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Attend Sod's Wedding
In Wenatchee Sunday
BENTON CITY —Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Kendall and son, Laurence,
were in Wena :chee Sunday to attend
the wedding of tine Kendall's son,
Claude Allen Kendall and Miss Dor
othy Louise Tunison. The ceremony
was Sunday afternoon at 2:30 in “the
Central Christian church followed by
a reception. The bridegroom's sis
ter, Mrs. Jack Welch of Port Or
hard was a bridesmaid and his bro
ther Laurence Kendall the best man.
The young couple will make their
home in Seattle. where Kendall is
employed at the Boeing Aircraft
The Ladies' Aid public potluck
dinner Wedxmday at the home of
Mrs. Mary E. Brooks netted the wo
men $16.55. A short businem meet
ing was held in the afternoon. ROll
call was “My rfavorite radio pro
gram.” Mrs. O. J. Hendricks was ap
pointed temporary secretary for Mrs.
Joe De Field. Several finished gar
ments were turned in for the Red
The Benton County Grange home
economics conference conducted by
the state officers saleduled for No
vember 28. It will ‘be an all day meet
lng in the Mona-Benton community
hall beginning an; 10 am. Those ate
tending are to bring a paper sack
lunch and the local grange will
serve coffee. The meeting is open
to the public.
Injured Man in Hospital
For Observation
‘ .WHI'IYE mum-J. J. Koch, who
was considerably diam up in the
car acdident on are Yakima road on
November 4 is in the Pasco hospital.
\After the accident, he retm-ned
with Mrs. W. Barnes. at whose home
he was persuaded to remain for the
night, alt'tmg‘h there was no visible
signs of injury except some scalp
cuts, he was advised to return to the
old peoples' home in Kennewick, la
ter being taken to the hospital for
observation. Rev. (L. C. Krug, pastor
of the local Lutheran church, who
called on him in the hospital, re
portsMr.Kochissufferlng froma
painful :back and side. and that aft
er a few days' rest, he will return
to his home in White Bluffs.
Guests at the E. IA. Schilling home
Thanksgiving day were Carl Heide
man, Herman Wendebm and son,
Ernest, and Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Jen-
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Schilling had
as their dinner guests Wednesday,
—Mr. and Mrs. c. F. W. Schmidt and
nephew, Ewold Luehering of Mand
l'leld. Mrs. Schilling and Mrs.
.Bchmidt are sisters. Thevare on
their way to visit Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Reed of Dayton, where they will re
-1 main over 'lhanksgivdng, going on
toyisitMr.amersFredKunz of
Winmr sbeiome refinancing home. Mrs.
Reed and Mrs. Kunz are daughters
:0! Mrs. W) ’
On Thursthy' afternoon the law
dies of Ithe MW (Much gave
a stark shower for Mrs. Walter‘
-cipient of many beautiful and use
ful gifts.
. Paul Samba returned home on
“Thursday from Saint Elizabeth’s
hospital, where he was confined
with six broken ribs, the result of a
car accident on the Yakima roan
nearly a week earlier. He is able
Ithough suffering considerable pain
as .the wound heals. Mr. and Mrs.
Schika will drive to Yakima Friday
where Paul will have an examina
tion by Dr. Owen.
From $50.00 Up
When a man or woman has an in
come or is gainfully employed, we
are glad to consider the matter of
a personal loan. We have been
making such loans for years, and
a wide variety of purposes. It is un
necessary to have an account with
this bank to obtain a personal loan.
The primary qualification is the
ability to repay as agreed. Monthly
installments can be arranged.
Nat'onal Bank of Commerce
of Seattle
Hambu- I'edenl Deposit Immce Corporation
E. C. TWEET. Hm!" '
Spend Thanksgiving
0n Coast With Relatives
Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Robbins and
son, Norman, were 'l'lmnksgivdng
visitors with relatives on the coast.
Mrs. Robbins remained for a. long
er visit, metuming home Tuwday.
