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.mn-sday. June 26. 1941.
Now Lower
Than Ever-
Before the
Eighty Acres of Grass
med at Riverland
WHITE BLUFFS—A call for as-
W to fight a grass fire at
mud Saturday, resulted in a
Md turnout of Volunteers. The fire
Wed to be completely out, flar
«ln? again and was not under con
”; until about eighty acres had
seen burned over. It, it reported that
“fined from a small ,fire in that
In, Kinney of Wenatchee is in-
W 9: class at the Tyrrell
00., in the art of packing
% Tvgfinty—six packers are
Wat 9 present time.
11; Rivemita Packing Co.. shirp
plant 12 cars of apricots. This cov
a!“ shipments made up to Tues
unisht- . .
gm, mde. E. A. Schllhng drove
immwiCk on business Tuesday.
Em, md Mrs. Paul Julson and
my on EARTH
:3 is,
/’3 ? 4 ‘
“ “A.”
Ml '(b\«
...slmt lllil Insurance out among
111, nick and Harry
. o
It's a nice friendly act to give
«idiot the boys a share of your
Mame . . . but you may learn
what fancy side-stepping really
ls. When you split responsibility
any!» may be in for rough going.
Maroon ONE good ogont
II 'loh ltlnl carrytllo load. A good
uoypooplolnlhlstownllkotho woy
r _ wo shouldor thlo
' 'lnclotrospomlblllty.
’ ERE l
fiazur' «0‘ o'.
b:LIJ—LHJ.) 5".
Gasc ' , &
orgne Pyle
. Insurance
Real Estate Rentals
In You wno SWEAR
BY o|l-PIATING.... 1
Still less engine wear— still more oil Economy l;
-from this proved New oil
that still brings OIL-PLATING
Single 5-quart fill defies Death
Valley for 13,398 miles... Certified
The celebrated Conoco Germ Promd
oil patent first made it possible for
Rn---A;_L,,- . , ,
Conoco to bring your engine OIL-PLATING
—lasting lubricant with magnet-er at
traction for inner engine surfaces- Thus
' OIL-PLATING can’t all quickly drain down
“fry up—"mb out” fast. And this same
Germ Processed oil patent still assures
an OIL-PLATED engine, after you change
to the sensational new oil by Conoco . . .
Its name is CONOCO N 234 MOTOR 0".
-Brings new Economy aid,
This POpular-priced new Conoco Nth Oil
that OIL-PLATES, can protect itself against
t°d3Y’s worst cause of rapid consumption.
How? . . . Just consider one truth
about latest oil refining methods. Rid
ding oil of bad things may sacrifice some
of Nature’s best life-givers! The same
happens, you know, in processing some
f°°ds. But today that loss is often made
up by Vitamin synthetics . . . man-made
_And today the vigor otherwise sacrificed
1“ any Dmper refining is more than made
family visited at the E. A. Schilling
home on Sunday.
A. M. Buchannan, traveling repre
sentative of the Transcontinental
Freight Bureau, was at the W. J.
Jenkins Tourist Home on Tuesday
and Wednesday.
Mrs. A. J. Loftus motored to Pros
ser Friday accompanied by her
mother, Mrs. I. MaHoney, her
daughter, Carol, and son, Jack. Mrs.
Loftus returning the same day.
Mr. and Mrs. P. N. Hensley drove
to Kennewick Wednesday, accom
panied by Mrs. Hensley’s mother,
Mrs. Lilly Reinhardt. Mr. Hensley,
who purchased a new Chevrolet
pickup is having ‘it serviced. Mrs.
Reinhardt is consulting her physi
cian while there.
Francis Shannohan and sister,
Mrs. Orin Bozarth and family ar
rived Saturday from Seattle. Mrs.
Bozarth and family will remain
during vacation at the Archie Bor
den home. Francis returned to Se
attle on Sunday.
Mrs. R. S. Reierson had as week
end guests, her mother, Mrs. P. J.
My-here from Seattle. her sister, Mrs.
T. H. Baker and children of Port
Townsend. Mrs. Reierson aocompan-‘
ied them to Yakima.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Cords re
turned to their home at IHiiblbing,
Minnesota Sunday, after a vacation
of two weeks spent with their father
Carl A. Cord, who returned with
them for an extended visit.
