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' My, December 13. 1941.

Catch the News
Fresh W'ith a
426 individuals All But Put
j . Chest Drive Over the Top
gm lacking but a little more than
3W dollars, the Community
" drive is coming down the home
leth the full quota of fifteen
W dollars almost in sight.
I” the reporting of a few n:-
“ places, Chair-man Urban
9"“ expects to be able to report
‘s‘ over the top. He especially
‘9 m commend the members at
”mimic for the splendid work
“ m been done this year—and
it people of the community who
7’" remanded so well. A check of
.9 individual names shows that a
“I of 426 people have contributed
“he mnd this year.
A mt or a hundred or so of the
nut contributors has already been
’mgbed. This week the list will
“mm all those who have contrib
iw w the chest fund up to noon
a may! .
'Wflte Painter Gall, Maas
”the“, James Johnston, Mr. and
I”, Geo. Schuster, Allen IC. Puder
ugh, Carl Deffen‘baugh, Katharine
me, Edith Magelson, H. R. Viihber,
sc. Giflord, F. H. Lincoln, Her’by
mar, 'W. s. Washburn, Pearl
omen. Dorothy Smith, 11. G. Fyfe,
ms. L. P. Miller, John Neuman, H.
P. main, Helen Ragain, Edwin
mu, Alphia O’Hair, E. A. Mil
3, James Johnson, Mr. and Mrs.
w. w. Skuse, Frances McLean, Dr.
11;,Boyd, Minnie Reese, Roy Hen
mnmma Dahlin, Alvin F. Cheney,
1.0. my 00., Betty Kinney; Lu
nm, Alma Lenz, Laura John
", mvin Kissler, Lowell Higley, E.
j, mm, J. R. Michener, Ray
inflame mley, Alfred 0. Mana
fin. A 1190? Beauty Shop, '.I. P.
Imin, [Ferrell Transfer, Bestes
m, Marguerite Berry, Lorona
1, Berry, H. S. Taylor, N. P. Mc
mll, O. J. Dahlin, Ed Sellick,
(no Schick, Frank Green, Winifred
funnel], vPotlatch Yards, Chas.
:w, Wesley Mustain.
. 1.3. Siegfried, L. A. Morphey, V.
g Wilder, C. T. Poplin, Pearle
Teach, Grace Covey, Harland G.
carbon, H. 8. Whitbeck, C. S.
. is
in harmony With the de
fense program of our
U. S. government.
' Good For '
Growing Children
Get it from your grocer
in the Red, White 'and
, Blue wrapper.
5 Belair’s Better
5 BR E A D '
i made by
¥ 111111111111111111111111111111 l
we: nwmsuns
meme JOB km
NWER h the most essential feature of any
M- And GMC gives you greatest pulling
Min every engine size. You’ll get better
”Wee, you’ll enjoy easier handling,
"‘l'“ Olive time on every trucking job with
hil Motors Trucks. And remember,
.9“: Truck; are priced with the very lowest.
r " ““r--"- ..---- """‘a _--._,, .
~ W: ”Vocab our own YMAC Plan of loud availabb who
. Strickler Motor Company
13 Washington St. Kennewick, Wash. '
“Int 1' nul K s lillSDllllE-IIIESEI.
Western Royal Radio
Knowles, Geo. A. Purdy, Margaret
O'Hearn, G. Carlson, Frances White,
Ora Danielson, A. L. Schuster, Tom
Seward, Geo. Laylon, John Johnson,
R. L. Johnson, Louis Happy Harry
Bockius, Irene Imm, L. Reed, Wayne
Houston, Bob Schuster, R. J. Smith,
Mrs. J. E. Muikey, P. W. Struve, Carl
Anderson, H. W. Whittemore, R. E.
Reed, Joy O’Keefe, W. J. Preston,
Giard Bros, Mr. and Mrs. Lon Olds,
Henry Smith, Arts Cafe, Commer
cial Inn, Washington Hardware,
Phil Bier, Neil Simmelink, Ted
Saunders, L. R. Dailey, John Citron,
W. L. IForaker, .A. V. Lewis, Patton
Service Station, Bud Kirk, Marvin
Sletikolen, Earl Magelson,-Ci-ty Dray
Line, Clarence Olbrich, Walter Otte,
Walt Knowles, Joe Watkins, Dufiy‘
Auto Park, 0. Durocher, Ed Moran,
Gene Moran. ‘
Frank Man-pin, F. ~13. Mason, E. Fl
Belter, Shirley Larkin, C, L. Hol-‘
com-b, H. G. Long, National Bank of
Commerce, E. C. Tweet, U. L. Keol
ker, Grace Miller, Jean Odborne,
Ruth Simmelink, Jay Bliss, Walla
Walla Canning Co employees, H. L.
Wadsworth, J. L. Olp, H. C. Davis,
F. R. Webber, Harvey Ray. W. S.
IMiller, Harvey 'White, Kennewick
‘Skating Rink, Gus lPearson, H. C.
