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«You xxvn
of Ike
; This 50-year-old capital
She Philippine Islands is a mass
fumbled ruins, following Japan’s
‘1 renal to consider it an “open
fl" and 'the mosequent week’s
”Tamer“: by wave after wave of
firplmes 1n dalmance of Inter
.lmal Law. There is much local
w of the failure of the U. S.
’1 units to block the launching
a coming squadrons from Jap
man carriers anchored apparent
ynear Philippine sham, and Presi
art Wm assured the Filipinos
hithefullsu'enzth of U. S. domes
.vm be thrown into the battle in:
Mr behalf. This, however, has not‘
silenced the crlbloal comment of Fill- I
plan leaders that, whereas the firsti
attacks on their islands came a mu
week after the Pearl Harbor disaster 1
8n Hamil, it is still referred to by;
U. 8. form as “a complete surprise." I
Dutch Continue Smesges
Baum, Java—Out of 9.11 the
tragedy of the Pacific war-tape, in
~lhlch both {Britain and the U. S.
uncome out second best, the right
emoftheDmch East Indies have
mad with all the traditional
mm of their race. Setting a
quot-pf “one enemy ship a. day,"
Dutch airplanes, and submarines
hm taken exactly that toll from
Mr Japanese attackers. At no
punt has any Ja-p offense against
the sturdy Dutch defenders been
mm, and incomplete figures at
lie moment indicate that in propor
lon to the units engaged. the Dutch
have done a much bigger jdb than
fun allies combined in creating ae
struction among the Japs on land
Ind sen.
All“ Users Puzzled
Washington—Stringent reduction
in file use of nbber for automobile
time will not only practically end
“fine for pleasure. but will curtail
fl: use of taxicabs and many types
d commercial trucks. Pleasure car
m numbering 271000.000 will
mum impossible to buy a
“flare after next week; they are
W to drive less, drive more
Thur. and then to have worn tires
deeded. 81mm: conservation sug
flflons will be enforced among all
“I of cmnmerclal vehicles not
«used in defense operations.
Russian Army Triumphant
' ' Moscow-my a miracle can save
Qremnants at Hitler’s barbarians
.3} are now in full retreat along
*9 entire length of the Russian
in. Starved, frozen, clothed in
W (imitation clothing) the
In; that expected to spend the
"timer in the comforts of Lenin
18nd and Moscow are dying by the
Wands on their way homeward
‘0 the ‘htherland” that wasn’t his
film]: to satisfy their greed. Hit-
Gfl' has already begun the dismissal
u may of his army generals, and,
imam-tam of his role ofGod. is
kilns personal command of his
Mud armies, with the declared
intuition of making the whole world
N cash tribute to his gangsters of
Serbia Shows Grit
Belgrade-Outside of the magnif
in: military offensive and’su’bse-
M utter rout of the Nazis by the
MB. the only European race con
tinue to put up a stiff fight for
mm are the Serbs. So bitter has
Wan revolt become against Ger-
Illa brutality that Hitler’s army of
Won, made up of the most
"balmy units of the Nazi ter-
M hare been forced to retmt
“In Central and Southwestern
hill- 80 horrified. however, are
me “her Balkan nations at Ger
pan atrocities, especially toward
“mm and children, that it has been
m difficult to arouse other na
{3: in Nippon of Serbia's lone
h’ - Britta from the dregs of Ber
“ underworld are stealing milk
II! ”Mid from the children of the
“3‘35 in an officially planned
an!“ “to starve the Serbs 1n
\ Own Cradles.”
lemmirk (Enurivr- Eppnrtvr
Defense Plans to
Include Register of
All Citizens
Further details to be
announced; plan joint
installation ceremony
District Go-ordhiator George Pur
dy :told about the defense plans al
ready made locally to members of
the Kiwanis club Tuesday noon. He
told of the organization 01' the sev
eral units in preparation for the
possible emergency and how they
would function. He also explained
a plan for the complete registration
of all available man power in the
district. Further details concern
ing this plan will be announced in
the near future. Possibly a special
'booth will be set up in some central
place for the purpose.
Next Tuesday evening there will
be a joint installation ceremony in
the local banquet hall, with the dis
:trict governor coming to officiate.
Pasco officers .will also be inducted
at the same ceremony, some thirty
members from that organization be
ing expected. ‘
LiSt of New Bartlett
Bequest Books Received
“Windswept” by Mary Ellen
Chase; “Sun Is My Undoing” by
Margaret Sheen; “Scarlet Petticoat,”
Nord Jones; “The New Hope” Jos
eph C. Lincoln; “ Wild is the River,"
Elizabeth Biefret; “All That Glit
ters," Frances Parkinson Keys;
”William Allen White." Clough;
“That Day Alone” by Van Passen;
“Tomorrow Will Come,” E. M. Al
- “Narcissa Whitman,” by
Eaton; “Four Years in Paradise,"
Osa Johnson; "Farthest Reach,” by
Nancy Wilson Ross; “Two Ends to
Our Shoestring,” by Katherine
Pinkerton; “W.P.A. American Guide
Series on the State of Washington;
“Will Rogers," Betty Rogers; “.Ad
ventures of Grandfather Frog," by
Burgess; “Mark Tidd‘s Citedal," C.
