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BCEA Sees Plan for '
Peace» Through Education:
i... f'jzrorrLAND—Lccai teachers had
charge of one of- the panel discus
sions at the meeting of the Benton
f f'cgiiiiitjy Educational Association held
{‘“in Presser last Wednesday. Mrs.
; : filly Peter-Son; chairman 'of this
group, summarized their dismission
' 10 : . ~ .
“'ch ire 9WB for ‘tfief peace.
a; . mid must educate for it, allowing]
; ...-,and encouraging democratc praoy
- .5, tlees, freedom of expression, freedom}
.. 5.9! enterprise, and the “think for
muselt" concept; 'Much is ”to be‘
gained .by this. However, as there
is a war to win first, we decided
. also, that the “do as you are told”.
point of view has its place in pres
ent day living; at home as well as
, at school. "We do not favor demo
.. cratic practices being supplanted by
-military discipline, but feel that
there is a time and place for both
to be exercised. Our youth need
to realize that obedience to be ex
perienced authority is essential 'n
preparing them for military training
' which is seemingly inevitable. Par
ents and teachers alike must 'be alert
in this matter and -be careful about
‘ extremes. We must maintain our
Inasmuch as the governmént has
already completely taken over cer
tain institutions of higher education
and militarized them, it is our opin
' ion that. schools today must utilize
their power t 9 the full extent: We
must beat the enemy at their own
game. We can aid the rtraining of
our boys üby empha'sjizing a strong
health program in the elementary
schools, having an information pro
gram of study concerning the various
services of our military set-up, in
tensifying’ the PE. program in the
senior high schools, instituting some
mmtary routine, thereby preparing
and lortifymg them for regular
training later. We would thus be
, aiding one of the main objectives}
I that of resistance‘to fatigue, whichl
has been termed by industrialists,
military leaders, and medical scien
tists alike, 9. problem of major con
sideration. -
Certain characteristics of demo:
cratic living should be emphasized
in our schools. Among these are:
Serfioe, which can be brought out
by both leadership and by following!
sacrifice, thinking loss of self, and
more of the ultimate common goodH
and of a personal obligation, that‘
each individual should realize; or}
responsibility of each one in our‘
nation’s destiny, as well as of self
support; and also of Tolerance with
9. came T.
Hot Lunches Being
Served at School
ammo—he school cafeteria‘
is well under way. Mrs. Chaplin,
with a corps of student help, is serv
ing the school with old-time ef—‘
ficiency. However, there is an in
crease in prices or food products and
as a result me'cafeteria prices have
gone up one cent on the dish.
Riemann teachers report a very
profitable and enjoyable trip
to Presser. They attended the Ben
ton county unit of the WEA Insti
tute held there last Wednesday
plunked program brought a large
delegation from Benton ocunty
The senior play, a comedy in three
acts, will be given Friday evening
Yes—Rainier on Draught is the treat of the west.
It has‘that “brewery-fresh” taste because it’s
delivered “fresh” and served “fresh” by
dispensers who know how and are equipped to,
serve it right. That’s why folks praise its aliveness
Visit our Brewery any week day
l p.m. to 5 p.m. See the choice in
gredients. the spotless equipment,
and the extreme are used in the
brewing of Nationally Famous
Ruiniet Beer.
3th on Nov. 20 in the grade’ school
Paufiitormm.‘ _ " ' - v‘
‘ CastzJack Webstér, William Gal
'branh; Reggie Manners, Roy Voiles;‘
Jim Jerm». Whyne Suppleé; 'WJilie
Clump, Joe Aler-t; Sally' Gtaliamg
Margaret Kinneyf Jenny Thatcher,
Jean Weir; ‘June Thatcherl'lßu-th
Kron; Effie Vanden, Leona Arres
touilh; Vivian Vernon, Ruthenm
Fergin. ’ ‘ ' ‘4
RHS basketball squad is getting
primed .for the 'Pasco’ high JambOree
to be held in Pas'co gym Friday af
ternobn arid everilng Nov. 21.
Community Methodist Church
mags: 523110731 10 a. m. '
Morning worship 11 a. m.
Methodist youth fellowship 8 p. m.
