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' Local R. C. Unit
Has Splendid,
Organizations cooper— 1
ate; classes complete
work; sewing closed
Kennewick women have responded‘
generously with their time to apv
meals tram the Red Cross, according
to the ‘Pmductim: Chairman of the‘
Kennewick unit. More than 180 8315‘
ments have been madeand sent to‘
the Yakima headquarters during the
past few alarms. These included
dresses. skirts, rompers, nightgowns,
batty shirts, pajamas, children’s ski
suits, sheets and pillow cases as well
as sweatens and mittens 'for civilian
use andisocks and hospital sweaters
for the nary.
Thirty vwooleni comforters were
also made and turned over to the
Red Cross for local'Civilian Defense.
These were donated :by the following
organizations and individuals: High
lands grange and Highlands club,
Finley grange, Baptist Ladies’ Aid,
First Circle of the W 305, Fourth
Friday Club, Kennewick Needle
Club, Second Circle of- W 305,
Women’s Home Benefit Club of Ho
ver, East Kermewick Women's Club,
Kennewiclr Sewing Club, Sewing
Club of (Hedges, Mrs. Lee 'Bailey and
Mrs. Charles Lum.
In addition to the work program,
many women attended the classes
in |Home Numing, First Aid and Nu
: trition which were held under the
MlOll or the Red Cross and
which are considered a vital part of
the Volunteer Services.
At the present «time there is no
N to he done by the Kenne
wlck unit. "Until an assignment is
received" than Yakima the sewing
moans will be closed.
, FFLA. Gives Pigs
Theftmlawlm boys have just been
announced 35- winners at purebred
hogs ..m be given by me local Fu
tune ”flamers of America chapter.
The boys am: (Howard Gila, Ken
, ' neth Hamper, John Sampsell, Rich.-
ard Schultz, Carl Russel-t. Bud
were chasen on a W of facilities
fior raking the pig. scholarship and
Q written essay on the “Care of
The 413195 to be given are being
fused- by 'lra. tampon, Calvin Lie
bel, Beverley Sanders and Raymond
fighwartz. 'l‘hese last named boys
were whmem last year.
11 things go well there should be
'8 .‘9! -¢: ..to‘f
WWW-W m “3%
.next year. The committee m‘aking
the selection mm. Rogers visit
"a! emh boy “M’mme‘todeher
anaemia Miamikeeping the
{gsznewasi ._ :
“tomorrow in '
their striking
‘_jbeautyj= i .
Styled to meet the latest, smartest trends in
home decoration, these fashion-setting linoleum
designs should be on your must see list before
you take another step towards redecorating
your home this fall. Measure your floors and
come in today to see these handsome patterns.
Hardware (r Furniture Co.
Expert Installation Service a Specialty
Richter Funeral Monday
Afternoon in Kennewick
Funeral services for Reuben Rich
ber of Richland, who passed away
in the 'Pasco hospital Thursday
afternoon will be held in the Ken
newlck Parlors at two o'clock Mon—
day afternoon, May 4.
Highland Boy Parent
of Son Born in Seattle
HIGHLANDS—Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Giles received word this week that
sMrhaners. Bergman Giles of Se
_atble were the parents of a seven and
“a half pound son born Saturday.
April 25. The young man will be
called Richard Lee. .
“Sydney Brownell was a dinner
guest Tuesday evening at the Fred
Giles home“ _ , _,
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Gregg made
a business trip to Yakima Tuesday.
~Mrs.“~Por.nest Gragg is confined to
her bed because of illness this week.
Philip Foraker visited Wednesday
and Thursday of»- this week with
home, folks. -
Mrs. W. S. Green, correspondent
for the Highlands would like to have
any one having news the next few
weeks to telephone to her. Due to
the fact that so many. are busy out
of doors during the.vda.y it is im
possible to contact them then and
only a limited number calls can be
made in the evening. ,Mrs. Green
will beat "home during the noon
hour end in the evenings.