Camp Fire Girls Cook
Dinner Over Camp Fire
HIGHLANDS—Mrs. Orin Bemhau't
leader of the Yokowish Camp Fire
group, accompanied by tom-teen
members, motored to the mouth of
the Yakima river last madam where
they enjoyed a camp fire cooked
dinner. =
Mr. and Mrs. John Ferguson,
daughter, Joan, and J. B. Buntin,
motored to Potlatch last week to
spend 'l'hanksgng with relatives.
Dick Ferguson, accompanied Ibhem
home for a day's visit before go
ing on to Spokane.
Jane Nagley retumed to Walla.
Walla Sunday, after spending the
week-end with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Glen Nagley.
Regular Club Meeting
at Guy Story Home
meANDS—The Highland sew-1
mg cl-u‘b met last Tuesday, Novem-‘
ber llßth for their regular monthly‘
meeting at the home of Mrs. Guy
Story with ten members and one
guest, Mrs. Koch, present. Mrs.
Rom is a melee of Louis Brown. The
next meeting will be on Tuesday,
Deeeufiber 16th at the home of Mrs.
N. L. Foraker at which time their
annual one o’clock Ghrlsmnas han
quet and exchange of gifts will be
Mr. and Mrs. (Lowell Peter of To
ledo are making an extended visit
at the home of his parents, Mr. and
:3st Harley Peter on the High-
Mrs. Davidson, who mided with
her son, Orville, on the Highlands,
passed away suddenly last Saturday
of a stroke. Services were held on
Monday with burial in the River
view {Heights cemetery.
Highlands Women’s Club
Plans Christmas Party
‘I-InGa-mANDS—m Highland Wo
men’s club will meet next Friday,
December 5 tori is regular monthly
and annual Christmas party at the
Highland clubhouse. A two o’clock
dessert luncheon will be served, fol
lowed by the business meeting, an
exchange of gifts and program in
charge of Mrs. N. L. Foraker, with
Mrs. Fleming of Benton City, talk
ing on tusbercmlosis seals. Hostessw
for the day are as follow: Mrs.
Pete mickson. Mrs. Melvin Gla
sow, Mrs. D. E. Taylor, Ma's. Bunts,
Mrs. Flank Lampson and Mrs. Earl
Mrs. Richard Walker of Califor
nia, who is visiting at Hover, spent
Sammy and Sunday at the C. H.
Meyer home.
Mrs. A. J. Craig (Beatrice Hack
er) and daughter, Amtrloe, of Mor
rlll, Nebraska. arrived Sunday to
visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pete
Hacker and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lahti re
turned to their home in Seattle on
Sunday afiter spending the holidays
with Mrs. Lahti’s parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Paulsem.
: Mr. and Mrs. Glen Nagley,
daughter, Jane of Walla Walla. and
son, Dean, spent Thanksgiving at
the Glen Negley Ir. home in Endi
oott. -
South Sea Islands Is
Club Program Subject
. BENTON CITY— An audience
that filled the club room to capa
city was present Wednesday after
noon, Novemher 12 to hear Mrs.
R. M. Raymond of Yakima talk
to the Womans club on “My trip
to the South .Sea Islands.” Mrs.‘
wßaymond described her trip of two;
‘monbhs on the Pacific in a most‘
entertaining manner. She told of.
gianding at the Marquesas Islands‘
iin an outrigge‘ r canoe of which she
had a model to show her audience.
She described native dances at Ta
hiti which she found the most color-.
ful of all Islands. Alt Papeete their.
party partook of a native feast and
sampled many strange dishes. Tan
ga was governed :by a native Queen
six foot tall and weighing two
hundred pounds who thought it be
neath her dignity to come out to
meet the tourists. The bushy bright
red hair of the Figi Islanders con
trasted strangely with their dark
skins. Here some of the tourists
tasted of a native drink called
Kava. Mrs. Raymond also described
Tin Can Island, Samoa, where she
visited the home and tomb of Rob
ert Lanis Stevenson also mentioning
fPago Pago, and American Somoa,
Following the talk she displayed
many interesting and beautiful me
mentos of her trip. Miss Florence
Montgomery, librarian for the public
library, which is owned and operated
by the Womans club played a group
of piano solos. Hostessos for the day
were Mrs. Fred Gilhuly, Mrs. Rich
:lrgH. Wood and Mrs. Louis Kak-
Guests at the A. J. Loftus home
on the river over the week-end were
the parents of Mrs. Loftus, Mr. and
Mrs. M. I. Mahoney of Pmsser.
