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PUD Director Says
Brown’s Letter
About Taxes False
~_ Says Power companies
j_ are not payers but
', ~collectors of taxes
- your front page headline in the,
Mt column of the last issue of
”u. paper is (Can’t Afford Tax
W in County by PUD suit).
The assumption in this article is
”ton County will lose the taxes
at pacific Power and Light Co. ncw
W 11 they are taken over by the
pup, states a communication to this
Pl’" from Preston Royer, member
‘me Benton county PUD. V
Under the present state law the
HID dbtricts pay 8 .percent of their
I“ revenue in lieu of taxes. The
mature tried to arrive at an
”amt that would equal the tax
pm by the power companies for
a different funds up to and in
exam the State tax fund.
A property tax is not a just tax
fl 3 power utility :because the main‘
mission lines and generating
guts have high appraisals and are;
my in sparsely settled districts
new large expenditures are not‘
needed- A gross revenue tax places
the tax money where the electricity
[med and where the tax money is‘
justly needed. .
The power companies charge all
m to their overhead account that
gmde up from the customers’ pow-‘
g tins so they are not tax payers
m tax collectors. ‘
m the Puyallup condemnation‘
we a power company expert placed
in: value. on the company’s prop
ngy at $400,000 when it was valued
st 015000 on the tax rolls.
our-congress msnotseenflt to
put a tax on public power utilities
diet are run without a profit be.
an: the iederal government gets
greatly increased revenue from new
industries that are developed be
we of the low rates of public
Em. , A- - - ._ ... .
The latest statistics from the state
Department of Public Service show
for the months of May, June, and
my. 1942, public—power plants sold
(59,011,915 kflowatt hours more than
the private plants, at $1,832,692.39
less cost to the consumers.
‘ Became the author of this article“
tt the Benton County representative
: a! the Washington Taxpayers Asso-;
nation, I am quoting a. small part
drum the United States of America‘
Power Commission, Opinion No. 59:
Dochet No. ~IT-5647. “Typical of the
'gmhlic deception was the fact the
W Taxpayers’ Association,
gum being the independent puvb
;le-opirited organization its named
gm, was used as a tool of the
“ties in 28 months ending Novém
=l3. 1940, and financed me “Let the
Mk Vote League" with some $48,-
Mat one time to support Initiative
You may remember when the
mic in this state learned Initiative
D was a power company inspired
hill to take the heart out of the pub
lic power districtsth ey voted it down
'fih more than 100,000 majority.
I will answer your editorial in the‘
fine of Nov. 26, in’your next week’s
finer. Boyer concludes.
Young Bill Johns
Headed for Gold Bars
Aviation Cadet William Earl
hints of KenneWick, son of Mr.
11l Mrs. W. E. Johns has reported
“the Lubbock Army Flying School,
Mock, Texas, :for the final lap
11 the training which is preparing
h for the silver wings and sold
351: of an Air Force Officer.
At the large Lubbock twin-engine
Ml, commanded by 001. Thomas
EL Gilbert, Cadet Johns will oom
giete the training he began in July
‘0 Parks Air College and continued
“ Enid, Oklahoma. Upon his
Muation he will be commissioned
II a second lieutenant and assigned
mauve duty with an Air Force
He was a sales clerk prior to
Ming flight training and his
“her was a sergeant'ln the other
Wm War.
M training with a navy air
base in California.
Inquiries concerning the school
holiday vacation are already being
made. Supt. E.. S. Black today
announced that the local schools will
close for the Christmas holidays
Wednesday evening, Dec. 23 and will
reopen on Monday morning, Jan. 4.
To Observe
Anniversary of.
Pearl Harbor
OWI asks 2-day cere
mony rededicating na
tion to war aims
.A two-day nation-wide observance‘
of the attack on Pearl Harbor will:
be sponsored by the Office of War;
Information. Joining in the ob-‘
servance will be the War and Navy‘
Departments, all other war agencies”
war plants, labor, schools, colleges
and numerous other organizations;
The anniversary will be observed
Sunday, Dec. 6 and Monday, Dec. 7,
wherever there are Americans
around the world. The inclusion of
Sunday is doubly fortunate, both be
cause the original attack fell on a
Sunday and because the tone and
religious,ceremonies of the Sabbath
are in keeping with the spirit of
rededicati-on to a high purpose which
will characterize this anniversary.
The OWI pm that the nation,
under the cry of “Remember Pearl
Harbor—Work . . . Fight -. . . Sacri
fice!” will:
Honor and remember the men and
women who have already given their
lives in this struggle. '
Give thanks .to God for the na
tion’s survival of the unprovoked
attack of ruthless enemies.