Seattle Boeing Workers
Home Over Week End
HIGHLANDS—Warner: Giles, Ed
die Winkler and Art Pasche, who
have been working at Boeings in
Seattle came home Sunday to spend
a 'few days with home folks.
Quite a number of Highland peo
ple motored to Prosser last Wed
nesday to attend the funeral of
Dave Woodin, a former Kennewick
Ahoy. Among those attending were
‘Mr. and Mrs. «firuce Lampson, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Lampson, Mrs. A 1
Morgan, Mr. and Mrs; Shields, sons
Norris and :Beryl and daughter Ma
dene, Mrs. M. G. Clark and son,
} Bm— mstead of the fire
eating Schickelgvuber, promising a
'conquest of the world before snow
flies again,~the mtler who addressed
the Beichstag over the week-end
contented? himself with. a’ promise
thatf‘next winter”the German amny
would be better prepared against the
irigocrs or another [Russian campaign.
iEvidently' Adolph is "finding the So
viets anything but the push-over he
‘expecbed and he is making no more
promises of an early victory on any
‘front. 11-lis stooges in the Reichstag,
thwever, voted him the power of
life ordeeflh over anyme, whatever
his rank, who opposed his policies.
Calvin Liebel Attends
F. F. A. State Convention
HIGHLANDS Calvin Liebel
spent from Thursday until Sunday
last week attending the REA. state
convention in Pullman. He reports
a wonderful time and status that
theme were netrly 200 Future Farm
ers in attendance.
Little Arlené Smith was a guest
on Monday at the home of her
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
mßilly Green was absent from
school this week due to a bad case
of tonsilitis. , _
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Washbum of
‘Pasco were Saturday eveningguests
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ter
rance Taylor.
Dorothy Gasow Moves
To Be Near Her Work
EHGHMINDS—Miss Dorothy Gla-'
sow, Who has ..been. making her home
with her parents this winter, mov-F‘
ed fast week to.Pasc§'-~to be nearer
her Work; Ti ._’. ._
Mrs. Walhc‘é‘; Preston at--
tended Finley :pinochle club last
Tuesday at the home of Mrs. Jesse
‘Lande in Finley. - ' '
Mrs. Ora Dickinson, who has been
making her home with her daughter,
Mrs. Orin Beinhart, has moved to
the home of another daughter, Mrs.
Blanche Pratt in Kennewick.
Mrs. Frank Lampson accompan
ied her sister, Mrs. Rembusoh to
Walla Walla last Thursday.
"fig. Orm Béinhart is' reported
on the sick list this week.
Highands Woman’s Club
Disbands for Summer
HIGHLANDS The Highland
Women’s club will meet Friday at
the Highland club 'house for a
dessert lunch and business meeting.
Roll call will be responded to with
jokes. iAs this is the last meeting
until next fall, ice. cream will be
served as customary. Ho'stesm {or
the day are as Jollows: Mrs. M. G.
Clark. chainman, Mrs. Harry Higley
Mrs. J. 'A. Mayer and Mrs. Virgil
IBennett. , t.
Mrs. Vic Farenwahl of the South
:I-lighlands underwent.’ a <tonsilect4;
ouny on Monday. 'She was bigought
to the Ernest Estes home for a
couple of days where she is re;
covering nicely.
son Billy were Thursday evening
visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
E; J. Brand.
“fixisffimb. Gilliland of Zillah
is a guest at‘the home of her
daughter, Mrs. E- J. Brand.
Frieda and Alice Pasche and Mary
Lois Seeley were callers at the A 1
Gmntingham home last Monday
Frustrated: Mary Roberts Rine
hart's granddaughter. who is named
after her grandmother. is a New
York air warden who takes her du
ties seriously despite the fact that
ordinarily she is meek and retiring.