The topic for the sermon at the
morning worship is, “Living as
Christians in an UnChristian So
On Sunday evening the Youth
Fellowship is having a candle-light
service for the installation of the
new officers for the year. Following
this service there is to be a showing
of the colored moving «picture, “Then
Came Oil" whish portrays one of
the home mission projects of the
church. A silver offering will be
taken to pay the rental on the film.
All are invited to~ these services.
Mrs. H. G. Larsen
Buried Wednesday
RIGHLAND—FuneraI services for
Mrs. H. C. Larsen were held Wed
nesday afternoon in the Richland
Methodist church with interment 1
following in she Riohland cemetery.
Mrs. Larsen passed away at the age‘
of 86. She had been a Richland
resident for. the past 22 years. To!
mourn her passing she leaves two
sons, Bill and John, both of Rich-l
land. ' ‘
Burl Combs of Seattle was over
for a few days this week to hunt
chinks and ducks and visit at his
parents’ home here. {
L. A.- Johnson and family and;
the Clayton Hackney family were
Sunéay guests at the {Ed'RobertSl
home. - ‘ J
Mr. and Mrs. E. Olson of Spokane
are visiting with Mrs. A. Watson
and her brother I“. mnengre'en.
Mrs. David Kraft was home over
the week end to visit with her hus
band and son and celebrate her hm
band’s birthday. She is employed at
Del Monte’s in Yakima.
Georgia Abel git-feted the , sth
grade on Mopdayzshehasbeen wt
tending school in Yakima. '
IFred Long is back to school again.
He has been away .for several weeks
at Tieton near Yakima with his
father who has been working up
there. ' _,
Chumleas Entertainéd by
Epworth Leaguers
' 810 W. Burrows. Mrs.
Compton and the Rev. Bell each
book a car load of Epworth League
members to Brown's Island Sunday
afternoon where they held services
and sang hymns on the bank of the
Columbia in honor of Mr. and Mrs.
19. A. Chum-lea, who reside near
there. .
.. Mr. and Mrs. John Citron and
daughter, Sylvia, drove to Burns,
Ore. Sunday to spend a few déys
visiting with their son, Me.
Mr. and Mrs. Ham\Mcmm of
Spaulding, ;daho, are visithig at the
Where the Waler m:
the Famous Formula
Forrest Graggs Will
Visit in Bremerton '
HIGHLANDS—Mr. and Mrs. Wmli
fiirdsgll'..'of . B'remerton who havg‘
been visjting if the Bragg home re-l
turned last Wédnesday. Mr. and
Mrs-- :W «drag? ficcommied
them\ for a visit; -. '
Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Dorton left;
last Wednesday for a‘ trip to their
old home in Tennessee. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Benson
Visit in Kiona a
FLNLEY—Mr. and Mrs. Harry
BenSOn visited sunday evening 'with
Mrs. Benson’s grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. Druen at Kiona.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Ayers, Mrs.
Irene Hughes, Mrs. O. Coan and
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Sherry of
Finley grange attended Pompna
grange at Benton City Saturday.
Leona Washburn 111,
Much Improved Now
HIGHLANDS—Leona. Washlburn
a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chet
Washbum has been quite ill with
pneumonia the past week but at
this writing is much improved. .
N. L. Foraker was a business vis
itor in Presser on Tuesday.
Highland Residents
Attend Convention
MGWWS. R. W. Wood.
Miss Jennie Linden and Moulton
Clark attended the national grange
at Wenatchee Thursday.
Mrs. Eugene Tyrrelle is visiting
at the home of her daughter Mrs.
Chet Washburn during the illness
of her granddaughter Leona. *
“The :fellow who wanted someone}
«to invent something to stop back
seat driving,” says Judge Winken
werder, “got his wish with the gov
ernment taking care of it."
“In the salvage .for metal.” sighs
Frank Mason, “we could probably
Word to sacrifice out automobile
jack as an unnecessary gadget.”
With out .foreign entanglanenta
so tangled, at least our diplomats
don’t need to she pouring banana
oil on Ithe troubled waters.
A ' Kennewick subscriber says it
isn't a tar jump Imm matrimony
to alimony. _
A specialist can get his patients
to be sick during office hours, but
the family doctor who is a general
practitionerxgets them at any time.