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Brown spent
Sunday in Yakima visiting Mrs.
Brown’s aunts, the Misses Alice and
Lucy Scudder. While there they
also had the opportunity of visiting
with Miss Alice Scudder of New
York City, and Mr. and Mrs. Evan
Russel of Seattle.
Guests at the O. E. Westling home
over Sunday were Donald and Dean
Chappel of Yakima, returning home
Sunday evening accompanied by
Mrs. Donald Chappel and young son,
Kimble Edg'mund returned Sun
day to McChord field, near Tacoma
after visiting his mother, Mrs. Golda
Edgemond. He was accompanied on
the return trip by Mr. and Mrs. Ron—
ald Eddy and daughter, Sue and
Miss Dorothy Ed-gemond. -
Carter and David House returned
to Heppner Sunday, after a. week’s
vacation with the Aerial Rawlins
family. ,
Life Time of Hose
Lengthened by 4-H Club
IN-BETWEEN—The Magic Mak
ers 4-H Clothes Club met at the
home of Lorraine Messenger ‘for .an
all-day ~meeting and potluck din
ner, at which time they darned and
pabched hose and also learned how
to match patches of figured mater
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Emrbree of
Fontana; California and Mrs. Will
Atkinson and Miss Esther :Scott of
up by patented Conoco Thialkene inhibio
tor. . . man-made . . . in Conoco Nth oil.
Lasted 74% to 161% longer than 5
other big-name oils in fierce fair test
Across the Death Valley desert Conoco
Nth wrote E-C-O-N-O-M-Y. Locked in
the engines of 6 new everyday cars—all
alike—were 6 prominent oils, including
Conoco Nth. One 5-quart £ll per car.
Never another drop. No mercy. 57 miles
an hour under impartial observation
under sun that’d singe you—till each fill
gave out and the engine was junk.
Conoco Nth outlasted the next-best
oil by 5,683 miles; outlasted the worst
by 8,268 mila; outlasted the average of
all 5 others by 7,057 miles. All certified.
But you don’t put your car through tor-
“é ‘
conoco N-Mma on \V/
Latest available prod
ucts of 5 leading com
petitors bought retail
by Referee.
Identical new cars
broken-in alike, after
engines had been taken
apart for Referee to
check uniformity.
Lincoln, Nebraska are house guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ash and
[Miss Laura O’Hair of Kennewick
was a guest at the home of her uncle
and family, Ed O’Hair, during the
past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lucas and fam
ily of Anaheim, California are the
house guests at the home of his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Lucas.
Miss Ellen Ashby became the bride
of John Nunn. The ceremony was;
preformed Sunday. 1
Gerards Enjoy Family
Reunion at Sacajawea
F'INLEY—IMr. and Mrs. Ralph
Gerards. La Grande; Henry Gerards
of Pendlebon, Mr. and Mrs. Waldo
Gerards of Wallula, Mr. and Mrs.
Cur-t Gerards of Kennewick, Mr.
and Mrs. Joe Gerards and Marie,
and their house guests, George Ger
ard and Wallace Coleman of New
kirk, Oklahoma, all enjoyed a fam
ily !picnic at the Sacajawea park
Finley grange will meet Thurs
day evening at 8:30, July 3.
Tony Vasile and Lewis Robinson
were business visitors in Spokane
Sunday and Monday.
Mr. and Mm. Hal Hedstrom and
3011 Curtis of Walla Walla, and
Mrs. Jesse Lande and daughter
Betty Ann were visitors Sunday
of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Wibham.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schwartcopf
of Pasco were callers Sunday at
the Frank Bens home. _
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Shinn and son
Morse of Canfield, Idaho were d-in
ner guests Saturday of Mrs. John
Calvin and son. Mrs. Shinn and
Mrs. Calvin were school-mates and
had not seen each otner for 30
Mr. and Mrs. George Turner of
Kennewick and Mrs. Boker of Fort
Peck, Montana visited with Mr.
and Mrs. Ed Ringu-ebte at the Fin
ley store Sunday. In the evening
they all attended the soft ball
game in [Pasco.
