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Thrilling Motherhood
Discussed at Meeting
HIGHLANDS - The Highlands
Women's Club met last Friday, May
2 at the Highland Club House for
their last meeting of the year. Plans
were made for a. picnic to be held
in July. Roll call was responded to
by “Some Thrills I Have Had at
Being a Mother."
Phillip Foraker. W. S. C. student,
was a week-end v-isitor at the home
of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. L.
Foraker and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Ice and
family of Prosser were Monday
guests at the home of Mrs. Ice’s sis
‘ter. Mrs. Art Carpenter.
Mrs. Harvey Ray is able to be up
again and is improving nicely fol
lowing a recent illness.
Glenn Felton accompanied by
other Masons, motored to Hanford
Monday evening to attend a, chicken
dinner and Masonic meeting.
Mrs. W. s. Green attended a one
plan in ya
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[Vacation Woederlend- Sun Valley.
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o'clock luncheon on Wednesday at
the home of Mrs. R. E. Reed. which
was given in honor of Mrs. Hazel
Hansen and Mrs. Pearl Knodel of
California and Miss Lucile Withers
of Zenith.
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Taylor
were Wednesday evening dinner
guests at the home of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Taylor and fam
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Axtel and
family motored to Vernita Sunday.
H. W. Withers and house guests,
Miss Lucile Withers, Mrs. Hazel
Hansen and Mrs. Pearl Knodel and
Hugh O‘Neil were Saturday eve
ning dinner guests at the W. S.
Green home.
Billy Green accompanied Coach
Walters to Toppenish Saturday,
where he took part in field day
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Lewis enter
tained at dinner Saturday evening.
Clyde Barton and Louis Pankuk of
Tacoma and Miss Agnes Quast of
Alice Mary McLean was absent
from school Tuesday due to ill
Clyde Barton and Louis Pankuk
of Tacoma were week-end guests at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson
Mrs. Bruce McLean and small
daughter are expected to return
this week-end from a month’s va
cation spent With relatives in Cal
Ayres Moves Sheep
To Idaho Pastures
FINLEY—J. R. Ayers returned
home from Idaho late Tuesday
night. He will leave again Thurs
day for Idaho, where he has taken
his sheep. .
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shoemaker
and family moved Tuesday to the
place known as the Burt Quigley
Mr . and Mrs. Howard Ash and
family were Yakima visitors Satur
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schmelzer
visited with Mrs. C. C. Walk and
Claude Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Farris and
son, Forrest of La Grande spent the
week-end with Mrs. Farris’ parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Sellars. The Farrises
were former residents of Finley and
Mrs. Chris Puderbaugh, who fell
and broke her hip in Kennewick
{about two months ago, was taken
Iback to the Pasco hospital and op
‘ erated on Monday. She has been in
a cast since her accident.
Harold Witham, superintendent
of the state game farm at Finley, re- .
turned Thursday from a business
trip to the coast.
Mr. and Mrs. William Wilson and
Mrs. Albert Piert and children,
Rodney and “Peggy, were dirmer
guests Thursday of Mr. and Mrs.
E. Sherry.
Mr. and Mrs. Clint Glassner were
dinner gueSts Friday evening of Mr.
and Mrs. Leo Glassner in Pasco.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Johnson vis
ited friends and relatives in Walla
Walla Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ole Johnson of
Pasco and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Wal
lace, Kennewick, visited at the E.
Sherry home Sunday. ,
B. Dykeman of Portland was a
business visitor at hte Henry Piert
home Wednesday and Thursday. On
Thursday Albert Piert and Mr.
Dykeman were business ‘visitors in
Walla Walla and vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. Doc Williams were
business visitors in Walla Waua on
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Robinson were
visitors Wednesday at the Clint
Glassner home. .
Finley grange will meet Thurs
day night, May 15th at 8:30 in the
Finley grange hall.
Frank Bens was in Pasco Friday.
Elusive Trout Victims
of Determined Fishermen
.lein and A. A. Edwards spent a few
days this week at Rimrock, where
they intended to catch the elusive
trout that others seem to have
trouble getting.
Mrs. C. E. Nicoson is a patient in
the Pasco hospital, where she is un
dergoing observation with the in
tentions of a goiter operation.
