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Q @ll2 Kmmmirk Olnurirr-Ewnrtrr
Issued Thursdays by The Kennewick Printing 00., 217 Kennewdck Avenue, Kennewick. Washington
Member of Washington Newspaper Publishers Association, Inc.
Subscription $2.00 per year.
Entered as Second Class matter
April 2. 1914 at P. O. at Kenne
wiok, Wash., under Act of March
3, 1879.
gnoowomc memlGH'rs
fl; 1
113, On the first day of September, the
[7km war the work! has ever
Vietnam entered its fourth year. Those
{three years have witnessed a. seufiesof
fiahnost uninterrupted triumphs for
;mtler and his satellites. The time
§tableofconquesetmakmalmost in
credible reading. Poland fell in 28
{ days, Denmark in one day, Norway
.i' in .two months, Belgium in 18 days,
SPran'ce in 43 days. /Of all the na
_§ tiuns Hitler invaded, Russia alone
; imam. It is very likely that the
Etmstomns of the future will write
imrld. Whatever happens, the mag
;‘enlfiicent, resistance of the Red army
E ibravest pages in the long and san
iimnnaa'yhlstoryofcomlbat. 1
3‘, OnDecember 'l, 1941, Japan joined‘
Emandsyith the Axis. And the Jaap‘
itlmetable o! conquest is comparablel
figilflve days. Wake Island was con
gigguered in 14 days, setter a superbl
éfdefense by a. handful of United
3 {lme Marines. Malaya, with its sup
gztpusedly lmpuegnalole naval {base at
gifiWeJell-mfidays merm
ijgmp‘lna were forced to surrender in
§ little less than five months. In
the the war so [at has consisted
it‘ :-r ofa. series to disasters for
“g"nlted Nations’rtorcw-and aserles
in! great victories for the dictators.
é wt is simply a. matter or! record,
cause to attempt to hide the
‘ Basically,-thecauseofallthlsls
~14... ' explained: The enemy was
7-1.. andwe andourmllon
Vfiw not. The enany understood
31‘- -. :w‘ what total war means
:l2: - 1 medldnotJnGermanyandJa.
:f . Morenoemkaflrlmeisno
3"” r-ahallylng on the part at the
gnu ...: ofthegovernment.‘l‘hereis
grim and 9.11-ng emc
'l‘ wly, and every" resource at its»
”...; ~- is (16va completely to
- in, end.
180muchtforthedebigtside. On
fl-s creditsldethere isolaoagreatt
'w: toaayaot-tmeendodcmree years
.n'w. The Why or! the United
[1 biom’ {Wing men is first class.
‘f'lV anttleufthelongandbloody
:: m, snow m-unmuttleia
The RAF. git-ter Dun
g.“ theßusslensberore Bevasbopol,
Ej-n - muchalrmanand sailorsmthe
tau; t Indies,the U S. army dn Baton,
13.1- mines in the Solomons—ln
1... campaigns thee men wrote
1 m melt blood-e glorious saga of
mm: andaduevement TheGer
';l't...:..; andthe Jhpsthave paid a tre
u- . . «cprlee d'or their Victoria.
it maelsmudhtobesaddalsoror
'gf- .. a .w- warpnoduction The bur
-37w mmbdngtbetrdopsofanthe
111.41.. Nationsursms squarely onus.
g? :ot‘her nation has even a tithevotf
i 1 potential productive capacity.
’1 ... it can be add to be the ever-
Eglu-s u: credit of American industry
51m: the ehameover Imm modulo
.,’ 3~ m forpeaoetopmd'lwtlon for war,
'1 generally made swiftly and et
‘,l: ; vely But there are many bad
23;". stilLWe have notyeteclfieved
.. many vital lines, the essential
$.11” on goals which have been
“VI-z . down. There has been unis;
:- : ; m-entin labor, mgovernmmt
,: .1. in mm itself These bad
‘isom mstbeerasedtbetorewecan
...». mammHyatotheenemy.No
3 3mm”: should tee] optimistic to.
