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The Kennewick courier-reporter. [volume] (Kennewick, Wash.) 1939-1949, January 15, 1942, Image 3

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’ January 15. 1942.
Relacement Units
to Equip Your
Old Car With
w “an; Called
mof Ten, “vent 111 Out
I” m y and Thirty
m YEARS AG0—1932
We]: town team appears to
I gen on the way to win the
”111011sz of the valley, winning
M connell town team Wednes
”evening with a score of 44 to
’- mey have won from each team
In the mue except Wallula. which
M play at Waliula tonight,
warde JohnSOn is employed as a
W! at the Spofford meat.
“let in PBSOO.
Junior Osborn, small son of Mr,
film Joe 05mm, of East Kenne
(a, is confined to his home this
”a with an attack of appendicitis,
”'l'. B. seal sale receipts are still
W in, a complete report can
”be made at this time. but up to
”the sales show the county to be
”I” #OO behind last year.
mm the building of the Pasco
mnewick bridge, the soldiers land
ment, the Kennewick Highline
m and the posSibility of building
meWenatchee-SOuthem Railroad it
no” as if Kennewick and tribu
m gel-atory faces a long run of
mud growth and prosperity.
A sleigh ride to the Highlands of
leredaflnetimethe first of the
week to \H. R. Vlbber. C. M. Hemp
hfll. K. c. award, 01'. F. M. Cros
by and their wives. The trip ended
at the Wuths, where they spent the
Miss Mata Kathman and Ralph
Lincoln were quietly married in
Walla Walla Wedneseday, Decem
ber 28. They will make their home
in miston, Idaho, where Lincoln
has been receiving federal vocation
Highlanders all say every thing is
.11 set for the big dance at the new
clubhouse Saturday evening of this
week. This is to be a purely social
weir-as no charge will be made
—ihe lunction being given by the
Highlanders as a means of express
in their appreciation for the splen
did mpport received at the dedica
tim dinner and dance on New Years
In. .
was Ruth Croswell, who for the
pat year has been assistant club
Wmthlsstatehasaccepted a
position-w asktant club leader for
Inchlgan. .
Its. K. C. Gifford and her sis
ter, Miss Helena Nlemeyer, will
leave Wednwday tor Los Angeles,
7% 1a Mfwg
Denis in the Body?
"Makes no difference if
there are many or just one.
finances are you’ll want‘
them taken out and when
You find out how little it
costs you’ll wonder why you
Put it off. Sure makes the
car look better.
.‘ Phone 801 I.
Magelsen Auto
Body Rebmld
”fins to Cash Produce Building
It’s Now More Important Than Ever to 1
Keep Your Car Up! ‘
We are equipped to handle all types
of repair work—satisfaction guaran
teed. See us about your car troubles.
0111 Chevrolet Bldg. ‘ PHONE 100
~‘ 1
A. C. Whittle, lately of Seattle,
has been appointed Safeway Super
visor in the newly for-med Spokane
district for this compay. He suc
ceeds 'H. M. Sinnett, who has been
promoted to the Everett district just
recently. Whittle is making his home
in Walla Walla and will work out
of this vicinity for the Safeway or
where they will make an extended
stay with relativw.
The Inquiry club met Monday
evening with L. E. Johnson. The
paper for the evening was given by
J. H. Siegfried.
Every married couple in the city
who dance have taken advantage of
their matrimonial connections and
have allied themselves with the Mar
ried People’s Dancing club which
meets semi-monthly in the Emigh
hall. At least '75 were present at
the last meeting.
The U. 8. mail has been distrib
uted to points up river with great
difficulty since the steamers have
been unable to navigate. Saturday,
one of the Transfer 00. team made
the trip with the mail Ibags, driven
by Mr. Hunt. He carried one passen
ger, who was nearly frozen when he
reached his destination.
Kennewick’s official recognition as
one of the fourteen distributing cen
ters with in the state was fitting‘ly
celebrated with much enthusiasm at
the “New Era” banquet at the Hotel
Kennewick last Saturday evening.
The first concrete evidence of what
may be expected from the new dis
tributive rates was given at Wed
nesday night’s meeting of the Com
mercial Club ,when it was announc
ed that Nathan Thayer now stands
ready to furnish funds to construct
the - community wholesale ware
house. The building will be located
in the triangle between the three
In common with other localities
through the state Kennewick has
'been experiencing a week of sure
enough winter.
Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Mueller have
moved from their residence to the
home of W. R. Amon, where they
will reside in the future.
Master’s Jewel Presented
at Highland Grange
HIGHLANDS The Highlands
grange held their regular meeting
last Thursday evening at the High
land club house, following a 6:30 pot
luck supper, served by the male
members of the order. Talks on a
soil conservation district were given
.by C. H. Meyer, who has been Mas
ter of the Highland grange for the
past two years, and he was present
ed with a master’s jewel. Mrs. L. Cox
and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Bennett were
initiated into the order as new mem
bers. ~
Carl Mayer left last Friday for
Prosser and expected to leave im
mediately 'for army duty at Fort
Word has been received that
Joseph McCoy passed away Janu
ary 10 in Walla Walla. His nephew
Clyde Moore of the River Road has
been in Walla Walla caring for his
uncle during his recent illness.
Bud Valley and his mother, Mrs.
Valley of Shelton were recent visit
ors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. T.
Watkins and family.
Volunteer Service Cards
Given to Be Filled Out
BENTON CITY—At the Kiona-
Benton grange meeting Wednesday
evening the first and second degrees
were conferred on six candidates.
Mrs. John Burn-55, home economics
chairman appointed Mrs. 0. J. Hen
dricks, Mrs. Harry Kendall, Mrs.
Rolf Andersen and Otto Luehrs on
her committee. Questionnaires for
volunteer service were distributed to
members for their families and
neighbors. The married men served
lunch. Mrs. Ed. Jacobson, Mrs.
Mary Brooks and Mr. and Mrs. C. E.
Morgan will serve at the January
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* :. ;-: ,~:»:‘ 3:- .> u-.~ r: . 'J.. ‘- - " .- " ""--' ~ -
_‘-‘vsA .‘."fi":,; ,_ 5,105... if «14.. .‘..,,..- (332'. 0-. 32%.. ‘3‘.) ‘ , ”'4‘. ":3“ VJ, f ‘
‘4}:-'.'A'.'ar‘i-:-'.-i-j-:-:-'-'I::::-}T~I~'~f-j-}'-".',‘- as: 1* =l2” «ahgfi. -u:-:-.-x»’~'."-Zx- -3‘ ..‘ °-‘ '-‘ .If * 0- "‘ 3‘ ‘“5" “9'
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'J‘I'I-I-Z-Z-lir"-'35-?{iii-I-Zé-ji-‘f-'lT‘C‘li-i-J-Z-li-Z-‘r5:332".5-Z-Z-Z~:~:~:-'-'-'35'3‘35‘1‘2-1-11{-1-}?-'I'Z'Iiz~I-EI-2-:-:-:~:~:-'-’.{if-P. .'l‘lfi-I-Zi-fi-3;}!'.‘:‘l'f-.~;i-I-:{Aj>,\'.‘:2l'} '2-.47:29-35:31.-.:-‘:;:--::~;+-r:~i-. :-:-:_-:-:'s;:l22 - ,:~"'-,,- 'l‘ . ‘---~"‘ N's g, "f- -‘ .~ *0 - '.' ’"- -
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g-..‘.':.v.-.~.-.~,-,~;,--".'.'.'.-.-.-,-,-,-,-_-.-,-.'.‘.'.‘.-.-.-.-.-.-,-,-;--.‘.'.’::.-.-.-n. ‘. .1” ~_-,- x.'. -‘'4 4. ‘o' 'I " . ..'_' ‘ '.'.' ‘. ' '
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“31:23;:-:-:-'_:-:-:.:.;2.;.:t-.’-:-:-:4.:-:-:.;.z.;.;:;.;:-:~:-;-;-:-;~;.:.:.;.;.;.;:~:;:~:-:-:-:-:-:\‘-;-,\;.;.;.;:;:;:-:-:-:-:‘:~:-:--:~‘ ‘ ' ' " ''' ' w ~ ‘" ’v .'» - - \
~ ' - ~ ,-».. y> v -
V-v ' '‘' , - »
HPrices are Still Effective-" Buy Now!
a 3 ...... 36* ...» x v 1 s
Only a few left. If we can fit you these are real values.
