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My, December 31, 1942
if” R. Q. Macmahon is-oonfined
in her home this week With a cold.
firs E. A. Silliman Who has been
.:.:ytth the “flu’fl is reported to be
7 . m. . .
3120113 grange will meet on Set:
in January 9th at Buena Vista.
In; meeting will open“ 2.
-» Circle No. 2 WSCS will meet
W 7th at 2:00 o’clock with
W M. M. Moulton. '
' firs. T. W. Payne visited ‘at the
we of her sister. Mrs. Julius Jen
”; in Walia Walla over Christums:
In. and Mrs.’Elmer Smith spent
W 35 with Smith's mother,
fig, Marie Smith in Prosser. ‘
unand Mrs. Harvey Larsen vis-‘
“a Christmas Day at the N. E.‘
mis home.
Little Nancy Bell Ripley, daung
B of Dr. and Mrs. R. W. Ripley is‘
m at her home this week. :
' fir. and Mrs. George D. Peters.
are business visitors in Prosser
nesday. __ _ ‘ _
fine Sunday night group enjoyed
m oyster stew feed at the R. E.
need home Sunday night.
m. Kinne was operated on at the
5900 hospital last week and is re
puted to be recovering nicely.
mas Betty Higley left Tuesday
Ming for Seattle where she will
fit before returning to her school
in Ellensburg- .
If. and Mrs. George Adams left
Jumday for Moses Lake where they
upset to spend several weeks. Ad
” is doing carpnter work there.
Hrs. Late Reavis resigned as sup
emtendent of the Christian Sunday
and last Sunday, and Jess Vinson
was elected to take the office.
lilo Liela Larson is visiting her
diet and brother-in-law, Mr. and
lb. Harley Sweeney 01' Kiona for
a few days.
my: YEAR '
W and yours every
happiness and bless
ing for 1943 as we
leave the old. year
and enter the new . . .
MI :4: Seas’un‘s’é Ureefings’ + "I
g I
g .
g Hennewnck
Mrs. Harley Sweeney from Kiona,
stayed with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Lonuis Larson, over the wgke
end. ‘ ' '
The Library Guild will meéf Mon
day, January 4th at the home (of
Mrs. Zada Durbin with Mrs. Percy
Erickson as hostess. V
The Highlahd Woman's club will
meet January am. There will be a
pot luck luncheon at nobn '"and-thq
meeting will open at 2:00 p.m. '
‘ Mr. and Mrs. éharles Wiseman
of Wana Walla. spent . Christmas
day with Mr. and Mrs.- Newton
’Burke Hauschild returned to his
school at Pullman after spending
'the Christmas holiday with his
mother and sister. ‘
ers. Jim Johnson who Spent
Christmas with her husband; who is
stationed at Fort Lawton, returned
Sunday. :
Miss Lois Ridley, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. C. E. Ridley left Sunday
for Gig Harbor after spending
Christmas at home.
St. Sgt. Louis Monaco of Seattle
is visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs.
Louis Monaco over the holiday
Caroline EKauth was a house guest
over the week end of Miss Betty
Linn at Colville. Hal Keene and
Ronald Jones were also guests there.
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Shafer and
jchildren of Seattle spent Sunday
night at the home of Mrs. Shafer’si
lparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Sittonw
‘ Mr. and Mrs: Al Zarndt and
daughters, ,Joyce and Phyllis, were‘
Walla Walla business visitors Tuesa
day. 1
1 Op]. Carl Hess of Camp Adair,
Ore,. came home for Christmas 'and‘
visited his- wife and infant daugh-:
tter at the N. E. Lewis home. ‘
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Records and
Roger Michael were visitors at the
Records home in Umapine lastl
Sunday. ' . , ‘
Mrs. Troy Bockstruck and chil-i
dren of Grandview spent Saturday!
and Sunday at the home of Mrs.‘
Bockstruck’s 'mother, Mrs. Dave]
Harold Larson, who has been vis,
iting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Louis
Larson over the week-end, returned
to ~Tacoma on Sunday, to continue
his work at the shipyards there.
Mrs. Floyd Higley is in charge at
the Mona Monroe dress shop during
the absente of .Mrs. Monroe. Who
is spending the holiday season with
relatives in Okanogan. ‘
"Mr. and Mrs. Harry Blake of
Cowiche were guests at the home\
of Mrs. Blake’s parents, Mr. anh
Mrs. H. -E. Huntington ever thel
week-end. ' '
Late Goodnight, a former Kenne
wick resident, now living in, Pasco
had the misfortune to suffer a foot
injury today (Wednesdéy) 1n the
NP. RR. yards.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Yedica 01
Spokane visited at the home of Lou
Miller over Christmas. Dean Yed
ica, who is stationed at the Pasco
base, was also a guwt. . '
Frank Mason, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Mason who is in a hospital
in Colfax following major surgery
is reported to be. improving satis
lactorily. -
Robert T. Moore left Saturday
morning for Colorado Springs, Colo,
where he is with the map squadron
after spending Christmas with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E.