’Curry, Paul 0. Stone, Lena Mains,
Mildred Malinowski, Katherine Rob
bins, Virgil Hopkins, Harold String
‘er, Hulet’s Grocery, Mr. and Mrs. W.
‘S. Hulet, Grange Supply and all em
ployees, J. C. Pratt Garage, Mrs. M.
B. tKinwaid, A. E. Glasow, Chas.
‘Bateman, Church Grape Juice 00.,
F. M. Ludlow, Tyler W. Seeley. L.
Newsome, 'J. W. Atterfberry, Pearl
IDague, Doris Terrill, Anna M. Bein
hart, Edna Masher, Don Clinger,
Earl Daggett, Howard H. Hornevedt,
Delbert Thaclmra, Tommy Thomp
son, Al Vinson, Claude Babcock, R.
E. Bauder, E. Brace, ROll9. Dennett,
{ll. Durham.
i, M.. Dutton, F. a. Higley, L. v.
iMosher, R. J. Peterson, D. A. Sams,
,W. A. Sloan, Bert Winslow, O. P.
;Winslow, F. A. Woodruf'f, H. Z.
,Z'mser, Lewis Bakker, P. J. Bak
’ker, Wm. Britton, C. H. Daggett, R.
Easterwood, Henry W. Jacobs, Frank
Lampson, Howard Smith, Claude
Walk, Glenn Beightol, C. C. Ghaip
man, Cecil David, Homer David, Sam
Foraker, J. N. Garner, Bob Holden,
:Geo. Miller, J. Vinson, Harrison
iWilliaims, Dave Oliver, 0. A. Fisher,
‘D. V. Caulson, Fred Campbell, Curt
Gerards, Kenneth Durham, W. E.
Thackera, 8. EB. Persinger, C. L. Per
{singen A. W. Persinger, L. F. Per
singer, E. V. Pal-singer, V. E. Per
>singer, Peter Erickson, Jack Scran
ton, Chas. Tramel, Kirt Tramel, O.
C. Virgil Holvin Williams, W. H.
Losse, Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Sam
phede, A. R. McCamish, Leila T.
Schmidt, H. C. Schmidt.
' Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Cochran, Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Thomas, Garber’s
Dairy, Victor 1). Rogers. Julia 8.
‘Memenway, Marjorie Kregger, Mrs.
‘Bert Wilson, Safeway Store, Cecil
l'rindall, James B. Austin, Clement
cyka, Bill Dicky, Ed Ray, Howard
moor, J. F. Schmelzer, Babcock Oil
100., J . H. Turner, C. H. Turner.
1 Ed Frauen, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ger
ards and zfamily, Rev. Frederick A.
‘Bchilling, W. F. Martin, Strickler
,Motor Co., Campbells Cafbins, Mrs.
H. S. Taylor, Walla Walla Canning
Co., Emm'a Tweedt, Alta Westemney
er, Margaret Hawkins, Ruth John
,son, Garnet Hutton, Helena Evett,
Burns Brown, Robert Brown. Lucy
iHauschild, Pacific Fruit 8; Produce
100., Wilbur Knight, J. B. Ferguson.
IR. F. Thorson, Percy Erickson. A 1
Sandman, [Paul Spreen, marguerite
LTurner, Geo. Saiford, WillardChes
more, Irene Olson. Velma McOam-j
3&6 I%ng
THE KENNEWICK.. gwm commmonm
ish Ruth Beegle,‘ Estelle Bott, Eva
Skinner, Warde Johnson, Wes Brown
Harvey Easterwood, Renold Lunbach
W. Rathbun, Ed Remington. Roy
Dill, E. C. Smith Motor Co. and all
employees, Gene Spaulding, Frank
E. Morain and family, 0. F. Winken
werder, Mrs. W. A. Moraln, N. P.
Nelson, Mrs. Tillery, Mr. and Mrs.
J. B. Slaugenhaupt.
R. S. Reierson Appointed
to Head Defense Program
'VVHI'I‘E Bum—The county]
defense commission has appointed'
R. s. 'Reierson to represent the White:
Bluffs district in the defense pro-'
gram. This area has been divided
into five districts. Harry Keller will
haVe charge of District 1, Edward
Ponsat, District 2, Francis Moody,
District 3, Ralyh Montgomery, Dis
trict 4 and Richard Wood, District 5.
In completing the district organi-l
‘zation a warden will call on each.
. family in his district. Wilmot Mor
ford will 'be in charge of traffic con
trol. Fred Gil-huly wll have change
of first-aid. All of the above men
tioned wardens will be empowered to
appoint their own assistants. 1
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. O’Larey acq
companied «by Mr. and Mrs. C. B.
O'Larey and daughter of Pasco drove
to Seattle Thursday to attend the
funeral of Mrs. D. O. Friel, the only
sister of the O’Larey brothers. The
funeral was conducted at 9:30 am.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Small a nine-pound girl on Friday,
December 912. The young lady. has
been named Nellie Kay.
Don Perry, the fourteen year old
son of J. H. Perry, Riverland, ar
rived in White Bluffs from Long
Beach, California Tuesday.