3 day. :He must not tor-get that this
§lmtemlrefiforts. Itasasfavorite say-l
ziing in ‘Washmg'tOn that “the Amer
Serve the Bread
that’s Serving America
Do your part to keep our nation strong and
healthy—to help America Win! One of the best
ways that you can help achieve this objective is
to serve foods to your family that are high in
nutritional value. Belair’s Better Bread, enrich
ed by Vitamin 81, is an ideal choice as a health
preserver. This is the bread that America is
serving today, made with fine costly flour and
containing lots of food energy. Furthermore, it
is delicious and fresh and tender. It is an ideal
sandwich loaf and excellent When toasted. So
no matter What bread you are buying at present,
and no matter how much it costs, remember to
try finer-tasting and higher quality Bel'air’s
Better Bread.
. —‘[ma7uzwz - ran-r;
i-oan people don’t yet realize the
gravity of the situation.” But as
mam columnists have been pointing
out, IWashrington officialdom has cre
ated confusion and indecision in the
amnds of the people Toe conflicting
[“ofuficia'l reports” that still seep out
of Wadilingbon concern-ing such basic
issues as rubber, :fuel, gasoline, the
Idraft, etc., have attained the stat
‘ure of a national scandal. Only
lateiy, xflhrough Elmer Devls' Office
of War Information, has a star-t
been made rtoward clarifiying official
policy. Every vpoll indicates that
the American «people are willing and
ready and even eager to make any
necessary sacrifice—lll’ only their
leaders will tell them simply and
clearly what sacrifices are needed. ‘
We are just beginning to feel the
economic efifec'ts of war. Non-essen-‘
tial IbuSinmes are closing fast.i
Whole ooowpmtions—such as than: at
the salesman—are being virtually!
lwiped' out. As store inventories mm
down, id: will be impossible to buy
Isutm once-plentiful commodities as
radios. shoves, water heaters, and any
number of other conveniences. Taxes
will be even heavier next year than
#hey are now, and it seems inevitable
thatasalestaxmmdsometform oi"
enforced savings will soon be adopt:-1
ed 'ln many wields, the labor shonH
ageisaewte. Theeearebutafew
of the oomsequencs of rHotel war.
As the war enters its fourth year,
iGermany and Japan dominate an
hnmense pant of the globe. Theyl
ihave gained thhrough conquest, gi
gantic quantities of vital raw «ma-i
‘rberials. Depite its losses, the Ger
‘milimry machine on earth. But, M 1
Itine-same time, America's snowing}
military power is at last being felt.
The U. 5. Army is increasing fast!
in numbers, and it is heme supenbly,
equipped. 'llhe U. 8. navy and all"
homes have demonstwted than; .they‘
have splendid strafing power and
brilliant. vleadm'ship. The courage of
~'Allled fighting men is beyond ques
tion. To Wm Winston- Ohu-r
--‘chllfl"s phrase, it! we give 111% {lamp
ing men enough bo‘ols, they'll finish
the job.
I Most ofthe Itrainingdhat will do
{young people the most good in life
gis received, or at least could be re
?oeived in the home. Here industry,
thrift, courtesy, good manners, hon-‘
esty, sobriety. sincerity, mthfulness
and loyalty can be taught best. It isf
also possible in the home to team
correct umstm'e, poise, correct speech
and pleasant, well modulated voices.‘
These things are otften overlooked.
make or break the individual. With.
out these a college education is at
little value. ‘With them people have
been known to make wonder-nil suc
cm of their lives without a college
education. Here is also a word tojthe
girls in the home", and boys too, who
don’t avail themselves of music lea.