Mr. and Mrs. ‘Al'ber-t Piert and two
children Rodney and Peggy Lou
visited Mrs. Piert’s aunt. in Walla
Walla Sunday.
Calvins Hosts This
Week to Idaho Guests
'FINLEY—Mrs. Inez Thomas. of
Challis, Idaho, and Mr. and Mrs.
Renner and family of Harley. Idaho
visited Wednesday with Mrs. John
Calvin and sons. Mr. and Mrs.
Renner left Thursday and Mrs.
Thomas stayed tfor a visit with
Mrs. Calvin. Both Mrs. Thomas
and Mrs. Calvin visited Mr. Cal
vin who -is in the hospital at Walla
Walla Sunday. .
Frank Bens was a visitor Sunday
of Oscar Tiedemnan. 1
Jens Lande and sons Jesse and;
ture-tests. For authorities warn you to
change oil at regular intervals. No quar
reling with that! Now, however, as you
change to Conoco Nth . . . the greater
new oil that OIL-PLATES . . . set your
speedometer-trip at 000. Keep track—
and certify Conoco Nth economy for
yourself. Continental Oil Co.—Pioneers
in Betta-ing America’s oil with Synthetic:
CERTI F'ED I hereby certify that the
Death Valley Test and
related work were thoroughly and fairly con
ducted. Engine Destruction occurred in each
case at the mile
age stated. , 3Z 2 .
Coneulfing Engineer, who doting Academic yea: is
Professor of Automotive Engineering. Purdue University
Orin were business visitors in
Quincy Tuesday. '
Mrs. Artie Woods and Clark Wood
were week end visitors of Mr. and
Mrs. Harry Beothe.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hamblem were
week end visitors in Walla Walla.
Mrs. L. F. Ziggler and daughter
Jane of Vancouver and Mrs. J.
W. Gilmore and son Jimmie of
Pasco were dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Winifred Gilmore Tues
Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Plaquet of
Umpine and Mrs. Roy McKeevy of
Waidburg and Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Johnson and daughter Ruth Ann
of Kennewick were dinner guests
Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest
Mrs. Winfield Gilmore had the
misfortune to sprain her ankle”
While not serious. it. is most pain-1
ful. 1
Rices Proud Great
Grandparents Recently
FINLEY—Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
Rice received word Thursday of me
birth of a great grandson to Mr.
and Mrs. Dale Rice of Pasco.
H. 'H. Bowers accompanied his
daughter and son-in-law. Mr. and
Mrs. Doc Gordon of Riohland to
Spokane Monday.
Lewis Robinson and Howard
Bet-tes left Wednesday for Dayton.
Le Roy La Rue left Monday for
Dayton where ‘he is employed.
Mr. and Mrs. Hamley of Sunny
side visited at the Fred Falque
and R. Laumny homes.
Mr. and Mrs. Clint Glassner were
dinner guests Thursday evening at
the home of their son and wife,
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Glassner in Pasco.
Betty Gilkerson of Mesa is visit
ing at the home of Mrs. Winfred
Bealle and Marie.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Nickel and
children Wilden Clifford Jr. were
Sunday dinner guth of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Falque.
Mrs. Irene Hughes, Mrs. A. A.
Schafifner and Mrs. E. Sherry at
tended Pomona grange at Rattle
Snake Saturday.
Rdbert Purdy of Salem is spend
ing a few weeks visiting Mr. and
Mrs. Bob Perkins and family.
Tweet Leaves Monday
For Fort Lewis Camp
HIGHLANDS—David Tweet, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tweet who has
been accepted for army service,
left on Monday «for Fort Lewis.
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Mayer have
recently had a phone installed at
their home in the Highlands. The
number is 2387.
Mrs. Dennis Klum and daughters
Glorie and Jean of Spokane spent
several- days this week with rela
tives and Iriends in Kennewisk.
They were over-night gusts on
Wednesday at the Ernest Eestes
home on the South Highlands.
Duane and George Lape were
home Wednesday evening after
spending several days in Mesa set
tig up combines in preparation for
the harvest season.
