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11”” August 21, 1941
md m Dan Beelle visited
3° and Walla Walla Sat-
find Mrs. 680. Reid left Wed-‘
3;, to spend the week end in?
“gnaw Nelson and Shirley
all day guests of Mr. and Mrs.
”meet in Horse Heaven. ‘
M ma Don Larkin were dinner
3‘ musday evening of Mr. and
”my Kratzer in Horse Heaven.
‘2. and Mrs. S. E. Walters were
”any a recent telegram to Port
”(were their daughter is ill in
n W.
m we! Neighbor club will meet
I!“ ms. Max McClure with Mrs.
fl 3mm assisting on Thurs
ngnst 28.
.‘fi‘md Mrs. J. C. McKinley of
mg, and Mr. and Mrs. mink
M were Sunday guests of Mr.
a firs. J. S. Kennett.
r, and Mrs. John Kathman
M their daughter and son
h-h'v Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lin
«in in Seattle this week.
n ma Mrs. Richard 3. Mc
m‘ of Walla Walla and Miss
M Yoemans were guests this
“a at Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gall.
ma. non Beegle. accompanied by
was sunsenhaum. Eagles,
”a 3nd Winkenwerder attended
Inca-OP We at Sunnyside Tues
‘3}, man, who has enlisted in
he Navy will leave Friday morn
" for Seattle to take his physical
”nation and later will be sent
' an Diego. Calif.
m. and Mrs. Frank Maupin and
and Mrs. Laurence Scott, who
mad the Kiwanis convention
add in Salon, Ore., from Sunday
MW evening returned home
t. Ind Mrs. Stanley and daugh
u lune Jean, who have been
”coats of Mrs. Mouda the past
at m lett Sunday evening for
m Gain where they will
[III In winter.
am Rauscher celebrated
u rim-first birthday anniver
nm 15 at the home of her
filter on Washington .St. with a
my given in her honor. Nine
un Month and relatives came to
and their greeting and best
was to Mrs. Rauscher.
Snll farm, close in; must have
hue and equipment. Address,
maidetaflsas to size, p rice
111 other details. Address—
.TAD This Office
Bestes 1:5 Grocery
Let us help solve the lunch problem with
healthful fruits and sandwiches.
Specials for Friday-Saturday, 22-23
sy; 8-oz. Bottle—Value Plus
Mach o;-_-__-199
KERR LIDS, get your supply now, 2 doz. for 19c
CERTO, a big value, 3 bottles 48c
RELIANCE PECTIN, fine results, 2 for .......-19c
SURE JEL Powdered Pectin, 3 Boxes .....--...--27c
CATSUP, Monitor, 12-oz. bot. 10c
I“()RMAY, 3 lbs. Swift’s Prem., 3 pounds .-..55c
P REM, 12-02. Luncheon Meat, can .---....---.-..-29c
DEVILED MEAT, 1/4 cans, 3 for 12c
GRAPEFRUIT JUICE, Texene, 46-oz. .----...21c
Buy a Case amiflsE_———ii
SYRUP, Lumber Jack, No. 5 c an 49c
SOAP GRAINS, a real value, box 15c
PORK & BEANS, Seaport, full 2% can ------.-12c
KLEENEX, Full 440-count, package ....--...-__2sc
MUSTARD, Roger’s, 16-02. jar 15C
PEANUT BUTTER, Seaport, quart jar .....---25c
SERVITA CEREAL, full of vitamins, pkg. 27c
§ANANAS, golden ripe, 3 lb. 230
LE'BTUCE, large, solid heads, 2 for ..-....--..-.--15c
GREEN PEPPERS, right for stuffing, lb. -...6c
CELERY, large, crisp stalks, each -...--..--...--.9c
WATERMELON, ice cold Klondyke, pound--.-1c
Free Delivery Just Phone 251
Marshaltown, lowa At first
glance this hight appear to be one
or the Nazi’s “super Ibig Berthas”
poised on the French coast, with
smoke pouring nfrom its elevated
muzzle. Actually it was an engineer
ing teat here at 'Marshaltown, for
the 12 foot iron stack weighing many
tons was hoisted from its base in
one piece and lowered to the ground
by a giant crane. This is the first
time in the middle west that the job
of tearing down a smoke stack was
acoompiShed in this manner. A new
stack seven feet in diameter was
hoisted the sanie way. Circle and
arrow indicate where stack was re
Whiting of Paw—_Tao 1:
this week to attend a convention at
,the Sacred Heart hospital in Spo
I Hal Keene, who has spent the past
week in Portland, returned home
‘ last week.
