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y. January 1, 1942.
I N Western Auto Su 1 E?
a Happy New Year to one and All” OLAV I. OTHEIM, Authorized Deg? y a
I" no; Oiled From Our
I” of Ten, Twenty and Thirty
y.” m”
my nuts AGO—I93I
W had to be very djscfim
w to detect that, the perfectly
”bed and repainted toys were not
”that were distributed by the re
“ ”mum. The work was done
by g. G. Anderson’s troop of Boy
Scout; The boys cooperated with
a 43 club girls and the relief
aamnittee is collecting and repair
ugnd distributing a. large num
'uofgames. books and toys to the
W who otherwise might not
. Ii! {Bernadine Durdle and Miss
we, Amon entertained with a.
was party Tuesday evening at
w ourdle home. Bridge honors
“at to Miss Kathleen F'lesher and
.Wn Rude, pinochle honors to
n Edith Stradford.
w. and Mrs. Joe Polin of Yakima
md boher home in Yakima on
my after having spent the
outlines holiday at the A. T. Belair
me. Mll. CWDOUX 0f Pasco was
mum guests at the Belair home
, m.
Kr. and Ml 3. I-I. P. Cranmer of the
River Road entertained at a Christ
:mu dinner Mr. and Mrs. Jay Pen-y
' Ind «film.
: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bateman,
m, and ms. Wallace Bateman and
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Olson cele
braved .thelr wedding anniversary on
was day with a six o'clock din
ner at the Olson home.
" Ml“ Anna Clark is spending her
cunsunas vacation with her par-
{ WORLD grown fired and ‘
. ’ éA weary is reborn a+ {he
'. stroke of l 2! In sending you
our New Year gree’rings if is ‘
wfih the wish he? the ioyous ‘
spirif of New Year's Day will i
‘. Mend far info the year. and 1
”59+ 1942 will bring you i
more of life's real values
' ‘ ihan any year fhaf has gone
C. H. Yedlca ?
Motor Co. 1
£10905 Eu) YE 9 ma
a I 0F ““0 ‘ I g
To Plugs ‘ 1.4.. g
Q J“. 51.5% a .."
a\. <§¥sfifl
a ' '
g g [fit-:fiVZuflTe'y °nd ;. ' 2
a ”2026225 «2:: a
4" -fo,°d *hings+°mers: wish {o"‘9 +0 2
Q 5% rs 2:: deraimua‘rtz': Ski's; s
g g 855 You 6:33}; waif": *hanks :Zfefial $0
5 5 TH eep “"16 3:3 2’
3mmmm“Manse LUB %
m 5 ‘as
5‘ :. mwmm “.9
ems, Mr. and Mrs. M. G. 01311:. Miss
Clark is a freshman at W. S. C.
R. R. Mclntosh and family of
Richland were Christmas gum at
the Clarence Yedica. home.
The men and women of the High
lands working through the Im
provement and Woman’s Clubs have
sent a new record for booster en
thusiasm and community effort. Two
weeks ago there wasn’t a dollar or
board or shriek in sight, just a gath
ering of men and women who real
ized that the community gatherings
had out-grown the old club house.
The new building, which adjoins the
old clubhouse on the west has an in
side floor space of 50x60 feet. Not
only will the dedication New Year's
Eve be the [biggest soical function
of the holiday season, ’but it will be
one of the most largely attended
dances ever given in the county. A
six o’clock dinner will be served,
with dancing starting at 7 o’clock.
Miss Ruth Crossweil is visiting
:friends in Yakima.
Miss Audrey Graham and Miss
Ruth Huntington were dinner
guests of Mrs. Howard Lincoln this
evening. .
Announcements are out of the
wedding of Ted Reese and Freda.
Freeze Christmas morning in Sno
homish, Wash.
Rev. and Mrs. E. I. Mitchell were
pleasantly surprised with a Christ
mas present .to them by friends and
members of the Christian church.
Ralph Lincoln, who is attending
the Lewiston normal, is spending
his vacation with home folks.
. Next Sunday morning there will
not be a qualified voter in the State
of Washington. The state registra
tion law provides that all registra
tions lapse at midnight, December
31, and no citizen will .be eligible to
vote until his name has been prop
erly enrolled in the new books.
R. H. Oliver has 501 d to 1". 1". Besve,
the Sudden Service Shoe Repairing
equipment, which has been operat
ed in the Basie Tire Shop. Mr. {Beste
has engaged an experienced shoe
repair man from Spokane, who will
operate the Shoe Repair Shop.
No white Christmas this year.