B. Welland; ‘inbbsey Twins at‘
Spruce Lake,” by Laura Lee Hope. ‘
Kennewick Auto to
Close Salesroom
Inability to get cars
only reason
The war has hit one business
institution in Kennewick. Alter
today, the Kennewick Auto Co. is no
more—at least until it's possible to
secure new cars again (for the civil
ian population.
Announcement 18 made this week
of the withdrawal of the company’s
offices in Kennewlck. Inability to se
cure cars is the reason for closing
the Kennewick off-ice and sales
room. The repair shop, however,
will continue to operate, the Graves,
father and son, will continue the
shop under their own management.
“We hate to close the Kennewick
branch,” Ernest Huber, local man
ager said. “We have done a nice bus
iness in Kennewick, like the people
and the town, but we can’t get cars,
so there’s no point in keeping open
until we can get them again.”
lieutenant Bernard Neuman, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Neuman of the
Garden Tracts, has recently :been ap
pointed senior instructor of the Air
Corps Pursuit Gunnery School at
Eglin Field, Florida. He has receiv
ed -tra.in.ing from Wing Command
er Donaldson of the British Royal
Air Force, who has had 404 aerial
combats with the Germans. All
American and British Flying Cadets
of the South East Air Corps Train
ing Center receive gunnery instruc
tion at this school before being
graduated as pilots. Lieut Neuman
is in addition Commanding Officer
of the 54th School Squadron and is
a. pursuit and «bombardment pilot as.
signed to the Air Corps Proving
Ground at Eglin Field. A brother?
Lorenz,isaoivilian employeeatthis‘
field. 4
The Home Nursing class under
the direction of Mrs. Harrison of
Pasoo will organize in the Red Cross
rooms above the bank next Friday
afternoon, January 9 at 1:30. Two
hour classes will 'be held each ses
sion and the entire course will take
24 hours. All those desiring to en
roll should be at the R. C. rooms
by one - thirty.
TEE ‘’9 l . ‘ ' I,_ ‘ ' ‘: J.
~ I a «-» , .. . .
' "’3 3,: ” ‘. ' :1 * :(PH’ .‘ ‘-
'4K ’ ‘ 9 ' ~.’ ' ’ ~‘- -
',‘R’-.._ :' "‘ .“ ";_'; 41 ..*) \ ‘ "1' "\ .2" ~ .1.‘...,_.‘"
‘«l‘ - $3.1)?” § n?" ‘*":~ :.‘-. -‘ If w I .‘- «ML
\ 0 9.3.3‘; —;.'s\ 3.“, _ ... _. Ky“; ’ .. 7 , is.» - 1 _r. 2g \l'r :fg- ,I _ i '.
. _ ‘ .~2~g~,;.~';-:'mu / 0~- ’ s xv: +
” -“ 2:7 I 3;; 'v .- )3}, _ u :' a— .9: ,‘ .: I ‘
I’3. - '» :ij—n ~ ‘~ C—
q " ‘u I,
.A\ ". V
Big Increase of
Vegetable Pack
Expected in 1942
USDA sets supporting
prices to growers; on
peas and tomatoes.
Canned vegetables will play an
important part in the arsenal of
food being produced by American
farmers in 1942, says Fred Wilson,
chairman of the Benton County U.
s. D. A. Defense Board. Needs of the
armed forces, civilian population and
aid to other democracies will require
the greatest canned vegetable pro
duotion in history.
‘ Price supporting measures have
;been announced for tomatoes and
peas for canning, which will be pur
chased through the Agricultural
Marketing Service of the U. S. De
.partment of. Agriculture. Benton
County fanners should note care
fully in making contracts with can-f
hers that to insure higher prices be- 3
ing passed on to rfarmers, purchases‘
will be made only from canneries‘
which heme been certified by the
State U. S. D. A. Defense Board as
having agreed by contract to pay
producers the following minimum
prices. As near as the local U. 8. D.
A. Defense Board can ascertain the.
average 1940 price for tomatoes to
canners in Benton county was about
$12.00 per ton. The 1940 price for
canning peas was about $45.00 per
Tomatoes—Not less than $5 per
ton more than the average 1940
price paid to growers in the state or
Peas—Not loss than $17.50 .per ton
more than the average 1940 price
paid to mowers in the state or area.