When the first air-raid alarm was
sounded, she was on the job immedi
ately. Air-raid wardens have instruc
tions to stop busses and ,clear them
of passengers. Miss Binehart ,at
tempteciJ to do so. but; bus. drivers
'paicl. n ‘ attention to her. Dis
coura'g , she finally decided'to look
around or the humblest. oldest. non
resistan she cOuld find. He‘r gaze
lit on ‘ll elderly woman \and she
rushed up, displayed her arm badge
and, said. "You'll have to get of!
the sidewalk and step into a build
ing under cover.” .
,The- old woman looked at her
blankly and replied. “No speck Eng
Then she walked away leaving the
defeated Miss Rinehart staring
blankly. A A
Business: When that first alert
came New Yorkers quite generally.
instead of taking cover. hurried to
the nearest telephones to call up
families and friends. In Times
Square, the congestion was such that
there were long lines not only with
in, but also outside cigar and drug
stores. One enterprising gentleman.
evidently in a great rush, finding
himself at the end of a long line,
hurried up to the man nearest the
booth and ofiered him a quarter for
his place. There was a shake of
the head,‘ Then the hurried one made
the same proposition to the second.
third and fimtth. At that point.
there being‘rio indications of a sale.
he went back to. the end of the line
—and found himself about 15 places
tarther to the rear than he had been
before the seemingly bright idea had
occurred. to him.
Preparedness: Up near Brewster
is a summer colony known as Peach
lake where a number of New York
ers Spend the warm months. but
which they. seldom if ever see during
thelwinter in ordinary times. Right
now the owner is busily installing oil
burners-land; making cottages as
weather punt as possible. These
cottages - are. being rapidly rented
to New Yorkerswho tear air raids.
Reports have it that the same'thing'
is happening in‘ numerous other
summer resorts along the Eastern
seaboard. It would seem that there
is less chance of being bombed in
New York city than in contracting
pneumonia in a summer cottage
when ,the' mercury goes down and
down and, bitter breezes blow. but
that is merely a mattergnopinion.
Nevertheless. we are sti ' g to~the
eighteenth floor practically in mid-'
Manhattan. , . ‘
~ Eugen: Until several hundred"
large ‘ sians. which can be "heard
all over, the city. even with Win!
dows .Mclp'sed. have been installed,-
New Xsrk--i_s depending largely on‘
fire apparatus sirens for its alerts.
Because of this, engines and other
equipment do not use their sirens
in responding to fire alarms but. as
,was the case in olden days. depend
on bells. _The result is some reliel
to noise-harried New Yorkers. It
has never been quite clear to me
why sings, audible a mile or more.
should b necessary on city streets.
{But they were used until the pres
ent emergency came and thus
the ruining of many 'a pleasant
dream by ear-piercing screams in
early morning hours.
‘ .‘nemand: Clipping bureaus. so one
of this department’s scouts reports.
are doing such a rushing business
that some have raised rates. World
War No. 2is the reason. The war
has broughtinto existence a large
number of relief and other agencies
which employ press agents. Some
press agents are paid by the clip
and all like to show their employers
large bundles as evidence of their
ability to place stories. Hence clip
ping bureaus have had to enlarge
staffs and are working Overtime.
End Piece: Sou Chan, bonitaee of
the House of Chan. recently took
a bride. Before his marriage. he
asked his triends to make dona
tions to the Chinese War Reliet fund
rather than give wedding presents.
David Dubinsky. head of the Lady
Garment iWorkers union, a close
friend of Chan. ledthe list with a
contributi n o! $2.500.
(Bell ‘ dicate—WNU Service.)
Powerful Radio Set I:
thovered in Cofin
MllCbElTYe—Aumorifles found
a powerful radio sending and re.
ceiving set buried in a cofi’m.
The newspapg Intimas‘Woticas
said a teacher saw two autumn.
biles drive into a field and bqry the
tofl‘m. Hereported a "my my;-
tery” to police. He said 'thouzht
-he moto ists were Japanese and
.hat one éthe machines hon diplo-
Mm. license plates.