sons and learn to play piano. Therei
never was a young woman who re
flected the opportunity to ‘learn to
play the piano during her younger
years who did not regret :it keenly
}a thousand times aiter she grew up
and became too busyto learn. It is‘
all right to blow a French horn or
a trombone in the high school band,
thmmwthOol and
becomes grown up it is not regarded
as an aooomplidhmenrt and «possesses
little attraction as a mature accom
plishmmt The young woman—and
man who can play a piano well is
always in demand. They are the
center of attraction and rthe litre of
the party
R. E. REED, Editor and Publisher
The Courier, est. March 27, 1902
The Reporter, est. Jan. 24, not;
Consolidated April 1, 1914
_ September 17, 1787, warty-nine
liberty-minded men :put their now
famom signatures to a document
that grew in mane, fame, force and
magnitude, until today its signific-J
once is the bulwark of the U. S.
Such a. paper was called the Consul-i
tution, and it stands as the charter
of rights and libertine of the Amer-f
ican people, a bill so important that‘
each man and woman respects its‘
principles and would fight to main
tain them. We ofifer thanks mat
whose thirty-nine fox-sighted indi
viduals made the move to interpret
on paper the fibre and core of citi
zenship in this country. Democracy
is asailed today as never before, we
are told, and we are warned what
'would happen if democracy should
“lose its stand. We are aware of the
need to protect this institution in
order to hand on the right of a
republican government. On Ihhe an
niversary of the Constitution we of
fer congratulations and praise to
those ones of the past who fought
to preserve it and succeeded, and we
give our pledge 'to the generations of
the future that we willdo likewise.
We are passing on information
given owt by the postowoe depart
ment regunddmg' the mailing 01"
Christmas packages and cards to
meninmili'tary servicemen-seasonal
outside of mmenmlflnfized State‘s}
including Alaska. Such remem
branoes should be mailed between!
October -1 and Novemer 1 to m
you label your box as "Ohmsbmam
Pamell”.tmere wmébeawmefiort‘
made to give more pmmpt senvice.l
For those who ame never cametul in
addressing a package there is a
hint to realeck and see that the
name, rank, army serial number,
nunmer and name od.’ postaffioe and
city through which package isfitobe
sent, be legme mitten or printed.
It should not be necessary to remind
you to put the mun-n address in
upper left hand corner. Wooden
boxes' arrive inbetber condition than
window. Thepublicisurg
ed to innit {Jackass to six pounds
-beet sharp pointed edges by careml
wrapping. 'PerMable articles will be
refused and inflammable ones as
matdhesand lighter 'fluidsereben
ned, as well '93 intoxicanizs. Officials
oeptediormilingtothe same sol
dierinithesameweek. (Beau-allot
Christmas shopping do:- your boys
~ Our women aren’t worried about
securing warm claims (or this com
ing winter regardless of the earlier
hints that woolens would she mm to
buy. There has been added talk of
reducing heat in buildings and
homes this winter and all of which
causes doctors to advise the wearing
consequently or .woolens for added
warmth and health’s sake. Old wo-‘
men rush oo stores to buy wholesale‘
lots of flannel nightgowns, woolen“
underwear, heavy when. sweaters?
They did not. Women Shoppers feel
where is plenty on hand and don’t
seen to lose Sleep over chill winds;
of mm. man-ion has added woola“
‘en overalls and Nestees towear un'm
‘der sport clothes which will addl
warmth, so we figure the (locum-3‘
won't need to worry about folks
catching cold (from' lack of wam,‘
woolen clothes.
As :time goes on the demamls of
more heavily upon the snail oom
munifles such as this. The service
manpower as will the defense plants.
As athe war machine gets under way
more and more lines of mercandise
leaving only the necessities. The
struggle to maintain its institutions
isgolngatolbeoome increasingly dir
[Noun do: the small communities
becomes not only immunit; but a
necessity that'weoonserveevervgre
source we may have that the burden
my'nottbetooheavy'to‘bear. One
'to resolve 'to spend his money at
home with the home merchants. Rae-j
gardless or what as been our pracn
rtice in me past the time has come}
to make adtusmnents—everyone is‘
being called upon to make adjust
ments. Let one of these adjustments
bethatwe-will trade at home more
There’s a couplet that runs “Count
that day last whose low deswndlng
sun views from thy hand no worthy
action done.” Few m are so un
satisfactory as‘ we daty flat has been
(fitted away and. whm when we
Worth .while that we {have done.