Large Quantities of canned snap
beans and corn will -be required in
1942, but no price guarantees have
been applied and no direct govern
ment purchases of thwe commodi
ties are contemplated. Fred Wilson
pointed out. 1
. The nation’s needs for the next
year will require 40 million cases of ;
canned tomatoes, 38 million cases of
canned tpees, 112% million cases of
canned snap beans and 24 million
cases od' canned corn. 'niis repre
sents an incmease above the 1941
pack of 25 percent for tomatoes and
33 percent for peas. The goal for
snap beans «13 about hte same as the
1941 pack, while the com (figure rep
resents a decrease of about 2 million
cases «below that packed in 1941.
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Records and
Roger Michael, and Mr. and Mrs.
J. G. Records of Portland drove to
Freewater to spend Christmas day
with Roger and J. J. Records mo
ther, Mrs. Susie Records.
An Industrious New Year to You
Lei This Be Your . . .
.No. 1 Resolulion
‘5; for 1942
t , 1
s ‘ Help Defeat the
Aggresson by put
fi ting your saving:—
V tegulatly—-in U. S.
"‘é & Defense Bonds and
9 m”—
‘ ‘ Gurmsmgr—
m; Thé'y‘fiAQé ' ' ’
4-Footed Players
H. S. to stage donkey
basketball game
An indoors donkey basketball
game—something new to sports fans
in this sector—will be a feature when
Jack Bartlett’s world famous troupe
lot trained donkeys appears at the
high school gym next Tuesday night
in a show beginning at eight. The
appearance here is under the aus
pices of the student body.
Besides basketball on specially fit-3
ted soft shoes, a donkey rodeo, don
key aboola game and a thrill circus
will be presented.
The animals are fully‘and spec
ially rtrained. They stand on their
hind legs, hee-h-aw at the officials,
walk backwards and perform other
antics which make it no easier for
their riders to advance the 'ball or
La. Boola, a game or South Amer
ican origin, is played according to
regulations by this troupe exclusive
ly. Therodeoandthrmcircusisa
combination of stunts ranging all
'the way from wild burro milking to
novelty races.
Double Capacity
The Big Y m tomorrow with
the installation of additional re
frigeration equipment, according to
information received today from
Manager Desgranges. The new
equpment will just about double the
freezing capacity of the plant, de
mand for which has been created by
the success, already achieved by the
companies which have pioneered
this business here in recent years.
The plant will be operated by the
Big Y for the companies to whom
it is leased. \
Extension Service
Urges Keeping of
Household Records
Plan aids savings in
defense materials; per
mits stamp purchases.
Homemakers who follow the plan
of keeping a record of the family's
expenditures have :found many bene
fits. They really begin managing a
«home. They plan so as to meet
needs adequately. Clothing is better
chosen. meals are carefully balanced.
and the rurmshlngs are well plan
vltlng place to live. [Household sup
plies are always adequate.
Do you know how much soap your
family uses in a year? Does it pay
year if you waste twenty-five cents
worth of fuel each week? America}
needs to prevent all kinds - 01"
We. 1
No business firm tries to operate
without keeping boon. Every well
managed institution has its book
keeping corner. Does your house?
The homemaker's job this year is
a very vital one. Rest, comfort and
harmony must predominate at home
if the members of the family work
ing under greater strain are to be
ready to do their jobs well each
Good management will release
time and money for the homemaker
possible for the family .to buy de-l
tense bonds and save for depressionw
Ask .the county extension service
about the home account book rec
ommended by the extension service
of the State College of Washington.
To Register Horses and
Mules of Military Age
Every horse and mule owner in
Benton county is requested by the
war department to forward before
January mo. 19¢ to County Agent
Skuse at Kennewiek the following
mformmon concerning each horse
or mule he owns between the agesl
of three and ten:
ABO. sex. color. whether riding or
draft type. broken or unbroken. and
whether or not they are necessary
for the owner's use.
This is not a draft or animal re
sources and it seems unlikely that
Ithis will even be necessary. When
horses and mules are needed they
will be purchased. 1
Prompt registration of animals of
a, useful military age is simply a
most desirable step in our defense
preparations and is a voluntary and
abviously a patriotic obligation.
P. 0. Records Broken
Postmaster P. H. Lincoln reports
today that all records in the local
posboffice are smashed to wither
eens. The largest. volume of mail.
both incoming and outgoing has
been handled during the past year
and the grog mceipts of the office
are above sl9,ooo—an all-fume rec
ord. If. a is customary. the neo
ords of the local postoffice are used
as a businefi barometer. then Ken
m year.
Scouts to Collect
Scrap Paper
Local executlve urges
full coopera‘tlon
The federal government has up
pealed to all citizens to salvage waste
paper. The Boy Scouts of Amends
wene asked to undertake the tut
of collecting this paper. The short
age of paper has been most keenly
felt by the manufacturers of paper
bonnd cartons :tor the pecking ct
foodstuffs. clothing. all mane: o!
thlngforthemed format the
United States and clues. Waste pa
per can be utilized for this purpose.