You won’t be able to judge a
Kennewick neighbor’s poverty now
Just because he doesn’t. have a new
model car «this year.
One of the most beftbttrfiadschool
yells, rfor the institution ca ”Ex
perienoe,” would be *Raw, Raw,
Ouch.’ ,
Herschel Jameson and R. G. Chal
crafit homes this week. Mrs. Erick
son is a niece of Mr. Jameson.
Albert Hackney drove to Lind to
spend Sunday and Monday visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Lampson. His
wife and son. who had spent a week
visiting there; returned home with
him. ' ' ’
Mrs. Norman Mclnturlf, formerly
Jeanne Dillon, arrived Sunday to
visit until Friday with her parents
before going on to Chicago to be
with her husband who is attending
an army school of advanced avia
rtion there.
Bu Y WA R a o N--D"‘S#
* MW(WASH.) comma-REPORTE- .. .
Hunters Kill Two
Tame" Ducks in Yard
‘-MGHLAND34BOme ’hu’n-ter ‘Ol-!
hunters my: .unkquy. gm ml
tame (ducks' from a" family ‘wnoi
only had nlnevofstban. -These|
Mmeducks hot like "Manna;
but _it seems that any hunter wouldl
know that "Wild ducks do not live
'in’ peoples ya'rds. ‘- - l
’ IMr. and Mrs. Andy McFadden?
,and children of Portldnd were week-1
end guests at the home. of Mrs. Mc-i
Fadden’s parents; Mr. and Mrs.
Keller. ‘ ‘
Mr. «Keller who is employed at
Portland came home for the week
end to visit with his family, re
turned .to his work Monday.
Pasco Bth Grade Pupil‘s
Help in Potato Harvest
HIGHLANDS—Some of the High
sufficient help to pick up potatoes
land farmers had trouble in getting
but were saved by the Pasco Bth‘
grade children and are thankful
to them for giving up their cshool‘
to help get the crop in. ‘
Rev. Krug Speaker at
Sunnyside Mission
and Mrs. «Krug were in Sunnyside
where he was the speaker at the
mission services Sunday. Mr. and
Mrs. Krug called on Carl Heideman
in St. Elizabeth hospital. Yakima.
Heideman is reported to be doing as
well as can be expected. Mr. and
Mrs. Krug were the guests of their
son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and
Mrs. Louis Krug, while in Yakima.
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Taylor and her
nephew, Nicholas Staveley, Mark
Sanford, and Leonard Box, spent the
week-end at the E. J. O’Mrey home.
Chris Hmderer," his—datiififif’.
Clara, and Mrs. E. A. Schilling. re-‘
imrned from a trip to Waterville,
W evening. They report‘
,r-unning into a heavy snowstonn,
six inches of snow having fallen up?
to 3 _ o’clock Monday afternoon. 1
—ils zip and sparkle. When you see the familiar
Rainier Neon you can be sure of beer at in best
—Nationally Famous Rainier—the beer that’s
superb on draught.
We are paying the following prices delivered
Portland, Oregon “subject to change Without
No. 1 Live Colored Hen5'.................24c
No. l Leghorn Hens, 3.1/2 lbs. up . . . . .23c
No. l Colored Springs 29c.
Prime Dressed Young Hen Turkeys ... . .351/zc
Prime Dressed Young Tom Turkeys . . . . . .33c
No. l Dressed Young Ducks ..............24c
No.lDressedYoung Geese ...........22c
Poultry Farm Eggs 47 lbsup .............47c
Poultry Farm Mediums, cases included. . . .40c
We furnish coo‘ps on request and will dress your
‘ turkeys for you. .
Northwest Poultry & Dairy Products Co. '
Main Office and Dressing Plant
232 S. E. Oak St., Portland, Oregon
PHONE EAst 5141
Enjoy :1 mm
Daughter. Entertains
In Parents’ Honor
] HIGHLANDS—m. and Mrs; Wal-i
lace Preston. Billy and Wallace. 112.!
land Mr. and W.l’9d Within: and:
Rosemary attended a dinner Sun
!day at the home of Mr; and Mrs:
:RJehard Smiley. , he dinner was
in honor of Mr. and Mrs. w. J.