Mrs. C. T. Petersen will be hostess
at an afternoon meeting November
“I can still remember talking
about the war a couple .of years ago,”
avers Fmd Mills, “and a local man
said it wouldn’t amount to much.”
of Washington in and for Benton
Eva A. Cresswell, a widow, plain
tiff, vs. ’
The Unknown heirs of Anna May
bee, deceased, and the unknown
heirs of Minnie E. Nystrom, deceas
ed, and all other parties and per
sons unknown claiming any right,
title, estate, lien or interest in and
to the real property described in
the complaint herein, defendants.
The State of Washington,
To the unknown heirs of Anna
Maybee, deceased, and the unknown
helm of Minnie E. Nystrom, deceas
sons unknown claiming any right,
title, estate, lien or interest in and
to the real property described in the
complaint herein, defendants.
You and each of you are hereby
summoned to appear within sixty
heation of this summons, to-wit,
within sixty days after the 23rd day
of October, 1941. and defend the
above entitled action in the above
entitled count and answer the com
plain-t of the, plaintiff and serve
’undersigned attorneys at their of
fice below stated and in-case of
Pour failure so to do judgment will
be rendered against you according‘
!to the demand of the complaint,‘
which has been filed with the Clerk‘
of said court.
.The object of the above entitled‘
action is to exclude the defendants
interest or lien thinned by them in
ject of this action, which real prop
erty is described as follows, to-‘wlt:
of the Northeast quarter of Section
6, Township 6 North, Range 30, E.
31'! Mn mum county! WW.
and to quiet title to said real prop
gt? as a fee simple title in plain-
Attorneys for Plaintiff, Office and
Post Office Address, Kennewick,
1 Washington. 10:23-11:27
Cause No. '1129
In the Superior Court of the State
of Washington for Benton County
A. J. Thompson, plaintiff, vs.
Frank M. Bens, defendant.
Under and by virtue of an Execu
of the above entitled Court, holding
terms at Presser, in and for said
county, on the 23rd day of October,
A. D, 1941, upon a judgment rend
ered in said Court on the 23rd day
of October, a. 1)., 19411, in favor of
A. J. Thompson and against Frank
M. Bens, for the sum of $147.05, to
gether with attorney’s fees, inter
m, costs and increased costs, and
to me directed and delivered, com
manding me to sell the following
described property situate, Lying and
being in Benton County, State of
Washington, or so much thereof as
may be necessary to satisfy said
judgment, attorney’s fees, interest.
costs and increased costs, .to-wit:
Tax Lot 462: Beginning at a
point on West line of canal rtw.
which point is 1014 feet souther
ly from the North line of Section
17, measured at right angles
thereto; thence east to west line
of S. P. and S. rtw; thence
Northwesterly along rtw. 800
feet; thence west 970 feet to
canal rtw; thence southeasterly
along canal rtw 925 feet more or
less to a point of beginning.
1431 acres, Section 17. Town
ship 7 North, Range 31 E. W. M.
and Tax Lot 464.
Beginning at a point on_East
line of canal rtw, which pomt 15
1014 feet south of north line of
Section 17 measured at right
angles theretmmenceeastwm
thence Southeasterly along said
rtw 670 feet; thence west to
east une of canal rtw: W
m KENNEWICK. (WABHJ comma-mm
'1 North, Range 31 E. W. M.
New, therefore, notice is hereby
given, that on Saturday, the 13th
day of December, A. 1).. 1941, at 10
o’clock in the forenoon of said day,
I will sell the above described prop
erty, or so much themeof as may be
necessary to satisfy said judgment,
attorney's fees, interest, cost and in
creased costs, in all amounting to
the sum of $191.65, together with ac
cruing interest and cost of sale.
front door of the Court House at
How, in said county and state, and
will be at public auction, for cash in
hand, to the highest and best? bid
Dated at Prosser, Wash, this 3rd
day of November, .A. D., 1941.
