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Issued Thursdays by The Kennewick Printing 00.. 217 Kennewick Avenue, Kennewick, Washington
el‘uember of National Editorial Association and Washington Newspaper Publishers Association. 11113.
Subscription $2.00 per year.
The Coumier, at. March 27, 1902 The Mr, at. January 24, 1903 —— Consolidated April 1, 1914
Entered as Second Class matter, April 2, 1914 at RC. at Kennewick, Wash, unda- act of March 3, 1879
We sit with our fingers crossed
and wonder what will be the result
of communistic Russia allying her
sel: with democratic England. There
are some of our readers who charge
that Stalin is no better than Hitler
and Russia’s past history may give
them room for discussion. Perhaps
England isn't approving of Russia’s
past conduct but England is glad
of the help Russia can give. her
in this war. We consider the sit
uation with regard for our own
Interests, and though it is selfish, it
is the principle thought of most
America today. To do what is best
for the nation is our main concern
right now. If you are faced by ex
treme danger and something came
along to divert the attention of your
toe, giving you time to gain your
strength and fortify your house, you
would be glad of the distraction and
help, accept the assistance grate
fully since it has maybe saved your
life. 80 England considers this
fussian alliance. She doesn't stop
to argue the ethics and morals of
this Russian government. She did
n't do it during the first world war
when Russia was an ally. England’s
prayer has been for time. America
has asked tor time in building,
equipping and training. 80 Russia
comes in to battle and give England
an answer to her call for time—
If honesty is the best .policy why
Is it so hard to practice it the
greenest percentage of the time?
A car expert recently made an at
tempt to find out the proportion of
honest garage mechanics throughout
the country. There has been much
said against repairmen who work
on the car and change -for unneces
sary and non-existent troubles. So‘
this man started across country in;
a. carefully reconditioned auto. EBe-(
tore entering a town :he would dis
connect a wire which left about half
of the car’s cylinders hitting. The
man’s secretary would drive the car
into a nearby garage where any sort
of a mechanic would know instant
ly what was wrong the minute he
looked under the hood. It wouldn‘t
take a second to connect the wire
and tell the lady that everything was
all right. There were 347 garages
that were tested and in 129 of them
the condition was immediately rec
ognized and fixed with only a small
charge or none at all. The other
places suggested all sorts of troubles
and remedies and cleaning the car
lnn'eator and installing a new clutch
were mow the suggestions. The av
erage charge was $4 for something
that 81 mechanics had 'felt wasn’t
worthai’ee atall! Therestofin
legrity found that mechanics in
towns of under 10,000 population
were more honest than in the large
cities. Most of us here have at some
time or another been “taken in” be—
cause or our lack of mechanical
knowledge. And most of us in Ken
newick patronize a garage where we
knew that we are getting fair and
honest service.
'lhe occupation of Iceland by the
United States in the interest of
hemisphere defense Is generally ap
proved. There seems to be a feeling
that if there are any other islands
of: our shares that are needed for
our dedense now is the time to take
them. It as a case in which posses
sion is a little more than nine tenths.
A lltle over a year ago Hitler
signed a. ten year nonaggression
pact with Russia. This should be in
teresting to those who seem to think
that a peace treaty might be entered
into with Hitler.
3 way ON EARTH
' 2 30 may no l‘l' ?
-' .. . risk m loss of valuable ur
\ 8m! humus my m- In:
£ 0
n. We you stop outside your door,
youpouonolbolonglngs ore emu mercy
d dunno. Homohold Immune. doesn't
WM away from home. Fa pooplo
who "on! very much, pemnol effects
mu 0 mootholp to pace. of mind.
. Ml: Don'IYOU wonyuhoutyow ‘
( pal-tonal bolonglngs. l_.ol US "one!
a F‘ m then, and do your
‘1 mam varying for you.
i 5303?} ...“... 09.. ‘
~ ' 'IJUL'IJ ‘ Sfflndqrd -
\ \Q!“ ‘ .
Gascoigneߢ nye
Real Estate Rentals
Eh? Kennrmirk Qlnurirr-Ewnrtrr
Often a fellow tries to fool him
self about his manly ufigure after he
reaches the forty mark. He closes
one eye at his mirrored image and
considers that he is carrying his
weight mighty well for his age. But
if he opens both eyes he generally
finds that he has lost weight in
his arms, legs and shoulders, but
has put a considerable amount of
poundage on his stomach. This fat,‘
they inform us, draws down on the
diame and hereby an insu-IJ
‘iofionr amount of blood circulates
through the vessels of the heart and
this leads to angina pectoris which
is an increasing heart complaint
among older men of today. The so
lution for men of forty and over is
to control this “bay window” or
“German Goitre” with a corset, as
suggested by a western doctor, who
ihas studied the subject of angina
pectoris. If you are considering the
purchase of a garment for yourself
and are loathe to walk into a store
to buy one, carefully compute with
angles and curves and then swear
your wife to secrecy before sending
her down to do the shopping tor you!
