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Soldier Boys Tell
Of Experiences in
Camp and Field
(pontjnued From _Page 1)
For the first two weeks we shoot
skeet with shotguns. After that two
weeks we fire with the .30 and .50
caliber machine guns. The course
lasts four weeks. ‘
I hope to get transferred back to
the West Coast ’by Christmas. \lt
probably will :be San Francisco,
where I will go aboard a carrier.
‘While we are going to this school
we don't get any liberty at all the
first two weeks and the last 5170
weeks we get 12 hours. ' E
The lights are about ready to go
out so I will have to close, thanking
you again for the paper. l
EDWARD w. WINKLER sz /c. 4
Div. G-2, Sec. 14-9, ‘
U. S. Naval Aviation Gunnery School
' Hollywood. Fla,
Dear Friends:
I am writing this Armistice Day a
letter of appreciation for your kind
ness in sending the home town pa
.per. I sincerely tharik you all and
I also hope that this Armistice will
mean more to you than looking
back on the first world war. I hope
that we will all work and fight to
build a more lasting world peace,
so that when the war is over we may
live in this beloved country of ours
without fear that‘our sons will have
to do agahi what I and millions of
others are doing today.
- I was cheered and encouraged
when I saw what you folks at home
are doing and with that kind of
hacking, we of the 'armed forces can
have but one ending to this was
which will be victory for us now
and forever. -
Sincerely, 1' ‘
Field Music l/c‘
Deaer.R¢ed: ,
I received the first week of Sep
tember issue of the Courier this p. 111.
(Oct. 29). Must say I surely appre
ciate and thank you very much for
sending it because news from home
:now is good news. I say home be
cause I have made my home in
South Kennewick for the past six
'years, up until two years ago when
‘I joined the Marine Corps to-be
«some of help if ever needed. :
‘ Now lam proud. I received my
training before the disaster hap
“pened to our country. That training
consists of everything from gunner
'to glider training which I hope to
'~ 30 into soon. ‘I have had my train
ing from England to Iceland then
down here to (deleted), location I
cannot reveal. We have a job here
:and weave doing it as always.
The weather here is hot now but
‘December will Ibe the hottest of the
year. . .
I an: going to appeal to you for a
’bit of help. Up until four months
‘ ago I received my mail {rein friends
regularly; Since then I haven’t got-‘
ten any ‘at 'all'. So I don’t know if,‘
it's going through or not. If thosei
very close friends read this perhaps‘
theywill then know I am alive and
well. I will not give the names but‘
they take the Courier so they will
lmow. If they get my address please‘
write me if everything is well with
‘them. I hope I haven’t been a. both
«er to you. -
find I do thank you again and
'wish you success thmugh coming
Respectfully yours, _
U. S. M. 0., Unit No. 305-(A),
' c /0‘ Postmaster. San Francisco.
Highlands Improvement
Club Meets Friday
Highlands—The . Highland Im
provement club will have its regular
meeting tomorrow night (Friday) at
‘8 o’clock at the Highland clubhouse.
'A very important meeting besides
election of officers. will be held and
all Highland members are urged
to be there. -
‘Mrs. D. E. Taylor returned Sun
day after spending the holiday at
Portland with, her- daughter, Mrs.
C. E. West. and family, and her
son, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Taylor.
John Ferguson of Wapato visited
his wife and daughter Sunday.
Hover Residents Drive
To Portland, Ore.
Hover—Rex Ash-by left last week
with his trailer house to join Grover
Montague at Yakima. Together they
went to Portland, Ore., to do de
fense work. Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
Cochran accompanied Mr. Ashby
to Yakima to stay at the Montague
”home for an indefinite time.
Mrs. Minnie Ashby was a dinner
guest of Mrs. Eqdora Johnson in
Finley Sunday.
Kennewick Valley Telephone Co.
Woman to train for position as
telephone operator.
Many Guests Enjoy
Holiday at Pulliams’
‘ Highlands - Thanksgiving day
‘guests at the E. J. Pulliam home
were Mr. and Mrs. Herb Holt and
Bernie, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Spurgeon
of Pasco, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davis
and Yvonne, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald
Pulliam of Pasco. Mr. and Mrs.
DaVe Pulliam of Portland, Mrs.