A. M. RICHI‘ER, Bherlfi.
By Bert Strum, deputy. 11:6-27
Notice of Equalization of Am!»
Roll of Priest Rapids Irrigation
Notice is hereby given that the
secretary of the Priest Rapids Irri
gation District has delivered the
completed assessment roll in me
Board of Directors of said district,‘
where it is now on file. Notice is fur
ther given that the Board of meat-1
ors will meet as an Equalizationi
Board at 2 pm. on Thursday, Del
cemtber 11th, 51941, at the district 01-}
fice in White Bluffs, Washington,
for the purpose of equalizing saidi
assessment roll, at which time, the
board will hear and determine such
objections as may come before them.
The Board will continue in session
for a period of ten days, exclusive of
Sundays. Given by order of the
Board this 17th day of November,
‘ 11:20-07
nm'thwestm'ly alang'said rtw. to
point of beginning.
¥ ,7, 919%,5t yaw?
’ X \ —-————' . . W
' . _—===-===-_ \
.‘,_ .._-_._, Q '
r‘ A '7'? ' \m w \uuu \u\\\\\ ,
‘k / z.\ \“ngfl 315%”? mu' “mg; C],
/ l ‘’fl / b ‘v’
% ' / ’t ¢ 77;}? {
//§s\\£“‘c 2 “fix a 215/ 2 3;,
/‘\ f‘ Eta/J? 4 '"" arm . ' tax’ .- \\\\\\\\\‘“
. 1 . a“, /‘ ‘ :f ' ' I‘ ‘ 3 7/?2 \
l- . W \ ‘ I—fl' ’ ¢ //I ”x
/, 5‘ s 3" ‘ .. \ “—Aé/qu ‘\\
'4; r . - " , ‘°\\ '3; «ug'xw' ~~\
' {\\\\\\“ W , ‘ 125 w? /
NW . \: &
\\\\ :0, //I
¢;‘ 4 ’2
9”! . ‘ ' ' ~ 9///
/ ,_ A, ' x 3159. r \. 7/
// ~ - ‘/’//
//'\\\\\\‘ ~ "\- , m“ 99’
‘ \\\\\\\ \ ”1"," \ / ' ¢ 4
I\\ \\\\\\ \\\\\\\‘ a C 1'; fl 6 x IV ‘5 ‘ C 5
4\\fl/’ ‘- l' f N \ " k A I/ ’
*‘x V/ , ‘~ 94/7 3 ‘ “x -x /
\ -\\ ’// I/A“ ‘ \My 5 0’ 1‘ ;//
\\_ l ' s";‘l' ' . - / (
xx “Nix“ \\\\\‘\\\‘ é; / r‘ - / I; f
“N ‘/ 4/ 5 (LuWIIMV/ /
§\ ’fl /1 , ‘ \Z‘ \ “"14" /%
. ?:‘\ /////'/’ , ‘ '~ I \/ /" /// \\\ W/
§x M:/ . \ r“ y./. / ; \\\\\\\\ /\‘
«‘x / /. / ’1- , - /// \\\\ \\\ \\\‘ \
, // //; , // / \, \\\\\ , \\ \\
\\x\\ 7/ “\ 7/ .153 I”, 1 fi7 / / é \\\\\ //” \\\\
“w. \\\\\\ “‘l.“ Z“3 \, -—// ///\'/ 7/ 4 %
‘% ,‘L/f,’ xii- fii x \\ ’rxxx ’ ‘xxw 4/7" ¢
x ‘rx ; //, ~~. fig \~ ’1 .“N x N“ \\\\ /// 6
xx #1 7/; /- 7- %‘ § x\\\ “‘ x\\\““‘ m? 6/; '\
xx 2; ’’c g\x . ~: xxx“ >////' Z? 41495"?