One of the most frequent prac
tices and one which usually escapes
our notice yet which is a danger
note, is parking the car parallel and
then getting out of it on the side
opening into the lane of traffic!
When you stop to think it over you
can remember all sorts of accidents
that might have happened to you‘
the many times you have done this
very thing. You are running a risk}
for yourself and you are endangering ‘
others as the line of traffic swings
hurriedly to one side when your
car door opens. That means dodg
ing and danger for another line of
travel. By using precaution and ob
serving F'IRST before you step out
you may safely proceed. But watch
the fellow who will park his auto,
shut off the motor, open his left
hand door and then BACK OUT of
the car without looking around.-
Sometime traffic may not swing
aside and then what?
The United Sham :forces in Ice
land relieved the British garrison
that has guarded the island since
May. 1940.
H inflation comes as it did during
the World War, and prices get radi
cally out of line, it will be in spite
of everything that can possibly be
done to prevent it. Inflation is disas
trous :because it is always (allowed
by a pay day which more than takes
the profits of high prices and leaves
a train of wrecked and bankrupt in
dividuals and businesses in its wake.
Much effort and thought is being ex
pended to guard against a repeti
tion of the disastrous World war ex
periences resulting from inflation.l
In spite od everythmg that can be
done there will the a measure of in-‘
nation and higher prices this sumr
mer and fall. ¢
Every editor has had .the exper
ience of having some one come to
him after he has gotten into a. jam
and ask the item be kept out of the
newspaper. Usually it is fbecause of
a mother or sister or wife. Sometimes
the editor agrees not to print the
item, but no editor withholds legit
imate news without feeling that he
has betrayed his profession. The
wrong doer imposes upon hte editor
by making him the goat {or his mis
deeds. It is strange. rlsoo, how some
men never seem .to think of their
wife, or mother, or sister until they
get into a jam with the law. We al
ways doubt the sincerity of such a
plea. 'We usually feel that the fel
low is so yellow that he can’t even
face the punishment for his mis
deeds and publicity which without
any doubt is a part of the punish
Frequent warnings and rumblingsl
are heard that new highs in taxes
are to be experienced by everyone
in the near future to pay for the
defense program. Income tax rates
will be doubled and in most cases
trippled and new nuisance taxw and
excise taxes will be set up. Those
taxes will all the in addition to local
taxes which of course will be only
mildly affected by the cost of the
defense program. In order to make
the blow easier and afford a. means-l
of paying these taxes on the in
stallment plan the treasury will of-{
fer for sale “tax anticipation certif
icates" that may be used in .the\
payment of taxes. TheseJnay be pur
chased out of the current receipts
or savings. They will draw a little
interest. .
It was four years ago that Japan
invaded unprepared and unprotected
China. China is still battling the in
vader. Japan is the country that it
has been said constitutes a. threat
against the United States and has
designs on some of its possessions.
The real reason why Hitler at
tacked Russia has not come to light.
but that he underestimated the job
is plain to every one.
It is being predicted that within
the next three months the country
will experience a transition into a.
war economy. Controls will be more
exacting and there will be more bur
densom restrictions. Even this
country isn‘t so big and resourceful
but that it will feel the burden and
as the one now before it.
R. E. REED, Editor and Publisher
At a recent convention which met
in the interest of home economics
with special regard to the farm fam
ily, a wardrobe was on display as
an outfit for a girl of high school.
The cost of it ran to $7.52 for one
year. This sample wardrobe with a
few changes and alterations, would
last for three years, he in style,
serve practical needs as well as suit!
the appearance of the wearer for‘
this period of time. Three years of
wear puts the $7.52 rate on the out
fit. The garments would :be made at
home, following simple patterns, us
ing mostly cotton materials, trim
mings with worn necktie: and us
ing spools, corks, nuts and wood
chips for buttons. It requires in
genuity and the knack of visualizing
—a touch of artistry and a trick
with the needle and thread. Women
about Kennewick have this and if
they are members of a family whose
net income is SSOO a year, they 'will
still see that their daughter of high
:cihool age looks as good as the next
. l.
Every community has one or two
old men, who in spite of their age,
make an effort to support them
selves by odd jobs and gardening.