Johnny Christian and daughter of
Seattle and Melvin Pulliam of Portr
land. '
Herb Holt returned last week from
the N. P. hospital at Tacoma where
he had .the cast removed from his
foot after being injured on the rail
road at Pasco.
Mrs. Mary Taylor was a guest at
the home of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. S. Green Thanksgiving.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Kleinknecht
entertained Mrs. Kleinknecht’s
brother, Louis Larson of San Fran
cisco, her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Jones Martin. of Richland, and Mr.
and Mrs. Virgil Dennett, and daugh
ter. "Helen at a Thanksgiving dirmer
at' their home.
Mrs. J. M. Sheehan was 9. Thanks
giving guest at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. Nelson Lewis and
Mrs. Carl Hess and daughter
returned from the Pasco hospital
Thursday and is now at the home
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson
Lewis. Both mother and daughter
are doing nicely. '
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lampson
were Sunday dinner guests of Mr.
and ‘Mrs. A. C. Amon.
Miss Florence Mae Smith spent
the week-end with her grandpar
ents, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Lei-bel'.
Portland Shipyard '
Workers Home for Visit
Highlands—Dave and Melvin Pul
liam, 'who work at the Portland ship
yards are visiting at the home of
their parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. J.
Pumam. '
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Doering and
family arrived from Bay View, Ida
ho, where he has been working.
Glen is recovering from a very se
vere case of pneumonia. .
Miss Joyce Peter was an overnight
guest of Miss Claranelle Johns Sat
urday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Higley and
family were Thanksgiving guests of
Mrs. Higley’s parents, Mr. and Mrs.
C. H. Meyer.
Pvt- lst 01. Keith Patrick who is
stationed at the Walla Walla air
base, spent Saturday and Sunday
with his wife‘ at the Joe Jacobson
home. Mrs. Patrick will :be remem
bered as Miss Kathleen Fallgren.
Guests at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Giles Thanksgiving day
were Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Powers,
Mr. and Mrs. Bergman Giles of
Pasco, and Warren and Merlin Giles,
who are home from Seattle.
Miss Juliet Jacobson and Mrs.
Tony Hegel were callers at the home
of Mrs. Emil Albrecht Tuesday af
ternoon. ' ‘
Miss Dorothy Glasow and Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Glasow, Jr., of Pasco;
were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs.
A. E. Glasow.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Morgan were
Thanksgiving guests of Mr. and
Mrs. H. D. Clod-felter in Kennewick.
Hinglaztis—Womans Club
Enjoys Christmas Party
Highlands—The Woman’s Club’
will meet at the Highland clubhousel
tomorrow (Friday) .for its regular
meeting and annual Christmas party‘
and program. Mrs. Neva Watkins
will have charge of the. program.
Hostesses for the afternoon will be
Mrs. Ed Watkins, Mrs. C. H. Meyer,
Mrs. Harry .Higley, and Mrs. John
Ferguson. An exchange of gifts
‘wm :be held, and all Highland ladies
[are cordially invited to attend.
Mr.- and Mrs. Wallace Preston enJ
tertained at Thanksgiving dinner,‘
Mr. and Mrs._ Marlon Warner, Mary
Warner and'Frank Clifford Warner}
from the air base. ‘
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Muoeus moved
Saturday to their home they recently
bought from Wallace Preston.
Miss Verdine Foraker accompan
ied Mr. and Mrs. M. Simmelink and
family to Walla _Walla Saturday
‘, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Felton and
‘family were Thanksgiving visitors
in Tekoa.
Highlands Residents
Visit in Toppenish
Highlands—Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Lampson and family and Mrs.
Lampsons’ father. Ira Tuttle, mo
tored to Toppenish Thanksgiving
Day to spend the day with relatives.
Mr. and Ms. Ed Ray were Thanks
giving guests at the Billingsley home
on the River Road. _
Mrs. Les Lacour visited friends-1n
Hermiston Sunday.
'Jackey Ray was a guest over the
week-end with relatives at Wash
W. G. Patterson sold his place,
known as one of the “Darling”
places to Don Olds of the River
Road this week.
Small white
Navy beans
1 lb. .......8c
3 ll}B.\ ......24c'
5 lb. .bg 41c
LIMAS .. . .3 lb. 36c
-—Califomia large leas cello
RICE. . . . 2% lb. 25c
—BRJOWN rice, blue rose fcy.