Mrs. Fred Jarvis of Missmla
spent last week end with her bro
ther. E. G. Lape and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Paulsen
were Walla 'Walla visitors on Sun
Miss Betty Jean Rutherford has}
returned to the home of her uncle
and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Story‘
where she will spend the sununer.
She has spent the school year ati
the Minton home in Kennewick”
Lampsons Express
Appreciation to Friends
HIGHLANDS— Mr. and Mrs.
Bruce Lampeon are nicely settled
again in the home formerly owned
by Grandma and Grandpa Lamp
son. They wish to emress their
appreciation and graditude to all
who helped so graciously to furnish
their new home with the many use
ful gifts and fat the many acts of
Frank Hembree, of Tacoma. a
former Highland resident. was a
Kennewick visitor the first of the
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Montague
and family of Hover were Sunday
visitors at the W. L, Mia
Mrs. Martin Gamer. daughter
Margaret and son Wayne returned
the first of the week from Seattle
where they visited relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Brand motored
to Grandview this evening (Thurs
day) to attend “open house” being
held from 2 to 7 for friend of E.
F. Blaine on his birthday anni
Miss Patty Higley of Kennewick
is a house guwt this week of the
Mises Opal and Rose Mary Wat
Irwin Dalley of Shelton was a
week end guest at the home at
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Watkins.
Miss Marjorie Witt of California!
was a Monday evening dinner guest
at the Clyde Higley home in Keane-j
% 11' re’ $6 7e
1 . JULY 4:11. 9
COME in today! Equip your car with
the famous SaftivSured Firestone DeLuxe
Champion Tires. It may be your last
chance to get them at these low prices and
with such exceptional trade-in allowances.
This remarkable new tire is Safti-Sured
against blowouts by a patented Safetvaock
GumoDipped cord body Safti—Sured
Llsln to the Voice 0! Mn viii Richard Crooks. New Spock: and It: Flu-anon Symphony
omm "datum dflhdwm "canyon-Ins. our NJ. 6. I“ Network
Western Auto Supply I
OLAV I. OTH”, Authorized Dealer
McCoy of Fore Lewis
Week-End Visitor
HOVEHohn McCoy. who is
training in the army at Fort lewis.
was home over the week-end Sun
day going to Yakima. where the J.
E. Cochran family was holdmg a
family reunion at the Grove:- Mon
tague home.
Round flip
to NEW YORK mm
on. way via San Francisco
’9O 3.2.2::
‘135 335.2%:
$45 lawful-“l .
834.50 Uppot M
'* "‘ ‘ ‘¢§S\:“W“~;— \ "'7'
'4 Alt-L -: 990Ka~t ' ‘i:
*— ‘ “as": f 0 \_ 111:..-
W; ”A“ ....«f
SpokanefoPorfland &,,,s£it'gn_fi'_m
hy tho luxury trains
(Great Northern Railway)
(Northern Pacific Railway)
flow doluao Coooheo, latest Tourist ond Standard
Ileepinq Cars, tinest Dining Caro low prioed
goals, Oboervation-Club-bounoe oars.
Throughout the season, tho Spokane, Portland
& Seattlo Railway oflors very attractive taros
ior trips to Chicago, New York, Boston, Cincin
nati, Detroit, Kansas City, Now Orleans, Phil
adelphia, St. Louis, St. Paul, Minneapolis,
Toronto, Washington, and many other points
in oastarn states and provinces.
Fares differ with acoomodations and sorvioos
dosirod, allowing exercise of distinct economies.
tickets otter diverse routes with stopover priviloooe.
l'or details, consult Your Railroad Aqon‘
. or write R. W. Piokord, G. I. O P. A,
8. P. t 8. Railway, Portland, Oregon
against skidding by the amazing Genn-
Grip tread—and Sahi-Sured for longer
mileage by the exclusive new wear.
resisting Vinnie rubber compound. They
ace the only tires made that are safetyo
moved on the speedway for your protec
tion on the highway.
Mrs. E. Waldren and daughter
Edna Mae from California have
been visiting relatives here this
week. While here they attended the
wedding of Mrs. Waldren's broth
er. John Nunn.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Evans mo
tored to Spokane Sunday. where
Carl was to receive medical aid. Mr.
a 3: Mrs. C. B. Ashby accompanied
t. m.

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