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I ’AW 14, 1941.
d 3...
/' ”119"” per word per insertion—minimum. 25 , [f prepaid, five times for the price of tour.
Fox Sale 7 1111111111
.1 “Puma-rel: wood or coal
Call 1732. 20p
.llwartlett calmii’ngl pears.
' “235601-201 . . .Ray
” 19-22 c
' “GEES—Just right now
' m; tree ripened. H. C.
’ phone 2101. 20-21 p
I “Ll—Good, clean straw, $1
E" Gall 9x2, Charles Hunt,
ml! cow with heifer
lull—M Axtel, Rt. 2, Kenne
. 20p
, ”Anya-writer ribbons forl
.‘- at the Courier-Reporter .
.- mB-‘Guansy-Jersey, yr,
gm. ml! last of month. D.
gm, Richland. 20-21 p
um Refrigerators and elec
mm for sale at bargain
# wmton Hardware and
WOMM- 49“
mp—loo White Giant Ply
:m mas and Rhode Island
Hygifiaagy to lay. Harry
fl, am. Kennewick. zo-mp.
3 Wll grapevimas,
m mars now tor spring de
”.9093 1000, f.o.b. California.
am (or all cash with order,
Ipm -1 plants. An early sell-out
"an man: a greater demand
mum planting season, so or
‘ ummlhnsen’s Rainbow Gar
lflefllfid, Wash. 20-22 c
7' '3§:Z§a§§:§s
Matt & Title CO.
was man
a... sme Bank Building
(Inca a Residence
AMA Phone 1521
I I A 'l‘ I N 8
INS. Phone 411

”no In mum
M Manse 319 lat Ave.
Phone 1361
Imam runuc
"In Am. Security Building
cum Analytical
Eye Examinations
Mom 3. OLSEN, opm.
i 2? 2:76:11)” Storeßes. 262
MWilton & Powell
°m°° 1n Hmtad Building
M Morticians 1
thcgggdgggnoxs ‘
. Pug... 2201 2202
FOR SALE—Horses, mules and all
kinds of used horse drawn farm
machinery. Twin City Truck and
Implement, Pasco. __ -_- --_.sot!
”FOR SALE—SW quarter of NE
quarter, NW quarter of SE quar
ter and 8 half of SE quarter of Sec.
30, Township 8. Range 28, Benton
County. Inquire Churohman In
vestment Company, Pasco. 20c
lllllllli Ming-llamas lllllTll
a cooked food sale Saturday, Aug.
16 at the Kennewick Market. 20c
FOUND—Two keys and holder near
creamery. Owner may have same
‘by paying for ad and identifying. 20c
CANNWG DAYS at the Campbell’s
Custom Cannery are Monday,
Wednesday and Friday afternoons.
Produce must be in the cans by four
o’clock. 19-23 p
EATS AND CAPS—Bats cleaned
and blocked 60c; caps cleaned 25c.
Reflex-son Dye Women, phone one
two-three. Pasco. 82$!
CLEAN-UP—See our inside pant
speck]; Ask about our Spring
Clean-up deal at Potlutch Yards.
Inc. 521;:
Have yourcartestedon the Wea
torOo. ' 141:1
W palm clean-up
special—one gallon varnish, 3%
gallon enamel. one guest floor en
amel, wallpaper for average room.
walls and ceiling (10:12:58) five
pounds Kalsomine and a. bruSh, all
for only $9.58. Ask for details at
Potlatc’h Yards, Inc. 5%!
H. E. Amman & SON, blacksmith
and welders. Truck bodies built
to order. Best-plow work on earth.
Axes, syckles and lawn mowers
sharpened. Front 8: Auburn Sta,
Kennewick, Wn. 1101
BUILD, Remodel, Repair, Paint—
No dow-n payment—3 years to pay.