We wereialking the other day to
a young businas man. “You have
done well in this business from all
appearances," we said. “Yes," he re-1
plied, “I have I started in wothout a;
dollar. 1 bor-mwed my first capital.‘
I have made a good living for ten‘
years and wintever I have above
that I am ahead If a treacherous
«tum of tfortune should take everys
thing I have away from me I am
Lsti‘vll ahead. .1 have lived and while
ahawe lived'lmveg'ainedabusi
nus education that is worth more
tomethan theyalueoi'mymaterial
possessiom Mymaterial Mons
will depreciate with age, or I may
lose them through failure to pay
taxes on them, but my training and‘
my experience ate mine. If could
start in again with nothing and be
years ahead of where I was when I
First star-ted in. I would have a train
:ing and a'knowledge for which I;
“but which would make success more‘
sure than it was ten years ago 11"
could succeed even better.” That is
a fine philosophy. With such a phil
osophy no man need have any fear
of the Mare. This young man has
learned something else other than
the rules osf‘hisiness duringthepast
ten years, something that is worth
' - .~ Malta youmlfmofllncificofudmfidng...
w A om‘offhocmmdndxonodvoflisodhm,
even more to him than business
success.He has learned tobave faith
inhhnsell. .
} HenryElKaJserhaspmposedttm‘
ia fleegarcauoplanesbebuut.We‘
believe that {Kaiser should be given}
ied Wis-vellum. Helmet:
immuaphnner andbuflder
er. memetedalrequu'edbyxflser
{Ram’s pmposionbe viewed with an
{opennnnd Emilsapossmmuy
atrial. Ithacaodttnetoreman
Givexaflseraehance. I
had in her development. one fact
people. Nowhereinallhlsmhas
ibenebeen a move diallengtng and
magnificent example of defense at
m:- MAN
'He- made his money fast—ruthlessly—in the “robber baron”
era of American business.
He could NOT have made it today—BECAUSE of adver
tising. -
The public-be-damned school of business faded with the
growth of advertising as you know it today—because adver
check up on—claims that no one would dare to make unless
they ARE FACTS. .
Everyone knows people who will boast and exaggerate when
talking to an uninformed audience.
But confront those" people with an authority—and they
become modest and honest. .
And that’s what advertising does—it brings the advertiser
face to face with the'authority—it blazons all claims not only
to you, but to the Federal Trade Commission and the expert.
That’s why advertised claims can be relied upon. 4
That’s why advertising ended the public-he-damned boys
and builds the public-he-served product.
Advertising wrote the epitaph for the man who said “The
Public be damned.”
” Pmcmmmmmwmmmc AGING!“
‘ ‘12:“ --- -‘ lkwdlds—mhl HA
- ' The Courier-Reporter
haneland by any people than has'
against a. m equipped and :-
mnesia. 021 W mum's:
me cause all may owe; e cream
debttoamsh ltMlyowutu
\va‘ynte. '
men's tron-em ”them
avat. Asamltdmtofdleueck-
, for
Apples and Pears
Thursday, Bepm 10. “I.
fie ts concealed atom v 1" it.
mecaeewhy notmggemm.
meneckue “It hnmm”~
seen at some WW I
make one Me would mm M Q
When it comes to mm.
material this scheme mh~
pent suit beaten a mug,
me synthetic Wan“
’muybeenwmmgd no“
pry is no new gym W
than Lt was two year. N
memlgtsay twoyemum‘
M tape «on mama. so“
dcctory explamtlonhum“
MWJWiesunmwnu '
mutilation “h

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