\‘x ’ 7‘3" 3 x E éfiéé Z/zfi flé/
\x 3, xxx x.’ 7/ 3, ’//// \M
_.__. _
s“.l E I‘ E
To our way of thinking, the oft-taken New Year’s resolution to do Christmas
shopping ea'rly doesn’t seem to stand up under the test. We base our con
clusion on the fact that of all the people who take this firm resolve, only a
few of the heartier ones actually keep their promise. The remainder
wait until somewhere around December 23, repeating over and over
_ those familiar lines—“l’ll never wait until the last minute again— .
next year, I’m going to do my Christmas shopping early!” We
realize some of you may have forgotten your fervent vow of a
year ago, that’s why we’re reminding you again to D 0 YOUR
CHRISTMAS SHOPPING EARLY. It’s the sure way of
getting what you want—of getting merchandise that is
clean and fresh. And you will save money, too, because
prices are still low. Watch the Courier-Reporter for
gift suggestions and special sales, and save your
self from last minute shopping disappointments.
NOTICE or memos 1
”mange lmpmvement No. 6 0“
Benton County, Washington ‘
Notice is hereby given that the
annual election of one Drainage
Improvement District Supervisor
age Improvement District No. 6 of
Benton County. Washington will be
held on Tuesday, December 9. 1941
from the hour of 1 o'clock pm. until
the hour of 7 o'clock pm. at the Pin
ley Grange Hall in said district.
All persons owning land in said
district who are electors residing in
the State oft Washington are en
titled to vote at said election.
County Audi-tor and ex-officio
missioners, Benton County, Wash
ington. 11:20-27
Notice of Hearing on Final Account
and Petition for Distribution
No. 1994
In the Superior Court of the State}
of Washington in and for Benton
County. ‘
Marie Kleinknecht, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that Jacob
Kleinknecht, executor of the above
entitled estate, has zfiied his final
account and petition for distribution
above entitled Court. and that the
Court 3 asked to settle said anal
account, to distribute the property of
said estate to the heirs or peuons
entitled to the same and to discharge
the executor. .
Said final account and petition ta
‘distrilmtion will he heard by the
courtatthecourthouse mm.
Benton County, Washington. on the
18th day of December, 1941. at the
ihour of 9:30 o’clock am.
By Moulton & Powell, his atta
l Moulton a Powell. Mun-men for
Executor, Kennewiek. Wash. 11:13-27
Telephone 111
Notice at Gena-ll m
In the
mu m Wt 1
Notice is hexeby given that the
regularannmlelection for theelecg
tionoi'amemberof theßoardotj
Dimctors of the Columbia In'igation‘
District will be held on the 9th day
of December. 1941.
The polls will be open at 1 o‘clock
8 o’clock in the evening and the poll
ing places will be as follows:
In Precinct No. 1 at the residence
of W. B. Pamlaon.
In Precinct No. 2 at the City Hall.
Xennewiek. Wash.
‘ In Precinct No. 3 at the Finley
lGumge Hull. Finley. Wash.
In Precinct No. 4 at the Hover
18m, IHover. Wash.
KDlrectm-s this 4th day of November.
‘ mm: mm,
11:20.1214 Secretu'y.
Kenna“ Irrigation District
Notice is hereby given then the
annual election for the election or
rectors of the Kennewlek mm
day of mama-. 1941.
The polls will be open at one
o'clock 1n the afternoon and will
close at eight o'clock in the evening
All persons owning lead in ssld
diets-let. who use electors residing
udedtovoteetsdd election.
dish-let this 4th shy at November.
man-nus E. J. MD. See.
9m Immm ...
[luau Stung“
County. Walsh“.
annual election of one D!!!
Impmvemem Distant W (I
t term of No yum, lar Dill
Improvement District No. 11 III! 11
Sub "A" ofbeßetiletion Com”. w”.
130011 Will d on M
camber 9. 1941. tram an hour's:
O'CIMK gummr « 7 on“
pm. at e dM. 0. .
demon in said district. ‘“
«All persons owning land
district. who at!- chm. m
in ‘the State of WW m .._
titled to vote at. said elm
H. E. M ‘
County Auditor and 08%
clerk of the Board of Mo"
missioners. Benton Gamay, M-
mono: or sun or mm"
mm 0N sun m
Notice Is hereby um
ml. commencing at 10;“ a.“
«fireman mam-....
Mom fiddler; my...
The pm win in m
twelve (Imam-mu.
‘ mam“
j ”autumn...
M. an;

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