Preston as Monday was their gold
en weddlng‘ anniversary. ' ~
" Mrs. Ernest Estes; left _Wednes
lat the home of her daughter.
Mrs.'Harvey Larsen was a'Sunday
visitor at the Nelson Lewis home.
Mrs. Larsen will be remembered as‘
the former Zola Chattuck. She‘ is
at Kennewick now while her hus
band is stationed in the navy at
Pasco. ,
Mr. 'and Mrs. Terrance Taylor
went to Spokane last Saturday eve
ning. Mr. Taylor returned Sunday
but Mrs. Taylor. stayed for a visit
'with her aunt. Mrs. 800:.
Several Degrees Given
And Election Held
) FlNLEY—Grange met Thursday
‘night. Alice Marie Ash was given the
Vard and 4th degrees, and Mrs. Bob
}Perkins and Mrs. Fred Broadbeck
and Miss Mary Louise Birdweil were;
given the Ist and 2nd degrees. The
’eiection of officers was held. which!
resulted in: master. Virgil Masters;
’overseer. R. banning; lecturer, Mrs.
’Gertrude Gerber: steward, Howardi
Ash; asst. steward. Wm. Nunnw
Ichaplain, Mrs. Wm. Nunn; trees-y
:urer. Mrs. Ernest Sherry: secretary.‘
\Mrs. Howard Ash; gatekeeper, Johni
INunn; Ceres. Marie Gerards: Pa
mona. Mrs. Virgil Masters; Flora.
Mrs. A. A. W: ex. comm”!
Ernest Sherry; lune ec. chairman.
‘Mrs. J. R. Ayers; Juvenilie matron,‘
Mrs. Florence Constantine; grunge
supply director. Ernest Sherry. Al
lunch was served at the close by
Mrs. 0. mm. Mrs. 3. Ash
and me. E. Sherry. Grange will 4
meet on My. November 19 a!
8:00 p.m. with a program and lunch
at the close. Mr. and Mrs. Jen
kins of the Vale grease were visitors
last Thursday.
Highlands Sewing Club
Meets Next Tuesday
amaumns- The “Highlands
Sewing club meet; “_the home of
In any story. next Tuesday. No
vember 17. .
Mrs. Not-men Robbins entertained
the P 520. chapter on Tuesday eve
ning. .
Mrs. 11. 0. Clark let-t. .Wednesday
for Portland,” ‘vldtjt the [home
of her (tuber nrs. Arthur Sut
tan. 0
Mr. and flu. W. 8. Green wen
Sunday evening callers at the home
or m. and flu. E. J. Band.
11111111111111111111111 l
6 :30 pm
I Matinees from Ip. m. Sat. and 3p. 111.8% I
i m uimgis 3
{IE/W ‘
my 13““
"3’ " m°‘ W ““m““‘ mm" 5"” ' ’ ' "' ”3M
fig; and of a personal obligation, that Begontes ml Yam 1:11 51:11 A specialist can get his patients 1 ÜBIXI‘J 1' D, I'UUIJII‘ I an“ MD ‘ “39"“ :53“ ‘3
5;, - . each individual shoum ream. or ' ’3‘“ Am 9“ 9 ~ to be sick during office hams. but . . . . “t 3.5353323:-
u nation’s many, as well as of self- ““ndEgLfi‘gfl 1” “33;”! again Wmm’m“ than at “my “me- Portland, Oregon “subject to change Wlthout “m .
16,,” - . I . back . “5"?- - n .