Save this paper, little or much. end
Mason by phone or letter and the
“I: you live in the country" any:
Mr. Muon. 100-.1 scout executive.
“bring it in or Join with your
notify the collector above. 132 store
ins adjoining the Pioneer Iron
works on Rout Street and is direct
ly in the teat-of the Columbia. Irri
gation District office. To reach the
place turn in the alley behind the
Washington Hudwue store. The
door will be open at all times so
that anyone with paper can unloed
without tmubie.
“Remember. you people, that the
aolongagoand mutt-onwaoldm
theJaps. Hummum
lets. Let unanin new: the coun
vitally concerned with the m be
cause we are. u the malty an
“undue. 1
Capt. Corston Greene
Gets Promotion
Capt. Corston A. Gram. former
principal at Kennewick junior high
school. and one-time [student of
Benton County Education Associa
tion. has been appointed mutant of
the 87th Infantry Training Barnum,
Camp Roberts. California.
Capt. Gnene was ordeal“ to ac
tive duty at m Benning. 6a.. lam.
January. He was named to the
Infantry Replacement Training
Center at Camp Roberts in May,
when he organized and command
ed the message center mining com
pany of the 87th Batallion until his
advancement in the post out adju
tant. ,
He receivedhumimu'y mining
in the Citizen's mum mums
Corpsandmthefleeene Meet-'5
Washington. Prior to his present
mm Infantry. m George
washawm ‘
residing at Berkeley. A baby boy
mbornm thermally September
asstßerkeley. 1
’ About forty Rainbow Girls. W
ent: and friends. drown so Well:
her 27. where the Kennewtck a
“button mumm-
Ice for two home m and nine
wanwun ark. Manuel'-
Vivien Haley and sun Wym.
Bettynicleywu thema
tlcer. unset! by the My ed-‘
m of the We: may;
ImPratt. 'l'houegoingtmhm
enslund. unnamnurym‘
Libby. Mn. Roy Buford. Mu. Jen
aon, besides seven! afloadsatthe-
Rambowgms. ‘
Red Cross War
Relief Drive
Makes Record Here
Kennewick and Benton
City tops all districts
in Yakima Valley _
The Kennewick and Benn-on City
areas mule the best showing of any
oection in the Yakima. Valley on the
Red Cross War Relief Drive just
completed. according to J. 8. Schroe
der. district ctmirman. The Benton
City area turned in about S3OO. Mr.
Schroeder said. with about. SBO more
promised. The Kennewick area.
which includes Richland. Finley and
Hover. passed the SI6OO mark this
morning when the ten dollars con
tributed by the Boy Scouts was turn
ed in. Last night Howard MeGhee.
local chm-nun. reported a total
of $1590.25. Several other smell
emotmts harve been promised. which
will probably bring the totol to
somewhere neu- SI7OO.
Based on population. these two
communities hove mode the belt
showing: of anywhere in the val
ley. Mr. Schroeder aid. He con
trasted heel 11mm with the report
made at Pioneer. where 8741 ha!
been turned in with about 3200 mom
promised. The amnynide one was
scion noonmheuid. butmeot
the areas ground Yakima wen u
moet 0. complete blunt.
Red Cross Needs
Comforters, Sheets
Sewing room open
each Tuesday p.m.
Yakima Yancy fin-woolen uninten
en. It. :- ”commended tint grum
ot W Mien: clothing w
purpose. ,
incheswldem from'the.vfld.
bemdetntopfllowcuu. ,
at the Red Cm sewing anion.
j Aahmormmm,n.
new. Emmanuel!!-
may “bemoan u one-thaw.
knmmchome nhouldcwutth.
Benton Schools
To Share $17,155
Kennewick to‘ get
largest share
Benton Wt! schools will m
817.15 for the December «pm.
ment of school funds. Mn. m
VIII ankle. omnty school tuna-h
--wndent. mounted. The money 3
made avolluble I: (allow: Out-1m
8M fund. 315.411; county to: levy.
8884: and county equallnfln
fund. mo.
Lending district: In Rem
whichwlnrooelveCSQOcnd Prou
nermgnmoruonmcnt arm.
ml: WWI-support“
Amount. unsaved by the othc
luau- W m: mainland. "as;
Haley-Hover. um; Benton cm.
3100?; we: Bluffs. 3951; mm
m; and mm 3357.
m undelivered-to the Inn!
manual»: in mange to th
tedenl mm M the-e awe}.
he W by 511 mm
5119 mm. um they were do»
named by tom! Japanese residents.
wen mum! In this community.
NO. 40

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