Moore near Finley.
"7. a-JY!‘ ;. . _ s .
Mia. ’Llo‘yd Weltz of Seattle spent.
CW day. “with hes-.:.pnen-ts,
M _._-Quit Mrs. ._w, 51. Barnes. ‘Mrs.
ngvilljbé 'x'e‘membéned ‘a‘s'. Bjetty
3 29"; ' . .. ‘
five'AKennewick jialley __érangers
anggl’rlends will play cards and
Wet the Valley muse hall 9n
3%»? ”WWW“
5) ' . isl'li‘flv‘ '3. ‘.'-I‘s .
mslx sneems».?s-;£ wick
spells Christmwfiveiqgf . amass
day} at. the 'hoii‘lej'pfi he: i’dgughter,
Mrs: N 3 E. Lewis a'ndgfémil'y, on the
Highlands. * ' '
Miss Ethel Sholberg left for Se-‘
attle on Sunday where she will
stay a. few aays with her aunt and
uncle, Mr. and Mrs. 0. q, Christof
Miss Verdella Mueller of Seattle
spent the Christmas holiday visiting
her mother, Mrs. I. N. Mueller. She
left Monday evening to resume her
work on the Coast.
The local Masonic lodge will hold
an open installation on Jan. 6.- Wil
liam Green wil act as installing of
ficer, and E. J. Brand as marshal.
There will be special music.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Sitton and
Donald were dinner guests at the
home of Ensign and Mrs. Don
Wheeler on Christmas Day.
The next meeting of the Baptist
Circle will be .on Thursday after
noon, January 7 at Rev. Holden’s
home, with Mrs. A. Meyers as hos
tess. - i
Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Elefson and
daughters, Jeanne and Betty of
Washtucna and Mr. and Mrs. .Ed
Neuman were Christmas day guests
at the Gus Nenman home. 1
Mrs. Harry Cochran. was hostess‘
at Alma Circle last Monday, Decem
ber 21st sat the W. F. Hanson home‘
on Kennewick avenue. Mrs. C. F..
Winkenwerder iheld high score foul
the afternoon. 1
Mr. and Mrs. A.. T. Belair were
hosts at a gathering of friends in
honor of their daughter and. her
husband Mr. and Mrs. Ray N’ormile
who are visiting here from Upper
Montclair, New Jersey. _
The Yokowish group will ,meet
January 4th at the home of Guar
dian Mrs. P. 0. Stone. Certificates
Of membership for the year 1943
have arrived and will be given the
girls Monday.
The fourth division WSCS. will
meet next Wednesday, Jan. 6. at
the home of Mrs. Manuel Hille.
Mrs. Marion Campbell and Mrs.
Zelda Rauscher will be assisting
hostesses. 1 ‘
Visitors at the Albert Zarndb home
Christmas were hp. and Mrs, Fran
cis Zamdt and Donald, and Mr. and
Mrs. ‘Enir Bach of Kennewick. and
'Mr. aners. Ellis Carlson of Rich
land. ' - -
Mrs. Craig Hinman who visited
with relatives in Tekoa and Colfax
over the Christmas holiday, returned
Sunday. Her husband who is in the
service is now stationed at Camp
Hobbs, N. Mex. ‘
The Bethlehem Lutheran Ladies:
Aid held their annual Christmas
party Tuesday. The hostesses wem‘
.Mrs. M. C. Kauth, Mrs. Rpssert.
Mrs. P. Zamdt, Mrs. R. Zetcher,
Mrs. Carlson and Mrs. Gus Neuman.
Captain .and Mrs. B. B. Smith
were hosts to the officers and their
wives from the Pasco naval base at
their home in Kennewick Sunday
evening. A buffet supper was
served after which bridge was
played. 1
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Stradling en
tertained Mrs. stradnng's sister-m-‘
law,.Mrs. W. T. Sutton anddaughL“
ters from Benton City, Stradling'si
nephew, James Saklick and F: El
Mason from .the Pasco base on‘
Christmas day. ‘
While Mrs. Mona Monroe ways at
her former home in Okanogan for
the Christmas holidays she received
word of the tragic- death of her
son who was a flier in the RAP. He
was soon to have" been sent over
seas ,for combat duty. - _
Mrs. Gus Neuman and son Bob,
drove to Yakima Saturday to'attend
the funeral of Ed Reiman. They
were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs.