Macaroni. . . .3 lb. 20c
—1 Ib. bag 9c cello pack
Spaghetti. . .3 lbs 20c
—1 lb. bag 9c cello pack
Split Peas.2'/z lb. 29c
——Yellow split peas cello
Split Peas. . . . .lb. 12c ‘
._Green split cello packed
(21,5 lb. bag 29c)
Use ration stamp No. 27 for one pound of
COFFEE Coffee (in books of those of 15 years of age
or older) This number void after Jan. 3. 1943.
Edwards.'...lb‘. 25c-- Nob Hi11....1b. 24c
—ln the new victory bag. Fresh! «Deluxe package coffee. Fresh!
2:333:12. -..-: ,~ -; . .; ’2 3:21., :i
3333233335: ; : .1 -‘ f a ~ _ . .:. 4. :3
icizézfzfzizf . .. g . . - 5 - 3.3:» . . .
4:323:59;"”1535: 3'51'?313‘3‘3'1'731'15-n'3"-'--'1:-1531;;l-fizaiiiiiw.-;~.1E2‘-:A.-:1:'~:-‘-:-, :3.3‘7.;:";;~ ~::§:;.;‘§:..; ;:;.;.;.;.;.;.;.;:;.;
5:525:13333'if52232?3‘:a:2:2:2:2:z:1=;:2:=.:2:::z5:325"'"""‘ 21'" ' .3::5:332:5222:2222:gee5-.223222232523325
fl 3 ' ;.:;55.335255?5:5Sééi55555535§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§5§s§s
155:1:3:5:7:3:3:3:3;f:f:§:§:f:5:;:;:§:;:;z;3:555; 55 i . . .-: ». ;:§‘52}:33:5:§:§:§:§:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;:;;;:;;;:;:;:;:
2"s'l4““?r:'=2-'--‘-'-'-=--=-:~'«:-'r:-:-»:-c~:‘:‘:~. --::-. .- .-:.-.. -;v.,.‘...-.;.;.-.~,3;.;«a.»;.;.;.y,-..;.~_.-,;.;:;.;.;
You will have Bette: tasting more nourishing
meals with tally Fresh ProJucc. Sold by the
pound to save you money.
Red Rome Beauty APPLES, box 2.09 7
comb. ex. fey and fcy pound 0
Red Delicious Apples, 1 59
comb. ex. fey. and fcy. med. sizes a
Grapefruit, Texas marsh seedless pink lb. 9c
ORANGES, Sunkist Valencia—last call . .91/2
CARROTS,’ Cutler, No. 19%
CABBAGE, Spokane foothill 6c
CAULIFLOWER, Ca1if0rnia...............-....-..17c
PARSNIPS, Montana Sl/zc
TOMATOES, Texasl3c
SWEET POTATOES 50.11; 1b 91/zc
RUTAGEGAS, US No. 1, lb. 4c
TURNIPS, California, Ib. 7c
Farmers Attention!
Safeway pays top prices for top
Veal-See your Safeway store be-
We buy dressed Grade “A” .Beef and good
You save money when you buy good foods
in bulk . . . the cost; of the expensive can or
package. Scientifically packed under the most
rigid sanitary conditions are the kind you get
Small red Mex.
beans for chili
1 lb. .......8c
3 lbs. ......24c
5 lb. bg 41c
fore selling your calf
block hogs at top prices too.
Beans ’1! Rice _’n
Everythmg Nlce
Blue Rose fcy
lg wite kernel:
1 lb. ... . . .12c
3 lbs. . . . . . .30c
5 lb. bg 49c
Whole Peas. .2 lb. 23c
”GREEN variety, cello pack
Lentils‘. . . 2% lb. 23c
—Fancy for soup cello 980 k
Barley. . . . . .1 lb. 10c
-—Pearl. Barley cello packed
Barley. . . 2% lb. 21c
—Pearl Barley cello packed
Pepper......B oz. 9c
. —Black pepper in bulk save
Pepper......l lb. 9c
—-Bla.ck pepper in bulk save
Paces Effective Friday thm Thus.
Dec. 4th to 10th inclusive
No sales to Dealers—prices subject
to market.
