoffman, as
Chemical Bank and Trust Com
pany, a corporation, and Howard
B. Smith, as Trustees;
Benton County, Washington, a
municipal corporation;
Fred D. Kemp, I. M. Hartman and
Jay Perry, as County Commissioners
of Benton County, Washington;
Hanford Water District, a munici
pal corporation;
F. E. Goodell and A. M. Roi-linger,
as Commissioners of Hanford Wa
ter District;
AgathOn Land Company, a dis
solved corporation;
Elmer E. Todd. William M. Allen
and Charles M. Sanford, as Last
Trustees of the Agathon Land Com
pany a dissolved corporation;
All other persons, firms or cor
porations, unknown, having or
claiming to have any right, title,
estate, lien or interest in or to the
land described below, or any por
tion thereof,
United States of America
Eastern District of Washington
Southern Division
The President of the United States
of America to the above-named de
fendants, and each of them:
Notice is nereby given that the
above named plaintiff. United States
of America, Has filed an amended :29-
tition in the above entitled court, the
objects and purposes of which peti
tion are to condemn and appropriate
all the property hereinafter des
cribed to the use: and purposes of
the United States and to acquire in
the name of, and for, the United
States’ title and ownership of the
property hereinaiter described, the
same to be the fee simple title (sub
ject to a certain easement and
right of way) as to Tracts 388-1
and 1188-2 for the construction, op
eration and maintenance of an elec
tric power substation and uses re
lated to the dimribution of electric
energy by the Bonneville Power
Administration: and as to“ Tracts
MEI-59, BAH-593 and MEI-60 the
certain easemeniri hereinafter des
cribed for the construction, opera
tion and maintenance of one or
more electric pdwer transmission
lines by the Bonneville Power Ad
ministration; together with the ae
quisition of such rights. titles and
uses as may in the’judgment of the
officials of the United States be
necessary or appurtenant to the
uses hereinafter set forth.
And the said petitioner by the
allegations of its petition herein
filed and through this proceeding
prays the Court that it do find and
decree that the contemplated use
for which the land hereinafter des
cribed is sought to be appropriated
is a public use and that the public
interest requires the acquisition of
said land, and that the condemna
tion and appropriation of the prop
erty herein described is necessary
for said public use and the petition
er herein has petitioned the Court
that a jury be empaneled to fix and
determine a Just and proper award
and compensation for the property
herein described, or in case a jury
be waived, then that the compensa
tion to be made as aforesaid be as
certained and determined by the
court or a judge thereof ; and that
the court determine to whom such
compensation should be paid.
The petitioner further, prays
herein that compensation having
been awarded for the taking of the
property herein described, the said
property be decreed to be the prop
erty of the United States of Am
This notice has been given and
proceeding instituted by and with
the authocrity of the Attorney Gen
eral of the United States, and by
and with the authority of the Unit
ed States Attorney for the Eastern
District of Washington.
The property and real estate to be
condemned and appropriated herein
consists of the following, to-wit:
Trapts 1188-1 and ass-2
Lot 1 of Block 8, Lots 13 and 14
of Block 9, and Lot 8 of Block 10 of
Hanford, according to the recorded
plat thereof, and that part of
Thirteenth Street lying between the
northeasterly line of Tract A of
Hanford, according to the recorded
plat thereof, and the Columbia
River, and that part of Dunham
Street lying southeasterly of a line
connecting the northwesterly lines
of Lot 8 of Block 10 and Lot 13 of
Block 9 of Hanford. according to
the recorded plat thereof, all in
Section 25, Township 13 North.
Range 27 E., W. M., Benton County,
Subject however to an easement
and right of way previously held by
the Pacific Power and Light Com-
pany for a power line 50 feet in
width over and across Lot. 1, Block
8, being the continuation of Dun
ham Street extending southeaster
ly and over. across and along that
part of Dunham and Thirteenth
Streets embraced within the boun
daries of the above described tracts.
Said land is also described in the
declaration of taking filed in this
proceeding and is delineated and
shown in red on the certain map or
plat thereof which is thereto at
tached as Exhibit “A."