The Board of County Commlsol
sloners met April 1. 191:2 at. 11:00 a.
m. All commissiona‘s were present.
Claims against the Benton oounty‘
Road Fund were summed and ord
ened paid from that fund as follows:‘
County Road Fund. warrants
311445 to 11004 momma”.
A resolution was passed limiting
the speed on all Benton county wads
«to 40 miles per hour. '
The cash in the Benton County
masurer’s office was counted and
the following tound to be the amount
on hand. .
Old National Bank of 890- ' "
‘ kane, Prosser Branch ”3371.997.“
National Bank at gom- _‘_ ___‘_
"BRET-E: liémiewick Br. 114,673.04
National Bank of Com- -___-
meme. Kennewick 8L... 204.70
(School Dist. No.-6 Building Fund)
Federal Baerve Bank of
Benton County Mum’s
Irrigation Pigtflct’sg Bps- .
Wfifififmfi resfifii:
... .. _ _ _. _ _ _ _ 9 99
lag!» fir
9_ ;; .~ ‘ $1.3,“ _ , ..r 9
.1: : ' ”y: "f ;“313“ fix
5:" '. '. ‘, , _ .r' ' ,2; '~,«‘ 9
‘ ‘ 9 , ~ I.” 39;? .
. .\.:-3 ,4 ‘ n. J,". /‘.‘~:.
‘ " "L’Tw ' ‘ '
‘ "V ; .. . 1
‘ 6 DA . Vt“ L.
‘ Y 5 .
/, ' (
a? Lair: ,OTACIL
’ I. 4
M 731, [/1115
Canned Vegetable:
Country Home Corn, can He
—Cream style (20 oz. cans.) ‘
[Whole Kernel Com, 2, 25¢
—-Country Hume
Del Monte Corn, can . . .12c
' —Cream style {my com. 20 on.
Del Maiz N iblets, 21 oz. 12c
en . Mel fancy can.
Gl3 2% .0111 ......10c
—-Red Glut cut beans (19 a.)
Green Beans, 2 cans ....15c
-Ploneer fancy cut men (15% oz.)
Larsen’s Veg-All, can . .10c
—ldeal (for salads . tasty—l"! oz.
Tomatoes, lge. 28 oz. 2, 21¢
—Ooeur d‘Alene brand . . . rich
Sweet Potatoes, 18 oz. . .lOc
—:Blue Plate brand. whole peeled. .
CORN, Cream Style, 2 Cans 15c
—Custer brand'extra standard goldeh bantam cream style corn' ‘
; I ‘
Sweet Peas, 3 Cans ~ . . 25c
—Happyvale brand are really tender and good eating rascals, 16 oz. "
Com Beef, 12 oz. Can 21¢
_—Standard pack corned bcef for evening snacks or for sandwidlesg'.’:
ELL WELL, per pkg. . . 5:
—OR J ELL WELL PUDDING. They come in assorted flavors.
Enriched FlourJ‘ Drifted Snow
Kitchen Craft home spa'ry's home per
type. (24% lb. 87c), - feoted. (241,5 11;. 93c
49 1!). bag 1,69 49 lb. bag. 1.96
California. m U. 8. No, 1
Shaffer Whitm.
(11 LBS. 530 Shop Bag)
6 POUNDS 7L. . . . .25c
WISH!) s -
-Duwect {mun-Coast
--‘.fl'heyr'ecfls' ..J.
_ Vgnd My!
2 BUNCHES ._....5c
. Genuine HQ Spring Lamb!
LEG 0’ LAMB, pound 31c
SirloinorßibSteakspound ..........32c
Prime Rib Roast, quality, pound ......3lc
Shortßibs,lean,pound ...............l7c
Pork Chops, center loin, pound . . . . . . .37c
Pork Sausage, 100% pure, pound . . . . . . .29c
Minced Ham, Armour's, pound . . . . . . . . .25c
Frankfurters._Arm_°!l_r’s Skim“. Mud 25c
pens: and H 3.17215
. m Bunk nuance “90.35690
Cub 1mm......... 5,561.16
mm .....--.-.,......:50t.m'.0s
on m the Board warned to
meet April 0. 19¢ st 11:00 am.