1". E. Akin returned recently from
an extended visit with his brother in
the East. -
Mrs. Roy 'Sutphin, who has been
,visiting in Spokane, returned this
’week to her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Ervjn Peters of Spo
‘kane were week-end guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Linn.
} fHarvey Keene is visiting this week
‘with his cousin, Mr. and Mrs. Swan
json in .Port Townsend.
. The First English Lutheran will
mold its annual congregational pic
nic in the city park Sunday.
Miss Floss Burris of Pasco and
Miss Ellen Block were Tuesday eve
ning guests of Mrs. Minnie Harrsch.
'Mr. and Mrs. John Kinkaid and
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Bradshaw were
’guests Wednesday of Mrs. M. S. Kin
Dennis Ha‘hsoh of Presser was a.
Kennewick: ,vigibor; Monday. . "
Mrs. Buster Cochran of Hermlsbqn‘
was a Kennewiqk Visitor Monday. '
Alfredfim '«mouored to Yakima
Saturday to attend the Big Y meets
Lynn.- Bejghtol of Presser was a,
business visitor in Kennewick Mon
day. -.u 4 ,
Mr. alid Mrs. C. C. Copeland of
Yakima. Visited in Kennewick Tues
day. , '
Rev. imam. R. B. Holden at-[
tended services in Fraser last Sun- I
day. ;
Mr. and Mrs. Herb O‘Heam spent‘
the week-end attending the Legion‘
convention in Yakima. ‘
Miss Margaret fiawxlns spent the
week-end in Presser visiting with}
Miss Katherine Ponti.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. McKinley were
entertained at dinner Sunday in
the Joe Kennett home.
? Gladys and Margaret Kelso were
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. J.
lßrand Monday evening.
‘ Leland Litke of Yakima spent the
lweek-end visiting witht his family
‘at the C. L. Holcomb home.
Mrs. Jennie and Miss Martha
Chenis returned recently from a six
weeks’ vacation in the East.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Masher re
turned the last of the week from
a visit in the mountains near Easton.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Thurston and
daughters, Dorothy and Patsy, are
spending the week in Vancouver,
Mrs. Jennie Plowman returned to
her home in Los Angeles after an
extended visit here with her many
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Durdle, Jan
ice and Mrs. Emma Fox returned
recently from a week’s vacation, in
Dr. and Mrs. M. W. Stevens and
family moved this week into the
house recently vacated by Dr. A. H.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beste motored
to Sunnyside Sunday and were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold
House guests lijhis week of Mr. and
Mrs. Herman Schmidt are ‘Mr. and
Mrs. Howard mnpley of Brooklyn,
New York.
Word was received recently of the
birth of a baby girl to Mr. and Mrs.
Howard Day of Project City, Cali
fornia, August 13.
Miss Vivian Higley, receptionist
for Drs. Stevens and Stone, spent
last week in Spokane attending an
x-ray technician school.”
The Len Daugherty family of the
South Highlands is in Sumner dur
ing the harvest of small crops. They
plan to "be away about six weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Scott and
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maupin attend
ed the Kiwanis convention in Salem,
Oregon Monday, Tuesday and Wed
nesday. _
Mrs. Sarah Clark and Mrs. Vera
Lenhart and children of Po:tland
spent last week visiting with their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. George E.
‘Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Purdy, who
have spent the past week vacation
ing on Cannon ibeach, Seaside and
The Dalles, returned to their home
Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Bailey of The
Cloth-ier store left yesterday for Se
attle to complete their stock pur
chases for fall and winter. They
will return this evening.
Mrs. Baa-rick (nee Alberta LaMott
and infant baby returned from the
[Pasco hospital last week and plans
to spend the summer at her parent’s
home, Rev. and Mrs. 13.. L. L_a.Mott. _
Mr. and Mrs. John Adams of
Missoula, Mont, and Mrs. P. W.
Koren at Stanford, Montana were
house guests this week of Mr. and
Mrs. Rea Mcßeynolds. They left
for Seattle for a short visit with
friends and plan to return to Kenne
wick the last of the week.
Secretary Ickes Says—
The Northwest may have gasless
days-bnt why worry. Put the
car in the garage, and take those
33 easy steps from the Commer
cial Hotel to—
The Pollyanna
where you can get delicious ice
cream of many flavors.