Tracts Mil-59. Mil-593 and Mil-60
A perpetual easement and right
of way for the following purposes.
namely: the perpetual right to en
ter and to erect. maintain. repair.
rebuild. operate and patrol one or
more electric power transmission
lines. and one or more telephone
and for telegraph lines. including
the right to erect such poles and
other transmission line structures
wires. cables and the appurtenances
necessary thereto; and the fur
ther right to clear said right of way
and keep the same clear of brush.
timber, inflammable structures and
fire hazards, if any; subject, how
ever, to the rights of the public in
and to all public roads: and sub
ject also to pipes and conduits. min
erals and mineral rights, irriga
tion and drainage lines. ditches and
canals thereon, and public utility
easements. lines and rights of way.
in. over and upon the following des
cribed lands. to-wit:
That portion of Lots 5. 6, 7. 21
and 22 of Block 13, Lots 1 to 12. in
clusive, of Block 9 and Lots 3. 4. 5
and 6 of Block 10, and the north
easterly 70 feet of Tract A lying
northwesterly of the northwesterly
line of Fourteenth Street extended
northeasterly across said Tract A.
all according to the recorded plat
thereof in the Town of Hanford in
Section 25, Township 13 North.
Range 27 E., W. M., Benton Coun
ty, Washington; which lies within a
strip of land 150 feet in width. the
boundaries of said strip lying 50 feet
distant on the northerly side of and
100 feet distant on the southerly
side of the survey line of the Mid
way-Hanford transmission line as
now located and staked on the
ground over, across. and upon the
above property, and particularly
described as follows: \
Beginning at survey station 1185 /
84.74. a point on the west line or
Section 25, Township 13 North.
Range 27 East W. 111., said point
being 3. 0° 27' 50" E. along said
west line a distance of 574.02 feet
from the northwest corner or said
Section 25: thence east a distance
of 741 feet to survey station 1193/
5’ 1m: 1: 105 my
’= we pay FOR can
a {mum
Buy In quantity lots at
week-end bargain prices!
'llEll'l' COMPANY
25.74; thence S. 50° 28' 00" E. a dis
tance of 301.26 feet to survey sta
tion 11965300. said point being the
intersection of said survey line with
the northwesterly line of Lot 8 of
Block 10 of the Town of Hanford
extended across Dunham Street.
said point being 767.67 feet south
and 98031 feet east of the North
west corner of said Section 25.
declaration of taking filed in this
proceeding and is delineated and
shown in red on the certain map or
plat theneof which is thereto at
tached as Exhibit “B."
You are further given notice that
on May 6, 1941. at the hour of 10
o'clock AM. or as soon thexeafter
as counsel can be heard. or at such
time thereafter to which such hear
ing may be adjourned. in the court
room of the United States District
Court in the Metal Building in
the City of Yakima. Washington.
and within the above named divis
ion and district. the said United
new m m
Automatically keep- but
ut at the Myanm-
Ipreadm.‘ W.
It!!! "I!!! POI CIIII'
for tdv. bottles. chart
bottles. even “be and
- Manon aim.
Plenty ofrooxn for
nan-in? dry cereals and
«he qodonot reunit
‘OUR ARMS ARE PULL of perishable food! which
we bought at the usual week-end sales. Everythifll -
will keep perfedly all week. to! our modern rottiq- ‘
orator has special compattmonts for storing each -
kind of food. We'll keep all loft-overs and mob
them into tasty dishes.
‘Planned buying and storing not only gives a! 03-
tra time to do things we likewit saves us enough
1 on food bill- to pay {or out ”figural“!
Store loft-overs In the
scientific electtic cold!
States of Amenca wlll ”Went.
petition to the then presldm‘ ’ "I
the above entitled court, “2‘"
thereafter said petition WI“
brought on for hearlng “ h
time and place as shall by the N
be dlrected. or at. such tune mm
to whlch said hvarlng any ,3“
the court at that time. or an "
journed. It
Witness the Honorabb u"
Schwellenbach. Judge of the U 3'
States District Court for the a:
Dlstrlct of Washlngton, m
seal of said Distrlct Court “lb h
day of March. 1941. 3M
A. A. W
Lyle Kelth. United Eamon:
ney. k.
Harvey Eric son. Aunt.“
ed States Attorney. M
Hut Snyder. Speclal 4mm.
partment of Justice. V ‘m'
Attorneys for W
309 Empire State Balm °
Spokane. Washington. a.”
.0 me DILU‘I
A 7-qut., fall-(c.-
117 an alum
canny?“ I
p.m.-mg. “1t...”
“hr-“ 1“.“
Thm'SdaY. April 8. INI

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