Three garments to go at $7.95, regardless of former
price and two garments, regular $24.95 values $12.00
We have a grand assortment—
nearly all colors and sizes. $2.95,
$3.95 and $5.95 values to go at
$2.25, $3.00 & $4.50, respectively.
These are all new; clean stock,
and in the face of :rising prices
are splendid buys.
Munsing—all sizes, colors. Balbrig
gans that wear, and fluffy rayons so
warm and comfy. $1.95 values $1.49;
$2.95 values $2.39. All real values.
Munsing—blues and pinks, medium
and large. $1.49 to -go at SI.OO and
$1.95 values at $1.49.
1 group of ladies handbags, regular 0
SI.OO and $1.49 values to close out 79c.
21 meeting, when the third and
fourth degrees are put ‘on.
Elmer Adams returned Wednes
day of last week from Utah, where
he was called New Years’ Day by
the accidental death of his brother,
Max Adams at Magma, Utah. Adams
also visited his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. David Adams at Salt Lake City.
Ralph Meyers and Ed Kossman
went to Walla Walla Saturday to
visit A. E. Scott at the veteran’s
A Kennewick man refused to go
to a card party with his wide bemuse
he would rather stay home and lis
ten to friendly arguments on his
Don’t Miss These
Mittens, fluff mitts and parkas, all
SI.OO values to go at 79c. These are
just right for this cold weather.
A grand assortment. All SI.OO pieces
to go at 79c and 50c pieces at 39c
This is an item we won’t be getting at
all in the future because of priorities.
College Students Return
to Respective School's
Reese and Bill Kratzer have gone
back to their respectiye schools, aft
er spending the holidays at home.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Edwards
were Touchet visitors Wednesday
night, where they took part in the
installing of the Walla Walla County
grange officers. -
' 1.05151: Grove grange will 'not
meet. Saturday. January 17, on ac
count of the weather.
“'l‘here is a lot of difference in be
ing against marriage," believes A 1
Kissler, “and of being up against 11;.”
A rack of good dresses, all sizes
and colors, regular $8.95 values,
$7 .50
Another group that have been on
special at $6.95 are still further
reduced to clear our stock at
$4.95 -
Still another rack of good dresses
have been $4.95, are going at—
s3.oo each
Just think of it—dresses that we
can’t replace at $4.75 are going
at $3! Can’t afford to miss this!
All formals greatly reduced— W
Now is the time to fill in on these.
All good dresses drastically cut. “Mariones,” “Floras,”
“Minx Modes” and “Marion Prince” designs. All must go.
Values up to $19.95. Ask to see them. -
SPECIAL—aII regardless of former price, SI.OO
Western Auto Supply
’ OLAV l. OTHEIM. Authorized Dealer
Richland Ships
Dried Mint Leaves
RICHLAND—F. B. O'Dell ship
ped a carioad of mint leaves out this
week. The mint leaves are dried
and boxed and shipped to herb oom
panios O'Dell has his headquarters
in the old cannery building. This is
a new industry started up in Rich
land last year.
Mrs. M. Mwlendon. Mrs. Gem-3e
Krohiing and Mrs. A. S. Murray
spent Monday afternoon at the Bar
lon Burgan home.
Friday afternoon, Mm. George
Krohling entertained honoring Mrs,
T. A Meredith of Yakima and herl
Beautiful warm Chenilles all
colors and sizes. Regular $6.95
values to go at $5.00 and $4.95
values for $3.50.
I Satin Housecoats
Long front zippers, best i
grade slipper satin—all §
colors, sizes. Reg. $7.95 \\§‘
values to go at $5.95. ‘ 5 ....-
daughter. Mrs. C. Wheeler of Ken
Mr. and Mrs. Vic Nelson have pur
chased the L. Sloan home in town.
Mrs. Sydney Belton entertained
several ladies at her home Tuesday
Mr. and Mrs. R. Pierson and
daughter visited Thursday at
Mrs. Don Rigier returned satur
day from Kahlotus. where she visit.
ed her sister. Mrs. John Patton.
Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Mclntosh and
son. Dean. were Sunday dinner
guests at the R. B. Dighton home. ..
William Perry has been appoint
ed loom] tire rationing inspector (or
the local district.

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