’ _Clear-headedly assess what has
been done in one year of war, and
'what lies ahead to the done in terms
of “Work . . . Fight . . . Sacrifice.”
Rededicate the nation’s strength,
its time, its wealth and its very
life to preserving the concept of life
more .preciods than individual life
itself; to work, fight, sacrifice for
an that is contained in the Bill" of
Rights and the Constitution of the
United States of America.
The OWI propm that Sunday be
dedicated to solemn memorial for
those who died at Pearl Harbor and
those who have died since, .to thanks
giving for our survival during the
first critical year of the war, and
to rededication of all our resources
to the spiritual values which are at
stake in this war.
It is proposed that the rally cry,
“Work . . . Fight . . . Sacrifice!” be
sounded on Monday and that na
tional rededication the in that key.
These words must surely bring to
every man and woman a realization
that this is a warnnthat’touches all
of us, personally and intimately. It
is a part of the observance of the
anniversary of Pearl Harbor that all
of us should take stock, both of the
material achievements and short
comings of our war effort during
the past year and of our spiritual
attitude toward the essential val
ues of nation-a 1 and international
The hour of the Pearl Harbor at
tack (2:20 p. m., E. W. T.) Dec. 7,
will be specially marked, but no cere
mony should delay war production.
Councilman Expects to see
85 New Houses Built
The local housing situation, daily
growing more acute, was eased to
the extent of four, Councilman Rog
er Records told the chamber of com
merce this noon. Records has re
cently completed the erection of
four new homes for rent. in the
south part of town. He also stated
that he was confident that his appli
cation for 10 more housw would
soon be granted and that through
deals he had pending, thought that
another 75 could be located on this!
side of the river. I
Retiring President F. M. Ludlow.
after hearing the annual activity
report read by the secretary, handed
the gavel oVerlto incoming president,
Amon Meuller, recently elected.
Patsy Moulton Named as
School ‘Pilgrim’
Patsy Moulton has been selected
as the Kennewick High school can
didate for the Good Citizen cam
paign now being conducted by the
DAR. Senior classes in each high
school select three candidates for!
the honor. while the faculty selects‘
one of the three named. ‘
Louise Griffith of the Hanford-
White Bluffs school was named from
that place. These two, with the
jothers named in the county, will
icompete via questionnaire, with
others in the state .to be named
leumirk Qlnurier Eppnrtpr
County! Levy for
Next Year to ..
Be Seven Mills
Thought to be lowest
in history of county;
increase in valuation
What is thought to be the lowest
tax levy in the history of Benton
county was announced recently by
the county cmnmissioners When
they adopted the budget and fixed
the 1943 levy at seven mills. This
year the levy was eight mills and
lastyearitwalemills. Inpre
vious years it reached 'ls mills and
higher. -
Of the seven mills levied for next
Iyear three mills are for social se
curity, 11,4 mills are for public
‘schools, and one-eighth mill is for
indigent soldlens and sailors.
‘ Reason .for this low levy is due
to economy in operation of the
‘county's business and to an increase
‘of $600,000 in valuation. Much of
this is due to the «bringing of more
IHorse Heaven lands onto the tax
‘ Except for the 3 mill road levy
in each road district the total
lcounty budget for 19% is $121,487.42,
apportioned as (follows:
lCurrent expense .____.._.579,228.m
Indigent Soldiers m_ 1,207.41
yPuobliQ Assistance "m... 28,977.84
Public Schools .....-mwm- 12,074.10
} Total -;-.-.---_--I_---_,-:--«-.5121,487.42
‘ Estimated Receipts
leash on island ._.._....____529,872.45
Auditor’s Office “._4_ 6,000.00
lolerk’s Office ___._.__ 1,500.00
Sheriff’s Office -_.—._.. 500.00
[Liquor Revenue -.---_---_.__ 9,000.00
‘lnterest of Delinquent
Taxes -_..--_--~-_-_._._ 5,000.00
>Sales and Miscellaneous
Fines __-W 2,000.00
fraxes -e____.._.__...___ 67,614.07
Total _mm._5121,487.42
_an; Saturdays l
For thereonvenlence qfalocal pa
trons, Postmaster F'. E. Lincoln an
nounces that the office will remain
open Saturday aftemoons or the
12th and 19th. This is to help re
lieve the Christmas rush as much
as possible. ,
Mosquitoes Terrible in Guadalcanal, local Boy Writes; Others
From Here Send letters to the Home Town Newspaper
Dear Mr. Reed:
I’m writing this with one hand and!
slapping at mosquitoes with chel
other, while soundly cursing the flies 4
and other insects, which seem to:
take a. fiendish delight in swpping‘
me or the tow drops of blood the
mosquitoes have left in me. (
1' used to wish that; could sing
but now I wish that the fellow sleepJ
ing with me could. \
Things are a little quieter here
than they used to be, but I reckon
you know almost as much as I do
about it.
