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Valley Residents Return
From Chewelah Visit
firs. Leaner Long and son returned
home Thursday after spending sev
eral days a: the home of her parents
In. and Mrs. Robert Duncan of
Chewela‘n. Tney were accompanied
by her sister Miss Harriet Dun
“Mr. and Mrs. Dale Shearer and
son were Friday dinner guwts at
[be Denier: Tstfigk page.“
'Mr. and Mrs. w. I. Hudlaw were
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. H.
G. Johnson of Pasgo; A - -
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Bates and lam-
E of California are now at the
Maven residence. They will be
upland as asparagus cuttezs.
Mr. and—Mrs. Stanley Bishop of
Yakima took dinner at the Harold
Back home Saturday. They were
chrome to Pullman. ~
Library Guild Met
With Mrs. Percy Erickson
HIGHLANDS—Mrs. Percy Erick-
I!!! was hostess .to members of the
Library Guild on Monday at the
home of Mrs. Cora MdKain in Ken
mick. -
Mr. and Mrs. Harley Peter re
ceived announcement of a. son, born
in Seattle to Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Peter. Mrs. Peter will be remem
m-as the former Miss Maxine
and Mr. Rater is the son of
w. and Mrs. Harley Peter 01' the
Gouth Highlands.
Miss Verdine Foraker was an
Gunfight guest last Saturday night
a! Miss Frances Bird in the Gard
a Tracts.
Mr. and ‘Mrs. Richard Lee areVrthe
mats of 9. 71,9 pound son,
_ Robert. born at the Pasco
1106 mm. Sammy. March 28th.
Bud Sitton and Family
Visit Highland Relatives-
mam—Mr. and Mrs. Bud
mutton and daughter, Shari, of Sno
liomish. were week-end guests at
the home of Mrs. Sitton’s parents,
‘l’. and Mrs. Poore. Mr5...81-tton will
he ranemhered. as the fonner Miss
lon-nine Poore.
The Les Amies Pinochle Club
mm meet on Friday, April 10th for
I 1:30 dessert lunch at the home
at Mrs. Carl Bennett, with Mrs.
Henry Paulseu as hostess.
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Sitton were
m dinner guests at the home
gem. and Mrs. Ed Ray and iam-
Mrs. Louise Ley, left sittiday for
her home in Yakima after spending
I. week with her sister, Mrs. L. A.
’00:: and family.
W. L. Eaton. who has been visit
" Econ the coast, returned Saturday
’2 the home of his 30:1,ka end
- In. D. Beinhar-t and daughter,
rm Marie. were Monday evening
«miner guests at me home or Mr.
and Mrs. Orin Beinhart and family.
‘ Mrs. .IWallaoe Preston, Mrs. 1".
mon. M's. ‘Pete Erickson and
1&3. N. ‘l'... kaer attended a bridge
jar-t 1 Monday at the home of Mrs.
rm Gest.
my mama CAN I
: sE'A urzsnvm m
' _ A FAMIU uxs MINE!
Ideal Gives Me Extra
Time for War Relie! Work
I’m beginning to .send more and
more of our family’s garments to
Ideal Dry Cleaners because that
gives me more time for war relief
activities. In spite of priorities the
Ideal still does a careful, thorough
cleaning job on every garment. All
spots disappear, clothes are neatly
pressed, fabrics are like new again.
You can trust your precious silks
with Ideal. Try them this week!
Dessert Luncheon Served
To Highlands Bridge Club
(HIGHLANDS - The Highlands
bridge club met last Thursday for a
1:30 dessert luncheon at the home
of Mrs. Orin Beinhaart. High score
was held by Mrs. Ted Watkins, sec
ond high shy Mrs. Tony Mayer and
low score went to Mrs. Art Simsen.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Preston at
tended a bridge dinner party Sun
day evening at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Virgil Masters.
Highland Residents in
Walla Walla This Week
MOMS—Mrs. R. H. Dehnoff
and daughter, Zelda, and Mrs. J.