Your home need not be paid for.
sloo—repay $4.59 monthly; s2oo—
5639 per month; ”GO—repay
$959 per month; woo—repay $15.97
per month. Potlatch Yards, Inc.
phone 241, Kennewick. vl7ctf
PAPERHANGmG—GenemI house
cleaning, including rug cleaning,
mm, wall paper cleaning,
reasonable, phone 2467 after 6 pm.“
GET THE BEST—More heat per
dollar, combined with freedom
Imm soot and ashes, when you burn
Gasco Briquets. Order now from the
Twin City Lumber 00., Pasco. phone
702dW. 351;:
mmun Wanted gmmm’ i
WANTED—Housekeeper. Phone 1506
Mrs. H. O’Hearn. . 20p
WANTED—Part time office work
and bookkeeping for evenings. I
have access to typewriter and adding
machine. Inquire box L this office.
. st!
WIAN'I'ED: Girl or woman for gen
eral housework and care of 'two
children on ranch. Ferment
position to righrt party. Inquire
this office. ' letf
llllllllm For Rent‘llllllllllll
FOR RENT: Three-room apartment
with bath. Suitable for two .peOple.
Phone 2352. . 20c
FOR RENT—6 rooms and bath
downstairs. Inquire 504 Kennewick
Avenue; also one upstair bed
room, 1711 c
FOR RENT—Modem offiqe poms:
water, light, heat furniShed, and
air conditioned, in the Penney
building on Main corner. See A. F.
Brown. 7t!
*WW .
Better. Used Cars
mom A
Dependable Dealer
Kennewick Auto Go.
Phone 100
Slm-day school, 10:00 am.
Morning worship, 11:05' am.
Sermon: “Breadcasting.” All who
desire to come 01; these services are
most cordially welcome.
Seoond and Auburn Streets
P. J. Luvaas, Minister
No services or Sunday school this
J. N. NOLT, Pastor
Sunday Bible school at 10:00 am.
Wm. Mills, superintendent.
Morning worship at I11:00 am.
Theme: “-How May I Keep Sancti
N.Y.»Ps. Juniors and prayer hour
at 7:00 pm.
Evening Evangelistic service at
8:00 pan. Theme: “My Besetting
Sin.” 0
Midweek prayer services, Kenne
wick Wednesday, 8100 pm.
Ebveajlfhm‘ss'ayz 8300 p-m- 7
The Bible school is starting of!
fine, Any children who have not
yet. attended we will be more than
glad to welcome you. ,
Rollin 13. nomiigif
10:30—Morning worship service.
Guest preacher J. C. McKinley. Bible
study in classes closing at 12:15.
No evening service during August.
B:oo—Wednesday evening mid
week service of prayer and Bible
study in St. Luke.
Mr. McKinley will preach on the
29th also.
We have a welcome for you.
_ 03125?!“ 913339“.
Corner Third and Washington
J. A. Pine. Minister
Bible school, 10:00 am.
Morning worship and sermon at
01:00 am. Sermon theme: “Workers
Together.” -
Evening church service, 8:00 pm.
Shields Pilots Hart
Ship On Short Tour
HIGHLANDS—BasiI Shields pi
loted one of the six Hart ships on
a tour to Oonnelh White 'Blurffs,
Presser and back to Kennewick and'
lPasco Sunday. Mrs. Shields accom
panied him and at Prcsser they were
guests at the V. H. Foisy home.
Mrs. Dora Shields and son, Ger
ald of Prosser and Mrs. Joe Strad
ling and children of Kennewick ,were
Friday dinner guests at the B. H.
Shields home.
Ber-yr and Madene Shields visited
at the V. H. Foisy home in Proaser
Mr. and Mrs. John Bottamley of
Sunnyside were week end gums at
the EB. Id. Shields home.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Taylor of
Portland are visiting at the D. E.
Taylor and Clarence Sondennan
homes this week.
Bachelors Serve Lawn
Lunch to Grangers
ton grange met Wednesday evening
in the Erwin Knowles lawn. Mrs.
Gladys Fleming was elected lady as
sistant steward in place of Mrs.
Gordon Ralph, who is moving to
Monitor. The local group picnic
will be held :August 24 on the Rob
‘ert Johanson lawn. Mrs. Gladys
Fleming presented the program in
the absence of the lecturer, Mrs.
Agnes Johanson. ,
The bachelor members served the
lunch. The September meeting will
be on the A. L. Henson lawn. Mrs.