To folks back in the States this‘
place is knowryas Guadalcanal (nev
er mind ’what we call it) but our
right honorable ? ? ? adversariu
call it “Death Island." From what
I've seen, I think as far as they're
concerned it’s very appropriate.
We don’t have the life of Reilly
My, How He Has Grown!
Five More to Go to
Camp at Ft. Douglas
The lonoging boys were accepted
at the Induction station in Spa-J
bane on November 27 and are now
at home on a 7-day leave before
leaving for Pt. Douglas, Utah: John'
L. Clair, Geome Heintz, Presser;
Louis M. Green, Benton City; Louis
I. Eyler, Hanrord, and Gordon G.
Hille, Kennewick.
[Gas— S-tgmp Plan
Still 'Not Clear
ITO Many |
Ration Board urges all
to get sugar book .
before December 15
There is still a lot of misunder
standing regarding the gasoline ra
tioning books, the local board is dis
Each page or the ration books con
tains eight stamps. One page is to
be good for 60 "days. Each of the
stamps is good for the purchase or
tour gallons of gas. In other words
the 32 gallons must do the operator
for a 60-day period.
The above applies to the A books.
The :B and 0 books carry more pag
es( entitling the holder to more than
the 32 gallons, but each individual
stamp has the same 4-gallon value.
One stamp must be presented the
gas station operator with each pur
chase of four gallons. The entire
60-day quota of 32 gallons may be
used at any time, but no additional
stamps will be issued. ‘
The four-gallon unit is for cars.
only. T 1 and T 2 coupon books, good’
for trucks, carry a s-gallon limit
per stamp.
The ration board also wants to
urge everyone who has not yet reg
istered for his sugar ration book
the amount or sugar on hand or
they will not be able to get cot-fee“
or any other items which may be:
rationed. ‘ '
I’ve seen Worse. Right now I can’t
remember where, but anyway I have.
We sleep, eat and run for fox
holes just like ordinary people.
We lack some small items such as‘
toilet articles, tooth paste, etc. We
have church services regularly too.
No matter where one is the church
braves the dangers and is here to
help. We appreciate it more than
we may let on.
This isn’t much of a letter. but
anyway it’s a stab in the dark.
Here’s wishing you all a merry
Christmas anyway.
Pfc. W. A. EHNI,
_ U. S. M. C.
0/0 Postmaster, San Francisco.
Dear Sir:
I have been getting your paper all
right. My address is changed now.
It has been very nice of you send
ing the Kennewick paper to me
whflelwasinCampßobinson, Ark.
My address now is: ‘ J
Many May Be I
Missed With Xmas]
|Seals This Year 1
List of representatives]
given for each area;
need cooperation ‘
The campaign against tuberculosis
is going into the third week. County
chairmen and committees through
out the United States have launched
the annual Christmas Sell Sale of
Christmas Seals tor funds to 11-
Inanoe a grim
battle during
the coming“
World War I
taught us that
the great in
crease in tu
berculosis re
sulting from
conflict is not
thearmed tor-
oes as among the civilians. This
places the problem squarely be
fore the voluntary county and state
tuberculosis organizations and chal
langes our best educational efforts.
The campaign against tuberculosis
is recognized by authorities gen
erally of vital nature.
The success of the fight in ‘1943
depends upon the sale of the Christ
mas seals which are now available
in every locality. There is no one
who cannot actively participate in
this phase of home defense.
mail seals to everyone but. under
present conditions. the compiling of
’a mailing list is unusually hard
this year. If anyone has been over
looked, he can get seals by con
tacting the local workers who are
as follows together with sponsor
ing omniaations in each commun
Benon City, Mrs. W. A. DeGood:
Women’s club; Horse Heaven. Mrs.
Hanford. ms. Lucy Holden. sponsor
Deborah Damon; Kennewick. Mrs.
.8. E. Muncey. sponsored by Kenne
'wick Women's club; Hover-Finley.
I (continued on Page 5)
m cm 2m (39485-845) l
Camp" Butner. No. Caroline.‘
I really like to hear how the home‘
town is getting along so please keq)‘
sending the paper. The army lfle‘
isn't bad. I
Yours truly. 1
mlydoappreciatelt. "
Diego tonouywood. 1:13.. for aerial!
gunnerfy. Iflnishedmyccmrsem
aviation radio abwt a_ month and:
togetthroughthat. ,
here. In the morning we have
(OonflnuedcnPauS) J
. Probe! You Home
{m Tub-lulu?!