Some of them pmoduoe remarkable
gardens, gardens that would be a
credit :to much younger and more
active men. They may be seen in
their gardens early and late. They
care and tend their crop, use what
they need and sell the rest. Every
town also has a. number of younger
men much more able who neverl
fort for themselves. They prefer to
let the WIPA and the government do
it all for them. They are much more
able than the older men who make
such a. commendable effort toward
self support. There should be some
system of rewarding those who make
such an effort and giving less to
those too lazy and indiffelent to
Former Kiona Girl
Wedé Spokane Man
BENTON ClTY—Friends of the
Bert Allen family of Spokane learn
ed (Friday of the marriage of their
youngest daughter, Delm Allen
and. Lyman Riley, also of Spokane.
The wedding took place July sth in
Seattle at the University mmeran
church at a family ceremony. The
Rileys will live in Seattle. '
The Allen family were Benton
Highland residents for several years
«before leaving here about six years
ago «for Spokane. ‘
The Kwatcm pinochle club mem
bers and their families had their an
nual picnic Sunday at the Prosser
park. The group also celebrated the.
second anniversary of Beharmel
Triach, daughter or Mr. and Mrs.‘
Joe 'l‘riesch. Mr. and Mrs. Graw‘
Wilson were unable to attend. The‘
w. Iw. Simonton or! Presser andl
Joyce Russell. j
Mrs. M. W. Hoop and sons, Wal
lace and John, drove to Portland on
Friday to visit relatives
Jack Welch, employed at Bremer
ton, came Sa-tmday and on Sunday
moved their household goods and
Mrs. Welch and sons to Bremerton,
where they will make their home.
Virginia Howard celebrated her
twelfth birthday anniversary Fri
day afternoon when her mother, Mrs.
J. C. Howard. entertained seven
girls at a party in her honor.
Trevioe Rucker, Sam Collins and
Douglas Montgomery, all employed
at the ammunition depot at Hemis
ton, came Friday for a short stay at
their homes. They returned to their
work Saturday.
Mrs. Benson Suffers
Broken Wrist in Fall
BENTON" CITY Mrs. August
Benson, former Highland resident.
and now of Tacoma, fell and broke
her wrist two weeks ago. She is
staying with her daughter, Mrs. Ted
Larsen in Tacoma.
Mr. and Mrs. {Bill Marlin and
family and Billy Kljznefelter of
Bremerton came Friday evening to
spend the week-end at the home of
Mrs. Marlin’s and Billy’s sister. Mrs.
Loin Wilson. whey returned to the
coast Sunday, accompanied by Mrs.
Wilson and sons, Lee and Terry.
Meumioe Wilson, who has spent ten
days in the upper valley, continued
irom Yakima with them to the coast.
Mr. and Mrs. August Frye return
ed Monday evening from Seattle.
where they went On Saturday to
take their granddaughter, Margaret
Frye to her home after a month’s
visit here. _ _
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Crawford re:
turned home Sunday from a week
with their son and damshter-in-law.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Crawford in Se
attle and at their summer home at
Coupeville on Whidby Island.
'Wayne Hanson drove the mall route
during Crawford’s absence.
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Taylor and
family of Ahtanum left Monday
for San (Pedro, mum where
Taylor has work. The 'l‘aylors
have been here since 'l'hursdaay Vis
iting his mother, Mrs. Frank Orth
and other relatives.
Clifford Fahnholz renamed last
week Iron: a three weeks’ visit with
relatives in Nebraska. lie-was ac
companied on the trip by Mrs. W.‘
J. Jacobs and daughter. Joyce of ‘
Kima, who visited Mrs. Jacob’s rel-1
afivw in lowa. 1
As Japan (11) froze American and British funds in retaliation for
similar action by Washington and London, high Japanese military and
naval officers and equipment began arriving in Saigon (2) in the first
stage of the occupation of bases in Southern Indo-China resplting from
Vichy’s acceptance of Tokyo’s demands. The Chinese charge that Japan
had offered Thailand (3) further slices of Indo-China on condition that
she adhere to .the .Asiatic (New Order. Britain announced that she had
greatlyreinfor. cedhertmopsinßurma (mdangapa'e andtheMalay
States (5). The Netherlanders were ho! a two-day invasion test in
Java (6) and all the military forces of the {Philippines (7) were called into
the service of the U. 8. -
Mrs. Ashby Resigns
Duties On “Invader”
Rom—Mrs. C. B. Ashby has
resigned her position on the boat
the Invader and bought a trailer
house and is residing near Her
miston where her husband in em
Mr. and Mrs. C. Tholman, 8.
Stewart, Mr. Walters, J. E. Coch
ran and Mrs. Derung attended the
Townsend picnic at the Kennewick‘
park Sunday. ‘
Grover Montague and son, Leo.‘
of Yakima visited Mr. and Mrs.
C. B. Ashby at Hemiswn Sunday.l
Mr. and Mrs. mum at Kenné
wick visited at the ’l'". Montague
110,199 WeMy We'll"?- -
Mr. and Mrs. O. Bohmer and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Preggle and
tague picnicked in the Pasco park
Saturday evening.