Brooks’ group of women will serve‘
Refreshments. 1
‘ Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Robbins of I
‘Grandview took Mrs. Robbins’
grandmother, Mrs. Phoebe C. Carr.
to her home in Orofino, Idaho Sat
urday evening. She was a guest
Friday and aSturday of her grand-i
daughter, Mrs. Robert Johanson.
Mrs. Carr had been in Seattle to visit
'her daughter, Mrs. W. 'W. Glazier,
who is seriously ill and. returned
with Mrs. Johanson and Mrs. Rob
bins Thursday from the coast.
Mrs. W. 'H. Carson of 'l‘ieton came
Sunday to pack peaches. She is
staying with her neice, Mrs. Grady
Military observers believe that, for the sake of bolstering morale
at home, the German forces in Russia are making desperate attempts to
capture either Odessa or Kiev in the Ukraine. Both cities are menaced,
but Moscow claimsthat all attacks have been hurled back so far. Odessa.
great Black Sea grain port. would he a prize for the Nazi invaders. Mon
day evening, London admits that Nazi forces have made considerable
gains in the Ukraine sector.
Nebraska. Visitors
Leave For Their Home
Willis. Hazel Wit-t
and two sons left last Friday eve
ning for their home in North Platte,
Nebr., after spending a week with
her sister, Mrs. D. E. Taylor and
family. This was their first meet
ing in eleven years.
Mrs. Forrest Gragg and son, Men
dell who have been visiting at the
{Bell Birdsall home in Bremerton
returned to their home in the South
Highlands Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Birdsall and son
Jackie accompanied them home for
a week end visit.
Miss Carol Nelson left Sunday
(or Seattle where she will visit at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Estes expect
to leave next week for a short visit
with relatives in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Taylor, daugh
ter Shirley, house guests, Mrs. Hazel
Witt and sons, and Mr. and Mrs.
Terrance Taylor enjoyed a picnic at
Sacajawea park last Thursday eve
ning. ‘
‘. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Green and
son Billy left Sunday morning for
Spokane to spend a week at the
Perry Soth cabin on Lake Diamond.
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Taylor Wlll
occupy the Green residence during
their absence. -
Mr. and Mrs. D. 'E. Taylor, daugh
ter Shirley and their nouse guests,
Mrs. Hazel Witt and two sons of
Platte, 'Nebr., and Terrance Taylor
motored to Toppenish last Thurs
day. .
Miss Betty Jean Rutherford who
has spent the past three weeks with
her father, A. L. Rutherford, in
Portland, returned last Friday to
the home of her uncle and aunt, Mr.
and Mrs. Earl Story.
Terrance Taylor was a business
visitor in Seattle Thursday.
Notice is hereby given, that by
resolution of the Board of County
Commissioners and approved by the
Director of Highways. that the Im
provement to be known as. Benton
County Road Project No. 56. Light
Bituminous Treatment of approxi
mately 2.6 milesof Lower Columbia
River County Road be made as fol
lows: Estimated date of commenc
ing work, July 28, .1941; estimated
date of completion, October 15, 1941.
Following is the Estimate of Cost
for the Improvement:
Light Bituminous Treatment.
600 cu. yds. Top Co. Surf. in :
stockpile @ $1.95 -.------.....-.51.-170.00
600 011-. yds. Cover Stone in ;
stockpile @ $1.95 ---...-.._- 1,170.00
2.6 miles Prep. Const. & Fin. ' (
Rdy. @ 260.00 676.00
600 cu. yds. Top Course Surf.
on Rry. @O4O _...-m“----.. 240.00
600 cu. yds. Cover Stone on
} ,Roadway @ 0.70 -.--..-..--._-. 420.00
70 M. Gals. Water in place
‘ @ $1.50 105.00
90 Tons Bit. Cement MC-2
@ 20.00 ____ 1,800.00
" 3,581.00
Maintaining Traffic _-_...___.. 59.00
Engineering .---....--_.._____. 120.00
‘ Total ..-..----._.-_.----.----....55,760.00
Dated this Bth day of August, 19411.