0. J. Eleison and their daughter.
.Mrs. Ed Neuman to Zillah where
’they vsi-ted relatives.
The Fellowship League of Beth
'lehem Lutheran church held a 110-
lhost party in the schoolhouse last
Tuesday evening. About 30 were
lzpnesent. The entertainment con!
sisted of a quiz program and the
exchange of gifts.
Clifford Mathany who was re
ported to be ill in a Tacoma hospital
last week has recovered enough to be
sent home,‘ Mrs. Frank Visger, who
,was called to Tacoma by his illness
expects to return soon. ‘Mrs. Clir-‘
-i'ord Methany will be remembered
as Virginia Visger. " . f
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Man-sh are en-l
Miss Anna Marie Mueller spenti
Christmas at the home of her moth-{
er, Mrs. I. N. Mueller. She has been‘
nursing in the hospital at Medical
Lake as part of her nurse's training
which she is taking at the Descen
ness hospital in Spokane. She will
be graduated on the seventh of
February, 1943. .
tertalning M'r‘. and ms. Bat-i
ford; Mr. , find ‘ M33} plydmley,
mundane. omma Flam.ug.f
and Mrs. fiqlvm Glasow of Ken?!
wick, and M}. and Mrs. 3111,11” .
of Pasco. tonight (Wednesgiyyxifi ‘
Among Mn. mu? ' Lar
so'n'sjh ' .."?de «I?ch made
szgv 11.9%; m a letter by
air gn .. fr " . ;.&gli,'*m Ward,
whofias ':rbeen‘dvhnhebsl‘or some
mneiming théih‘he was all right.
The letter was written Dec. 12.
Dr.» and Mrs. R. W. Ripley were
hosts at a cocktail party 'on Christ
mas Day at thekhome on Kenne
wick avenue. About 80 guests were
present. The rooms were gully
decorated in holly, chrysanthemums
and numerous red candles, as well
as a gargeous Christmas tree.
At the meeting of the 1.0.0. F.
ithe first degree was put on by the
[mam-bers from the Kiona lodge. The
:joint Installation with the Rebekahs
\that was to have been on the fourth
.has been postponed until Jan. 11.
‘ After the meeting of the two lodges
refreshments were served. A large
delegation from Kiona was present.
Mrs. Ella Woods is nursing a
broken arm the result of a fall
on the steps of the Methodist church
when she was on her way home‘
from the arerclses Christmas Eve.§
Due to the nature of the tweak‘
it is necessary to have someof the.
bone removed and this will be
done as soon as there is room in
the Pasco hospital.
The :E. M. Sholberg, family was
very happy and much surprised on
Christmas Day to receive a, tele
phone call from their son, Marvin,
wishing them a Merry Christmas.
Marvin 'has crossed the U. s. twice
since enlisting in the naval reserve
in, August. He was first stationed
at Norfolk, Va., and now is in San
Francisco, Calif.
The publishers have ' received a
Christmas card from Warren Aus
tin, who conducted one of the pa
per’s subscription contests several
years ago. Mr. Austin at that time
was a medical student, has since
completed his course and internship.
He is now a lieutenant in the medi
cal corps and is stationed at Miami,
Florida. ‘
The ladies of the Rebekah lodge,
the Finley Grange Auxiliary. the
Methodist Aids and the Royal
Neighbors provided the cookies for!
Pasco for the month of December“
The members or the Highlands Wo-|
mans club will provide for "the first
week in January. ,
Major Tommy Brown, who is in
the mapping squadron of the Air
Corps, has recently been transferred
his withers here learn, to Bradley
Field. at Windsor Locks, Conn. The
Major stopped off briefly to visit
his parents in Semm Christmas Eve
then went on to Portland to spend‘
Christmas with his wife and two
childre'n, who have moved there to
'be with her parents for the dura
tion. ‘ ~ '
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Normile, who‘
are now living in Upper Montclair.