11’... Mok-ler motored to Walla. Walla
Wedneesday, where they visited at
the Ambrose Zam and Peteq Laoobti
Mr. and Mrs. A. V. [Lewis of Ken
newick were Sunday dinner guests
at the home of his son, Nelson and
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Knight and
son were Wednesday evening guests
at the home of Albert’s parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Knight.
Mrs. Lee Boutelie motored to
Pasoo Tuesday to visit Mrs. Rich
co hospital. ’
Mrs. Brand Will Serve
1:30 Luncheon Thursday
‘ HIGHLANDS The Highland
bridge club will meet next Thmsdaw,
April 9 at the home of Mrs. E. J.
Brand. A '1:30 dessert luncheon will
be served -by the hostess.
Mrs. Terrance Taylor is confined
170 her home with the flu this week.
Mrs. R. H. Deth and daugh
ter, Miss Zelda, were Monday eve
ning visitors at the George Hodgson
home on the River Road. .
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Mokler were
Sunday evening guests at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Dehnafl'.
Wm. Knight of the West High
lands has accepted a position - at
the (Highland pump house and start
:d on his new job Wednesday, April
Surprise Birthday Party
Given Last Saturday
HOV'EIR - About flurty school
friends surprised Seth Montague
with a birthday party Saturday eve
ning at his home, honoring his 14th
birthday. Games were played until
a late hour, then refreshments were
served by Mrs. Montague and rMs.
C. Schmelzer. .
Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Hildstat and
family of Brembon arrived last
Wednesday to take possession of
their new home, the former E. E.
'lboflhaker ranch.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Moe,
a. girl Sunday, March 29 at the (Pasco
Wannacub and Omak lakes in
Washington State have known medl
ctnal value and .were used by the In
dians for many years prior to the
coming of the white men. .
DEPRESSION: When you are in'
the hole without a. ladder.
BOOM: Whenyouareupinthe
air without wings.
'And a Floppingsgsnob Brown, is
a woman who does what an old maid
would like to do but who hasn’t the
constitution to do it.
2% O 56
The Photographer says it is as
utation as it is for a woman to live
up to her photograph.
9K 9 *6
How to quit smoking: Smoke your
cigar in a powder house.
9K ‘9 3E .
SMART WIFE: One who never
quarrels with her husband until
after pay day. Q
9% 0 3K
Philosophy .
The 'best that a knocker can ex
pect from the Door of Opportunity is
skinned knuckles.
- ale 0 fi _
11' Sunday auto accidents con
tinue to increase at the present
rate, it won’t be long before a
m on us mu be going to
church for safety’s sake:
, 9K 0 )IE
The good may die young, but
chances are if they had grown
up they would have been as
mean as the rest. of us.
3K 0 if
Abe’s boy Ikey was in the outer
office when a. telegram arrived,
and the stenographer called out:
“A wire from the salesman, Mr.
Bernstein.” ,
.“Was in Dallas Monday stop he
in Houston deesday stop he
in New Orleans Thursday stop”
Here Abe interrupted, calling to
his son “Ikey, leave that girl
alone and let her read the tele
as ,9 as
leaf, says Dad Gummlt, is after
you have done all 'the things
you intended to do.
3K 0 if
IOIID 1W: One who can re
member when everybody book a
kodak along when «they went on
their Sunday walk. -
Thenthmwasthefellow who
cut the buttons off his shirt
cutfs because they hurt his nose.
9K 0 5K -
No matter how odd a. man’s
name is, says Dad Gnmmit, it
Little Jimmy has a hard time
understanding carbohydrates, his
and proteinsMcordingtohimthe
threeessential toodsarebrenki’sst,
The girls at the charity bail
were indignant. They were sell
ing kisses to raise money for
the milk fund while Lena Gen
ster was bootlegging than free
3K 6 i '
little brother use |the sled half the
hill and let his brother have it com
ale 0 as
Those held by the President, and
bynthe guys whotrytowrite funny
‘columns. ,
The sea was calm, and the cap
tain decided it would he 1; good
time to satisfy the cabin boy’s de
sire ioitake the helm. He pointell
out the North Star to the boy, and
gave him explicit directions to steer
townrditsllthetime. __
For a while everything went well.
but finally the young pilot got into
difficulty. “Gallium,” he called, “I’ve
passed that star. Will you please
96m: and pick out another?”