335‘ 5 support, and also 01' Tolerance With He has been away .for several weeks You won’t be able to 111689 G notlcef m
k _ 8 089:1 '1; ‘__ at Tieton near Yakima with “I;?mgsefim’tpgm :2; NO. 1 Live Colored Hens ...'..... .... . . . . .240 0 u 6 AM EHI EA
3‘3 Hot Lunches Being ' 1:22;? Wh° 1‘“ be”? "mm“ “p’model car this year. No. l Leghorn Hens, 3.1/2 lbs. up ..... .. . . .23c
if; Served at School . . __ _ ~ One of them school No. l Colored Sprmgs ¥9c. .. JANE DARWELL . Lyn! hum
. —— Ch 1 Etet' ed b yells. «or the institution “Ed ‘Ex- Prune Dressed Young Hen Turkeys --- - ~35/2¢ 3 Illllal Inc, -mm outsell - lam Mm
;; umeas n ram y_ ~ ma be m m .
ii, .- meAND—lhe school cafeteria Epworth' Leaguers W2OB. w. W» Prune Dressed Young Tom Turkeys ... . . .33c AND
3}" is well under wav- Mrs. Chanlin. Ouch. ' Na 1 “annual Vanna nan-Ira 9AI- I
" Tues. &
e’V g _ “‘3’ l ' Lz‘xsssisl‘“ WWW w
r? -” if ' ~ ' ...: 1”,:777 ”(427* 4
€1- ' fiMAMMW ~ ... m W A , . -
1 Wumu
”.3317 ‘
1L..." M
II"! §
, :3. 3V“?
1111111111111111111111111111111 l '
.‘fl: m program 111 me 8161118111381? . ' ' “H’- nuficuc *Jucuc ‘° '“‘W‘3 ‘ ' nunn; Gem. mane Genres: I'B.-
{5 . - inf tion ro- Of 861 She had been a Richland at the home of her daughter Mrs. s°“ and daughter -In-la.w, M" and Mrs V Master -p; re. , --;
:2 “hm'hm” m 1’ resident. for thepast22 ars To Mrs Louisxmg wmx inYldma mm" ' 1:311 5' ° ' ‘
33.. . ~.mmafstudy concerning the various mourn he, passing she 12;“; two Chet Wasmmm during the 11111655 ' ’ e a ' Mrs. A. A. Scrum: ex. 00:11:11., 3.§ ,5;
7553;. ; services or our military set-up, 111- so Bill and Jhn iboth 1, Rich- of her granddaughter Leona. - . Ernest Sherry; home cc. chairman. 4% o 7
#3:? c~ ‘ W‘- the PE. program in the lag! O y . . 0 «0111::féfiow—meone Mr. and ms. Mn nylor and her Mm. J. R. Ayers; Jam mm. ...;57' w 0
3: ' senior high schools, instituting some ~ ‘ __ to invent something to stop my “99th mend” Stanley» Mark Mrs. Florence Constantine: grunge . o
3’: ” military “mm", ““3”"? preparing. Burl Combs of Seattle was ‘over seat driving." says Judge Winken- “mumh‘nfthl‘mlg J" mm? the supply mv W Shem“ “‘ a . . 3 .
I: a we: must” gémgu£zlpv§asz§qt .__ IW I‘o. 1 urcascu IUIIIIg UNIS“ ....... ... . . . .é‘ic ‘ v a;
“‘l‘ W -’ ' - RIOm-AND—Mr.Burrows, Mrs. ersche. mesons '- -°hßl' N.lDressedYoun (he5e...............22c ' .-
1., ins the school with old-time ef- Compton and the Rev. Bell eaoh‘crafvt homes this week. Mrs. Erick- P 311"! Farm E 8347 lbs'u 47 a; .$3 . r”!
.9 crease in mes orffmaprgflductshand members to Brown’s Island Sundayi Albert Hackney drove to Lind to Poultry Farm Mediums, cases Included. .. . 40c Q V Q . pl flI ”5 .53,
Y4l ‘5 3195““ , ca. e ‘ ces 3’“ afternoon where they held services- spend Sunday and Monday visiting ° 4 ' - 2W; ‘V " ' - 4, 1
g; __ gone up one cent on the dish. ‘and sang hymns on the bank of thaw. and Mm Nan Lemma m We furmsh coops 011: rquest and lel dress your . g s3l 2 “Jo HN C “(RC II ~
al‘ Richland teachers report, 9. W 317 Columbia in honor of Mr. and Mrs. wife and son, Who had spent a week tur eys or you. __ 5% _"S%RU IH H um; \ ' 1
1 profitable and enjoyable trip P. A, Chumlea, who reside near visiting there, returned home with - , _ ~ _ - :__
L to Presser. They attended the Ben-lumen, . lhim. -~' ’ l Nortlgvest Foultry B_‘ Pair): Products Co. -_- 3:: ‘m- RRUU L Mu" ' ~
m m
m an I! m
m an
'rlmmday, Now a h
Philip Forum i;
Radio Announce,
mammmfi. 1. »
son of Mr. and 11:..ij .