Forty guests were present at a
birthday party at the A. H. Heide
man home in honor of Mr. Heideman
and Paul lPulson sr. last Wednesday
Miss Dorothy Hutchinson of the
high school staff and Douglass Lan
ert, teacher of the seventh and
eighth grades, spent the week-end in
In ordr to speed up the delivery of
the Christmas rural mail, beginning
Monday through Wednesday, W. F.
Roberts will make the delivery of the
White Bluffs district, and will leave
the post office one half to one hour
earlier than the usual time. E. J.
O’Larey will deliver to the Hanford
district as usual.
Mrs. {Edward Ponsat spent a couple
of days last week-end visiting her
son, Gilbert, who is still confined
in St. Luke’s hospital, Seattle. Mrs.
Ponsat also tvsited at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Penn, former
residents of White Bluffs, now living
near Woodland Park.
Fred Gilhuly went to Presser to
attend the Benton county school rec
organization committee meeting on
Wednesday. ,1
nscmc muss 34% snow NATIONAL AVERAGE
ONLY IN AMERICA can you find so many such scenes of comfort
and enjoyment—the complete absence of drudgery-
And only in the Northwest do you enjoy electric appliances
at such low rates. For Pacific Power & Light has reduced its
rates again and again, until now the electricity you buy costs
only about 1/4 as much as it did when Pacific Power 8: Light
began business 31 years ago.
Enjoy Quality Tone
and Distinct 5 '95
Reproduction and up
Family Reunion Held
at C. C. Doering Home
HIGHLANDS—A iamlly reunion
dinner was held Sunday at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Doerlng.
Covers were laid for Mr. and Mrs.
Walter Otbmar. Mr. and Mrs. Glen
Doering and daughter. Joan, and
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Doerin'g and
Mrs. Ellen Lape was a visitor-in
Walla Walla Wednesday.
Dean Nagley at Wallula is spend
ing Ithe week with his parents. Mr.
and Mrs. G. A. Nagley.
Word has been received by Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Frazier that their
son Ward, is stationed at Hamilton
Field. across the bay from San
Richard St. Laurent is expected
home from Bremerbon this week
end bo spend Christmas with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. St. Laur
I ~
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w. F, HANSON, Mgr, KENNEWICK Phone 241
Highland Youngsters to
Meet at Club House
MW Highland chll
Christmas program, are requested to
meet, Saturday at one o'clock at the
Highlands clubhouse.
D. E. Taylor and son. 'Derranoe
were Spokane visitors Wednesday
and Thursday of- this week.
Mrs. Vera Campbell. Mrs. Ellen
Lupe, Mrs. E. J. Brand. Mrs. Gladys
Kelso and Mrs. W. S. Green at
tended the 03.8. pest matrons and
past patrons potluck dinner and
Christmas party in the Masonic
hall Tuesday evening.
The St. Paul’s Episcopal Guild
is meeting today. Thursday at the
home at Mrs. M. G. Helm on the
Highlands. Plans are to be made for
the holiday activities.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Williams are
erecting a new home on the Ceme
tery Road, near the Bremmer serv
ice station.
m U"
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in England
Western Auto Supply
OLAV l. OTHEIM, Authorized Dealer
Fourteen Club Members
Enjoy Christmas Party
WHITE 8m - The annual
Christmas party of the Upriver Wo
man's club was held at the home
0! Mrs. Robert Sisk and Mrs. Russell
Brown at Priest Rapids Saturday
afternoon. fiostesses for the occasion
were Miss Cassie McGee. Mrs. Brown
Mrs. Sisk and Mrs. s. Yeager. A
Ohristmas assert luncheon was
served to the fourteen manhers
present. followed by a mum 01
readings. carols and games. A unique
departure from the usual gift pres
entation m the huge pie placed in
gifts were hidden. from which each
member drew her gift. 'me Janu
Mrs. Paul Bmueman at Riverland.
Mrs. Harry Keller returned home
Monday from St. Elizabeth's hospit
al. Yakima. when: she has been re
oeivinz .hospital care tor the past
three weeks.
. I f _
- m«m
- ¥
Mrs. Guy Story Home
From Pasco Hospital
Mrs. Guy Story returned home
My from the Pasco hospital.
where she recently underwent a me
jor operation. Mrs. A. at. mm
is caring for her during her con
valeaoence. A _
Glenn Futon. accompanied by his
mums. Mr. and Mrs. “Wm. Falcon.
and his sons. Ward and Roger. will
leave Saturday to spend Christmas
with relatives in Camel-nu.
J. 8.01 m!!- of Yakima is spend
ing a in days this week with lib
sister. Mrs. G. A. Negley and tem
Mm. c. H. Meyer. Mrs. R. Dehnol'f.
Lampoon and Miss Jennie Linden
were among those oi the High“
m who visited grunge in Ben
ton City Wednesday evening.
Harold Forster. accompanied by
his sister. Miss Viola motored to
Pendleton Sunday.
314 M?
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