County Auditor and ex-officio
Clerk of the Board of County Com
missioners of Benton County, Wash
ington. 8:14
‘Just One of Those Bad Day}
Wm. Cochran Eighty-
One Years Young
ROVER Mr. and Mrs. J. E}
Cochran and Mrs. Minnie Ashby will‘
be birthday guests of Wm. Cochran‘
Wednesday. He will be eighty-one
years old. Happy birthday and “SM
Mr. and Mrs. Rex Ashby and
Ifamily picnicked at the Sacajawea
park Sunday.
‘ Mr. and Mrs. Everett Moss and
‘tamily returned to Seattle Monday
after spending the week-end here.
Ithe Hover Ladles’ Aid last Tues
‘day. A chicken dinner was plan
‘delicious lunch was served.
. Mr. and Mrs. L. Messenger of
lFinley visited at the F. Montague
uhome Tuesday evening.
Hemiston visited home folks over
mhe week-end. 7
In the Superior Court of the State
of Washington in and for Benton
In the matter of the estate of
Bernard B. Plowman. deceased.
No. 2017
That Letters Testamentary on the
estate of Bernard B. Plawnian, de
ceased. were granted to the under
signed on the sth day of August.
1941. by the said Superior Court.
All persons having claims against
said estate are required to serve
them with the necessary vouchers
upon me at the office of Moulton
8: Powell, Kennewick, Washington.
within six months after the date
of the first publication of this
notice. to-wit, within six months
after the 14th day of August. 19a.
and file the same with the Clerk
of this Court. together with proof
of such service, or they shall be
forever barred.
Dated at Kennewick, Washington.
this 14th day of August: 1941.
Cecil F. Anderson. Executor
By MOUL’ION a; ram.
His Attorneys. 844-28
In the Superior Court at the State
of Washington in and for Benton
Ruby Wflkin, plaintiff, vs.
Richard Thomas Wilkin. defend
State of Washington to the said
Richard Thomas Wilkin. defendant:
You are hereby summoned to ap
pear within sixty days after the date
of the first publication of this sum
mons, to-wit: within sixty days aft
er the 7th day of August. 1941, and
defend the above entitled action in
the above entitled court. and answer
‘the complaint of the plaintiff and
sex-ye a copy of your answer upon the
‘undersigned attorney at his office
failure so to do. judgment will be
rendered against you according to
the demand of the complaint, which
has been filed with the clerk of said
court. \
That the cause of action herein is
for divorce and to adjudicate the
care, control and custody of minor
KARL J. Gm l
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Office and postoffice address}
Title and Trust Buildim, Pasco”
Washington. art-9:114
Notice is hereby given. that by
resolution of the Board of County
Commissioners and approved by the
Director of Highways. that the Im
provament to be known as Benton
County Road Project No. 57. Bitum
inus Surface Treatment of approxi
mately 3.0 miles of the Kennewick
l’inley. Owens and other Platted
County Roads. be made as follows:‘
Estimated date of commencing work.
August 15. 1941; Estimated date of
completion September 30. 1941.
Following is the Estimate of Cost
for the Improvement: 1
Section 1: Bituminous Light Treat-1
ment: 1
0.8 miles Prep Const. 8: Fin. ‘
Edy. @ 250.00 ..s 200.001
30 M. Gals. water in place ‘
@l5O . .. . . «65.001
180 cu. yds. Cover Stone @ 1
20 Tons Bit. Cement MC-z
@ 20.00 _._m.._u_-- 520.00
Total Section 1 - 1,035.00
Section 2: Bituminous Light, Onew
1.6 Miles Prep Coast & m. 1
Rdy. @ 150.00 - 240.00}
180 cu. yds. Cover Stone @ 1
1.50 ~__ 270.00
as Tons Bit Cement 310-2 .1
@ 20.00 ..-._-..__.--~--.,-s--- 520.00“
Total Section 2 .-----..-..---..__ 1.030.00‘
Section 3: Road-Mix Type Class B:
0.6 Miles Peep a: Finish
Roadway @,150.00 ..----.-._ 90.00
30MB“. Cement n 0.2 @ 1
18.00 -*_-__.---.-------.-.....s 500.00
0.0 miles mm; 0: Finishing 1
@ 300.00 _._”.-.m—m 100.00
300 cu. yds. Min. Au. on 1
Roadway @ 0.70 _._. 252.00;
Total Section 3 “.1..-” 1,000.00
Totals Sectkm 1. 2 a 3 _- 3.127.001
Maintaining Traffic ._...- 0000
Engineering "_._.“ 150.00
Grand Total _._... 8337.00
Dated this Bth day at August. 1001.