Grape Juice Plant
Has Most Successful Year
Plans were sanctum for en
lsrged facilities for year. at
the ennui meeting of the Church
Grape Juice 00.. Hondsy of this
week. Report of Secretary-Man
ager I". M. Ludlow showed that the
company had pmcessed the greatest
pack in its historY. 800 d yields end
on calcified acreage accounting for
the addition.
Election 0: officers was held. with
the ceme men being elected for the
the some offices. J. G. Kelley. was
president; M. M. Moulton end D. c.
Sherwood. vice president. and I". M.
Ludlow. secretery-trcuuner.
Next year's pleas. abject to war
conditions. of course. include the
enlanement at the butldlnz program
as well as the addition” mums.
Local Board to
Help Farm Trucks
Get Enough Gas
Lack of certificates
and obvious errors to
be given relief
The I:thde in
formation received hyttbe Benton
County USDA Wernoerdisthet
farmtruckopentorswhoem con
cerned about their Gertilicetcsof
War Necessitywiucethelotrom
their county hm mum
pertinent of Agriculture ct 0111's
request. Many truckers hue not yet
receivedtheirceruticuee.end in‘
firetruck cauldnctluve cperetedl
covered. According to W.A.WoI!.
beedottbectlte'c USDA War.
Board. the two mecca win col
laborate closely to carry truckem
ithrmchthem. . 1
} “Ineltherottheletwotypuc!
ancestral: WOPA Wax-Price
panned. “Hmmttounpedlcr
more mileage W'mr
edict-ms. 'l‘luecmnmitteewaiian)i
to detest 001's over-en program.
crayeerfromnow. Byflndlngthe
middle course We must avoid both.”
‘rhe following mam has been
agreed upon between the United
States Department of mum-e
and the Office of Price Adaman-
tion. ‘The holder at the Certificate
Priceondmuonm 39rd. mung
would like to centre o temporary
W ration of motor (ual in
operate for was! mrpooee up
to and Including Dec. 31. 1942." ‘
} mwmwmnmw
-llons of motor fuel allowed on a
coneotedOertifluteoth Neocl
alt]. . ’ 1
im-mmmmnm b‘
Wu- Neceasity. The regula- our
appeal fans will be sent to the
weanpldlyupoulble. 1
Start First Aid Class
Cmmabmthebunk. Every
muelkfifie. mu;lo-hour
course and]: I reviewer of the‘
man WMMM
eligible to take the Wanton-1’
uy. mmwflmum
work. magma.“
Ind m‘flm all an be
‘Wto them
L an A
{Committee Claims
gJehovah Witnesses
EAre Subversive
Ask city to stop mem
bers from peddling
literature on streets
What to ,do about the religioua
aect peddling literature on the city
atmets. was the problem presented
to the city council Tuesday night.
Charging that their neligion made
thorn unpatriotic and a menace to
lthe welfare of the country. a com
ltnittee from the local American
legion post asked the council to do
isomething about having the practice
latopped. The committee claimed
that the Jehovah Witnesses were
unpatriotic in that they retuaed
to bear arms in the defense of the
country or to aalute the flag.
Recently Chief of Police Kerahaw
picked up the pastor of the group
and he was interviewed by City At
torney Powell. Powell reported to
the council that the man had re
tuned to atop ceiling on the atneeta
and that he would retuae to comply
with any negulationa regarding it.
line it arreated and would lay the
fineoutinjoilithehadto. But
that he would name as econ as he
waaat liberty again. Heiaid he felt
that it waa a religious duty to con
tinue. '
Mining to do anythim pouible
about the situation. the council
apent acme tune in attempting to
work out a aolution. Other towns
have had experiences similar and
the neaulta hm led to hioodahed in
acne inatancu. Recent me
court acclaim have upheld the val
idity d oudinancea calling for li
cenaea (which the local can aid he
would refuee to pay in any amount).
m council arrived at no con
cluaion warding the aituation.
I ‘‘— ‘- ——— '
Five Elements are
Slated for Tuesday
0f Next Week
City, two drainage and
two irrigation districts
to select officers .
with election. (or am you. but
newsman forcity
by. five oaunwmenmtoh
Modem. Mot
warm-mach 1m chem
Turner. .
ummmwea toru
WMthehold-over. Art
thepumertesuommcumea (ran
kthe-holdaver. benchmark
the nominee for councilman-et
hroe.endJud¢e Huntlnctonhuo
"the othermelecuomueon
m and drainage dish-lot
mammm. Noon.
,hu med tortheponuon. but men
numbed Miranda-mt
‘Mhbeupflceflcntor mm
‘ me
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