Mrs. M. Simmelink entertained
the members of the W. S. C. S.
fourth division at her home Thurs
day. Twenty-five members were
present, who enjoyed the dinner ‘at
noon and the meeting in the after
Henry Smith has been 111 this
M ;s Leona Simmelink spent the
week-end with Miss Jean Lampson.
Locust Grove Home Circle will
‘meet Tuesday ,May 20, with Mrs.
Marie Smith with a buffet luncheon
at noon.
Mrs. Gilbert Edwards entertained
twenty members of the Pink and
.Green Club at her home on Thurs
lday with a potluck luncheon at
‘noon and an afternoon business‘
meeting. -
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Washburn
and family, who have been living in
the hills this winter, moving to town
this week and are living in a trail
er house at the Matthew apartment
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Smith and
family were Friday visitors at the
Guy Travis home in Western Horse
Heaven. |
Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Richmond
visited relatives in Benton City on
Mrs. Henry Smith attended a
meeting of the Western Horse
Heaven Woman’s Club, which was
held at the home of Mrs. Elmer
Smith on Wednesday. She enjoyed
very much the lesson on slip covers
which was presented at the meeting
by Mrs. Tomaske.
An Ordinance amending Section 4
of Ordinance No. 361 of the City
of Kennewick, Washington, passed
and approved February 18, 1941;
providing for the-issuance of gen
eral obligation bonds of said city
in the principal sum of $4500.00,
fixing the date, interest rate, and
maturity schedule of said bonds,
providing a fund for the payment
of the principal and interest of
said bonds, and confirming the
sale of said bonds.
1 WHEREAS, -by Ordinance No. 361
of the City of Kennewick, Wash
f lug-ton, passed and approved Febru
ary 18, 1941. said city authorized the
issuance of its general obligation
bonds in the principal sum of
$4500.00 and authorized the publi
cation of notice of calling for bids
therefor; and
WHEREAS, said notice of sale of
said bonds was duly and regularly
published and bids were submitted,
and the bid of Chas. N. Tripp & Co.,
Inc. of Portland, Oregon, was the
best bid, and was accepted as such
.by the city council; and '
WHEREAS, it is now necessary to
amend Section 4 of said Ordinance
No. 361 fixing the form of said
bonds, and to further provide for
the interest rate, date, and maturity
schedule of said bonds, and to pro
vide a fund of the city to pay the
principal and interest of said bonds
as the same shall accrue,
NOW, THEREFORE, the city
council of the City of Kennewick,
Washington, does hereby ordain as
Section 1. That Section 4 of Cr
dinance No. 361 of the City of Ken
newick, Washington, passed and ap
proved February 18, 1941 is, hereby
amended to read as follows:
“Sec. 4. That said bonds shall be
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in substantially the following form,
except as to date of payment:
No. $500.00
United States of America
State of Washington
City of Kennewick
Washington Street Extension Bond
PRESENTS: That the City of Ken
newick. State of Washington, ac
knowledges itself to owe and for
value received hereby promises to
pay to bearer on the first day of
May, 19...., the principal sum of
with interest thereon at the rate of
39; per annum payable semian
nually on the first days of May and
November of each year, as evidenc
ed by and upon presentation and
surrender of the annexed interest
coupons as they severally become
due. Both principal and interest of
this bond are payable in lawful
money of the United States at the
office of the Treasurer of the City
of Kennewick. and for the prompt
payment of the principal and 'inter
est of this bond as the same shall;
accrue, the full faith, credit and re- ‘
sources of the City of Kennewick are
hereby irrevocably pledged.
i This bond is one of an issue of
‘general obligation bonds of the City
\of Kennewick in the total principal
sum of $4500.00, issued pursuant to
Ordinance No. 361 of said city for
the purpose of constructing an ex
tension of Washington Street. and
surfacing the same within said city.