Kitch’n Craft Flour?" 333° . 41°
Kitch’n Craft Flour}: {535° 45c
Drifted Snow Flourii 'i'bjz‘f 1‘”
Drifted Snow Flourfi'“:.i’.”°l.96
Gold Medal Flour... it”??? 47°
Gold Medal Flourww.‘ 2.07
Harv’t Blos. Flourfiyfi’f‘. 1.49
Red Arrow Flour 2"”: 31‘ 1.29
Centennial Flour 23%;”? 1.93
Softasilk C’ k Flour 3%... 26°
Swansdw Ck Flour :2" . . ..24°
Centennial Ck Fl" ‘ ”...... ....27°
Sperry Ck-Pastryflf." .73. 45°
Pecock Buckwt F 1312“; . . .. 25°
Maximum Pank Fl" LL“ ....49°
Sperry’s Panc’k Fl 14'? ....26°
Wheaties . m“mn
Cheerioats W.°°f"°.'....... 12°
Ralston Cereal 32"“? 22°
Wheat Sparkies 333 m ' 10°
A“ Bran . . . . . 3‘23; 1:...19c
Corn Flakes .. . 5°23. 8°
‘Wheatsworth . . .2 :f‘. . . . .. 18°
Quaker Oats , . .33": ‘.’.'.“.°‘:.. 12°
Quaker Oats . . 33".; '.°.‘. 24°
Mothes Oats . . 3 F 3: ....33°
Rolled Oats . . o c???" ....47c
Wheat Hearts . 33"?” ...22°
Wheat Hearts . SGTQ. ....33°
Tobaccos and Cigarettes
Cigarettes m“? ...°’°.". ff‘i'. 34°
Cigarettes m“? .°.°..°°.°. 28°
Prince Albert WMW 80°
Velvet Tobacco mm: . . 76°
Granger r’g cut man 72°
Sugar Ration Stamp No. 9 Good for
—lt does everything-“hat!
“Duz.” Proctor a Gamble's
21% oz. pkg.. .. .22c
YES . . . you still lave the opportunity to save money on m
upon hundreds of food items . . . groceries. Pronuce M II
Sammy buyers continually cover the markets in m ¢.'
items . . . new vulues for you and your iamilies to 9W- m.“
a constant eye on helping you keep that budge: down . . ~Wh
coutinuelly trying to serve you better during the” “m M
3 Pounds of sugar until Dew-:3]
_J'brevu'y maniac use.
3 lbs. Votd after Dec. 15.
51b. hag.........34c
—A manned soap powder
for dishes and laundry.
24 oz. pkg........20c
Miscellaneous Values
P’nut Butter sl:;",.l“}°{W27
P’nut Butter “33'3“--.25
P’nut Butter 33'3“.“45
Calumet. . . . Wart}?
B’k Powder . 53.93331120'
Baking Soda Win-..-. 8'
Argo Starch $.12; .... 8‘
Kingf’d Strh f°':...::.:‘t....17°
Crackers . . . 333211119“
Krispy Crak’ 3'33... ......31'
Orange Juce WJ‘WBS‘
Grap’ft Juice MET.-.”
Grap’ft Juice 3°21 3"...112'
Tomato Juce i“:3'.‘.'1......22'
Tomato Juce 3".2’3‘1......1¢
Grapefruit. . 3'7.“ 33.31229
Spanish Din’ 13'1““.771.”
Chic &Noodl WT...”
Baby Foods . T3,?“W25'1
Junior Foods 33“."..“fim25'
Baby Foods. mm--.’
Heinz Junior “31‘3"..11
Crab Meat. . 33’1““
Tuna Fish . . “3‘33“..73331
Molasses . . . WT..-”
Molasses . . . m'fwill'
Minute Man“... 8'
Campell’s . . . K 3713. ”23'
Campell’s . . . 3.3317111-” ~
Dog Food . . . WV---”
Dog FOOd . o . grm' ...”...55.‘
Citron Peel . 33323:... 4
Lemon Peel. 5"?" 1
Orange Peel, 3:‘...Vf.".'..'f... w,
ixl Almonds. 32.33,...” 1
Brazil Nuts . 5‘32:acu...
Mixed Nuts. :‘mfiwfl
Walnuts . . . . 5‘3... my...”
Walnuts . . . . 59am“
Peanuts . . . . 3:. .... ......”
““5““?- Dwemhe: 3.1 m
-—New style. 0“ ' w "i
new pet. M ‘ - 4‘ 5
metable. -;
cm 0.-000'°"'. :-
WM ’ll
4 bar dea1.......-

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