The Board or County Commission
ers rnet Aprll o. I“: at 11:00 am.
All commissioners were present.
Claims against Benton County
were unmoved and ordered paid
from the proper lands as follows:
Current Expense Fund. warrants
am to cor: m. ”19929
‘ Public Assistance Fund. warrants
3111 to 3733 Inc. 32.8 mm.
On motion the Board adjourned
i(lb rneet April 10. um at 11:00 am.
‘, 'nre Board or Oourwy Cannusslon
rers met Mail 10. m 2 at 11:00 am.
M 1! consumers were present.
w o‘3ch for bids for the
, otarockmma-Road
District No. 3 was ordered publish
ed. bids to he opened April 25. 19(2
:1: 10.00 un'. In the Commissioner's
*2/1/1010/5' 74001!
flab modern m or W: by will:
“(mummy . Why don't mum
Prices Friday 'l‘hru. Thursday, May 1.:
All Prices Subject to Change
Highway Peaches, lge. 29 oz. . . . . . . .18
Libby Peaches, fancy 16 oz. . . . ....13:
Castle Crest Peaches, 29 oz. ......20:
Mission Sliced Pineapple, 14% oz., 2, 23¢
Libby Fancy Grapefruit, 20 oz. ...nc'
Glenn Aire Grapefruit, 20 oz., 2 for 28¢
Sundown Fruit Cocktail, 16 oz. ....lzc
beyFruitCocktail, lGoz. ........Ilc
Valley Gold Apricots, 30 oz. . . . .. .116.
Libbyßartlett Pears,29oz. . . . . . . . 18¢,
HarperAlonuse Bartlett Pears, 29 oz. 21c
msm FM‘” unto-ounooooooo9nlocot.
drullgiflwm Alba, m ................I
4 Garden-Fresh PRODUCE, '
Amman, um red . .
CalifomiatLE'i'lfUCE, pound . . . . . . . . . .. .3'
MMMWLnubfl-p. . . ‘
:FRESH-PEAS, pound 11¢
I'm—Ne! U. B'. $O.l quality—«full pods. ' 5257‘
W A .............--°‘..
California CARROTS,4pounds Wu,
_o.lqusutymurm_vwey. . J
.V Hirmm CEmY,perpound
_; Wu.aao.lqumy.m. ,3,
'~ SUNKIST LEMQNs._poul\d .A
_Y.,, -
(emu ”bet to Nuket)
M, ‘ '
Safeway has a MM
’Bab‘y Food sectiion, m
Gate“ Junior M ¢ on. ......
'Airwdy Coffee
Pure man me.
man (3 lbs. use)
Pound ..22c
Thursday. m ‘H‘
office. Prosser. WW‘
On motion the Bond
met April 20, m 2 g: 133
The Board 01 Om ‘
stoma-s met April 20. Mg
All Comissloners m ...:
Certain proper-m. .
tax foreclwurc Were “.w‘
sold. the notice or u
3be (Mm :by the agar
On motion me Bonn
to meet April 25. 194.2 st 10:.
The Board of Com ‘
All Commissxoners we” N
Bids for the pure)“. d.,
crusher for Road Diana 4‘.
opened at this time. 9n. ‘
Howard-Cooper cm
mitted. it was ordema a“
be accepted and m ‘
equipment made in
On motion the Boa-d
meet May 4.1942 at 11.“...
Board a: County 0M 1
N’b Hill W 7
Our Deluxe «an!
entree. (a u!»
Pound ... fl
made cannula“
led steer“ “
POUND ._......flJ
Howell's M v 3

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