It is hereby certified and recited
that all acts, conditions and things
required to be done precedent to and
in the issuance of this bond have
happened, been done and performed
as required by law. That provision
has been made for the annual levy
and collection of a tax upon all the
taxable property within the said
city as a part of the tax millage levy
it is authorized to make annually:
without a vote of the people, suf-‘
ficient in amount to pay the prim-1
cipal and interest of this bond as the}
same shall accrue. It is hereby‘
further certified that the total in
debtedness of the City of Kenne
wick, including this band, does not
exceed any constitutional or statu
tory limitation.
by E. H. Behrman
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Kennewlck Phone 2601
City of Kennewick. Washington. has
caused this bond to be signed by 'its
Mayor and attested by its clerk, and
the Seal of said city to be hereto af
fixed. and has caused the coupons
annexed hereto to be signed with
the facsimile signatures of said of
ficials this Ist day of May, 1941.
City of Kennewic, Washington.
By .7 , , Mayor
Attest: 7. _. a City Clerk.
The interest coupon attached to
said bonds shall be in substantially
the following form:
No. “-.-...” $7.50
Interest Coupon
On the lst day of _ , 19 ~
the City of Kennewick, Washington.
will pay to bearer at the office of the
City Treasurer, the sum of $7.50 in
lawful money of the United States,
said sum being the semiannual in
terest due. to date on its general ob
ligation bond entitled “Washington
Street Extension Bond." dated May
1, 1941, numbered , . .
City of Kennewick, Washington,
Attest: -__.-
Sec. 2. The City of Kennewick and
it’s officials are hereby authorized
and directed to issue general obli
gation bonds of said city in the
principal sum of $4500.00. Said
bonds shall be in denominations of
$500.00 each. shall be numbered from
1 to 9 inclusive. shall bear interest
at the rate of 39; payable semian
nually on the first days of May and
November of each year. Both prin-
R“ Y! ‘3‘. .9.
,1 t: I “‘3“ $9 s‘:
%RAIGHT \‘°s ”he
, 50 a n
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cipal and interest shall be payable
at the office of the City Treasurer
and said bonds shall mature as fol
May 1, 1943. $500.00: May 1. 19“.
$500.00; May l. 1915. $500.00; May 1,
1946. $500.00; May 1. 1947. $500.00:
May 1. 1948. $500.00; May 1. 1949.
$500.00: May 1, 1950. $500.00; May 1.
1951. $500.00.
1 Said bonds shall be signed by the
‘ Mayor and attested by the clerk
under seal of said city. and each of
the coupons shall be signed with the
facsimile signatures of said officials.
Sec. 3. That there shall be levied
each year by the corporate author
ities of said City of Kennewick and
included in each annual tax levy a
tax upon all of the property in said
city subject to taxation in an amount
sufficient to pay the principal and
interest of said bonds as the same
shall accrue. and all such taxes as
collected shall be paid into a special
fund which is hereby created and es
tablished, to be known as “Kenne
wick General Obligation 1941 Bond
Redemption Fund" and no part of
such fund shall be used for any;
other purpose than the payment of
the interest and principal of said
bonds. The full faith. credit and re
sources of said city are hereby ir
revocably pledged for the annual
levy and collection of such tax and
the prompt payment of the princi
pal and interest of said bonds. Said
City of Kennewick further irrevo
cably pledges itself that the annual
tax provided herein to be levied for
Thursday I“
the payment of said bonds "In.
wrhm and as a part, ox hm:
mill limitation of taxes WW
cities WiLiioui a vote of the '0
and a sufficient portion of“?
nual tax levy hereafter to be h.
by said city prior to the MI“
mem of the principal Maw
said bonds is hereby mew '
aside. appropriated and ”ml
the payment 0." said “Wt-«4‘
Sec. 4. That the sa,
bonds to Chas N. Trippl:39;“:~
Portland. Oregon. accordm; m '
bid of said company Which “1‘
cepted by the City of KM”
\April 1 .1941. is hereby in m ‘
spects ratified and comm to
the city officials of the City“ .
newiack are hereby authm “'.'
rected to do everything amt
the matter of the issuance m '
of these bonds and the OM]
of the improvement for m
issuance of these bonds '.‘ .1
orized. “-
Sec. 5. This ordinance
effect immediame @033.“
approval and publication on a
by law.
Passed by the City Comm
City of Kennewick. WM:
approved by the Mayor, “‘“N
of May. 1941.
City of Kennewick. We“
Attes Izirvufif Cd AMMONM' u"
t: re '
Clerk. Q
Approved as to form: an.
Powell. City Attorney. 1‘

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