H. E. W.
County Audit»: and eK-otficio
Clerk of the Board of County Com
missionem of Benton County, Wash
inctai. 8:“
of Washington in and far the
County of Benton. Inmobate.
In thematter of-the stated
NO’I'IDE is hereby given that
Ray V. Lloyd. the executm ot the
estate of Bert Loyd. deceased. has
rendeeed and presented for final
settlement to. and filed with the
clerk oi'theßuperiorCourtcteeid
County and State his final account
and report and petition for distri
bution as such executor; and that
Tummy, the 10th day of Septem
ber. 1941, at ten o’clock All, at the
court room of mid Superior Court
at, Puma. Washington, in aid
County has been duly appointed by
our Superior Court for the settle-
fd ““3
_ The time to order your coal is not when
you’re all huddled around in the living room
wearing extra sweaters and jackets. You
never know when a cold sfell is going to sud- ~
denly be here. Order Pot atch coal now and
save on the low prices. Give it a trial this
winter .
Why so many prefer Potlatch!
' It's cleaner. No soot.
note or smudge.
Helps keep the home
clean—inside ancient.
No waste. Nothing is
wasted—bums a slow,
even heat. More heat
with less work!
Order Today---Phone 241
We Carry a Large Stock of
Hot, Clean, Convenient, Inexpensive
BUILDING MATERIAL for every purpose
ment of the Final Account. at which
time the Court is asked to settle
such report. distribute the property
to the heirs or persons entitled to
the some and discharge the exe
WITNESS the Hon. Matt L. Dris
coll. Judge of the Superior Court.
and the seal of said Court affixed
this 12th day of August. 1941.
County Clerk and Clerk of
the Superior Court.
W. 1... Mm.
Attorney for Executor
{O9 Drumheller Building.
Walla Walla. Washington.
8: 14-28
y State or Washington.
County of Benton. 55.
} Notice is Hereby Given. That in
accordance with an order heretofore
entered on the 4th day of August.
1941. by the Board of County Com
missioners of said County. directing
the sale of the real property herein
after described. acquired by said
county tor delinquent taxes under
[tax foreclosure suit and sale. I. the
‘undersigned County Treasurer of
said county. will. on the 30th day of
August. 1941, commencing at the
hour or 10 o'clock am.. and continu-
Ling until the hour of 4 o'clock pm.
of said day. unless the property here
;inatter described shall sooner be
sold, at the front door or the County
Court ficuse. in Proaaer in said
cormty and state. sell to the hinted
bidder for cash or on legal contract.
the following described property. It
uated in said county. and described
as follows. to-wit:
wig BEBWBec.2s.'rwp.a.R.ao.
minimum sale price. “0.00.
The above property is sold abject
to the lien of all Mace or DR
im or Sewerage District assessment
or installments am not yet due
at the time cl sale.
112 above property mall nu. b
sold for less than the amount at
term in comma headed “m
sale Price” opposite each descrip
tion or property. I! sold (or air. a
W‘s Deed will be executed.
I! sold on contract. the terms there--
lance in ten equal annual install
‘ments commencing November Ist
deterred payments. payable annual
ly. All subsequent taxes end assem
ments must he paid prior to delin
quency. mum to make payments
or to perform any of the covenants
or the conuwact tor-leits same at the
election or the vendor. nus con
plus accrued interest. in which case
a Treasurer’s Deed will be enecistsd.
Property sold for the sum od' ssono
or- less must he paid for in cash at
.ihe time o! the sale.
And Notice 13 Hereby Further
tom-n ma ale to the lane hours
I'm any to day by announcement
‘ Oountv'l‘muurerolbentonOouw
By wen Benet. Deputy m
M. 8:74!
: Kanmem and II
dependable. Burns
with a steady heat.
it): man nae-mam.
PM as economic
al. You save 1n the
long run by Investing
in Pothtch nudity.

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