’ “We dive in expectations or this
war being over,” sighs Ed Camell
m, “.50 the government can start
in ‘probmg’ again.”
thioe is :hereby given that the
Board of County Commissioners of
Benton County, Washington, will re
ceive sealed bids ri'or county printing
for the year beginning July 1. 1942,
and that the same will be opened on
Monday, the 'l'lllh day of Mary, 1942
at the hour of I'l o’clock am. at
the Commissioner's office in the
Courthouse in Fraser. Wash.
Bids shall be submitted on a. word
count basis and must state the rate
per hundred words for printing {list
insertions and the rate per hundred
words for printing subsequent in
printed under this contract. The;
bidsdmll alsostatethemeflxodof
jcmnputation to be used by the bid
‘der in computing tabular matter.
The Board reserves the right to
reject any or ail bids.
Dwted alt Pmsser. Washington,
this 151‘. day at April, 1942.
H. E. W.
County Auditor and ex-ofticio
missioners. 4:2-23
Goldendale. Boy Spends
Week With Parents
FINIEY—Jerry Sherry of Gold
endale, who spent the week-end
here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
E. Sherry. left Suhday for his home.
He. with Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Paul
sen and Miss Edith Winslow, all of
Kennewick, and Mr. and Mrs. Jesse
Lande and: daughta'. Betty Ann,
were dinner guests Sunday at the
Sherry home. ‘
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Benson re
ceived word Saturday night of the
death of Mrs. Benson’s uncle, Joe
Russell of Eltopia. Mrs. Benson ac
companied her mother, Mrs. P.
gain of Sunnyside to Eltopia Sun
; y. I
1 Mr. andwflrs. Virgil Masters en
tertained th a dinner party Sun
day to Mr. and Mrs. Willard Camp
bell and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace
Preston of Kennewick and Mr. and
Mrs. Ernest Sherry. Bridge was
played later.
MrJand Mrs. Urial Glassner of
Vernonia, Ed Glassner of Spokane,
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Kelly and Mrs.
Dora Flat-hers of Prescott and Bert
Quigley of Walla Walla, came Tues
day w attend the funeral of Mrs.
Glassner. '
Mr. and Mrs. Hamid Witham and
family were dinner visitors Sun
day of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Piert.
Young Man Leaves
For Los Angeles School
MANN—Mrs. Frank Davis
and daughter, Yvonne. entertained
with a 8:30 dinner party last Thtn's
day evening in honor of their son,
Marion, who left on {Friday d'or Los
Angeles to enroll in a Diesel Engine
school. Covers were laid tl’or ten.
Rex Ashby is employed on defense
work at Pasoo, starting work last
Mr. and Mrs. ledle of Walla. Wal
la, who have been staying the past
few weeks at «be S. E. Walker home
in Kennewick, moved last week to
the McElroy place.
’ _Mrs. Clark Taylor and small son,
who are guests at me Clarence Bon
deman home. ‘were Sunday evening
dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ter
rance Taylor.
Art Reymore. who has been quite
111 athlshomeonmew. Highlands
is reported much improved at this
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Seder and
baby of Prosser were visitors on
Monday at the home 0! Mr. and
Mrs. John Ferguson.
FOR. coxnnnmgylon
No. 77 ‘
(Tract Mil-3, Mil-7, MlI--26..1M111--1
28, 818-30, MH-31, Jim-32, Mil-3Q
and Md) 1
In the District Court of the United‘
States For the Eastern District of
Washington, Southern Dividon .