Bill Morain was in town the first
of the week, amter several weeks' ab
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd 113 an and
little son arrived the latter part of
the week :to visit relatives and
Hem-y Tweedt returned the lat
ter part out the week from Wenatchee
where he has been attending high
school and will spend the holidays
with home follm.
Assistant Postmaster Young’s
home on the hum of Del Haven bill
was the scene of one of the jolliest
Christmas parties or the season. A
Christmas tree and a whooping big
dinner were the rfeabure of prime
importance. Those prmnt were Mr.
and Mrs. IH. E. Munday, the Misses
Beroombe and Campbell, Irvin Glea
son, Herbert Shanalelt and R. E.
Miss Georgia (Bowers came down
Irom Richland the latter part of the
week lor a visit with Miss Ethel
E. S. McDonald was initiated into
the mysteries of the Rebekah de
gree at the regular meeting Tuesday
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Same and child
of North Yakima are spending the
week at the home of postmaster A.
H. Wheaton.
The Highlanders count among the
New Year's blessings, the fine new
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kirk, who were recently married in Richland.
Mrs. Kirk is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Kinney of Richland.
She has been cashier at the local J. C. Permey store. .
gravelled road from the Olmsted ad
dition to the hill.
On New Year’s Day Miss Jessie
Folsom and Lynn D. Shanafelt will
carry out one or their good resolu
tions of the past and well begin
their life together as man and wife.
The last issue in 1911 of The
Courier carried a list of the high
lights of activity in Kennewick dur
ng the calendar year. We have se
lected a few 01‘ Wow for reprinting,
as tonows:
January, 1911
January .13-14—The first annual
{poultry show was held by the 001-
umbia Valley Poultry Breeders As—
sociation, was a 311 ch in every way.
January lo—T-he directors or the
Bank or! Kennewick met and (H. A.
Howe was elected tprmident; C. B.
Alexander, cashier, and H. C.
Tweed-t, S. M. Lockenby and Ingwall
Smith. directors.
February, 1911
February ll—The Highlanders op
ened their new clubhouse with a.
February 17-18—State art exhibit
held «by the Ladies’ mbemi'y Club in
the Commercial Club Hall.
February lii—The school house
bond issue won at the election—
Vota 383-207.
March, 1911
March 7—Sewer bonds were voted
easily at the election. ’
March B—T’he Masons and Stars 01'
Kennewick and Pasoo joined in the
openingof thenewhallintheßeed
March 23—A reception was ten
dered the O. W. R. 85 N. officials at
the Commercial Club.
April, 1911
April 2—The district conventions
of the K of P’s and M.W.A. were
held in the city and the streets were
decorated for the occasion.
Arpril 7—Jl'he day when “Teddy”
came to Kennewick and thousands
of people gave him a warm welcome.
May, 1911
May 9—The membership cam
paign .for the Commercial Club
closed after adding for-by new names.
May 19—Gommencement night for
the class of 4911. ,
‘ May 19—Kennewick placed the
first crate of Northwestern grown
strawberries on the market.
June, 1911
June l—One thousand crates of
strawberries were shipped out or!
Kennewlck to the city markets. l
June l—Kennewick’s post office
was made second class. ‘
June 4—Four more trains were
placed on the O. W. R. 8c N. sched
ule, giving Kennewick twenty-two}
passenger trains daily. ‘
J-une s—-$50,000 are the figures
given by the R. R. for the‘approxi
mate receipts of the valley during
‘ the asparagus and berry season.
July, 1911
July ill—The council passed the
local improvement ordinance.
July Zl—Construction was com
menced on the new high school.
July 24—0. B. Stewart of Lewis
ton, Idaho purchased the mercan
tile stock of H. M. Ashbaugh.
July 25—A. H. Richards resigned
as mayor and H. A. Bier was elected
to fill his place.
August 1911
August l—The ward limits of the
city were defined.
August B—The council condemned
various board side walks and pass-,
ed resolutions for the building of ‘,
six miles of concrete walks which'
will cost in the neighborhood of $351
August 30—0ne thousand tons of
watermelons were shipped out of
Kennewick Valley during the melon
season. The shipments averaged
three cars daily.
September, 1911
September 21-22—The days when
Kennewick made merry at the grape
carnival with Nima Hoadley the
reigning queen.
September 29—Kennewlck exhibits
were awarded the first money, both
on district fruit display and general
grape display at the state fair at
North Yakima.
October, 1911
October 3—«Kemnewiek again in
the limelight. Her grapes winning
first honors and second prize at the
Spokane Interstate Fair.
October 4—First flour ground at
the new plant or the Kennewick
Grain and Milling company.