Special For Week-End
Banana Nut
Fort Lewis, Wash—As a part of
the 4th Army maneuvers here, men
of Fort Lewis watched a demonstra»
tion of the deadly “Molotov Cock
tails” in combating enémy tanks.
The “cocktail” is a botlte filled with
gasoline, wrapped in gasoline soaked,
jootton waste and lighted. This is
thrown aflame at oncoming tanks;
ifrom “fox-holes," in which the ins
fan-trymen crouch, and which now‘
take the place of old trenches. When
the ‘bottle strikes the tank, it breaks
and showers the iron monster with
«flaming gasoline, utterly roasting
alive the men inside. Photo shows
soldier in fox-hole after throwing‘
gas-bottles at an old World War
tank. now no longer of any use.‘
which was used as a “dummy." I
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Hulet and
Daphne spent Sunday with the Rev.‘
E. Beutler family at fathena. It is
reported that Rev. Mr. Beutler hasl
resigned his charge at Athena and
will go East. 1
Mrs. O. O. Pense, mother of Mrs.\
M. W. Stevens, spent Sunday and
Monday at the Stevens home. She
lives at Cheney. The Stevens have
moved into the Dr. Wegner home on
Avenue A.
Lowell 'Higley returned Saturday
from two weeks spent in Ferndaie
and Seattle. He was accompanied
from Seattle :by Mrs. R. Gowing and
small daughter, Mary Ellen, who had
been visiting there. ‘
Rev. Mr. Salter and wife and‘
mother from Armour, S. D. were re-‘
cent callers at the Baptist parson
age. Armour Community church
was a former charge of Mr. Holden,
and of that church ‘Mr. Salter is now
pastor. }
In a telegram received :from Reno.‘
Nevada, the marriage of Miss Alice
Armstrong was announced to Wil-‘
liarn Childreth of Medford, Oregon}
The couple will make their home in}
Medford. Miss Armstrong is the‘
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George E.‘
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Schmotzer of
Portland returned home Thursday
after a two-day visit with Mrs.
Schmotzers parents, Mr. and Mrs.
E O. Humphrey. Their son, Jimmy
who has been visiting his grand
‘parents the past month, returned
[with his parents. - '
, A picnic honoring Mr. and Mrs.
'Frank |Watts of East Kennewick on
their sixty-fourth wedding anni
’versary was held August 17 in the
city park. Those attending were
‘their sons, Ed and family and C. A.
and family, their daughter-in-law,
,Mrs. Ruby and their granddaughter
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Crockford
and son, Marion.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Vallee of Norfolk,
Virginia, who have been visiting the
last few days with 'Mrs. Val-lee’s sis-i
ter, Mrs. Harry Linn, left recently
for New York. Mr. Vallee is with
the navy as Chief Boatswain Mate.
In New York he will operate out of
the harbors on a mine sweeper.
While here they visited Mr. and
Mrs. Dick Lee. Lee and Vallee were
both on duty on the U. S. S. Barry.
Mrs. Glenna Nelson and small
daughter, Shirley, returned Sunday
from their summer vacation on the
coast. They visited the Joe Russell
family in Portland, Guy Kratzers in
Paradise, California and Mrs. Nel
son’s brother, Leonard and family
in Junction City, and friends in Cor
vallis. Mrs. Nelson states she had
a wonderful time, nevertheless it
felt good to be back home.
Mrs. ‘J. 'William Smith, Clyde Hig
ley, Jr. and Jerry Boyer returned
last week from a visit in Spokane.
J. William Smith, who has been at
tending a convention in San. Fran
cisco. returned Tuesday. He and
Mrs. Smith accompanied Mrs. Cecil
Boyer of Los Angeles, who has been
visiting relatives here for the past
few weeks, left for their home where
Mrs. Boyer will make a short visit
before going on to her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert G. Gall
entertained with a dinner party‘
Tuesday evening honoring Miss
Bery Putckett of Walla Walla, 11-4
ancee of Mrs. Gail’s nephew, Rich;
rard Roy Mac Lean of Boise, Idaho.
They are to be married in Seattle
Sunday at the Church of Epichany.
1 Mr. and Mrs. Harold. Wittemore
and Gene left Saturday morning for
Sandpoin-t, Idaho to visit with Mrs.
Whittemore’s parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Bartlett. They returned
Sunday evening, accompanied by
Mrs. C. Whittemore and Maxine.
Gene stayed ‘with his grandparents
for a week’s visit.