Look at ‘
coloniesunited. .
Well. not quite. We are forty-eight strong and
Well-united states now. We have a large share of
all the world’s wealth. We have discovered and.
developedanastoundingnumbetof m. We
have sdmfismthinkergdoeutospare. We have
wroteabookcalledWl‘he Next Hundred Years."
Chester Anderson Home
Texas Guests at the
mm mm—
Mrs. Claude Boyd and twochfld
ren of Texas have been visiting
erson home before going on to
Yakima. when Mr. Boyd is employ
Mrs. I. T. Foueh and daughter.
Helen. left last week for Walla
Walla. to spend a month a- 81:
Norman Travis returned home
last Monday from a four—day visit
to Redmond and vicinity. _ _
Dr. and Mrs. H. Banks and
was. W at hula-ton.
California. m recent guests at
ahouse guatthisweekotms.
Vernon Baden and Hrs. Louis
' “a.
depending on whether we are
The dictators say democracy
won’t week—too inefieient. The
very word “democracy" is under
fire. Today, our foam of government
Being Items Called From Our
Fred Mills and Odes Sloan ac
companied by their families report
ed a very enjoyable time at Lake
Ghelan last week. The catch con
sisted of 22 fine lake trout running
from 19 to 20 inches in size with the
largest 2‘ inches long on display in
the new refrigerator window at the
Kennewick Market over Sunday.
Motor boating is the new sport
being taken up by some of the Ken
newick residents. Carol Pratt
launched a awe-built motorboat—the
“Lady Jane” Sunday.
Everett Aman and family spent
Sunday at Her-rah. where they at
tended a. reunion of Mrs. Aman's
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Carpenter. Vir
stain and Miss June Visger pimiok
ed in the Blue Mountains Sunday.
Mrs. bee 1313195011 and daughter
Theo left today for Portland. when
they will visit with Mrs. lampson’s
sister, Mrs. Ludwig.
Lorene Belm- returned Wednes
day from a two week's vacation spent
in Presser with her grandparents.
Mr. and Mrs. Chet McGee and two
«mum of Gold Creek spent the
week-end us gusts at the ma m
ley bane.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Anderson and
mm, Barbara Jew and Betty.
left My for u nation spent at
'red Gifford and Lowell meley
scout comp. Gene Welt and
noon. WMemmmedßun
Bury Hampton at Havel- alum
the nlky's am cant-James Wed
Mn. 3. Lacuna. c. I". Ninten
wwdu'. Mrs. W. 1.. Cum, Mrs. B.
Q. When and”. R. E. Pratt
M to Yakima to “tend an
Glee alma- was an all-any mt
diqhmjvm 'll;undw._ ,
mmmmd rune
children reunited Sunday night
Dr. c. Bnmn lava m to
visit dittaentcout clues. Be ex
Atomic also. with W of times the.
m .
wthindnnce. ifthethinp mendo—in pom!“
and undoing and deuce and bulimic—ennui
wtmdm—puwthnnanthc prol'
beepit. Yummaumploofitatflfl
Weneed only to Wait. Wit.
* * *
mi: 33...... mt
dough-din. menu-W”
mursday, July 3‘l. W
Miss Marble Halvemn. Q.~
clerks at Tu I's 5
vacation this wags... h “h
Chas. and Wm. Mm.
Steamer. Umatma, Mmaa u
folks Saturday and M h
Loueey Amis W‘h
ago from Spokane “I!!! h ~
several weeks Waiting 1:“. ‘
Mrs. J. B. Race let: M
the Coast where am “11”.:
weeks in the mm
health. 4! ~
A. H. Richam; W
of Kennewick and E. g. ;*
elected to take his M, .
Manager Church 0!
we and Cold Shara.“
that their present may:
will be more than MI)”.
ions month in the M'~
K. C. Gifford h...
elor colony. Mrs. Gm.‘
the remainder o! the all“
relatives in lon. ‘
H. H. Vibbex- am” ‘
Columbia Steam 00. m
a chance in m. M): ...
Mountain Gem M WI ‘
trips up the river on M.
Thursdays only, hm.
Royßaflord stung“
books that sell (or am...
have been found m Ith?
novels in the old up, 1
“mm fellow who am.
mm but doing it m it:
insurance." an o. n. he“.
warns hm't mm *-
woman fifimn”;
“We flmnuhetouflq
other tenow ha tom." ““1
8118. “as long a uh.‘
--m mother «amt-u
111113.10: mm «at...
subbing When m but:
“One manna-mu
sighs Mu Bier. “Danni!
'mere anneal-duh
ton-mm ‘

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