United States of America, ‘
. Plaintiff,
State of Washington; Simon Mar
tinez and Jane Doe Martinez, his
wife; Priest Rapids Winn Disp
trict. a. mmictpal om'porstian; Ben
ton Onlmty, Washington, a. munic
ipal oorpom'tion; J. C. Ford and
Mary E. Fwd. his wife; M.B.
Haynes and Jane Doe Haynes, his
wife: Seattle-First National Bank, a
nations! banking association; the
unknown heirs at any of the above
‘named defendants, if deceased; and
all other persons, firms or corpora.-
‘tions unknown, having at chiming
‘to have any) right. title, estate, lien
orinterestinortothe landdescrib
ed below, or any portion thereof,
United States of America, East
ern District of Wadhmgton, South
em Division, as. ‘
The Prysident or the United States
of America to the above-named de
fendants, and each of them:
Notice h hereby given to the above
named defendanis, and each of
them, that hereafter, to-twit, on May
5 1942, at the hour of ten o’clock A.
M., or as soon thereafter as counsel
can be heard, or at such time there
after to which this hearing may be
adjourned. at the Court Room of
the United States District Com-t in
the FederalßuildineininieCityof
Yakima, Washington, and within
the above-named Division and Dis
:trict, the above-named plaintiff and
petitioner, the United States otl.’ Am
erica, will present to the then pre
siding Judge of the above-entitled
Court the petition of the United
States of America, which has been
filed in said cause in the office of
the Clerk of the Court, and that
thereafter said petition wm be brot{
on for hearing at such time and
place as shall by the Court be direct
that time, or times adjourned.
The object of the petition tiled
herein is to condemn and appropri
ate all of the property hereinafter
described to the use and purpose of
the United States and to acqfiire in
the name of and for the United
States title and ownership of the
property hereinafter described, for
the construction, operation and
maintenance of electric power .trans-‘
mission lineshy the Bonneville
Power'Adnmiius‘ tration. ‘ ‘
-And the petitioner by the}
allegations of its petition herein
filed and through this proceeding!
decree that the contemplated use‘
(or which the land hereinafter des-‘
is apublicuseandthat the wbiic‘
interest requires the acquisition oi
said land, and that the condemns-1
tion and appropriationotthean-T
erty herein described is necessary
for said publ use, and the petition
erherein petitioned the Court
Ethatarury empeneledtoi’ixand
'and compensation for the property
herein deserted. or in case a m
be waived. then that the compen
sation to be made as aforesaid be
ascertained and determined by the
court or a. judge thereon and that
the court determine to whom sud)
compensation should he paid.
The petitioner further preys here
in that canpensetion having been
mrded (or the taking of the prop
erty herein described. the said prop
of the United States of America.
This notice has been given and
proceeding instituted by and with
the authority of the Attorney Gen
era! of the United States. and by
and with the authority at the Unit
ed Stntes Attorney for the Eastern
District of Washington.
“WWW - rtyand malestatetobe
condemned and appropriated here
in consists of the following. town;
A perpetual eesanent. and rislgt of
way for the following purposes.
namely: the perpetual right to en
ter and to erect. maintain. repair,
rebuild, operate and petrol one or
more electric power transmission
lines. and appurtenant signal lines.
including the right to erect poles and
other transmission lines. structures.
wires, cables. and the apmrtenanoes
necessary thereto; and the. further
right to clear said right of way and
keep the same clear of brush. timber.
inflammable structures and fire
hazards. if any; subject. however, to
the rights of the public in and to
all public roads: and subject also
to pipes and conduits. minerals and
mineral rights including oil and gas.
irrigation and drainage lines, ditch
es and canals thereon, and public
utility easements. lines and rights
or way; in, over and upon the fol
lowing described lands. to.wit:
'rhatportionofthesyg ofthe
Nyg of Section 18, Township 13
North, Range 25 East. Willamette
Meridian, Benton County, Wash
ington; which lies within a strip
at land (100 feet in width. the
boundaries of said strip lying so
feet distant on either side of and
parallel to the survey line of the
Midway-Eamon! Transmission
' Line as now located and staked
on the ground over. amass and
upon the above property. and par
tiwlarly described as follows:
Banning at survey station 98
plus'flfls. a point on.the west line
of Section 18, W 13 North.