Mrs. Nelson. who has been with
her son Harold, injured recently in
a plane crash, returned this week
to Kennewick and is staying with
Mrs. Carnaham. She plans to
leave the last of the 'week to be
with Harold who is convalescing
very nicely. and will be brought to
Seattle then.
; Mr. and Mrs, I. Serier. of Port
land visited in Kennewick Wednes
day. ‘
; Mr. and Mrs. McFarland (nee
Betty Howard) of Seattle were week
end guests of Mr. and Mrs.‘Frank
’ Don Larkin, who has spent the
last week visiting ‘friends on the
g‘oast. returned to'his home Satur
y. '
; Mrs. Minnie Harrsoh and Byron
Mater were guests of Mr. and Mrs.
‘Aumst H. Block Sunday for a lawn
Mrs. L. M. Keene and daughter,
Lou, are visiting the H. Himmels
bach family in Yakima this week.
They plan to return home Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kinkaid and
son Robert are making a short visit
with Mrs. M. 8. Kinkaid while mak
ing improvements on their house in
gabited by the Joe Stradling fam
y. .
' The Alma Circle of the Eastern
Star will meet Monday with Mrs.
’Harr-y Taylor with Mrs. Roy Saf
‘ford assisting hostess. Election of
[officers will be held in the after
I Jimmy Oliver and Clyde Higley,
in left on the train Wednesday to
Ispend the remainder of the week
visiting at the Joe Alexander ranch
in Paterson. It was Clyde’s first
experience riding on .a train and a
great deal of excitement prevailed
when he left.
‘ Mr. and Mrs. P. W. «Hampton, Mr.
and Mrs.. George Armstrong and
their house guests. Mrs. S. L. Cart
and! Mrs. Vera Icnhart and sons.
Kenneth and Dennis and daughter.
;Shi-rley Louise were Friday eve
ning dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
‘O. H. Luddington.
' Mr. and Mrs. McDaniel. Miss Mar
‘garete Birkholz and George Lind
strom of Chicago arrived Tuesday
levening and are house guests this
week of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Muikey.
They plan to go from here to Port
land and Seattle and visit (or a short
‘time before returning to their home.
South Dakota Guests
of Leber Home
MAME—Mr. and Mrs. G.
.H. Leber and family entertained as
guests last week, Mr. Leber's bro
ther and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Vin
cent Leber and son, Ronald of Par
ker, South Dakota and his fath
er, J. P. Leber of Hurley, South Da
Leland and Eugene Higley ac
}companied their father. Harry Hig
‘ley, to Spokane last week.
} Miss Eleanor Hendricks, who has
>dine Foraker, left for her home in
Hoquiam Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Foraker were
business visitors in Prosser last
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Linden and
damily of Tonasket were guests on
Sunday at the Marty Hudnall and
Gladys Kelso homes
Mrs. N. L. Foraker and house
guests, Mrs. .Aaron Fbmker of
Bremerton and Mr. and Mrs. Allen
Mailer (Eunice Boraker) of Ho
quiam, motored to-White Bluffs hst
week, where they visited at the home
of Mr. and Mrs.'Verne Foraker and
Miss Verdine Foraker returned to
her home last week after spending
a month with relatives on the coast.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Mailer and
Mrs. Aaron Foraker left tor their
home on the coast Wednesday after
noon. alter visiting at the N. L.
Forster home. They were accom
panied by Mrs. Lester Banker and
children, Jane and Buddy.
River View School
Ready for August 25
’ film—Mr. o. 'r. Boeh
imer of Richland called at the John
Calvin home on business Thursday.
River View grade school janitor
Mr. Glassner has the school house
nearly ready for school, starting on
August 2.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Heddlngton
of Tula Lake .were vlsitors at Mr.
and Mrs. Albert Plent home Mrs.
Heddington and Mrs. Piert are sis
Mr. and Mrs. Russel Blair and
Zelma Dye left for Nan-asks Mon
day to visit Miss Dye's relatives. And
then to Minnesota to visit Mr.
Blair’s relatives.
Akron, Ohio—lt won’t be hard to
guess the winner of hte Bth annual
Soap Box My here. Claude Smith.
right. of Akron, the winner, is shown
comforting Charles McDaniel at
Charleston, ‘W. Va., who finished
WE WANT to fill this me with good neg” Items
. every week. You can help us. When yo. know an
Item of Interest. tell In about it pet-sonny. or by phone
we'll " acute It. Phone No. one-Double-Ono.
'3',” .
a annualfisp‘
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FLOUR, Shufine, 49 lbs. . $159
Energy Bleach, s} gal. jug . . . 23c
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