N. J., arrived in Kennewick Satur-i
day to spend the holiday season‘
with Mrs. Normile’s parents, Mr:
and Mrs. A. T. Belair. Normile is‘
an instructor in‘ the Upper Mont
clair schools. He expects to leave;
the first of the year to return to
his work while Mrs. Normile wml
remain for a longer visit with home]
folks and friends. . ‘
\ “‘.:.u!’ H,,
K 255? on E 99“: é
WE WMw.nnthupl¢evflhgoodnmiwmseverywt-&.Yw
' . un‘help “S- Whfll you know In them»! interest. cell us shout.
finenoumymtby puma—'ol! we a. Our tclephone number
. ' '.‘",s, ‘ ~ ~
ind m. J. R; Ayes am. What and
Mix-and ms, ‘Ebward .Wmaeck
drove to 3mm; buy My mum
to witness the W 'd'lhg
officers of the Benton Clty mic
llam Green will act as Installing of.
stalling officer and E. J. Brand as
marshal. A chicken dinnexf,‘ yes
served before - the installation by
the wives q: the Benton Lem
Masons. 4'. -'
: A. letter. written on the 14th or
peeember. was received byfme pub
lishers or this paper on Monday. the
28th from their son, Staff Sergeant
Jim Reed. The letter says that he
has been in French North Africa
for some time. ‘He says he gets
along line with the Arabs and the
Frenchmen and is really enjoying
the fresh eggs and tree ripened
fruit. Apparently these items were
not among those furnished in the
camps in England. where he had.
been stationed sinée July. He is a
turret gunner on a Flying Phi-tress. 1
Mr. and Mrs. o. W. Zwansig, chilq
dren, Ben. Lester and Neva Willetta.l
and Mrs. C. W. Brown. Mrs. Zwanw
zig's mother. of Walla Walla were
Christmas holiday guests of Mr.
Zwansig’s brother-in-law and sister.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Deffenhaugh in
Horse Heaven. Other Christmas
dinner guests were Wilbur Brown!
and Mr. and Mrs. R. Q. Macmahon.
; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rupp and baby
daughter, of Walla Walla, were
Christmas dinner guests of Mrs.
Bupp's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. I".
The Majority degree of Rainbow
was given to Miss Pearl Dague and
I'Winn'in'ed Hawn Monday night.
This is the‘last degree in Rainbow
twenty years of age. Those taking
pant were: Mother Advisor, Clarabei
Safiord; Sister of Time. Tommy
Simmeiink; Sister of Life. Inna“
Pratt; Sister of Records. Lulu 10. me
son; Sister of Summation. Corinna‘
Blair; Sister of Experience, Patsy‘
‘Sonnenberg; Sister of Wisdom. Mar
caret Gar-ber; Sister of Achieve-1
ment, Nouns. Jean Strickler: In-‘
fancy. Dorothy Ann Reed: Child-a
hood, Patsy Moulton: Girlhood. Wii-n
ma Gravenslund: Womanhood Mar
jory Olds; Wifehood. Frances Perry; 1
Motherhood, Verdine Forster: Age.
Frances Bird. and Organist; Joyce‘
Peter. Before the degree was con
ferred, Virginia Smith. who is
Grand Representative of Missouri}
Frances Bird. who is the Worthy
ILde or Kennewick Assembly-l
Mrs. Gladys Keiso. who is Worthyl
Matron 0! Alma Gunter No. 100.;
H. D. Sopers Entertain
Boys From Naval Base
Highlands—Mr. and Mrs. H. D.
Soper had as their M. their
nephew and wife. Mr. and Mrs;
Ernest Soper, Marian Pusan and
Luther Jones all from the naval;
base at Pasco on Christmas day. ‘
Miss Sam Dolph of Marylin] was
a week-end visitor at the w. L.
Foraker home mean-ning Monday to
Pullman where mm a. student. ‘
Phillip Foraker, son of Mr. and
Mrs. W. L. Foraker, renamed o
Pullman Monday after spending hk
vacation at bane.
Mrs. W. L. Maker, Viola and
Phillip and their house guest. Miss
Sara Dolph. were Sunday evening
7 19.-4 a”:
7‘ ‘ ’__——, V
g £92 17371,: W a“
. J
’ *tnauuuoucuuu "
I Mel-mucus :
L be an.- a... trund- 3
cumulwcmupp' ' q
to have acquired the 4
luau. lflu‘sflpdu a
nu... .1. this con-'- 4
.“'.Wctbuh'o-uw 1
lortwlmupud 4
Mona-greatest”- Il
Monuuswmrc _ '*
numeral-194:. 4
O. E. 8.. Wilmot Gunnflund. who:
Ismgsterot'thexennewick Mannie:
none. m J. a. fledged. who am
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mumied by “ins Theo Lump
lun. In. “End of a Perfect Day."
Befmhmgms were served with am.
Ruth simmeiihk presiding at the
table. ‘

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