October le—Ketinewick’s $5,000
creamery is in operation and its pro
ducts are on the market.
October 20-21 The Benton
County 8. 8. Association oonvened
at Kennewick.
Oct. 28—The new 0. W. R. 8: N.
depot, one of the city’s most, credit.-
able buildings, was opened with
speechifying and dancing.
November, 1911
Nov. 12—The contract of building
the city’s trunk sewers was award
ed to M. Jennings of Spokane.
Nov. 24—Kennewlck’s $50,000 new
school building stands complete and
is one of the finest school build
ings in the northwest.
Nov. 24—The P. P. 8; L. Co. sign
ed a contract agreeing to have street
lights on all streets within the city
limits ’by January 1, 1912.
November 29 - The Kennewlck
band returned from the apple show,
bringing with them the special prim
December s—Election day. 8. M.
Lockerby elected mayor with C. B.
Hayden and I. L. Fisher, new mem
«bers of the council.
a ; 6HERE are many words in the a
a dictionary .. . big words and little words .. . words
°‘° with the splendor of royalty. words with the brilliance a
a of diamonds. words as pretentious as the sweep of a -
-.- peacock's train. a
2 There are homely words. too. and between home 2
folks like ourselves these are the ones we choose to . I
carry our simple New Year message to you. Many a
a thanks for your kindness. and every good wish for a ...
Happy New Year. a
a 2i
.0 . . CO ‘
a .2
December, 1911
School Faculty Leaves
For Holiday Vacations
WHITE BLUES—The school rac
ulty left Wednesday noon on their
Christmas vacation for various
points. Superintendent Angelo Ma
nouses with his wife and family in
Seattle. Miss Dorothy Hutchinson to
visit her parents in Seattle; Eldon
D. Waterman-d to Idaho Falls: Orin
W. Cowels to Isaquah; Douglass
Langert to Tacoma and Miss Angela
'Reisnauer will visit her pmnts at
Mrs. Melton Bailey of Miles City.
Montana. daughter of Mrs. Roy Van
Cleave. arrived in White Bluffs on
Van Cleave family for the next two
Miss Betty Richmond at Ellens
burg and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Barge
and family of Yakima were Christ
mas guests at the Richmond home,
Thomas Siguardson of Pasco spent 1
the Christmas vacation with his}
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Elig-1
uardson at Vernita. ‘
The five students. all graduates of
the White Bluffs high school now at- ‘
tending Washington State College at
Pullman. Evelyn Roberts. Dale Mc-
Gee, Don Shelton, Burton Coddlng
and Dean Hall. are spending their
Christmas vacation with their re
spective parents. .
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. O'larey re
turned Bunday from Sisters. Ore
gon after spending the Christmas
holidays with Mr. and Mrs. G. Hatch.
cock and family. Mr. and Mrs. Dean
Taylor and Nocholas Stavely of
Sumner were also guests or the
Hitchcock family.
.Phll Clark, local manager of the
lsh Saturday to bring home Mrs.
‘Clark and their two daughters. Max
i-ine and Joetta. where they had been
. visiting with Mrs. Clark's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Parke visited
with Mr. Parka" cousin, Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Parke in Yakima dur
ing the Ohristmas holidays.
Miss Lucille Battle and her bro
ther Robert. visited at the Edward
Ponsat home and Virgil Kern on
Christmas. returning to Seattle Fri
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wagner of
Oaksnoganand Ruben Wagner 0!
Yakima were Chrbtmas guests of
their parents. Mr. and Mrs. George
Wagner last week.
Mr. and Mrs. c. J. Barnett and
(anally of Richland called at the
tor a few hours Christmas day.
James Kelly and Ted Goodner
were Christmas guests at the Shaun
Kelly home, returning to Seattle
Friday. Both boys are employed at
the Boeing plant. 1
Sonderman Family Holds -
Reunion on Christmas
mm. and Mrs. W. 1".
Sander-man had a lamib dinner at
their home on the West Minna
Christmas day. Covers were laid
for Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bonder
man and family. Mr. and Mrs. A!-
bert Sondennen and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Clark Taylor. Mr. and Mrs.
Bob Sonderman and baby trom Spay
kane and Junior Sondeman of W.}
8.0., Pullman. 1
Bud Sander-men lett this week by‘
truck for California. Bob Sandermnn‘
accompanied him on thetrip. while
Mrs. Bonderman visits her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Vetber in Pasco.
Mrs. Terrance Taylor was an all
dsy guest Tuesday of Miss Joyce
Mulkey at the J. E. Mulkey home. ‘
: ‘ ‘v '0“ 'c:
5M5 10 ~ fl
' 21
Daughter and Family
Return to Sacramento
HIGmANDS Mr. and Mrs.