and a student It '3O“ 1
member of the' m , 1‘
sum. phuup u an“. H
time each day ova- w
Mrs. Gene Bmm N
the St. PM": W "e
Thursday. The um I“ h
be on November I"“..h‘
of Mrs. E. C. M, _ .
was mm mm at“...
was a Sunday W¢~~
of her sister ”It. M N
SON of FU m
[7” .Va/fr 0/ /)'r ///u/.',',/ /',f
Hlfigpflf I
'2 Yes—Rainier on Draught is the treat of the west- %z: "i" ‘i” "“1 “Wm if” y“: a" ‘Tm‘h", * ell-snot: ~ -
f . , Vlt has-that “brewery-fresh” taste because it’s ' Banner Neon you can ,_ o the 5:31”! , . n‘.‘lon' W“ I, II ' RS ‘"I
, . delivered “fresh” and served “fresh” by ”H, —Nanonally Famous Rumer— :- ‘ . c 417” R 06E 3““
A . 3------“ -_.L- ._--.- L-.- - . . . _ ems sunerb on draught. " llllm If!" .. s
I 'mr/I
l maxi
23' mm: later. We would thus Ibe chinks and docks and visit at his ernmem mung care 01 It." Chris Hinderer, his daughter. Mrs. C. Pudexhaugh. Mrs. H. Ash' VVKW‘s: ’5. lowlands
’1 aiding one of the main objectives, ‘ ts’ h h -_ Clara, and Mrs. E. A. Schilling. re- and Mrs. E. Sherry. Grange wfll‘ * Haida; / -.'r;:§:.:‘.=§s.:.-€§*tiff-:5 ", ‘ m
i that °f WWW mue- WM ””151 s23o?an may and mlfi‘kmmm’mu’ “min...” “83:; Wed rm . w» *0 mm, meet on mm. mm... m at} . - '1 .... 3°;
9'3 has been termed by mammalis‘s' the Clayvon Hackney family were atfrfond to saériflce out amounobfle W "em' my repeat B‘oo 9'“ “uh " program and lunch . Zea“ it“
3.1. - mm laws, and medical scien- eunéay guests at the m - Roberts Jack as an unnecessary gadget." ‘ nine in“ a he"? “mm, at the “059- m- and Mrs- “W .-- w
g}- tists alike, 3. problem of major com home. . . , _.___ six inches of snow having fallen up kins of the Vale grunge were visitors , argue“ "fl ._ 1 w .5." H
‘* mmm- . ‘ . W 1“! out We!“ entanglements to 3 o'clock Monday afternoon. last Thursday. ... 9.1%“
:.. . Mr. and Mrs. E. Olson of Spokane « - wag-2.. ~ “.... .. + _
.- :‘ .Oentain characteristics of demo— so tangled. at least our diplomats ——_—————————————- * m e am 5:; v
*‘ ' tic 11 Id be hasized“ are mums “the Mm A‘ wamn don't need to be pouring banana '-" ””"‘ .. §
7l r g“ Vlllß 311°“ egp ‘ and her brother I“. Lillengre'en. 'ol} on the .trmymed waters. ' ‘ ”fifirfigfi “ ’ ~.--;:,.;.;3;;:;:
:5: 9‘” Wk “”9 é“ 8” Mrs- David Kraft was home over - .
awe-m mammtneweekmmmm- mm. summer .... WANTED i. -
”mm.’ m mm“; fififl‘fiw‘fifié band and m and mm. 1... ms- mm“ 01“; ”m“ "m“ m W . gm!" 3 m.
1%: ~-- m ..f'm “mm. mm... 1m Fed’s WM??- fi’}? ’8 Wm“ 9" ' ...—‘ rm TDUL‘VQ Dmn mnv .....1 I.lan . tot W“ ... y.

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