Range 25 mt. Willamette Mer
idian, said point being N. 0° 50'
40" E. among said west line a dis
' tanceofmumaethnmtheone
,quarter section corner ’on the
west line of said Section 18;
lance of 5371.19 fleet to survey
station aso plus 4294, a point on
saidpointheingN.l° acorn.
along said east line a distance of
was feet from the one quarter
section corner on the east line at
‘ said Section 18. .
The above deserted flip of
rad contains 123 coma more or
Tnct DIS-IL?
that portion at the 8% (1 Sec
tion 16, Township 13' Norm.
Range as Best. Willamette Merl-
Attention! ,
Ford .wners
Hostétter Motor Co.
PHONE 105 Pasco 518 LEWIS
We have a fully equipped
repair shop and a complete
line of Ford parts and ac
cessories and would like
to service you: car needs.
disn. Benton County. Washing
ton: which lies within a strip of
land moo ieet in width. the boun
distant on either side of and
Midway-Mord Transmission
Line as now located and staked
on the around. over. across and
mflwabovepropertymnd psi--
ticu-lsrly described as follows:
Beginningst surveyststionzos
plus «so. a point on the west
line of Section 16. Township ‘l3
Meridian. said point being 8. 0°
distance of 562.21 ieet from the
quarter section corner on the
west line of said Section m!
thence 8. 80° 58’ 50" E. s dis-i
tsnoe of 5398.06 feet to survey:
station 257 plus 62.58. a point on‘
the east line of ssidSection 18.1
said point being N. 1° 16' 30" E.|
1355.52 feet from the southessm
corneroi’ ssidßeotion 16. 1
m above described strip of}
hndhasslenuthoimno feet!
and contains 12.4 acres more at"
m u-n-ss i
That portion at the south half!
(8%) of the southeast quarter}
(EEK) of Section twenty-ml
(22). Township thirteen (”)1
North. Range twenty-six (26)
East. Willamette Meridian. Ben-1
ton County, Washington: which:
lis within 0. strip of lead one:
hundned (.100) feet in width. the
boundaries of said strip lying
titty (50) feet distant on either
side at and parallel to the sur
vey line 0! the Midway-Mord
trensmiuion line as now locat
ed and etched on the mind
over. ms and won the above
ptoperty. and particiiisuy des
Beginning st survey station
line at Section twenty-two (22),
W W mm
Mam-six (as) .1711-
lalnette Winn. ..id point he
and tom hundred tiny-six and
emu-one W (mon)
said Section twenty-two (as);
dred seventy-five and m
.Mr W warm.“
Section twenty-two (22). ma
hundredth: (500.3) toot [mm
ultimo: m.moaeor
Thursday, Am 3. h
(Ni/g) of 1711*? norm ‘-
(NE%) of Section 1, »
(26). Township mm
North. Range twentng
East. Willamette Menu“.
Iton County. Washinm ‘
lies within a strip of “I!
hundred feet (200) mm
boundaries of said “up _
fifty feet (50) distant, .1
side of and paraliel to tin"
transmission line as now N
and staked on the WM
across. and upon the mg
enty. and particularly a“.
as follows:
Beginning at survey .
352 plus use. a pom of:
norm line of Section cm
(28). Township WM
North" Mme twenty“
East. Willamette Mei-m
point being N. 88° 57- ”..'
clans said north line . M
of one thousand mm M
ninety and eight hm‘
(1390.08) from the W.
nex- at said Section N
(38); thence continua" ‘
we a" 15" E. a ma.
mon-and tour hundred 4“
eighty hundredths (1%“ fl
u may station 866 m J“
point on the east ling q "
Section twenty-six (a). ‘
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Enriched with vi ' ‘
in accordance with '
National Doha”?
gram. > _.l

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