Chang Wax-tex- and son. Rich-mi.
left Monday morning for their home
in Sacramento. after spending the
holidays with Mrs. Warter's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Paulsen.
Mr. and Mrs. 1". Peter. daughter
Mrs. Conant were Christmas day
gusts of Mr. and Mrs. Herman
Campbell in Kennewlck.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lee left
last Friday to visit relatives in
Gmngeville. Idaho.
Harry Lee arrived Sunday from
Detroit to visit his mother. Mrs.
Frank Peter and family. He Mt
again may for Portland.
Miss Lula Lampson is amisung
Mrs. R. E. fiatch. librarian. at the
city library.
Mr. and Mrs. John Rutherford a!
Seattle spent Christmas day with
Mrs. Rutherford's parents. Mr. and
Mrs. M. G. Helm.
Glen Nagley of Endioott joined‘
his wife and family here Christmas
day and had dinner at Mrs. Nagley’s
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl James
in Pasoo.
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. babe: enter
tained at Christmas dinner. Mrs.
M. L. Kippos and sons. Leo and Vic.
Mr. and Mrs. nether-t Kaunas. Mr.
and Mrs. Francis wane: and Mrs.
Ear! McClendon.
Callers at the N. E. Ndlson home
W. Diamond. Mr. Ind Mm. Ohms.
Diamond and Mr. and In. Gm
Mclntyre of Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. munch we! at
Chelan spent the holidays with rel
atives on the Highlands and 111 Ken
newick. Mrs. we! a the form
Betty Dichenson.
Announcement has been made of
the marriage at Miss Dale Lewis.
damhter of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson
Lewisof the South Highlannstom.
Carl Hess. son of Ml 3. Willis Reth
bun. the former Mrs. Hess of Rich
land. at Coeur d'Alene. Idaho on
December 23. After 9. wedding trip
to lewiston. Moscow and other Ida»
ho points. the young couple will
make their home in Kerinewick.
Mr. and Mrs. Prank Davis.
daughter Yvonneandsonnmon.
} ThemAmtesplnodneclubhu
‘baen posmoned until January 7th
-‘natchee and Mr. and Mn. 8. R.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mon-hon tnd‘
family. ‘
Bob Taylor and Miss Betty mg
theW.B.Grealhome. ‘
Bob Taylor at Mn mt
Christan; with his puma. It.
“'7 “‘—"‘7:"‘
C’l 3') /, '
\ v 9.42
‘ fl . [476/
I M /
llllllllllflllllllllll 4 “\/
...Good ll «nu lien...
Another year . . . another page . . . Father Time
in the role of a youngster!
In a world grown young over night we wish you
an abundance of jollity and merriment. and. in I
larger sense. the complete happiness of realization
in the days to come.
May we hope for a continuance of the pleasant
relations which have meant to much to no in 194"
« NatmnalßankofCommerce
of Seattle
labor lulu-l Deposit 1m CW
‘l'll‘mslQH‘l::lmmwwwi3::i€‘iii:ll':li"i‘i-éi 1: ,H‘
Marty Hudnafl Purchases
Frank Trimble Place
mm - Mr. and Mn.
Marty Hudnall have recently pur
chased the Frank Trimble home
from Aaron Foraker and expect to
move there to make their home in
early spring.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Meyer were
Christmas dinner guests at the home
or their daughter. Mrs. Harry Hl3-
ley and family.
Miss Jane Nagley of Walla Wall.
and Dean Nagley oi Wanula spent
the holidays with their parents. an.
and Mrs. G. A. Nagley Christmas
day having dinner with Nancy"
son. Glen. and family at the Jamu'
home in Pasoo.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Meyer were
callers Sunday atternoon at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Prank Brook:
in Kenncwick.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lampson hm.
recently purchased the s-acre m
on which they make their home.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Bllllngsley IN
family of the River road and Mr. and
Mrs. Skinnell (Mildred Bunncaley)
of Pasco m Chrlstmas dinner
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Blrdnll and
can. Jcctle. left Sunday for their
home in Brannon alter spend“
Christmas Imm Mn. Bird-11's nu“-
ents. Mr. and Nu. m Gm
and family.
Happy New Yang}!
At this Joyous eeeson u. 1
wish to express our sin- I
oere iesiing of good will
and friendship ts tho ' ‘
many friends and custom
ere whom it has been our
privilege to serve during
May you ride“hi¢h,wids
end hendeome" every day
in 1942, and may the best
oi everything he in etors
tor you end your;
Pioneer Iron Works

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